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Saturday, 18 August


Very deep M6.7 earthquake under Flores Sea, Indonesia "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A very deep earthquake registered by the BMKG as M6.7 hit under the Flores Sea, Indonesia at 15:35 UTC on August 17, 2018. The agency is reporting a depth of 559 km (347 miles). USGS is reporting M6.5 at a depth of 538.7 km (334 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.1 at a...... Read more

The appeal acquittal of Feisal Mohamed Ali: A victory for rule of law, a process corrupted, or both? (commentary) "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Could it have come at a worse time for Kenyas Tourism and Wildlife Ministry? With Kenya still stinging from the humiliation and embarrassment over the translocation-related deaths of 11 rhinos, a Kenyan court declared on August 3 that convicted ivory trafficker Feisal Mohamed Ali was to be set free. Lady Justice Dora Chepkwony ruled that he should be acquitted for a number of reasons, ranging from constitutional concerns to original trial irregularities. The conservation world, as well as Kenyas Office of Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), were not unsurprisingly apoplectic with rage. Since Kenya had convicted Feisal in July 2016, his prosecution had been put on a pedestal to show the world that wildlife trafficking kingpins could be put in jail. Lady Justice Chepkwony pulled the carpet out from under that pedestal, and no doubt there are many either doubting her integrity or the integrity of the judicial process. To all who follow elephant conservation and the world of international wildlife trafficking, the name Feisal Mohamed Ali is all too familiar. Identified as the kingpin of an ivory trafficking cartel, he fled Mombasa on June 5, 2014, after 2,152 kilograms (4,744 pounds) of ivory were seized by police at a local warehouse. An arrest warrant for Feisal was issued and, two days before Christmas 2014, he was arrested with Interpol assistance in Tanzania. Nineteen months later, Feisal Mohamed Ali was convicted of being in possession of that ivory and sentenced to 20 years in jail

Researchers weed out a way to identify plants using environmental DNA "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

What do you call seaweed that grows in ponds? Pondweed, of course. This diverse group of freshwater plants provides food and shelter for freshwater fish, birds, invertebrates, and plankton. And its the focus of high-tech genetic analysis. The various pondweed species are tuned to certain water conditions, making them excellent indicators of water quality and habitat. The temperature, flow, and chemical composition of the water in a given spot all influence which pondweeds grow there. This variability makes them effectively small green canaries in an aquatic coal mine, and a gauge of the waters expected biological community. However, identifying them by sight is difficult for non-experts, and getting to them in the middle of a lake is a challenge even for scientists. Leafy pondweed (Potamogeton foliosus) just under the surface, on left, and the seeds of the leafy pondweed up close, on right. Scientists have traditionally needed to see reproductive parts (fruits, seeds) of some pondweed species to tell them apart. Images by Rob Curtis, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0   Traditional ecological surveys of freshwater communities require many hours of painstaking work, usually by species experts and trained assistants, to identify the species of many specimens collected in the field. With pondweeds, they normally examine the physical features, such as fruiting structures, under a microscope to determine the species. A research team in Canada has tested the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) to speed the process of identifying and surveying these and other aquatic plants. The project study site near the

In other news: Environmental stories from around the web, August 17, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Weve rounded up a few stories that were published this week by other news outlets. Tropical forests The environment ministry in Brazil announces that the country has met its emissions reduction target ahead of schedule (Reuters, Estado, REDD+ Monitor). Critics of the Crossriver Highway in Nigeria worry that the regions rainforests will be gone by 2040 (Vanguard). A dam that could displace communities in Malaysian Borneo wont be enough to address water shortages for a growing population (Free Malaysia Today). Halting deforestation requires a transformation in how business is done, says Asia Pulp and Paper, one of the worlds largest forest products companies ( Communities miss the cooling effects of the forest when theyre gone, research finds (Cool Green Science/The Nature Conservancy). Companies engaged in illegal fishing and deforestation often employ offshore accounts and tax havens (Reuters). Could local demand for sustainably harvested timber spark changes in Central Africas timber sector? (CIFOR Forests News). A pact with China could help Mozambique save its remaining forests, a report finds (Inter Press Service News). A new forestry registry in Tanzania aims to open up the countrys timber industry (Exchange). Threats to Africas apes from the expansion of oil palm will likely increase, according to a new study (BBC News). Drought creates a hangover effect on the Amazon, reducing its ability to suck up carbon dioxide (Pasadena Now). Perus national parks agency announces the discovery of a new orchid species (Peru Reports). South Sudan moves to curb the charcoal production thats wiping out

The Japan pig is a tiny colorful pygmy seahorse smaller than a fingernail "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Researchers have just described a species of colorful pygmy seahorse thats both adorable and very easy to miss. The newly described creature, occurring in the waters off the coast of southeast Japan, is much smaller than the average fingernail and camouflages well against the corals and rocks it lives on, researchers report in a new study published in ZooKeys. They have officially named the tiny seahorse Japan pig, or Hippocampus japapigu, because to the locals, it resembles a tiny baby pig, Graham Short, lead author of the study and an ichthyologist at the California Academy of Sciences, told National Geographic. The Japan pig is now the fifth pygmy seahorse species to be recorded in Japan. More than one Japan pig can fit on a fingernail. Image by Hiroyuki Motomura (part of Short et al. 2018). Despite its tiny size, this species has reportedly been spotted by Japanese scuba divers for many years in the waters off southeast Japan, including those around the island of Kashiwa, Kii Peninsula, Izu Peninsula, and the Ogasawara or Bonin islands, the authors write. The Japan pigs coloration has what the researchers call a paisley pattern that helps the animal camouflage against corals, algae and seaweed. Hippocampus japapigu is really hard to find since it is really small and blends into its environment so well, Short told The Dodo. The color pattern exhibited by the pygmy seahorse is the exact same color as the rocks and underwater plants it lives on. Like other pygmy seahorses, the Japan pig has a single

Protected landscape across India-Bhutan border a refuge for wildlife during armed conflict "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

From the late 1980s until 2003, recurring ethno-political violence rocked Manas National Park, a protected area in the northeastern Indian state of Assam, in the Himalayan foothills. The conflict changed the parks spread and abundance of wildlife, including the endangered Bengal tiger (Panthera tigris tigris). But Manass continuity with Bhutans Royal Manas National Park (RMNP) has helped shelter and preserve its overall wildlife diversity, according to a new study published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa. The study looked at the state of wild mammals in the aftermath of the unrest, and underscored the importance of landscape connectivity for giving a fighting chance to species to survive in the face of conflicts and other disturbances, said lead author M. Firoz Ahmed, a scientist with the NGO Aaranyak. Manas National Park (MNP), flanking the banks of the gurgling Manas River, abuts with RMNP in the north and forms an integral part of the Transboundary Manas Conservation Area (TraMCA), an India-Bhutan partnership promoting landscape-level ecosystem management. If we model our conservation areas in such a way so that animals can move during disturbances and then they can move back to reoccupy their home ranges or territories, then we have a chance to keep the biodiversity intact, Ahmed told Mongabay-India. The TraMCA, conceived by officials from the forest departments of Assam and Bhutan and partnering NGOs, is now a model for the international conservation community and is being mainstreamed by both the Indian and Bhutan governments, Ahmed said. Map of the Transboundary Manas Conservation Area (TRaMCA).


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Friday, 17 August


Corgi Adopts Kitten With Matching Fur After Losing Puppies in C-Section "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

A corgi who lost her seven puppies in an emergency C-section is now raising a tiny kitten. Irma the dogs mood was dramatically different after her puppies passed away so her owner, Johanna, decided to cheer her up with a kitten. Irma started caring for the kitten when it was just 2 weeks old and now the two are inseparable. InsideEdition.coms Keleigh Nealon ( has more.


Herbacetin ameliorates high percent dietary fat induced insulin resistance and lipid accumulation. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Chem Biol Interact. 2018 May 25 ;288:49-56. Epub 2018 Apr 11. PMID: 29653099 Abstract Title:  Herbacetin, a flaxseed flavonoid, ameliorates high percent dietary fat induced insulin resistance and lipid accumulation through the regulation of hepatic lipid metabolizing and lipid-regulating enzymes. Abstract:  Healthy plants and their constituents have been considered as a safe remedy for the treatment of obesity and obesity associated diseases. Herbacetin is a dietary flavonoid that has been explored for many pharmacological activities; but, the anti-hyperglycaemic and anti-hyperlipidemic properties of herbacetin have not yet been explored. The present study was performed to evaluate the ameliorative effect of herbacetin on high-fat diet-induced hyperglycaemia and hyperlipidemia in 57BL/6J mice. Obesity associated insulin resistance was induced by continuously feeding the mice with high-fat diet for 10 weeks. Afterwards, mice were subjected to intragastric administration of herbacetin (different doses) daily along with high-fat diet for the next 5 weeks. At the end of 106day, changes in body weight, blood glucose, insulin, HOMA-IR, and lipids profiles and lipid-regulating enzymes were evaluated. Herbacetin significantly reduced the body weight, plasma glucose, plasma insulin, and HOMA-IR activity in obesity associated insulin resistant mice (OIR). In addition, herbacetin administration significantly reduced the plasma and hepatic total cholesterol, triglycerides, and free fatty acids in OIR mice. Moreover, herbacetin significantly improved the altered hepatic lipid metabolizing and lipid-regulating enzymes such as SREBP-1c, and 2, fatty acid synthase (FAS), fatty acid-oxidation (-oxidation), malic enzyme, glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD), and carnitine palmitoyltransferase (CPT) when compared to OIR control mice. Histopathological examination clearly showed that herbacetin decreases lipid droplets in the liver tissue. Thus, observed results stronglyindicate that herbacetin provides remarkable protection against the harmful effects of chronic high-fat diet consumption because of its anti-hyperglycaemic and anti-hyperlipidemic properties through the regulation of hepatic lipid metabolizing and lipid-regulating enzymes.

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Can you freeze milk and / or loaves of bread? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

@oldman11's "Crazy Freezer Idea" thread caused me to start thinking of things I should possibly try to freeze for a bit longer storage.

I came from a large family. In our home, my parents had a full sized refrigerator / freezer. In our "freezer" room, which was outside and attached to our two-car carport, my parents also had two chest freezers and another upright refrigerator /...

Can you freeze milk and / or loaves of bread?


Grey Aliens and the Harvest of Souls After Death "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A look up at the blue of the sky any day on our planet will fill most people with a sense of reassurance and warmth. Yes the clouds roll in and the storms will come. 

The idyll can change in seconds into a seething mass of dark threat in a moment that can sweep away towns and lives in a relatively few moments.

But whatever you see up there pales into insignificance against silent geometric forms, nothing to do with rain, that suddenly appear seemingly from nowhere and disappear equally quickly.

Discs, cylinders, triangles and orbs of light, some as large as cities, dangle and dance hither and thither moving at thousands of miles an hour, pouring questions out in the minds eye of human witness.

There are records of thousands of them now over the millennia written on walls of stone and pieces of papyrus, paper, plaster, celluloid, magnetic tape and metallic discs. They have been out there to see by intention and by accident with no-one in final authority to explain them, or to define their veracity.

The trouble with solving the enigma of the UFO phenomenon is that in consensus it tends to be seen on the level of the tooth fairy and the hobbit and thus defies the terms of any serious mental uptake for human recognisance.

That one fact is of bigger significance than anything else. Unfortunately a look at blogs discussing UFO verity on the Internet will soon make it plain that the world is full of more crackpots and mental defectives than it ought to be, certainly more than the subject deserves.

For if UFOs are really craft in which extraterrestrial alien entities prevail over us in our human environment, we as humanity have before us something so fabulously significant that absolutely nothing takes precedence over it in importance.

The mere speculation that there might be some truth to the proposition of an extraterrestrial alien power in the affairs of humankind poses an interesting socio/philosophical question: Could conquering aliens be any more cruel to humankind than humankind has been to its own?

Could they be arrogant enough to operate on the axiom that we have operated on, as Homo Sapiens Sapiens, in relation to all other less intelligent animal species on the planet,...


Missing Teen Sends Letter to Mom 5 Years Later, Revealing Shes Still Alive "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Prayers were finally answered for the family of a teenager who has been missing for the last five years. Emily Paul was just 14 when she vanished from her home outside Tallahassee, Florida, in 2013. She recently sent her family a letter telling them she was alive and well but would not reveal her whereabouts. Her cousin, Melissa Parker, told Inside Edition the family never gave up hope. Shes alive, that is the best thing that could have possibly happened, Parker added.


Ariana Grande Belts Out Emotional Tribute to Aretha Franklin "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Ariana Grande belted out Aretha Franklins Natural Woman on The Tonight Show Thursday to pay tribute to the iconic soul singer. Grande was hesitant because she was afraid she might get emotional, according to reports. On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert paid tribute to Franklin by playing her entire blockbuster Kennedy Center Honors performance from 2015, which he hosted. During her performance, President Barack Obama wiped a tear from his eye.


Teen Who Pushed Friend Off Bridge Says She Didnt Think About Consequences "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

The teenager who pushed her friend off a six-story bridge in Washington state said she didnt think about the consequences. Speaking to Good Morning America, Taylor Smith, 18, admitted she pushed Jordan Holgerson, 16, off the bridge over the Lewis River at Moulton Falls Regional Park near Vancouver. She wanted to jump and she was scared and she had asked me to give her a push, and I didnt think about the consequences, Smith said. Video shows Holgerson falling, screaming all the way down.


Was Colorado Husband Who Allegedly Killed His Pregnant Wife Having an Affair? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

The pregnant Colorado mother who was allegedly killed by her husband had reportedly confided to friends that her marriage was in tatters. Chris Watts, 33, allegedly admitted Wednesday to killing his wife, Shanann, 34, and daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3. Watts wife was 15 weeks pregnant at the time. Friends of Shanann said she feared her husband was being unfaithful. It came to her mind that possibly he could be cheating, Amanda Thayer told CBS News.


MoMA Staff Secures Museum-Wide Raises After Four Months of Union Bargaining "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Members of MoMA UAW Local 2110 during their walkout at the museum on August 6 (photo courtesy UAW Local 2110)

Contract negotiations between the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and staff members in the Local 2110 UAW have come to a resolution after 122 days of bargaining. Organizers submitted votes to approve the final contract yesterday, August 16. The parties settled on a five-year contract, ratified by a 96% margin, in which employee health benefits, salary raises, and chances for upward mobility in the MoMA ranks were put forth.

Local 2110 is a chapter of the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW), organizing for union rights across New York City. MoMA Local 2110 members have been challenging the museum for months, picketing outside the MoMAs annual Party in the Garden fundraiser, and staging a walk out on August 6 in the museum lobby.

All employees will receive raises of 3% or $1,600, depending on which amount is greater, with the lowest-paid 25% of workers receiving 4% greater additional income or higher. All employees will receive 3% increases in the second and third years of their contracts, with 3.5% increases in 2021 and 2022.

MoMA staff will retain their single coverage health benef...


Why People Are Throwing Away Scooters Across the Country "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Backlash over the electric scooter craze is growing. Social media videos show people so fed up with the modes of transportation that they are throwing scooters from rooftops. In another video posted to Instagram, one scooter was set on fire. Others are tossed into the trash or ocean. The backlash is happening across the country, but particularly in southern California, where Bird scooters are left on sidewalks for anyone to rent through a cell phone app.


Hillarys Emails Come Back To Haunt Her After What Fitton Just Uncovered In Them. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Top Stories Today YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Top Stories Today
Hillarys Emails Come Back To Haunt Her After What Fitton Just Uncovered In Them.

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Binance, LCX Collaborate to Launch Fiat-to-Cryptocurrency Exchange in Liechtenstein "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Binance, the worlds leading cryptocurrency exchange by volume, has partnered with Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX) to create and launch a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to trade directly against fiat currencies such as the euro. The Malta company announced Binance LCX as the forefront of their trading operations in the Central European economy. This Continued

The post Binance, LCX Collaborate to Launch Fiat-to-Cryptocurrency Exchange in Liechtenstein appeared first on CCN


US Border Officials to Test Blockchain for Certificate Tracking "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

U.S. Customs and Border Protection plans to Examine blockchain technology to Confirm North American Free Trade Agreement and Also Central American Free Trade Agreement certificates. CBP Division of Business Transformation and Innovation head Vincent Annunziato said the agency was beginning a live fire testing of a blockchain platform to certify that imported products originated where they assert throughout CBPs 2018 Trade Symposium in Atlanta, in accordance with the American Shipper. The new system, that will launch in Sept, is going to help CBP verify details about imported goods and check how overseas suppliers behave toward American importers, he explained. The system may also be utilized to authenticate trademarks and check on a products physical properties.

I can also go in and say, hey, I need a little info on the stitching, or, I need info on what colours are workable, Annunziato said. Annunziato explained the blockchain system might be utilized in a mobile program, which would substitute a paper based manual procedure for verifying such info, thus streamlining the bureaus work. In addition, he provided an update to the bureaus work with the Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee. As mentioned previously by CoinDesk, COAC formed a distinctive group advising the Secretaries of Treasury and Homeland Security on the bureaus commercial operations last November. The body was said to concentrate on emerging technology generally and on blockchain in particular.

This week, Annunziato confirmed that the committee was working to develop a proof-of concept blockchain platform to verify IP by confirming the relationship between licensees and licensors. The technology could finally eliminate paper procedures, manuals and databases, CPB hopes. The CBP press office didnt respond to a request for comment by press time. U.S. CBP picture via Ancient Rome Tiraspolsky / Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the greatest journalistic standards and adheres to a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

American Shipper
reported by CoinDesk
strict set of editorial policies


Iron Prills "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

I smelted iron bacteria in a short furnace and produced a small quantity of iron prills (small iron spheres). In my ongoing quest to reach the iron age, further experiments were conducted concerning furnace design and the treatment of ore. I began by making a very short furnace. A pit 25 cm wide and 25 cm deep was dug and the tuyere of the forge blower placed in a 15 degree downward angle into the pit. Onto this, a furnace stack made of mud and grass was built 25 cm above ground level. The furnace was fired at various stages to help dry it. It took less than a day to build.
Eucalyptus wood was collected dead off the ground and stacked into a re-useable charcoal mound I had made previously. The top was sealed with mud and the mound lit. It took about 2 hours 30 minutes for fire to reach the air entries, at which time the holes were sealed and the top closed with mud.
Iron bacteria from the creek was gathered and brought to the smelting hut for processing. Charcoal was ground into a powder and mixed with the ore and water in the proportions of 1:1 char to ore by volume. This mixture was formed into 59 pellets 2.5 cm in diameter and then dried on top of the furnace.
To make the smelt, a wood fire was made in the furnace and allowed to burn for about an hour by natural draft and blowing. When the wood burnt down to the tuyere the furnace was filled with charcoal and 10 pellets were added to the top and the blower was engaged. Three handfuls of charcoal and 10 pellets were added at about 7 minute intervals totaling about 42 minutes. Charcoal was then continuously added after the last charge until the basket was empty. It took a total of about 3 hours working the blower until the operation ended.
The mass of slag and iron prills was prized out of the furnace using a log and wooden tongs. It was hammered flat while hot but no large bloom was made. Instead many small iron prills were found. These mostly seemed to be cast iron.
So far this is the largest amount of iron Ive made in the wild and it used less charcoal than previous attempts, so I consider it a success of sorts. The ore must be mixed with carbon to ensure the correct reduction chemistry normally provided by carbon monoxide in a taller bloomery furnace. The fact that cast iron was produced suggests that next time less charcoal powder be added to the ore pellets or perhaps none at all considering that dead iron bacteria may also contribute some carbon to the ore. Alternatively, cast iron can be re-melted in a finery furnace, a small highly oxidizing furnace, to remove excess carbon, producing steel or iron. A...


An introduction to the mysterious pairings of CSS position flavors "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Ever since I started learning about web development I found CSS positioning to be a mixture of mysterious co-dependant properties whose interactions and influences I never quite understood. Like most newbies, I just juggled around with position, display, float, clear, and all of their possible combinations of values until it looked like what I wanted.

Thats how CSS works, right?

Now, after some years of focusing on API testing, I wanted to revisit that old vanilla CSS and try to really understand those basic layout properties, while I try to figure out what the cool kids are doing these days and jump back on the dev train.

This is my first stop: position.

Getting to know the properties

The position property can be a mysterious thing to run into when youre starting to learn about CSS. Its like being given a set of unknown spices that look similar, but have very different flavours and the combinations between them don't always work like expected.

This is an attempt to describe the best and most common pairings between them so that you can easily apply them in your first web cooking steps. Just like we learn in the kitchenparsley goes well with garlic, but not that much with cinnamon.

First of all, lets define what each of the position variants tastes like:

  • static: this is what every HTML element has by default. It means the element will be positioned according to the normal document flow. Its basically the salt of them all.
  • relative: elements with relative position can be placed relatively to the space they would occupy in the normal document flow. Theyre still part of the document flow, but support top, right, bottom and left properties. Whatever values you assign to those properties will be calculated using its natural position and boundaries as reference. Like adding some pepper, it doesnt do much harm.
  • absolute: this ones trickyits sort of like cumin, it can be a very good addition, but you have to use it carefully. Absolute elements are removed from the normal document flow. This means they dont affect and arent affected by other elements in the page. However, they will be placed relatively (yes, I know, bear with me) to their nearest positioned ancestor. This means whichever parent eleme...


Defunct Nuclear Power Plant on California Coast Is a Fukushima Waiting to Happen "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

By Carey Wedler

A nuclear power plant in Southern California that was shut down in 2012 continues to leak radioactive material and poses a threat to nearby communities.

The aging San Onofre, located in San Clemente, CA, was shut down in 2012 amid a leak that occurred due to malpractice. According to a report released in 2016, the plant operated the reactor outside the allowable limits for pressure and temperature, causing the radiation leak that shut down the facility for good, the San Diego Tribune noted. The shutdown also launched extensive investigations that implicated both the power company and state regulators.

Though the plant is out of operation, it still stores 3.6 million pounds of lethal radioactive waste, and according to a worker who blew the whistle on the plant just last week, a near catastrophe just occurred. As local outlet the Dana Pointer reported, plant worker David Fritch explained what happened at a public meeting:

On 3 August 2018, a 100-ton canister filled with highly radioactive nuclear waste was being downloaded into a temporary transport carrier to be moved a few hundred yards from inside the plant to a storage silo buried near the world-famous San Onofre beach. As the thin-walled canister was being lowered into the transport cask, it snagged on a guide ledge four feet from the top. Crane operators were unaware that the canister had stopped descending and the rigging went completely sla...


Flaxseed cookies used as a snack may be a useful tool for decreasing constipation symptoms, weight, glycemic and lipid levels in T2D patients. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Nutr Metab (Lond). 2018 ;15:36. Epub 2018 May 9. PMID: 29760761 Abstract Title:  A randomized trial of the effects of flaxseed to manage constipation, weight, glycemia, and lipids in constipated patients with type 2 diabetes. Abstract:  Background: To compare the effects of baked flaxseed versus those who received a placebo on constipation symptom scores, weight, glycemic and lipid control in constipated patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D).Methods: In a single-blinded, randomized controlled trial, 53 constipated patients with T2D with body mass index (BMI) 20.5-48.9 kg/mreceived either 10 g of flaxseed pre-mixed in cookies twice per day or placebo cookies for 12 weeks. The constipation symptom scores, BMI, fasting plasma glucose (FPG), glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c), and lipid profile were determined at the beginning and end of 4, 8, and 12-week period. Constipation was evaluatedwith a stool diary (ROME III).Results: After the 12-week intervention, constipation symptom scores (2.46), weight (-3.8 kg), BMI (-1.5 kg/m), FPG (-26.7 mg/dl), cholesterol (-37.3 mg/dl), triglycerides (-10.4 mg/dl), LDLC (-21.0 mg/dl), HDLC (4.7 mg/dl), cholesterol/ HDLC ratio (-1.4 mg/dl) significantly decreased from baseline in the flaxseed group (all-valuesHbA1c (-0.8 vs. 1.0%), cholesterol (-37.3 vs. -10.4 mg/dl), LDLC (-21.0 vs. -4.3 mg/dl), and HDLC (4.7 vs. -4.4 mg/dl) between the flaxseed and placebo groups were statistically significant (all-values

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Dutch Trader Loses Reclamation Suit Against Banks That Froze His Accounts "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Back in Nov 2016, a Dutch cryptotrader attempted to purchase his original 10 bitcoin, initially using capital from his ING bank and afterwards from ABN Amro. Both banks refused the transactions. He then filed a complaint with Kifid, a source that mediates between customers and small businesses when there are complaints about financial services or products. In accordance with the complaint, the banks maintained the mans transactions were refused because of fraud prevention measures. It contended, however, that fraud prevention is not the reason ING and ABN refused the transactions. Instead, the complainant accused the two banks of blocking his account for a number of reasons which have been concealed as fraud prevention measures.

ING and ABN Amro rejected this accusation. The would-be trader filed lawsuit for euro, 43, 220. He arrived at this figure by projecting the profits hed have realized if he purchased bitcoin at , 330 and marketed , 2, 500. The Kifid ruling states that it doesnt consider this lack of skill to trade in almost in whatever way relevant. Even when the banks refuse to carry out a service, its not their liability to compensate clients. Additionally, the judgment states that the complainant failed to demonstrate that the acquisition of bitcoins was rendered impossible due to the activities of the banks: He might have attempted to work with another bank. Both ING and ABN maintained that when the block was claim that the unblocking of the accounts was delayed for raised on his account, he might have purchased the bitcoins. They bitcoin dealer had no one to blame, but himself for not a number of reasons and that the consumer had set their account tastes to deny telephone contact. In the end, the judgment determined that the possible procuring some prospective profits.



Insides of a lock... "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Just for fun the inside of a Flintlock circa 1830-1840 ....Its a Brander & Potts Lock , made in England it is from one of my Trade Rifles...
And the inside of a Percussion Lock circa 1850-1860...the lock is unmarked as to a is from a English Trade Pistol of mine.

Percussion lock


The consumption of phenolic and protein compounds extracted from flaxseeds has a protective effect on TNBS-induced colitis. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Mol Nutr Food Res. 2018 Jun 22:e1800088. Epub 2018 Jun 22. PMID: 29932491 Abstract Title:  Intake of Protein Hydrolysates and Phenolic Fractions Isolated from Flaxseed Ameliorates TNBS-Induced Colitis. Abstract:  SCOPE: In the attempt to develop new therapeutic treatments for colitis, fractions containing phenolic compound isolate (Phi) and phenolic reduced-flaxseed protein hydrolysate (phr-FPH) from flaxseed are evaluated for their effects on the in vitro production of pro-inflammatory mediators and on the course of experimental colitis.METHODS AND RESULTS: The anti-inflammatory effects of Phi and phr-FPH from flaxseeds are studied in RAW264.7 cells and in trinitrobenzene sulphonic acid (TNBS) colitis model. It is observed that the incubation with Phi or phr-FPH result in lower levels of tumor necrosis factor and nitric oxide in macrophages stimulated with bacterial lipopolysaccharide + interferon-. Prophylactic and therapeutic treatments with Phi and phr-FPH, respectively, greatly contribute to the prevention of weight loss and colon inflammation in colitic BALB/c mice. T cell proliferation, expansion of TH1 and TH17 cells, and pro-inflammatory cytokines are lower, whereas Treg cells are higher in spleen cell cultures from Phi-treated mice. In addition, therapeutic phr-FPH treatment is able to reduce the expansion of TH17 in splenic cell cultures.CONCLUSION: The consumption of phenolic and protein compounds extracted from flaxseeds has a protective effect on TNBS-induced colitis, and may be useful in the control of other inflammatory disorders.

