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Sunday, 17 September


Youth unemployment down "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"


Youth unemployment is now down to 12.7 per cent.

That's down from the cyclical peak of 14.3 per cent in 2014.

Youth unemployment can be a fair indicator of labour market sentiment.

The young and less experienced are, after all, often the first to get pinged when the going gets tough (but can be hired again when things pick up again). 

Total employment growth for the youth cohort has been relatively good over the past year, rising by faster than +2.5 per cent. 


The Port Arthur Edition of Who Killed Cock Robin? "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

On August 27, 2017, GumshoeNews published my article Who Killed Cock Robin? It was a book review of a book for which I had received only a PDF without an authors name, and with the title: 9/11 Exposed.  On September 7, 2017, I met Christopher Bollyn at a lecture he gave near Boston, and learned that he is the author of that PDF. Its now a published book, entitled The Great Deception. Bollyn told us that had laboured for 12 years to gather information about the 9/11 players, and he pinpointed their manifold connections to Israel.

I shaped my August 27 review of Bollyns work around a dozen questions that seek to identify which individuals or organizations had the necessaries to attack the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. I did a take-off on the rhyme about the death of Cock Robin, where they ask Who caught his blood? Wholl dig his grave? etc.

Ill now try a similar approach to the mystery of Port Arthur Australias introduction to terrorism that happened in 1996. I will use the same 12 questions that I applied to the 9/11 mystery, but now re-worded to fit Tasmania.  Here are the original twelve questions about 9/11, and in parentheses my adaptation for Port Arthur:

A Dozen Questions

  1. Who controlled entry to the premises on 9/11? (Who controlled the two sites: Broad Arrow Caf and Seascape Cottage?)
  1. Who created the weapons used in attacking the WTC? (Who brought in the guns for the shooting at PAHS Port Arthur Historic Site and what weapon was used to explode the BMW on the grass at Seascape, and burn the cottage next day?)
  1. Who provided a distraction story about Arab hijackers? (Who gave us the legend of Martin Bryants involvement?)...


Internal email to then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about FM Kevin Rudd headed - "WARNING!" "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

On 5 December 2011 NATO countries held a conference in Bonn Germany to discuss Afghanistan. Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd didn't make the cut for front ranks of the class photo. But The Rudd was keen to make his mark. So he gave a speech "intervening". Back home he felt...


Iceland: Criminal Conspiracy to Pardon a Notorious Pedophile, Government is Collapsing as a Result "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Source: Uproxx | by Dan Seitz

Imagine this, for a moment: The Koch Brothers had decided that Jared Fogle had done enough time, and written two letters they took to Mike Pence. Pence agrees, got the Senate Judiciary Committee to rule Fogle really was forgiven for molesting children, and then Donald Trump signed off on it. And they all agreed to do this in secret, and cover it up.

Obviously, that hasn't happened in the U.S., but it's, more or less, exactly what's happening in Iceland.

Specifically, Hjalti Sigurjn Hauksson requested to have his "honor restored." Pardons, in Iceland, are different from those in the US: You need two letters of recommendation from prominent citizens, first, before the application is approved by the Minister of the Interior. Then a committee from Iceland's Parliament has to approve it, and finally, it goes straight to the prime minister, who has to sign off on it.

If you get through the process, certain civil rights are returned, like the ability to run for office or practice law. It's also symbolic, in that it indicates the nation, which is just 334,000 people, has forgiven the crime.

Hauksson, however, is decidedly not forgiven by the community. In 2004, he was convicted of having raped his stepdaughter almost daily for the previous twelve years. At the time, it was one of the most horrendous crimes the island nation had ever seen, and the idea of Hauksson having his "honor" restored seemed laughable.

Except, it happened in August. As a result, Icelandic journalists have been fighting to force the government to reveal who, precisely, would write a letter asking such a monstrous criminal to be pardoned, since the letters and their writers aren't usually disclosed to the public. The answer, among others, was Benedikt Sveinsson, the father of Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson and one of Iceland's wealthiest citizens. It looks, quite a bit, like Iceland's most notorious pedophile worked some connections and got a pardon.

Icelanders were furious,...


5 Idaho Children Medically Kidnapped based on Doctors Opinion of Shaken Baby Syndrome "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"


Baby Rylee Wolken with her four siblings. All 5 children were removed from the home based on one Idaho doctors opinion of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Photos from The Fight for Rylee Wolken Facebook Page.

by Health Impact News/

An Idaho couple has been blindsided by an accusation of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Michael and Chelsea Wolken had a date night and left their 5 month old baby in the care of a trusted babysitter. They knew something wasnt right when they got baby Rylee home that night, but they never dreamed that her symptoms would be diagnosed days later as Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The Wolkens have more questions than answers about what happened to make their baby so sick, but one thing they say they are certain of they didnt shake their baby.

A Child Abuse Specialist pediatrician told police and Child Protection Services that the babys condition had to be caused by abuse, based on his interpretation of x-rays, despite the fact that there were no external signs of trauma, such as a neck injury, bruising, or history of violence in the parents.

Since the doctor has made this diagnosis, CPS has taken custody of Rylee and removed Chelseas other 4 children from the home.

And doctors have stopped looking for any other explanation.

A very sick baby is now living with strangers in foster care.

The Wolkens friend and advocate Serra Frank says:

The state is blaming the parents, and theyre saying that theres no possible way it could be anything other than shaken baby syndrome, which [we] know thats not true.

It makes me worried for baby Rylee, because if theres something else going on theyre no longer looking for a cause.

The babysitter is being questioned, but at this time, it appears that CPS believes that the parents hurt their baby. The parents report that their baby was fine when they dropped Rylee off at the babysitters home, but she was projectile vomiting and lethargic....


Yesterday the Devil Lovers Gave Me a History Lesson "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The Devil Lovers Offered Me a History Lesson About Uriel Yesterday

12/19/2016 Large wave of energy from unknown source hitting Earth now Possible effects?


GCR/RV Intel SITREP: "Aftermath" -- September 17, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

What is left behind from all the tragic flooding in Florida and Texas is called the aftermath.

Death, destruction, despair, hopelessness.

The same will be true in the aftermath of the RV, which is the second flood.

Many people converting ZIM will be despondent as to what just happened.

Constructs of reality will die instantly.

The destruction left behind by this wave of infinite wealth will blur their vision of the future.

Some will feel great despair having so much wealth, while the overwhelming majority of human beings continue to suffer daily on less than $10 day.

Hopeless will creep in. It will. How can you reach them all? You can't, but you'll spend the rest of your life on earth trying ... never to succeed.

In this same aftermath you'll begin reviewing your life decisions pre benevolent event.

Did I do the right things? Make the highest choices? Believe in God sincerely? Follow His calling absolutely?

So many times I answer no way more than yes. It's shameful.

I become silently distraught by all my small spiritual choices, my ego based actions, my raw unresearched ignorance and blatant philosophical nativity.

In the aftermath of my RV experience, there has been great regret for a life lived in half service to my Creator. And thus, little appreciation for just my being in form. Having breath. Experiencing it all.


5 Idaho Children Medically Kidnapped based on Doctors Opinion of Shaken Baby Syndrome "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"


Baby Rylee Wolken with her four siblings. All 5 children were removed from the home based on one Idaho doctors opinion of Shaken Baby Syndrome. Photos from The Fight for Rylee Wolken Facebook Page.

by Health Impact News/

An Idaho couple has been blindsided by an accusation of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Michael and Chelsea Wolken had a date night and left their 5 month old baby in the care of a trusted babysitter. They knew something wasnt right when they got baby Rylee home that night, but they never dreamed that her symptoms would be diagnosed days later as Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The Wolkens have more questions than answers about what happened to make their baby so sick, but one thing they say they are certain of they didnt shake their baby.

A Child Abuse Specialist pediatrician told police and Child Protection Services that the babys condition had to be caused by abuse, based on his interpretation of x-rays, despite the fact that there were no external signs of trauma, such as a neck injury, bruising, or history of violence in the parents.

Since the doctor has made this diagnosis, CPS has taken custody of Rylee and removed Chelseas other 4 children from the home.

And doctors have stopped looking for any other explanation.

A very sick baby is now living with strangers in foster care.

The Wolkens friend and advocate Serra Frank says:

The state is blaming the parents, and theyre saying that theres no possible way it could be anything other than shaken baby syndrome, which [we] know thats not true.

It makes me worried for baby Rylee, because if theres something else going on theyre no longer looking for a cause.

The babysitter is being questioned, but at this time, it appears that CPS believes that the parents hurt their baby. The parents report that their baby was fine when they dropped Rylee off at the babysitters home, but she was projectile vomiting and lethargic whe...


Emily's List's 25th b'day fundraiser morphed into a "member benefits function" to thwart ethics team "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

It's handy to have a private email system when you're talking about stuff like this. In 2008 Emily's List spent $3.2M on Hillary Clinton's US presidential campaign. By April 2010 when its 25th anniversary rolled around it had raised $78M for female political candidates. Serious money. It wanted to mark...


No excuses: Russia informed Pentagon about area of military op in Deir ez-Zor in advance "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The Russian Defense Ministry has denied Pentagon allegations that it bombed US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces near Deir ez-Zor. The Russian military said that its US partners were informed about the area of the operation beforehand. "To avoid unnecessary escalation, the command of the Russian troops in Syria revealed the boundaries of the military operation in Deir ez-Zor to the American partners through the existing communication channel," the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Sunday. "Within the framework of this operation, the fighters, armored vehicles, and objects of terrorists are being destroyed on both western and eastern banks of the Euphrates. At the same time, the Russian Air Force makes pinpoint strikes only on reconnaissance targets confirmed by several channels in IS-controlled areas," Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said. "Over the past few days, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, Russian control and reconnaissance facilities have not identified a single combat of Islamic State terrorists with armed representatives of any 'third force.' Therefore, only representatives of the international coalition can answer the question as to how 'opposition members' or 'military advisers of the international coalition' managed to get to the IS-held areas in the eastern part of Deir ez-Zor without striking a blow."


Huma Abedin's mother redrafted Hillary Clinton's FEB 2010 Middle East speech - took out freedom, democracy and call for elections "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

In early 2010 the Arab Spring had sprung and Al Baghdadi had just taken the reins at the Islamic State. It was an important time in the Middle East and every US public utterance was closely monitored for clues as to US directions and plans - both by Islamist authorities...


Devils Tower draws UFO enthusiasts seeking 'close encounters' "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

In Steven Spielberg's iconic 1977 science-fiction film Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a mysterious force compels desperate seekers to converge on Wyoming's Devils Tower in search of answers. When they arrive, they encounter a massive alien mothership which communicates through music and returns scores of missing persons who have been abducted over the years. A lucky few of the witnesses are allowed to go aboard the mothership and travel to the stars with the alien beings. Forty years after the film's release, UFO seekers are returning to the 800-foot-tall tower, but this time the mysterious forces compelling them to come together is much easier to explain. For more of this article, go here.


Australia: Muslim leaders demand more taxpayer cash to fight extremist recruiters "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

But Islamic Council Vice president Adel Salman said parents are crying out for the service and the Islamic community wanted to take ownership of the issue. To achieve the best outcomes it should be a community-led response, not a police or justice response.' If Adel Salman were sincere and consistent in this, he wouldnt want []


The Final Conclusion "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

If lost was a place
and heaven was found
would you be willing
to be paradise bound?

With blind expectations
we continue to search
truth always evasive
leaving us in the lurch

Words hidden in hours
phrases lost in days
as life pushes forward
time dissolves in the haze

With so many questions
few answers have we
in the final conclusion
we just wait and see


We should choose our friends in the Rohingya versus Burma battles wisely "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

It pays to take a close look at the Rohingya and their leadership. The next post comes from an apparently normal, run-of-the-mill young Indonesian woman, Fatimah Az Zahra. She refers to the Rohingya as Mujahideen (the plural for one who is engaged in Jihad). She says, "Mujahideen Rohingya (as heading)...


Australian Politics in 2017: Financial Fog Unlimited "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Oh dear, its the Liberal Party of Australia once again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

This is a return appearance* by multimillionaire, former merchant banker and life-long silvertail Prime Minister Malcolm Bligh Turnbull.

BuzzFeed News, 11 September 2017:

.BuzzFeed News can reveal the prime minister never disclosed to parliament that Lucy purchased the $1.55m USD New York apartment in the Century Condominium building more than four years ago.

All you'll see on Malcolm Turnbull's previous and most recent parliamentary disclosure is a reference to a single "New York city apartment" owned by his wife.

Federal politicians are required to declare the interests they and their spouses hold, and gifts they receive. This is an important transparency measure to avoid any potential conflicts of interests.



United States Air Force (USAF) Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy 87-0030 Arrives at Rockhampton Airport as "Reach 468" "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The large military jet action at Rockhampton Airport continued on Sunday 17 September with United States Air Force (USAF) Lockheed C-5M Super Galaxy (L-500) 87-0030 touching down from Darwin as "Reach 468".  It had arrived into Darwin from U-Tapao-Pattaya International Airport in Thailand the previous day.



Chris Pyne Delivers! For whom? For Sarah Hanson-Young, Penny Wong, The Greens and Labor. "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

All his own work, all from his own Facebook page. Christopher I know too well the truth of the maxim "you'll be judged by the company you keep". I wish I'd been less impetuous and more thoughtful in some of my decisions of the past. We can't change history; and...


Check-in. "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

UPDATE Thanks for your notes and well wishes. Last Thursday morning I woke up with a line of what looked like Mr Vesuvius(es) on my left outer calf. Couldn't really walk, went to local medical facility and was diagnosed with cellulitis with some bacterial infection that was right throughout my...


Bad Policy For Big Media: Turnbulls $60m Media Bailout Wont Fix Journalism "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

New Matilda wont be lining up for government funding following the announcement of a media bailout package. Chris Graham explains why.

I learned an important lesson about myself from a close friend recently. Apparently, if something makes me anxious, then thats what Im compelled to go and do.

My names Chris Graham, Im the owner and editor of New Matilda, the most self-defeating independent publication in Australia, and Im a counterphobic.

One of the things thats made me anxious recently is the passing of the federal governments legislation to free up cross-media ownership.

Long story short, under the new laws, the big media companies that consistently perpetrate the big media scandals will get even bigger. You can guess what will happen with their scandals.


The deal is as dirty as it gets, and was designed to advantage the Murdochs of the world, while smashing the Guardians. Interestingly, I remember the last debate we had on loosening cross media ownership laws a decade ago. It was fever-pitch. This time around, the battered, bruised Australian media have laid down. Theres nothing like self-interest mixed with failing business models to shut people up.

But in truth, I dont spend a lot of my time worrying about the big guys. I do, however, spend a lot of my energy worrying about small independent publishing, in which I have an obvious interest. On that front, in exchange for his support to get the Turnbull governments legislation through, Senator Nick Xenophon negotiated a three-year $60 million innovation fund for small publishers. Small publishers like me. You can read all about it here.

If you cant be bothered, heres the prcis of the politics behind it: The Turnbull government is going to spend $60 million of your taxes buying a Senators vote to pass bad legislation designed to advantage some of the most powerful media corporations in the world. Because political donations.

Thats how theyre going to fix the media problem in Australia. And thats the part thats making me really anxious.

So, embr...


Im Not As Okay With Being Gay As I Thought I Was "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Queer identity in the age of a same-sex marriage postal survey life was hard enough, but right now it feels a whole lot harder for Gene Smith.

For many people of my generation, the same-sex marriage postal survey is our first taste of active state-sanctioned discrimination. Were dealing with this whilst still coming to terms with our identities, and what it means to be queer.

If any of you boys came home and told me you were gay, Id probably disown you, says Mum casually as we are watching the Sydney Mardi Gras on TV, her brow furrowed in mild disgust.

I am 13 and think I might be gay; her words are like a bomb going off, the ringing in my ears drowning out the TV.

We love you, no matter what. And who knows? Maybe its just a phase. My grandfather embraced me after I told him I was gay.

What? Mums eyes widened and her hands jerked the steering wheel of the car, sending us swerving. Im never going to have grandchildren she later cried.

Faggot! someone screamed from a passing car. I pretended I didnt hear, but thought about it for weeks after. Sometimes I still think about it.

Since when did you start sounding so gay? my best friend laughed, having not seen me for a few months.


I dont like him hes a poof, quipped my brother about a boy he doesnt like at school. Whats wrong with being a poof? I quipped back.

Marriage should be between a man and woman! Being gay is unnatural! reads a comment on an online article. I clicked on the womans name, and discover she lives in my hometown.

Shes Facebook friends with members of my family.

I had probably been with Mum down the main street as they smiled at each other in passing.

You can never be too careful, said a boy I dated once, after he snatched his hand from mine as we were walking down the street.

I probably feel a bit threatened, chuckled Tony Abbott, on screen and in front of the nation, in answer to a question about how homosexuality makes him feel.

