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Friday, 24 August


Who do we blame as matters go from bad to worse over the next eight months in Australia? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The country is being crippled by the effects of drought and basic food prices will soon begin to rise, while at the same time wages growth remains stagnant. Cost cutting by successive Coalition federal governments is impacting service delivery on everything from health and welfare through to national broadband connectivity.

The federal government is still a policy-free zone with regard to energy and climate change due to toxic infighting between members of the Liberal Party of Australia which, along with its coalition partner the National Party, has an ideological inability to drag itself into the 21st century to face the consequences of ongoing land degradation and water insecurity.

Australia now has a new prime minister, but this situation is unlikely to change as the hard right remains holding the reins of government.

The next federal election is still over eight months away. 

So who do we blame for the situation the country finds itself in between now and the election?

Take your pick.......

According to this is the list of federal parliamentary members of the Liberal Party of Australia who voted to bring on the leadership spill of 24 August 2018:

1. Andrew Hastie


Sadly the Joke of the Decade was on the Australian people "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

"I will not lead a party that is not as committed to effective action on climate change as I am."  [Liberal Party leader Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, October 2009]


Tweet of the Week "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Indias first bio-fuel flight could fly "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Indias First Biofuel Flight Could Fly on Monday from Dehradun to Delhi

By Saurabh Sinha | TNN

4 hours ago

TWC India


India could see its first ever biofuel flight on Monday with SpiceJet planning to operate a turboprop, Q-400, from Dehradun to Delhi using this sustainable alternative.

While some advanced countries like US and Australia have tested commercial flights on biofuel, India is among the first developing nations to make such an attempt. Sources say the plan is that the biofuel-powered Bombardier Q-400 will take off from Dehradun, fly over the city for 10 minutes and then return there. If the test goes well, then the plane will take off again and this time head to Delhi.

Officials from several regulatory agencies, including the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), will be on board to see the result of this flight.

This January, Australian carrier Qantas flew a Dreamliner Boeing 787-9 between Los Angeles and Melbourne. The fuel for this 15-hour flight was a blended one that was 10 per cent derived from an industrial type of mustard seed. In 2011, Alaska Airlines operated some flights using biofuel made of 50 per cent used cooking oil. And KLM had operated a few biofuel flights between New York and Amsterdam in 2013. The blending is capped for aviation biofuel.

India is also trying to promote biofuels to reduce dependence on fossil fuel. On August 10, World Biofuel Day 2018 was organised in Delhi where Prime Minister Modi released the National Policy on Biofuels 2018. This policy describes biofuel as being produced from renewable resources and used in place of or in blend with, diesel, petrol or other fossil fuels for transport, stationary, portable and other applications.

Renewable resources are the biodegradable fraction of products, wastes and residues from agriculture, forestry, tree based oil....


Not welcoming Donald Trump to Australia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Malcolm Turnbull may just have been replaced as Australian Prime Minister by Scott Morrison a man with blood on his hands over his disgraceful treatment of refugees many years ago but this publicly-released letter that Ive signed still stands:

An alliance of organisations and individuals have formed the Unite Against Trump Alliance to begin coordinating a protest against US President Donald Trump when he visits Australia in November. The following statement, initiated by outgoing NSW Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon, is being circulated for sign-ons in the lead up to the protests that are being organised across the country including in Cairns, Canberra and Brisbane.

To sign on to the statement, visit the Unite Against Trump Sydney page.


Disgracefully, Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has invited US President Donald Trump to visit Australia. This is likely to occur after the APEC summit in PNG in November.

Donald Trump is a racist, misogynist, lying billionaire who is trying to drag global politics to the far right. His brand of extreme nationalism, Islamophobia, greed, anti-refugee, anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-LGBTI, anti-union and anti-environment rhetoric and policies are abhorrent to the majority of the Australian public.

The Turnbull government has aligned with Trumps bigoted and militaristic global agenda at every opportunity. We want to see Australia distanced from Trumps values. His values do not represent the interests of most people on the planet or the planet itself.

More than ever we need to join together in Australia and across borders to struggle for a world that respects the equal rights and wonderful diversity of humanity, protects our fragile environment and equitably shares the enormous wealth all around us.

We call on Malcolm Turnbull to rescind Trumps invitation to Australia and for the parliament to prohibit him from speaking if his visit goes ahead.

We pledge that if Trump does visit we will meet him with mass demonstrations to show our opposition to everything his Presidency stands for.


Lee Rhiannon Greens Sena...


Scott Morrison the new Australian Prime Minister and former NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione attend Hillsong Church regularly and are friends of the pedophile protector Brian Houston head pastor of Hillsong "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Andrew Scipione at a Hillsong meeting. Andrew attends hillsong regularly, goes to Hillsong prayer and fellowship meetings with Australian Federal Trasurer Scott Morrison and they hang out with Brian Houston private. Andrew Scipione and Brain Houston are good friends.

Then NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione in 2015 at the annual Hillsong Conference in Sydney. Andrew Scipione attends Hillsong regularly, goes to Hillsong prayer and fellowship meetings with Australian Federal Trasurer Scott Morrison and they hang out with Hillsong head pastor Brian Houston privately. Andrew Scipione and Brian Houston are good friends.