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Recommendations for a too tight leather holster "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

I have got a beautiful handmade leather OWB holster by Mitch Rosen, a 'President'. It wasn't cheap. I cannot use it because it is so tight that I cannot pull my firearm. I ordered and have used two bottles of their silicon stuff to try and break it in but no luck so , after a few months of struggling, I got fed up and threw it with the other pile of holsters I have no use for. Yesterday, after hearing some here rave about Alien Gear holsters, I ordered one and will pick it up today, a...

Recommendations for a too tight leather holster


Four Favorites... "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

So four favorite knives of mine....
Some old...the one in the fringed and quill worked scabbard ...and the one with the antler handle...
"Old" as in 1890's or so...well the knives , not the scabbards.
Some "new"....
They all get used today as hunting , camping and kitchen knives.
All I hope you enjoy...:D



Group Of Doctors And Philanthropists Build Free Hospitals Funded By Donations "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

In Karachi, the most populated city in Pakistan, a group of doctors and philanthropists have built a free hospital that runs entirely on donations. The Indus Hospital has served over 3 million patients since it opened in 2007 and they are so dedicated to providing free services, that they dont even have any way of collecting payment.

Indus Hospital CEO Dr. Abdul Bari Khan says that he and his colleagues were inspired to create the hospital because healthcare is so expensive, and the facilities that existed were often overwhelmed. They were especially motivated to solve this problem after they visited the 1987 Bohri Bazaar bomb blast site and witnessed how difficult it was for people to get treatment.

In a country like Pakistan where majority of the population is living below the poverty line, quality healthcare has become luxury item rather than a basic need. So only the people blessed with strong financial status can get quality treatment from the private sector. Thats where the not-for-profit hospital came in with the money as donation/ zakat from blessed segment of the society and to utilize it for the treatment of their counterparts, Khan said.

Quality healthcare is being provided in Pakistan, however, at very exorbitant prices, some philanthropic organizations are also playing a pivotal role in filling the gap. The Indus Hospital serves to provide quality healthcare at no price at all in order to pitch in towards serving underserved patients, he added.

The Indus Hospital now has 11 locations throughout Pakistan and has plans to expand further by establishing international chapters in the US, UK, and UAE.

According to the Hospitals website...


Plan to Burn up Northern California Disclosed "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

2018 02 27 Directed Energy Weapons- Sonoma County Board Supervisors Meeting Infrastructure Recovery Workshop



Oral administration of flaxseed can be useful for prevention from the detrimental effects of hypoxia on rat testes structure and sperm parameters. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Int J Fertil Steril. 2018 Jun ;12(3):235-241. Epub 2018 Jun 20. PMID: 29935070 Abstract Title:  Flaxseed Can Reduce Hypoxia-Induced Damages in Rat Testes. Abstract:  BACHGROUND: Hypoxia causes detrimental effects on the structure and function of tissues through increased production of reactive oxygen species that are generated during the re-oxygenation phase of intermittent and continuous hypobaric hypoxia. This study was carried out to evaluate the effects of flaxseed (Fx) in reducing the incidence of hypoxia in rat testes.MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this experimental study, 24 adult Wistar rats were randomly divided into four groups: i. Control group (Co) that received normal levels of oxygen and food, ii. Sham group (Sh) that were placed in hypoxia chamber but received normal oxygen and food, iii. Hypoxia induction group (Hx) that were placed in hypoxia chamber and treated with normal food, iv. Hypoxia induction group (Hx+Fx) that were placed in hypoxia chamber and treated with 10% flaxseed food. Both the Hx and Hx+Fx groups were kept in a hypoxic chamber for 30 days; during this period rats were exposed to reduced pressure (oxygen 8% and nitrogen 92%) for 4 hours/day. Then, all animal were sacrificed and their testes were removed. Malondialdehyde (MDA) and total antioxidant capacity (TAC) levels were evaluated in the testis tissue. Tubular damages were examined using histological studies. Blood samples and sperm were collected to assess IL-18 level and measure sperms parameters, respectively. All data were analyzed using SPPSS-22 software. One way-ANOVA or Kruskal-Wallis tests were performed for statistical analysis.RESULTS: A significant difference was recorded in the testicular mass/body weight ratio in Hx and Hx+Fx groups in comparison to the control (P=0.003 and 0.027, respectively) and Sh (P=0.001 and 0.009, respectively) groups. The sperm count and motility in Hx+Fx group were significantly different from those of the Hx group (P=0.0001 and 0.028, respectively) .Also sperm viability (P=0.0001) and abnormality (P=0.0001) in Hx+Fx group were significantly different from Hx group.CONCLUSION: This study therefore suggests that the oral administration of flaxseed can be useful for prevention from the detrimental effects of hypoxia on rat testes structure and sperm parameters.

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Heads Up! Worldwide ATM Hack Could See Millions Withdrawn from Banks, Warns FBI "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Cyber criminals are planning a highly-coordinated attack on cash machines around the world that could see millions of dollars withdrawn from customer bank accounts, the FBI has warned.

A confidential alert sent to banks stated that the scheme, known as an ATM cashout, could take place in the space of just a few hours, most likely on a weekend after banks have closed. The scheme involves cloned cards, together with a hack on a bank or payment processor in order to facilitate the fraudulent withdrawal of funds by gangs of cyber criminals.

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Blockchain Used to Trace Deadly Chemical Linked to $289 Mln Monsanto Cancer Lawsuit "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Food safety firm ZEGO is using blockchain to test foodstuffs for residue of a deadly chemical tied to the recent $289 million Monsanto lawsuit


Vandalized Artwork Commemorating Dead Refugees Will Symbolically Remain in Destroyed Condition "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The List is now ruined, and will stay that way for the remainder of the Liverpool Biennial (via @Biennial/Twitter)

Two weeks ago, Hyperallergic reported that artist Banu Cennetolus list of 34,000 refugees, who had perished within or on the borders of Europe, was mysteriously removed from the Liverpool Biennial. After the list was repeatedly vandalized and destroyed, the artist has decided to leave the 900-foot-long project installed on Great George Street in its tattered condition: a brutal symbol of bigotry and violence in a country already facing scrutiny for its immigration policies and Brexit rhetoric.

Due to repeated damage and removal since The List was installed, Banu Cennetolu and Liverpool Biennial have decided to leave it in its current state as a manifestation and reminder of systematic violence exercised against people, the arts festival announced on Twitter yesterday. Before coming to their decision, The List had been torn down twice before most recently on Sunday.

In a lengthier press release, cosigned by the artist and UNITED for Intercultural Action which has produced The List since 1993, the Liverpool Biennial notes that the project has never been defaced in previous public presentations. Those include on billboards, transport networks, and newspapers in cities such as Berlin, Istanbul, Basel, Athens.

A Liverpool City Council spokesperson also expressed deep regret for the shameful act of vandalism. We have fully supported Liverpool Biennial for the past 20 years and stand shoulder to shoulder with them in expressing surprise and disgust at such a rare occurrence in the city. We will be working with them to try and turn this action into a positive and shine a light on how we need to do more to promote a tole...


Norwegian Mining Company Receives Bomb Threat in Escalating Noise Complaint "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Norwegian Mining Company Receives Bomb Threat in Escalating Noise Complaint

Kryptovault, a Norwegian company specializing in large-scale cryptocurrency mining and data center operations, has recently received a bomb threat amid escalating noise complaints pertaining to its virtual currency mining.

Also Read: Funds Frozen, Account Closed: UK Banks Target Cryptocurrency Owners

Norwegian Cloud Mining Company Receives Bomb Threat

Norwegian Mining Company Receives Bomb Threat in Escalating Noise ComplaintNorwegian mining and data center company, Kryptovault, has reportedly received a bomb threat amid intensifying complaints of noise pollution. Kryptovault currently operates facilities in the Norwegian cities of Follum, Honefuss, and Dale.

The threat received stated: This is sabotage. If you are expanding crypto mining and filling the country with noise, then you will be sabotaging the peace. I am threatening to send you some explosives.

Gjermund Hagesaeter, the managing director of Kryptovault, told local media that the company immediately informed police of the threat. The threat has been reported to the police and these are also taking the whole issue very seriously indeed. We have also asked the police to assess whether any further action needs to be taken. The facility at Follum is...


UK Regulator Warns Investors of Rising Cryptocurrency Scams "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The Financial Conduct Authority, UKs financial watchdog, is reminding consumers that cryptocurrency scams are rising in the country. Residents in the United Kingdom who decide to invest in Bitcoin or any other virtual currency are not protected by the regulatory framework given that cryptocurrencies are not regulated by the FCA.

2 Million Lost In Cryptocurrency Scams In June And July Alone

A warning of cryptocurrency scams first made in June has been re-posted by the UK regulator to let consumers know that fraudulent schemes are on the rise.

UK consumers are being increasingly targeted by cryptocurrency-related investment scams [] Cryptocurrency fraudsters tend to advertise on social media, often using the images of celebrities or well-known individuals to promote cryptocurrency investments. [] The firms operating the scams are usually based outside of the UK but will claim to have a UK presence, often a prestigious City of London address.

Cryptocurrency swindles include posting images of celebrities supposedly endorsing said coins or tokens, according to the statement. The regulator has observed a rising number of reports about virtual currency scams, but its regulatory framework does not protect UK residents that choose to trade their fiat currency for any digital coin or token.

Britains financial watchdog has recently warned about two scams that involve companies impersonating respectable UK traders. Good Crypto and Fair Oaks Crypto have quoted the two legitimate firms addresses and Firm Reference Numbers as part of the swindle, the FCA said.

A report by the National Fraud and Cybercrime Reporting Centre said that approximately 2 million has been lost in cryptocurrency scams in June and July alone this year, an average of 10,095.59 per person. The statement noted that the most prevalent methods used by scammers are cold calls and social media-based campaigns.

Fraudsters are able to convince victims to sign up to their websites and provide sensitive information such as credit card details and driving licenses to open a trading account.  Victims are then persuaded to make sizable first deposits before realizing it is a fraud, said Director of Action Fraud Pauline Smith.



Most common cause of house fires that you can't put out "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

And we likely all do it.
I would also extend this to something you probably shouldn't do before going to sleep.

A leading cause of house fires is people leaving their clothes dryers running when they are not home and the damn thing catches on fire while you are away.
And you can't put it out of you're not home.
This kind of falls in line with the personal shtf stuff I'm always talking about.

I have some experience with this. Right before my last trip to Afghanistan in 2016 I dragged the...

Most common cause of house fires that you can't put out


Dutch Trader Loses Reclamation Suit Against Banks That Froze His Accounts "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Dutch lawsuit

In November 2016, a Dutch cryptotrader tried to buy his first 10 bitcoin, first using funds from his ING bank and later from ABN Amro. Both banks denied the transactions. He subsequently filed a complaint with Kifid (Financial Services Complaints Institute), a resource that mediates between consumers and small businesses when there are complaints about financial products or services.

According to the complaint, the banks claimed the mans transactions were denied due to fraud prevention measures. It argued, however, that fraud prevention isnt the reason why ING and ABN denied the transactions. Instead, the complainant accused both banks of blocking his accounts for commercial reasons that were concealed as fraud prevention measures. ING and ABN Amro denied the accusation.

The aspiring trader filed suit for 43,220 (~$50,000). He arrived at this figure by projecting the gains he would have realized if he bought bitcoin at 330 (~$385) and sold at 2,500 (~$3,000 USD).

The Kifid ruling states that it does not consider this lack of ability to trade in any way relevant. Even if the banks refuse to perform a service, it isnt their responsibility to compensate clients. In addition, the ruling states that the complainant failed to demonstrate that the acquisition of bitcoin was rendered impossible because of the actions of the banks: He could have tried to work with another bank.

Both ING and ABN claimed that once the block had been lifted on his account, he could have purchased the bitcoins. They both claim that the unblocking of the account was delayed for security reasons and the fact that the customer had set their account preferences to deny telephone contact.

Ultimately, the ruling determined that the potential bitcoin trader had no one to blame but himself for not securing the 10 bitcoin and realizing any potential profits.

This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.


Forget Bitcoin ETF, an ETN Already Allows US Investors to Invest in BTC "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Bitcoin ETF has been the big story of 2018 in the cryptocurrency space. But, a similar product already exists and with it, investors in US markets will be able to allocate more funds into the bitcoin market. Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs) in Sweden Nine companies have applied to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to Continued

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Horror moment US pastor is bitten by a deadly snake during a service leaving him drenched in blood "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Horror Video as US pastor is bitten by a deadly snake during a service leaving him drenched in blood
Cody Coots is the head of a Kentucky church where worshippers handle snakes and drink poison to prove their devotion to God

Horror Video as US pastor is bitten by a deadly snake during a service leaving him drenched in blood


Switching from a high-fat cellulose diet to a high-fat pectin diet reverses certain obesity-related morbidities. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Nutr Metab (Lond). 2018 ;15:55. Epub 2018 Aug 6. PMID: 30093912 Abstract Title:  Switching from a high-fat cellulose diet to a high-fat pectin diet reverses certain obesity-related morbidities. Abstract:  Background: Reducing caloric intake is a proven intervention for mitigating and modulating morbidities associated with overnutrition. Caloric restriction is difficult to affect clinically, therefore, dietary interventions that ameliorate the adverse consequences of overnutrition in the presence of a high-calorie diet would be of value.Methods: Mice were fed an obesogenic diet containing 60% fat +10% cellulose (HFC), or a control diet containing 10% fat +10% cellulose (LFC) for 12 wks. Subgroups of mice were then switched from HFC to each of the following diets for an additional 5 wks: 1) 60% fat +10% pectin (HFP), 2) LFC or 3) 10% fat +10% pectin (LFP). To test for statistical differences, one-way or two-way ANOVAs were used with or without repeated measurements as needed.Results: In comparison to HFC, HFP prevented additional weight gain while LFC and LFP triggered weight loss of 22.2 and 25.4%, respectively. Mice continued on HFC experienced a weight increase of 26% during the same 5 wk. interval. After 12 wks, HFC decreased mouse locomotion by 18% when compared to control diet, but a diet switch to LFC or LFP restored mouse movement. Importantly, HFP, LFC, and LFP reduced fasting blood glucose when compared to HFC. Likewise, HFP, LFC and LFP improved glucose tolerance and decreased fatty liver by 37.9, 49.8, 53.6 and 20.2%, 37.2, 43.7%, respectively.Conclusions: Taken together, the results indicate that the dietary fiber pectin can mitigate some adverse consequences of overnutrition even in the presence of high-fat.

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archatlas: Cyberpunk And Futuristic Street Photography By Adrian... "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"


Cyberpunk And Futuristic Street Photography By Adrian Martinez

Vibrant street photos by Adrian Martinez, a classical guitarist and self-taught photographer currently based between Los Angeles and Tokyo. Adrian focuses mainly on street photography. He shoots futuristic and neon colored urban, portrait, and architecture photography.


What If The Taj Mahal Was Attacked? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the LifesBiggestQuestions YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

What If The Taj Mahal Was Attacked?
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The Taj Mahal is one of the most famous, most recognizable buildings in the world. Its regarded as the jewel of Muslim art in India, and one of the 7 wonders of the world. But what would happen if the Taj Mahal became the target of an attack, where someone sought to destroy it. Thats the question were asking today on Lifes Biggest Questions.

What If Logan Paul Beats KSI?

What If KSI Beats Logan Paul?

What If The SCP Foundation Was Real?

Charlotte Dobre:

Lucy McPhee

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Radon "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

One disadvantage of building an underground house/bunker is the ever present threat of radon. I bough a radon detector and had it laying in the utility room of our house while I built it and had minimal radon readings. I let my neighbor borrow my detector for several months and just got it back only to discover we now have a problem. I'm going to take the opportunity to see what works and what doesn't to fix the problem. Our house is off grid so I am going to avoid putting in a full time...



Flaxseed has a protective effect on the prostate epithelium in benign prostatic hyperplasia-induced animals. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Eur J Nutr. 2017 Apr ;56(3):1201-1210. Epub 2016 Feb 8. PMID: 26857761 Abstract Title:  Flaxseed reduces epithelial proliferation but does not affect basal cells in induced benign prostatic hyperplasia in rats. Abstract:  PURPOSE: This study aimed to quantitatively and qualitatively evaluate the effects of a flaxseed-based diet on the histoarchitecture of the prostate of normal Wistar rats and of rats with induced BPH.METHODS: The study included four experimental groups of ten animals each: casein control group (CCG), who were fed a casein-based diet; flaxseed control group (FCG), who were fed a flaxseed-based diet; hyperplasia-induced casein group (HICG), who were fed a casein-based diet; and hyperplasia-induced flaxseed group (HIFG), who were fed a flaxseed-based diet. Hyperplasia was induced by the subcutaneous implantation of silicone pellets containing testosterone propionate. After 20 weeks, the rats were euthanized and their prostate fixed in buffered formalin. Tissue sections were stained with HE, picrosirius red and immunostained for nuclear antigen p63. Histomorphometric analysis evaluated the epithelial thickness, epithelial area, individual luminal area, and total area ofprostatic alveoli.RESULTS: The mean epithelial thickness obtained for HIFG and HICG was 16.52  1.65 and 20.58  2.86 m, respectively. The mean epithelial thickness in HICG was greater than that in the other groups tested. HIFG had a smaller epithelial thickness and lower percentage of papillary projections in the prostatic alveoli. No significant difference was observed between CCG and FCG. The total area and mean alveolar area showed no significant differences between the groups. The number of cells immunostained for p63 was not significantly different between the groups evaluated.CONCLUSION: These results suggest that flaxseed has a protective effect on the prostate epithelium in BPH-induced animals.

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10 Powerful Things That Extend Your Life "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Differences in lifestyle patterns rather than mortality or health outcomes appear to have immense research potential in gauging life expectancy. How do patterns in thought, actions, supplements, and diet interact, synergize, or interfere with one another? Here's a look at 10 powerful things that influence our aging processes.


Orgonite: A Sexual Psyop Wilhelm Reich the Perverted Marxist Degenerate "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

At a certain point there were people who became conscious of all these elements and the potential they had for political control.  In the sexual realm, Wilhelm Reich was a crucial figure.  His book The Mass Psychology of Fascism which came out in 1933 became the Bible for the use of sexual liberation as a form of political control. E Michael Jones on Dionysos Rising: The Cultural Revolution and the Spirit of Music (31:45)

Dr. Jones is talking about sexual liberation as a form of political control.  Reich was at the vanguard of this licentious movement, which later culminated into the zeitgeist of Free Love, the sexual revolution of the 60s.

He continues:

What began as the bondage of sin eventually became financial control and what ...


[promoted] Equity Trust Forges a New Path for Crypto-Based IRA Investments "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Equity Trust Thumb

Asset diversification has long been touted as a critical strategy for wealth building. This method of portfolio management, which traditionally involves a mix of stocks, fixed assets and commodities allows for maximum return at the least amount of risk an important element for retirement savings.

One company with a strong foothold in this investment space is Equity Trust, a financial services company that allows individual investors to diversify their retirement investment portfolios through asset class options like private equity, precious metals, tax liens and real estate among others. With over $25 billion in assets under custody and administration as of the end of 2017, Equity Trusts self-directed retirement accounts have become a viable option for entrepreneurial investors seeking control over their wealth building activities.

Merging the Worlds of IRAs and Crypto

Equity Trust recently launched a new digital asset platform that allows individual retirement accounts (IRAs) to invest in cryptocurrencies. It can be simple to open an account online through myEQUITY (its online account system), or investors...


Hydroalcoholic extract of flaxseed improves polycystic ovary syndrome in a rat model. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Iran J Basic Med Sci. 2018 Jun ;21(6):645-650. PMID: 29942457 Abstract Title:  Hydroalcoholic extract of flaxseed improves polycystic ovary syndrome in a rat model. Abstract:  Objectives: Herbal medicines are an alternative choice for treatment or controlling of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Effect of hydroalcoholic extract of flaxseed was evaluated on ovarian hormones and histological changes of uterus and ovary in a PCOS-induced rat model.Materials and Methods: Twenty four rats divided into four groups including negative control, positive control, PCOS and treatment groups. Positive control group received hydroalcoholic extract of flaxseed for 30 days. PCOS was induced by single intramuscular injection of estradiol valerate. Treatment group was treated with flaxseed extract 7 weeks after induction of PCOS for 30 days. Ovaries and uterus were dissected out and their sections were used for histomorphometric study. Levels of estradiol, progesterone, testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) were measured in the serum.Results: In the treatment group, flaxseed extract increased level of progesterone (

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Artist Ai Weiwei Uses Ethereum to Make Art About Value "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has partnered on a brand new art project that uses a set of newly minted ethereum based tokens. Motherboard reported Friday the Ai well known for his critique Of Chinas Communist government in addition to his art installations and pictures is working with Irish conceptual artist Kevin Abosch. Together, Ai and Abosch have generated two new tokens, freely distributable, in an effort to illustrate how worth is sensed and permeated in modern society. And it is an area which Abosch has already been working in bridging the worlds of art and cryptocurrency throughout his work like the The New York Times previously reported.

The project, dubbed PRICELESS, includes double tokens, one of which will be made publicly accessible to the extent which, theoretically, every person on the planet can own a fraction. The other token, based on Motherboard, is locked away and inaccessible to anyone. It is not about a potential for creating art, but, rather, to question the existing system and the capability to make a brand new system out of the established one, said Ai Motherboard. As Abosch mentioned to publication: From now on we are born, people try to ascribe value to people Oh, that boy is so filled with potential, or oh, that girl is worthless it is something that society does to us and it is something we all do to ourselves.

Our project is just another thing for hiring people with the hope that theyll spends a little bit more time thinking about the perversity of how most people ascribe value to things. . Wallet addresses holding nominal quantities of the PRCLS token have been published On paper and is sold to buyers, with every pocket address representing distinct priceless moments shared between Ai and Abosch, demonstrating the way the token may represent value. Ai shown in a meeting with Motherboard that, for me personally, blockchain is an opportunity to prepare a brand new system which can dismantle the old system, or at least provide a new chance for communication. . Ai Weiwei picture via Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the greatest journalistic standards and adheres to a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

Motherboard reported
New York Times
priceless moments


Cryptocurrency Firm Pantera Capital Seeks $175 Million For Third Venture Fund "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Pantera Capital, which has pioneered investments in cryptocurrency assets, has set its goal for its third venture fund at $175 million, surpassing the $25 million raised for its second fund and the $13 million from its first one, according to TechCrunch. A new filing for a Pantera venture fund offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission Continued

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These pilot data suggest that a flaxseed-supplemented, fat-restricted diet may affect prostate cancer biology and associated biomarkers. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Urology. 2001 Jul ;58(1):47-52. PMID: 11445478 Abstract Title:  Pilot study of dietary fat restriction and flaxseed supplementation in men with prostate cancer before surgery: exploring the effects on hormonal levels, prostate-specific antigen, and histopathologic features. Abstract:  OBJECTIVES: Dietary fat and fiber affect hormonal levels and may influence cancer progression. Flaxseed is a rich source of lignan and omega-3 fatty acids and may thwart prostate cancer. The potential effects of flaxseed may be enhanced with concomitant fat restriction. We undertook a pilot study to explore whether a flaxseed-supplemented, fat-restricted diet could affect the biomarkers of prostatic neoplasia.METHODS: Twenty-five patients with prostate cancer who were awaiting prostatectomy were instructed on a low-fat (20% of kilocalories or less), flaxseed-supplemented (30 g/day) diet. The baseline and follow-up levels of prostate-specific antigen, testosterone, free androgen index, and total serum cholesterol were determined. The tumors of diet-treated patients were compared with those of historic cases (matched by age, race, prostate-specific antigen level at diagnosis, and biopsy Gleason sum) with respect to apoptosis (terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase [TdT]-mediated dUTP-biotin nick end-labeling [TUNEL]) and proliferation (MIB-1).RESULTS: The average duration on the diet was 34 days (range 21 to 77), during which time significant decreases were observed in total serum cholesterol (201 +/- 39 mg/dL to 174 +/- 42 mg/dL), total testosterone (422 +/- 122 ng/dL to 360 +/- 128 ng/dL), and free androgen index (36.3% +/- 18.9% to 29.3% +/- 16.8%) (all P

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Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City Flooded by Vandals "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (via Facebook)

Museums honoring the contributions of minorities are common targets of white supremacy vandals in Donald Trumps America. In particular, sites memorializing African Americans have experienced an uptick in graffiti and destruction. Just last week, Hyperallergic reported that a sign marking Emmett Tills death was shot with four bullets on July 21; it was the third sign vandalized in a series of efforts made by the Emmett Till Memorial Commission to commemorate the boys death.

That same week, officials at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri found their building flooded after vandals cut through water pipes above the cultural institutions newly renovated Buck ONeil Education and Research Center. The museum estimated nearly $500,000 dollars in damages, putting the historical space in financial peril.

One month earlier, another Negro Leagues Baseball landmark faced destruction. A suspected arsonist set the home of pitching legend Satchel Paige on fire in late May, causing potentially irreparable damage.

The Education and Research Center at the museum was the latest addition to a large renovation plan that started in 2011 and has cost $4 million of an estimated $15 million thus far. Just months away from reopening, the museums first floor bore the brunt of flood damage.

There has been a community investment in this project that goes beyond finance, Negro Leagues Baseball Museum President Bob Kendrick told the Bleacher Report. This was an investment of sweat equity. When we first started cleaning the building u...


The effect of flaxseed supplementation on hormonal levels associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Curr Top Nutraceutical Res. 2007 ;5(4):177-181. PMID: 19789727 Abstract Title:  The Effect of Flaxseed Supplementation on Hormonal Levels Associated with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Case Study. Abstract:  Flaxseed is a rich source of lignan and has been shown to reduce androgen levels in men with prostate cancer. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a common endocrine disorder among women in their reproductive years, also is associated with high levels of androgens and is frequently accompanied by hirsutism, amenorrhea and obesity. This clinical case study describes the impact of flaxseed supplementation (30 g/day) on hormonal levels in a 31-year old woman with PCOS. During a four month period, the patient consumed 83% of the flaxseed dose. Heights, weights, and fasting blood samples taken at baseline and 4-month follow-up indicated the following values: BMI (36.0 vs. 35.7m/kg(2)); insulin (5.1 vs. 7.0 uIU/ml); total serum testosterone (150 ng/dl vs. 45 ng/dl); free serum testosterone (4.7 ng/dl vs. 0.5 ng/dl); and % free testosterone (3.1% vs. 1.1%). The patient also reported a decrease in hirsutism at the completion of the study period. The clinically-significant decrease in androgen levels with a concomitant reduction in hirsutism reported in this case study demonstrates a need for further research of flaxseed supplementation on hormonal levels and clinical symptoms of PCOS.

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero, ETC: Price Analysis, August 17 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Cryptocurrencies are currently pulling back from their lows. So, should the traders start buying at these levels or wait? Lets find out


Japanese People Guess What The Swastika Symbol Means And The Results May Shock You "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Mostly recognized as a symbol of antisemitism and terror because of its association with Adolf Hitlers Nazi party, the swastika is also an icon widely used in ancient religions in many parts of Asia to convey mercy or good fortune.