Im not as okay with being gay as I thought I was, admitted the boy I like, my shoulder wet with his tears.

Hes been out for less than a year. His mother, for religious reasons, is voting no in the marriage survey.

He loves her, and I have no doubt that she loves him. Its complicated.

Above are a just a few of the words said to me over the course of m...



Refugee Action Coalition MEDIA RELEASE ADVOCATES CALL FOR PERMANENT VISAS AND IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF ROHINGYA REFUGEES The UN estimates that more than 120,000 Rohingyans have been forced to flee genocidal violence of the Myanmar army since late August. World leaders have called for an end to the systematic violence against the Rohingyans, but the Australian(...)



Refugee Action Coalition MEDIA RELEASE PORT MORESBY REFUGEES PROTEST PHONE CARD CUTS Refugees transferred to Port Moresby for medical reasons staged Day 1 of protest action outside the Australian Border Force office at the motel where they are being held (photo attached). They are protesting the latest move by Border Force to cut them off(...)


RAWA AUSTRALIAN TOUR "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

RAWAs Amena Shams was in Australia, speaking at many forums across the country. For all those who were fortunate enough to attend one of Amenas many events, it was a great opportunity to reconnect directly with RAWA, to be inspired by news of RAWAs ongoing work and to receive accurate, current information of the situation for Afghan women. For this 2005 tour events were organised in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Lismore and Brisbane by a wide range of organisations including the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, the Boite, the International Womens Development Agency, Immigrant Womens Support Service, Melbourne University, Flinders University, Amnesty International, the Australian Peace Committee, WILPF, Darebin City Council, several private and government schools as well as many RAWA supporter groups and individuals.


Donald Trumps Afghanistan Raid: The Mask Of The US Empire Is Falling "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Donald Trump found his reason to continue the catastrophic 16-year war in Afghanistan: up to $ 3 trillion of natural resources in the country. His new Afghanistan strategy means more deaths in a war-torn country. Trump is the embodiment of the hostile US Empire, writes Jakob Reimann.

In 1776, the British historian Edward Gibbon wrote in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire:

They endeavored to convince mankind that their motive was not the temptation of conquest but was actuated by the love of order and justice.

What Gibbon writes about the Imperium Romanum is a general motive of empires. In addition to the hard power the economic power and, above all, the military power, the conquest, the physical violence an empire must also be able to successfully compete in the field of soft power: the war over hearts and minds.

Military violence has to be sold to the people just like to the world. It must always be accompanied by a narrative that obfuscates the actual motives and turns them into something positive.

What was true in ancient Rome also applies to the empire of the young 21st century the US Empire. In his infamous speech at the US Congress after the attacks of September 11, George W. Bush declared the terrorists would hate our freedoms, and the newborn War on Terror is civilisations fight for progress and pluralism, tolerance and freedom.

Former US president George W Bush (IMAGE: Peter Stevens, Flickr).Former US president George W Bush (IMAGE: Peter Stevens, Flickr).

If it was still a little hard to buy the liberty-and-democracy-narrative out of the mouth of the oil cowboy from Texas and especially from his Vice President and former Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney with Barack Obama, the subsequent charismatic constitutional lawyer from Illinois, all doubts vanished. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Obama showered eight countries with his bombs to fight for the human rights of the oppressed of this world.

But Donald Trump and fanaticism moved into the White House, this interdependence of hard power and soft power was destined to change. Just as Trump never made a big secret out of his shameful racism or his hatred of women, he was always a passionate advocate of the...



These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The shadow forces behind the New World Order (NWO) are following a slow-paced agenda of total control over mankind and our planets resources. David Icke coined it the Totalitarian Tip-Toe, because they are making very small steps towards our complete and definitive enslavement.

As a result, the masses remain relatively unaware of the fact that their liberties are being gradually taken away, while the power of the NWO octopus grows steadily.

The shadow forces behind the NWO agenda

Somewhere near the very top of the pyramid, an extremely elitist organisation known as the Council of the 13 families orchestrates all of the major world events. As the name suggests, the Council consists of the top 13 most influential families on Earth.

An increasingly number of people is becoming aware that 99% of the Earths population is controlled by an elite 1%, but the Council of the 13 families consists of less than 1% of the 1% elite and nobody on Earth can apply for membership.

In their opinion, they are entitled to rule over the rest of us because they are the direct descendants of the ancient gods and consider themselves royal. These families are:

  1. Rothschild (Bauer or Bower)
  2. Bruce
  3. Cavendish (Kennedy)
  4. De Medici
  5. Hanover
  6. Hapsburg
  7. Krupp
  8. Plantagenet
  9. Rockefeller
  10. Romanov
  11. Sinclair (St. Clair)
  12. Warburg (del Banco)
  13. Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)

Personally, I suspect that this may not be the complete list and some very powerful lineages are still unknown to us.

Update: Author and researcher Fritz Springmeiers exposed more of the elite blo...


Kiribati joined, eight countries will bring West Papua issue in UNGA "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

A google translater. Be-aware google translate can be a bit erratic.
Original bahasa link at

Minggu, 17 September 2017 05:58
Kiribati joined, eight countries will bring West Papua issue in UNGA

Papua No. 1 News Portal I Jubi,

Vanuatu Parliamentary Secretary for Prime Minister Johny Koanapo (left) with Jubi journalist Victor Mambor after an interview at UNHRC, Geneva in February 2017 - Doc. Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi - Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai admitted that although the Pacific Leaders' Forum (PIF) in Samoa last week discussed West Papua as an agenda item, some PIF members considered West Papua a sensitive issue and did not want the forum to make a decision.



Brian Houston on Twitter: As for the No campaign on Australian gay marriage, gay or straightwhatever makes you happy "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

GAY LORD POPE BRAIN OF HELL$ONG: As for the No campaign on Australian gay marriage, gay or straightwhatever makes you happy


Same-sex marriage No campaign launches; Vote No sprawled in Sydney skies "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Every Bible-believing Christian should vote No to gay marriage in the upcoming Australian postal ballot.

There is no other Biblically valid vote.


ABC New Australia

Same-sex marriage No campaign launches; Vote No sprawled in Sydney skies

17 September 2017



Opponents of same-sex marriage have officially launched the No campaign, saying they are on the right side of legal and moral history.

Key points:

  • New TV ad was played at the event and has been posted online
  • The new ad talks about radical sex and gender programs in schools
  • Senator Cory Bernardis speech focused on freedom of speech

Last night Australian Conservatives senator Cory Bernardi asked No supporters to be vigilant at an event launching the Coalition for Marriages campaign at the Sydney Convention Centre.

A new TV ad was played at the event and has been posted online, and this morning Sydneysiders could not miss Vote No sprawled across the sky.

We are under assault because we are on the right side of legal and moral history, Senator Bernardi told an audience of more than 1,000 people.


It is a sign of what is to come unless we are vigilant and can...


When zero waste makes business better "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Our guests in the Sustainable Studio on 13 September 2017 are Barbara Ferrante, owner of Salon Eve in Geelong, and Krystina Birch, Sustainable Salons Australias Victorian representative. We visit Gayle English and Phil Slocombe at Its Only Natural, an eco-friendly dry cleaning shop in Yarraville. And over the phone we talk with Tamara DiMattina about Buy Nothing New Month in October.

Listen to The Sustainable Hour no. 186 on 94.7 The Pulse:



Avi Yemini flops in Melbourne "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

It was a lovely day for a stroll in the city today. Oh yeah! A few dozen racist gronks (Party for Freedom, Soldiers of Odin, True Blue Crew and various other fascist zombies) attended a rally organised by tabloid favourite Continue reading


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

1.00 AUD = 0.0002 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 4.55 AUD


Committed Yes Voters Change Minds after Seeing Vote No Skywriting "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"


A self-described rainbow warrior who proudly tells anyone wholl listen that she has a lot of gay friends, has announced shell be voting against same-sex marriage in the postal plebiscite, after being convinced by the vote no skywriting in Sydney today.

No amount of reasoned arguing could change my mind but something about seeing it written in the sky several times really got to me, she said, adding that the entirety of her aggressive yes-campaign protest group was now in the process of updating signs and chants in preparation for agitating for a no vote.

However, a poll has shown that the sky writing stunt, which cost millions of dollars, will make no difference to the outcome of the vote, with an equal number of people who had been planning to vote no reporting that they were now switching to a yes vote because they were sick of being told what to do.


Free journalist Shane Dowling "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Australian journalist/blogger Shane Dowling was jailed for four months on 10th of August 2017. He was jailed for standing up for free speech and exposing judicial corruption. Mr. Dowling was found in contempt of court, after seven west media/channel 7 paid for 2 of their tv stars to institute frivolous and vexatious defamation proceeding against []


Sports Just an Excuse for Aussie Men to Cry, Fans Admit "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

sports cry

Australias obsession with sports may have a direct correlation to social norms discouraging men from crying, according to a new study that found many men considered seeing their team win or lose a game as the only acceptable time to leak from the eyes.

I havent cried since Optimus Prime died in the 86 Transformers movie, so it was a huge relief when I discovered the real reason men watch sports, one self-described footy fanatic said. Luckily, I support the Rabbitohs, so there have been plenty of opportunities for me to have a proper cry this season.

The study also found that an excuse to get smashed and an excuse to yell in public also rated highly on the list of reasons for watching sports, with many of those surveyed pointing out the obviousness of these motivations.

Why else would anyone watch sports? I mean, take away the drinking, yelling and crying, and football is pretty boring, one man said. The Bachelor is heaps more entertaining.


Eat It - 17 September 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

It finally feels like Spring! And we started today's Springy show talking to Michelle Barnett who is organising an event as part of the Do It In A Dress charity to raisse money for girls education in Sierra Leone and Uganda. You can find more info and donate at the Chef It In A Dress page.

The Forum is one of the great rooms in Melbourne, and David & Gareth from the Mariner Group joined us to talk about its recent renovation. How the hell do you reliably cook good food for 1000 people? (answer: planning!)

Finally the great Hilary McNevin wandered into the studio to speak about one of life's conundrums: how you can prepare your offspring to omve out of the house. We spoke about kitchen essentials, and the importance of getting kids confident in the kitchen as they grow up.



Mothers Avoid Prison for Horrific Crimes Against Their Kids "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Theres a petition circulating around Australia right now, protesting the seemingly lenient sentences given to two mothers who committed horrific crimes against their children. Both have had extensive media coverage mainstream and social. The two cases causing concern A 39 year old Queensland woman (who cannot be named) was spared from prison time for

The post Mothers Avoid Prison for Horrific Crimes Against Their Kids appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


St Kilda Art Crawl "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

  Let the Crawl begin.   The inaugural St Kilda Art Crawl (SKAC) will take place in the streets and venues of St Kilda for four days from Thursday night 21 to Sunday 24 September; starting with a celebration of our birth at The Vineyard Restaurant in Acland Street St Kilda.   Many high end []


A policy. A policy. A Kingdom For A Policy. "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

What is it about energy and electricity that every media expert seems to think that business is clamouring for an energy policy from government?

And by media expert, Spartacus means people who generally know nothing about economics, science or engineering and get their information from other media experts who equally and generally know nothing about economics, science or engineering.

Yes.  The commentariat class to which Spartacus refers its the same commentariat class who believe that the purpose of business is to generate revenue for government, and anything that business does to reduce payments to government is tantamount to criminal activity.  God forbid that business structures its affairs to optimise returns to shareholders and not the Canberra kleptocracy.

Every week, on the Insiders couch or in the Guardian, the Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Saturday paper, these experts, who have generally never worked for business and almost certainly have never run a business, cry that business wants Australia to have an energy policy.


What business wants is reliable and affordable energy.  This is the product of an energy policy, at least an energy policy of a competent government.  It is not the policy that business is interested in.

CEOs and CFOs dont sit around postulating on the difference between a RET or a CET or whether Australia should have 42% or 50% renewable energy.  They want to know that the lights will turn on and the fridges will stay on and they the price of energy will allow them to open the doors.

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Kwara LGs enjoy financial autonomy -Ahmed "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

When Kwara State Governor, Alhaji AbdulFattah Ahmed, recently took time on a public radio to answer questions on various issues about his administration, one recurring question was the relationship between the state and local governments. The governor, in this excerpt by BIODUN OYELEYE, explained his position on the controversy as well as other issues about the state   What is the current economic status of Kwara State and what are you doing to increase its viability? The economy of Kwara State cannot be insulated from the Nigerian economy and we...

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Victoria and Albert "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Seidel's farm - the subject of my last post - was not the only vineyard sketched by Eugene von Guerard during his travels in and around Geelong and the surrounding districts. During one of his stays in the area he also visited (and of course, sketched) what was, even then, one of the region's best-known vineyards: Pettavel's Victoria Vineyard.

Undated sketch of Victoria Vineyard by Eugene von Guerard looking south
west across Waurn Ponds Creek from what today would be private land to
the west of Cochrane's Rd, Waurn Ponds (click to enlarge)
David Louis Pettavel was born in 1817 at Boudry in the Swiss canton of Neuchtel. He arrived in the Port Phillip district in 1842 on the Platina  and was amongst the earliest in a string of Swiss vignerons to migrate to the Geelong region in the mid-nineteenth century, encouraged to do so by Lieutenant-Governor Charles La Trobe.
In 1842 Pettavel along with Frdric Breguet - another Swiss immigrant - established the earliest vineyard on the Barwon River at Pollocksford. As foreign citizens, they could not purchase their own land, instead leasing 25 acres from squatters William Haines and John Highett (John Ttaz, 1995, From Boudry to the Barrabool Hills: Swiss vignerons in Geelong). They called their vineyard Neuchtel.


PS Koanapo says issue of West Papua now gone beyond the region "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

PS Koanapo says issue of West Papua now gone beyond the region

  • By Jonas Cullwick
  • Sep 16, 2017

Parliamentary Secretary for the Prime Minister's Office, Johnny Koanapo: Issue of West Papua has moved beyond the region.



The Scientific Reason McDonalds Coke Tastes Better Than Any Other Fast Food Outlet "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Have you ever noticed that for some bizarre bloody reason, the coke at McDonalds just tastes better than the coke at other fast food restaurants and no, were not talking about the canned and bottled stuff, were talking specifically about the coke they have on tap.

Theres long been debate as to exactly why this is. Some wankers have speculated that its because Maccas food is so salty youre just thirstier, other wankers reckon that Maccas uses more syrup than other fast food joints, some wankers would rather have a beer.

Credit: McDonalds NZ

Credit: McDonalds NZ

Well, A New York Times article has done its research and found out that because Maccas keeps its coke syrup in metal containers, its better preserved. Typically, their competitors arent doing this.

Credit: McDonalds

Credit: McDonalds

Maccas, being the global icon that it is, is pretty bloody keen on making sure that Maccas in Sydney is the same as Maccas in New Delhi. That means that every Maccas store under the sun follows strict guidelines from Coca Cola to ensure the bottled stuff tastes the same as the stuff from the tap.

A Maccas spokesman has even come out and confirmed it. Despite the speculation, he said, there...


The Silencing Of Chelsea Manning Puts Power Before Freedom Of Speech "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

By Benjamin Clayton for Independent - There are difficult questions for Chelsea Manning to answer. As a visiting fellow someone expected to speak publicly, answer questions, and be confronted by different opinions everyone might have benefited. It is ironic that the most powerful most fear powerlessness. Enter Harvard University. This week, wobbled by pressure from the CIA and other institutions, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government rescinded its invitation to Chelsea Manning to become a visiting fellow at its Institute of Politics. With that, the most powerful university in the world silenced a twenty-nine-year-old transgender traitor-cum-hero. The facts of the case are these. In 2007, then-Bradley Manning enlisted in the Unites States Army. Six weeks later, she was almost discharged, partly due to the effects of being bullied by recruits. Amidst a national deficit of soldiers, however, the discharge was revoked and she was later trained in intelligence before being deployed to Iraq. Her first contact with WikiLeaks occurred in January 2010, and on 3 February she sent them roughly 490,000 documents. Over time, she sent more, including footage of a helicopter attack on Iraqi civilians in 2007. Manning was arrested in May 2010, convicted by court-martial in July 2013, and sentenced to thirty-five years confinement in August 2013; ultimately, this sentence was commuted by Barack Obama shortly before he left office.


Nicola Knoxs Green Light Running "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Nicola Knox, Green Light Running (self published 2012)

glr.jpgThis is not one of those self-published books with a chip on its shoulder about the publishing industry.  Its much more modest than that so modest that I cant find any information about where to buy a copy. Mine was a gift from the author, an honour to which I owe a number of Nicola Knoxs poems having appeared in The School Magazine when I was editor. My impression is that she only ever intended a small, intimate circulation. (Maybe Im projecting: my own three self-published books of verse are glorified end-of-year greeting cards though of course Im delighted whenever someone buys one from Lulu.)

