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Sunday, 22 October


Boobook owls: St Kildas silent assassins "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Fam Charko  Silent death may not be the first phrase that comes to mind while watching an unassuming boobook owl sitting on a tree branch in the St Kilda Botanic Gardens. They do not have attention grabbing features like some other owl species that may have protruding ears, immaculately snow-white plumage, and/or an impressive []


TEDxStKilda 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

After sold-out events in 2015 and 2016, TEDxStKilda is coming to town once more.   The event will take place on 11 October 2017 from 7pm at our local iconic live music venue, Memo Music Hall.   An independently-organised event based on the famous TED conference format and ideals, TEDxStKilda has its own local flavour.   Dealing with []


Photographer Captures the Diverse Beauty of Naturally Colorful Birds "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Superb Fruit Dove

In 2013 we introduced you to Leila Jeffreysthe Sydney-based photographer with a love for wildlife, especially colorful birds. Jeffreys specializes in capturing the unique personalities of each feathery friend through a series of up-close studio portraits, with a goal to portray birds in a way that display[s] their incredible beauty and diversity, and to inspire a deeper concern for their well-being.

Following on from her earliest work, which captured colourful portraits of budgerigars and wild cockatoos, she has continued to photograph birds from all over the world. A series from 2014 conveys the intense character of birds of prey, many of which seem to face the camera without fear. In one shot, Trinity (the brown goshawk) stands fiercely with a puffed out chest, while in another, Mulga (the black-breasted buzzard) crouches angrily. The owls in this series appear to be a little more timid and sullen; in one image, Tani (the masked owl) stands with her back turned, rotating her head only halfway to partially face the camera.

In her most recent workentitled Ornithurae (meaning bird tails in Greek)Jefferys focus is on multicolored pigeons, doves, and cockatoos. These vibrant creatures originate from exotic lands, such as the Australasia rainforests. The Superb Fruit Dove stands proudly wearing his purple crown, and the Emerald Dove exhibits lush green wings against a plumage of dusty pink.

If you love these colorful, feathery photos, you can see them for yourself at Jeffreys current exhibitionentitled Ornithurae Volume 1 at the Olsen Gruin Gallery in New York City. It is open until November 12, 2017.

You can find more of Jeffreys work on her website and Instagram.

In Leila Jeffreys newest seriesentitled Ornithuraeshe captures the vibrant beauty of multicolored pigeons, doves, and cockatoos.



Photos from Spain "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The problem with modern photography is that its sooooo easy to take soooo many photographs. Unlike the old days where film afforded you at most 36 photographs before you needed to change, the modern slide night could end up lasting several days and several nights. To make it easier when I catch up with friends []


Deputy Prime Minister & Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce in real trouble in his own electorate? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This is allegedly a genuine National Party of Australia document. However, to the chagrin of many it has been revealed to be a fake.

Leaving aside the fake poll, the truth is that it is not just Barnaby Joyce's inappropriate dual citizenship which is a problem.

There is another issue which is not being denied at this stage......

According to News Corps Herald Sun on 21 October 2017:

Colleagues have told the Herald Sun they are worried the public figure has been punted out of the family home, which doesnt exactly coincide with their, er, political beliefs.



There is more than one path to academic success and a job you love "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sharna Clemmett on Facebook:

On Friday I gave a speech at my old high school, for the year 12 final assembly. I was asked to publish it, so here it is.

1. I am a former Kadina student. I was in year 12 in 1996.

2. It is 21 years since I last attended this fine school. That makes it 21 years since I dropped my bundle, dropped out of school, and spent about a year on Centrelink benefits, wondering what life was all about, what to do with it, and why.

3. There you have it: the thing that for years I felt was something of which to be ashamed: I never obtained a Higher School Certificate. I am a high school dropout.

4. At your stage, I didnt have a plan. My plan fell apart in year 12. I moved out of home when I was almost 17. I was sharing a house with a fellow Kadina student and her 6 month old baby. We had very little money. It was tough. Centrelink, in its wisdom, gave me a choice, which was the choice required by the rules: either study full time, or look for work full time. You are not eligible for out-of-home benefits if you study part time.



Australian politics, law, justice and eligibility to sit as a federal parliamentarian "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Excerpt from Ingrid Matthews article in Independent Australia, Hurrah! It's Section Forty-Forganza Week!, 12 October 2017:

There are two other general points to make about the media framing of this case. 
The first is the oft-foreshadowed possibility that those MPs who have not done so may be "forced to resign". This is supremely irritating, because no force is involved (unlike, say, how police handled a child here). Any resignation would be a function of the MP failing to comply with our Constitution and of the High Court doing its job.
The absence of force is important, because the biggest claim that common law liberal democracies like Australia make for our system is this: legal and political conflicts are settled in a "civilised" manner. With words, not fists. With elections, not coups. Using evidence and argument, not violence and vigilantism.
The rituals of legal process are imbued with this pretension to courteous resolution. But that is not how the law looks to Black people in prison cells and their families. Or to welfare recipients sent AFP-branded debt notice...


Aesthetic Knowledge "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Alexander Averin, Saying Goodbye to the Day

Aesthetic subjectivism, or relativism, is the view that beauty is solely in the eye of the beholder. The term relativism is sometimes used to indicate that beauty is relative to each person with no objective standard by which to adjudicate assertions concerning beauty or its lack. This means that a person cannot be wrong unless he incorrectly describes his opinion. Statements about beauty might then be thought of as statements about feelings; the way something makes a person feel, rather than statements about the world.

Aesthetic subjectivism is closely related to moral subjectivism. Both deny the existence of moral and aesthetic realities; hence the notion that everyone is entitled to his opinion. Opinions being much in favor. Opinions thought of in this way have the handy feature of not requiring justifications or reasons and...