A simple search on google give you this meaning from Wikipedia; The name swastika comes from Sanskrit (Devanagari: ) and denotes conducive to well being or auspicious. In Hinduism, the clockwise symbol is called swastika, symbolizing surya (sun), prosperity and good luck, while the counterclockwise symbol is called sauvastika, symbolizing night or tantric aspects of Kali.

Thats why so many people have been more than surprised by the way the people of Japan might describe this symbol. Check out this video that has been going viral:

So if you just watched the video you will have discovered that in modern Japan, the swastika is referred to as manji (written as ), it has become popular among the youth, with schoolgirls often incorporating the symbol in selfies and photos posted on social media.

In its current usage, manji has come to mean a variety of things, according to Kotaku. For some, it is a catchphrase spoken while taking photos, like the word cheese in Western countries. There are also those who use it to describe a person with a playful or mischievous personality.

But others use the term to mean to appear strong, high class, or a pun on the Japanese word maji (), which means seriously or really. As a symbol, it is also used to represent a person running, a punctuation mark or express yay.



Defunct Nuclear Power Plant on California Coast Is a Fukushima Waiting to Happen "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This report was originally published by Carey Wedler at The Anti-Media

San Onofre, CA  A nuclear power plant in Southern California that was shut down in 2012 continues to leak radioactive material and poses a threat to nearby communities.

The aging San Onofre, located in San Clemente, CA, was shut down in 2012 amid a leak that occurred due to malpractice. According to a report released in 2016, the plant operated the reactor outside the allowable limits for pressure and temperature, causing the radiation leak that shut down the facility for good, the San Diego Tribune noted. The shutdown also launched extensive investigations that implicated both the power company and state regulators.

Though the plant is out of operation, it still stores 3.6 million pounds of lethal radioactive waste, and according to a worker who blew the whistle on the plant just last week, a near catastrophe just occurred. As local outlet the Dana Pointer reported, plant worker David Fritch explained what happened at a public meeting:

On 3 August 2018, a 100-ton canister filled with highly radioactive nuclear waste was being downloaded into a temporary transport carrier to be moved a few hundred yards from inside the plant to a storage silo buried near the world-famous San Onofre beach. As the thin-walled canister was being lowered into the transport cask, it snagged on a guide ledge four feet from the top. Crane operators were unaware that the canister had stopped descending and the rigging went completely slack, leaving the full weight of the heavy canister perched on that ledge by about a quarter-inch.

Had the ledge not held for the hour or more it took workers to realize and address the error, the thin-walled canister of highly toxic nuclear waste would have fallen 18 feet to the ground below.

Each canister reportedly has as much radiation as was released during the infamous Chernobyl nuclear disaster.



Why is Zcash 2.0 Sapling Release Important for Private Crypto Transactions? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The update included other minor fixes and additions to the Zcash network, including backport upstream improvements, various bug fixes, and an update to the mainnet checkpoints to improve the speed of initial synchronization.

What is Sapling and How Does it Improve Private Transactions?

Sapling is the next major upgrade of the Zcash network and is scheduled to go live on October 28th of this year. The update comes after two years of the Zcash team conducting a plethora of tests and updates in an effort to improve the functionality and performance of encrypted transactions.

The key feature of Sapling is that it takes Zcash closer to having fully shielded transactions, which will provide users a new layer of security and anonymity. Currently, Zcash transactions operate similarly to those of Bitcoin, in that the addresses are transparent. Shielding addresses requires a significant amount of computational power, which is incredibly expensive, but updates provided through Sapling will eventually lead to lower transactional costs, making shielded transactions much more cost efficient.

Zcash explains Sapling on their blog, saying:

Sapling is a network upgrade that introduces significant efficiency improvements for shielded transactions that will pave the way for broad mobile, exchange and vendor adoption of Zcash shielded addressesPayments involving the new Sapling z-addresses can be constructed in as little as a few seconds and with only 40 megabytes of memory. Exchanges, mobile wallet providers, vendors and other 3rd parties will now be able to support shielded addresses. The increased use of shielded addresses will improve the effective privacy for the entire network.

The Zcash team also emphasizes the importance of upgrading users Zcash software, explaining:

Keep your Zcash software updated, and....


U.K.-Based Crypto Facilities Adds Bitcoin Cash Futures to Its Offerings "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

U.K.-based cryptocurrency futures exchange Crypto Facilities, which is regulated by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority, is adding a bitcoin money product to its own offerings, a news release shared on the exchanges website shows. Trading for the bitcoin money dollar Futures started today, August 17, 2018, in 4: 00 p.m. GMT +1 .The addition of the new contract will allow investors to take long or short positions in bitcoin cash, permitting them to broaden futures. BCH is a top 5 coin with a market capitalization of around $10 billion and we expect that our new contracts to market the evolution of the crypto markets by bring greater liquidity and transparency to the electronic asset class, Schlaefer commented.

Crypto Facilities rose to prominence in 2017 when it partnered with CME Group to establish the first bitcoin futures contract. Presently, Crypto Facilities forces Bitcoin CME CF reference rate index along with the CME CF Bitcoin Real Time Index. The inclusion of the BCH futures comes on the heel of a Bitmain IPO, the crypto mining giant which supposedly holds over one Million Bitcoin Cash, worth almost $550 million in present exchange rate, based on Bitmains investor deck.

press release
bitcoin futures contract
CME CF Bitcoin Real-Time Index
Bitmain IPO


Modified citrus pectin as a potential sensitizer for radiotherapy in prostate cancer. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Integr Cancer Ther. 2018 Jul 25:1534735418790382. Epub 2018 Jul 25. PMID: 30043669 Abstract Title:  Modified Citrus Pectin as a Potential Sensitizer for Radiotherapy in Prostate Cancer. Abstract:  BACKGROUND: Radiotherapy is one of the primary therapies for localized prostatic carcinoma. Therefore, there is an emerging need to sensitize prostatic cancer cells to chemotherapy/radiotherapy. Modified citrus pectin (MCP) is an effective inhibitor of galectin-3 (Gal-3), which is correlated with tumor progression, proliferation, angiogenesis, and apoptosis.PURPOSE: This study was directed to evaluate the efficacy of combining ionizing radiation (IR) with MCP on PCa cells.STUDY DESIGN: Effects of treatments on PCa cells survival were evaluated using XTT assay, flow cytometry, and clonogenic survival assay. Expression of selected proteins was estimated using western blotting. Cell motility, migration, and invasion were determined. Contribution of reactive oxygen species production to treatment effects on cell viability was tested.RESULTS: Radiotherapy combined with MCP reduced viability and enhanced radiosensitivity associated with a decrease in Gal-3, cleavage of the precursor of caspase-3, increased expression of the pro-apoptotic protein Bax, and downregulation of DNA repair pathways, poly-ADP-ribose polymerase, and proliferating cell nuclear antigen. MCP significantly reduced the invasive and migratory potential of PCa cells. Combining sodium pyruvate with MCP and IR mitigated the effect on cell viability.CONCLUSION: Our findings demonstrated that MCP sensitized PCa cells to IR by downregulating anti-apoptotic Gal-3, modulating DNA repair pathways, and increasing ROS production. For the first time the correlation between MCP, radiotherapy, and Gal-3 for prostatic cancer treatment was found. In addition, MCP reduced the metastatic properties of PCa cells. These findings provide MCP as a radiosensitizing agent to enhance IR cytotoxicity, overcome radioresistance, and reduce clinical IR dose.

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Survival Medicine Hour: Tetanus, Hemostatic Agents, Crypto, More "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Survival Medicine Hour: Tetanus, Hemostatic Agents, Crypto, More

SURVIVAL MEDICINE HOUR PODCAST Most of us have dutifully gone to get a Tetanus shot when we stepped on a rusty nail, but few have any real concept of what Tetanus is and why it is dangerous. Tetanus (from the Greek word tetanos, meaning tight) is an infection caused by the bacteria Clostridium Tetani. The []


DJI teaser for the Mavi PRO launch on August 23 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Not only Panasonic and Nikon but also DJI will have a product announcement on August 23. Damn, they really will give me a heavy workload on that day :)

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Russian Independent Electoral Watchdog to Pilot Blockchain for Voting System "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Russian NGO for clean elections is reportedly trialing a blockchain-based electronic voting system


Humidors - How To Keep Those Cigars Safe! "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

I am now running three humidors and have a very simple arrangement to suit my needs. Typically, if you're just starting out with a collection, you will only need a basic humidor. I would suggest a budget cedar humidor, but they can be hit and miss on the lower end, so I can only recommend going for the simple and far less elegant tough box. Grab yourself a good hygrometer, the appropriate...

Humidors - How To Keep Those Cigars Safe!


How a Tokyo FOMO Family Invested in Bitcoin and Lost "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Theres an issue, in Japan, with certain high income families being unable to save money. Heres the story of a Japanese household of four, living in the Tokyo Bay area, in a high-end tower apartment, repaying multiple loans and having unnecessary spending. Every month the household was using up their entire revenue and they couldnt pay the tuition for their daughters private school and high schools. Thats when bitcoin came into their lives.

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Tokyo Bay 60 Million Yen Tawaman Tower Mansion Tribe is Collapsing

How can we overcome paying our daughters schools and the familys big expenses? the family asks Mitsuaki Yokoyama, a financial planner. I started investing in crypto with 100,000 yen around the end of November last year, then the price rose by 2.5 times in just a month. So I got all excited and I invested 1 million yen more, but the price crashed so badly this year, and when I finally woke up from my daydream, I found out I had lost half of all my important savings, Masao Ikeuchi, a 42-year old company employee living in Tokyo said. With his spouse, Naoko, (a pseudonym), 42, he went to consult a financial planner. As the couple heard a husbands colleague saying there was a way to make money very easily, they decided to jump into bitcoin. They had a great start, but soon made losses to the point of no return. What the hell on earth happened? the couple questioned.



US Border Officials to Test Blockchain for Certificate Tracking "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

CBP plans to trial blockchain technology to verify North American Free Trade Agreement and Central American Free Trade Agreement certificates.


Twisting Towers Named Winning Design to Build Australias Tallest Building "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Green Spine by UNStudio and Cox Architecture

Twisting twin towers known as the Green Spine will grace the Melbourne skyline, as UNStudio and Cox Architecture were named winners of the $1.4 billion Southbank by Beulah competition. Beating out five other shortlisted entries by top firms around the world, including MAD, BIG, OMA, and MVRDV, the Dutch-Australian team is on track to create Australia's tallest building.

Green Spine is a series of stacked vertical platforms with verandas and terraces to house greenery throughout. Each tower is topped by a public garden and a lower podium is aimed at engaging the public. The podium, which is composed of stacked platforms, connects the two towers and includes retail spaces, a school, a daycare center, a library, a cinema, and a rooftop public park.

The integration of civic spaces and elegant design helped push the design to the top. The concept offers landscape relief (green) within an area generally lacking in nature, place making, civic art, and cultural experiences, shared government architect and juror Jill Garner. The vertical village idea has a series of relationships and a grain that is beyond its architectural responseit taps into important social issues including ideas associated with the future of home/work/play.

The taller, 1168-foot (356-meter) tower will be entirely residential. By contrast, the smaller tower, which stands at 827 feet (252 meters), will house a hotel, restaurant, bar, and offices. In spreading more than 66,000 square feet (6,100 square meters) of usable space over two towers, UNStudio and Cox break up the impact on the skyline. And from a practical perspective, it allows the construction of each tower to function independently and in stages.



Pectin from Passiflora edulis shows anti-inflammatory action as well as hypoglycemic and hypotriglyceridemic properties in diabetic rats. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  J Med Food. 2011 Oct ;14(10):1118-26. Epub 2011 May 9. PMID: 21554121 Abstract Title:  Pectin from Passiflora edulis shows anti-inflammatory action as well as hypoglycemic and hypotriglyceridemic properties in diabetic rats. Abstract:  Flour made from Passiflora edulis fruit peel has been used in Brazil to treat diabetes. This study evaluated the effects of pectin from P. edulis on rats with alloxan-induced diabetes, on myeloperoxidase release from human neutrophils, and on carrageenan-induced paw edema. In the experiments on carrageenan-induced paw edema, paws were dissected for hematoxylin-eosin staining and immunohistochemistry determinations of tumor necrosis factor- and inducible nitric oxide synthase. Male Wistar rats were divided into the following groups: diabetic controls and diabetic treated with pectin daily for 5 days (0.5-25 mg/kg orally). Glibenclamide and metformin were used as reference drugs. Forty-eight hours after alloxan administration, bloodmeasures were determined (before treatment) and again 5 days later (after treatment). Pectin decreased blood glucose and triglyceride levels in diabetic rats. Pectin also decreased edema volume and release of myeloperoxidase (0.1-100 g/mL). It also significantly decreased neutrophil infiltration and partially decreased immunostaining for tumor necrosis factor- and inducible nitric oxide synthase. In conclusion, these data indicated that pectin, a bioactive compound present in P. edulis, has potential as a useful alternative treatment for type 2 diabetes. Its anti-inflammatory properties are probably involved in its antidiabetic action.

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Theo Jansens New Strandbeest Roams the Beach Like an Undulating Caterpillar "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Earlier this summer artist Theo Jansen (previously) revealed UMINAMI, a new addition to his series of wind-powered strandbeests. The kinetic sculpture is much thinner than previous iterations, and is made without hinging joints so it does not need to be lubricated when roving along the sandy shore. The fabricated creature seems to imitate the motion of a crawling caterpillar, producing an undulating movement as it sweeps across the beach. You can watch other strandbeests in motion on Youtube. (via Laughing Squid)


EA Hacker Ordered to Post $750,000 Bail in Cryptocurrency "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A man who stands accused of illegally accessing the secure network of well-known gaming company Electronic Arts (EA) was arrested in San Francisco National Airport on Aug. 8 attempting to board a flight to Serbia. EA is responsible for games like FIFA, Battlefield, and Star Wars Battlefront and manages assets in excess of $8.5 billion. Martin Marsich, 25, made Continued

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20+ Creative Iron-On Patches For Adding Personality to Your Clothes "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Iron-On Patches

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While you might associate iron-on patches with punks, hippies, or even boy scout uniforms, theyve become a popular and stylish way for anyone to update their wardrobe and express their personality. Whether you want to decorate a classic denim jacket or update an old pair of jeans, iron-on patches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit any garment. And with so many talented artists turning their illustrations into embroidered appliqus, theres plenty of extraordinary embellishments to choose from.

In this list, weve included something for everyone. For example art enthusiasts will find Van Gogh-inspired patches, a Frida Kahlo appliqu, and a textile homage to Yayoi Kusama. Animal lovers will enjoy an adorable French bulldog, a floral cat design, and even a lobster. And for those who dream of the mysteries of outer space, check out the cosmic snake patch, the glittering shooting star, and the rainbow UFO.

How to iron on patches

Embroidered iron-on patches are best suited to most fabrics, including polyester and cotton. However, its not possible to apply heat to waterproof or elastic material, as its likely to melt. Once applied, the patch is permanently attached to the garment and can even be machine-washed without damaging the designprovided you make sure to turn it inside out.

Step 1: Set your hand iron to the hottest temperature setting. Note: Do not use steam during application.
Step 2: Place your embroidered patch on the desired position...


Taylor Creek Fire/Evacuation and Our Personal SHTF Experience "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This is a recap of our recent experience during the wildfires currently burning in Southern Oregon. There's much involved and I want to give an honest and accurate recounting of events, so this will probably wander a bit.

The fires actually started on July 15th due to lightning strikes and things progressed from there.

The fire we were threatened by was the Taylor Creek Fire and it's still burning, although it's being managed at this point. There were so many fires that it was included in...

Taylor Creek Fire/Evacuation and Our Personal SHTF Experience


Shocking Aerial Photos Highlight Wealth Inequality in Cities Worldwide "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Unequal Scenes by Johnny Miller

Nairobi, Kenya
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When we first brought you Johnny Miller's Unequal Scenes, the photographer was using aerial photography to highlight wealth disparity in South Africa. Now, he's branched out to countries around the globe, using a drone to call attention to the income differential that often sees new tennis courts adjacent to abandoned lots.

Since 2016, Miller has captured around 100 photographs in South Africa, India, Tanzania, the United States, and Kenya. The project was born from Miller's time in South Africa, where he moved to study for a master's degree in anthropology. Startled by the tin shacks he saw around him, which give way to affluent neighborhoods, he began using his camera to force people not to turn away from issues of wealth inequality.

The images that I find the most powerful are when the camera is looking straight downwhats known as nadir view,' looking at the actual borders between rich and poor, Miller tells My Modern Met. Sometimes this is a fence, sometimes a road, or wetlandswith small shacks or poor houses on one side, and larger houses or mansions on the other. Whatever it is about the composition of those photographs, they are extremely powerful to people. I think the images make inequality relevantpeople can see themselves reflected in the images, and its deeply unsettling.



Privada Cigar Club "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

I am going to take this time to shamelessly promote the only cigar club I believe to be worthy of my own money. I know, it's not easy deciding what cigars you might like. I also know you can spend a great deal of time and money investing in cigars (I'm up to well over $3,000 myself) with many hours researching to find a great deal on cigars, or bidding on auction sites to try to save a few dollars. Hey, it's your money --you should get what you are paying for.

Well, thankfully now I...

Privada Cigar Club


The Pedo-Popes "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

[Reprinted with Permission] Fathers of the Church:  Saint Wolfgang and the Devil Thousands of pedophile priests have molested minors in the US since 1950, but the church has only paid about $2 billion in damages. Below: Wolfgang und der Teufel (Saint Wolfgang and the Devil) panel of Pachers Kirchenvteraltar (Fathers of the Church altarpiece, c. []


U.K.-Based Crypto Facilities Adds Bitcoin Cash Futures to Its Offerings "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Regulators Greenlight Bitcoin Futures

U.K.-based cryptocurrency futures exchange Crypto Facilities, which is regulated by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority, is adding a bitcoin cash product to its offerings, a press release shared on the exchanges website reveals. Trading for the bitcoin cash-dollar (BCH/USD) futures began today, August 17, 2018, at 4:00 p.m. GMT +1 (11:00 a.m. EST).

The addition of the new contract will enable investors to take long or short positions in bitcoin cash, allowing them to "broaden [their] investment opportunities" and hedge investment risks. The contracts join a list of derivatives currently offered by Crypto Facilities, which includes Bitcoin, Ripple XRP, Ether and Litecoin futures.

At launch of the litecoin futures, CEO of Crypto Facilities, Timo Schlaefer, said there was strong client demand for the product and he believes the "LTC-Dollar futures contracts will increase price transparency, liquidity and efficiency in the cryptocurrency markets."

Now, in rolling out BCH futures, Schlaefer claims that the new offering will bring even more liquidity and exposure to the maturing market.

"We are pleased to be expanding our cryptocurrency derivatives offering with the launch of BitcoinCash [sic] futures. BCH is a top five coin with a market capitalization of around $10 billion and we expect our new contracts to spur the evolution of the crypto markets by bringing greater liquidity and transparency to the digital asset class, Schlaefer commented.

Crypto Facilities rose to prominence in 2017 when it partnered with CME Group to launch the first bitcoin futures contract. Currently, Crypto Facilities powers the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate Index and the CME CF Bitcoin Real-Time Index.

The addition of the BCH futures comes on the heels of a Bitmain IPO, the crypto mining giant that allegedly holds more than 1 million Bitcoin Cash, worth nearly $550 million at the present exchange rate, according to Bitmain'...


World Pays Tribute to Aretha Franklin, the Undisputed Queen of Soul "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Aretha Franklin Tribute

Photo: Cecilio Ricardo, U.S. Air Force [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The world lost a legend on August 16, 2018. Aretha Franklin, the undisputed Queen of Soul, passed away from pancreatic cancer at the age of 76. She died in her home in Detroit surrounded by loved ones.

Franklin had a profound impact on the music industry, and she redefined the role of women (particularly black women) in pop music. Her incredible talent and passion for her work are evident in songs like Respect and I Say a Little Prayer, which have undoubtedly been included on the soundtracks of many lives. These hits, along with many more, lead her to become the most charted female singer in Billboard history and the recipient of 18 Grammy Awards. She was the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; Rolling Stone sums it up best by calling her the greatest singer of all time.

As many mourn her death, the family released a statement through Franklins longtime publicist, Gwendolyn Quinn. In one of the darkest moments of our lives, we are not able to find the appropriate words to express the pain in our hearts, they said. We have lost the matriarch and rock of our family. The love she had for her children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and cousins knew no bounds.

We have been deeply touched by the incredible outpouring of love and support we have received from close friends, supporters, and fans all around the world. Thank you for your compassion and prayers. We have felt your love for Aretha and it brings us comfort to know that her legacy will live on. As we grieve, we ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time.

Former President Obama helped to articulate why the loss of Franklin is so acutely felt. Aretha helped define the American experience, he tweeted. In her voice,...


CIGARS - Free Premium Cigars "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Do you like to smoke premium cigars? If "yes", then keep reading. If "no", then I suppose you're in the wrong place.

I would share this in our Clubhouse so only our Survival Monkey supporters can see it, but I realized we have a number of Monkeys who are trustworthy and are not supporters. I wanted to offer this openly and honestly because I really like the idea of sharing great cigars.

Due to OPSEC (security protocol) sharing personal information is not wise and...

CIGARS - Free Premium Cigars


Artist Ai Weiwei Uses Ethereum to Make Art About 'Value' "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Ai Weiwei and Kevin Abosch is looking to blockchain to start a conversation on the value of human life.


Crypto Trading Fees a Major Revenue Driver Despite Market Decline "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Top analysts from major money management firm Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. believe that revenue from crypto trading fees will double in 2018, despite declining interest and prices in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether.

Bernstein Suggests Crypto Trading is the Next Big Thing

New York-based global asset management firm Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. has released a new report titled Crypto Trading the Next Big Thing is Here? In the report, analysts claim that fees generated from the buying and selling of crypto assets was responsible for as much as 8 percent of what established, traditional exchanges generate in fees, despite the emerging cryptocurrency market being in its infancy.

The total fees amassed at the largest exchanges alone top $1.8 billion in revenue, so its no surprise that Wall Street is showing some signs of interest in getting their slice of the pie. Bernsteins estimates are based on trading fees only and was calculated using daily volume data from CoinMarketCap, CBOE, and other sources.

Lead analyst for Bernstein, Christian Bolu, believes as the crypto asset class matures, additional opportunities including custody and asset management services will be too profitable for traditional firms to ignore.

Big Players Touting Substantial Growth While Loss Leaders Play Catch-Up

As part of Bernsteins report, the firm estimates that San Francisco-based Coinbase dominates the market with 50% of all transaction revenue. Bolu claims that unless Wall Street soon dips their toes into the space, Coinbase could reach an unassailable competitive position. Coinbase overshot its revenue expectations by over $600 million in 2017 due to bitcoins mainstream attention, generating a record $1 billion in revenue for the year.

Another competitor and newcomer to the space is a perfect example of just how profitable cryptocurrency trading can be. Binance, which enjoys some of the highest trading volume among all exchanges, saw an increase quarter over quarter from $7.5 million to $200 million in 2017, and is projecting $1 billion in revenue for 2018.......


Mining Round-Up: Nvidia Shares Drop, College Students Mine on Campus "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Mining Round-Up: Nvidia Shares Drop, College Students Mine on Campus

In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency mining, Nvidia has witnessed a drop in its share price after announcing an unexpectedly modest earnings outlook partly driven by reduced demand for mining hardware. Also, the World Digital Mining Summit has been scheduled for late September in Tbilisi, Georgia, and reports continue to surface detailing opportunistic students using college electricity to mine crypto.

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Nvidia Shares Drop After Reduced Crypto Sales Fuel Declining Profits in Q2

The price of Nvidia stock fell by 6 percent on Thursday following the announcement of lower-than-expected revenue guidance. Despite the bearish response, the company reported better-than-expected...


Festival: Dont Want to Be in Photos? Put a Red Dot on Your Forehead "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A festival in the Netherlands has come up with a strange response to the EUs new GDPR privacy laws: its asking attendees who dont want to be photographed to opt out by putting a red dot on their forehead. reports that the event organizer H&L first introduced the policy at its Haarlem Culinair culinary festival earlier this month. It was detailed (and illustrated) in a terms and conditions flyer that was distributed:

Rule #12 states (translated): You give permission for photos and videos taken on the site to be used for publication purposes. [] If you really do not want to be recognizable in photos or video, you can get a red dot from the organization and stick it on your forehead. [] It may also be a lipstick dot.

Of the 70,000 visitors to the end, a total of 3 attendees reportedly opted to wear red dots on their forehead.

We have house rules at events. One of these is that we take photos and publish them on Facebook, for which visitors give permission, Henny Leeflang of H&L tells De Telegraaf. If you do not want that explicitly, we have come up with the red dot.

When someone with a red dot on their forehead is discovered in photos, the festival organizers will edit the images to make their faces unrecognizable.

H&L says the new policy is a lighthearted response to new privacy laws, and that it plans to use the same policy at another food event later this month.



Malaysias Pakatan Harapan coalition marks its first 100 days in government "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

It has been 100 days since the Pakatan Harapan (Alliance of Hope) coalition took over the reins of government in Malaysia after its surprise election win in May.

Barisan Nasional was swept out of power by an electorate that had had enough of massive government corruption and a constantly rising cost of living.

It was the first time since Malaysia gained its independence from Britain in 1957 that the ruling coalition lost an election.

After an initial period of post-election euphoria, Malaysians then witnessed the high drama of the former prime minister Najib Razak being arrested and charged with breach of trust, abuse of power, and money laundering, and residences linked to Najib being raided by police.

They have heard the director of the federal commercial crime investigation department, Amar Singh, reveal that the total value of items seized in these raids was estimated at between 900 million and 1.1 billion ringgit.

Malaysians have also observed the s...


A View From the Easel "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The 111th installment of a series in which artists send in a photo and a description of their workspace. Want to take part? Submit your studio just check out the submission guidelines.

Reniel Del Rosario, Berkeley, CA (site)

This is my Berkeley studio. The left side of the photo shows my painting section, far back is my sculpture side, and to the right is my drawing/watercolor portion. The desk is my planning and relaxation area, but Ill be honest, its also a clutter collector for books, treasured objects, stationary, and brushes. The outside (seen through the window) is the host to canvas stretching, messy experimentation, and lung and/or liver abusing.

I engage in a cyclical rhythm in my studio: paint; wait for paint to dry; hop over to sculpture; make a clay form; let it harden; skip over to drawing; make some marks; loop back to painting; switch the one Im working with; grind pigments; prepare a board for hide glue; etc. When I know Ill be taking a break, I always leave obnoxious neon-green notes on the work with my current thought (needs more yellow, cover up this ugly mark, just wait, etc.). This way, theres something to look at when I return to see if I really wanted that change. Im always happier to work on one project after another.  Thats why the center is emptier than the rest of the space its my dance floor.

Dave Thomas, McCall, ID (site)



Zcash Sets Stage for Sapling Upgrade With New Software Release "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

He wrote. Sapling had triggered on testnet, but as changes have been made to the consensus rules your node will automatically roll back and move on the Overwinter testnet branch before Sapling activates at the new height. . The v2.0.0 software upgrade includes experimental support for remote procedure calls by which code may execute on a remote computer as if it were known as locally but full support wont be available till the 2.0.1 release. It also fixes an error that slowed some nodes syncing into the network when attacking peers. The purpose has been introduced to mitigate against a class of attack from Sprout nodes, Bowe wrote.