Hillsong Insider speaks:

Dear Donald

Ive seen Andrew Scipione in Hillsong churches many times.

Ive seen Andrew chatting to head pastor Brian Houston.

Ive seen Andrew Scipione in the Hillsong City Church and Hillsong headquarters church in Baulkham Hills.

Ive seen  Andrew in the pastors lounges of these two Hillsong churches.

Andrew has been at Hillsong on many occasions.

I have had coffee with him and chatted to Andrew privately.

I gave the training manual for Hillsongs security to detectives and told them if there...


Phil Pringle head pastor of C3 Church: If you drive a bomb of a car then dont put a I love C3 Churchsticker on the back window because its a bad witness for C3 Church and a bad witness for Jesus "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Phil Pringle head pastor of C3 Global Church based in affluent Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia: No bomb of a cars are allowed in my congregation

A friend of mine went to C3 Church headquarters in Oxford Falls, Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia for seven years.

He shared how at one Sunday morning service, C3 head pastor Phil Pringle said to the congregation, I just saw a bomb of a car in the car park outside with a I love C3 Church sticker on the back window. If you drive a bomb of a car, dont put a I love C3 Church sticker on the back window- its a bad witness for C3 Church and a bad witness for Jesus. Buy a new car and put a I love C3 sticker on it- or remove the C3 sticker off your bomb car.

My friend is an affluent man but he drove a $4,000 bomb of a Honda to church and left his vintage Porche and other smart car at home.

After Phil Pringles tell-off to the congregation about bomb cars, C3 stickers and Jesus, my friend made sure he always drove his bomb of a car to church. He went to accompany his wife to church, who likes C3 Church. My friend, a wealthy lawyer, thinks Phil Pringle is a fake and con-man and stopped going there and attends an Anglican Church where he feels it is less lively but more down to earth and since...


Girls in the dark "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I was waiting for someone at the Record Crate, so I started drawing the crowd waiting for the night's show


A true club legend "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Alison Roberts-Wray is as much a part of Queenscliff Lonsdale Yacht Club as the yachts themselves.

Alison is a finalist in the Viva Energy Club Legend Award and currently holds the position of club secretary, membership officer and is the Women in Sailing liaison contact with Australian Sailing.

If you want to experience sailing, then its Alison who will attend all of the clubs Discover Sailing days, greeting everyone so they are made to feel welcome.

Alison also helps organise and attends all working bees and social and formal functions related to the club.

As a retired woman, Alison has lent her professionalism to assist a struggling committee and has been instrumental in steering the club back onto a positive course.

Along with her husband, Alison is currently working to implement a program to help women learn how to sail outside of our normal race days. This is to provide women access to sailing which they otherwise may not be able to participate in due to time and family constraints. Alison has also been key in the increased number of women who have joined our club, in either sailing or canoe/kayak activities.

Alison is also the current winter series champion on a crew based system easily beating all male participants.

You can vote for Alison and any of the other Viva Energy Club Legend Award finalists at


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New VCE centre under Labor govt "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A new $8.9 million VCE centre will be built at Bellarine Secondary College if the Labor state government is re-elected.

The VCE centre would include new seminar rooms, a student lounge and administration space.

Bellarine Secondary College is a great school and I have worked hard with principal Alison Murphy and the wider community to ensure it continues to grow for the benefit of all local students, Member for Bellarine Lisa Neville said.

This announcement will now deliver state of the art facilities students and their teachers need to achieve their best.

Were already upgraded the classrooms, science labs, arts foyer and main office area at Bellarine Secondary College but theres more to do and only Labor will deliver almost $9 million for a new VCE centre.

On the Bellarine schools such as Portarlington, Barwon Heads, Leopold, Drysdale, Portarlington and Ocean Grove primaries have all been upgraded since 2014, the Labor government said.


The post New VCE centre under Labor govt appeared first on Ocean Grove Voice.


Our Secret Weapon Is Heart: Tony Sheldon Looks Back On Ten Years Of Priscilla On Stage "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Twelve years after opening in Sydney, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert The Musical will roll her wheels into Brisbane for the very first time. Its the tale of three drag queens and their bus (Priscilla), their (mis)adventures through the outback, and their interactions with Australian culture in all her vibrant, (but often aggressive and ...

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Indigenous Literacy Day 5 Sept "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"
We can hardly wait to celebrate Indigenous Literacy Day for the 12th year running!

This year, our national celebration will be held on Wednesday 5 September, with events across the entire country. And were hoping to raise more than $300,000 to provide over 30,000 books to remote Indigenous communities nation-wide.

Two of our biggest events will be at Federation Square in the heart of Melbourne and at the Sydney Opera House.

In Melbourne, students from Victorian schools will be joined by our Lifetime Ambassadors and ever-popular authors Andy Griffiths and Anita Heiss, ILF Ambassador Shelley Ware (from the Marngrook Footy Show on NITV), artist/storyteller Gregg Dreise and Aunty Joy Murphy.