The book is a witness to the value of creativity, of making in response to experience. Where one person might take out a sketch book and pencil or paints, another will reach for pen and notepaper. Poems here have been inspired by travel, by family life, by childhood reminiscence, by works of art, by ancient and modern history. They are the fruits of life lived with an active mind, a mind that its a pleasure to spend time with.

Just to give you a taste, heres a poem that speaks softly but carries a big stick to one of the big issues facing us at...


Venezuela Is the Next Vietnam- VZ Oil Companies Align with China-Intervention Co "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"


petrodollar scam

What are the odds that the Federal Reserve is going to allow Venezeulas oil companies to align with Chinas paper currency and allow a further decline of the Petrodollar? The answer, of course is slim and none, and slim just left town.

Look for a false flag (i.e. Gulf of Tonkin) which will serve as both the catalyst and the excuse to boots on the ground in VZ. And will the American people be the beneficiary of such an expedition? The following video addresses that question and many more related factors.


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Today I welcomed back to the program filmmaker Robbie Davidson from Celebrate Truth to talk about his new films and the Flat Earth International Conference in Raleigh North Carolina November 9th and 10th! A Flat Earth show of mega proportions! His latest film Impossiball is an in depth look at the Copernican Paradigm and answers


With One Nation as likely power brokers, expect greater share of Qld Govt CAPEX in regions "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

If I were the Managing Director of an engineering firm, Id start investigating the availability of office space in Queenslands regional centres, including Maroochydore, Rockhampton, Toowoomba, and Townsville. I would want the firm well-positioned to win new work from a State Government that will undoubtedly spend more on regional capital works, to satisfy the likely new power brokers  from One Nation, which is expected to win several regional seats. And I wouldnt count on Cross River Rail going ahead.

Todays Sunday-Mail is reporting One Nation Queensland leader Steve Dickson is anti-Cross River Rail, and instead wants some major regional projects funded, including a duplicated Sunshine Coast rail line and an expansion of the Borumba dam (to rival Wivenhoe in capacity) in the Gympie region (see this Gympie Times report). After the Traveston dam debacle, I suspect the likelihood of getting environmental approval for expanding the Borumba dam is pretty close to zero, but no doubt One Nation will find many other regional projects to fund.

The betting odds reported by Centrebet currently suggest Tim Nicholls is favourite to become Premier after the upcoming State election (see screenshot below). This is plausible, given Queensland currently has a minority government, One Nation is expected to win several seats, and Labor has ruled out a deal with One Nation. Election punters have obviously heavily discounted polling results suggesting Labor is well in the lead, as these are based on an assumed 55-45 preference flow from One Nation to the LNP and Labor, respectively. Many poll watchers expect the preference flow will more heavily favour the LNP than is currently assumed by Newspoll, so the election will be closer than Newspoll suggests.


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Saturday, 16 September


Controlled Burns, Asset Protection and Climate Change "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

(Weekly Times)

A long press release from the Burning Issue symposium held recently in Bairnsdale (see below) made the front page of the East Gippsland News (6.9). By far the most important news in this event came from keynote speaker Dr David Cheal who relayed the findings of research done by P. Gibbons et al after the Black Saturday bushfires indicating that asset protection beyond 40 metres of the asset being protected was of little or no value.

He stated the research: Used the 2009 wildfires in the Kinglake-Marysville region, modelled fire behaviour and loss of houses versus fuel characteristics (a very simple consideration of shrub and tree cover, particularly within 40m of houses, and planned burning within 5 years, so most sites in sclerophyll forests, at housing interface) and that modifying fuel levels could reduce house loss by 76-97%, but close to the houses, not in the wider landscape.

David Cheal continued: All fuel treatments were more effective when undertaken close to houses.  For example, 15% fewer houses were destroyed if prescribed burning occurred at the observed minimum distance from house (0.5km) vs. the mean distance of 8.5 km.  The results imply a shift in emphasis away from broad-scale fuel reduction to intensive fuel treatments close to property will more effectively mitigate impacts.

The importance of this should not be lost on the authorities that most of the controlled burns currently conducted in Gippsland and elsewhere are, in terms of asset protection, useless and a waste of resources. Unless, of course, the asset being protected is the timber in logging coupes. It is clear that if we are to meet our climate commitments in Paris, both the logging of native forests and using fossil fuel for energy generation must be phased out as quickly as possible. In particular many of these forestry practices, for instance clear-fell logging in coupes and controlled burns, were instituted and well established before we became aware of the threat that global warming posed. To borrow the title of Naomi Kleins book this changes everything for forestry in Victoria.



Why Are All Combat Troops Being Sent Out of US? "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"


american troops protect us

Trump said we did not need to send our troops to 117 countries and that we needed to stop being an imperial power. So what has Trump done, he has increased the number of troops being sent out of the country.

The real answers behind the shipping of US troops out of the country is revealed in the following video.


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1) Government Building IDR4,7 Trillion Dam in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"


1) Government Building IDR4,7 Trillion Dam in Papua
Monday, 11 September 2017 | 16:45 WIB
JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR) has said that the government is currently rehabilitating irrigation areas including the construction of the Baliem Dam with a capacity of 200 million m3. The dam has potential power plant of 50 Mega Watt (MW).
The construction of the Baliem dam is estimated to cost around IDR4.7 trillion, while another one in preparation, the Digoel Dam, has a capacity of 230 million m3.
Minister PUPR Basuki Hadimuljono said, Baliem Dam in Papua became one of the designs, studies and fundings in cooperation with the South Korean government. The dam construction process is expected to be completed in a maximum of four years.
"Meanwhile, irrigation rehabilitation is conducted in...


Stuart Wilde Q&A: Anger and Fear "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

(Excerpts from question and answer sessions given by Stuart Wilde) Are Our Thoughts Our Own? Q: In your books, Stuart, you ask us how we know that our thoughts are ours. What do you mean by that, and if our thoughts aren't ours, whose are they?


Loving Spring "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Loving Noticing the tomato plants, poke their head up again, after a brief winters sleep. Stopping to actually chew food rather than gulp. Who knew that could be so enjoyable. And adventures. New adventures. While this space will keep quietly Continue reading


Clean Coal is Just Dirty Coal Heres the Facts! "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Burning coal is archaic, unhealthy, and uneconomical, yet the Turnbull government is fixated on continuing down the same old fossil-fuelled generation path. The Liberals solution to reigning in atmospheric emissions is to construct new electric generation plants using clean coal. But there is no logical justification to do so beyond supporting their donating coal magnate cronies The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (2009) estimated coals health impacts cost taxpayers $2.6 billion every year


The latest on coal ... "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

CoalWire is a weekly news bulletin which summarises the most significant developments affecting the global coal industry and highlights the efforts of groups around the world working on coal-related issues. CoalWire is published by CoalSwarm. Read the latest HERE


How (Not) to Run a Modern Society on Renewable Energy "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

For people who may be perplexed by the current energy debate (and who isnt?) here is a nice educational article that goes back to basics and explains what is in store for us as we try to transform society to run on dilute energy forms


Papua New Guinean genetic diversity of populations intrigues scientists "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Papua New Guinean genetic diversity of populations intrigues scientists: [] Papua New Guinea is called a stepping stone in the human movement from Asia to Australia by the researchers. The team of researchers note that the differences in the genetic makeup of the population can be dated back to ten to twenty thousand years only rather than fifty thousand years back when humans first arrived. They found that agriculture was independently found on this island around ten thousand years ago, and this did not change the genetic makeup of the population as was the case in several populations across Europe and in some regions of Asia.

Anders Bergstrm, a graduate student at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute in Hinxton, UK, who was part of the study team, explained that agriculture tends to homogenize the genetic differences in populations. Sanger Institute geneticist Chris Tyler-Smith, lead researcher further explained that in the Europe for example when agriculture was brought in by the Anatolia farmers, the genetic makeup of the local hunter gatherers that lived then for generations completely got replaced by the new genetic features. This obliteration of the genetic picture is absent in New Guinea and this is a big surprise he said.


Gutweins Major Projects Legislation will deliver Fragrance Skyscrapers for Hobart and Launceston "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The TCT said today that Peter Gutweins Draft Major Projects Legislation, if enacted, will deliver the Fragrance Skyscrapers in Hobart and Launceston, against the interests of local communities. It seems that the purpose of the legislation is to fast track the approval of any development that is vehemently opposed by the community including the two massive Fragrance skyscrapers proposed for Hobart and the recently announced 70 metre high Fragrance hotel proposed for next to Launcestons City Park, said TCT Director Peter McGlone The Major Projects Legislation Land Use Planning and Approvals Amendment (major projects) Bill 2017 and Consultation Paper were released for public comment on 28 August 2017 with comments due on 2 October 2017. To date there has been no attempt by the government to inform the Tasmanian people of what these changes involve and no attempt to encourage or assist people to make submissions. The TCT encourages all concerned people to make submissions by the 2 October deadline, including via the TCTs website.


Big snowfalls extend the snow season at ski resorts in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Skiers and snowboarders are continuing to hit the slopes in Australia's ski resorts with spring providing conditions that have been described as the best in years. Three big dumps of snow throughout August and early September have lead to the biggest recorded snow depth since 2000. The snow depth recording at Spencers Creek, midway between Perisher Valley and Thredbo, was 239.7cm this week, just shy of the 262cm recorded in 2000. This time last year, the snow depth at Spencers Creek was just 114.7cm, less than half of the current depth and well below the average maximum of 190cm in previous years.


Speaker List: International Council on Archives (ICA) Section on Business Archives (SBA), Mumbai "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"


In December, Mumbai will host the second part of the annual conference for the International Council on Archives (ICA) Section on Business Archives (SBA), 2017.  Im sharing the list of presenters here.

Venue: Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited. Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli, Mumbai.

4th December 2017

Workshop on Conducting Corporate Oral History by Dr. Rob Perks
Limited Seats. RSVP required
5th December 2017

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM conference
7:00 PM Dinner
6th December

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Here is the list of speakers:

Alexander Bieri
(Roche, Switzerland)

Alexander Husebye
(Centre for Business History, Stockholm)

Anders Sjoman
(Centre for Business History, Stockholm)

Andrea Hohmeyer
(Evonik Industries AG, Germany)

Andrew D. Smith
(University of Liverpool Management School)

Aspey Melanie
(The Rothschild Archive, UK)

Bruce Smith
(Historian, Australia)

Cai Yingfang
(The Section of Business Archives, The State Archives Administration of China)

Chinmay Tumbe
(Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, India)

Diego M. Coraiola
(University of Alberta)

Henning Morgan
(Maersk, Denmark)

Indira Chowdhury
(Centre for Public History, India)

Rob Perks
(British Library, UK)

Jason Dressel
(The History Factory)

Niles Lichtenstein
(Enwoven, USA)

Tobias Ehrenbold
(Historian, Switzerland)

Tony Nilsson
(Inter IKEA Group, Sweden)

Tracey Panek
(Levi, USA)

Wim van Lent
(Montpellier Business School)

Yuko Matsuzaki
(Shibusawa Eiichi Foundation, Japan)


Peace Pilgrims a Pine Gap tour diary "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Andy Paine, August 23, 2017.

Friday September 16 2016 was a busy day for me. I began it preparing a radio show about Pine Gap, the secretive US military base near Alice Springs in central Australia. I had interviewed an academic who has studied Pine Gap and what it does; an activist who has opposed it; and an Arrernte traditional owner who says it has no right to be there. Then I rushed off to Griffith University, where I gave a guest talk to an ethics class about civil disobedience the practice of intentionally and openly breaking unjust laws.

But I am not purely a journalist who reports on whats happening, nor an academic who explains theories. So after completing these two tasks, I got into a car and headed for Alice Springs to attempt to resist Pine Gap and the US wars it facilitates.

So I guess before we go on, a quick primer about Pine Gap and what it does. Theres a lot more information out there if youre interested, but basically Pine Gap is one of three satelite communication bases the US has planted strategically around the globe to enable it to spy on the whole world. The lease for it was signed in 1966, the base built in 1970. At first, it was never publicly admitted that it was a military facility it was described as a space research station until academic Des Ball uncovered what it actually did. Rumours abound that the sacking of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam had something to do with his wanting more control over the base and getting on the wrong side of the CIA.

For most of its life, while Pine Gap has always attracted porotests from anti-war activists, its purpose has been just basic surveillance. In the last ten years though, this purpose has changed. These days the mobile phone and radio signals that Pine Gap recieves via satelite are used for drone strikes or other targetted bombings enabling the US to kill people in the Middle East without the risk of having a soldier killed or the risk of the empathy that comes from interacting with an actual human being.

As I said, Pine Gap has been the subject of numerous protests over the years. This one was to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the lease though for what exact purpose everyone was going out to the desert wasnt quite made clear. More on that later.

The trip to Alice was in my friend Jims van. Jim is a veteran of numerous actions and court cases out at Alice he was well acquainted with the route. The van runs off the biodeisel Jim makes out of used fish and chip oil; so all available car space was taken up with drums full of fuel. Other travel companions were my housemates Franz and Tim. Franz is Jims son so grew up going to protests though he is still a teenager. Tim is from New...


How right-wing parties win elections "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

This video from the USA says about itself:

How Politicians and Academics Lie: Misinformation, Public Relations, and Public Opinion (2005)

Academic dishonesty or academic misconduct is any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise. It can include

Plagiarism: The adoption or reproduction of original creations of another author (person, collective, organization, community or other type of author, including anonymous authors) without due acknowledgment.

Fabrication: The falsification of data, information, or citations in any formal academic exercise.

Deception: Providing false information to an instructor concerning a formal academic exercisee.g., giving a false excuse for missing a deadline or falsely claiming to have submitted work.

Cheating: Any attempt to give or obtain assistance in a formal academic exercise (like an examination) without due acknowledgment.

Bribery: or paid services. Giving assignment answers or test answers for money.

Sabotage: Acting to prevent others from completing their work. This includes cutting pages out of library books or willfully disrupting the experiments of others.

Professorial misconduct: Professorial acts that are academically fraudulent equate to academic fraud and/or grade fraud.

Impersonation: assuming a students identity with intent to provide an advantage for the student.

Academic dishonesty has been documented in most every type of educational setting from elementary school to graduate school. Throughout history this type of dishonesty has been met with varying degrees of approbation. Today, those who are a part of an educated society tend to take a very negative view of academic dishonesty.

The extent to which the US government was guilty of propaganda aimed at its own people is a matter of discussion. The book Selling Intervention & War by Jon Western argued that president Bush was selling the...


Vladimir Putin and Russia versus Zionist Fairytales "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Did you read the latest news that Vladimir Putin is rich and evil? Oh, you don't read anymore, more power to you. Fake news has it that the Russian president has a new "secret" holiday mansion worth untold millions. Furthermore, some of the stories tell of Putin being the world's richest and most evil man. For those of you who do not believe in fairytales, here's a candid look at what Russians are really up against. My initial reaction to reading "Drone footage shows Putin's secret island mansion" at 9 News Australia was, "So what if the leader of Russia is rich?" I would have skimmed the article and moved on but for a familiar name popping up. I'll get to the ousted industrialist shark Bill Browder in a minute, but first it's important for readers to understand that Putin actually has little need of money in the traditional sense. Every financial magazine, every expert, and hordes of guessing investigators have tried for years to count Vladimir Putin's gold, and to no avail. Some say he is worth more than Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos combined, but nobody can trace down this immense wealth. Amid all the speculation as to "why" the Panama Papers could not convict Putin, the pointedly obvious shines through. Nobody can trace Putin's fortune because there isn't one. But this is fodder for another story, let me move on to the latest Alexei Navalny fairytale and to this Browder character cited in the Australian piece.


More Strange Gold Reasoning "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

QUESTION #1: Marty,

___ ________ makes the argument that if the government raised the price of gold to $5000/oz it would start and inflation that would wipe away the debt.


Dont they have to ensure convertibility as well? He kind of skips over that. And isnt that pegging the dollar to gold, and no peg holds? At that price the dollar would become incredibly cheap, and world demand for it would soar to arbitrage trade into goods, I would think.


Anyway, how does his proposal compare to the 1934 and 1971 devaluations.




ANSWER:  This proposal is insane and it would not work anyhow. In 1934, it was the link of gold to the dollar that CAUSE deflation. When Roosevelt devalued the dollar, then inflation took place. If you suddenly fixed gold at $5,000, so what? He would be doing the opposite by creating deflation and then the national debt would become payable in gold.

The 1971 closing of the gold window by Nixon cut the link to gold ending Bretton Woods and then inflation unfolded. This is why Europe is in trouble for they keep trying to create a strong Euro which means assets decline and that produces deflation.

I just do not get the reasoning of these people. They clearly have no real world experience. They want to forecast markets without ever leaving their bedroom.

QUESTION #2: I have been bullish on gold until recently. It seems that to cheer gold we have to cheer the end of the world. If that is our fate for us all, then gold wont matter. As you said, a $1,000 in gold in 1980 is worth $1350 today less storage fees. A $1,000 in the Dow back then is $22,000 plus all the dividends. Do you really think gold will ever go up? With North Korea fading out, what reason do we even have for gold? Deflation dominates the world and taxes keep going highe...