[online survey] Do you have the social support you need to manage your weight? (18+, BMI 25+) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Want to contribute to a good cause by helping us to better understand social support for weight management and to develop a questionnaire for use in both academic and practical settings (e.g., weight management programs)? :) Simply click the link below and participate in a 30 minutes online survey, you may also win a $50 Westfield voucher!

submitted by /u/yvonnelee89
[link] [comments]


Kuark forest old growth about to be logged "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FRCF022280_copy_2.jpgVicForests will target some of the most spectacular old growth forest remaining in Victoria this spring.

A road has been pushed into the forest and logging could commence any day.

The forest has never been logged and is part of one of the most significant remaining stands of old growth forest left in Victoria.


Community Houses "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Art is for Everybody, it? | Tuesday 27 June, 6.30 - 8.30 pm 
View this email in your browser


Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Free desk.

Free white desk in good nick. 

W120cm x D59cm x H75cm.

Pick up Coburg North.

Lisa 0401 223 760.


Needed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Boxes for packing/moving, not too many.

Jane 0400 597 728.


For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hi Newlanders.

Great Ikea futon chair for sale in very good condition. $60.00.
Comfy chair that folds out into a single bed.
The cushion has some staining on one panel that is not visible if you fold it under.
You can even have the cushion cover I made out of a single doona cover too!

Pick up Preston
0439 885 221.



For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"



PICK UP ONLY from Coburg North.

$450 (negotiable) excellent condition. 

Bought from True Blue Gates in Lancefield, Victoria for $595.00. 

Contact:  0412 322 483.



For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Paint for sale approx 9 litres.

Bought at Bunnings, painted a small part of wall and changed our minds. 9 litres left, cost $130, sell for $80. Bought last weekend. Colour is just off white. British paints interior water based top coat low sheen. Text 0415 675 585.


Australian Army Exercise Diamond Run Being Held in Shoalwater Bay Training Area - Multiple MRH-90s Arrive as "Apocalypse" "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Over the course of this week, as many as three Australian Army NH Industries MRH-90 Multi-Role Helicopters looked to fly together in and out of, and then back into The Glen Airfield (Camp Growl) as the Australian Army Exercise Diamond Run kicked off in the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA). 

File photo

They initially flew in from Townsville on Monday 16 October before returning North on Thursday 19 October and finally returning to Camp Growl on Friday 20 October.  On each occasion, the three MRH-90s, which are believed to be flown by 'A Squadron' of the 5th Aviation Regiment based at Townsville, were heard to use the radio callsign of "Apocalypse".

Meanwhile, as mentioned below, also currently based within the Shoalwater Bay Training Area in a support role during the Exercise, is Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Search and Rescue (SAR) Bell 412EP helicopter VH-VAA.  It is owned by Lloyd Helicopters and operated by CHC Helicopters Australia for the RAAF and has been noted using the RAAF Support radio callsign of "Choppa 82".

Of interest, Exercise Diamond Run is the largest military exercise of the year for the Army's 7th Brigade.  It will be the first time the Combat Brigade live fires its new M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks, which it received in September, marking the realisation of the Australian Armys Plan Beersheba. 

The exercise will also see 8th/9th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment put through its paces on its road to becoming the Australian Armys Ready Battle Group for short notice operations next year.

Exercise Diamond Run involves over 1600 soldiers from 7th Brigade and supporting units as well as 40 personnel from the Singapore Armed Forces who are taking part in bilateral training with the Brigade.

Photo taken by Kayanne Hardsman 


XANEMR - KELHA BAZD "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


XANEMR - GULANA MI "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


XANEMR - AZADBE ROK and Band Introduction "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


XANEMIR - GIDEN KUSLAR "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


XANEMR - XOZAN DAX "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


XANEMR - SEYRAN MANG "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


XANEMR - ALAGYAS "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


XANEMR - NAZL "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


XANEMR - AGIR "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


XANEMR - HEKIMO "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


XANEMR - MEVANIM "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

World famous Kurdish singer Xanemr celebrated the 30th Anniversary of his singing career with a free concert for Sydney's Kurdish Community. Two camera shoot filmed by MerJa Media was sponsored by the Sydney Kurdish Youth Society. Editing provided free by MerJa Media. Shot on Canon DSLR and Sony PXW-X70


Chinese developers buy one-third of Australias sites in 2016 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Chinese developers bought almost 40 per cent of the total $5 billion spent on Australias residential development sites in 2016, with a clear trend towards buying up land in far-flung Sydney and Melbourne suburbs, new research shows.

Knight Franks report, The Rise of Chinese Developers in Australia, found Chinese developers bought $2.4 billion of residential development sites in 2016, or 38 per cent of the total value of sites sold.

n 2015, Chinese developers bought 12 per cent of the total value of sites, Knight Frank head of residential research Michelle Ciesielski said.

Overseas investment in Australian development sites has evolved away from high-rises and towards house and land estates. Photo: Supplied

Despite overall total sales falling during 2016, and sales to Chinese developers and investors still being 11.2 per cent lower than the market peak recorded in 2014, their influence has grown, she said.

Since 2012, the size of the average development site bought by a Chinese developer has increased more than 18 times to 21,045 square metres in 2016, largely due to developers moving into lower-density developments.

Chinese developers initially came into Australia looking at a similar product to what they built in China  high-rise developments  theres a perception that Chinese developers only build high-rise projects but were now seeing them buyin...


RAAF Search and Rescue (CHC Helicopters) Sikorsky S-76A Helicopter VH-LAH at Mackay and Gladstone Airports "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

On Friday 20 October, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Search and Rescue Sikorsky S-76A helicopter VH-LAH was spotted high above Bowen as it headed South from Townsville to RAAF Base Amberley.  It was also noted calling into both Mackay and Gladstone Airports where it is believed the Sikorsky took on fuel.

VH-LAH is owned by Lloyd Helicopters and operated by CHC Helicopters Australia, and is one of a number of choppers used for RAAF Search and Rescue missions. On this ferry flight, it was noted using radio callsign of "Choppa 42".

As mentioned, when it flew North through CQ at the start of October, it appears that "Choppa 42" has been in Townsville to provide support for RAAF F/A-18 Hornets from Number 3 Squadron and PC-9/A aircraft from Number 4 Squadron during the RAAF's Exercise Black Dagger which has just completed.