The celebrations will feature performances by a group of students from Worawa College, who have just published a new book, Deadly Sisters of Worowa. Anita and Shelley worked with these talented young women to develop their pieces of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Meanwhile, at Sydney Opera House, two more Lifetime Ambassadors, the renowned childrens author Alison Lester and musician Josh Pyke, along with Justine Clarke (of Playschool fame) and Natalie Ahmat (from NITV) will be performing alongside a group of remarkable women from the Binjari community near Katherine in the NT to celebrate their new books.

At the end of each of these celebrations, therell be a GREAT BOOK SWAP, where the students attending, swap a favourite book and make a gold coin donation to help boost the funds that support our literacy programs.

You can help close the literacy gap too! Find out how you can partcipate on Indigenous Literacy Day.


Betrayed Domestic Violence Victim Sues Police "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Sonia Hickey and Ugur Nedim The woman whose address was disclosed by a Queensland police officer to her abusive former partner is fighting the state government in court. Domestic violence victim Julie commenced legal proceedings after a policeman allegedly accessed her personal details on the police database and provided it to his mate, her

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WIN with TWT: Comedy shows at the Bayview Hotel "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Gladesvilles Bayview Hotel is hosting two special nights of comedy in the coming days. TWT readers can win one of four tickets to a Comedy Night with Merrick Watts next Wednesday while two TWT readers can get their hands on a ticket to Women Like Us, returning by popular demand on Tuesday September 11 at 8pm.

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New PM Scott Morrison Urged To Protect LGBTIQ Rights In Religious Freedom Debate "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Scott Morrison has been announced as leader of the Liberal party and Australias next Prime Minister, following a contest for the partys leadership. A three-way contest was held in a party room meeting on Friday after Liberal members voted to spill the leadership, 45 votes in favour to 40. Treasurer Scott Morrison, former Home Affairs ...

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2pm 26 Aug | Rally: Racists Out! Refugees In! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

When: 2-5pm, Sunday 26th August Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne Facebook event here Whoever becomes the new Prime Minister RAC will call a protest on the first Sunday after that at 2pm State Library calling for Racists Out! and Refugees In! Turnbull, Dutton,Morrison and Bishop are all forever stained by the(...)


Nationals MP for Page Kevin Hogan tries to straddle the Coalition fence by becoming a Faux Independent after the new Morrison Government is sworn-in "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The political situation in Australia thus far this week..............

Thinking to hedge his bets in a toxic political environment and remain in the federal parliament beyond the forthcoming federal election, Kevin Hogan sent out this media release on 23 August 2018: 


This constant rotation of Prime Ministers by both the Labor Party and the Liberal party, I cannot condone.

 I am announcing today, that if there is another leadership spill for the position of Prime Minister prior to the next federal election, I will remove myself from the government benches and sit on the cross benches.

 I have made this decision because my community is fed up. What we have been seeing in Canberra with leadership changes over the last 10 years, is letting our great country down.


Museum forced to make way for health facility "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Map shows alternative Healthone site as proposed by members of the Evans Head Living Museum. Image supplied

Richmond Valley Council has given the Evans Head Living Museum & Community Technology Centre three months to vacate its premises on the old Evans Head School site to make way for a new HealthOne facility proposed by the health department.

Museum volunteers say the demand to vacate was given just one week before a meeting at which council is expected to vote to sell the site to the health department.

The museum, a registered charity run entirely by volunteers has been operating successfully for more than 15 years.

Pre-emptory strike

Museum president Dr Richard Gates said that immediately following the meeting with Council last Tuesday, the department issued a media release stating that the site was its preferred location with no mention of the consequences for the Museum.

It was as if we didnt exist. That the media release should happen immediately after our meeting was no coincidence.

It was a pre-emptory strike before the museum could say anything publicly and begs questions about the independence of the processes associated with site selection. It is our view that this was not an arms length process as you might expect from a publicly-funded organisation.

Health failed to provide any information about other potential sites. We dont actually know if taxpayers are getting a good deal or whether this is just a pork barrel exercise at any cost,

Alternative locations

Dr Gates said he is aware of three other locations proposed by the community which clearly met the criteria for selection.

He said that he had proposed a site on the state-controlled Reflections Holiday Park, on an area rarely used, but said he had had a call from a senior health department bureaucrat who told him that the site was not appropriate as it would have meant a complicated change to a Plan of Management for the park.

He added he believed the site selection process was subject to a political timetable which implied timing for the NSW State election.

Dr Gates said that it was becoming more and more clear as he learned about other pr...


The Irrelevance of the Prime Minister to Australias Property Market "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Earlier this month, an Aussie family sold their former apple orchard in Wantirna South, a suburb in Melbourne. Its been with the same owners since 1922.

The selling price? Reportedly close to $100 million.

The buyer is a Chinese property developer.

This is a perfect example of the stupidity of the Australian tax system and why Australias latest bout of political instability is mostly irrelevant in the long term.

It also has important investment implications.

Where the boom-bust nature of the economy comes from

The reason that this land is receiving such an enormous asking price is because of its desirable location on the city fringe and the fact it has Commercial 1 zoning approval, which removes permit requirements among other things. That means housing lots are sure to follow soon.