New Study Reveals Why Employees Over 40 Should Only Work Three Days A Week "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

A study has revealed that better employee productivity would occur if people over 40 years old were able to work three days (25 hours) a week. According to the paper which is in the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, doing more than three days a week once you reach 40 years old can damage your ability to think.

The research was conducted using the data of more than 3,000 men and 3,500 women (aged over 40) who completed the national Household Income Labour Dynamics in Australia survey. The research took peoples economic and subjective well-being, family structures and employment into account. The participants were asked to read words aloud, match letters and numbers under pressure and to recite lists of numbers backwards. The results indicated that participants who worked 25 hours a week tended to achieve the highest scores.

Colin Mckenzie is a Professor of Economics at Keio University. He took part in the research and said that working long hours was more damaging to brain function than not working at all. Given the fact that the retirement age has gone up in many countries, Mckenzie suggests that these new findings should be taken into consideration. He stated that many countries are going to raise their retirement ages by delaying the age at which people are eligible to start receiving pension benefits. This means that more people continue to work in the later stages of their life. He added, the degree of intellectual stimulation...


The Numbers Dont Lie: The Middle Class is Dead and It Is Not Coming Back "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"


The term the American Dream, is a term first coined by writer James Truslow Adams 86 years ago. The American dream has become an unmitigated nightmare.


Michael Snyder recently wrote a very astute article in which he bemoaned the present status of the middle class. I want to begin where Mr. Snyder and I agree and then I want to take a look at economic factors that are not getting a lot attention as they relate to middle class economic health and well-being.

According t0 the GOBankingRates surveyonly 25 percent of all Americans have $10,000 or more in savings at this point

$0 saved: 39 percent
Less than $1,000 saved: 18 percent
$1,000 to $4,999 saved: 12 percent
$5,000 to $9,999 saved: 6 percent
$10,000 or more saved: 25 percent

Further, a full 25% of all Americans do not have a bank account. Why? The answer is simple, they have nothing left at the end of the month t deposit.

The condition of the middle class is catastrophic and the tragedy is present across all economic domains. This article will only analyze the status of the middle class as it relates to two standard measures of middle class economic health, the viability of home ownership and the readiness for retirement and in both cases, the middle class receives a grade of F-.

Vast Majority of the Middle Class Cannot Afford to Own a Home

As prices rise, homeownership rates are going in the op...


CIA Wants Authority to Conduct Drone Strikes in Afghanistan "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The Pentagon fears US troops would face backlash from CIA drone attacks.

(ANTIWAR.COM)  The expansion of US military operations around the drone has coincided with the Pentagon having an increasingly large drone arsenal to carry out unmanned airstrikes around the world. Thats given them an opportunity to massively increase spending on drone warfare.

But the CIA also invested massively in drone warfare, and officials are looking for more opportunities to use those drones from extrajudicial killings. This has led CIA Director Mike Pompeo to press President Trump for authority to conduct drone strikes in Afghanistan.

Military drone strikes are common in Afghanistan, and Pentagon officials arent clear what the CIA thinks their drones can do that the existing drones arent already doing. On top of that, since the CIA declines comment on their strikes, the Pentagon is worried CIA strikes that kill civilians will lead to blowback against US ground troops.

The CIA doesnt appear to have good answers for the Pentagons concerns, so much as they have a lot of drones they want to get more use out of. Pompeo has bragged that President Trump has been eager to grant him more authority and more resources whenever hes asked, even though the specifics of what theyre doing and why remains largely secret.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo

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Swedish Pop "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

One of the saddest moments of my trip to Stockholm earlier this year was the discovery Victorias Bar had closed down. I had been there on many occasions, with many fond memories of their schlager nights. It was there, I discovered the band, Hall hela pressen, seen here performing with one of the members of legendary Swedish band, Blond, and with Andres Esteche who was an entrant in Melodifestivalen.

As I wrote a few years ago

Theyre a covers-band specialising in Swedish pop songs, particularly Swedish Eurovision contenders, from the last twenty or thirty years. The two guys who front the band obviously really love the songs, as they sing them with large amounts of passion and enthusiasm. And a sense of fun, too, I suspect. The audience really loves the music too, and as they dance and sing along to every single song

While the schlager nights continued until earlier this year, the band moved on. Im not sure what happened to the bald guy, but the dark haired guy, Mikael Landby, went on to be part of a group which entered Melodifestivalen in 2014. A couple of years ago when I was in Stockholm I went up to him and asked for a photograph. He seemed slightly bemused at the nameless bloke from Australia, who knew about his musical career, but he obliged, nonetheless.

Hall hela pressen ...


10 Random Disturbing Facts Most Americans Are Too Fearful To Face "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

10 Random Disturbing Facts Most Americans Are Too Fearful To Face | head-in-the-sand | False Flags Government Government Control Government Corruption Sleuth Journal Society

Sometimes you have to put out information in hopes that those who havent heard this will at least absorb a fraction of it. If you havent heard this and you absorb just one of these random points, I believe that may be enough to cause a major paradigm shift your life or in the life of someone you know. Here are 10 random, mostly recent but some archival information that is factual and verifiable for anyone willing to look it up.

1- Genetically Modified Foods are illegal in many countries for health and medical reasons all the while the U.S. passes laws making GMO labeling illegal. You may be thinking, say what?  Thats right. U.S. citizens are being propagandized daily and are being practically forced to blindly consume GMOs while countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, Australia, Russia, France and Switzerland have all booted Monsanto and their GMO crops from their countries. Thats like being booted out of a town for being a rapist and child molester only to have that same person settle into the next town over and become a grade school teacher or pastor. Now imagine the citizens of that other town having a law forced on them that says rapists and child molesters must be allowed to teach little kids and run churches. Thats what were talking about here.

While humanity in other countries wake up fully to the dangers of GMO foods, Monsanto and other GMO food producers are having a feast in the U.S. buying out politicians, distorting news, research and evidence that proves GMO foods are directly linked to cancer. Like a scene from a bad movie only its not a movie it life. Actually its YOUR life if you are i...


Long term arrivals pick up with the economy "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Immigration picking up

Long term arrivals into Australia slowed along with the economy from 2013.

But now they are rising again.

In fact annual long term arrivals rose to 504,560 over the year to July.

That's some +8 per cent higher than a year ago, and the highest figure on record.

New migrants to Australia mostly hail from Asia, and largely head to Sydney and Melbourne.

That said, at this stage in the cycle, many incumbent Sydneysiders will take their equity out to regional New South Wales, or up to south-east Queensland. 

And some are even moving internally from Sydney to Melbourne for cheaper housing. 


Julian Assange Supports Bitcoin As Ways to Free Catalonia From Spains Dictate "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Julian Assange says all freedom-loving people should support Bitcoin as an answer to government oppression.


Israel lobby is never a story (for media that is in bed with the lobby) "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

One of the challenges to the claims about the power of the Israel lobby is: What about liberal Zionists? They are very critical of the Israeli occupation and of Netanyahu. In what sense do they constitute a lobby for Israel in the U.S.? The answer is that they establish red lines on criticism of Israel inside the Democratic Party. They work to marginalize progressives who have fundamental criticisms of Israel as a Jewish state or as a burden on American foreign policy.

Here are three recent examples of the ways that liberals set these red lines.

Last week Daniel Biss, an anti-establishment candidate for the Democratic nomination to be governor of Illinois, ditched his running mate over his support for BDS, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign targeting Israel; and many of us thought it was a big story. Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS), the movement for Palestinian human rights, has become an issue in the ongoing Illinois gubernatorial race, Jewish Voice for Peace declared. While Palestine Legal said that despite shifting public opinion toward support for Palestinian freedom, Palestinian rights were taboo for the political establishment.

The story never left Chicago. Chris Hayes of MSNBC mentioned the story on twitter, but he hasnt gone after it on air. Neither has anyone else on MSNBC, per my searches. Its hardly surprising that Hayes, a good progressive, has punted on BDS my views are muddy, he reportedly said a year ago. The top men at Comcast are CEO Brian Roberts who once participated in the Israeli olympics, and EVP David Cohen, who organized fundraisers for the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces. Id have muddy views, too, if they were signing my checks.

Daniel Biss is a Jewish progressive who went into politics in opposition to the Iraq War and says I care deeply about justice for Palestinians. But he understands that if you want to be Illinois governor, you have to be pro-Israel. J.B. Pritzker, a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, has given money to the Israeli Defense Forces, Electronic Intifada reported, while another leading candidate, Chris Kennedy, was...


Phone scammer stung by ABC radio presenter "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

ABC News, 12 September 2017:

A man claiming to be from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has given an expletive-ridden spray to ABC presenter Nick Rheinberger after being told their conversation was being recorded.

It was a voicemail likely to make even the most honest taxpayer frightened a message from someone claiming to be from the tax office accusing you of tax fraud and asking you to call back immediately.

This is what happened to the ABC Illawarra presenter recently, so he called them back from his radio studio.

The phone call (which was not broadcast live) started politely with a man identifying himself as an ATO employee, who then asked for Rheinberger's details.

The conversation quickly turned offensive when the ABC presenter told him he was in a radio studio.

"I need to let you know I'm recording this call as well," Rheinberger said.

"F*** you, and the recording, and put this recording to your ass as well mother f***er," the man said.

"Right, OK, that's what I'd expect from the Australian Taxation Office," Rhe...


Marriage Equality and levels of community support "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The Guardian, 21 August 2017:

A majority of Australians favour changing the law to allow same-sex couples to marry and over 80% of respondents also plan to vote in the looming postal survey, according to the latest Guardian Essential poll.

The latest weekly survey of 1,817 voters found that 57% of the sample favours a change to the law to allow marriage equality, with 32% against and 11% saying they dont know.

People most supportive of the change are Labor voters (71%), Greens voters (69%), women (65%) and voters aged between 18-34 (65%).

Asked about the likelihood of voting in the non-compulsory postal ballot, 63% said they would definitely vote, 18% said they would probably vote, 4% said they would probably not vote and 6% said they would definitely not vote with 9% unsure.

Yes voters are more likely to participate than no voters. Seventy-four per cent of those in favour of same-sex marriage will definitely vote compared with 58% of those opposed.

Close to 90% of respondents (88%) said they were enrolled to vote at their current address, while 7% said they werent and 5% were unsure. Supporters of same-sex marriage are a bit more likely to be enrolled than those who are opposed (92% compared with 86%).

The ballot itself ...


Vladimir Putin and Russia versus Zionist Fairytales "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

45324324234Did you read the latest news that Vladimir Putin is rich and evil? Oh, you dont read anymore, more power to you. Fake news has it that the Russian president has a new secret holiday mansion worth untold millions. Furthermore, some of the stories tell of Putin being the worlds richest and most evil man. For those of you who do not believe in fairytales, heres a candid look at what Russians are really up against.

My initial reaction to reading Drone footage shows Putins secret island mansion at 9 News Australia was, So what if the leader of Russia is rich? I would have skimmed the article and moved on but for a familiar name popping up. Ill get to the ousted industrialist shark Bill Browder in a minute, but first its important for readers to understand that Putin actually has little need of money in the traditional sense. Every financial magazine, every expert, and hordes of guessing investigators have tried for years to count Vladimir Putins gold, and to no avail. Some say he is worth more than Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos combined, but nobody can trace down this immense wealth. Amid all the speculation as to why the Panama Papers could not convict Putin, the pointedly obvious shines through. Nobody can trace Putins fortune because there isnt one. But this is fodder for another story, let me move on to the latest Alexei Navalny fairytale and to this Browder character cited in the Australian piece.

I neednt outline the role and the character of Alexei Navalny again here. The blogger who would be kind of Russia was last seen fueling up his drones for another flyby of Sergey Shoygus super secret space station home. Having attempted to label Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev a criminal for the places hes vacationed at, Navalny seems unable to stop himself proving the insignificant. I think the best reason for Russians to ignore Putins biggest detractor is the simple fact he knows nothing of Russian people. Hey Navalny, heads up, Russians dont care if Putin is rich, they only care if he does his job. Sorry, this western poster boy of change in Russia, he just sets me off. What an idiot. But lets move on to another famous profiteer who Putin banished from Russia, the founder of Hermitage Capital Management, Bill Browder.

Its amazing how western mainstream media and the politicians always turn to Putin haters to be experts or to get proof on the Ru...


The Confusion in Gold "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

QUESTION #1: [_____] says that the dollar will collapse because with the debt ceiling gone no more buyers of Treasuries in the markets and only the Fed Reserve buying inflation goes to the wazoo. All over USA. care to comment?

ANSWER: Total nonsense. The USA debt of $20 trillion is a tiny fraction of global debt at $160 trillion. This entire theory does not hold up. Just where is all the money going to run? Gold? Institutions do not buy gold and cannot function with gold, which is not legal tender for even paying your taxes. The only thing that matters is the general public confidence. When the average person on the street no longer trusts government, that is the tipping point.

There is a whole series of people given a choice between a bar of chocolate and a bar of silver. They take the chocolate. Kids line up in Starbucks and pay with their phone not even cash. Not until you shake the confidence of these people will you see the explosion in markets. That is what took place in the late 1970s. I was there. OPEC created the image of wholesale inflation. People were hoarding toilet paper.

QUESTION #2: What will Fed Balance Sheet Shrinkage do to Gold?

ANSWER: The opposite of what people think. Shrinking the Balance Sheet will be anti-inflationary to the standard reasoning and thus gold should collapse with deflation. However, the Fed has turned away from QE because pension funds are at serious risk. They have run off to emerging markets and bought very long-term paper desperately trying to get their yields up. As the stock market rises because there is no alternative, the Fed politically will be forced to raise rates. They will end up creating inflation with rising rates that will blow interest expenditure through the roof.



More Poems about Dinosaurs and Cats, Sunday 24th September "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The Kurilpa Poets proudly present; More Poems about Dinosaurs and Cats Sunday, 24th September, 2pm 91 Cordelia Street, Sth Brisbane neath the trees of Musgrave Park. Spring is in the air and the Water Rats have awakened from their Winter Continue reading


Admission by Susan Rice: Trump team was placed under surveillance "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Publication of Hillary Clinton's book, which I have not read but which I gather characteristically blames everyone for her election defeat but herself, and which assumes all the Russiagate allegations to be true, begs the question of what stage the Russiagate investigation has reached, and whether we are any closer to a final end to this affair. The answer is that the investigation - predictably enough - appears to be going nowhere, and that the affair is now probably close to its end. Firstly, there has been a dearth of new 'revelations' driving the scandal, which suggests that the well of such 'revelations' from our old friends the 'anonymous sources' has finally dried up. In place of these 'revelations' the media has had to content itself with reports of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's activities, including details of the various people he has had interviewed or intends to have interviewed. The fact that Mueller and his people are carrying out these interviews and are going through the evidence is in my opinion a good thing. Whilst Comey was in charge of the Russiagate investigation it proceeded at a snail's pace, almost certainly because Comey had a vested interest in keeping it going as long as possible. Mueller by contrast appears to be taking his job seriously, which means that (finally!) the people who have been publicly implicated in the scandal are being interviewed, giving them at last an opportunity to state their case and to respond to the allegations which have made against them.


Gay plebiscite could be derailed with bogus votes "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

from The Age

A last-minute surge has seen a record number of Australians enrolled to vote ahead of the upcoming postal survey on same-sex marriage.

The Australian Electoral Commission on Friday released figures it described as extraordinary that show 90,000 new voters mostly the young had joined the roll since the survey was announced on August 8.

The development delighted same-sex marriage advocates but alarmed nervous Coalition MPs, who believe the enlarged youth vote will come back to bite them at the next election.

A further 675,000 people had updated their electoral details, and 165,000 transactions were yet to be processed as of Thursday night, the AEC said.

In total, almost 1 million Australians had either enrolled for the first time or updated their details.

Once all transactions are processed, the number of new voters should easily exceed 100,000.

Electoral Commissioner Tim Rogers said he expected the total proportion of Australians on the roll, which was 95.3 per cent on July 31, to reach a record high once processing was completed.

The maintenance of the roll is a significant achievement given the trend throughout recent electoral cycles for enrolment rates to dip mid-cycle, he said.

The result is notable because it has only been 14 months since the last general election.

By comparison, 132,000 new voters enrolled in the lead-up to the July 2016 poll.

Of the 800,000 people who were not on the roll on June 30, almost two thirds were aged under 40.


Results of the Same Sex Marriage plebiscite may be entirely unreliable due to the counterfeiting of postal votes, says Australian electoral reform group, Vote Australia Inc.

Vote Australia says risk to the result of the plebiscite stems from legislation that hasnt been fixed.