File photo

Exercise Black Dagger is a field training exercise that was held at RAAF Base Townsville and surrounding airspace.  The Exercise is the culmination of Number 60 Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) course designed to produce combat-ready JTAC-qualified personnel.

Meanwhile, fellow RAAF Search and Rescue Bell 412EP helicopter VH-VAA "Choppa 82" was noted calling into Rockhampton Airport for fuel on Monday 16 October.  It is presently based within the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA) in support of the current Australian Army Exercise Diamond Run.

Photos taken by James Kirk and Leroy 


Two Brimob Personnel Injured During Crossfire in Papua "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

SUNDAY, 22 OCTOBER, 2017 | 09:54 WIB
Two Brimob Personnel Injured During Crossfire in Papua

TEMPO.COJakarta - Two members of Mobile Brigade (Brimob) were injured during a crossfire with an armed separatist group in Mt. Sangket area, Kalibua, Utikini village, Tembagapura, Mimika Regency, Papua Province on Saturday evening (21/10).
The crossfire took place as Brimob personnel led by First Inspector Taufik chased after an armed separatist group that shot two operational vehi...


Opportunity knocks with Wolf at the door "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Fell into little trap upon seeing rounded white 'door' flap open and shut before vanishing in spiky tuft of coarse grass yesterday. Trapdoor Spider or Funnelweb, mistaken conclusion.

Back this morning with macro lens and flash at ready, gently poke soft straw down funnel/tunnel and suddenly there's a Wolf Spider at the door. She's not alone. Web ball of Wolves-to-be tagging along tied to her stomach.

She seemed more curious than furious at the intrusion and turned back into her tunnel after putting up with some wrangling for the camera. All going well she'll bite the ball open and carry her young on her back till they get hungry and go their way.

Those wanting to make a name for themselves - and for many other things - might consider looking in their own backyards. There are thousands of things living there yet to be described fully and named precisely. Which Wolf Spider is that knocking at the doo...


Sunday, 22 October 2017 - 6:24pm "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This week, I have been mostly reading:


Cory Bernardi Says No Voters Are Pretending They Voted Yes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Cory Bernardi has dismissed opinion polls showing a strong lead for the yes vote in the same-sex marriage postal survey and suggested some respondents in the polls are lying. The Australian Conservatives leader told Sky News he believes people feel pressured by political correctness and were telling pollsters theyd voted yes even if theyd voted ...

The post Cory Bernardi Says No Voters Are Pretending They Voted Yes appeared first on QNEWS.


Missing bushwalker found safe near Baw Baw National Park "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A bushwalker who did not return to their north east Baw Baw campsite yesterday has been found safe.


The diaries of Peter Beatties mistress "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, recently returned to the fray over concern that news sources are being threatened by the Gillard Government.

BlogFacebook Contact




[Accuracy of the following report cannot be assured beyond doubt. Material that could not be corroborated has been deleted. Information in these diaries is more an indictment on Kevin Rudds judgment than the ethics of Peter Beattie. Rudd, as an ALP and Premier Wayne Goss confidant, would have been privy to the following information.]On June 15, 2006 Andrew Bolt reported: EX-PREMIER Peter Beattie is embroiled in a war of words with a Nationals MP after claims he had an affair with a cabinet minister were referred to the CMC.

A furious Mr Beattie yesterday hit out at Burnett MP Rob Messenger, who has referred a complaint that disgraced former Tourism Minister Merri Rose forced her electorate staff to falsify and shred documents to cover up an alleged relationship with Mr Beattie.

This may be true but Pickering Post has been reliably informed (and it is widely held to be true among ALP insiders) that Peters transgressions extende...


Jamaica Music and Food Festival 2017! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


This year, CaribVic Cultural Day 2017 is in conjunction with the Jamaican Musica and Food Festival!

Sunday November 12, 2017 11am 9pm

Seaworks, Williamstown

Click here for tickets on sale now

Watch reggae legends, and an international reggae superstar as The Jamaican Music & Food Festival returns with a huge celebration of roots music, culture & real Jamaican food. Returning to Seaworks, Williamstown on Sunday 12 November, it features sound systems fit for reggae Kings & Queenz, world-class DJs spinning reggae, dub, and dancehall classics for those who know their Buju from Bob, and over twenty food stalls serving up all kinds of Jamaican spice.

Join us for One day, as the Melbourne dockside comes to life with the colours and sounds of Jamaica. With four bars serving up Red Stripe & Rum, plus bass, bass and more bass. Tickets on sale NOW full line up and International headliners soon to be revealed.

The post Jamaica Music and Food Festival 2017! appeared first on Caribbean Association of Victoria |


Walter to appear on October 30 to face assault charges against court protective officer "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

from Gil Hanrahan

Embattled former policeman David Walter will fight on at the Cairns Magistrates Court on October 30 and 31 against trumped up assault charges laid by two court protective officers.

On Friday Walter summonsed the Magistrate, Jane Bentley, to appear as a witness. This Magistrate unlawfully jailed him for one month for contempt in May this year.

So far his defence has eight witness statements which allege Walter did not assault the two burly protective officers when they threw him to the floor and handcuffed him. The Court Protective Service is a private company owned by Queensland Police Service, contracting to Queensland Courts.

David Walter will appear in the Cairns Magistrates Court on October 30 and 31 to defend vexatious assault charges laid by court protective officers.

Walter said the police have tried to have the charges dismissed but so far had failed to do so.

He is calling on all patriots to attend the court to witnes...


TATTOO Festival Arts Monday "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Rites Of Passage Festival is an event that showcases tattoos as a form of art and self-expression. This years line-up features over 250 of the best tattoo artists from Australia and the world in an action-packed weekend of live tattoos, body art, food trucks and entertainment. Visitors can catch up with the latest trends, get inked on the spot, and shop for everything from tattoo supplies to the latest in street wear and alternative fashions. Tattoo competitions will see artists battling it out for points in the different categories, as well as the Miss Rites of Passage competition in which women of NSW compete for the Miss Rites of Passage title.