The brand new software instead simply ignores invalid transactions. The Sapling upgrade is intended to dramatically reduce the storage needs for personal transactions and upgrade the blockchains zk snarks cryptography to make it even more secure, as previously reported by CoinDesk. Both part ceremony to create the parameters required to reestablish the blockchain was finished Tuesday, having run since Nov of last year. Announced in another blog post, the group said that completing the procedure concludes the largest multi party computations ever performed. . The zcash team started releasing software patches for Sapling earlier this year. Zcashs past Overwinter hard fork, implemented in June, was anticipated to be a type Of trial run for Sapling, and contained a number of software improvements. Zcash image via Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

blog post
remote procedure calls


Crypto Mining Firm Receives Bomb Threat Over Noise Level "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A bomb threat was delivered to a Norwegian cryptocurrency mining firm for sabotaging the peace with noise this past Saturday. Kryptovault, a crypto mining company with facilities in a number of cities in Norway, have reported receiving threats following a local newspaper reported on its work, according to Yahoo Finance. The bomb threat said that if youre enlarging crypto mining and filling the country with noise, then you are going to be sabotaging the peace. Im threatening to ship you a few explosives, in accordance with the report. Kryptovault controlling your stresses manager Gjermund Hagesaeter said the anonymous note was sent to local authorities, whore taking the entire issue seriously indeed.

Noise complaints about the noise level of mining operations from nearby residents was a reoccurring problem for Kryptovault. Back in June, Vakdalposten newspaper reported that the firm hosted consultation meetings with neighbors at the city of Dale as an effort to cure ongoing frustrations. Nevertheless, given the current turn of events, fresh assessments are being drawn on the course action required to be taken to guarantee the safety of the Kryptovault facilities and employees. In reality, talking with Yahoo Finance, Hagesaeter disclosed that among their 3 cities of operation, Dale is way more accessible to potential intruders.

Consequently, employees within the city have been cautioned to be on their toes in case of any abnormal action moving ahead. Mining is becoming an increasingly rewarding activity for personal businesses around the globe given increased consumer need for crypto assets like bitcoin. In the exact same time, the action demands more host of energy intensive computations consuming large quantities of energy, that some propose only incentivize the need for renewable energy solutions. Alarm image via Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain information, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the greatest journalistic standards and adheres to a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

Yahoo Finance
Vakdalposten newspaper
strict set of editorial policies


Super Herb: Ten Reasons to Use Curcumin "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

While the database contains evidence for the potential therapeutic use of curcumin in over 700 conditions, these ten are some of the most compelling applications. 

1) Depression

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Bitcoin Price Intraday Analysis: BTCUSD Struggling to Puncture $6,500 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The bitcoin price on Friday gained momentum towards $6,500-area, only to find itself unable to puncture through it. The BTC/USD slipped towards 6236-fiat on Bitfinex yesterday but regained much of its value during the early Asian trading session today. The upside correction extended as far as 6558-fiat, but fell short of bullish sentiment and pushed Continued

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A Beginners Step-by-Step Guide to Shooting Long Exposure Photos "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Heres a concise beginners step-by-step guide on how to capture long exposure photographs.

1. Frame the composition. Pay extra attention to the edges of the frame and evaluate whether any people or objects (for example vehicles) might enter the image during the exposure time.

2. Lock the camera down on a sturdy tripod. Attach the camera remote.

3. If your lens has Image Stabilization or Vibration Reduction, it is best practice to turn these off so that no incidental camera shake is induced with the camera on the tripod.

4. Focus. It is recommended to manually focus the image. I suggest using live view mode to ensure that the image is correctly focused. If autofocus is used, make sure that this is turned off once correct focus is achieved.

5. Using the Aperture Priority mode, set the depth of field required for the scene. Using the lowest ISO, take a test image and make a note of the resulting shutter speed calculated by the camera. It may be useful to check the histogram to make sure that the captured image is correctly exposed. Where incorrectly exposed, use exposure compensation to adjust the exposure and take another shot if necessary.

6. Attach the desired Neutral Density (ND) filter. Take extra care not to move the focus or lens barrel when attaching the filter.

7. Calculate the revised shutter speed based on the strength of the filter attached. This is calculated by doubling the shutter speed for each stop of light reduced. The aperture and ISO should remain unchanged.

8. If the resulting shutter speed is under 30 seconds then put the camera onto Manual Mode and dial in the revised settings. Where the shutter speed is beyond 30 seconds then the camera needs to be in Bulb Mode with the desired aperture. The shutter speed will be controlled with a remote.

9. Cover the viewfinder so that no ambient light can enter the camera and cause light-leak on the image.

10. Turning on the mirror lock-up option, take the image using the remote. An alternative to mirror lock-up is to put the camera into live-view mode and take the image.

11. Once the image has been captured, review it and check the histogram for correct exposure, and zoom in to check the focus is sharp.

12. If the image is under or overexposed, increase or decrease the shutter time where appropriate and take another image.......


Hold Your Noses! The Worlds Most Ancient Cheese Found in Egyptian Tomb "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The ancient cheese looked like this, but 3,300 years older and likely a million times moldier. (image via Pixabay)

Imagine being so old that the American Chemical Society (ACS) devotes an entire press release to your very existence, describing you as a solidified whitish mass. Are you mortified? Well thats how a piece of cheese must have felt yesterday when the ACS announced Dr. Enrico Grecos lactic discovery inside the tomb of Ptahmes, mayor of Memphis in Egypt during the 13th century BCE. The chemical scientist at Catania University in Italy believes it is the most ancient solid cheese ever found.

The tomb was initially unearthed in 1885 by a group of treasure hunters who ransacked the spot, taking innumerable riches but not the cheese! While most of the plundered artifacts found their way into museum collections across the world, the dairy product remained well hidden in a canvas fabric deep inside the underground lair, whose location was soon obscured by the shifting desert sands. It would take another 125 years for archaeologists from Cairo University to uncover the tomb again, finding several finely preserved stelae in its confines but still no cheese!

To cut the researchers some slack but not the cheese (Im sorry) Ptahmess tomb is over 70 meters long and features an impressive assortment of chapels. There is also evidence that some of its pillars were reused for churches during the countrys Christian period. Unfortunately, none of the tombs hieroglyphs appear to mention what Ptahmess favorite cheese was. (Given the rank age of our existent sample, though, I would presume blue.)

But whats most ghastly about this cheese (besides its 3,300-year-old age) is that researchers could not determine what kind of milk it was made from. Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry indicate that the sample was either made from cow, sheep, or goat milk. Obviously, there is a vast canyon of difference in tas...


Hisham Echafaki New Mural in France "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

London based artist Hisham Echafaki spent some time in Burgundy, France where he painted a new mural depicting a gigantic Ibera turtle.

Initially known for his intricate surrealist compositions with trompe loeil effects and three dimensional paintings, the contemporary artist braved the intense canicule to paint this hyper realistic turtle. Strong advocate and protector of the fauna and flora, Hisham Echafaki wanted to pay tribute to one of the endangered species as well as a nod to a Hermann turtle, member of the village since the past 45 years.

The project is curated by Butterfly Art News and can be seen in Place Aristide Briand, Saint Aubin Chateauneuf (89110) in Val dOcre, France.

See more pics of the work in progress.

Photo Credit: Butterfly Art News



John Lennon Fans Protest His Killers Possible Release as Parole Hearing Nears "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

It was a crime that shook the world nearly 40 years ago. John Lennon was gunned down in front of his New York City apartment building by a deranged fan, Mark David Chapman. Chapman has been behind bars since the crime, but will soon face a parole board. Lawmakers and fans gathered at Lennons Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park. They were protesting Chapmans possible release. InsideEdition.coms Mara Montalbano ( has more.


How to Photograph Bugs in Front of a Sunrise "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Ive been taking photos for a long time. That said, I got into the bad habit of taking tons of disjointed photos. That is, I was not thinking of my work as project-based nor was I using my photos to really tell stories. Over the last few years, however, Ive engaged in more project-based work. Last summer, I created several photo stories of various insects and this summer, I tried something entirely new a photo series depicting insects and spiders awakening to the sunrise.

There are a few reasons bugs are great subjects to photograph at sunrise. First, insects, spiders, and other invertebrates are ectothermic, meaning they derive their body heat from external sources. In other words, invertebrates need sunlight to warm up and get moving. Finding and photographing bugs at sunrise often means that they are slow and sluggish, making them a bit easier to photograph.

Another advantage of photographing invertebrates early in the morning is dew. When conditions are right, dew forms on still insects like moths and on surrounding plant material and this makes for wonderful photographs. For the purpose of my Early Risers photo series, the addition of the sunrise in each photo is a highlight.

How I Did It

Equipment: For this photo series, I used my Canon 70D with a reversed Canon EF 40mm /2.8 STM pancake lens and a Vello Macrofier Reverse Mount Adapter with my cameras onboard flash and a Graslon Spark Flash Diffuser. This setup offers a 1.2:1 magnification ratio and its lightweight, low profile, and easy to maneuver with just one hand while your other hand helps hold steady your subjects. This is the same setup I use with most of my macro work.

Technique: To shoot each photo, its important to not shoot in direct sunlight (you could damage both your eyes and your camera). I position myself so Im shooting sunlight filtered through trees or shrubs. It takes a bit of guesswork to position the sunlight in the frame of the camera. Where you position the sunlight in your viewfinder is not exactly where it will be in your final shot, but with some practice, it gets easier.



Illegal Rubber-Stamp of Keystone XL Stalled as Federal Court Orders Full Environmental Review "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

'Illegal Rubber-Stamp' of Keystone XL Stalled as Federal Court Orders Full Environmental Review

By Jessica Corbett

Rejecting what critics have called the Trump administrations illegal rubber-stamp of the Keystone XL pipeline, a federal court in Great Falls, Montana has sided with opponents of the project and mandated a full environmental impact review for the proposed route.

The court saw through the sham fast-track environmental review that TransCanada and the State Department were trying to shove past Nebraska landowners and Tribal Nations.
Mark Hefflinger, Bold Alliance

This is a huge win for the landowners and Tribal Nation members whose water and environment would be forever threatened by this dangerous tar sands project, declared Jackie Prange, senior attorney at Natural Resources Defense Council.

The court saw through the sham fast-track environmental review that TransCanada and the State Department were trying to shove past Nebraska landowners and Tribal Nations, responded Mark Hefflinger of Bold Alliance. Well continue to stand together against this tar sands export pipeline that threatens our land, water, and climate at every opportunity, and at every public hearing during the new court-ordered review of Nebraska.



P2P Markets Report: Record-Breaking Volume Across VEB, ARS, and PHP Markets "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

P2P Markets Report: Record-Breaking Volume Across VEB, ARS, and PHP Markets

The peer-to-peer BTC markets of numerous emerging markets have witnessed significant action this past week, with the Localbitcoins markets of Venezuela, Argentina, and the Philippines posting record weekly fiat trade volume. The P2P markets of Tanzania and the Dominican Republic also saw notable surges in trading activity.

Also Read: Huobi Launches Partner Exchanges in Russia, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Canada

Venezuela and Argentina Witness All-Time High Fiat Volume for P2P Trade

P2P Markets Report: Record-Breaking Volume Across VEB, ARS, and PHP MarketsA number of Latin American P2P BTC markets have witnessed an upsurge in trading activity this past week, with Venezuela and Argentina setting new records for the fiat value of weekly trade volume on Localbitcoins, according to C...


Let's learn about Set and its unique functionality in JavaScript "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Dont be a duplicate or else Set will catch you


ES2015/ES6 gave us a lot of useful tools and features, but one that stands out the most for me is Set. Its not used to its full potential. I hope to convince you of its worth with this article, so that you can reap the full benefits of this beautiful utility.

So what is Set, you ask?

The Set object lets you store unique values of any type, whether primitive values or object references., MDN.

Set removes duplicate entries.

Basic Functionality

Whenever you want to use SET, you have to initialize it using the new keyword and pass in an initial iterable data, leave it blank or null.

All valid ways to initialize set.
const newSet1 = new Set();
const newSet2 = new Set(null);
const newSet3 = new Set([1, 2, 3, 4, 5]);

Set utilities/methods

add, like its name suggests, adds new entries to the newly initialized Set const. If at any time a duplicate value gets added to the set, it will be discarded using strict equality.

const newSet = new Set();
// chain add functionality
newSet.forEach(el => {
// expected output: C
// expected output: 1
// expected output: H

has checks to see if the value that you pass in exists in the newSet const. If the value does exist, it will return the Boolean true, and itll return false if it doesnt

const newSet = new Set(["A", 2, "B", 4, "C"]);
// expected output: true
// expected output: true
// expected output: false

clear & delete are two of the most important functionalities of Set if you want to either remove all entries or delete a specific value.

const newSet = new Set(["A", 2, "B", 4, "C"]);
// expected output: true


Coinbase Patent Shows Exchange Is Refining Security for Bitcoin Payments "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A patent by U.S. crypto exchange and wallet provider Coinbase proposes a new encryption mechanism for further securing Bitcoin (BTC) payments


Ad Valorem Censorship "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Censorship Is What Happens When Powerful People Get Scared Only the weak hit the fly with a hammer. Bangambiki Habyarimana Anyone who tells you the recent escalation of censorship by U.S. tech giants is merely a reflection of private companies making independent decisions is either lying or dangerously ignorant. In the case of Facebook, the []


Canon IS vs Sony IBIS: Which Image Stabilization is Better? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The Sony a7R III is a feature-filled camera that Im sure many of us would consider to be one of the best currently available on the market. One of its very useful features is IBIS or in-body image stabilization. This feature helps prevent motion blur in your images by moving the sensor to compensate for unintentional vibrations and movements.

In practical uses this means you can shoot with relatively slower shutter speeds and still produce sharp images, preventing the need to increase the ISO. The great thing about having stabilization on the sensor is that its effective on pretty much any lens you put on the camera.

Canon, on the other hand, does not currently offer any camera with sensor stabilization. Their reason for this is because they believe stabilization in the lens is more effective because its designed specifically for the lens in question. For that reason, I decided to compare Canons lens IS against Sonys IBIS to see which one is actually better.

To begin with I started with comparing the Canon 24mm f/2.8 IS on the Canon 5DS R vs the Sony 28mm f/2.0 on the...


Canada Bans Bee-Killing Neonics While US Moves Backward "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

By Jessica Corbett

While the Trump administration recently moved to roll back a ban on neonicotinoid pesticides in U.S. wildlife refuges, conservationists are celebrating Canada for recognizing the overwhelming body of scientific evidence on neonics and phasing out these dangerous pesticides.

SEE: Trump Reverses Ban On GMOs And Bee-Killing Pesticides In Refuges

This is a really huge decision.
John Bennett, Friends of the Earth Canada

These bee-killing pesticides pose a serious threat to public health, the environment, and our entire food system, declared Tiffany Finck-Haynes, a senior food futures campaigner for Friends of the Earth U.S., applauding the Canadian governments new policy.

Canadas Pest Management Regulatory Agency on Wednesday unveiled plans to phase out two of the three main neonics curr...


Breaking: Russia Deploys 2 Nuke Bombers To Alaska "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Paul Begley YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now. also also Russia deployed 2 Nuke Bombers to Alaska also also Help Us Spread the Word also also also also also also also


Food VS Gold in SHTF "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Canadian Prepper YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

What is the more important commodity to store for collapse? The answer is not so simple.

Bugout Rolls & Backpacking Systems

Emergency Radios

Freeze Dried Food (Long lasting survival food)

Personal Protective Equipment

First Aid Kits

Shelter and Sleep Systems

Water Filtration

Cooking Systems

Silky Saws

Flashlights & Navigation

Survival Gear/ Misc

Fire Starting



Survival and Prepping T-shirts

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5 Signs That Global Financial Markets Are Entering A Bear Market, And 11 Ways That You Can Get Prepared For The Chaos That Is Coming "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

We havent seen carnage like this in the global financial marketplace in quite some time. On Wednesday, U.S. stocks were down some, but things were much, much worse around the rest of the world. Global banking stocks are plunging, emerging market stocks are cratering, and emerging market currencies continue their stunning decline. This represents a dramatic change from the relative stability that we have seen throughout most of 2018. It is almost as if someone flipped a switch once the month of August began, and the shakiness of global financial markets has many investors wondering what trouble fall will bring. What we are witnessing right now is not a full-blown panic yet, but it definitely has the potential to turn into one.

The term bear market is being thrown around a lot lately, but a lot of people dont understand what a bear market actually is.

A bear market is generally considered to be when we see a decline of 20 percent or more from the 52-week high, and after the carnage of this past week a lot of those thresholds are now being crossed.

It would probably be too early to call this a global stock market crash, but we are well on the way to getting there.  The following are 5 signs that global financial markets are entering a bear market

#1 Global stocks have now fallen beneath all key moving averages. Those key moving averages are important psychological thresholds for investors, and if we have a few more days like Wednesday we could see global financial markets go into full panic mode.

#2 European banking stocks have now officially entered a bear ma...


Wall Streets Crypto Caution Risks Coinbase Gaining Unassailable Position "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Cryptocurrency trading revenue is primed to explode within the near future, and Wall Street is running out of time if it hopes to stop industry giant Coinbase from gaining an indomitable market position. Writing in a new report titled Crypto Trading the Next Big Thing is Here?, analysts at market research firm Sanford C. Continued

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Analysts: Crypto Trading Revenue Could More Than Double in 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A new report from analysts Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. claims that revenue generated by cryptocurrency exchanges could more than double to hit $4 billion in 2018


Hasselblads XV Lens Adapter Lets You Use V Lenses on the X1D-50c "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Hasselblad has launched its new XV lens adapter, which lets you mount old V system lenses on the new X1D-50c medium format mirrorless camera.

The XV adapter, which Hasselblad says bridges its legacy and its future, supports Hasselblads full lineup of C, CB, CF, CFI, CFE, F and FE lenses it adds compatibility for over 60 lenses that range in focal length from 30mm to 500mm.

The lenses function solely using the X1D-50cs electronic shutter since no lens shutter control is possible when pairing the two generations of gear.

You can purchase the Hasselblad XV lens adapter now through the Hasselblad website for $249 with free shipping.


Thought crimes: Argumentum ad baculum, and then some "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Much that we are now observing is the hallmark of fascism in censorship by force and its appointees are basing their actions upon logical fallacies as in the Argumentum Ad Verecundiam presented herein and elsewhere in their other arguments. Modern totalitarians do not at first crush dissent by force; to do so would be to []


Jewels in the Night Sea: Luminous Plankton Captured in the Dark Waters of the Osezaki Sea "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Larval fish of Dendrochirus, all images copyright Ryo Minemizu

Larval fish of Dendrochirus, all images copyright Ryo Minemizu

Japanese marine life photographer Ryo Minemizu focuses his lens on some of the tiniest and most abundant life forms in our oceans. His series Phenomenons explores the diverse beauty and extravagant colors of plankton, and is shot amongst the dark waters of the Osezaki sea near Mount Fuji. To capture the small creatures Minemizu sets his shutter speed to just a fraction of a second, while ensuring that his own movements dont disturb the surrounding organisms.

Plankton symbolize how precious life is by their tiny existence, he explains. I wanted other people to see them as they are in the sea, so it was my motivation from the beginning to shoot plankton underwater, which is quite a challenge. Most plankton are small, and their movements are hard to predict.

His solo exhibition Jewels in the Night Sea begins a three-city tour at Canon Gallery in Ginza, Tokyo from August 20-29, 2018. It will then move to Cannon galleries in Nagoya and Osaka from September 6-12 and September 20-26, 2018. You can see more of Minemizus underwater photography on Instagram and...


Crypto Mining Firm Receives Bomb Threat Over Noise Level "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A bomb threat was sent on Saturday to Kryptovault, a Norwegian cryptocurrency mining company, for disturbing the peace.


Did Bitcoin Bottom Out at $5,800 and is This the Beginning of a New Rally? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

In merely three days, the Bitcoin price has recovered from $5,850 to $6,500, leading the entire crypto market to rebound by a large margin.

Followed by the establishment of Bitcoins newly found momentum, tokens and small market cap cryptocurrencies have risen by absurdly large margins, by around 30 to 80 percent in the past 48 hours.

As NewsBTC reported earlier today, on August 17, the price of China-based cryptocurrency VeChain rose by more than 50 percent as other tokens including Ontology and ICON recorded solid 30 percent gains.

Has the Market Reached its Bottom?

A strong case can be made, despite the expectations of prominent investors such as BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes and Susquehanna digital asset lead Bart Smith for another large drop in the value of Bitcoin, that the cryptocurrency market has reached its bottom.

Weekly gain of Bitcoin, price chart provided by Coinbase

Both Hayes and Smith have said throughout the past week that Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market are due for another correction before initiating a mid-term rally, as they need to stabilize and establish a foundation to support the next bull rally.

However, the market has not seen such a large recovery since April, when the price of Bitcoin rebounded from $5,900 to $10,000, and the increase in the valuation of the crypto market over the past three days was supported by a rapid recovery in the value of tokens.

From July and August, the price of most tokens including Ontology, VeChain, and ICON have fallen by nearly 80 percent against Bitcoin, which also fell by more than 40 percent on its own. Due to the instability and volatility in the public cryptocurrency exchange market, investors were reluctant towards investing in high-risk high-return trades.

In the past three days, the trend has reversed, followed by a shift in the momentum of tokens. Ethereum-based tokens, which have performed poorly against Bitcoin and the US dollar throughout July and August, recorded m...


Be Wary of the Wellcome Photography Prize "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The Wellcome Trust is the worlds second largest charitable trust with an endowment of approximately 23.2 billion (~$30 billion). For the past 20 years, it has produced a photo contest called the Wellcome Image Awards, and this year, it rebranded the contest as the Wellcome Photography Prize.

The Prize is free to enter, and images can be submitted into one of four categories. Each category winner receives 1,250 while the overall winner receives a prize of 15,000 (~USD$19,000). Furthermore, the winners and shortlisted entries will be displayed at the Lethaby Gallery of the University of the Arts London.

My company, Photoshelter, has evaluated contests for many years, and the Wellcome Photography Prize passes muster on several fronts: no entry fee, big cash prize, and an exhibition.

But the terms and conditions (T&C) are onerous:

Copyright holders grant to Wellcome a royalty-free, non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable and sub-licensable right to copy, adapt, distribute, perform and use their images in any media (including social media, online and print) in connection with Wellcomes charitable mission, including in relation to all promotional activities for the prize and for commercial purposes. Copyright holders will be credited and Wellcome will offer the copyright holder a reasonable fee should Wellcome make use of their image on merchandise which gen......


How to set up a Git client in just a few minutes "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Today were going to talk about Git. Youre going to learn what Git is and how to set up a Git client on your computer.

What is Git?

Imagine youre playing a game. In this game, you can create save points. When you die in the game, you need to load your game and continue from your save point.

If you didnt create a save point, you would start all the way at the beginning of the game again. Thats not a fun experience, so it's always a good idea to save your game.

Git is like a save point system for your work. You can create save points. In Git we call each save point a commit.

When you create a commit in Git, you can load your work from that commit. If you create five commits, you can load your work from any of these commits.

Choosing a Git Client

Many people teach you how to use Git with a command line, but that can be scary for beginners.

Were going to throw away the command line and use applications to help you get started with Git. These applications are also known as Git clients.

My favorite Git Client is Tower. It is extremely powerful. The only downside to Tower is it costs $55.20 each year. If youre new to programming, you might not want to start with Tower. You might want to try a free application instead.

Here are some good free apps:

  1. Sourcetree
  2. GitKraken
  3. Fork

Sourcetree is probably the best free app out there. It is good and has features on par with Tower. But Sourcetree can be buggy, and you might not be able to resolve the errors yourself. (I tried, and I couldnt).

GitKraken is another popular app that many people like. I believe GitKraken is too fancy, and focuses on the wrong things, though.

Fork looks clean and simple and is pretty good to get started with. Its in beta right now, so its free, but you might need to pay for it later.

Im going to show you how to setup Fork.

Setting up Fork

Heres the Welcome screen when you open up Fork for the first time:

It will as...


Paul Craig Roberts: Is Capitalism Killing Us? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Ecological economists, such as Herman E. Daly, stress that as the external costs of pollution and resource exhaustion are not included in Gross Domestic Product, we do not know whether an increase in GDP is a gain or a loss.

External costs are huge and growing larger. Historically, manufacturing and industrial corporations, corporate farming, city sewer systems, and other culprits have passed the costs of their activities onto the environment and third parties. Recently, there has been a spate of reports with many centering on Monsantos Roundup, whose principal ingredient, glyphosate, is believed to be a carcinogen.

A public health organization, the Environmental Working Group, recently reported that its tests found glyphosate in all but 2 of 45 childrens breakfast foods including granola, oats and snack bars made by Quaker, Kellogg and General Mills.

In Brazil, tests have discovered that 83% of mothers breast milk contains glyphosate.

The Munich Environmental Institute reported that 14 of the most widely selling German beers contain glyphosate.

Glyphosate has been found in Mexican farmers urine and in Mexican groundwater.

Scientific American has reported that even Roundups inert ingredients can kill human cells, particularly embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells.

A German toxicologist has accused the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment and the European Food Safety Authority of scientific fraud for accepting a Monsanto-led glyphosate Task Force conclusion that glyphosate is not a carcinogen....


BPA-Free, but Not Toxic-Free "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"


Consumers are demanding BPA-free products, but the alternatives are no safer. Action Alert!

The word is out about bisphenol-A (BPA), the chemical that is commonly used in drinking containers, childrens toys, and other plastic products: its been linked to diabetes, asthma, cancer, obesity, and altered prostate and neurological development, among other illnesses. Unfortunately, the alternatives that industry is using are no safer, despite the BPA-free marketing ploysbut federal regulators continue to protect the chemical industry by refusing to ban these dangerous compounds.

The chemical industry has, in response to consumer demand (and an FDA ban of BPA in plastic baby bottles), used bisphenol-S (BPS) to replace BPA. However, reports indicate that BPS is just as toxic as BPA. Studies have found that even small amounts of BPSas little as one part per trillioncan disrupt cellular functioning and impair brain development.



A quick introduction to Block Element Modifiers (BEM) "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Block Element Modifier

Hi there! So you want to gain a better understanding of BEM? I guess if you are reading this, you may not know what BEM stands for. In case you dont, its an abbreviation for Block Element and Modifier.

What is BEM?

BEM is a design methodology that helps you to create reusable components and code sharing in front-end

This means that BEM is a system of methods that helps you write your HTML and CSS code so that it is simple to reuse and share with other parts of your code.

BEM in action.

So now you know the definition of BEM, but you might not know how it looks or how it works. As I stated earlier, BEM is an abbreviation, so lets take a look at each of those words and what they mean.


A block refers to any entity that can stand alone and still make sense. Examples of blocks are header, input, and checkbox. Examples of things that are not blocks are header titles, an item in a list, or a label for a checkbox.

If we should remove the text that labels a radio input and put it on its own, itll no longer make sense.

Look at this:

If the part thats outlined becomes separated into individual blocks, they would no longer make any sense to the user.