Germany has a far superior system. It freezes the value of land at the agricultural price when land is zoned for residential development.

The subsequent uplift in value of the land can then be used to fund local infrastructure and spending. Inferred from this is that taxes can be reduced and not even required.

Here in Australia we hand the windfall to whoever owns the land. Unproductive taxes make up for the forgone revenue.

A myriad of consequences spring from this.

One is the Australian preoccupation with speculating on property and using unproductive credit creation from the banks to do so.

This is where the instability, fragility and boom-bust nature of the economy and its sensitivity to higher interest rates springs from.

For a superb overview of this, the central role land plays in the economy and the myriad consequences that spring from this, I urge you to read a called Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing by Josh Ryan-Collins, Toby Lloyd and Laurie Macfarlane.

Its not a snappy title, but the book is an excellent introduction to this vital issue, making reference to the UK primarily.

If you were blindsided by 2008, youll know why after reading it. Youll also be armed for the next housing collapse, which could be due sometime next decade if current trends persist.

The trends that drive the economy mostly land rent and bank credit are not new. In fact, theyve been running riot since the end of the Second World War. The book shows this quite clearly.

Whether Malcolm Turnbull or Peter Dutton is in office will change nothing about this unless genuine tax reform is enacted. Yet its reasonable to assume this wont happen.

The Henry Tax Review, commissioned last decade, arg...


REVIEW: Glenn Close Gives One Of Her Best Performances In The Wife "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As competently handled as Bjorn Runges The Wife is, the film ultimately succeeds off the back of Glenn Closes central performance, with the actress delivering one of the finest of her career. The film begins in 1993 where an early morning phone call awakes celebrated author Joseph Castleman (Jonathan Pryce) and his wife Joan (Close). ...

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Rider robbed of his motorcycle at gun point "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Queensland Police are calling for information about an incident in which a rider was robbed of his Kawasaki Ninja 250R by two men armed with a shotgun at 2am today in Crestmead, south of Brisbane.

The rider had pulled over to check map directions on his mobile phone when he was approached by two unknown men who threatened him with a sawn-off shotgun.

The men demanded his grey Nike back pack and mobile phone and forced him off his motorbike.

Both men then rode off along Geaney Boulevarde on the Kawasaki.Robbed Kawasaki

The men are described as Caucasian in appearance, approximately 30 years of age and wearing dark tracksuit style clothing. Their faces were covered at the time of the robbery.

The motorcycle is a black 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Queensland Rego 518RB (similar model to that pictured at the top of this page.)

The motorcyclist was not physically injured.

Police are appealing for anyone in the area who may have CCTV footage or may have witnessed the men riding the motorcycle.

Investigations are continuing.

Appeal for information

DayGlo Queensland Police helmet camera fined witnesses robbedIf you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444 or provide information using the online form 24hrs per day.

You can report information about crime anonymously to Crime Stoppers, a registered charity and community volunteer organisation, by calling 1800 333 000 or via 24hrs per day.

Quote this reference number: QP1801561804


The post...


start - [Talks] 2018-27-08 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Next Meeting 27th August 2018 Address PlaceThe Great Northern HotelAddress 644 Rathdowne St (corner of Pigdon St), Carlton North VIC 3054 Pre-meeting 6pm dining function room Time for Talks 7:30pm in the dining function roomWebsite Phone (03) 9380 9569


RMS finally set to install koala signage around Bangalow "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Koala signage is set to be installed on roads around Bangalow. File photo

The Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) looks set to finally install koala warning signs at two hotspots near Bangalow after more than 12 months of promises and a number of koala deaths in the area.

Bangalow Koalas convenor Linda Sparrow told Echonetdaily she had received a letter from roads minister Melinda Pavey saying that signage would be placed on a stretch Lismore Road lined with koala food trees in September.

Four deaths in two years

Ms Sparrow said that in the 100-metre section of road between Dudgeons Lane and Slatterys Lane some four koalas have been killed by car-strike in the past two years.

The section of road is adjacent to the site of the proposed food precinct, which was withdrawn after protests including that it would have been in an area of prime koala habitat.

Ms Pavey wrote that, With regard to Lismore Road, two koala warning signs have been ordered and are scheduled to be installed by mid-September.

An independent ecological contractor has started a monitoring program that will be in place for up to 15 years. This will help measure the effectiveness of the mitigation measures, she added.

Ms Sparrow says the agreement to erect signage is the result of some 12 months of campaigning by Bangalow Koalas.

Way back in August last year, after I had to pick up a dead male just down from Slatterys Lane, I sent out an email to everyone and Simon Richardson said he would get onto it.

The RMS said in October it would be up before Christmas and that never happened so I kept chasing.

In March, council chased it again. Last Friday I emailed them again to say there was still nothing.

Then on Sunday I picked up another road kill, which actually happened Friday night.

Ms Paveys letter promising the signage arrived yesterday (Thursday, August 23).

Ms Sparrow said the exact location of the signs had now been modified to take into account the groups recent plantings of koala feed trees.