Its a fact that any person in any electorate can vote multiple times and those votes can influence voting results.  The existing legislation makes enrolling to vote with multiple identities far too easy, says Vote Australia president, Lex Stewart.

The concerns about the plebiscite are part of a campaign by Vote Australia to involve all Australians, political parties and community groups in demanding urgent reforms to electoral laws before public mistrust in election results deepens further.

The new campaign website,, identifies four specific weaknesses with Australian electoral procedures that could taint outcomes of the plebiscite:
Counterfeit votes
Faulty voter rolls


How to Sneak into Australia "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

By Kent Heckenlively, JD Ive done all I can.  Now its time for the glasses, big nose, and mustache. In response to the Australian governments denial of my visa application on August 31, 2017 I sent them a letter on September 5, 2017, asking them to rescind the order. I wrote, I would like to Continue reading How to Sneak into Australia

The post How to Sneak into Australia appeared first on BolenReport.


Avi Yemini ~versus~ APEX : Make Victoria Great Again LOL (September 17, 2017) "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

This Sunday, September 17, Avi Yemini has organised a rally to castigate the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, for failing to stop African yoof from slaughtering Victorians. Or something. According to Avi: The government has failed us. Violent crime in Victoria Continue reading


Hillsong Brian Houston: My father, the child sex criminal "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong a lifelong secret child sex abuser with his son Brian the current head pastor of Hillsong. Frank Houston confessed to a lifetime of secret child sex abuse in 1999. Brian Houston was found by an Australian Royal Commission to be guilty of pedophile protection crimes by not reporting his father Frank to the police and sheltering and protecting him for five years from 1999 to November 2004, when Frank died on Sydneys Northern Beaches in an old folks home.

The Australian

Hillsongs Brian Houston: My father, the child sex criminal

  • The Australian
  • June 20, 2015

Its not about you its about your father.

These words introduced me to a nightmare that would change my life. I was 45 years old and what developed after that sentence was a product of someone elses past that would frame so much of my future.

It was October 1999, and I was senior pastor of Hillsong Church, which my wife Bobbie and I had started from scratch in 1983 in a...


Hillary Happened "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

By Jeffrey St. Clair and cross-posted from

So someone has ghost-written another Hillary Clinton memoir. My biggest question when I picked it up was: Did Hillary stiff the writer out of the final payment as she did Barbara Feinman, the real author of It Takes a Village?

You dont have to read any further than the cover of the book to answer the question posed by its title: What Happened: Hillary Clinton. Glutton for punishment, I took a masochistic dive into its dark pages anyway.

It soon became apparent that Hillary shouldnt have treated Feinman so churlishly. What Happened would have greatly benefited from her stylistic enhancements. The prose in this book is as brittle as the mind behind it. Notice the lack of a question mark in the title. This is a telling punctuational elision. It signals that this text will not be an investigation into the dynamics behind the most perplexing election in American history.   Dont skim these pages in search of a self-lacerating confession or an apologia. What Happened reads more like a drive-by shooting rampage. The book is a score-settling scattershot rant, enfilading anyone who stood in Clintons way, from Bernie Sanders to James Comey. Amid Hillarys hitlist of villains, even toothless Joe Biden gets gut-shot.

There are, naturally, two ways of interpreting the results of the 2016 elections pitting the two most unappetizing candidates in American history against each: either Trump found some way to defeat Hillary or, more probably, Hillary managed to lose to Trump. But Hillarys psyche cant swallow either scenario. So, she endeavors to create a mystery where there is none. The outcome was so inexplicable, she reasons, that there must be some hidden mechanism at work: Russian hacking, press bias, left betrayal, FBI sabotage. Clinton summons a lineup of the possible suspects: Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Putin, Julian Assange, Jill Stein, the New York Times, CNN, and Jim Comey. Alas, Hillary and her ghost-writer are not John LeCarr. She cant spin a coherent and plausible cyber-spy yarn, in part because Clinton keeps getting sidetracked by a compulsion to wash her own hands of any culpability in blowing the election.

The closest Hillary comes to any admission of personal liability is when she discloses that she may have blundered when she smeared Trumps supporters as deplorables. Then she suddenly pulls back, recalibrates and defends her denunciation of white working class vot...


The Real Reason Behind Cloning and How the CIA Plans to Use It "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"



A lot of infromation is coming to light about cloning. Ask yourself a question, when has the government not weaponized an invention of breakthrough? If you can answer that question, then you are ready to view the following video.



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A Problem Of Growing Proportions: 3 Things We Can Do Right Now To Tackle Obesity "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Smoking has been on the government hit-list for decades. Why then are junk food and sugary drinks flying under the radar. Jonathan McGuane weighs in.

Obesity in Australia has risen steadily since the 1980s such that almost two thirds of adults are now overweight or obese, a phenomenon colloquially referred to as the obesity epidemic.

High body mass index (BMI) is linked to cancer, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, and cardiovascular disease, and costs the Australian economy $21 billion per year. High BMI also accounts for 5.5% and 14.1% of total disease burden (years of healthy life lost) among non-indigenous and Indigenous Australians, respectively; both second only to tobacco.


Sorry for all the boring facts, but its important to establish this right up front: obesity is a huge problem (pun intended). The question is, how did we get this way?

The vast majority of Australians put the blame squarely at the feet of obese people themselves after all, simply reducing ones caloric intake and increasing energy expenditure should theoretically decrease body fat and normalise BMI. However, this view ignores the fact that in modern Australia, people are exposed to a huge variety of strong influences that increase their propensity for developing obesity, and unlike the other major lifestyle risk factors (smoking and alcohol overuse), food consumption is essential to life.

Structural and cultural factors decrease the accessibility of healthy food, promote consumption of energy-dense nutrient-poor food, increase sedentary behaviour, and decreased levels of exercise create what has become known as an obesogenic environment. These include advanced advertising and marketing techniques, the low cost of energy-dense food, poor urban planning, inadequate food literacy, and human genetics/biology all factors outside the control of individuals.

(IMAGE: frankieleon, Flickr)(IMAGE: frankieleon, Flickr)

The fact that interventions focussing on individuals (e.g. pharmacological, educational and behavioural) have not worked reinforces this concept. The effect is most devastating among peopl...


Congratulations to the people of PNG on their 42nd anniversary of Independence "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Congratulations to the people of PNG on their  42nd anniversary of Independence from Australia.

PNG achieved its Independence on the 16 September in 1975.

The PNG people are also great friends of West Papua given thousands of West Papuans fleeing Indonesian oppression,  sanctuary. 


Mobile speed camera fines are ILLEGAL "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

An enormous amount of detail can be written into why a or rather any fine before (prior to) a court appearance is not lawful, where the details are not going to be discussed in this post, but rather can be found in various other posts within the Corporate Australia blog.

SO, we'll start off with why a certain 'category' of fine can be dismissed IMMEDIATELY.

Let's look at one aspect of law that is advertised by your friendly 'city councils'.

They state that "Parking on nature strips is illegal - penalties apply"
(check with your local council, referring to state law - i.e. an Act to where this is 'claim' is referred to)

So, if you obtained a 'fine' from a person who parked their car like this:

(illustration of white Toyota speed camera equipped car parked on a nature strip)

or a fine from a person who is hiding their grey Mitsubishi behind some bins on a nature strip as shown in illustration below:

then should you choose to go to court over that matter you could ask the well versed at law magistrate or judicial registrar, who is at your service whether they support 'evidence' obtained illegally, referring to the relevant state law with regards to illegally obtained evidence.

Please note...


The Little Bird Weekly News "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The Gruen Transfer came under fire from ProudBlackSista (Collen Lavelle) when one of the shows contestants (Creative Director of Loud) included footage of Dylan Voller in a spit hood for their mock ad aimed to convince Kim Jong-Un not to nuke Australia. Gruen seems to have removed the tweet from their feed since complaint was made but you can watch the video here (pitch 2).

Cashless Welfare was a big news in my circles this week with the publication of a feature-length investigative article in Independent Australia which I wrote at the request of Managing Editor, Dave Donovan. Anti-Poverty SA are running conference on poverty that features poor people a novice concept in a country renowned for our middle class talk-fests and are crowdfunding it here.

Jacinta Nampijinpa Price published the article Greens should shut up and listen to Indigenous people including the video containing CCT footage of criminal behaviour in Indigenous communities funded by Andrew Forrests charity Minderoo. I have written to the OAIC to explore this use of CCTV for various reasons.

Andrew Forest went a step further branding the Greens as the party for pedophiles:

I have to hold the Greens accountable here; the Greens might...


Why Is Marijuana Banned? The Real Reasons are Worse than You Think "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Across the world, support for marijuana legalization continues to grow in places where its currently illegal. But then the question becomes why was it ever banned in the first place?

The answer may surprise you because its not what you think.

In fact, we think youll find the answer downright shocking.

Back in 1929, Harry Anslinger was made director of a government department known as the Department of Prohibition. But, as it turned out, Prohibition was a disaster and when it was repealed, Anslinger needed a way to keep his department alive.

So, without a way to scapegoat alcohol any longer, he turned his eyes elsewhere on cannabis.

Cannabis, he said, would make a dangerous, insane criminal. Marijuana, he said, made people turn into evil beasts. And then, he said, there was the case of the boy Victor Lacata, whod recently hacked his family to death in Florida with an ax. That, Anslinger said, is what happens when you smoke weed.

Documentation now shows that Anslinger wrote to thirty leading doctors, hoping theyd sign off on his crazy statements. Twenty-nine said no. One said, sure. Anslinger used that doctor to give legitimacy to his ravings.

The United States banned marijuana then strong-armed other countries, such as Mexico, into doing the same.

Confused doctors, who knew that cannabis wasnt the evil Anslinger was making it out to be, asked where the scientific research was to support such wild claims.

Anslinger refused to hear it, writing only The marijuana evil can no longer be temporized with, and as such, he would fund no independent science, not ever.

But heres the catch. Years later, somebody went and looked at the psychiatric files for Victor Lacata and theres no evidence he ever used cannabis. Instead, there was a long history of mental illness in his family, and someone had actually suggested Lacata be institutionalized a year prior. There was no mention of cannabis in any of his files.

Theres no data anywhere to support the idea that cannabis causes pyschosis.

In fact, the scientific evidence suggests cannabis is safer than alcohol. Alcohol kills 40,000 people every year in the US. Cannabis kills nobodyalthough Willie Nelson says a friend of his did once die when a bale of cannabis fell on his head.

Isnt it time we listened to the scienceand finally put away Victor Lacatas axe?

Source EIC

The post...


Susan Templemans speech on Australian Border Force Amendment Bill 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

"The Turnbull government has introduced an amendment to Parliament to remove strict secrecy provisions governing Australias immigration detention system. The move has been described as a major victory for refugee advocates who challenged the laws in the High Court. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton introduced amendments to the 2015 Australian Border Force Act that previously threatened detention centre workers with two years in prison if they spoke out about neglect or abuse." Susan Templeman MP Member for Macquarie spoke on this Bill.


Lestari - Indonesian ~ Ultimo "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Lestari has moved from its smaller digs to just a few doors along. The new space is food hall cavernous, with large hunger busting plates and bowls of Indo favourites. You need to go on a slight detour to find Lestari. Head down the alleyway off Harris Street behind the Agincourt Hotel or enter from George Street and walk down the stairs just past Furin Ramen. This large canteen like


PERTH Man, 19, charged over WA child sex crimes "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

snip .

Man, 19, charged over WA child sex crimes .

September 15, 2017 at 10:22AM .

one count each of indecently dealing with a child and possessing child exploitation material. He will appear in Perth Magistrates Court on Friday. .


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TSVs Most Famous Son "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Why did nobody tell me Julian Assange is from Townsville? Fuck Robert Towns, I think there should be a petition to call TSV St.Julians

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MACKAY Stalker released from prison on parole after hounding ex "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

MACKAY September 16, 2017 at 03:26PM ,

Stalker released from prison on parole after hounding ex

September 16, 2017 at 03:26PM ,

Mitchell faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Friday after spending 144 days behind bars, pleading guilty to crimes which occurred in the midst of a

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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To 17 September nuclear and climate news "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Its all sounding a bit same-same: nuclear posturing from Kim Jong Un and from Donald Trump. Trouble is in our atmosphere of nuclear brink fatigue, it still IS getting closer to the nuclear brink.

I dont know about you, but in my patch, Australia, well you just wouldnt know that from Sept 20, the 10-page treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons will be open for signatures from any UN member state. No media coverage. Its as if the thought of nuclear war just doesnt matter. Hell, it could even be an acceptable idea, nowadays. Or maybe not.

Same-same on climate, too.  But again, not really, as the planets weather patterns change inexorably,  glaciers melt, and mainstream media covers the subject less than ever.


Dont get me wrong  Im all for  homosexuals having the same rights as anybody else, to choose the possible misery of marriage.  And I have al...


The Weekend Quiz September 16-17, 2017 answers and discussion "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Here are the answers with discussion for this Weekends Quiz. The information provided should help you work out why you missed a question or three! If you havent already done the Quiz from yesterday then have a go at it before you read the answers. I hope this helps you develop an understanding of modern monetary theory (MMT) and its application to macroeconomic thinking. Comments as usual welcome, especially if I have made an error.

In the past week, we observed, Monday, September 11, 1973 the day when right-wing forces, aided by the US government, overthrew the elected government of Chile. It was a terrorist act and we should not forget that.

Question 1:

When a sovereign government issues debt to match its fiscal deficit, the debt adds to the financial wealth of the non-government sector.

The answer is False.

The fundamental principles that arise in a fiat monetary system are as follows.

  • The central bank sets the short-term interest rate based on its policy aspirations.
  • Government spending is independent of borrowing and the latter best thought of as coming after spending.
  • Government spending provides the net financial assets (bank reserves) which ultimately represent the funds used by the non-government agents to purchase the debt.
  • Fiscal deficits that are not accompanied by corresponding monetary operations (debt-issuance) put downward pressure on interest rates contrary to the myths that appear in macroeconomic textbooks about crowding out.
  • The penalty for not borrowing is that the interest rate will fall to the bottom of the corridor prevailing in the country which may be zero if the central bank does not offer a return on reserves.
  • Government debt-issuance is a monetary policy operation rather than being intrinsic to fiscal policy, although in a modern monetary paradigm the distinctions between monetary and fiscal policy as traditionally defined are moot.

National governments have cash operating accounts with their central bank. The specific arrangements vary by country but the principle remains the same. When the government spends it debits these accounts and credits various bank accounts within the commercial banking system. Deposits thus show up in a number of commercial banks as a reflection of the spending. It may issue a cheque and post it to someone in the private sector whereupon that person will deposit the cheque at their bank. It is the same effect as if it had have all been done electronically.



UK market cycles on "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Full employment

While Australia's economy meanders along with its financial stability meme, the UK is approaching full employment. 

The unemployment rate has now dropped to just 4.3 per cent, the lowest since 1975. 

With female participation higher than it used to be, the employment rate has soared to 75.3 per cent, which is the highest level since comparable records began in 1971. 

House prices higher

Moving across to the housing markets, the average house price beat expectations in rising by +5.1 per cent over the year to July 2017, according to the Office for National Statistics. 

The average UK house price increased to a record high in moving beyond 226,000, to be about 11,000 higher over the year to July.


Eric meetsWalter Trout "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"


Eric Gyors (host of Wednesday Drive) recently had the pleasure of interviewing Guitar virtuoso Walter Trout. A blues guitarist, Trout has played in the bands of Johnny Lee Hooker and Joe Tex as well as the legendary Canned Heat.

Walter and Eric discuss Life, Death and his new album

fushy 2

Listen to Part Two-where Eric and Walter talk The Rolling Stones, Stratocasters and coming to Australia- here:


The post Eric meetsWalter Trout appeared first on 89.7 Eastside FM.


Stop Murdering Drug Users: An Interview with Harm Reduction Advocate Pascal Tanguay "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

At 8pm on Thursday night, Catholic leaders across the Philippines rang their church bells simultaneously for five minutes to honour those who have died during president Rodrigo Dutertes reign of terror. The ritual will take place for the next 40 days and is a call for the bloodshed to stop. The Philippine president won last years election

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Why Does Your Stomach Growl When You Are Hungry? "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

By Dr. Mercola

Your body lets you know every day, in a variety of ways, that it is alive and well. One such way is the familiar growl of your stomach, which, to most of us, signals hunger.

But, are all those rumbles and noises actually coming from your stomach? Are they really a sign you need to eat? The answer to both questions is a resounding No. Ill take this opportunity to remind you about whats really going on when you feel and hear a rumble in your belly.

Is All That Noise Coming From Your Stomach?

You may not realize stomach growling actually originates as muscular activity in both your stomach and your small intestine. To better understand what causes it, lets take a closer look at how your body digests the foods and beverages you consume. As you probably know, one of the primary components of your digestive system is a long hollow tube called the esophagus, which runs from the back of your mouth all the way to your anus.