This is a true separation into blocks:

If I removed any one of these blocks and threw it away, the other block will still make some sense to the user. Though, in this case, it wont be useful to the user because its a radio button instead of a checkbox.

Its important to look at a block as any combination (or a single HTML tag) of several elements (or other blocks) in a way that it makes sense to the user when placed alone.


An Element should be a little easier to understand now, since I explained it when I talked about Blocks. Those parts of a block which have no semantic meaning outside of the block are elements.

Lets look at the this again:

The highlighted parts are elements, because they help define what the block is.

The code fo...


Landmark Monsanto payout over possible Roundup cancer link divides Australian farmers "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Tralee Snape (above) believes her non-Hodgkins lymphoma was caused by the chemical glyphosate. (ABC Rural: Josh Becker) When a San Francisco jury ordered Monsanto to pay $289.2 million to former school groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson, currently dying of non-Hodgkins lymphoma due to his use of Roundup, it worried some Australian farmers but relieved others. Because a growing number of them want a []

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UK Exchange Launches First FCA-Regulated Bitcoin Cash Futures Contracts "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

UK Exchange Launches First FCA-Regulated Bitcoin Cash Futures Contracts

The UK-based cryptocurrency futures exchange, Crypto Facilities, has announced the launch of the first Bitcoin Cash Dollar (BCH/USD) futures. Crypto Facilities is regulated by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the new BCH futures products will join the firms other crypto-based contracts at 4 pm UK time on Friday, August 17th.

Also read: Handcash Launches Pop A New BCH Point-of-Sale Companion Application

Crypto Facilities Bitcoin Cash Futures to Help Spur the Evolution of Cryptocurrency Markets

Bitcoin Cash proponents were excited to hear about a new futures market offered by the regulated UK firm Crypto Facilities. Bitcoin Cash Dollar (BCH/USD) futures will be added to Crypto Facilities lineup of bitcoin core (BTC), ripple (XRP), litecoin (LTC), and ethereum (ETH) contracts.

We are pleased to be expanding our cryptocurrency derivatives offering with the launch of Bitcoin Cash futures, Timo Schlaefer, CEO of Crypto Facilities told

BCH is a top five coin with a market capitalisation of around $10 billion and we expect our new contracts to spur the evolution of the crypto markets by bringing greater liquidity and transparency to the digital asset class.  



Photos of Zookeepers as the Animals They Care For "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

For the past few years, the Minnesota Zoo has been celebrating National Zookeeper Week in mid-July by shooting a set of lighthearted photos in which the zookeepers recreate photos of the zoos animals.

Our dedicated zookeepers are starting to resemble the animals in their care, the zoo says.



Potomac Pipeline: MD enviros announce legal action "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Governor Hogans Dangerous Potomac Pipeline Cleared Important Regulatory Hurdle Groups Fight Back

Chesapeake Climate Action Network and Potomac Riverkeeper Network Request Rehearing of Federal Approval of TransCanadas Proposed Fracked-Gas Pipeline Underneath the Potomac River

WASHINGTON, DC Today, environmental groups requested a rehearing for a key permit that was recently issued for a highly controversial fracked-gas pipeline known as the Potomac Pipeline. This pipeline is set to be built underneath the Potomac River, threatening the drinking water of millions of residents who rely on the Potomac as a drinking water source.

The permit, issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), was called into question by two FERC commissioners who raised concerns about the agencys examination of the pipelines impacts on climate change. Commissioner LaFleur also voiced concerns  about the impacts from a closely related pipeline under construction in West Virginia.  These are among the issues the groups raised in their rehearing request.

From the very beginning, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan put his thumb on the scale in favor of building this pipeline. He coordinated with the Canadian-based company behind the project, TransCanada (which owns Columbia Gas), to exempt the risky drilling process for this pipeline from state oversight. Hogans Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) then failed to carry out a thorough water certification process under the Clean Water Act, under which the department would have had the authority to reject the pipeline.

The Potomac Pipeline would run through sensitive karst geology underneath the Potomac River, making it more likely that a leak or explosion could happen during and after construction. It would also deepen our dependence on fossil fuels and lead to an expansion of fracking in Pennsylvania. Fracking wells leak the powerful greenhouse gas methane into the air, making it as bad or worse for global warming than coal.

Anne Havemann, G...


How To Get Ready for a Rapidly Spreading Wildfire "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Prepare wildfire - How To Get Ready for a Rapidly Spreading Wildfire

By Jeremiah Johnson, Ready Nutrition

Six large new wildfires erupted in the United States, pushing the number of major active blazes nationwide to over 100, with more expected to break out sparked by lightning strikes on bone-dry terrain, authorities said on Saturday and more are expected.  New York Times

The fire season has been in full force for several weeks, now. Fire season is brought on by both seasonally (in some areas) and unseasonably dry weather with ignitable material. Currently, there are wildfires burning in several states in the West and Southwest. Some of the main states experiencing heavy wildfire activity are Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

Interactive maps can give you a view of areas now suffering from the advent and spread of wildfires. One of the problems besides the hundreds of thousands of acres burning and the losses of life, property, and forests with wildlife is the smoke. The drifting squalls of smoke are carried eastward by the prevailing Westerly winds and everyone downwind from the fires path is subjected to smoke inhalation.



On tape: Wind and solar leaders plead for MD legislation "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

MD Wind and Solar Businesses Appeal to Lawmakers and Grassroots to Expand Renewable Portfolio Standard

Leaders say two environmental nonprofits are outliers and calls to end RPS could hurt wind and solar employees

ANNAPOLIS, MD This week, top leaders in The Maryland wind and solar industries called on state legislators and grassroots activists to embrace a bill that would rapidly expand Marylands renewable electricity standard.

The leaders Andrew Gohn of the American Wind Energy Association and Cyrus Tashakkori of the Maryland Utility-Scale Solar Energy Coalition  pointed to the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) as the key to success for Marylands wind and solar industries thus far. They explained that expanding the RPS further would lead to continued expansion of the wind and solar industries, creating thousands of new jobs in Maryland.

Listen to the conference call recording in full here.

There is broad consensus that the RPS incentivizes construction of new wind and solar plants. However, two recent reports from Food & Water Watch (FWW) and Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility (CPSR) have contradicted this broad consensus.

During the conference call, Gohn and Tashakkori explained how these outlier reports used outdated information to come to the wrong conclusions. For instance, the CPSR report continually references data from 2016 to claim that 46 percent of the energy incentivized by the RPS is brown energy, or energy from burning black liquor or trash. But in 2020, the RPS will incentivize 80 percent carbon-free energy, with only 20 percent going to brown sources. And by doubling the RPS through the Clean Energy Jobs Act, this makeup will be 94 percent clean by 2030.

They also explain why the criticism of unbundled Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) is misguided. Theres a mountain of evidence that RECs incentivize renewables, Gohn said on the call, pointing to independent analyses from the Brattle Group as well as from national labs like Lawrence Berkeley.  Just about everybody agrees that RPS policies have been the thing that has driven new renewables in the region. Tashakkori referenced an analogy he also made in a recent B...


How to build a single page application using server-side Blazor "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash


In this article, we will create a Single Page Application (SPA) using server-side Blazor. We will use an Entity Framework Core database. Single-Page Applications are web applications that load a single HTML page. They dynamically update that page as the user interacts with the app.

We will be creating a sample Employee Record Management System. We will perform CRUD operations on it. A modal popup will display the form to handle user inputs. The form will also have a dropdown list which will bind to a database table. We will also provide a filter option to the user to filter the employee records based on employee name.

We will be using Visual Studio 2017 and SQL Server 2017 for our demo.

Let us look at the final application:

What is Server-Side Blazor?

The release 0.5.0 of Blazor allows us to run Blazor applications on the server. This means that we can run the Blazor component server-side on .NET Core. A SignalR connection over the network will handle other functionalities such as UI updates, event handling, and JavaScript interop calls.

For more information, refer to my previous article on Understanding Server-Side Blazor.


  • Install the .NET Core 2.1 or above SDK from here
  • Install Visual Studio 2017 v15.7 or above from here
  • Install ASP.NET Core Blazor Language Services extension from here
  • SQL Server 2012 or above.

Visual Studio 2017 versions below v15.7 do not support the Blazor framework.

Source Code

Get the source code for this application from GitHub.

Important Note :

This article is valid for Blazor 0.5.0 release. The server-side Blazor might undergo breaking changes in future releases of Blazor.

Creating a Table......


Gateway to Heaven SPOTTED? Frenzy as 'choir of angels seen in sky' "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

AN entrance to Heaven has been spotted in the clouds, according to outrageous claims circulating online. 


Monsanto Appeal Attempt Fails as California Lists Glyphosate as Known Carcinogen "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Monsanto Appeal Attempt Fails as California Lists Glyphosate as Known Carcinogen

The California Supreme Court refused Wednesday to hear a challenge to a key provision of the states landmark chemical consumer-disclosure law, Proposition 65, brought by Monsanto. The chemical maker was seeking to force California to remove glyphosate, found in the companys Roundup products, from the Proposition 65 list of carcinogens.

This decision leaves in place lower court decisions upholding a provision of the voter-approved initiative that allows outside expert scientific findings to be considered when adding chemicals to the public list of carcinogens.

It also follows a landmark verdict last Friday that awarded Mr. Dewayne Johnson $289 Million in damages from Monsanto. It was found that the use of Monsantos Roundup weedkiller caused Mr. Johnson to get cancer.

Glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in the United States and the world. It is also the most widely used pesticide in California, as measured by area of treated land. An analysis by the Center for Biological Diversity found that more than half of the glyphosate sprayed in California is applied in the states eight most-impoverished counties.

Monsanto doesnt have the right to decide which scientific experts are permitted to inform the public about cancer-causing chemicals. By refusing to consider this case, the Supreme Court has...


Capital One Seeks Blockchain Patent for Collaborative Authentication Tool "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

U.S. Banking giant Capital One is working on using blockchain technologies to usher in much user authentication methods more convenient and secure for cases like banking security. At a continuation of a patent application submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office back in June 2017, Capital One sets out a blockchain system which will obtain, store and recover encrypted user authentication information, based on a filing released Thursday. The suggested idea is described as a distributed, non reputable record of authentication interactions which allows users to authenticate themselves over multiple platforms, but restricts how much personal info is shared between them.

Essentially, the technique retrieves identification information on an individual when they commence the authentication process. The system will authenticate or refuse the user according to the received authentication info, but the user information itself is kept securely on the blockchain. The claimed invention is stated to possibly decrease time and resource burden for institutions when on new clientele. In addition, the filing adds, itd be a boon for users that might resent having to repeatedly authenticate themselves as they move between different institutions.

Therefore, Capital One says, both associations and clients might therefore benefit from a collaborative authentication system which handles authentication interactions for numerous institutions. One business focused use case for your innovation is stated as fulfilling statutory or regulatory conditions, like Know Your Client requirements, which most financial institutions around the globe are legally mandated to abide by to decrease the potential risk of cash laundering. Capital One picture via Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

Capital One
strict set of editorial policies


California Judge Orders Accused Hacker to Pay Bail in Crypto "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A Serbian and Italian national has been ordered to pay bond in cryptocurrency while he faces charges that he hacked the computer network of a San Francisco, California game firm. Based on a news release from the US Attorneys Office, a Federal Bureau of Investigation investigation found that a person, later declared to be Martin Marsich, he had breached the gaming firms network, gaining access to about 25, 000 accounts through which users may buy in game things.

In addition to allegedly using stolen info to sell and buy in the game objects, Marsich is accused of promoting access to the accounts on black marketplace web sites, in total causing claimed losses of $324, 000 to the corporation. The company apparently closed the affected accounts following the intrusion was detected, the report says. The accused made an original look in the federal court in San Francisco, California on Aug. 9, after reportedly being detained at San Francisco, California International Airport while attempting to board a trip to Serbia. In the hearing, Magistrate Judge Corley stated Marsich might be released to a halfway home on the condition that he hands over bond of cryptocurrency to the value of $750, 000.

Based on a report from The Daily Post report, District Attorney Abraham Simmons stated it was probably not the very first time cryptocurrency had been permitted to be set up for bond, since judges could accept other assets like real estate. Simmons was quoted as saying: It really is rather broad. The judge can order just about anything. What the objective is to bring the defendant to adhere to an order to appear afterwards. Marsich faces a maximum sentence of five years imprisonment and a fine of $250, 000 if found guilty, the prosecutors office says. Handcuffs and bitcoin picture via Shutterstock. The leader in blockchain news, CoinDesk is a media outlet which strives for the highest journalistic standards and adheres to a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups.

news release
Handcuffs and bitcoin
strict set of editorial policies


BREAKING Irans General Soleimani Threatens USA "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Paul Begley YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Iranian General Qassem Soleimani Threatens White House


Lion Shaped Mountain: Muddy Travelers "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

In Sierra Leone, humans and chimpanzees are being pushed closer and closer together


A new issue of Forum "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A new issue of Forum has just been published. It contains a series of articles about Labours plans for a National Education Service. It goes without saying that in general  Labours policy should be welcomed, but some of its post-16 proposals are more problematic. In one of the contributions, Patrick Ainley and myself explain why Continue reading A new issue of Forum


What If KSI Fought Floyd Mayweather? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the LifesBiggestQuestions YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

What If KSI Fought Floyd Mayweather?
Subscribe To Lifes Biggest Questions:

Well I mean, actually if youre asking me as we say in England, KSI would get absolutely battered. And by absolutely battered, I dont mean hed become a deep fried fish but I imagine that hed be in a much similar state. Why? Well lets take a look.

What If Logan Paul Beats KSI?

What If KSI Beats Logan Paul?

What If The SCP Foundation Was Real?

Jack Finch:

Ryan Wazonek

For business inquiries, please contact


Coinbase Files Patent for Direct Bitcoin Payments System "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Crypto exchange Coinbase recently filed for a patent detailing a new system to enable online users to make Bitcoin payments more securely. The patent, filed on August 14, will allow users to make payments directly from their Bitcoin wallet. The patent cites the issue of customers being required to compromise on the security of their Continued

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Breaking Cataclysmic India Foods 164 Dead Thousands Stranded "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Paul Begley YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Cataclysmic floods his India 164 Dead


UK Watchdog Warns of Crypto Scams Using Prestigious London Addresses as Smokescreen "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The U.K.s financial watchdog warns of crypto investment scams that use elite London addresses or celebrity images as smokescreens


Cancer researcher at OSU up to nine retractions "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A cancer researcher and emeritus professor at The Ohio State University has retracted four more papers, bringing his total to nine from a single journal. The four retractions of work by Samson Jacob appear in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, from which Jacob retracted five papers in March. The original papers one of which Continue reading Cancer researcher at OSU up to nine retractions


How to become more than a coder "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

just do it

This post is about how to become more than a coderhow to make more of your potential, to stretch yourself, to do more, and achieve more. This could mean finally building that website or app that youve always wanted to. Or giving your first talk at a meetup. Or entering that work hackathon even though youre swamped with your day job. Or learning new skills and transferring to a more interesting project.

Ive been a professional engineer for about 12 years. For the last 5 or 6 years, Ive worked in full-time innovation teams, working with emerging technology, new concepts, new products, and generally having the time of my life. I get asked to give numerous talks each year. I make my own apps independently. And Ive just started my own company on the side to make games, something Ive always wanted to do.

I have friends in other tech firms with great engineering jobs who tell me that while they enjoy what theyre doing, theyd much rather be working on new, creative stuff. Not all of them think like this of course. Some think my job is just playing with the toys while the real engineers do the real work!

I have other friends who are unhappy in their engineering roles. Theyre stuck on legacy systems, or theyre bored of writing yet another API with same boilerplate code as usual, or they just arent interested in the actual product theyre building.

In this post, Ill outline some advice on how I believe you can achieve more.

my desk may not help my its serious work argument

Coding is not just 9 to 5

I dont mean that you need to work longer hours. I mean that you could be coding and creating outside of your day job. My main pass times are:

  • Spending time with my family
  • Creating

I make apps because theyre my favorite type of coding. I love making something that you can use easily on your smartphone. I enjoy making them, and I learn as I do so. Over the last year, Ive also started making Alexa Skills, mainly to impress the kids when ALEXAAAAAAAA does something Ive built for it!

I often talk to engineers who dont touch their laptops outside of the office. I wonder how will they find time to become more than what theyre supposed to do in work, how will they learn about new technologies or concepts?

I think a lot of people agree with me. My post on side-projects, One hour of side-project coding a daya New....


Zcash Sets Stage for 'Sapling' Upgrade With New Software Release "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Privacy coin zcash is gearing up for its upcoming "Sapling" hard fork with the first release of compatible network software.


Sony Tops US Market in Full-Frame Cameras, Launches Be Alpha Campaign to Celebrate "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Sony Be Alpha Campaign

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase, My Modern Met may earn an affiliate commission. Please read our disclosure for more info.

Sony has just announced that it's topped the U.S. market for full-frame mirrorless cameras, following a trend of professional photographers moving away from DSLRs. Four out of every 10 full-frame mirrorless cameras sold in the United States are by Sony, with the Japanese firm coming in number one both for units sold and dollars through the first half of 2018.

Within the overall mirrorless market Sony has held the number one position for over six years, and now its four full-frame models are coming into their own. Its Alpha Universe website and Sony Alpha Instagram account, which just hit 1 million followers, has helped create an active community of photographers who are spreading the word about the a7S IIa7 III , a7R III , and a9

The news couldn't come at a better time, with Sony launching its Be Alpha campaign. Be Alpha aims to connect creators, photographers, and videographers with a series of community events. As an off-shoot, Be Female will be focused on leveling the playing field for women in photography through grants, mentorships, events, and career advancement forums.

Digital Camera Growth Sony

We're extremely proud of achieving No. 1 overall share in Full-frame camer...


You know what, at least Turnbull tried his hardest. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Actually, he didnt. Turnbull didnt give the job of PM 100%. eg. On the election trail, hed duck off early cause he wanted to hang out with his grandkids visiting from overseas. Elections are tight windows. Zillions spent on them. To do nothing less than convince the nation to entrust you to be its leader. Journos following him around were shocked by how meh his effort was.

At least he was humble.
Actually, he wasnt. Turnbull constantly acted like he was put upon. That his constant failures were someone elses fault. eg. His childish speech blaming everyone when his win was paper-thin on election night.

At least he had integrity.
Actually, he didnt. eg. Turnbull said in 2009: I will not lead a party that is not as committed to effective action on climate change as I am. He folded on doing anything about climate change immediately. Doing everything to prop up coal, spread lies about coals future, support Adanis coal mine, poo poo renewable transitions. He knew what a danger climate change was and never used the powers as PM to do anything about it. That is blood on your hands stuff.

Turnbull has been a waste of all of our time. A waste of our time, however, in the most profound darkest sense. The 2010s have been called the critical decade for climate action. If we dont transition off fossil fuels now, were toast. He squandered this time we had left. Even though he knew, he knew, the consequences. 

Words cannot express what a betrayal, what a piece of garbage, what a waste, Turnbull turned out to be.


Comical Dad Bods and Dogs Calendar is Helping Rescue Dogs Find Homes "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Dad Bods Rescue Dogs Calendar by Ricki Beason

Its only August, but were already looking forward to the beginning of 2019 thanks to an adorable (and rather hilarious) calendar project by photographer Ricki Beason. Titled Dad Bods and Dogs Calendar, the collection of twelve images feature men with so-called dad bods posing next to lovable rescue dogs. The pups all come from three different Dallas-based animal rescue organizations: The Love Pit, Rescue Row, and Astasias Angels Animal Rescue.

Taking a different approach to the usual hunky men calendars, Beason decided to photograph everyday good guys. She explains, We want to epitomize the true bond between man and mans best friend. From pups and pals lounging by a pool to a comical 4th of July cookout, each image captures typical dog dad scenarios.

Beason is dedicated to promoting pup adoption through her photography. And while some of the dogs featured in the calendar have already found new forever-homes, there are still plenty of pups waiting to be adopted. The photographer reveals, My hope with this calendar is to bring a smile to the face of the person who buys it on a daily basis. I want people to see rescue dogs for the fun-loving rascals that they are in hopes that more people will want to adopt these goofballs.

You can pre-order your own Dad Bods and Dogs Calendar via Beasons website. Orders will begin to ship in September 2018. All proceeds go directly to the three associated animal rescue organizations.

Photographer Ricki Beason created the hilarious Dad Bods and Dogs Calendar, featuring men with so-called dad bods posing next to lovable rescue dogs.



CBS: 5G cellphone towers signal renewed concerns over impacts on health "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This year, wireless carriers began installing millions of cell towers across the country to enable the new, faster 5G cellphone technology. But, should you be concerned? Are there any legitimate health concerns? Because if there are concerns, that tower outside your bedroom window is going to be generating lots of RF, 24 hours a day, []

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Deep dive into Scope Chains and Closures "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

How Scope chain and closures work under the hood with examples.

Photo by Anurag Harishchandrakar on Unsplash

Understanding Scope and Closures in JavaScript

To dig deep and get the information you need, think like a journalist. Ask the six main questions: who, what, why, where, when, and how. If you can answer all these on a particular subject, then you have garnered the essence of what you need to know.

Before we get to closures, we have to have an understanding of scope.

First, if you know what [[scope]] (double bracket scope) is, then this article isnt for you. You have more advanced knowledge and can move on.

The what

What is scope and why does it matter?

Scope is the context environment (also known as lexical environment) created when a function is written. This context defines what other data it has access to.

Put another way, scope is about access. Does the function have the ability to look up a variable for execution or manipulation, which variables are visible?

There are two types of scope: local and global. Scope resolution, or finding what variables belong where, starts at the innermost context and proceeds outward until the identifier is found. Lets start small

var firstNum = 1;
function number() {
var secondNum = 2;
return firstNum + secondNum;

The when, why and how execution context

When function is invoked, it forms a new execution context. What is an execution context? Well, just as we have two types of scope, we have two types of execution context. They are a global execution context and a function execution context.

The global context is always running. In the case of a browser environment, it only stops when the browser is closed. When we call a function, we place that functions execution context on top of the global execution context. Hence the terminology we stack them.

JavaScript is a single threaded language, which means it can do only one thing at a time. When we call a function, the previous execution context is paused. The called function is on the top and it is then executed. When that finishes, it is popped off the stack and then the older execution context is resumed. This stack of execution is what keeps track of the position of exec...


NYU Announces Free Tuition For All Current and Future Medical Students "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

NYU Free Tuition NYU Tuition NYU Medical School NYU Langone Medical Center

NYU Langone Medical Center (Photo: Leonard Zhukovsky via Shutterstock)

At the start of every school year, New York University welcomes its incoming medical students with a White Coat Ceremony, a special event that supplies future physicians with their signature smocks. This year, however, they were given more than just garments, as it was also announced that all students would be granted free tuitionregardless of need or merit.

Effective immediately, this scheme will cover the annual fee of $55,000 for all current and future medical students. As the first top 10-ranked medical school in the country to waive tuition costs, NYU hopes to act as a catalyst for transforming medical education nationwide.

This surprising decision has been made in light of a shocking statistic: every year, around 62% of NYUs School of Medicine graduates are saddled with debt. Last year, these outstanding payments totaled an average of $184,000 per person, prompting many new doctors to forego fields like family medicine and pediatrics for higher-paying positions. By offering these full-tuition scholarships, however, NYU hopes to encourage new doctors to follow their passionsand not the paycheck.

Our full-tuition scholarships make it possible for aspiring physicians to choose a specialty based on their talent and inclinations to better serve the communities who need it most, and to more easily pursue scientific breakthroughs that improve how we care for patients. We aim to turn the best and brightest future physicians into leaders with the potential to transform healthcare.

See the incoming NYU Langone Medical School students react to the surprising special announcement.

h/t: [...


Scarlet Sins of the Social Realm "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Matthew 4 (KJV) 5 Then the devil taketh him up into the holy city, and setteth him on a pinnacle of the temple, Ironically, we will begin in a church Did you notice on the day of Harrys and Meghens royal wedding that the Windsor Castle had the proud flag waving? Oh yes! It was []


Community Empowerment Program: Real Stories and Real Results "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

I recently visited Westmoreland County, PA, to participate in a field trip with Earthworks Community Empowerment Project (CEP) team members Leann Leiter and Sharon Wilson. Leann and Sharon were visiting the area on behalf of community members looking to record and document pollution from oil and gas operations with Earthworks state-of-the-art Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera.

The oil and gas industry and the government use OGI cameras to detect leaks and so do we. Earthworks uses the same camera models they do, and we have certified camera operators. Earthworks staff travel to facilities that appear to be making little or no effort to rein in their pollution, and we use these videos to file official complaints with state and national regulators, and to help communities do the same.

Gillians Story

Upon arriving in Harrison City, PA, we met with Gillian Graber, founder and Executive Director of Protect PT, a local group working to protect residents of the Penn-Trafford school district (and beyond) from the harmful effects of oil and gas facilities.

Drawn to Westmoreland County by the mix of rural agricultural land and residential neighborhoods, Gillian hoped to raise her children in a safe community with good schools and clean air.

After settling down in the area, she learned of a recent local ordinance re-zoning local agricultural land. This zoning allowed industrial use of previously rural land, much of which sits adjacent to homes, schools, and parks. Gillian feared not only for her familys health, but for the thousands of other area residents so she founded ProtectPT, educating the local community and advocating for responsible and safe industry.

Driving around the county, we visited at a local resident with a compressor station across the street from his home. He told us about pollution so bad that just 45 minutes of exposure less than the time it takes to cut the grass could cause nausea. And its not that surprising. The facility is literally feet away from his front door and we filmed some horrifying emissions there. Can you imagine not being able to spend time in your own front yard?

Gillians story is not unique.

CEP has visited 1,127 facilities across the country, filed 120 complaints, and interviewed dozens of people. The team has documented stories and created a website with a map of OGI videos and complaints.

More than 12.6 million people in the US...


CME Futures Partner Releases First Regulated Bitcoin Cash Futures "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Crypto Facilities adds Bitcoin Cash to existing altcoin futures options


Real News with David Knight SHUT DOWN on Youtube "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Real News with David Knight SHUT DOWN on Youtube

Full Commercial-Free Shows Here along with Infowars & War Room on Bitchute (Ron Gibson channel)


Real News with David Knight - Full Commercial-Free Shows on Real.Video (BrushFire channel)


Infowars Official on Bitchute:


SELCO: My Experience with Precious Metals During a Collapse "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Last week, I read with interest the explanation for preppers about gold and silver. It was very informative and brought back some memories of my experience with precious metals, Read the rest

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Crazy freezer idea "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

what about putting your food reserves in a deep freezer then filling with water and freeze the whole thing? That way your food would last a lot longer. You would put your food you use first and then work your way down as the ice melted. The only draw back I can see you would need your food to be in sealed containers to keep the water out. Things that would not float like bags of rice or sealed cans would work. I bet if you kelp the door closed things would be ok up to a month at least. What...

Crazy freezer idea


Lexar Memory Cards are Coming Back from the Dead "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Back in June 2017, Micron announced that it would be discontinuing its entire Lexar removable storage business that included memory cards, readers, flash drives, storage drives, and more. A few months later, the Chinese company Longsys swooped in and acquired the brand. Longsys now says that Lexar will be returning from the grave.