RMS dropped ball

Although not specifically mentioned in the letter, Echonetdaily understands the RMS have also agreed for signage in another Bangalow koala hotspot on Hinterland Way, between the old Sunn...


Fit for a Princess "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Edgars Mission - pig, rescue-6

Its been just over a month since dear Princess and her three porcine companions found Heaven in a Haystack here at Edgars Mission. After serving out their initial quarantine period and enjoying some much-needed nourishment to address severe emaciation, Sadie, Toni and Gizmo have all now ventured out into one of our main pastures to root in the ground, build comfy straw nests and breathe in the cool, fresh air as all pigs should.

Edgars Mission - pig, rescue-4

However, after arriving into our care with an undoubtedly painful avulsion injury to one of her hind claws, dear Princess has been on the receiving end of some additional TLC to ensure she is soon able to join her friends in Piggy Paradise. Just how Princess came to be lying on the side of a country road, surrounded by forest, bearing such a traumatic injury still remains to be seen. And her emaciated, parasite-infested state upon her arrival, combined with pressure sores that tell the tale of a life best forgotten give us reason to believe her initial lack of trust in our species was indeed warranted. 

Regular wound management and bandage changes are now part of Princess daily regime and as her injury becomes less painful, we are not only slowly gaining this dear girls trust but she is planting herself firmly in our hearts. No longer gazing at us through fearful eyes, Princess now greets her caregivers with a look of trust, gentle knowing and, of course, a cheeky hint of, Have you brought me a treat?




Roots music legend Jeff Lang will set the Australias counter culture capital alight when this years Nimbin Roots Festival bursts into life on from September 14-16.

The annual celebration of peace, love and roots music is delighted to welcome Lang onto the stage for the first time, along with dozens of other incredible musicians from across the country.

Jeff is such an extraordinary singer-songwriter and a seminal figure in the world of roots and blues music, we are thrilled to have him on board, Festival Director Lou Bradley said.

A unique town deserves a unique talent, and thats what theyre going to get.

In just three short years Nimbin Roots has emerged as one of the few affordable, sustainable festivals that is truly for the people and by the people.

Making use of Nimbins beautiful halls and outdoor stages, it welcomes musicians from all corners and gives them all equal billing.

A colourful array of talent will join Jeff Lang in the line up including explosive Northern Rivers quartet Wild Marmalade, award-winning country/roots artist Paul Greene, consummate songstress Hussy Hicks, and American banjo virtuoso Cameron DeWhitt.

The Festival will incorporate solar powered venues and stages this year and for the first time bus services running to and from Lismore, Byron Bay and the gateway to Mullumbimby.

There will also be a colourful array of stalls and great camping options fo those keen to have the full Nimbin experience.

For Ticket info head to

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New film from Teton Gravity: Ode To Muir "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Respect the exposure suggests Jeremy Jones as he and his buddies climb some seriously steep terrain in the Sierra Nevada.

Teton Gravitys newest film Ode To Muir pairs professional snowboarder, adventurer and founder of Protect Our Winters Jeremy Jones with two-time Olympian Elena Hight as they embark on a 40-mile foot-powered expedition deep into Californias John Muir Wilderness. Their journey balances the challenges of winter camping, grueling climbs up the Sierras biggest mountains, and aesthetic first descents with personal reflections on the importance of the natural world and those who first traveled it generations ago, and sharing perspectives gleaned from what it truly means to explore a great American Wilderness.

First we had ski films. Think Warren Miller, big lines, downhill skis. Then, we had films that were human powered in the backcountry (there is a bit of a summary of this transition available here). Heavier telemark gear, splitboarding and alpine touring gear changed what was possible outside the resorts and the film makers followed that journey.

And then slowly, an environmental ethos crept into the films. From the beautiful All.I.Can (which I think ultimately badly missed its mark on environmental messaging) to more humble, lower impact offerings like The Backyard Project (about skiing close to home rather than flying) and Steps a journey to the edge of climate change (details here), there is a whole new genre of ski and boarding films.

Legendary snow boarder Jeremy Jones always brings an interesting sensibility to his films, with a strong personal connection to the changing mountain environments that he loves leading to a gentle message about the need to act to reduce greenhouse emissions.

This shines through in Ode. But also goes in another direction. While Jeremy refers to the prospect of us getting last descent as climate change warms up our planet, he also reflects on the words of John Muir, the famous naturalist and campaigner who is often described as the Father of the National Parks in the USA, and Johns belief that wild nature is essential for humanity.

Going into the mountains is going home.

Wilderness is a necessity.



Richmond Valley fire still out of control "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The fire at Ellangowan, near Casino, is now under control. Photo NBN news

One of two major bushfires burning in the Richmond Valley has now burnt out more than 3,290 hectares and remains out of control.

More than 20 firefighters will continue to work across the day in an effort to contain the fire near Kippenduff, which is burning in the Brewers Road area.

The Rural Fire service (RFS) reports that crews continued to identify and strengthen containment lines around the fire overnight.

Cooler and less windy weather has given firefighters some respite, although rain predicted for the weekend is not expected to be sufficient to extinguish the fire.

Old Tenterfield Rd is currently closed and further rural roads in the vicinity of the fire may be closed at short notice.