Kevin Mack, Director of Australian Tattoo Events, is my guest today.

The Rites of Passage Festival: Friday 27th Sunday 29th October 2017

Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park

More Info:

Soleil-Megan Allard

Soleil-Megan Allard

Megan Allard is a Canadian custom tattoo artist who specialises in black-and-grey, realism, and watercolour. Megan incorporates her formal training and skills in painting and fine arts into her tattoo designs. Megan Allard is currently working at The Tattoo Movement in Sydney and is a celebrated artist. Megan is commissioned by individuals and institutions across the world and her artworks and fine art prints are held in Australian and International collections.

Megan Allard, custom tattoo artist, is my guest today.


Government Refuses to Pay Victims of Police Brutality "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

  By Zeb Holmes and Ugur Nedim The Western Australian government has been criticised for appealing a District Court decision to award $1.1 million in damages to a couple who were illegally Tasered, wrongfully arrested, unlawfully detained and maliciously prosecuted by police after they stopped to help a stranger. The incident Catherine Atoms and Dr

The post Government Refuses to Pay Victims of Police Brutality appeared first on Sydney Criminal Lawyers.


Fake news or lousy reporting "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A few weeks ago, there was another mass murder in the USA. This time the shooter, a 64-year-old male, holed himself up on the 32rd floor of a casino hotel complex in Las Vegas, Nevada and massacred 60, including himself, and injured more than 500 (at the time of writing). All the victims did wrong was attend a country music concert along with 22,000 or so other people on the Las Vegas casino strip.

While some may consider country music a crime, most Australians consider the apparent ease of gun ownership in the USA pure insanity. Both of these subjects have been done to death in the past and the reality is that even if the entire 24 million or so of us on this side of the Pacific told the USAs lawmakers they were crazy to allow the current lax gun laws to continue, it wouldnt make a scrap of difference. All we can really do to avoid a perceived safety risk is to choose to holiday in an area that you would feel safe in such as North Queensland or Tasmania, New Zealand or Canada the land of unarmed Americans with universal health care. (No, its not original, you can get the coffee mug or t-shirt here). As for country music well it aint gunna kill you!

What we should be concerned about is the reporting of the Las Vegas massacre as it does affect us and how we live. As you would expect, Facebook and Google reported the Las Vegas massacres on their newsfeed, as obviously, people were reporting the incident live on their social media accounts. Media outlets would also be looking at this traffic along with the reports from the police in the Las Vegas area. In this world of instant communication, there is an imperative to be first with the news in this case who was the person that committed this heinous crime and why did they do it?

Both Google and Facebook promoted incorrect information including the incorrect identification of the murderer.

Police have identified Stephen Paddock as the suspect who opened fire from a high-rise hotel room, killing scores and injuring hundreds more. But before authorities named the 64-year-old Nevada man, some on the far right falsely identified the man behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history as Geary Danley. Its unclear where exactly the hoax originated, but right-wing users aggressively pro...


Back from the north "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The first warm days of spring bring waves of migrating woodswallows into the district from the north. In some years these flocks, which consist largely of White-browed with smaller numbers of Masked Woodswallows, contain hundreds of birds usually the numbers are more modest.

These two species of woodswallow regularly breed locally but they are fickle in their habits, sometimes building nests and even laying eggs before mysteriously disappearing virtually overnight if conditions are not suitable. Last year very few visited the Newstead area and I found no evidence of breeding.

On Friday I cam across a small flock along the fence lines on Mia Mia Road, after hearing them overhead earlier in the day. A number of were dropping to the ground in search of insects. I wonder if this is their method of assessing the local conditions to decide if its worth hanging around?

White-browed Woodswallow (male), Mia Mia Road, 20th October 2017


Ritual Spirit, White Rabbit Gallery, Chippendale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Im always a bit conflicted when I post photos that Ive taken at the White Rabbit Gallery. On the one hand, I really want to encourage everyone in Sydney who has an interest in contemporary Chinese art to visit, and I dont want my photos to gazump the magic of seeing an incredible piece for []


Challenging Conservative Populism: The Quest for Attainable Solutions "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Denis Bright The appeal of conservative populism has certainly gained momentum. It is hardly the shock of the new in mainstream Australian politics. Way back in 1998 at the Queensland state elections, One Nation won eleven seats with an unexpectedly high primary vote of 22.68 per cent. One Nations objective was to share power

The post Challenging Conservative Populism: The Quest for Attainable Solutions appeared first on The AIM Network.

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Saturday, 21 October


Man in Hospital After Early Uber Arrival Forces Him to Skol 400 Beers "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


A Sydney man is in hospital with chronic drunkenness pains after the Uber he ordered to take him to the pub arrived four minutes early, forcing him to drink 400 of his 680 pre-drinks beers in under 30 seconds.

A government health spokesperson has slammed Uber, calling for an urgent review of the ride-sharing service.

What a horror story. My thoughts and prayers are with this man who was trying to do the right thing by not driving after 680 beers and avoiding arriving at the pub feeling a bit awkward because he hadnt consumed a sufficient amount of alcohol, he said. Its irresponsible of the Uber to put people in this position and its happening far too often. Punctuality can be deadly.

The victims friends, who are also in hospital recovering from the evening, said they werent concerned when the man failed to turn up at the pub.

Hes a light drinker anyway so we thought he simply skipped the pre pre pre pre drinks. Who would have thought the poor bloke had to drink 400 beers in under 30 seconds? one friend said. I know that doesnt sound like much, but 400 beers has a lot of sugar and that cant be good for you.

A NSW taxi spokesperson said this was just another example of the way Ubers consistent over performance was dangerous.

If you book with a taxi, you can be confident well be late or not come at all, so youll always have plenty of time to finish your pre-drinks drinks, he said. Were proud of our motto, Better late or never.



Tasmania + summer = water adventures "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I prefer my water frozen. But rivers are still pretty cool and as spring and summer comes into focus, so does water related adventure.