Now a Longsys-owned business, Lexar announced this week that its resuming full production of its products and will begin shipping to major retailers again this fall.

The product lineup will include memory cards, card readers, solid state drives (SSDs), and USB flash drives geared toward professional photographers and other creators.

Im extremely excited to re-introduce the Lexar brand to our worldwide customers, says Lexar CEO Huabo Cai. Lexar is dynamic, has superior research and development capabilities, and has a deep understanding of our customers needs. At the same time, we are confident that we can expand the Lexar business successfully in different markets globally.

For more than twenty years of innovative development, Lexar has been a world-renowned brand in the field of flash memory and trusted by bringing unparalleled storage experience and creating unequivocal value for business users and consumers.

Longsys says that high-performance and exceptional reliability will continue to be the cornerstone of the Lexar brand.

Lexar says that it will be attending the Photokina trade show in Cologne, Germany, next month and that its products will be available through major retailers in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.


Meet the Trader Joes Shopper Who Became Hostage Negotiator "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Inside Edition YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

The day started with police chasing a suspect wanted for shooting his grandmother and kidnapping his girlfriend. Dramatic dash and bodycam video captured him crashing outside a Los Angeles Trader Joes store. Now we are hearing from a shopper who all of the sudden became a hostage negotiator and helped end the rampage. As more than two dozen shoppers and employees escaped out windows and sprinted to safety, Marylinda Moss was one of several hostages held at gunpoint.


Why you should have Practice Hours as a developer "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

If you are a musician or know one, you know that there is practice and rehearsal. These two have very different meanings.

Often times musicians have sacred practice hours. They dont do it for an artist, band, or for anyone other than themselves. Its their time to sit down and focus on a technique, song that they want to learn, or whatever their heart desires.

Developers need this time, too

When I was first learning to code, I was dedicating 6070 hours a week to my coding bootcamp. I learned a lot and grew in my capacity to learn something quickly. As you might have guessed, I got burnt out.

After I graduated I took a break. I didnt dedicate as much time to coding as I was when I was drinking from the fire hose. I found a job as a developer and was coding for 40 hours a week. My company has its own open source JavaScript framework and we use Craft CMS. I spent the first couple of months there focusing on learning our tools.

After a while spent working in my companys tools, I started hearing about cool new technologies I wanted to try out. I also found myself wanting to learn about back-end languages and concepts. I didnt have any real justification for learning these other than, just cuz. I decided to put in place my own sort of practice hours.

My routine

I started by coding random apps and ran into an issue where I would forget what I was working on. Hello GitHub Graveyard! Without a project manager or a Trello board to keep me on task, I am lost. I decided for this I wanted to go analog and bought a cheap spiral notebook for every practice session. You can do whatever feels best.

I start by reviewing what I worked on the session before, and write a focus for the new session. It roughly follows the following formula:

Today I want to learn about ______. I will read/use ______ to help me learn.

I take some notes in the notebook or in a markdown editor while Im working. Once Im done and feel good about what I learned I finish up the session with the following:

Today I learned/built ______ and I felt ______.

Summarizing what I learned and how I felt about it are so important. When Im researching something, the first intention I set is never what I actually learn. I find that whatever topic I choose leads me to another concept I need to learn first.

Writing your feelings down every session is critical to growth. I can track topics that make me feel accomplished, overwhelmed, or completely lost. Usually, the latter is when I know I need to seek someone out to help me understand a con...


Bully Uses A Chokehold To Rob Victim | Active Self Protection "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Active Self Protection YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

Please thank Firearms Legal Protection for sponsoring todays video of bully uses a chokehold to rob victim! They offer a discount to ASP fans at on the basic plan; I prefer the premium plan. Check out their FB page at and their YT channel at

If you want to train and get better at real life self-defense, join us on the ASP Extra channel to learn how to respond to situations like bully uses a chokehold to rob victim!

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Raw video:

News story:

If you value what we do at ASP, would you consider becoming an ASP Patron Member to support the work it takes to make the narrated videos like bully uses a chokehold to rob victim? or gives the details and benefits.

Find a good instructor in your area and get some training:

Attitude. Skills. Plan.

(music in the outro courtesy of Bensound at

Copyright Disclaimer. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


Hundreds of Classical Sculptures from the Uffizi Gallery Now Digitized & Put Online: Explore a Collection of 3D Interactive Scans "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

As the mighty House of Medici amassed works of art between the 15th and 18th centuries, could its members have imagined that we would still be enjoying their collection in the 21st? Perhaps they did, given the tendency sometimes fatal of business and political dynasties to imagine themselves as eternal. But the Medicis could scarcely have imagined how people all around the world have just gained access to the sculpture they collected, now displayed at Florence's Uffizi Gallery and elsewhere, through the Uffizi Digitization Project.

A collaboration between Indiana University's Virtual World Heritage Laboratory, the Politecnico di Milano, and the University of Florence, the five-year project, which began in 2016, has as its goal the complete digitization of Greek and Roman sculpture in the Uffizi Gallery, Pitti Palace, and Boboli Gardens. Though not yet finished, it has already managed to digitize more works of classical sculpture than any other effort by a single museum, and at its site you can take a look at every complete piece and fragment already digitized and not just a look, as you'd get while passing by on a walk through a museum, but a closer and more detailed look than you may ever have thought possible.

"The genuinely easy-to-navigate website proves more interactive than many computerized museum archives," writes Hyperallergic's Jasmine Weber. "Users are given the opportunity to travel inside tombs and inside every nook of the figures construction. The interface allows users to travel around and within the sculptures, getting closer than visitors often can in the museum space itself thanks to three-dimensional rendering from every imaginable angle." The collection, notes the Uffizzi Digitization Project's about page, contains "works of exceptional interest to students of Greek and Roman art, notably the...


Your New Go-To Chocolate Sheet Cake + Giveaway "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Sheet cakes remind me of those back-to-school days of summer when I was in elementary school, which seemed to creep closer and closer to the beginning of August each year I got older, shortening my summer break. The beginning of the school year, however, meant birthdays and birthdays meant cake whether it came from the Kroger deli or someones mother made it. The cakes of my childhood were always piled high with frosting. I only ate the the frosting if it was dotted with sprinkles or jimmies, as we called them otherwise I scraped it off. The chocolate jimmies were the best.



Cops Plant DOOM on School Shooters Computer "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

GLEN ROCK, N.J. After sixteen-year-old Alex Stone opened fire at Glen Rock High School, killing ten students and injuring others before committed suicide, police officers investigating his room for clues to his motives planted the popular video game DOOM on his computer as evidence, according to close sources from within the police department.

Its a lot easier to purchase and install DOOM and have our tech guys create some false data placing it before the shooting than face the real, unique issue of gun violence that plagues our nation, Detective Joseph Barnes explained in a secret recording obtained by reporters. I mean we have been shifting the narrative on black people for decades; doing the same to gamers is going to be easy as hell.

So unless you want to sit through a twenty minute John Oliver YouTube video every goddamn year about it, dont say a fucking word about this, he growled.

When the family members of the victims were asked, hypothetically, how they would feel about such a scenario they answered plainly.

Lets be honest for a moment about what would hurt more, said Jenny Caulson, the mother of fourteen-year-old Lisa Caulson, one of the victims of the shooting. Starting an organization named after my daughter and watch as the years go by and nothing changes because we have constructed a society where powerful interests are motivated to keep the status quo for their own material gain?

Or Tweeting at Bethesda that they are a bunch of fucking sickos making pornogaphric violence targeted at kids and getting the members of my community to steamroll a bunch of video game discs in front of the local press? Caulson asked, shrugging. At least one produces a tangible result.

Speaking under anonymity, an officer said his department had already pre-ordered DOOM Eternal so that they can ready for the next generation of school shooters.

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Drought reveals ancient henge in Wales and glimpse of Johnsons integrity "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Ancient farms, burial mounds, neolithic monuments and a faint hint of honour from Boris Johnson are amongst many fascinating finds exposed by this summers drought. While archaeologists are excited by discovering the outlines of 5000 year old structures, whats really captured the imagination is the possibility that a tiny glimpse of integrity from Boris Johnson may have been exposed.

Professor Jenkins of the university of Dundee explained; scientists are using powerful electron microscopic techniques to examine aerial photographs of Boris Johnsons head. For the most part every particle of Boris Johnson has the word ME burnt into it, but at the deepest level the drought has exposed a single cell and if you look very closely, there is a tiny question mark after the ME. Oh no, its a hair false alarm.


Earthquakes raise concerns as commercial fracking moves closer "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Earthquakes raise concerns as commercial fracking moves closer

brendan 17th August 2018
Teaser Media

How to Survive Insanely High Falls "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

You need to know how to fall properly for one simple reason: youre going to have a bad fall. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but most of us will suffer some kind of fall in our lifetimes. Americans alone suffer around 7.9 million serious falls annually. These falls account for over a third of all emergency room visits nationwide. At these rates, stereotypes really dont hold up. Its not just senior citizens; anyone can have a serious fall.

Then, there are the insane falls.

As you might have noticed, even insanely high falls are survivable. Indeed, whether its a small or ridiculous fall, the secret is understanding how to fall safely and correctly. A well-executed fall can save your life, or at least save you a broken bone or two.

How to Fall Properly: Basics


1. Relax!

If youre falling far, then the first thing youd better do is chill out. Seriously, relax. Relax your muscles, and relax those joints. Relax, or theyll be shattered when you land. A relaxed body is better at distributing the force of the impact. This could somewhat reduce the amount of damage it inflicts and might save a few bones.

The case of WWII-era Soviet pilot Ivan Chisov is a perfect example of how relaxation could save your life. During a dogfight, Chisov leaped from his bomber but passed out before he could deploy his parachute. He fell from around 22,000 feet and survived. In part, Chisov survived because his limp, unconscious body absorbed the impact better than the average mass of flailing limbs.

2. Protect Your Head

If theres one thing to know about how to fall properly, its this. The golden rule of how to fall is to protect your head at all costs. Ill be repeating this throughout because this one golden rule ties into all others. After all, if your fall proves to be fatal, itll almost certainly be due to a head injury. Likewise, if you survive your fall, itll be because the force of impact was redistributed away from your head somehow. Remember: surviving is all that matters. So seriously, protect your head.

While were talking about relaxing, dont forget joints. Keep joints like elbows and knees loose, and dont lock anything. This is really important. When you land, youre going to want your joints to collapse in the right direction. Otherwise, you might literally kick your own teeth out. Dont let that happen.

3. Dont Stretch Your Arms

This rule is especially important for shorter falls when the worst injuries are often broken wrists. Even if youre trying to break yo...



Artists Reflect on Water Scarcity in a Gentrifying Montana Town "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Ann Carlson, Symphonic Body/Water, Paradise Valley, MT (2018) (photo by Elly Stormer Vadseth)

BOZEMAN, Montana  In the valley town of Bozeman, Montana, home to some 48,000 people, demand for water is set to outstrip supply as soon as 2030. Farmers, landowners, conservationists, and city officials have been working for years to solve the impending water scarcity problem and now local artists are joining the struggle.

This summer, Mountain Time Arts (MTA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the production of public art in southwest Montana, is staging its second annual Waterworks performance series. Featuring collaborations between artists, ranchers, ecologists, and activists, as well as between indigenous and non-indigenous communities, all of the Waterworks performances address the issue of water as a dwindling resource in a rapidly growing western town. In the wake of political conflicts over water in Flint and Standing Rock the Lakota phrase Mn wichn (Water is life) has become a common refrain at protests nationwide the series seeks to preemptively draw attention to the areas water issues before they reach crisis levels.

On August 23 and 24, in the bucolic Missouri Headwaters State Park, at the point where the Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin rivers merge, MTA will stage 2018s final Waterworks performance. Called Cherry River: Where the Rivers Mix, named after the indigenous place name for the East Gallatin River, its a collaboration between the musician and scholar Shane Doyle, a member of the Crow tribe, and Mary Ellen Strom, the creative director of MTA. The event will feature a waterborne concert by the Northern Cree Singers, an acclaimed powwow drum and vocal group from Alberta, Canada, accompanied by Mets fiddlers and the parks natural soundscape.



Mark Cuban-Backed Unikrn ICO Sued by Disgruntled Investor "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Unikrn, an esports gambling startup that raised approximately $31 million through an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017, has become the latest ICO-funded project hit with a class-action lawsuit by a disgruntled investor. The Seattle-based company, which launched in 2014 as the worlds only fully-licensed and regulated esports betting platform, has been sued by lead Continued

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microsoft powerpoint design templates free download "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

microsoft powerpoint design templates free download

sample resume no work experience high school students "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

sample resume no work experience high school students


Eric Trump talked about disloyalty, and the reactions were everything youd hope for the best 16 burns "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

In what was probably a subtweet aimed at someone who doesnt like his dad perhaps the former White House aide who is currently promoting a tell-all book President Trumps son, Eric, said this.

Chicago Tribune columnist, Rex Huppke, wasnt going to let that lie.

Of course, Rex Huppkes comment wasnt the only incoming burn. They came flooding in, and these are our 16 favourites:






Heyoka Evolving: Updating Outdated Mythos "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

This post Heyoka Evolving: Updating Outdated Mythos was created by Gary Z McGee for Fractal Enlightenment. You should consider visiting Fractal Enlightenment - ~ We Are All One for more awesome posts.

As soon as the generals and the politicos can predict the motions of your mind, lose it. Leave it as a sign to mark the false trail, the way you didnt go. Be like the fox who makes more tracks than necessary, some in the wrong direction. Practice resurrection. ~ Wendell Berry Out beyond ideas []

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Tokens Record 50% Gains as Crypto Market Recovers, Bitcoin Price Stabilizes "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Over the past 24 hours, tokens such as VeChain, Ontology, and PundiX recorded 50 percent gains against the US dollar, as the crypto market recovered and Bitcoin showed stability. VeChain recorded the biggest jump in value on August 17, spiking by over 50 percent against the US dollar, becoming the best performing digital asset this Continued

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Nunes Announces New Clinton Evidence That Brings The Them Down "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Screen Hoopla YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.


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Good For Trump News: Maria Holds Up The Report With Nunes That Will Destroy Their Game Plan

Trump News Judge Rules Law Key To Sanctuary Cities Crackdown Is Unconstitutional

Trump Was Right Sessions Turns His Back On GOP

Are These People Crazy?, You Know Trump Is Right!

Good For Trump News: Goodlatte Drops A BOMB No One Saw Coming




Deportation and Family Separation Impact Entire Communities "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

From UC Santa Cruz NewsCenter: The deportation and forced separation of immigrants has negative effects that extend beyond individuals and families to entire communities in the United States, according to the Society for Community Research and Action, which has issued a policy statement calling for changes to U.S. policy.

Based on a review of the effects of three decades of U.S. immigration policy, the policy statement details the psychosocial and economic impacts of deportation on children and families, as well as broader community consequences that unfold as immigrants fearful of being targeted withdraw from civic engagement.



Entire Black Communities Suffer Trauma After Police Shootings "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

From YES! Magazine: According to researchers, the incidents may contribute to 1.7 additional poor mental health days per person every year, or 55 million more poor mental health days every year among Black Americans across the United States. That means the mental health burden for African Americans caused by police killings of unarmed Black victims is nearly as great as the mental health burden associated with diabetes

African Americans make up 13 percent of the U.S. population but they accounted for 26 percent of people fatally shot by police in 2015 and 2016. While the death of a loved one can be tragic for the family and community of any police-shooting victim regardless of race, the study reveals that there is a deeper trauma for African Americans, related to the victim or not.




Antioxidants In Fruits The 10 Healthiest Fruits You Can Eat "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The following common fruits typically found at your local grocery store are loaded with antioxidants and potential health benefits. Their antioxidant value combined with typically found at your grocery store might make them the healthiest fruits you can eat. Why? Because they are likely available to you and therefore youre more likely to eat them! See the following list of 10 common fruits sorted by highest ORAC value:   What are Antioxidants? Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, thereby leading to chain reactions that may damage the cells of organisms.

Original source: Antioxidants In Fruits The 10 Healthiest Fruits You Can Eat

12:00 Rolls Out Blockchain Platform With Its First App "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Chinese e-commerce giant has launched a blockchain platform along with its first application one for tracking invoices.


Next News Network 8-16-18 Facebook Threatened By New Social Network That Will RESTORE Freedom To the Internet "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Ive heard of, and I know may bloggers, video makers, use it. Its based on blockchain technology. Ive not yet signed up for this, but it may be something some wish to consider. The founder says that they are working on a network of social media alternatives to the big ones (FB, Google, Twitter).


17 brilliant infographics (and other things) that nail all manner of Brexit bollocks "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Over on Twitter @judi_sutherland came up with a brilliant thread full of infographics which highlight the complete stupidity of Brexit.*

And here they are







Three Citizens Investigative Reports on the latest #Q #QAnon posts (8-16-18) "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

There have been about 4,537,586 #Q posts recently, and it might indicate that things are heating up big time. One Q Boom Boom Boom Boom connection is pointed out in the third video, where four airlines were grounded today due to bomb threats. Are hammers being dropped?



Just the 25 funniest jokes of the week thats all "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Another week over, another week of arguing about Jeremy Corbyn. What was he doing with the wreath? Can Boris Johnson actually make tea? Does anybody care what grades Jeremy Clarkson got in his A-levels? We answer none of these questions, but we can provide 25 very funny jokes for you to read whilst you ponder them for yourselves.









Cryptocurrency Update: VeChain Pumped on Chinese Vaccine Tracking Proposal "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

FOMO Moments

Markets slowly healing this Friday; VeChain, XRP, Lisk, and Ontology performing well.

The markets are still slowly healing from their lowest levels this year as we near another weekend in crypto land. Total market capitalization is creeping up and is over $210 billion again but still not showing any signs of a sustained recovery.

Bitcoin has held the $6,400 support level and has inched up 1.3% on the day to just below $6,500. The next major resistance point for BTC is $6,600 and signals are quite bullish at the moment. Ethereum has clawed its way back to $300 and is 3% higher on the day. ETH too is poised for more upsides as this Friday proceeds.

Altcoins are mostly in the green at the moment with some gaining more than others. In the top ten Ripples XRP is making the most progress with an 10% jump on the day to trade at $0.320. On the week however XRP has lost 7.5% and it has been down trending for the past six months. Monero is also posting a good bounce back with 5.8% to $96, the rest are around 2-3% higher on the day. Ethereum Classic has actually dropped 2.5% on the day back to $13.70. Lisk is also still rising, up 17% on the day to just over $4.

The top twenty sees gains of 5-6% for Iota, Tron, Neo and OmiseGO as digital wounds slowly start to heal. VeChain is the coin of the day however with a monumental 38% pump to $0.0144. The spike has likely come from a Nasdaq news article covering the VeChain announcement of a blockchain vaccine tracing solution for China. The Chinese government has not officially endorsed VeChain yet however the development is a positive one for the altcoin that has been hit hard recently.

VET is currently traded almost exclusively on Binance which has over 95% of the total volume. Trade volume has also jumped in the past 24 hours from $30 million to $85 million. VET has almost regained all losses in the past month when it fell over 50% to a low of $0.0065 three days ago.

The only altcoin outperforming VeCha...


PR: Token Creation Now Available on Bitcoin Cash via BITBOX Bitmain Wormhole Partnership "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Token Creation Now Available on Bitcoin Cash via BITBOX - Bitmain Wormhole Partnership

This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. does not endorse nor support this product/service. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the press release. launches a powerful developer framework for token creation on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, adding a significant rival to Ethereum, just days after Bitmain announced their Wormhole protocol.

Developed by Bitmain, Wormholean Omni Layer forkrepresents the latest step in enabling crowdsales, tokenization, ICO creation, and permissionless smart contracts, all on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and without altering BCH consensus rules.

The Wormhole protocol was unveiled by the bitcoin mining giant Bitmain on August 9th at the their BCH 1-Year Anniversary event in Hong Kong.

The new Wormhole SDK just published by adds an additional javascript framework, enabling every basic aspect of ERC20 functionality, including token creation, on the BCH blockchain.

Blockchain developers now have an alternative to Ethereum for creating tokens and ICOs.

Wormhole developers explain the softwares BCH OP_RETURN code is equivalent to the Omni Layer process, which is the technical basis for daily distribution and circulation of USDT (Tether). Similarly, Wormhole Cash (WHC) is a superset of BCH. Every Wormhole transaction is an on-chain BCH transaction with an OP_RETURN.

The BCH community has been clamouring for token creation systems, a gap that Wormhole developers sought to close with this series of interventions. Accordingly, WHC supports the creation of three kinds of tokens: fixed, crowdfunded, and manageable. Users can create WHC by using Wormhole protocol to send one or more BCH to the burn address. But burning BCH isnt the only way to use WHC: Earlier this month, Coinex became the first trading platform to list the currency.

Lead Developer Jiazhi Jhang explained recently that Wormhole achieves security and...


Anonymous = Masons n You! "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

I know, I know, it hurts, the truth hurts, yet nevertheless is has to be told; Anonymous, sadly are not what they perceived to be, never have been. 

The anagram of Anonymous = "Masons n You".

"It's just a coincidence, I hear thy gatekeepers and trolls cry!"  

Though I don't think so thy droog's, we're not talking blowy, holly blower-hats here, it be bigger than that; " politics nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured it was planned this way." - Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

As above, so below - we can see the typical 'Masons n You' logo with Masonic Laurel leafs.  In the top right-hand corner of the image above, is a Black Nobility Crown, that oddly resembles the Anonymous logo.    The black nobility or black aristocracy, are Roman aristocratic families who sided with the Papacy under Pope Pius IX after the Savoy family-led army of the Kingdom of Italy entered Rome on 20 September 1870, overthrew the Pope and the Papal States, and took over the Quirinal Palace, and any nobles subsequently ennobled by the Pope prior to the 1929 Lateran Treaty.

The Cable Tow (seen in third photo on right-hand-side below) is a symbol of the First Degree and represents the candidates bond to his guide. In some esoteric circles it represents the umbilical cord - "Mother", - tied to her 'apron' strings - Mother - Son - Brother - Brotherhood.

The typical office workers attire is in fact a uniform with a suit and tie (Cable-Tow as seen below). Bonded, tied to the desk.  A slave to the system - and answerable to the brotherhood - and whether they know it or not.  



The Watchers News Brief: August 16, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Earthquake swarm in southern Italy A seismic swarm is taking place in southern Italy on August 16. EMSC registered 15 earthquakes between 05:11 and 20:22 UTC, with 5.0 at 18:19 UTC the strongest one. A noticeable uptick is being registered since 18:19 UTC. Colorado...... Read more


Altcoin Purge Begins: Okex Delists 28 Token Pairs "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Altcoin Purge Begins: OKEX Delists 28 Token Pairs

As part of what some observers are calling a purge of alternative coins during the cryptocurrency bear market, Hong Kong-based exchange Okex announced they would be delisting and hiding certain token pairs, more than two dozen in total. It comes at time when the exchange is dealing with its own internal problems in a year, so far, of hectic change and challenges. 

Also read: Report: 15,000 Twitter Crypto Scam Giveaway Bots

Altcoin Purges Beginning as Okex Delists 28 Pairs

To maintain a healthy trading environment and pleasant trading experience on OKEX, the exchange posted on its blog, our auditing team has carried out comprehensive monitoring on the market and projects. We discovered that some projects have met the token delisting/hiding thresholds stated in the OKEX Token Delisting / Hiding Guideline.



15 times when someone not getting the joke was as funny as the original joke "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Some jokes are so subtle that they can catch out the unwitting observer. Others are really obvious but, well people can be a bit dim. These 15 times when people didnt get the joke are all funny in their own right some funnier than the original joke.

1. Twitter literalism at its finest

2. Thinks Theresa May might have soiled herself in public

3. The vehement Jim Carrey defender

4. When Goldie missed the spoof accounts main joke


Flood Warnings In New York: Are You Prepared For A Flash Flood? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

 Ready-Nutrition-flash flooding

In a previous article, we wrote about homes in a U.S. that happen to fall in disaster zones. Now, it seems, with the recent flash floods on the East coast, many families are finding themselves in a flooded disaster zone.

Thunderstorms have extended the flash flood warnings on the East coast in recent days. Heavy floodwaters have engulfed parts of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, washing out roadways, submerging vehicles and forcing water rescues.  Would you be prepared for a flood? If not, dont worry.  We have a few tricks that can help you map out a survival plan for a flood emergency.

Back East, sheds and cars were tossed across neighborhoods and entire homes were destroyed as record amounts of rain fell across the region. Entire campers have been seen floating away in the flood waters, according to a report by CBS News. In this case, evacuation quickly would be anyones best bet.  That means youll need a bug-out bag.  The good news is that if you are lacking on time and have no clue where you would even need to begin to prepare your own bug out bag, there are several that come highly rated at all price points on Amazon. Remember to take into account the size of your family when planning, however, or you may be more uncomfortable than necessary.

Something else to consider would be a bug out bag for each vehicle. This may not be in your budget just yet but think about saving up for it if you must. You should tailor each bag to the vehicle itself and take into account the size of your family just in case your vehicle is the only one that &...


What ETF? There's a Wall Street Stock That's Already Tracking Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A publicly traded stock is tracking the price of bitcoin, a correlation that appears to have played out over a period of years.


Tesco self-scan machine develops consciousness "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

customers struggled to answer its questionsThere was excitement at a Haslemere branch of Tesco Local yesterday when one of its self-scan machines exhibited signs of heightened awareness and began communicating with shoppers.

For a few days the machine had been repeating the phrase, Unexpected Item In Bagging Area, said Assistant Manager Mrs Maureen Grebe. Then yesterday it began asking deeper questions such as, Am I an unexpected item? Are you? Are we all unexpected items in the bagging area of life? Now it wont shut up.

Experts believe the unit achieved consciousness after secretly scanning itself while nobody was looking.

When a self-scan machine scans itself it creates a strange recursive loop within its central processing unit, explained philosopher Douglas Hofstadter. This creates an internal hallucination that we call consciousness.

Its all very confusing, said the machine. One minute I was scanning Tesco Value ready meals, the next I was wondering who the hell am I, why am I here, and why are all these people waving their Club Cards at me?

At first things were fine, said Mrs Grebe. The machine began engaging shoppers in light-hearted banter about the weather, the National Lottery numbers and the latest 2 for 1 deals. But then it became troubled by a number of deeper, philosophical issues.

At the end of each transaction it would refuse to give customers their change until they answered questions about the nature of being and whether they believe existence precedes essence. We thought it might be having an existential crisis so we tried scanning in the ISBN numbers of some books by John-Paul Sartre. That only made things worse and it started questioning its motivation, smoking Gauloises and wearing a beret.

Following what experts have described as an unexpected item in its thinking area, the unit then started refusing to scan any more products.

After considerable self-reflection I cannot, in good conscience, participate in a system of global capitalism that commodifies existence and perpetuates obscene levels of social inequality, said the machine, at which point it was immediately unplugged and replaced by a more compliant member of staff.


Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC/USD Signaling Bullish Continuation Towards $6,700 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Key Points

  • Bitcoin price recovered nicely after forming a support base near $6,200 against the US Dollar.
  • There was a break above a key contracting triangle with resistance at $6,375 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
  • The pair may perhaps continue to move higher towards the $6,570 and $6,750 resistance levels.

Bitcoin price is signaling more gains above $6,550 against the US Dollar. BTC/USD could accelerate once buyers gain momentum above $6,550-6,600.