The Mothersoles Road, Ellangowan, fire has now been brought under control after having burnt out 3,159 hectares.

A third major fire at Coal Ridge, Smiths Creek, approximately 30km north-west of Grafton, is burning into the Wombat Creek Conservation Area. The fire, which has burnt 1,400 hectares, is being controlled.

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Hogan looking after own interests in sitting on crossbench: Greens "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Daniel Reid, Greens candidate for the seat of Page at the next federal election. Photo supplied

The Greens candidate for the federal electorate of Page, Daniel Reid, has welcomed sitting National Party MP Kevin Hogans announcement that he will move to the crossbench if there is a leadership spill.

All Australians are sick and tired of leadership changes there have been five changes since John Howard was voted out in 2007. This situation is very destabilising.

But he said the act is too little, too late from the MP and added Mr Hogan would still toe the line on critical issues such as climate change.

Would it have changed his position when he voted down penalty rates for workers? Will he still accept money for his campaign from coal executives and media barons, becoming complicit in supporting their interests? And will he still support the NEG and the fossil fuel industry despite strong support in this electorate for using renewables? he asked.

Kevins move is a pragmatic one, protecting his interests in Page, but it is case of too little too late. If Kevin wanted to be a real advocate and representative for Page then he would stand as an independent at the next election and turn back the money from The Nationals corporate donors.

Im looking forward to having a stable government too, and campaigning on the real issues that affect the people in Page, Mr Reid said.



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Samples scraps to feed farm animals as festival watches its waste line "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Food scraps from the Sample food festival will be given to local farmers as part of the events plan to halve the amount of waste it produces this year.

Festival organisers have brought in local company Greenfest Solutions to ensure that every opportunity to reuse and recycle is taken.

This includes sorting through the rubbish to extract organic waste that will then be used to feed local farm animals.

In general we all need to take more responsibility for how we enjoy life and what we eat and this is a way to do it with a good conscience, festival organiser Rose Taylor said.

I think events in general they attract so many people. Its a great opportunity to help people make the right choices and to get the message out there.

Sample is also partnering with local packaging company Greenpack, which will provide compostable packaging for all cooking demonstrations and food tasting sessions.

Youve got to be pretty careful with packaging to make sure you get something thats actually going to break down, Ms Taylor said.

Some of the biodegradable products can take a very long time to break down, whereas compostable packaging will basically break down in your garden.

The festivals drinks provider Stone&Wood will be running a keep cup system again this year, with patrons able to put down a $1 deposit for their own reusable cup.

I think its just about minimising waste wherever possible, Ms Taylor says.

Youve just got to do whatever you can, do your bit as much as possible. Theres such an amazing group of people out there in the local community doing this, all we need to do is to tap into that.

Sample Food Festival will be held on September 1 from 8am to 4pm at Bangalow Showgrounds.

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Famous childrens author drops in on Byron school "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

L to R: Byron Bay Public School principal Linda Trigg, Ballina MP Tamara Smith and acclaimed local childrens author Jesse Blackadder with the StoryBoard bus. Photo supplied

Byron Bay Public School students yesterday had a visit from author Jesse Blackadder, as part of the Byron Writers Festivals mobile creative writing program, to talk about how she writes books for children.

Year 5 children at the school heard about Stay, a guide dog-shaped donation box taken to Antarctica, 12 Kimberley brumbies taken to Dubai to become racehorses for a sheik and about koalas near Byron Bay. This final story later became the book Dexter the Courageous Koala.

Local MP Tamara Smith (Greens) who also popped in for a visit said it was a great experience and a tribute to Byron Writers Festival.

All of these were experiences that Jesse has had or researched. She then talked about how she developed these ideas and events into stories for children.

The students at Byron Bay Public School were engaged throughout and learnt about how writers work, how stories are told and how books are written, said Ms Smith.

It was a wonderful event, courtesy of the Bryon Writers Festival and my thanks go to Gabby Le Brun, the Project Manager of StoryBoard, Byron Bay Public School Principal Linda Trigg and author Jesse Blackadder.

More information about StoryBoard can be found online at


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Thursday, 23 August


Yoga "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


The next session of Back to the Sutra is on this Saturday, 4 - 5.30 pm.  Enjoy discussion around key yoga sutra concepts and a practice to bring them to life. Bookings & enquiries should go direct to Reconnect Yoga, Melville Rd, W Brunswick.

Hope to see you there!



Fishy into grand final after epic "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Fish Creeks Justin Smith tackles Stony Creeks Darcy Atkins during the amazing second semi.