And Tasmania has it all: tarns, huge lakes and dams, impressive rivers, incredible coastal inlets and harbors like Port Davey on the west coast.

Heres a few obvious thoughts about the options on offer if youre looking for an adventure:

Paddling Lake St Clair. Heres some notes on one of the great feshwater adventures in Australia, paddling around Lake St Clair / Leeawuleena in central Tasmania. You can combine this with some fantastic walking and climbing side trips. Its a flatwater paddle, suitable for rigid canoes like a Canadian, but winds can cause considerable wave activity so you need to know what youre doing.

Paddling the Franklin (of course). There are various guiding companies (such as Tasmania Adventure Holidays) that offer trips. Personally Id just do some research, get some rafts, and go with some buddies. Ive done the trip a couple of times and can attest to the wonder and adventure of (not really knowing) whats coming up next (although there are some potentially deadly rapids so you at least need the river guide notes so you can plan for those bits).

A new area of adventure is canyoning around the northern end of the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair national park. Cradle Mountain Canyons runs day trips.

Sea kayaking on Bathurst and Davey Harbour on the west coast. There are a number of tour operators that run trips, such as Roaring 40s.  Another option is sea kayaking around the freshwater Lake Gordon.

Tasmania has seemingly endless glacial lakes and tarns. One of my absolute favourites would be Lake Rhona in the Denison Range. A dark, deep lake with a brilliant white sand beach that sits under an impressive rocky mountain called Reeds Peak. Its a minimum of a 2 day walk, but Id recommend you take longer and enjoy the alpine terrain on the Denison Range. And the Central Plateau supposedly has around 4,000 natural lakes (I havent counted them). There are various ways you can traverse the fabulous lake country, my favourite is from Lake Mackenzie to the Walls of Jerusalem (some notes here). Take your time and camp by some of these amazing lakes.



1)Police investigate shooting incident near Freeport "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Freeport vehicles shot at by unidentified assailants

1) Police investigate shooting incident near Freeport

Minggu, 22 Oktober 2017 00:13 WIB - 304 Views
Timika, Papua (ANTARA News) - The police is investigating a shooting incident of an operational car of PT Freeport Indonesia in Tembagapura, 67.5 mile point, on Saturday morning.

The joint team of security personnel of police and Indonesian Military was on the lookout for the armed crime group, the Head of Timika Resort Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Victor Dean Mackbon stated here on Saturday.

"The shooting damaged the front window and right front door of the car," Mackbon noted.

The security officers found a bullet projectile in the area, he added.

"We will investigate the evidence and the type of weapon used," Mackbon remarked.

The incident occurred when a car driven by Jamil Lampung down the hill was shot at. Additionally, another car, driven by Joe Hatch, was also shot on the left side.

Jamil continued to drive his car to Tembagapura hospital to get medical treatment. According to police, Hatch was not injured. (*)
Editor: Heru


Community Renewable Energy Meeting in Bairnsdale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The second meeting to discuss various community renewable energy proposals for the East Gippsland Shires Bright Futures program was held in Bairnsdale on Tuesday night (17.10). Co-ordinator Martin Richardson gave a summary of the work done so far. He emphasised that they were concentrating on projects that were feasible and could be implemented at short notice. This excluded most large-scale projects that required substantial organisation and planning such as wind farms. This narrowed the options down to rooftop solar.

The results of the Bright Futures renewable energy survey were summarised. It was pointed out that the survey was biased in favour solar with about half the 250 odd respondents having rooftop solar on their residences. Even so 88% want the shire to turn to renewable energy and 76% support the region moving to renewables. Martin also reported that Shire councillors were enthusiastic about the progress so far.

Consultant Rob Passey presented a more technical report outlining a range of choices within the solar strategy.  These included solar panel bulk buys to bring down the price of panels, assistance to low income earners to overcome the high capital cost of installation (a targeted form of loan being gradually implemented across the state), and importantly, helping businesses struggling with large power bills.

Using donations to finance solar arrays on community and private buildings was also considered, as was the option for locals to invest in local renewable projects. In the case of the latter Rob thought the Repower Shoalhaven model the best to adopt. He also emphasised the need to adopt projects that can be implemented quickly with a strong effect on local employment. He preferred projects of a small scale as the best means of reducing greenhouse gases, and mentioned the whole shire could retain up to $11 million with widespread adoption of renewable energy.

I support the adoption of the Repower Shoalhaven model or something similar as a financial means of dramatically boosting the adoption of solar energy. The ingredients are all here: an aging population most likely to have savings which are generally earning a very low rate of return, a community that is generally enthusiastic towards renewable energy, high power prices, and a demand for rooftop solar by individuals and businesses that is restricted by lack of finances.

What is needed is...


Italy, its woven into my heart beat "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

              I needed to go back and to find a piece of my heart. It was still there where I knew it would be, I just needed to go back and find it again.  Continue reading


Gizza job! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

How low can you go?

The New South Wales economy has added a stunning +123,800 full-time jobs over the past year.

And how low is the New South Wales unemployment rate now?

The answer is: very low at 4.6 per cent.

That's now equal to the lowest seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in 9 years for the Premier State.

And the way things have been tracking, it may not be all that long before the unemployment rate across across the state approaches the lowest level on record, across decades of data.

In February 2008 the state's unemployment rate fleetingly plummeted to just 4.2 per cent, if only for a month.

Casting one's mind back, that was an extraordinary time in Sydney's labour market.

With the mining boom in full swing, there was such a shortage of skilled labour that it felt at times you could get paid a bonus just for turning up to work, so fearful were employers of losing qualified staff.

Certainly pay rises were expected for tenure, while employees could easily leave a job in the full expectation of sourcing another position comparatively easily.

We're not seeing conditions anything like that just yet.

However, the Jobs Vacancies figures for New South Wales recently soared to the...


Im Just a Scientist Maybe I See Things Different to You "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Des Pensable copyright 2017

Im just a scientist maybe I see things different to you. So Im going to tell what I see.