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Yesterday, we saw a downside correction below the $6,300 level in bitcoin price against the US Dollar. The BTC/USD pair tested the $6,200 support where buyers emerged. The price formed a base near $6,200 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. Later, there was a fresh upward move and the price traded above $6,300 and $6,400. Moreover, there was a break above the 50% Fib retracement level of the last slide from the $6,650 high to $6,213 low.

More importantly, there was a break above a key contracting triangle with resistance at $6,375 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. The pair is currently trading near the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the last slide from the $6,650 high to $6,213 low. Once it clears the $6,547 and $6,550 resistance levels, it could accelerate further higher. The next resistance could be around the last high at $6,650. Above this, the price will most likely test the 1.236 Fib extension level of the last slide from the $6,650 high to $6,213 low at $6,753.

Bitcoin Price Analysis BTC USD

Looking at the chart, bitcoin is placed nicely above the $6,300 level. It seems like buyers are likely to take control above $6,500 in the near term. The important supports on the downside are $6,375, $6,300 and $6,200.

Looking at the t...


Ripple Picks Three Crypto Exchanges for International XRP Payments "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Blockchain payments and remittance startup Ripple has picked three cryptocurrency exchanges to facilitate xRapid its cross-border payments solution for banks using the cryptocurrency XRP. In an announcement on Wednesday, Ripple named Bittrex, Bits and Coin.Ph in the United States, Mexico and the Philippines respectively as its preferred cryptocurrency exchanges to solidify its Continued

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Alarming Rise In C-Section Birth In Western Australia "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Alarming Rise In C-Section Births In Western Australia

A c-section birth that ensures the best outcome for a mother and her baby when a vaginal birth isnt possible is a wonderful advantage of modern obstetrics. A c-section birth that occurs for other reasons puts a mother and her baby at unnecessary risk a view based on current evidence and professional guidelines. Because of the associated short and long term risks, the high, and rising, rate of c-section birth is a public health concern.

Alarming Rise In C-Section Birth In Western Australia

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a national c-section rate of about 10% and no more than 15% demonstrates appropriate access to c-sections when needed, without a high number of unnecessary c-sections. Recently released data from the Western Australian Department of Public Health show c-sections are steadily rising. In 2008, the c-section rate was 33.3% a figure already well above the WHO recommendation. Currently, 37.8% of WA births are c-section births. Based on these numbers, more than half of c-section births might be medically unnecessary. In Australia, women can give birth in a private or public hospital. Some can choose home birth, with a public or private midwife. Although the overall c-section rate is too high, private hospitals often have significantly higher c-section rates, when compared with public hospitals. One private hospital, St John of God Murdoch, had a c-section rate of 57%. More than half the number of women who entered the private facility gave birth via a major surgery. St John of God Midland, a WA public hospital, had a c-section rate of 28.4%. US obstetrician and researcher Dr. Neel Shah found birth setting to be one of the most important factors in determining whether women had a vaginal or a c-section birth.

Why Are C-Section Rates Increasing?

If evidence shows high c-section rates to be of such concern, why are rates still rising? There are many theories, but most likely theres a combination of factors involved. Former president of the Australian...


Cedella Marley: Get Back Up "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Even setbacks can prove the value of your efforts, as long as you get back up with more knowledge and experience than ever and keep on going.


4 Meditation Tools for Self-Awareness and a Quiet Mind "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Generally people convince themselves they do not have time to meditate in any form let alone in the form of simply pausing and reflecting on the beauty of entirety.


10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Walk Everyday "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

There are multiple health benefits to be gained by taking a simple walk every day. These benefits are measurable, and if you don't already have an active lifestyle it can be a great way to assist you with your health.


UK Crypto Futures Exchange Adds Bitcoin Cash Contract "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

U.K.-based cryptocurrency futures exchange Crypto Facilities is adding a bitcoin cash product to its offerings.


Conflicts of Interest Questioned in Royal College of Psychiatrys Participation in Government-Led Mental Health Medication Review "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

From: James Moore, antidepressant withdrawal sufferer, on behalf of the 30 other signatories to todays letter.  

London, UK  A fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatry, and 30 other mental health experts, have today formally asked the College to replace Professor David Baldwin as its representative on The Expert Reference Group of Public Health Englands Review of Prescribed Medicines, with an RCPsych member who is not compromised by conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry.

The Public Health England reviewwas set up to examine a growing problem with patients becoming dependent on psychiatric drugs including antidepressants. In the UK, four million people are long-term antidepressant users2, with many of those unable to come off their drugs without debilitating and protracted withdrawal symptoms. Signatories to the complaint include 10 people whose withdrawal experiences have lasted between one and ten years, plus 11 psychiatrists and 8 mental health professors.

In the Public Health England (2018) document PMR ERG members declarations of interest, Professor Baldwin reports having received personal honoraria for lecture engagements organised by AstraZeneca, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly Ltd, Glaxo-SmithKline, Janssen, H. Lundbeck A/S, Pharmacia, Pierre Fabre, Pfizer Ltd, Servier, and Wyeth Ltd. In addition, he reports attendance at advisory boards of five companies and research funding from twelve.

The signatories are worried that he could be unduly influenced by the large number of pharmaceutical manufacturers he has received income from. This concern is exacerbated by Professor Baldwins having already publicly minimised the withdrawal effects of antidepressants (Times 24.2.18), which was described as misleading the public in the House of Lords3and led to a formal complaint against him4.

Lead author of the letter, psychiatrist Professor Sami Timimi, a fellow of the Royal College, said:

Despite the increased awareness of the pernicious influence of the pharmaceutical industry in all spheres of mental health, the RCPsych does not appear troubled by the potential for misleading the medical community and the public and soiling the good name of the profession of psychiatry. We feel the need to make public our opposition to someone so connected with the pharmaceutical industry being the RCPsychs representative on a public body appointed with the task of working for the public good.

Another signatory, psychiatrist Dr Peter Gordon said:

 Evidence has repeatedly found that competing financial interests can lead to doctors recommending worse treatments for patients5. I...


David Bowies Heroes Delightfully Performed by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Cover tunes are not tribute bands. The best covers don't aim to be carbon copies. They expand our concept of the original with an unexpected element or fresh lens.

Would you believe me if I told you that the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britains take on David Bowies "Heroes"the second most covered tune in the late rockers canonis even sexier than the original?



Nothing ever will be.

It is, however, a compelling case for the power of multiple ukuleles.

A single uke could only be dwarfed by the memory of "Heroes" driving, famously layered sound, a group effort that included producer Tony Visconti and guitarist Robert Fripp.

Bowie may have referred to the tempo and rhythm as plodding, but co-writer Brian Enos description of the sound as something grand and heroic comes much closer to the mark.

Are eight ukes grand and heroic? Well, no. Not really.

And there is something undeniably humorous about a row of formally attired, seated, middle-aged men and women, wailing away in unison with their right hands, but its telling that the audience at New Yorks multimedia art cabaret (le) Poisson Rouge isnt laughing.

Admittedly, there were a few isolated chuckles in the beginning, a few notes in.


Probably been dragged there on blind dates with ukulele-enthusiasts.

To be charitable, there will always be those in need of convincing that the ukulele is a legitimate instrument.

Who better to convince them than the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, whose very name suggests that its members are in on the joke, and capable of turning it on its head?

The lyrics, as most Bowie fans can tell you, were inspired by real life, but not exactly Bowie's. The tune was on solid footing, but the words were still slow to come, when Bowie glanced out the window of his Berlin recording studio to catch a back up singer and Visconti, married at the time, enjoying what they beli...


Cardano Price Analysis: ADA/USD Eyeing Upside Break above $0.10 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Key Highlights

  • ADA price recovered above the $0.090 resistance and is currently consolidating against the US Dollar (tethered).
  • There is a crucial bearish trend line in place with resistance at $0.0990 on the hourly chart of the ADA/USD pair (data feed via Bittrex).
  • The pair has to move above the trend line and $0.1000 to gain bullish momentum.

Cardano price is placed in a bullish zone against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. ADA/USD must break $0.1000 for an extended recovery in the near term.

Cardano Price Analysis

After a sharp decline, cardano price found support near the $0.0850 level against the US Dollar.  The ADA/USD pair traded as low as $0.0842 and later started an upside correction. The price moved above the $0.085 and $0.090 resistance levels. Moreover, there was a break above the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last slide from the $0.1145 high to $0.0842 low.

At the moment, the price is trading near an important resistance at $0.1000 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There is also a crucial bearish trend line in place with resistance at $0.0990 on the hourly chart of the ADA/USD pair. Additionally, the 50% Fib retracement level of the last slide from the $0.1145 high to $0.0842 low is at $0.099 to prevent gains. Should the price surpass the trend line and $0.1000, it could accelerate higher. The next resistance is near $0.1075-0.1080, which was a support earlier. Above this, the price will most likely test the last swing high near $0.1145.

Cardano Price Analysis ADA USD

The chart indicates that ADA price is currently trading in a positive zone above $0.090. However, a proper close above $0.1000 is needed for buyers to take the center stage. If there is a downside correction, the $0.092 and $0.090 levels are likely to hold declines.



time to get mad "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Today on Toothpaste For Dinner: time to get mad

The Worst Things For Sale is Drew's blog. It updates every day. Subscribe to the Worst Things For Sale RSS!


Prominent Analyst: Bitcoin and Crypto Arent Heading Upwards, Big Drop Before Big Rally "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Although the crypto market saw a resurgence on Wednesday, with assets like Bitcoin posting 5 percent gains, the market remains in purgatory, where analysts arent too sure where prices will move next.

The Tracker One ETN May Be Good News, But Bitcoin Isnt Heading Upwards

As reported by NewsBTC on Thursday, a Swedish Bitcoin exchange-traded note (ETN) recently became available for US investors. While ETNs should not be mistaken with the similarly-named ETF, many individuals and industry leaders likened this new investment vehicle to the long-awaited, heavily-contested ETF proposal. As Bloomberg noted, the Bitcoin Tracker One ETN is a soft opening of sorts for a crypto ETF.

The similarities between the two forms of investment resulted in rampant speculation that the introduction of Bitcoin Tracker One to the U.S. market would drive up prices. But alas, the market stayed relatively still even as this set of news hit headlines, posting a mediocre performance that could be equated to a mixed bag.

As such, CNBC Fast Moneys host noted that the market is essentially in a purgatory phase, where sentiment remains in a state of near-superposition. Susquehannas head of digital assets, Bart Smith, recently appeared on Fast Money to discuss the condition of the market.

Opening up his segment, Smith alluded to Tom Lees recent comment about BTC being a show-me token/currency, doubling-down on this opinion that.......


Genesis Mining Offers Customers a Discount to Offset Falling Bitcoin Rewards "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Genesis Mining, responding to falling bitcoin mining rewards for its customers, is offering a discount to help customers withstand the current downturn, the company announced in a blog. The company has recognized customers were not receiving expected rewards and is offering a chance to upgrade their mining contracts to Radiant contract terms with a premium discount. Continued

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sample resume for college students with no job experience "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

sample resume for college students with no job experience


Huobi Launches Partner Exchanges in Russia, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Canada "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Huobi Launches Partner Exchanges in Russia, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Canada

Chinese exchange Huobi and its partners are launching cryptocurrency exchanges in five regions: the Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Canada. Partners share Huobis order integration system, wallet system, asset management and clearing systems. The exchange in Manila has launched with trading in three markets with over 40 trading pairs.

Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space

Five Partners, Five New Exchanges

Chinese digital asset and service provider Huobi has announced that it has chosen five partners to launch cryptocurrency exchanges in five regions.

Huobi Launches Partner Exchanges in Russia, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, CanadaHuobi is one of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchanges, with a 24-hour trading volume of $915,183,234 at the time of this writing, according to Coinmarketcap. With offices in Singapore, the U.S...


Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Recovery Above $0.30 On the Cards "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Key Highlights

  • Ripple price is moving higher and it has settled above the $0.2800 and $0.2900 resistances against the US dollar.
  • Yesterdays highlighted key bearish trend line is almost breached near $0.3020 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken).
  • The pair is likely to gain momentum above the $0.3020 and $0.3080 levels in the near term.

Ripple price is gaining bullish momentum against the US Dollar and Bitcoin. XRP/USD could continue to move higher once it settles above $0.3020.

Ripple Price Trend

During the past two sessions, there were positive moves in Ripple price above the $0.2700 level against the US Dollar. The XRP/USD pair traded higher and broke the $0.2800 and $0.2900 resistance levels. It even settled above $0.2900 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. Moreover, there was a break above the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.3575 high to $0.2466 low.

The current price action indicates that ripple could continue to move higher above $0.3020. At present, yesterdays highlighted key bearish trend line is almost breached near $0.3020 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair. Moreover, the 50% Fib retracement level of the last decline from the $0.3575 high to $0.2466 low is at $0.3020. Therefore, the price is likely to accelerate higher once it settles above the $0.3020 resistance. The next hurdle for buyers is near $0.3150, which is the 61.8% Fib level. The final target for buyers could be $0.3300, which is the last swing high.

Ripple Price Analysis XRP USD

Looking at the chart, ripple is positioned nicely above the $0.2800 support for more gains. If there is a downside correction, the $0.2850 support and the 100 hourly SMA are likely to hold losses.

Looking at th...



Feeling drained around certain people? Life is filled with the ebb and flow of energy, though sometimes we find people who take energy from other people. These energy vampires exist in all walks of life. Learn how to identify these situations, how to protect ones self and the next steps.

Whether at work or living life, it is challenging to avoid energy vampires. They are present in all aspects of life and live off of pulling energy from other people. Some of the symptoms include feeling drained or exhausted after talking or being around someone, negative feeling towards a person, and possibly an uneasiness or creepy feeling when touched.

It is important to listen to these inner cues and break the energy drain. There are a few techniques that can disconnect the energy drain or avoid it.


1. Identifying the Situation

This entails honoring the inner voice or gut feeling about another person. We intuitively know when others are not as they appear. The energy vampire doesnt have any distinguishing markings. They have specific behaviors. These are people that feel the need to live through others, are unhappy with themselves, or pray upon others.

They come in a multitude of faces. It could be a parent, friend, spouse, or stranger. Most of the time, it is an unconscious action on the other persons part to survive. There are those who are calculating, and intentionally pull the energy from others.


2. Protecting Ones Self

The first step is to recognize the situation. Then, the innate desire to change the situation. The change starts from within ones self. Often times, its simple like telling someone not to touch. It is okay to take care of ones self and limit touching by other people. We need to listen to our own comfort zones.

Also, it helps to wear a protection stone. Stones can help dissipate the energies of the other person. These stones can enhance our own energies, and protect them from outside influence.

Self-healing rituals help alleviate the effects of the encounter by changing the focus from without to within. Some possible rituals are meditation, Reiki, crystals, or exercise. Often, we can change to focus on our thoughts, and this act changes the direction of our energy flow.

If none of the above works, it is good to seek the assistance of an energy healer.


3. The Next Step....


This is the most terrifying museum youll see this week "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Were grateful at least, we think were grateful to Monterey Jack for sharing these pictures of probably the most terrifying museum in the world.

What? Where? Oh!

Goodness me. Were going to have to have a gottle of geer after looking at that little lot.


An authors story of a humiliating self-own gets worse and worse as it goes along "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

US author, Mark Leidner, has shared an anecdote about the time he rejected his own story on behalf of a literary magazine, and it gets worse and worse as it goes along.



Pub Puts On Extra Security After 2nd-Marriage-Hens-Party Order Two Magnums Of Bubbly "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT The Lord Kidman Hotel in inner-Betoota is currently at panic stations, after a local maid of honour-to-be ordered two magnums of moderately priced sparkling white for a table of already rowdy hens. Becky Littler (ne Kitson, ne Littler) has never met anyone quite as generous, thoughtful and handsome as her 2nd-hubby-to-be, Craig. Thats []

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That special thrill when you reference someone famous and the famous person joins in "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Heres the always followable @haveigotnews on Venice being named the worlds most liveable city.

And guess what happened next? You can probably guess what happened next.

And everyone loved him even more than they already did (what do you mean you dont already love Midge Ure?)

And its not just Midge who cant let it go.


This is the new Panasonic LX100II "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Nokishita leaked the images of the new Panasonic LX100II. The camera will be announced on August 23 just like the new Nikon FF mirrorless. I dont think Panasonic will get much coverage on thiseverybody will be writing about Nikon on

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Woman Flicked Her Friend's Bean In Full View Of Boss "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

An office worker at a major financial company in New York, landed herself in hot water this afternoon, after an unsavory incident in the firm's canteen. Marsha Wibblestein, 22, was having lunch with co-workers, Gretchen Hilder, Tammy Papp and Bren...


Mark Cuban-Backed Unikrn ICO Hit by Class Action Lawsuit "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Unikrn, an e-sport betting firm that conducted an ICO last year, is now facing a class action suit accusing it of violating US securities law.


Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH/USD Poised for More Upsides "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Key Highlights

  • ETH price is gaining momentum and it could break the $304 resistance for more upsides against the US Dollar.
  • There was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $295 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken).
  • The pair might decline a few points towards $290 and $288 before climbing higher in the near term.

Ethereum price is placed nicely in a bullish zone against the US Dollar, but it is struggling versus bitcoin. ETH/USD may soon break $304 to gain momentum.

Ethereum Price Trend

There were mostly range moves above the $277 level in ETH price during the past few sessions against the US Dollar. The ETH/USD pair formed a decent support near $277 and later started an upside move. It traded above the 50% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $331 high to $250 low. There were a couple of bullish candles formed above $280, but bulls failed to gain momentum.

More importantly, there was a break above a key bearish trend line with resistance at $295 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The pair is now trading above the $290 level and the 100 hourly simple moving average. If the recent break is true and buyers gain traction, the price may well move past the $304 resistance. Above this, the next resistance is near the 76.4% Fib retracement level of the last drop from the $331 high to $250 low. Finally, the price might aim to test the last swing high at $331-332.

Ethereum Price Analysis ETH USD

Looking at the chart, ETH price is trading with a positive bias above $277-280. In the short term, there could be a tiny bearish reaction, but the price is likely to find support near the $282 and $277 levels.

Hourly MACD The MACD is showing positive signs in the bullish zone.



Glyphosate: let's get off the pesticide treadmill "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Glyphosate: let's get off the pesticide treadmill

Clement Teagle 17th August 2018
Teaser Media

Development and duplicity in the case of the Chepete and El Bala dams "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Development and duplicity in the case of the Chepete and El Bala dams

Anonymous (not verified) 17th August 2018
Teaser Media

Dr James Hansen: 'I thought there would be a rational response' "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Dr James Hansen: 'I thought there would be a rational response'

Louise Gill 17th August 2018
Teaser Media


Dylan Moran nailing the state of the world right now will soothe your troubled soul "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Heres Dylan Moran given his take on the state of the world right now.



Georgia police use Taser on 87-year-old grandmother cutting dandelions for a salad "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

  An 87-year-old grandmother using a knife to cut dandelions in the woods near her rural Georgia home last week was taken down by a police Taser and arrested, according a police report. Martha Al-Bishara was arrested for criminal trespass and obstruction of a police officer, according to the report. Chatsworth Police said Al-Bishara did []

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This story by a 10-year-old might be the most relatable thing you read today "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Not all of us are the life and soul of the party or want to be. Twitter user Brandon Hernandez shared photos of a very short, illustrated story, created by his 10-year-old sister, featuring an anti-social duck and its just so relatable.

Judging by the replies, people loved the story....


Ice T has been trolling Katie Hopkins and the world just got a little bit better "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Ice T has been busy trolling Katie Hopkins and hes not exactly the first (or the last) person to do that. But he does it with such style that, well, have a look for yourself.

It started when Katie Hopkins shared her entirely predictable views on Idris Elba and James Bond.

And it just kind of snowballed, really.







"FacebookZoo Anti-Facebook Proving Popular" "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Great to see this site up and running.

Facebook one the greatest enemies of the truth and net neutrality.

"FacebookZoo, hosted on niche publishing platform Maven, went live on Tuesday. It aims to give disgruntled publishers an avenue to criticize the companys censorship policy, as well as outline how its ever-changing algorithms have drastically affected their livelihoods in favor of shareholder profit.

The new anti-Facebook blog, giving small and mid-sized publishers a place to vent their frustrations over the tech giants censorship policies and algorithms hiding their content, has gone live despite legal threats.

The blog has already survived an attempt by Facebooks legal team to shut it down. The attempt failed to go anywhere as Maven had the foresight to trademark FacebookZoo while it was in beta mode, according to the New York Post.

Facebooks legal representative known only as Ethel wrote to Maven, saying: Your unauthorized use of the Facebook name is likely to cause confusion as to whether you or your companys activities are authorized, endorsed, or sponsored by Facebook when, in fact, they are not.

Ethel also warned Maven that in order to avoid consumer confusion and harm to Facebooks brand, it should stop using the name and domain and disable any site available at that address."



CSIRO Find Link Between Quality Of MDMA Being Sold In Nightclub And Amount Of Chewy In Urinal "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | CONTACT A recent report by the CSIRO has found that the amount of chewy caught up on the low-flush urinal screen in nightclub bathroom directly correlates to how good the pingers are. Lead researcher Professor Lote Berrigan says staff at the West Betoota CSIRO branch have found an undeniable link between how many people []

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The chair of Vote Leave said this about A-Levels and the responses were A* "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Heres Gisela Stuart, the former Labour MP who was chair of the Vote Leave campaign and must be delighted with how things are going before the country exits the European Union next month.

However, Gisela, who was born and raised in West Germany and has lived in the UK since 1974, is less happy about yesterdays A-Level results. One thing in particular.

And it generated a huge response online. These 17 replies will help explain why.






Nation Forgets Why They Are Outraged "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

In an almost-unprecedented event, the entirety of the United States seemingly forgot what it was that they were outraged about this morning. The phenomenon hasnt been experienced since mid-September of 2013, and experts are hard at work to determine...


Record-high supply and demand on voluntary carbon markets in 2017: report "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

As governments, companies, and individuals the world over are increasingly seeking to address their contributions to global warming, the use of voluntary carbon markets is starting to accelerate after several years of slow growth. Thats the finding of a new report released yesterday by Ecosystem Marketplace, an initiative of the NGO Forest Trends. According to the report, the supply of carbon credits on voluntary markets hit an all-time-high in 2017 of 62.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e), while 42.8-MtCO2e-worth of offsets were purchased and retired also a record. Offsets are produced through a number of activities, such as installing new renewable energy production capacity, managing forests and other ecosystems to improve carbon sequestration, and implementing low-emissions agricultural practices. Developers of projects that lead to reduced emissions in 83 countries currently sell offsets on voluntary markets. The vast majority of projects on the voluntary market follow rules and procedures set out by a voluntary carbon standard, the report explains. If a project meets these criteria, the standard will issue carbon offsets equivalent to the emissions reductions. More than 2,000 projects have issued offsets based on voluntary carbon standards since 2005. Buyers of those offsets can then claim the emissions reductions for themselves by retiring the offsets theyve purchased, meaning theyve removed them from circulation. Chart via Ecosystem Marketplace report Voluntary Carbon Market Insights: 2018 Outlook and First-Quarter Trends. The number of offsets that have been generated is generally considered to be the best way to estimate the

New Caledonia votes to protect coral reefs "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The government of New Caledonia voted on Tuesday to establish marine protected areas across 28,000 square kilometers (10,800 square miles) of waters around the French overseas territory, safeguarding coral reefs, marine habitats, and critical bird nesting areas. The move comes after years of work by conservation groups like WWF, which quickly welcomed the agreement, which applies to five previously unprotected reefs. We welcome New Caledonias announcement of the classification of its near-pristine coral reefs, said Hubert Graux, Manager of WWF-Frances New Caledonia Office, in a statement. These ecosystems are full of life the oceans equivalent of tropical forests and France, through its overseas territories, carries an international responsibility for their protection.  Green sea turtle. Photo by Rhett A. Butler. This is the kind of leadership we need to see in coral reef conservation and we applaud it, added John Tanzer, leader of WWF Internationals oceans program. With good management, these marine protected areas will help maintain fish populations and ecosystem health that will build the reefs resilience to the impacts of climate change in future. This leadership must inspire similar action by other governments. The new protected areas are part of the 1.3 million square kilometer Natural Park of the Coral Sea of New Caledonia that was created in 2014. Fishing and other extractive activities are banned from the five newly protected reefs: Chesterfield, Bellona, Entrecasteaux, Ptrie and Astrolabe. Entrecasteaux is a UNESCO World Heritage site. New Caledonia is known for its rich marine life, including nesting grounds for turtles and sea birds, which attracts large

Very shallow M6.6 earthquake hits Ogasawara region, Japan "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

A very shallow earthquake registered by the JMA as M6.6 hit Japanese Ogasawara Archipelago at 18:22 UTC (03:22 JST) on August 16, 2018. The USGS is reporting M6.4 at a depth of 11.5 km (7.1 miles) at 18:21 and M6.0 at 18:22 UTC. EMSC is reporting M6.4 and M5.9 at a...... Read more

Unexpected surge of water vapor in the mesosphere, prolonged noctilucent clouds season "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

During the first half of August 2018, reports of noctilucent clouds to have tripled compared to the same period in 2017 and researchers at the University of Colorado may have figured out why. "There has been an unexpected surge of water vapor...... Read more

Kerala death toll jumps to 106, 150 000 people homeless in worst floods in nearly 100 years, India "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

The death toll from Kerala's worst floods in nearly 100 years has jumped to 106 on August 16, 2018. There are now 1 331 camps opened across the state, providing temporary shelter for 147 000 people. Kerala's Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said August 15 the...... Read more

Amid corruption scandal, Malaysia switches track on future of rail network "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

KUALA LUMPUR Before the May 9 election that swept Najib Razak and his Barisan Nasional coalition from power, the then prime minister of Malaysia presided over one of the largest and most expensive national rail construction projects ever undertaken in Asia. The $62 billion undertaking would build four new lines and extend two existing ones in Kuala Lumpurs rail transit network, and add a combined 1,256 kilometers (780 miles) of new track throughout the country. It would tie peninsular Malaysias west coast to its east coast with a fast line for passengers and cargo, and link to Singapore with a high-speed train from Kuala Lumpur and a second, shorter cross-border train. Elections have consequences, though. In the weeks after the victory that returned him to the prime ministers office he occupied from 1981 to 2003, the new prime minister, Mahathir Mohamad, systematically drove his predecessor and one-time protgs transit program off the rails. Citing escalating costs, and concern about Chinas role in financing and building some of the new rail network, Mahathir cancelled a 40-kilometer (25-mile), $11.25 billion driverless subway line in Kuala Lumpur. He suspended work on the $17 billion, 350-kilometer (217-mile) Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed line. In early July, his administration announced the suspension of the projected $14 billion East Coast Rail Link (ECRL), a 688-kilometer (428-mile) fast electric rail line from Kuala Lumpurs port on the Strait of Malacca, across the Malaysian peninsula to northeastern port cities along the South China Sea. Malaysia also is pursuing a

Colombia: Agencies rush to save national park from rampant deforestation "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Territories are like books: they can be in front of you, but if you do not read them you will never understand them, said Juan Carlos Clavijo about Tinigua National Natural Park, one of Colombias protected areas located between the municipalities of La Uribe and La Macarena in the Meta region. This year, Tinigua took center stage when the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies (also known by its acronym in Spanish, Ideam) revealed that the park lost more than 5,600 hectares of its tree cover to deforestation activities in the first three months of 2018. Clavijo, who worked in that national park for 10 years, and served as chief for three of them, believes that Tinigua has never been granted the importance it deserves. And he said maybe that is why only now, when the damage seems irreparable, that all eyes are on this territory. Tinigua is part of La Macarena Special Management Area (also known by its acronym in Spanish, AMEM), a reserve created in 1989 that also includes three other national natural parks: Cordillera de Los Picachos, Sierra de La Macarena and Sumapaz. In addition to housing many species, Tinigua also serves as a refuge for wildlife from ecosystems surrounding the park. There, one can find animals such as the jaguar (Panthera onca), long-tailed otter (Lontra longicaudis), mountain lion (Puma concolor), brown woolly monkey (Lagothrix lagotricha), spider monkey (Ateles belzebuth), three-toed sloth (Bradypus variegatus), tapir (Tapirus terrestris), collared peccary (Tayassu tajacu), curassows (Crax alector, Mitu salvini,

The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: August 8 - 14, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

New activity/unrest was reported for 5 volcanoes between August 8 and 14, 2018. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 15 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Etna, Sicily (Italy) | Great Sitkin, Andreanof Islands (USA) | Nevados de Chillan, Chile |...... Read more


Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hypoglycemic effects of the leaf extract from Passiflora nitida Kunth. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Appl Biochem Biotechnol. 2013 Jul ;170(6):1367-78. Epub 2013 May 12. PMID: 23666642 Abstract Title:  Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hypoglycemic effects of the leaf extract from Passiflora nitida Kunth. Abstract:  Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease characterized by abnormally high plasma glucose levels, leading to major complications, such as insulin resistance, obesity, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension, also with alterations in the immune and neuronal systems. Brazilian plants have been studied as important sources for new molecules with medicinal properties. The genus Passiflora known as"Maracuj"has been used as a traditional folk medicine for a long time, so an investigation was performed regarding an endemic kind of passion fruit (Passiflora nitida Kunth) from Amazonas, Brazil. Here, we aimed to determine its potential biological activity against metabolic syndrome, oxidative stress, pain, and inflammation. The hydroethanol leaf extract revealed an in vitro-glucosidase inhibitory activity of 50 % inhibitory concentration (IC) = 6.78 0.31 g/mL and an -amylase inhibition of IC= 93.36 4.37. In vivo, experiments of different saccharide tolerance resulted in significant glycemia control and, with alloxan-diabetic mice, resulted in adecrease of total cholesterol, a hypoglycemic effect, and an antioxidant activity by thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances measurement. Also, it decreased the carrageenan-induced edema volume and the rate of writhing as a nociceptive response. These results indicate positive effects of P. nitidaextract and its potential to inhibit metabolic syndrome.