FISH Creek have hopped into the grand final with a dramatic two-point win in extra time against Stony Creek on Saturday at Meeniyan.
The predicted weather held off and big game was underway under bright sunshine; Fish Creek took the early ascendancy kicking the first two through Hunt and Shaw.
Hargraves for Fishy was repelling Stony Creeks attacks, his ball use dynamite.
Hutchinson for the Maroons was composed cutting off the poor entries from the Roos as they cut a path through the middle kicking their first and only goal for the stanza.
Fish Creek had plenty of inside 50s but could not convert. Stony Creeks defenders in Sigeti and Logan stood tall marking the long bombs in from the Roos.
Fish Creek by 14 points at quarter time.
Zuidema v Manne in the ruck was proving pivotal. Fishy onballers through Harfield-Park and Ethan Park did the grunt work and seemed to be getting on top willing the ball forward and the Roos kicked goals from Cooper, Wilson and Hunt.
The other big match was Bergles v Hayes.
Bergles, the five time leading goal kicker had his ears pricked slamming on two for the quarter. Fish Creeks inaccuracy at goal was preventing them from kicking away. A strong Stony Creek defence only allowed the Kangas long shots at goal.
The Roos had Stony where they wanted them going into the second half, 18 points in front.
Its a big ground at Meeniyan however and Stony Creek were using it very well, stretching the Fishy boys from side to side.
The Lions came out with a take the game on mantra and it worked with goals through Bergles and Byrnes that saw the margin reduced.
Hargraves into the middle for Fish Creek gave the Roos a bit more run. Hutchinson with his pin point ball use was setting up the Maroons at will.
The dreadlocked Atkins was becoming busy around the stoppages along with Marriott and Newton receiving a lot of outside ball. A late goal to Bergles gave Stony a sniff and it was game on at the last change with the Roos up by nine points.
Fish Creek attacked time and time again, but Logan for Stony stood tall taking towering marks and with his long kicking set up goals for Bergles and Nolan.
Manne was intercepting everything across half back, but Stony Creeks ability to turn the footy enabled them...


Merri Murnong "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Monday Magical Weeding!

Monday 27 August 2-3 pm - Meet at the bench opposite 103 Connoly Avenue.

Much is happening at the Merri Murnong Patch in preparation to spring flowers and Adopt a Pea on Saturday 1st of September 1-3 pm.

Yes, flowers are gearing up so it should be quite magical to witness. Chocolate Lilies and Bulbine Lilies stems are rising, a few Bulbine flowers are already opening, Rice Flowers floral buds are swelling. 

We have also noticed a fresh flush of baby Murnongs in some of our "old" stock boxes. This could be an indication that if any Murnongs are to come up in the Patch, attentive handweeding could be just the thing to spot them.

So join us for a Monday Magical Weeding Discovery


Hunters Hill Romantics exhibition captures landscapes and seascapes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Ninth Annual Romantics Art Exhibition will be held at the Hunters Hill Town Hall from Friday, September 7 until Sunday, September 9.

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Not to be missed! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ian Higgins, well-known local landcarer and co-founder of Friends of Campbells Creek Landcare, will be the speaker at the upcoming Friends of the Box-Ironbark Forests (FOBIF) AGM on Monday 27 August 2018.

Higgo and friend!

In an article about Ian after he received the Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award in 2017, the Victorian Landcare Magazine wrote:

Ian Higgins early interest in native plants has continued through his life. He developed a remarkable knowledge of indigenous flora species, their propagation and revegetation, leading to a 30-year professional career during which he has contributed significantly to revegetation and environmental planning in Victoria, in both professional and voluntary capacities.

You can find out about Ians history of involvement in environmental projects here.

Topics he will cover in his FOBIF speech will include:

  • Changes in our landscape and vegetation since colonisation, including the profound local impacts of gold mining and the consequences of a European mindset.
  • A short history of rehabilitation efforts, including the contribution of Landcare groups.
  • Is aiming for something more like the pre-European condition viable?  Given that weve already lost many components of the ecosystem, together with massive in...


Leashes for pooches at all times "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Dog owners will be required to have a leash at all times when in public with their animals after council approved the draft Dog Controls in Public Places Policy.

Dog owners will also need to carry a means of disposing of dog droppings.

The policy incorporates community feedback following consultation.

Feedback received suggested the community is seeking safe and shared public places, with more presence and enforcement of dog control orders to manage poorly behaved dogs and irresponsible owners.

The city will also undertake a signage and bin audit to ensure there is enough signage to adequately inform the community about dog rules and enough accessible bins throughout the municipality.

The city will also look at implementing more educational programs and increase patrolling and enforcement activities.

Council has had a Dog Controls in Public Places Policy since 2008, with three policy revisions since then. This revision was an action out of the 2017-21 Domestic Animal Management Plan.

From 469 survey responses, the key concerns for the community included establishing safe shared spaces, effectiveness of enforcement, the need for more off leash areas and issues around dog droppings and bins. Separate to this policy, the city is also looking at developing a range of strategically located dog parks.

The Amendments to the Dog Controls in Public Place Policy will be made available for community comment for six weeks at following a review of off-leash supervised areas, which will be added to the policy.


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Wednesday, 22 August


At Joyces Creek "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The inlet at Joyces Creek is always worth a visit, especially when there are good inflows into Cairn Curran. After being on a falling trend for much of the winter, storage levels are gently rising at present from decent late winter rain. This is providing good foraging habitat for Black Swans, a variety of ducks and small waders, as well as the water birds pictured below. This spot will be well worth a visit over coming weeks.