Your esophagus connects with all of your various organs along your gastrointestinal tract, such as your gallbladder, liver, pancreas and stomach, as well as your small and large intestines (also referred to as your bowels).

The walls of your esophagus are primarily composed of layers of smooth muscle, which are squeezed and contracted as a means of digesting and propelling food through your body. This process is called peristalsis. As peristalsis does its work, the food and beverages you consume are steadily being moved along from your stomach to your anus.

Along the way, they are being mixed with a variety of digestive juices. These juices help your body transform liquids and solids into a gooey mixture known as chyme. Now, this is where the growling noises factor into the process.

The funny noises and rumbling sounds you experience are not hunger pangs; they are caused by pockets of trapped air and gasses that are compressed as your body churns food particles and chyme through your digestive system. Typically, stomach growling is no cause for concern. About stomach growling, the International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders says:1

Whether audible or not, bowel sounds in the absence of other significant symptoms are normal phenomena of no medical significance. Their harm is embarrassment, a social, rather than a medical affliction.

Why Does My Body Growl Within Hours of Eating?

You may be surprised to know that growling sounds can happen at any time not just when you're hungry or when your digestive system is relatively empty. Sometimes the....


New Wild Life Exhibition at Stockyard Gallery "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Our next event is called WILD LIFE,  a group exhibition of 12 experienced artists, showing scuptures and drawings. Date: 14th September to 9th October 2017 Opening: Saturday, 16th Sept. at []

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RISE Exclusive media Release: Ex-detainees Launch #sanctionAustralia Campaign: 16/09/2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

#sanctionAustralia Campaign

Today RISE: Refugee Survivors and Ex-detainees launches the Sanction Australia Campaign. Initiated and driven by a group of ex-detainees, Sanction Australia calls for international human rights bodies and the United Nations to sanction Australia for its inhumane mandatory detention policies and explicit refugee boat push back policies and to exclude Australia from participation in international humanitarian and human rights decision making processes until mandatory detention and refoulement of asylum seekers and refugees by Australia is abolished.

For the past 26 years, Australia has been progressively implementing punitive and cruel policies against people seeking asylum by boat. These policies have been maintained by successive Australian governments resulting in systemic torture and abuse of refugee/asylum seeker adults and children, and deaths in custody. Since RISE was launched in 2010, we are aware of at least 36 people who have died in Australian detention centres and many RISE ex-detainee members have witnessed deaths in detention well before this time period. How long, asks Abdul Baig, RISE director and ex-detainee, do we have to continue to face such cruelty in front of Australias eyes? Where is the justice?

Depression, suicide, and other mental illnesses are pervasive within Australian detention centres, and are often a direct result of the experience of detention itself. Recent Australian immigration department records reveal that over a period of just one year there were 188 incidents of self-harm involving asylum seekers on Nauru (roughly one every two days) and 55 incidents of self harm on Manus Island. The treatment of detainees within these camps, along with the indefinite detention they experience meets the definition of Torture under International law.

Further, he added We believe that Australias anti-refugee policies are not going to end unless there are international sanctions against the Australian government. We therefore urge international human rights activists and the UN to actively sanction Australia for such cruel acts.

US president Donald Trump has been widely criticised for his anti-refugee policies yet even he says that Australias policies are worse than the USA. Australia is the resource centre for anti-immigration policies in affluent liberal democracies around the world. Sanction Australia campaign coordinator and ex-detainee (unnamed) said We should sanction Australia on human rights to send a strong message to others who are intent on following Australias lead on this. Australia is the place to start on human rights sanction among industrialised countries. How many more from our community will be killed to serve Australian political interests? We dont need any more inquiries or reports, we....


Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

1.00 AUD = 0.0002 BTC
0.0010 BTC = 4.45 AUD

Susan Rice admits Trump team placed under surveillance "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Publication of Hillary Clintons book, which I have not read but which I gather characteristically blames everyone for her election defeat but herself, and which assumes all the Russiagate allegations to be true, begs the question of what stage the Russiagate investigation has reached, and whether we are any closer to a final end to this affair. The answer is that the investigation predictably enough appears to be going nowhere, and that the affair is now probably close to its end.


Mysterious and Massive Tube-Like Creature Appears Off the Coast of Australia "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

This strange creature was found bobbing along in the waters off of Port Douglas in Australia. While we already know the ocean is full of unique and terrifying things, who knew something like this would come to pay mankind a visit?

Divers came across this enormous translucent tube with an interesting pink sheen to its surface and felt as if they were looking at something out of a sci-fi flick. This creature is around 10-foot-long and to begin with, they were unsure of what it might be. That being said, we now know what this creature is, it is a giant pyrosome or is it?

Giant pyrosomes are not just one huge organism but a body of tons of organisms. They are individual cones that work together to form the hollow structure. At this time, we do not know much about these pyrosomes. They are bioluminescent, though, which is quite a sight. Their light is noted for being unusually bright and lasting a very long time.

Any damage done to the tube is easily repaired as they can reproduce clonally and each individual clone is a hermaphrodite, able to make both eggs and sperm. Strangely though when two of these masses bump into one another in the ocean they have sexual reproduction. Pyrosomes are also part of the tunicate group of animals meaning that each one contains a notochord and is classed as a chordate just like humans are.

While the divers seem to believe this is a pyrosome, many believe it may be diamondback squid eggs. Because of the pink sheen and the ruffles in the body of the mass itself, which makes sense to a degree. These two things look extremely similar so without doing some in-person research it is hard to know for sure. For more information on that click here. 

Of course, whether you believe this is a pyrosome or think it is squid eggs we can all agree these magnificent things are not seen often so those divers were able to make memories that will stick with them forever. Check out the images below of the massive pyrosome (or possible squid eggs) they found and then take a look at the video for more information on pyrosomes in general. Personally, I dont think it is either, I am pretty sure this is the water creature from The Abyss.




Regulatory bodies paid to look like idiots? "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

  All the great social philosophers have held that land must be rented, not sold, if communities arent to implode. One of them put it into a formula, saying that if we were to capture the social surplus, then labour and profits will receive their full and rightful incometheir private property?undiminished by arbitrary taxation:- i.e. Production []


At Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) Black and White celebrate their campaign keeping Australia nuclear free "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Celebrating 20 years of helping Australia stay nuclear free  Aboriginal land continues to be in the firing line. SBS NITV, By Paddy Gibson, Senior Researcher, Jumbunna Institute UTS 15 SEP 2017

This weekend in Adelaide, Kaurna country, anti-nuclear campaigners from the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance will hold their annual conference to debrief and strategise for the struggles ahead.

At the core of Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (ANFA) are Aboriginal people living with nuclear projects on their lands, including uranium mines and the toxic legacy of nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s and 60s, and others trying to stop new uranium mines or nuclear waste dumps being imposed on their country.

This years conference will celebrate 20 years since the network was founded in 1997 in Alice Springs, originally as the Alliance Against Uranium.

The initial meeting was an initiative of Mirarr people and their organisation Gundjeihmi, who were cranking up a major campaign against the Jabiluka uranium mine, along with environment groups such as the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF), Friends of the Earth and other Traditional Owners. At the time, the Howard government was looking to massively expand Australias uranium exports. There was a wealth of experience in Aboriginal communities across the country, who suffer the brunt of this industry and people wanted to come together to fight back. There were growing opportunities to connect with wider civil society groups who shared a deep concern about uranium and recognised the central importance of supporting Aboriginal str...


Time that the world revived the stigma previously attached to the idea of nuclear war "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

In the shadow of Fat Man and Little Boy: how the stigma of nuclear war was unravelled,

Dr Becky Alexis-Martin is a senior Research Fellow in Nuclear Geography, University of Southampton, UK.

Dr Stephanie Malin is an assistant Professor of Environmental Sociology, Colorado State University, USA.

Dr Kristen Iversen is a professor of English, University of Cincinnati, USA.

Dr Kathleen Sullivan is Director of Hibakusha Stories, New York, USA.



Perfect habitat "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Over the years Ive often driven past this small patch of bush on the Newstead-Daylesford Road its just east of one of my favourite birding spots, the Rise and Shine Bushland Reserve.

What is most striking about the spot is the damage done to the area from gold mining, with metres of topsoil eroded and straggly Grey Box and Yellow Gum rooted into the subsoil. Im glad I stopped the other day as I was rewarded with a good election of birds. In addition to those picture here there was: Brown Treecreeper, Mistletoebird, Yellow-faced Honeyeater and Grey Shrike-thrush.

Brown Thornbill, Clydesdale, 9th September 2017


Nuclear power on its way out, as renewables rise  World Nuclear Industry Report, "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Renewable Energy Industry Hotting Up as World Goes Cold on Nuclear Power power is on its way out the world over, with its global share of energy generation declining and construction of just one new nuclear reactor being undertaken in 2017. Renewable energy seems poised to take its place as the energy source of the future.

Nuclear power is in a state of terminal decline, with construction of just one new nuclear reactor being undertaken in 2017, according to the World Nuclear Industry Report, an annual study of the sector that analyzes data on capacity, production and construction of nuclear reactors around the world.

Once vaunted as the future of energy production, nuclear power has suffered an unceremonious fall from grace since the 1960s  to the point the report suggests it will be phased out entirely in due course.

The number of nuclear reactors under construction has diminished for the fourth consecutive year, falling from 68 in 2013 to 53 in 2017  and the reports authors suspect projects are often ongoing purely because of uncertainty and inertia in the industry.

Russia and the US...


Saying goodbye to coral reefs "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

If we continue to have warm summers like we had in 16 and this year, the next one could wipe out the remaining coral. Now, I dont want to sound doomsday, but thats where were at right now. Its still a wonderful place to visit. But if we continue on this trajectory it wont be, very soon within our lifetime. I think that this is the wake-up call that we need. If losing the Great Barrier Reef isnt serious stuff, what is?

Farewelling coral reefs The Saturday Paper, Karen Middleton, 16 Sept 17  We hear much about trying to contain temperature rises to 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Why is that the magic number?

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg The 2-degree guardrail came out of the 2009 Copenhagen meeting. When you looked at how ecosystems were responding, you got into an unmanageable area at 2 degrees above the pre-industrial period, which was where the CO2 concentration had been stable for a long time. The trajectory were on today could raise temperatures by as much as 5 or 6 degrees on history.

One of the problems with 2 degrees is that generally people have the idea that its a guardrail. You go up to the edge of 2 degrees and look over it and see where you dont want to go and its all very safe here. But its more like a slippery slope. Things get progressively worse until they become unmanageable. At the latest Conference of the Parties, the UNFCC [United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ] gover...


Glaciers worldwide are in retreat "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Glacial melt will wreck ecosystems by Tim Radford The alarming rate of glacial shrinkage worldwide threatens our current way of life, from biodiversity to tourism, hydropower to clean water supply.

Glaciers cover one-tenth of the planets land surface but not for much longer.

Glaciers worldwide are in retreat, and losing mass. They are shrinking and melting, and that will create problems almost everywhere, according to new research.

Between 2003 and 2009, glaciers melted on a gargantuan scale, with an e...


Run4Salmon Makes its Way to Sacramento "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Protestors want to bring attention of the value of water and salmon.

Protestors want to bring attention of the value of water and salmon.


Published September 15, 2017

Womans Warrior Song  Led by Desiree Harp

SACRAMENTO  The Winnemem Wintu Tribe and allies from far away as Hawaii protested outside the Sacrmento Convention Center during the 2017 League of California Cities Annual Conference & Expo on Thursday, September 14, 2017 as part of the Run4Salmon that is making its way through parts California.

Winnemem Wintu Tribe Chief Caleen Sisk

Among the allies was Holly Andrade Blair, council member, City of Lemoore, California.

We are being nickled and dimed with this filtration plant here, we need a new well here, things like that it adds up. They are like water barons,We have  five or six families that own the majority of the water rights in our a...


ANSTO bosses support the global nuclear industry, not the well-being of Australians "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Steve Dale Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 14 Sept 17,  From the document The ANM facility will enable ANSTO to triple its production of Mo-99, meeting domestic demand and up to 25-30 per cent of global demand. and The increase in production of nuclear medicines will also give rise to an increased volume of low and intermediate level waste.
If we are meeting up to 25-30 % of global demand, then based on population, we are exporting the vast majority of this stuff while the tax payer, Australia , South Australia has to deal with the toxic legacy.
ANSTO should be dedicating their time to creating NO-WASTE solutions for nuclear medicine. Dollar signs and an urge for self preservation have blinded their thinking. I think the top people in ANSTO have placed the welfare of the global nuclear industry above the welfare of the Australian people.


The United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples has not really been taken up by Australia "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The theme for 2017 is the 10th anniversary of the  United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples  (UNDRIP)

It of course comes as no surprise that Australia was one of the countries that voted against the declaration in 2007,   given the prevailing community views, and that of the government, of Indigenous people here.

The implementation of the UNDRIP in Australia has been symbolic only,  with the government conceding at the time of endorsing the UNDRIP that it had no legal effect upon domestic law.

Since the adoption of the UNDRIP in Australia, the prevailing circumstances for Indigenous peoples have not improved.


Gov Scott Ignores Requests For Immediate Assistance, Florida Nursing Home Loses 8 Patients "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills is under a criminal homicide investigation because 8 of the residents of the nursing home died after they lost air conditioning.

After Hurricane Irma rolled through, they lost power, and it was so unbearably hot and humid that the elderly people were literally dying.

The worst residents were sent to the hospital across the street as they struggled to find solutions for air conditioners. They had portable A/C units and fans, but the heat and humidity was too much, reported Raw Story.

But according to CBS4 Miami reporter Jim DeFede, the center kept calling Florida Gov. Rick Scott begging for help.

They actually called 36 hours before the the first death, but the calls for immediate help were not answered.

The reason they were calling Scott was they were told to call a special cell phone that Scott gave out to healthcare executives saying they should call if there are any problems. So, they did exactly that, and no one came to the rescue.

Scotts office refused to accept any blame after they ignored the pleas for help on the special help line for healthcare.

The tragic and senseless loss at Hollywood Hills Rehabilitation Center is the subject of a criminal homicide investigation by law enforcement, a statement from Scotts office read. Lets be clear this facility is located across the street from one of Floridas largest hospitals, which never lost power and had fully operating facilities. It is 100 percent the responsibility of health care professionals to preserve life by acting in the best interest of the health and well-being of their patients.

CBS4 reported there are still dozens of nursing homes across Florida still without power.

(Article By Jeremiah Jones)


Queensland should be the Sunshine State forget failed nuclear energy ! "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Must be kidding on nuclear power GABRIELLE LUFT, 16th Sep 2017 AH here we go again, the same old lame call for more nuclear power rarara  So disappointing, Mr Whiteside. (Daily, September 14)

Sometimes you come up with some sensible topics, Keith, but this old chestnut of claiming the nuclear way as an option to resolve the energy dilemmas is pathetic, a real doozy.

If you had really done your research you would have found most European nations are phasing out nuclear power for security and unsafe storage reasons.

Even France ever so keen on everything nuclear is calling it a day now. Havent we got already enough unsafe mining sites all over Australia leaking toxins and god knows what into their surroundings?

I doubt Queenslands former Mary Kathleen Uranium Mine has ever been cleaned up properly.

Nah Keith, we got enough toxic problems as it is with all the existing and abandoned mines, so why create new and more problems in this field?

Lets focus on ren...


The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

A Duty to Warn and the Dangerous Case of Donald Trump Renowned psychiatrist says despite Goldwater Rule, mental health experts have unique responsibility when someone in power may be dangerous, Common Dreams by Bill MoyersRobert Jay Lifton , 15 Sept 17 

There will not be a book published this fall more urgent, important, or controversial than than The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, the work of 27 psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts to assess President Trumps mental health. They had come together last March at a conference at Yale University to wrestle with two questions. One was on countless minds across the country: Whats wrong with him? The second was directed to their own code of ethics: Does Professional Responsibility Include a Duty to Warn if they conclude the president to be dangerously unfit?

As m...


FU RUOK Day "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Not everyone wants to be asked if theyre okay. Joshua Dabelstein explains, and a warning to readers while hes a brilliant writer, hes got a bit of a potty mouth.

This week was RUOK Day again.

I was just accosted by a smiling young woman who, after experiencing travel anxiety on a holiday in between her undergraduate and her masters degrees at USYD, has joined the campaign.

It got me feeling feelings, and then those feelings led to thinkings, and now my thinkings are going to become writings in the hope that by the time I hit the sack this whole thing has coalesced into a puddle of meaning that I can learn from.

On that front tokenistic gestures to mental health issues are causing more harm than good.

For every RUOK day you celebrate, countless young people are coaxed onto a path of pill-paved chemical-adulteration.

We must distinguish between mental health and mental illness if we want to build campaigns that have the capacity to do more good than harm.