When I walk into a forest I dont just see trees. I see individual living creatures different from us but living none the less.

I see them constructed of leaves that harvest the sunlight, turning it into sugars that they use to grow and form their structure which is their flesh. I understand that they dont need to move as everything they need it supplied free where they live.

When I see a leaf I think of the complexity of the chemical factories in it producing the sugars. I can take a leaf and break it and smell the aroma that it gives and immediately have an idea of the chemicals it has produced. I think of how the chemicals change between night and day and between seasons and whether it is sunny or wet or cold and whether there are more or less of some important trace mineral in the soil.

If it was a gum leaf I can smell the eucalyptus and it reminds of camping when I was a child.  I remember the characteristic smell of the smoke of burning eucalyptus leaves. It also remind me of bush fires and how the burn very hot with the eucalyptus oils.  I remember that the blue haze we see when we look at the Blue Mountains near my home in Sydney is from the eucalyptus oil vapour above the trees.

I look at the leaf and see it has a circular piece cut out. I imagine what sort of insect had eaten that piece of leaf. I wonder why it didnt eat all the leaf. Was it a bird that came along and ate the insect or was it that the eucalyptus oil was toxic to the insect and it fell off to die and be eaten by another creature or did it just lie there dead until a fungus grew over it and it was absorbed into the earth.

I think about all the hundreds of insects that live in and on the trees bark. Families of them live their whole lives on the tree. I think of the lizards and spiders that prey on the insects and the birds that prey on the lizards,  spiders and insects.

I think of the trees flowers that produce the nectar to attract the birds and insects that help the plant spread its seeds so that other trees may have life and those trees will give life to other insects, and spiders and birds and lizards.

I think of the tree breathing in carbon dioxide, using the carbon to construct its body and breathing out oxygen that all animals need for life. I see an intricate we...


Castle Hill, Townsville carries the message "STOP ADANI" "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A major heritage-listed landmark shows that not everyone in Townsville, Queensland, appears to be happy with becoming a mining FIFO dumping ground hub for the financially dubious multinational Adani Group 

Castle Hill aka Cutheringa Mountain est elevation 264 metres
Image: Townsville Bulletin, 16 October 2016



AYCC grossly understates livestocks climate and reef impacts "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The latest campaign by Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC) maintains the groups almost complete lack of interest in the massive contribution of animal agriculture to: (a) climate change; and (b) destruction of Great Barrier Reef corals.

The latest campaign

Title: For the love of the reef

The campaign is being run in conjunction with an AYCC branch known as SEED, which describes itself as Australias first Indigenous youth climate network.

Related campaign

Title: The 3 degree challenge

While also focusing on the Great Barrier Reef, the page...


Marriage Equality Rally "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Hows it going for you at the moment?, a friend asked me, as we sat under a tree in Victoria Park, and waited for speeches at todays marriage equality rally. The last time Id seen her was at the last marriage equality rally Id attended, about a month ago. Shes a heterosexual woman with a []


Tales of Yankee Power "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

When Jackson Browne released Lives in the Balance in 1986, critics reckoned that its contemporary content, the USAs bloody meddling in Central America, limited its appeal and long-term significance. And yet, here in the early twentieth first century, with the wars of the Arab Dissolution dragging the world into its vortex, the Great Power politics and proxy wars that taxed intellectual and actual imaginations in that seemingly distant decade jump back into the frame like some dystopian jack in the box. As Mark Twain noted, history doesnt repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

Lives in the Balance was certainly a record for and of its times. Months before the Iran-contra scandal broke, Browne sang I want to know who the men in the shadows are, I want to hear somebody asking them why. They can be counted on to tell us who our enemies are but theyre never the ones to fight or to die. After the arms for hostages deals hit the news, increased public awareness of the US secret and dirty war in Nicaragua inspired him to produce a video for the title track well after the album had passed its sales peak.



Australias $1 billion loan to Adani is ripe for a High Court challenge "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Australias $1 billion loan to Adani is ripe for a High Court challenge

Brendan Gogarty, University of Tasmania

Indian mining giant Adanis proposal to build Australias largest coal mine in Queenslands Galilee Basin has been the source of sharp national controversy, because of its potential economic, health, environmental and cultural risks.

These concerns were amplified this week when Indias former environment minister Jairam Ramesh told the ABCs Four Corners:

My message to the Australian government would certainly be: please demonstrate that you have done more homework than has been the case so far.

Its a valid warning, considering that a Commonwealth investment board is considering loaning Adani A$1 billion in federal money to assist the development of mining infrastructure.

Read more: Adani gives itself the green light, but that doesnt change the economics of coal

The loan, expected to be announced any day now, will no doubt agitate further political controversy..........


Adani gives itself the green light, but that doesnt change the economics of coal "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Adani gives itself the green light, but that doesnt change the economics of coal

File 20170606 3686 34ecya.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
Is it nearly the end of the road for coal?

Samantha Hepburn, Deakin University

Indian mining firm Adani yesterday announced that its board had approved plans to proceed with the controversial Carmichael coal mine in Queenslands Galilee Basin.

But it is still far from clear whether Adani has actually obtained the finance to proceed with the A$16.5 billion project, or whether it has secured the necessary A$1.1 billion loan from the governments Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility needed for the mines railway.

Tony Abbott created the NAIF prior to losing leadership

Ministerial responsibility for the NAIF lies with the Hon Barnaby Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Minister for Resources and Northern Australia. NAIF is led by an independent board chaired by Ms Sharon Warburton (WA) who is joined by:

  • Mr Barry Coulter (NT)

  • Mr Justin Mannolini (WA)

  • Mr Khory McCormick (QLD)

  • Mr Bill Shannon (QLD).........


Pumped hydro "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In my Conversation article on the Turnbull governments plan to keep coal-fired electricity alive, I said that most of the opportunities for hydro-electric power had already been exploited. I was thinking of primary power generation, and in this respect, I maintain my view. However, I neglected the option of pumped storage, where water is pumped uphill when excess electricity is available, then run downhill through turbines to (re)generate the electricity when it is most needed.