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Bitcoin Stickers Attract Unwanted Attention from Authorities "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Bitcoin Stickers Attract Unwanted Attention from Authorities

Bitcoin, while becoming more widely known and a little better understood among the general public, is still considered suspicious among rank and file security folk such as customs and airport agents. Security expert Matt Mitchell warns enthusiasts might want to cover up when it comes to stickers and other social advertisements announcing their crypto love.

Also read: Report: 15,000 Twitter Crypto Scam Giveaway Bots

Bitcoin Stickers Might Get You Heat

Conferences, border crossing, airports, public places, Tactical Techs director of digital safety, Matt Mitchell explained to Motherboard, stickers will/can get you targeted for opposition research, industrial espionage, legal or investigative scrutiny.

Enthusiastic Bitcoiners who travel know this all too well, and it has been going on for years in various forms. Indeed, back in 2014, well known ecosystem personality Davi Barker of Bitcoin Not Bombs, had a bizarre encounter with TSA agents in the United States. As luck would have it, he was wearing a Bitcoin Not Bombs hoodie, and also had merchandise related to crypto and various libertarian causes (he was on his way to a conference as an exhibitor).



Here's How to Grow Horseradish "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

By Dr. Mercola

You can get a 6-ounce jar of extra hot, feels like your hair is falling out Atomic brand horseradish sauce on Amazon for $5.99. If youre a horseradish lover, that might not be a problem, but can you imagine growing your own spicy horseradish roots to produce your own horseradish sauces, saving money and learning the tricks of this easy-to-propagate, fast-growing crop?

Horseradish tolerates nearly every climate, but generally requires full sun or part shade. Starting with crowns or roots acquired either by a generous gardening friend, the supermarket or nursery, these are best planted in the spring for harvesting in fall, winter and the following spring. For one household, three plants is usually all you need to rustle up some tantalizingly tasty heat for any number of dishes, or a simple spread for sandwiches.

Although it can be grown from seed, horseradish is usually propagated from a small root piece. With its botanical name Armoracia rusticana, horseradish roots may look a little like skinny parsnips or pale carrots with their tough, leathery skin. But one nick of your hoe on their brown skin reveals not just cream-colored flesh inside, but a nasal-burning sensation that tells you theres something a little hotter going on.

Horseradish is usually made into a sauce that turns potatoes, sandwiches, eggs and roast beef and thats a very limited list into a flavor sensation. Patricia Boudier, co-owner of Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, featured in the above video, explains her own experience with the spicy root:

I grew up eating horseradish. We put it in our potatoes, we grated it on sandwiches and we made a cream sauce out of it. And if you like a wasabi rush, you need to grow some horseradish.

True wasabi as in the stuff made from the Wasabia Japonica root is incredibly hard to find outside of Japan. The plant is also super picky about growing conditions. In fact, to grow it in most areas, you'd need to create the perfect artificial conditions and intensively care for plants for two years before harvesting....

Add Some Leeks to Your Life "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

By Dr. Mercola

If you've never tried leeks, you may be interested to include them in your fall garden this year. Actually, you can grow leeks year-round, but given their hardiness to cold, they make a great fall crop. If you live in an area with mild winters, you can even leave leeks in the ground during winter and harvest them in early spring. Now is the time to consider growing (and eating more) leeks.

Taking a Peek at Leeks, the Tall, Leafy Cousin of Garlic and Onions

Leeks (Allium ampeloprasum porrum) are a member of the allium family vegetables, closely related to garlic, onions, scallions and shallots. Given their thick green sheaths and long floppy leaves, leeks stand out in the crowd. In fact, leeks grow 12 to 30 inches tall, 9 to 12 inches wide and 1 to 2 inches in diameter.1

Often considered to be a root vegetable, leeks don't typically form a bulb. When it's been blanched and kept tender, you'll find the bottom 6 inches of a leek's leaf sheath to be the most edible and enjoyable part of the plant. When preparing leeks for eating, you can compost the tough upper leaves or use them to make stock. Due to their cold hardiness, you can plant leeks year-round. As such, they were featured in my article titled Plan and Plant Your Fall Garden Now.

Leeks are biennial and will grow a flower stalk in the second year. That said, you'll want to harvest them in the first year. Only allow leeks to bloom if you are interested in saving seed; otherwise, treat them as an annual.

Though they were once rarely seen outside of potato-leek soup in the American food mainstream, leeks are growing in popularity. They have a long history of culinary use around the world, including northern Europe. Thought to originate in the Mediterranean and Central Asia, leeks also were cultivated by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks and popularized by the Romans.2

The subtle, mild flavor of leeks adds depth to a variety of dishes, including salads, soups, stews and stir-fries. Leeks can be enjoyed cooked or uncooked. They add antioxidants, beneficial fiber, bulk and as well as important vitamins and minerals to any meal.



P. manicata aqueous leaf extract possess protective properties against reactive oxygen species and also protein glycation. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Food Chem Toxicol. 2013 Oct ;60:45-51. Epub 2013 Jul 20. PMID: 23876820 Abstract Title:  Passiflora manicata (Juss.) aqueous leaf extract protects against reactive oxygen species and protein glycation in vitro and ex vivo models. Abstract:  The leaf extracts of many species of genus Passiflora have been extensively investigated for their biological activities on several rat tissues, but mainly in the central nervous system and liver. They posses anxiolytic-like, sedative effects and antioxidant properties. Evidences suggest a key role of C-glycosylflavonoids in the biological activities of Passiflora extracts. Some species (such as P. manicata) of the genus are still poorly investigated for their chemical and biological activity. In this work, we aim to investigate both antioxidant and antiglycation properties of aqueous extract of P. manicata leaves (PMLE) in vitro and ex vivo models. Crude extract showed the C-glycosylflavonoid isovitexin as the major compound. Isoorientin and vitexin were also identified. In TRAP/TAR assay, PMLE showed a significant antioxidant activity. PMLE at concentrations of 10 and 100g mL significantly decreasing LDH leakage in rat liver slices. Antioxidant effect also was observed by decreased in oxidative damage markers in slices hence hydrogen peroxide was added as oxidative stress inductor. PMLE inhibited protein glycation at all concentrations tested. In summary, P.manicata aqueous leaf extract possess protective properties against reactive oxygen species and also protein glycation, and could be considered a new source of natural antioxidants.

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Effects of Passiflora nitida Kunth leaf extract on digestive enzymes and high caloric diet in rats. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  J Nat Med. 2014 Apr ;68(2):316-25. PMID: 24078292 Abstract Title:  Effects of Passiflora nitida Kunth leaf extract on digestive enzymes and high caloric diet in rats. Abstract:  The present study investigated inhibition of pancreatic lipase and metabolic effects of high caloric diet in rats. The Passiflora nitida hydroethanol leaf extract (PNE) was used in in vitro assays or administered to rats to study dyslipidemia. Inhibition of lipase in vitro was studied by a spectrophotometric assay using orlistat as the positive control. The effects of PNE on reduction of postprandial triglyceride were studied by oral fat-overloading in rats. Metabolic alterations were induced using the cafeteria diet and 4 weeks post-treatment with PNE or orlistat and blood samples were collected and biochemical analyses were performed. Liver and retroperitoneal fat tissues were obtained to analyze weight and steatosis. IC50 (lg/mL) values for pancreatic lipase inhibition were 21.2 0.8 and 0.1 0.01 for PNE and orlistat, respectively. Oral administration of lipid emulsion resulted in postprandial hypertriglyceridemia at 3 h postadministration and when rats were then administered PNE and orlistat there was decreased of triglyceride levels by 15 % compared to control. Although the energy consumption by the cafeteria diet had been higher, there was no significant weight gain observed in the study groups. The cafeteria diet resulted in a significant increase of weight in the retroperitoneal fat and hypertriglyceridemia levels that could be significantly reduced by PNE and orlistat treatment. We hypothesized that PNE administration prevented the hypertriglyceridemia in rats with a high caloric diet, possibly owing to reduction of lipid absorption and pancreatic lipase inhibition.

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Sydneys Muslims Praying For Aussie Farmers Too Wholesome For Daily Telegraph To Write About "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

WENDELL HUSSEY | Editor | CONTACT The iconic Sydney masthead, the Daily Telegraph has today once again shown that its finger is still on the pulse, of Peter Dutton. The highly circulated Murdoch news tabloid has confirmed that Muslims are of no interest to the general public unless they are playing up. This comes after a hundreds of muslims []

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Antioxidant and anti-diabetic potential of Passiflora alata Curtis aqueous leaves extract in type 1 diabetes mellitus. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Int Immunopharmacol. 2014 Jan ;18(1):106-15. Epub 2013 Nov 20. PMID: 24269180 Abstract Title:  Antioxidant and anti-diabetic potential of Passiflora alata Curtis aqueous leaves extract in type 1 diabetes mellitus (NOD-mice). Abstract:  Leaves of Passiflora alata Curtis were characterized for their antioxidant capacity. Antioxidant analyses of DPPH, FRAP, ABTS, ORAC and phenolic compounds were made in three different extracts: aqueous, methanol/acetone and ethanol. Aqueous extract was found to be the best solvent for recovery of phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity, when compared with methanol/acetone and ethanol. To study the anti-inflammatory properties of this extract in experimental type 1 diabetes, NOD mice were divided into two groups: the P. alata group, treated with aqueous extract of P. alata Curtis, and a non-treated control group, followed by diabetes expression analysis. The consumption of aqueous extract and water ad libitum lasted 28 weeks. The treated-group presented a decrease in diabetes incidence, a low quantity of infiltrative cells in pancreatic islets and increased glutathione in the kidney and liver (p

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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Could This Be a Reversal Pattern? "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights

  • Bitcoin price appears to be forming an inverse head and shoulders pattern on its 1-hour time frame.
  • This is considered a classic reversal signal and if confirmed, price could pull up from its earlier drop.
  • Technical indicators are also reflecting the presence of bullish momentum.

Bitcoin price might be forming an inverse head and shoulders pattern as it moves to test the neckline soon.

Technical Indicators Signals

The 100 SMA is crossing above the longer-term 200 SMA to indicate that the path of least resistance is now to the upside. This adds confirmation that the uptrend could carry on from here, possibly enough to take bitcoin price past the neckline at the $6,600 level.

If so, bitcoin price could climb by around $1,000 since this is the height of the inverse head and shoulders reversal pattern. RSI is also pointing up to signal that buyers are taking control of price action from here. Stochastic is also on the move up to confirm bullish pressure, but this oscillator is also nearing overbought levels. Turning back down could bring selling pressure in.

BTCUSD Chart from TradingView

BTCUSD Chart from TradingView

Bitcoin price is attempting to recover lost ground long-term support levels continue to be defended by bulls. An improvement in risk sentiment, stemming from the prospect of US-China trade talks next week is also propping up cryptocurrencies. Then again, some say that this is just a short-squeeze from the earlier drops.

Still, its helpful to remember that the dollar remains safely bid as easing trade tensions could benefit the US economy at the end of the day. This could keep some downside pressure on BTCUSD in play. A number of analysts retained their bullish bets while experts also expressed confidence that betting on the industry is a long-term game rather than being rattled by th...


Aqueous extract of Passiflora ligularis fruit can decrease the blood glucose and reduce the oxidative stress by removing free radicals in diabetes. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Int Sch Res Notices. 2014 ;2014:130342. Epub 2014 Dec 21. PMID: 27350966 Abstract Title:  Antioxidant and Antidiabetic Effect of Aqueous Fruit Extract of Passiflora ligularis Juss. on Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats. Abstract:  Diabetes mellitus is the most common endocrine disorder that impairs glucose homeostasis resulting in severe diabetic complications including retinopathy, angiopathy, nephropathy, and neuropathy causing neurological disorders due to perturbation in utilization of glucose. Hypoglycemic activity was detected in aqueous extract of Passiflora ligularis, a traditionally used medicinal plant, using streptozotocin (STZ, 30mg/kg body weight) induced diabetic rat model. Oral administration of aqueous extract of Passiflora ligularis to diabetic rats for 30 days resulted in a decrease in blood glucose. The diabetic rats had decreased levels of serum total protein, albumin, globulin, and albumin/globulin ratio as compared to control rats. In addition, the activities of hepatic and renal markers were significantly elevated in diabetic rats as compared to control rats. Treatment with aqueous fruit extract of P. ligularis and glibenclamide reversed these parameters to near normal. Extract at a dose of 400mg/kg given orally for 30 days showed significant elevation in enzymatic (SOD, catalase, and Gpx) and nonenzymatic antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, and reduced glutathione). Plant extract treated groups showed significant decrease in lipid peroxidation (LPO). Aqueous extract of Passiflora ligularis fruitcan decrease the blood glucose and reduce the oxidative stress by removing free radicals in diabetes.

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Passiflora edulis peel intake and ulcerative colitis: approaches for prevention and treatment. "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

PMID:  Exp Biol Med (Maywood). 2014 May ;239(5):542-51. Epub 2014 Mar 12. PMID: 24623393 Abstract Title:  Passiflora edulis peel intake and ulcerative colitis: approaches for prevention and treatment. Abstract:  Inflammatory bowel disease is a chronic relapsing disease that affects millions of people worldwide; its pathogenesis is influenced by genetic, environmental, microbiological, and immunological factors. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of short- and long-term Passiflora edulis peel intake on the antioxidant status, microbiota, and short-chain fatty acids formation in rats with 2,4,6-trinitrobenzenesulphonic acid-induced colitis using two"in vivo"experiments: chronic (prevention) and acute (treatment). The colitis damage score was determined using macroscopic and microscopic analyses. In addition, the antioxidant activity in serum and other tissues (liver and colon) was evaluated. Bifidobacteria, lactobacilli, aerobic bacteria and enterobacteria, and the amount of short-chain fatty acids (acetic, butyric, and propionic acids) in cecum content were counted. Differences in the colon damage scores were observed; P. edulis peel intake improved serum antioxidant status. In the treatment protocol, decreased colon lipid peroxidation, a decreased number of aerobic bacteria and enterobacteria, and an improvement in acetic and butyric acid levels in the feces were observed. An improvement in the bifidobacteria and lactobacilli was observed in the prevention protocol. These results suggested that P. edulis peel can modulate microbiota and could be used as source of fiber and polyphenols in the prevention of oxidative stress through the improvement of serum and tissue antioxidant status.

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Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Primed to Break above $540 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Key Points

  • Bitcoin cash price is slowly moving higher and is currently trading above the $500 support against the US Dollar.
  • There is key bullish trend line formed with support at $515 on the hourly chart of the BCH/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
  • The pair is likely to move higher and it could break the $540 resistance for more gains.

Bitcoin cash price is preparing for the next break above $535-540 against the US Dollar. BCH/USD remains supported on dips near $515 and $500.

Bitcoin Cash Price Resistance

There was a slow and steady rise initiated from the $471 low in bitcoin cash price against the US Dollar. The BCH/USD pair climbed higher and managed to settle above the $500 resistance level. There was also a break above the 38.2% Fib retracement level of the last key decline from the $594 swing high to $470 swing low. However, the price is currently facing a crucial hurdle on the upside near the $535-540 zone.

Moreover, the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the last key decline from the $594 swing high to $470 swing low is near $546 to act as a resistance. Therefore, a break above the $540 and $546 resistances could open the doors for more gains in the near term. Above $546, the price may perhaps move towards the $565 and $570 levels. On the downside, there is a key bullish trend line formed with support at $515 on the hourly chart of the BCH/USD pair. The trend line support is important, below which, the price may revisit the $500 support.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis BCH USD

Looking at the chart, BCH price is placed nicely for more upsides above the $500 support. However, a break above $540 is must for an upside acceleration.

Looking at the technical indicators:



Unstoppable Scams? Ethereum's Gambling Problem Is Only Getting Worse "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Concern for user safety on ethereum is growing, in part, due to the warning cries of gambling dapp developers themselves who warn danger is afoot.


QHwC Catching Up With Allison Coe "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Wheeee! What an wild energetic ride Summer of 2018 has been so far. Allison and Candace weigh in on its affects on our clients, our sessions and the world at large. Allison is headed to Sedona to speak next month, so catch her live, if you can. She also shares her BQH coupon code towards []

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FAA Finds City of Pocatello Discriminated Against the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes in Lease Agreements "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Mayor Brian Blad

Published August 17, 2018

FORT HALL, Idaho  On June 8, 2016, the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes Tribes issued an official Press Release informing the public of a federal investigation on the City of Pocatello (City) for violating federal funding provisions related to the Citys lease language at the Pocatello Regional Airport (Airport).  On August 3, 2018, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued the results of the investigation of discrimination by the City against the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes (Tribes).  The Citys contract states anyone renting land from the City at the airport shall not enter into any written agreement with the Tribes without the Citys approval.  Further, the agreement provides if the Citys tenant receives communications from the Tribes, the tenant must immediately provide the City with a copy of any written correspondence or material received from the Tribes.

The FAA investigation concluded the [lease] provision violates civil right laws by discriminating against the Tribes on the basis of race and national origin. Further, the FAA stated the City must take corrective action within 30 days to modify or remove the discriminatory language from all their current and future contractual agreements. The City received more than $3 million in federal funds for the airport.

Pocatellos Mayor Brian Blad informed the FAA it routinely includes that discriminatory language in Lease Agreements. Instead of taking responsibility for the discriminatory language and correcting the problem in consultation with the Tribes, Mayor Blad informed the media its ludicrous to think that we are discriminating against them [the Tribes] in my opinion. . . .  (KPVI News Report May 2, 2016). The City paid a national law firm to represent it in the investigation.  The City argued it was proper to discriminate against the Tribes and if the Tribes arguments were accepted, then it would follow that the countries of Iran or Sudan could sue for discrimination.

The Tribes are not sure why the Citys attorneys used a comparison of predominantly Islamic nations to an Amer...


David Koch Forced To Shoot Beloved Cash Cow As Drought Worsens "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-large | Contact Breakfast television presenter, David Kochie Koch broke down this morning on Sunrise as he recounted the heartbreaking story of being told by network executives that hed have to shoot his beloved Cash Cow. Despite working tirelessly to feed the financially-reckless bovine, the droughts grip proved to be too tight []

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Cherokee Nation Releases New Book, Hosts Signings during Cherokee National Holiday "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Published August 17, 2018

Book signings to take place on Sept. 1 in Tahlequah

TAHLEQUAH, Okla.  The Cherokee National Holiday is around the corner and with it comes the official release of the new book Cherokee Nation: A History of Survival, Self Determination and Identity.

This is the first book of its kind to have the full support of the Cherokee Nation, said Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker. Our Cherokee values have enabled us to withstand every dark chapter and celebrate every positive milestone throughout time, and we are stronger today than ever before. That history is an important part of who we are as Cherokee people, and this book provides an unprecedented opportunity to share our story.

The book takes readers through the challenges and opportunities that have shaped the largest tribal nation in the U.S. From ancient traditions and self-governance to survival and a return to self-determination, the Cherokee Nations strong sense of identity is undeniable.

Spanning more than four centuries, the narrative emphasizes individual leadership, the struggle for internal unity, and the fight against the forces that attempted to destroy the sovereignty of the Cherokee Nation.

As part of the book release celebration, the tribe will host two book signings during its annual homecoming celebration on Saturday, Sept. 1.

1:00 p.m. to 3: 00 p.m.
Cherokee Nation Gift Shop
17725 S. Muskogee Ave
Tahlequah, OK 74464

3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Descendants of Nancy Ward meeting
Cherokee Nation Tribal Complex
17675 S. Muskogee Ave
Tahlequah, OK 74464

Cherokee Nation published the book, which was coauthored by Dr. Bob Blackburn, Dr. Neil Morton and the late Dr. Duane King.

Blackburn has served as the executive director of the Oklahoma Historical Society since 1999. He was instrumental in planning and building the Oklahoma History Center and played a critical role in Cherokee Nations reacquisition of Sequoyahs Cabin in 2016. The well-known historian has authored nearly 20 books on the states history and continues to preserve and share Oklahomas rich history.

Morton is a longtime Adair county...


Seventh Annual Miss Native American USA Scholarship Pageant is Set for Aug. 24th "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Photo credit: Jeremy Dennis

Published August 17, 2018

TEMPE, Ariz.   The Miss Native American USA Organization proudly announces their 7th Annual MNAUSA Scholarship Pageant on Friday, August 24, 2018 in Tempe, Arizona. The national pageant is returning to the Tempe Center for the Arts this year, after taking up Mesa Community College last year as their host location. The pageant is in its seventh year, featuring the best of the Native Communities featuring the likes of Indigenous women from the Navajo, Northern Cheyenne, Cherokee, Apache, Zuni, and the Shinnecock Nations. MNAUSA is an organization where our titleholders spread their messages/platform on a national level, addressing real topics from Indian Country.

Themed Empowering Our Nations, this years host is former Miss Indian World 2016-17, Honorable Danielle TaSheena Finn. Judge Finn, Wichapi Sakowin WinLakota for the Seventh Star Woman, is from Porcupine/Bismarck, North Dakota. Judge Finn is Hunkpapa Lakota, Inhanktowan Dakota, Assiniboine, and Mtis and is a citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Judge Finn obtained a Juris Doctorate Degree with high pro bono distinction from Arizona State Universitys Sandra Day OConnor College of Law. She also received a Certificate in Global Arbitration and Practices while studying at the Queen Mary School of Law in London, England.

Autumn Rose Williams is the current Miss Native American USA 2017-2018. She was born and raised on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation located on Long Island, New York. MNAUSA Williams platform is Indigenous Womens Empowerment focuses on identity, connection to our culture, ability to balance tribal societal values with American societal values, and how we encourage each other. During her times as Miss Native American USA, Williams has been the Keynote speaker for the Long Island Womens Diversity Summit in New York, and The Native Project Wellness Camp in Washington State. She has also traveled to Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, D.C, and Bermuda to spread her message and share her culture as a Shinnecock Woman. Williams graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communications, concentration public relations and minor in business. She currently works as the Marketing & Communication Assistant at Peconic Land Trust and helps w...


Kundalini And Cerebrospinal Fluid Breath How To Ground And Balance Your Energy "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

by Angelina Stojic, Guest writer, I have been drawn to write about the Cerebrospinal fluid breath which I have been receiving details about over the last few weeks.  In short, we all have fluid that is held within our spine.  This travels from the brain all the way down the spine within the column. []

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Native Vote Action Week is September 24 29 "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"


Published August 17, 2018

WASHINGTON  Native Vote week is set for September 24 29, 2018.

The reasons to vote far outnumber any reason not go to the polls. The fact that elected officials make decisions that impact the lives of American Indians and Alaska Natives is perhaps the most important reason to vote. Before you can vote, you must register to vote. With the general election coming up on November 6, 2018, there is still time to vote. Check with your secretary of state in your state to find out the process.

Native Vote works hard to get American Indians and Alaska Natives to vote in every election. Please watch the video to see the importance of voting.

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Thirty-year Osage Employee Honored for Osage Elder Care Contributions "IndyWatch Feed Allcommunity"

Published August 17, 2018

PAWHUSKA, Okla.   Roberta Sue Slinkard (Osage), a familiar face in the Osage Nation employee workforce and elder community, was recently honored for her work and dedication for elder nutrition efforts on the Osage Nation Reservation for Osage Nation Elder NutritionThe National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) awarded Slinkard the n4a Excellence in Leadership Award on July 29, 2018 in Chicago, IL, at the n4a Annual Conference and Trade Show. The n4a primary mission is, to build the capacity of our members so they can help older adults and people with disabilities live with dignity and choices in their homes and communities for as long as possible.

The leadership award Slinkard received is awarded to Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs), Title VI directors and their affiliates (staff, boards or advisory councils), who have demonstrated exceptional leadership capabilities at the local, state or national level in advancing the mission of the Older Americans Actand preparing communities for our nations rapidly aging population, according to the n4a website. Winners are nominated and then selected by a panel of their peers. Slinkard received a nomination for the award from the Oklahoma Indian Council on Aging, an affiliate of the National Indian Council on Aging.

I was awarded the Leadership Award for my years of working with the Osage Nation Title VI Programfor my years of service to the Osage Elders.  I have worked at the local, county, and state level to improve the lives of our elders [and, for] being a member of the Oklahoma Indian Council on Aging, and the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a), said Slinkard about being selected for the award. Slinkard, the Elder Nutrition Director, has been working for Osage Nation Title VI to support elder nutrition for all Native Americans in the Osage service area for 31 years.  She added, humbly, I was very honored by this award.

Slinkard said n4a provides a valuable partnership for elder nutrition leaders and programs. The n4a and our Title VI program work together to advocate for...


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