Access to labels of anxiety and depression are free and fast. Many peers have walked out of university doctors clinics, and local GPs practices, with scripts for drugs that they identify by brand names, not knowing that Eleva and Pfizer are not actually the names of the antidepressants that theyve been prescribed.

There is significant therapeutic value in having an issue identified, and then subsequently treated. I work in horticulture, and I see the interactions I have with clients as to the diagnoses, prognoses, and treatment plans for plants and gardens in strife that mirror interactions with doctors regarding mental health issues.

I cannot and will not name friends who have been incorrectly taking their meds without appreciating how this affects basics like sleep, and appetite, and libido, and alcohol/black market drug use. Its not their fault that a celebratory blanket has been draped over the shoulders of sufferers.

But judging solely from what Ive seen first hand, we are treating mental health related drugs with a degree of smiling and carefree malaise I daresay exists as a result of the normalisation of these issues by campaigns like RUOK Day.

The problem is, if the Fiddle Leaf Ficus doesnt shake root rot it can be replaced. When you cant treat the curl grub in your veggie patch with Confidor you can just rip out those brassicas and replace them with summer loving edibles!

You cant do this with your own brain.

(IMAGE: Jennifer H, Flickr)(IMAGE: Jennifer H, Flickr)



The Death of the US Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"


The Death of the Dollar has been a long-time prediction of mine.

Given the large volume of reporting on this topic over the past week, we are including the usual five top links, plus five bonus links to offer readers as much information as possible on this critical subject.

Australias wealth is dependent on exporting US dollar priced commodities, and its financial system relies on foreign capital.

So understanding how the US dollar is impacted by the important trends in fiat money, crypto-currencies, and gold is hugely important for your financial and national well-being.

Lets dig in to whats going on.

  • R.I.P. US dollar

In my 2014 book, The Death of Money, I laid out the case for the demise of the US dollar as the worlds leading reserve currency, and its replacement with one of two leading contenders gold or the IMFs special drawing rights, SDRs.

I expected this process to begin gradually and then accelerate to a sudden climax and possible monetary chaos.

Now in 2017, my forecast is playing out even faster than I expected

This article describes how China, Russia, and Iran are coordinating a new international monetary order that does not involve US dollars.

It has several parts, which together spell dollar doom.

The first part is that China will buy oil from Russia and Iran in exchange for yuan.

The yuan is not a major reserve currency so its not an especially attractive asset for Russia or Iran to hold. China solves that problem by offering to convert yuan into gold on a spot basis on the Shanghai gold exchange.

This marks the beginning of the end of the petrodollar system that Henry Kissinger worked out with Saudi Arabia in 1974 after Nixon abandoned gold. US investors cannot easily store oil or hold yuan in their portfolios.

The only prudent course to avoid this dollar demise is to do what the Chinese, Russians and Iranians are doing hold gold.

  •  China not only attacks the dollar, it attacks crypto-currencies too......


When you wish upon a star . . . "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Makes no difference who you are . . .

Anything your heart desires will come to you

Our first commissioned Stargazer ring for Jesse Roebuck: Medallion Ring Bh Stargazer style Diamond, cape colour rose cut SI 1=0.68ct graver set, solid two part fused 18ct yellow Gold. 

When a star is born
They possess a gift or two
One of them is this
They have the power to make a wish come true
When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you
If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do
Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing
Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true
When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you
If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do
Fate is kind
She brings to those who love
The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing
Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true




Immediate action has to be taken on this, as Australia has become infamous as a resource centre for many other countries to shape anti-refugee policies.

On behalf of our members and governing staff from over 30 refugee and ex-detainee communities in Australia, Ex-detainees from RISE urge international human rights groups such as yours to sanction Australia and exclude Australia from participation in all international humanitarian and human rights decision making processes until mandatory detention and refoulement of Asylum seekers and Refugees is abolished in Australia.

As Australia aims for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, we cannot ignore the fact that Australia has been arbitrarily detaining refugees who are seeking protection by boats. Australias current offshore and onshore detention and boat turn back policies is not an overnight strategy. These are discriminatory policies systematically designed to murder, torture and exclude refugees who come to seek asylum by boat to Australia. When is this going to end? We question how Australia can be part of the UN human rights bodies or other global peace movements while continuing to commit crimes against humanity?

There are over 65 million displaced refugees around the world. Many are languishing without proper protection in interim camps. Urgent action has to be taken on this, as Australia has become the resource centre for other countries to shape anti-refugee policies. Australia has been left off the hook and not held accountable for implementing laws that violate the human rights of our community members. These laws have been passed through parliament with bipartisan support by Australian politicians who continue to be elected by the Australian people.

Australias discriminatory, human rights-violating offshore processing system for asylum seekers who arrive by boat adds tally to interim camps and keeps refugees in isolation. Deterrence measures may lower the number of asylum seekers in Australia, but it is not a just and humanitarian solution for people trying to cross borders by boat, or any other form of transport, desperately seeking a place where they can be safe.

Lack of transparency and accountability in Australian run detention centres is something that has been widely reported and acknowledged by International human rights groups including the UN. There have been many inquiries and many reports of deaths and sexual abuse within these camps yet nothing has changed because the Australian government is not being held accountable.

Refugee cases have been mishandled, unfairly dismissed and processed without proper adherence to refugee rights protocol and this should stop immediately.

We should not wait until one more refugee is murder...




I .. (name).. from (location) urge . (insert human rights group) to sanction Australia and exclude Australia from participation in all international humanitarian and human rights decision making processes.

Australia has been committing crimes for over 26 years against refugees who are seeking protection by boats. Lack of transparency and accountability in Australian run detention centres is something that has been widely reported and acknowledged by International human rights groups including the UN. There have been many inquiries and many reports of deaths and sexual abuse within these camps yet nothing has changed because the Australian government is not being held accountable. Refugee cases have been mishandled, unfairly dismissed and processed without proper adherence to refugee rights protocol and this should stop immediately.

There have been 36 deaths in Australian detention centres since 2010. There have been multiple incidents of abuse and sexual violence against asylum seeker/refugee adults and children. People who are fleeing harm in their country of origin, experience a compounding of their trauma under Australian government policies that are designed to punish people who are exercising their human right to seek asylum in Australia. Depression, suicide ideation and other mental illness is pervasive and often a direct result of the experience of detention itself. The Australian governments own detention records in just a year to July 2015, indicate that there were 188 incidents of self-harm involving asylum seekers at Nauru (about one every two days) and about recorded 55 incidents of self-harm at Papua New Guineas Manus Island. The detainees treatment within the camps, along with the indefinite detention they experience meets the definition of torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment under International law.

We should not wait until one more refugee is murdered, sexually abused, tortured, or refouled by Australia.

Seeking asylum is not a crime and it is a universal human right.

Please take immediate action and sanction Australia until mandatory detention and refoulement of Asylum seekers and Refugees is abolished in Australia.





We, detainees and ex-detainees, have endured many hardships. We have survived wars, terror and violence, crossed borders and reached perilous open seas. Where we have hoped to find sanctuary, we have instead been greeted with hostility and state sanctioned violence in the form of mandatory, indefinite detention. For more than two decades our communities have been languishing inside Australias detention centres and have been left waiting in-limbo in impoverished conditions in community detention. Where we have hoped to find freedom, we instead have been imprisoned, punished and used as political fodder for the self-interested prerogatives of politicians and the media.

When we ex-detainees speak up, our voices are marginalised, used as add-ons and props whenever it suits: Nothing About Us Without Us

It is evident to us that Australia is succeeding at enacting, or at providing the world with a blueprint for contemporary modes of border imperialism. Australias unrelenting devotion to its politics of deterrence, built on the foundations of racism, punishment and imprisonment demonstrates to us that this country is one that not only allows but applauds its on-going mistreatment of asylum seekers and refugees. Despite the extraordinary lack of transparency, detention centres here and across the world, have become well established as sites of institutionalised torture and inhumane operations. Our suffering is not happenstance but is in fact the direct manifestation and primary objective of consecutive governments tough on boats policies.

Regardless of our age, gender or body, immigration detention centres have a detrimental effect on all of us. Inside Australias detention centres we endure more abuse, torture and suffering. Our ongoing persecution by the Australian government violates our basic human rights and contravenes multiple international conventions, law and covenants. There have been many inquiries and many reports of deaths and sexual abuse within these camps yet nothing has changed because the Australian government is not being held accountable. Refugee cases have been mishandled, unfairly dismissed and processed without proper adherence to refugee rights protocol and this should stop immediately.

We come to Australia as survivors of institutionalised torture, political persecution, sexual abuse, homophobia, transphobia and other forms of discriminatory and violent treatment. Trauma features as a constant in our lives and when we are detained indefinitely and treated with abject hostility, this compounds the debilitating effects of trauma and further robs us of our dignity. Upon leaving the detention centre we continue to carry those physical and mental scars with us. Permanent psychological trauma overwhelms our lives and this is the same for every detained and ex-detained person around the world. It is worrying that af...


New Music Through Old Ears: Giant Sized Spectacular "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

New Music Through Old Ears: Giant Sized SpectacularJohn Turnbull reviews a plethora of recent albums, including Sydney rockers Gang of Youths, British album-machine Jake Bugg and rapper turned chef Action Bronson. read now...

New Music Through Old Ears: Giant Sized Spectacular "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

New Music Through Old Ears: Giant Sized SpectacularJohn Turnbull reviews a plethora of recent albums, including Sydney rockers Gang of Youths, British album-machine Jake Bugg and rapper turned chef Action Bronson. read now...


Aint it good to be back home again "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

After a month of travelling back and forward between Sydney and Canberra (for work), its terrific to be back at home. Hotel rooms are lovely, but theres nothing like the feeling of being in your own bed and having your own stuff around you.

For those who do it more regularly, it must be a difficult life. There was a moment a couple of weeks ago, as I looked around the breakfast room at one of the hotels I stayed at, and I looked at all of the single men sitting by themselves having breakfast, I realised how lonely that kind of life must be. Later in the day, you would see them sitting in the bar by themselves, having a beer.

Though I really enjoyed the opportunity to work between Sydney and Canberra, and I really loved working with the team at ABC Radio Canberra, Im kinda pleased it was only for a month.

Regrettably, I didnt spend enough time exploring Canberra. As I was combining a couple of jobs, and never strayed much beyond work and home, I never made it much beyond Civic, Dickson and Braddon. Entertainment-wise, I also never strayed much beyond Bar Rochford, King OMalleys and Red Chilli. Though I did attend a film, as part of the Italian Film Festival, and went to the opening night of the Wharf Review, both of which were very enjoyable.

And on top of all that, as in Sweden a couple of years ago, Ive developed a case of Cold urticaria due to the combination of colder temperatures and 247 exposure (at work and in the accommodation Ive been staying) to air-conditioning.

So this weekend is hopefully a weekend of wearing shorts, getting my body a little exposed to fresh air and sunshine, and catching up with friends ahead of my next big adventure which is only two or three weeks ago. More to come.

RUOK Day with the team at ABC Radio Canberra ...


What works in conservation? In-depth series starts next week "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

How do you solve a conservation problem? Do you protect a wild leopard that has entered a village by removing it and releasing it into a forest far, far away? Or do you work with the people living in the village and help them live with the leopards and other wildlife that might stray into their backyards? Do you save a patch of tropical forest by declaring it a protected area and keeping people out? Or do you let local communities take charge? The answers to these questions are, as might be expected, not straightforward. But we do need answers. The endangered Indochinese lutung (Trachypithecus germaini) is native to Southeast Asia. Photo by Rhett A. Butler. We are in the middle of what some scientists call a sixth mass extinction event. Our planet is losing species at least 100 times faster than historical levels. Halting this ongoing human-induced extinction will be neither easy nor cheap. Nearly every country has committed to reducing the loss of globally threatened species and protecting their habitats under the Convention on Biological Diversitys (CBD) 2020 biodiversity targets. This would cost about $80 billion per year, scientists estimated in 2012. But the overall picture is poor, CBD noted in its 2016 report. With just three years left, most countries have made inadequate progress in achieving the 2020 targets and have weak levels of future ambition to do so, the report found. Funding for conservation, too, is becoming increasingly scarce. So figuring out how to spend this money prioritizing


Picnic 4 Peace 2017 Shepparton "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Picnic for Peace is a volunteer run event by community members for the community with a common goal of peace, hope and unity. The 2017 Picnic for Peace the 3rd annual World Peace gathering at the Victoria Park Lake, Shepparton will take place on Sunday 24 September from 11am 3pm. This volunteer ... Read more...


West Ends Greeks remember the tragedy of Smyrna "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Ninety-five years ago, during the Greco-Turkish war, Turkish nationalist forces marched into the city of Smyrna, Asia Minor, and committed one of the most brutal massacres of the 20th century, leaving thousands of Greeks and Armenians dead and even more displaced. Simply remembered as The Catastrophe of Asia Minor, the brutal attack on the long-standing metropolis []

The post West Ends Greeks remember the tragedy of Smyrna appeared first on Westender - West End 4101.


Skiing The Slot at Mt Field "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Recent heavy snowfalls briefly created perfect conditions in the Tasmanian mountains for touring and some serious descents. One classic line with potential is a steep gully in Mt Field National Park called The Slot.

It was briefly in condition, and Ben Armstrong was out there to ski it.

These photos come from Ben via the Australian Backcountry facebook group.



Biologists are warning that tiny microbial organisms are being moved around the planet on an unprecedented scale. "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Biologists are warning that tiny microbial organisms are being moved around the planet on an unprecedented scale.
They're worried the usually unseen ecosystems will get out of balance in the same way that larger animals and plants can become pests.
With bacteria in our oceans providing most of the oxygen we breathe it could become a matter of life and death.


The Grand Guignol has the Wind at it's Back and the Precipice before It. "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... it's one of those days for the self righteous to stand up and be counted. Here is a beaut, a truly revealing expression of deep and abiding caring from a real Nimrod. He says (and I quote) Relatives and friends of those who died were just as desperate for clarity.

Kenny Nova, who was briefly married in the late 1960s to one of the deceased residents, Gail Nova, said he was consumed with anger when he learned of his ex-wife's death.

"I can't come to any reasonable idea of how this happened, how people could be that careless and that cold," he said.

Nova had not spoken to his ex-wife in about 10 years, but knew she was living in a nursing home.

"She had no way to take care of herself," said Nova, 73. "When you're dependent on somebody, people have got to step up. You can't just walk away."

I love the fact that he hasn't spoken to her in ten years but at least he knew she was in care. He had been briefly married to her in the 60's and he is consumed in anger now; sounds like my kind of guy- NOT.

Oh it is a festive day these days, as Mr. Apocalypse is ringing the bell at Notre Dame ...with the hunchback's head. They're doing it in broad daylight folks. Jeff Bezos, being the sweet and generous tax paying patriot that he is, is also loyal to that group of people he gets together with every now and again, when they don black and red robes and kick back to the one who leads them, in ceremonies held in the basement of a French chateau or somewhere in Colorado. You probably think they're dilettantes in the non traditional worship of the horned goat of Mendes ...but it's no mean feat to recite the Lord's Prayer backwards, while plunging a dagger into a gender fluid six year old. I mean, they're probably not half bad at chewing gum and patting their stomachs either.


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Friday, 15 September


14 Psychological Tricks That Will COMPLETELY Change Your Social Life "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Look, weve all been there. Were trying to do something that will actively make our life better, but our brain keeps getting in the way.

We often find ourselves overthinking, plagued by doubt, or giving in to anxietybut we can all do better, and these fifteen mental hacks can help. Check them out, and let us know about your successes!

Fifteen mental hacks to start using today:

1) Practice silence

You know how sometimes you ask someone a question and they only sort of answer the question, or sidestep it? Try maintaining eye contact while staying silent, then just wait. Most people will be uncomfortable enough with the silence that theyll answer the rest of the question.

2) Chew gum to lessen anxiety

A natural reaction to stress, nervousness, or anxiety is to eatbut that doesnt always help, and can have adverse effects on our waistlines. Chewing gum, however, can have the same effect (tricking your brain into relaxing) without the added calories.

3) Watch group dynamics

When youre in a group, pay attention to what people do when they laugh. When people laugh, they tend to instinctively look at the person they are closest to, or wish they were closest to.

4) Drop the I believe

When you use phrases like I believe or I think it undersells the point youre making it. If youre saying it, you clearly already believe or think it, so drop the extra clause. Doing so will help you appear more confident.

5) Stay cool, calm, and collected

The easiest way to gain power in a disagreement is to stay calm; loosing your cool is a way of giving your power up. Stay calm, and youll have a much better chance of coming to an agreement in the future.

6) Act the way you want to feel

Research has shown that not only do we tend to act the way we feel (our actions serving as an emotional outlet, such as stomping when angry), but this can work the other way around, too: If we want to feel happy, acting like we are can help us do so. In other words, fake it until you make it is very real. So if you want to be happy? Act happy. You may be surprised how quickly you notice your mood turning around in response.