My old university friend, Andrew Blakers, now with the Research School of Engineering at ANU emailed me to point out this study, looking at the large number of sites potentially available in Australia, more than enough to backup all the renewable energy we will be generating in the foreseeable future.

This isnt just a theoretical proposition. The Kidston hydro storage project in the advanced stages of planning, will offer 2000MwH of storage combined with a co-located 270MW solar PV project. The same report mentions some big wind + storage projects.

Still, if Labor is silly enough to endorse Turnbulls NEG idea, its hard to see any more progress being made.


start - [Talks] "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Next Meeting 30 October 2017 NEW VENUE Address PlaceThe Great Northern HotelAddress 644 Rathdowne St (corner of Pigdon St), Carlton North VIC 3054 Pre-meeting 6pm dining function room Time for Talks 7:30pm in the dining function roomWebsite Phone


A treasured clients six eights Ring collected today "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Bh commission Asymmetric oval saddle ring with narrow band has centre pav set with x 6 diamonds, x9 sapphires, x2 aquamarines and a further x3 of her own diamonds. Ring is 18ct yellow gold with gems set into 18ct palladium white gold with 18ct yellow gold edging. Matt and burnished finish to ring with fine chiseled texture to the white gold setting. Size R1/2. Including a few versions to view 1 2


Brisbane Supporters Brave The Rain To March For Marriage Equality "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Steady rain wasnt enough to deter around 300 marriage equality supporters from marching through Brisbane on Saturday afternoon. The Equality Campaigns Shirleene Robinson told the crowd gathered at Queens Park that the group had seen support for marriage equality all over the state. We heard from a young gay man in Bundaberg who works as ...

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Six Middle Eastern Countries Ban Glyphosate Herbicides over Probable Carcinogen Fears "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Omans Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed that six Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman have banned the use of glyphosate herbicides since last year, after reviewing IARCs classification of glyphosate as a probable human carcinogen.

Map of Saudi Arabia.

Map of Saudi Arabia.

You can read the article in Sustainable Pulse (October 13th) here.

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Glyphosate Damages Soil-Friendly Bacteria "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Considerable research establishes that glyphosate adversely effects soil microbial species and communities, including nitrogen-fixing species and fungal populations. This new study by researchers at Cornell University looks at the response to glyphosate of soil bacteria (Pseudomonas spp) which produce a range of antibiotic compounds, iron-scavenging molecules (or siderophores), and plant growth promoters. Several species are effective biocontrol agents which protect plants against pathogens and promote plant health.

As this October 7th article in Sustainable Pulse points out As farmers battle in their above-ground war on weeds using glyphosate-based herbicides, they may inadvertently create underground casualties unintentionally attacking the beneficial bacteria that help crops guard against enemy fungus.

You can read the full article here.

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Monsanto banned from European parliament "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Monsanto lobbyists have been banned from entering the European parliament after the multinational refused to attend a parliamentary hearing into allegations of regulatory interference. Reported in the Guardian on September 28th.

It is the first time MEPs have used new rules to withdraw parliamentary access for firms that ignore a summons to attend parliamentary inquiries or hearings.

Monsanto officials will now be unable to meet MEPs, attend committee meetings or use digital resources on parliament premises in Brussels or Strasbourg.

The new rules for procedures of the EU Parliament were set in January 2017 and allow the Parliament to withdraw or deactivate temporary access where there has been a breach of the Code of Conduct for Registrants, where they have been guilty of a serious breach of the obligations, or have refused to comply with a formal summons to attend a hearing or committee meeting or to cooperate with a committee of inquiry, without offering a sufficient justification.

You can read the full article here.

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Sydneys new trains will be built in China in a $1.7 billion deal "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

New trains for Sydneys rail work will be built in China under a $1.7 billion contract.

Engineering group Downer EDI Ltd announced today that it had been awarded the Sydney Growth Trains contract by Transport for New South Wales.

Downer shares were up 2.2% to $5.79 in early trade.

The contract includes 24 double-deck trains of eight cars each, with options for another 45, and maintenance for 25 years.

Downer EDI was also responsible for the troubled $3.6 billion Waratah trains project, which arrived 18 months behind schedule in 2011, as well as over budget. It cost the company dearly, and the delays were partly blamed on the Chinese contractor.

The 626 Waratah carriages, which now make up about half of the Sydneys rolling stock, were delivered by Downer and Hitachi for Reliance Rail. The 2006 deal was the largest single train procurement in Australian history. The last carriage was delivered in June 2014.

The new trains will be built by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles under a sub-contract arrangement with Downer.

The project is part of plans by the NSW government to spend $41.5 billion on transport capital works over the next four years.

Downer CEO Grant Fenn says this latest contract will build on the success of the Waratah trains.

The Waratah trains have achieved exceptional availability and reliability in fact they are the best performing train in the world, he says.

Importantly, they are also very popular with commuters and train drivers.

The new trains will have 90% in common with the Waratah design. All major sub-systems are the same, including traction, brakes, doors, train information systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The Sydney rail network carries more than 1 million passengers each business day.




Residents of the reeds "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A tiny patch of habitat at Joyces Creek is a nice illustration of how small can be beautiful.

Largely consisting of Common Reed Phragmites australis, it sits on the eastern bank of the storage just as you turn off the highway. The patch is no more than 0.1 hectares and yet each spring it provides breeding habitat for Australian Reed-warblers and Superb Fairy-wrens. The warblers arrive in September, just as the Common Reed is sending up new shoots amongst the previous seasons dead thatch. At least half a dozen warblers spend the summer here raising families. The surprise was a fleeting glimpse of a Little Grassbird, not spotted here previously. This other denizen of the reeds is a district resident that moves around locally, especially when the wetlands are full. It spends much of the year along the Loddon River where you can often hear their distinctive calls from deep in the riparian habitat from which they rarely emerge for photographers!

Common Reed @ Joyces Creek, 20th October 2017



Why is The Conversation still pursuing the Adani Carmichael Mine? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Why are we still pursuing the Adani Carmichael mine?