Australian Pelican, Joyces Creek, 19th August 2018

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Tuesday, 21 August


Gardener resident, well almost. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I am pretty thrilled to be appointed the Gardener in Residence, though I have been more likely to be found resident at dig cafe, in the igloo, or on the phone during August. Thankyou to gardeners for taking the time to meet and talk, share experiences and ideas and allow me to get a feel Continue reading Gardener resident, well almost.


Tortellini whatever happened to the good shepherd? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Edgars Mission - lamb, Pam, Tortellini

Tortellini is a ring-shaped pasta, often referred to as belly button due to its navel shape. Tortellini is also the name of a little lamb whose moist umbilical cord told of her vulnerability. She was found in a field littered with the carcasses of other less-fortunate lambs, lambs for whom kindness never came, not even from the shepherd charged with their care. Wrapped in a warm blanket and kindness, Tortellinis umbilical cord was dabbed clean and clamped, as sweet and life-enhancing colostrum was prepared, as we offered our finest for this newborn lamb. Rewarding our efforts, life inched more and more into her near-frozen body, while her perilous situation caused us to ponder, Whatever happened to the good shepherd?*

*it has been reported that millions upon millions, 15 in fact, little lambs just like Tortellini never see out their first week of life, succumbing to starvation or hypothermia.

Edgars Mission - lamb, TortelliniEdgars Mission - lamb, Tortellini-2


Heads prevail in cliffhanger "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Barwon Heads prevailed in a thrilling Division 2 semi-final against Ocean Grove at Howard Harmer Oval on Sunday.

The Heads got home by a point after going goalless after quarter time, 3.4.22 to 3.3.21 in cold and windy conditions.

Kicking with the aid of a strong breeze in the first term, the Seagulls led by 19 points at the first change.

Grove looked in trouble at half time when it could only manage one goal when it came to its turn with the wind.

But the Grubbers kept Barwon Heads to one behind in the third quarter while managing 1.1 themselves into the wind.

Grove kicked one goal in the final quarter and Barwon Heads was scoreless, but held on to win by a point in an entertaining game.

Erinlee Huggard was best afield for the winners while Bridie Mitchell (one goal), Phoebe Steinfort (one goal), Emma Allen, Stephanie Clay (one goal) and Kristie-Lee Drake were fine players.

For Grove, none tried harder than Alex Trezise while Rebecca Griffiths, Michelle Fedele, Candace Harrison-Smith, Ariane Lefevre and Sarah West were also in the thick of the action.

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Friday, 17 August


Heaven in a Haystack "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Click here to view the embedded video.

On 22 July 2018, three abandoned sows and a piglet were found severely emaciated and riddled with parasites in a forest. Paving their way to kindness and our sanctuary were a wildlife rescuer and a four wheel drive enthusiast. Whilst their circumstance raises so many questions that remain unanswered, we do know they have now truly found heaven in a haystack.

Our heartfelt thanks as always to Manfred and Helen from Five Freedoms Animal Rescue and our new friend Anthony, who all serendipitously came upon the pigs on that fateful day, and whose actions ensured their safety.

Want to help animals like Sadie, Toni, Princess and the cheeky Gizmo? Heres how:

  1. Like us on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Share our posts
  3. Rescues such as these involve much time, energy, compassion and so too costs. Please, if you can, support our Medical Fighting Fund to ensure our life-saving and life-changing work on behalf of animals can continue.


Together we can change the world "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


And together with our Five Dollar Friday community, we have well and truly changed the world for one exceptionally brave and fortunate goat, who we have aptly named Together. Having arrived into our care some months ago after experiencing an horrific dog attack, it has been a long road to recovery for Together. Daily management has seen us able to gradually heal many of Togethers injuries, which included one ear having been completely torn off, another partially removed, a fracture to the delicate bone surrounding her eye and multiple bite wounds, one of which came frighteningly close to claiming her vision. Yet there is one thing veterinary care, wound management and medications cannot treat and that is the healing of Togethers spirit.

However this, we are pleased to say, is also slowly taking a turn for the positive. Whilst she most certainly does not welcome her daily eye baths and ointment application, Together no longer trembles at our touch, nor does she now fight with all of her might to escape us. In fact, a cheeky side has also begun to emerge in this dear girl as she now licks her lips in anticipation of the tasty wheet bix biscuit that is promised after each interaction with her caregivers. With time, love and of course, kindness, we have no doubt that Together will indeed have a life worth living here at Edgars Mission.

Once again, we send our unending thanks to the Five Dollar Friday community who make this arm of our work possible. If you too would like the change the world together, please visit


Open Edible Gardens Saturday & Sunday 1-2 September 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This year were offering a whole weekend of edible gardens for you to visit. That means you can see more gardens and spread it over a weekend if you prefer.

More details to follow shortly.

Thursday, 16 August


You can never have enough robins #2 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ive been struck on recent outings by:

  1. The number of Scarlet Robins that are about this season, and
  2. The effect of the prevailing light on the colours of those same Scarlet Robins, especially the males.

Depending on the light conditions that scarlet can appear like anything on a spectrum from orange to dark red. What a marvellous little woodland bird.

Scarlet Robin (male), Rise and Shine, 12th August. 2018

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