7) Treat others as if they were friends

Think of tense situations like interviews. Most of us get nervous, uptight, and cold, forgetting that our interviewer is human, too. If we treat the people around us like they are old friends, and consequently stay respectful and relaxed, we may just be surprised by the results.

8) Confidence begets brilliance

If you are confident in something, people will buy it. Sometimes the best part of bri...


Common Sense 101: Some Really Simple Solutions To The Housing Affordability Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Ian McAuley has written two articles on the problem of housing affordability and the related risk faced by those who have high housing debt. One reader has asked him to respond with suggested solutions. Over to Ian.

Responding to two articles I wrote on housing policy (Part 1 on financiers, Part 2 on borrowers), Kathy Hyne wrote, I hope there is a part 3 on mitigation.

There are two related problems non-affordability for those who find themselves locked out of the market, and financial stress for those who have become heavily indebted in an over-priced market (while my article on borrowers is about individuals, Greg Budworth has an excellent article in New Matilda this week on affordability that goes into its social aspects).

To an extent the interests of the two groups those who cannot afford housing and those who are over-committed are at odds: what is done to bring down housing prices will probably leave others exposed to financial risk, particularly those who have high debt and little equity.

When prices fall debt stays constant, resulting in a disproportionate (levered) effect on equity, which can easily go negative. For example: if you owe $800K on a $1 million property, you have $200K equity; if its value falls by 10 per cent your equity falls to $100K (the debt doesnt fall) meaning it halves; and once its value falls again by a similar amount, your equity is wiped out.

Thats the essence of the political problem facing the government, because many of the Coalitions so-called aspirational voters have taken the bait of low nominal interest rates, permissive bank lending practices and tax breaks to buy investment properties.

The Commonwealth Bank logo, pictured in Sydney. (IMAGE: Phil Desveaux, Flickr)The Commonwealth Bank logo, pictured in Sydney. (IMAGE: Phil Desveaux, Flickr)

Apart from their real estate they are not necessarily wealthy: rather many are taking advantage of what they see as a chance to get ahead materially in a country described by Cameron Murray and Paul Fritijers in their work Game of Mates: How favours bleed the nation, as a class-society, with an elite that robs the rest who are scrambling to salvage some self-esteem by secretly hoping to join that elite.

Even though their self-image may be one of rugged self-reliant...


Episode-2086- Expert Council Q&A for 9-15-17 "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Tweet Today its Friday so its time for expert council show. To ask a question for a show like this, just send an email to me at jack at with TSPC Expert in the subject line. Today the expert council answers questions on vehicles, alternative health, plants, cooking, ETF investing, concealed carry, old guns and more. In the body of your email first tell me the council member your question is for. Second ask your question concisely in one to two sentences maximum. Third any and all details after that. This is the formula to give you the best chance of getting on the air. I do what I can to get as many of your questions as possible on the air but cant always get to all of them. Our council is made of a wide variety of experts in everything from the tactical to the practical and everything in between. To get more information on our Expert Council visit our Meet the Expert Council Page to learn more about them and their specific areas of expertise. Join Me Today As Our Experts Discuss Choosing the correct oil for an older motor Tim Glance Using DE for health reasons Doc Bones Overwintering of potted perennials Nick Ferguson Cooking with wild mushrooms Chef Keith Snow Making buy and sell decisions with a silver ETF John Pugliano Duty to inform about concealed carry with LEO contacts Dan Ohmann Hunting with old shot guns and vintage hunting/fishing gear in general Jack Resources for todays show Join the Members Brigade Join Our Forum The Year 58 Walking To Freedom TSP Gear support TSP when you shop on Online Grandaddys Gun Club Bullhead Fishing Information I Want it All Queen Websites of the Expert Council Members MT Knives Humble Mechanic Living Free in Tennessee Harvest Eating Old Grouch Military Surplus Permaculture Classroom A Bee Friendly Company Investable Wealth NW Edible Primal Power Whole Systems Design Doom and Bloom Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one mans opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show. Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK (866-658-4465) and you might hear yourself on the air. Join the MSB Today Want Every Episode of TSP Ever Produced? Remember in addition to discounts to over 40 vendors who supply stuff you are likely buying anyway, tons of free ebooks and video content, MSB Members also get every edition of The Survival Podcast ever produced in convenient zip files in blocks of 24. More info on the MSB can be found here. `


Nuclear regulator defers giving safety OK for idle Tepco reactors at Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

Screenshot from 2017-09-15 01-39-06.png

TOKYO (Kyodo) Japans nuclear safety watchdog on Wednesday deferred giving safety clearance for two idle Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. reactors on the Sea of Japan coast, although its chairman said the utility was qualified as a nuclear plant operator.

Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman Shunichi Tanaka said following Wednesdays meeting that Tepco, operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, was qualified but needs to stipulate its resolve to ensure safe operation of nuclear plants in its safety rules.

Its insecure if Tepco expresses its resolve to ensure safety only in words, Tanaka told a press conference.

Safety rules need to be approved by the regulator and if there is a grave violation the regulator can demand that the utility halt nuclear power operations.

The regulator will formally inform the utilitys president, Tomoaki Kobayakawa, about the matter on Sept. 20. A final decision on whether Tepco is

View original post 377 more words



EU parliament opposes bid to reduce testing of Fukushima food imports "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


STRASBOURG, FRANCE The European Parliament on Wednesday warned against easing health controls imposed on food products imported from the Fukushima region in the wake of the nuclear meltdowns of 2011.

The checks were imposed on food from the area around the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, which went into meltdown after being hit by massive tsunami, spewing radiation over a wide area in the worlds most serious nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986.

The European Commission, the EUs executive arm, wants to reduce the list of foods subject to radiation tests before they can be imported into the bloc, which currently includes rice, mushrooms, fish and other seafood.

A resolution passed by a large majority of MEPs called on the commission to withdraw its proposal, saying it was very difficult to verify whether the measures proposed are sufficient to protect European consumers and there was reason to think it

View original post 80 more words


Scientists Cured Nut Allergies in 80% of Children! How? With Probiotics "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

This article is shared with permission from our friends at ZME Science. Australian scientists have cured nut allergy in 80% of the children taking part in a probiotic clinical trial. These childrens lives how now been transformed forever, with many more child or adult to follow soon. Nut...


The post Scientists Cured Nut Allergies in 80% of Children! How? With Probiotics appeared first on Healthy Holistic Living.


1) Papua NU Chairman: Papua is Part of NKRI and is Undisputed "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

2) Indonesian Ambassador blames fake news for unbalanced reporting on West Papua

1) Papua NU Chairman: Papua is Part of NKRI and is Undisputed
Friday, 15 September 2017 | 14:41 WIB

JAYAPURA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Chairman of Nahdatul Ulama (NU) of Papua Province DR H Tonny Wanggai believes that the establishment of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) is a final or undisputed agreement of the best sons and daughters of Papua together with youth from various regions in Indonesia..........


Dutch teenage soldier abused sexually, top brass covered up "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

This August 2016 video from the USA is called 12 Harrowing Stories About Military Sexual Assault.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant:

Defense department covered up abuse of soldier

For the first time, a male victim of sexual abuse in the armed forces is telling his story. The abuse took place at the Royal Military School, and was covered up by the senior officers.

By Maud Effting and Willem Feenstra, September 15, 2017, 20:27

The armed forces covered up an abuse case at the Royal Military School (KMS) in Weert in 1982. A male soldier, attacked by five soldiers and abused sexually by one of them, was sent away by the platoon command when he reported the incident. The perpetrators still have impunity. Three of them still work in the armed forces, two of them in high ranks.

In an interview with the Volkskrant that will be in tomorrows printed edition and will be online, former soldier Ronald Vreeburg (52) tells about the abuse, the subsequent cover up and the far-reaching consequences for his life. His story is largely confirmed by three (former) fellow soldiers.

It is for the first time that a male soldier in the Netherlands tells so openly about abuse. In the USA and England, in recent years, men in the military have been increasingly victims of sexual abuse. In the USA, even more than half of the victims of abuse in the army are male.

According to experts, this disclosure can serve as a catalyst for other male (former) soldiers who have experienced sexual abuse. Abuse scandals in the sports w...


Rise of the Redback: Internationalizing the Chinese Renminbi "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Beijings plans to internationalize the RMB haven't come to fruition; the Belt and Road Initiative may help finally make gains.


Is underutilisation falling? "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Slack, but tightening

Yes, gradually, underutilisation in the labour force is declining.  

Down from 14.8 per cent in 2014 to 14.1 per cent. 

Some states are faring better than others. 

Much of the increase since 2012 has related to Western Australia, and to a lesser extent Queensland and South Australia. 

But looking at the trend figures, South Australia has seen a turnaround in fortunes lately - partly because of people moving to Melbourne, and partly due to an improving economy. 

Western Australia and Queensland also seem to have turned a corner, following a prolonged resources construction downturn. 

In New South Wales underutilisation continues to improve to the sort of levels historically associated with decent wages growth.

Meanwhile, stamp and transfer duty take in New South Wales is still going absolutely nuts, helping to fund an infrastructure boom.

Overall, the figures suggest that there is a way to go before the labour force slack is taken up, but some inroads have at least been made. 

And perhaps the start of a gentle lift-off too for Adelaide?



Market Talk- September 15th, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

North Korea spooked markets yet again by launching a missile that reported flew over Japan, which came a day after North Korea claimed it would sink Japan. The events were short-livid however and after a brief flight to safety in gold, treasuries and the Yen markets quickly corrected back. The JPY traded into the low 110s but by US trading had drifted into the 111s. Gold did have a bid in Asian trading but by the late US session was testing $1320. The recovery had already taken place by the time Asia closed with the Nikkei closing in positive territory (+0.55%) with exporters and financials setting the pace. The Australian ASX closed down -0.8% led by industrials and miners. SENSEX and Hang Seng were both little changed but we saw a positive return for the core Shanghai index closing up +0.55% as the Yuan drifted again.

UK was the talk of the market today with both good and ad news. Sadly, there was an explosion on a London underground tube where it is to be people hurt and talk that it was terrorist attack. The markets were thin for about an hour but then returned to focus on a rallying Sterling and the declining FTSE. Late in the day the UK raised the terror threat level to critical. GBP made around 200 points against USD taking levels to 1.3610 before settling high 1.35s, a gain today of around 1.3%. Much of this was a direct result of weaker than expected US Retail Sales but the market does appear to be a positive spin top the latest BREXIT talks and the fact the BOE could be back in play soon. The forwards market now prices-in a 60% probability of a November move and February a done deal. Elsewhere in Europe both the CAC and DAX closed small down (-0.2%), while the Spanish IBEX was a little heavier losing -0.4% on the day.

US stocks hit yet more record highs even in the face of poor data but probably benefited on the back of marginally weaker currency against the basket. Retail Sales were 0.3% weaker than forecast at -0.2% and also the Industrial Production number was down almost 1% in August. We have just closed the week at record levels with the geopolitical uncertainty and US Dollar at almost the years lows. Volumes continue to be an issue but with many still on the side-lines, a market...


Money for Life workshop "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Grab your tickets here for the Sydney event, as there isn't much time left!


Cassini, NASAs 13-year Saturn mission, has ended "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

As per plan the Cassini mission to Saturn is over.

Contact has been lost with the Cassini spacecraft after it completed a death dive into the upper atmosphere of Saturn and transmitted its final signal, according to NASA.

The spacecraft deliberately sank into Saturns upper atmosphere at a high speed and plunged itself into the planet just after 6:30 a.m. ET Friday. Given the amount of time it takes signals to reach Earth, the final signal and last bits of data reached the Deep Space Networks Canberra Station in Australia about an hour and a half later.
NASA confirmed the spacecrafts demise at 7:55 a.m. ET, as predicted.
For about a minute, Cassini was able to transmit new data about the planets composition as long as its antenna remained pointed toward Earth, with the assist from small thrusters. Then, the spacecraft burned and disintegrated due to the heat and high pressure of the hostile atmosphere. It became part of the planet it set out to explore.
It was a perfect spacecraft, said Julie We...


Carbon tax by stealth Down Under - To save the world by banning *old style* two-stroke lawn mowers, weed whackers, outboard boat motors! "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Cory Bernardi outlines legislation that has just passed banning *old-style* 2-stroke motors from 2019 - meaning lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, weed whackers, and outboard boat motors. In Australia mowers and fishing tinnies are heritage material. It's a new carbon tax by stealth, pretending to be about health. h/t to Tim Blair who adds a movie of Australians dancing with lawn mowers for the Sydney Olympic opening ceremony (just to give you foreigners some appreciation of how attached Australians are to them). Stock up now. You may not be able to buy them (legally) after 2019. I predict a high black market value decent prices for "Vintage models on ebay".


'Sense of Congress': Senate Intel slips sentence into bill that could lead to spying on US citizens "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

A Senate panel may be stealthily trying to give federal law enforcement a new tool to go after the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks and its U.S. collaborators. A one-sentence "Sense of Congress" clause was tacked onto the end of a massive 11,700-word bill that was approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee and is likely to come before the full Senate later this month. The clause says that WikiLeaks "resembles a non-state hostile intelligence service" and that the U.S. government "should treat it as such." The intended target might not be Julian Assange, the Australian-born founder of WikiLeaks who has been holed up at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London since 2012. Federal law enforcement, experts say, is likely targeting anyone collaborating with his organization.


Dear Jamie Dimon: Predict the Crash that Takes Down Your Produces-Nothing, Parasitic Bank and Well Listen to your Bitcoin Prediction "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"


This is the begging-for-the-overthrow-of-a-corrupt-status-quo economy we have thanks to the Federal Reserve giving the J.P. Morgans and Jamie Dimons of the world the means to skim and scam the bottom 95%.

Dear Jamie Dimon: quick quiz: which words/phrases are associated with you and your employer, J.P. Morgan? Looting, pillage, rapacious, exploitive, only saved from collapse by massive intervention by the Federal Reserve, the source of rising wealth inequality, crony capitalism, privatized profits-socialized losses, low interest rates = gift from savers to banks, bloviating overpaid C.E.O., propaganda favoring the financial elite, tool of the top .01%, destroyer of democracy, financial fraud goes unpunished, free money for financiers, debt-serfdom, produces nothing of value to society or the bottom 99.5%.

Jamie, if you answered all of them, youre correct. The only reason you have a soapbox from which you can bloviate is the central bank (Federal Reserve) saved you and your neofeudal looting machine (bank) from well-deserved oblivion in 2008-09, and the unprecedented, co-ordinated campaign by global central banks to buy trillions of dollars of bonds and stocks.

Central Banks Have Purchased $2 Trillion In Assets In 2017

This 8-year long central bank intervention has:

1) transferred billions in what were once interest payments earned by savers and pension funds to banks such as J.P. Morgan

2) boosted your sales by flooding the financial system with low-cost credit

3) lifted your stock far above its value in an unmanipulated market and thus

4) awarded you immense stock-option and bonus-based wealth for doing nothing but letting the central banks enrich J.P. Morgan and its peers.

In other words, your claim of financial genius is based solely on central bank intervention. J.P Morgan would have done very well in the past eight years if theyd replaced you with a crash-test dummy. In fact, the shareholders would have done much, much better if the crash-test dummy had a Post-It note on its chest reading buy bitcoin.

Compare the return for an investor who believed your shuck-and-jive claim to financial genius and &...


Australia: Girls as young as 9 trafficked into forced marriages "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

More than 50 girls in New South Wales were trafficked into forced marriages to older men, with some brides being as young as nine years old. These girls are children in need of protection, but the Islamophobia ploy has become yet another weapon to terrorize infidels into immobility. The West in effect is being turned []

Thursday, 14 September


Took time and heaps of effort and tears "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Friday, 21 October 2016
Period debt occurred: 
July 2010 to June 2011
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Carer Payment
Appealing Debt?: 
Yes & I won
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

Shocking situation this was a payment that I was recving for caring for my dementia suffering 90 year old mother.
Who had since passed away.

Recieved the notice close to her death anniversary and christmas and was plunged into depressive state about the past and how I was going to pay this back.
Still couldn't figure out how I owed this so after repeat phone calls and threats from my side of legal action got it appealed and ended up paying $939.33 .

Still don't think that was right but he...


Erroneous, but small, debt "IndyWatch Feed Allaunews"

Debt amount: 
Date debt issued: 
Tuesday, 12 September 2017
Period debt occurred: 
March 2013 to June 2013
Has your case been referred to a collection agency?: 
Payment Type: 
Newstart Allowance
Appealing Debt?: 
Tell us about your debt and how has this affected you? e.g. anxiety levels, financial and accommodation stress: 

I got hit with Robodebt recently requiring me to detail *exactly* all my income from 2013.

I ended up with a bill for $154.52 which I paid because I couldn't deal with the stress of objecting.
(I cannot imagine how people deal with the ridiculous debts raised!)

How do you feel about the way the Government has handled this process?: 

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