Venezuelas supreme leader Nicols Maduro said during a public address last week that he would achieve economic peace, prosperity, and price stability by any means necessary, including becoming a dictator with total control over the country.

I want to do it nicely, but if I have to do it the bad way and become a dictator to guarantee [low] prices to the people, I will do it, said Maduro according to the Panama Post.

Maduro recently seized power via what many are calling an illegitimate election of a constitutional assembly that solely consisted of Maduro regime loyalists. So while he only recently decided to drop the pretense, Maduro has been cruising for the title of dictator for some time.

His regimes mismanagement (to put it lightly) has had devastating effects on the country and its people. The country has run out of everyday items like toilet paper, diapers, medicine, and food. Venezuelans are losing dangerous amounts of weight due to starvation, and women are sterilizing themselves in order to avoid bringing in another mouth to feed.