Michael West, University of Sydney

Why, if Adanis gigantic Carmichael coal project is so on-the-nose for the banks and so environmentally destructive, are the federal and Queensland governments so avid in their support of it?

Once again the absurdity of building the worlds biggest new thermal coal mine was put in stark relief on Monday evening via an ABC Four Corners investigation, Digging into Adani.

Read more: Adani gives itself the green light, but that doesnt change the economics of coal

Where the ABC broke new ground was in exposing the sheer breadth of corruption by this Indian energy conglomerate. And its power too. The TV crew was detained and questioned in an Indian hotel for five hours by police.

It has long been the subject of high controversy that the Australian government, via the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF)that is still contemplating a A$1 billion subsidy for Adanis rail line, a proposal to freight the coal from the Galilee Basin to Adanis....


Another 1000 Queenslanders To Get Free Access To PrEP "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Another 1000 Queenslanders will get access to PrEP medication to help them reduce their chance of contracting HIV. PrEP, which stand for pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a once-daily pill that has been found to dramatically reduce the risk of HIV transmission in HIV-negative people, in conjunction with other safe sex measures. In early 2016, Health Minister ...

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US Deep State burning houses in California? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The video above is a VERY important video with eyewitness testimony proving HAARP EMP weapons being used to start California fires. Some witnesses saw blue sparks and flashes in the sky that were NOT lightning! Some felt a weird energy in the air that made their heart palpitate! Some felt an energy vortex move through their homes!

A firefighter known by one of the guests on Scott Bennetts radio show on the Rense Radio Network told some shocking details on the air! He said a cop went and knocked on the door of a house and told them they had to be out of there in one hour. The fire was nowhere around the home at that point and thats why they had an hour. The policemen came back to that same house in 5 minutes and the house was fully engulfed in flames! No way the fire would have moved from nowhere around there to fully engulfing the house in 5 minutes! Sorry that just cannot happen!

I think they might be turning up the HAARP toys to a high level that can cause spontaneous combustion of trees or structures. All trees and structures are now covered with nano particles of aluminum. What happens when you put aluminum foil in a microwave? You get massive heat, sparks and things combust spontaneously! I think this is whats happening! They are starting and intensifying these wildfires with microwave energy from their HAARP toys. Thats why so many fires are starting at one time and this means not enough firefighters to fight the fires.



A Trio of Bizjets Spotted - Plus Royal Australia Navy (RAN) Hydrography Dash-8-200 VH-LCL - All Spotted at Mackay Airport "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

While at Mackay Airport this week I was fortunate enough to spot a nice trio locally based corporate bizjets.

On Thursday 19 October, the Queensland Government Airwing (State of Queensland) Raytheon Hawker 850XP Bizjet VH-SGY visited for part of the day arriving from and later departing back to Brisbane.

Of interest, VH-SGY also called into Gladstone Airport this week, arriving from Brisbane on Tuesday 17 October and departing back there on Wednesday 18 October.

And the Queensland Government Airwing (State of Queensland) Raytheon B300 Super King Air VH-SGQ was noted visiting Bundaberg Airport on Wednesday 18 October also from Brisbane.

Also visiting Mackay Airport on Thursday 19 October was Special Mining Services / Flight Options (Australia) Cessna 510 Citation Mustang bizjet VH-PWX which popped in for a short time from Bankstown.

And the locally-Airport based Embraer EMB-550 Legacy 500 bizjet N142GZ was spotted departing Mackay Airport for Brisbane also on Thursday 19 October.


Mining companies links with politicians susceptible to corruption report "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Transparency International Australia says particular corruption risk in regard to infrastructure approvals in Qld and WA

A new report shines a critical light on the links between mining companies, lobbyists and politicians, pointing to the Indian mining giant Adani as an example of how a company with a questionable record overseas can still gain mining approval in Australia.

It warns the political mining complex in Australias two biggest mining states, Western Australian and Queensland, is susceptible to corruption due to key weaknesses in their approvals regimes, including inadequate due diligence investigation into the companies and individuals applying for mining leases.

It also criticises the revolving doors of personnel between government and industry broadly, and political donations regimes.

The report, published by Transparency International Australia (TIA), Corruption Risks: Mining Approvals in Australia, was released on Wednesday.

Its authors conducted 47 interviews with experts from government, industry, civil society, academics, Indigenous traditional owners and consultants in Perth and Brisbane to gather its evidence. Its list of key weaknesses i...


Qld Budget data visualisation from Truii "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Brisbane-based data visualisation company Truii has produced an impressive data visualisation of the 2015-16 Queensland Budget:

Queensland Government finance data 2015-16


The data visualisation uses open data from the Queensland Government, including a comprehensive data set on contracts and grants. By linking to open data, the Truii site allows analysts to uncover an even greater range of insights than are available from Truiis data visualisations alone. To illustrate, one can compare the performances of the big four professional services firms in winning Queensland Government work (see my chart below). It appears 2015-16 was a very good year for KPMG!



What stories do you want Mountain Journal to cover? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Wow. Another winter done. Which means I have to post some stuff thats not just about snow. Ive been getting quite a lot of emails lately from people with suggestions about topics to cover on Mountain Journal, which is great. Id always welcome people writing pieces, as there are only so many hours in the day and lots of good and significant things go un-reported simply because of time constraints. Please feel free to send stories.

But these emails have got me thinking about the overall balance of topics covered in MJ. You feedback (via email or the poll below would be most welcome.

PS: if youre interested in whats popular, I do an annual summary of most visited stories here. The overall most popular stories are: the sidecountry guide to the Mt Hotham area, the backcountry film festival and (interestingly) the trail notes to the Ducane traverse in central west Tasmania.


Friday, 20 October


Horse's Rear of the Year "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Anthony John Tony Abbott
Liberal Member for Warringah & sacked former Australian Prime Minister
On the subject of the 2017 Same Sex Marriage national voluntary survey


The Space Cowboy at the Byron Theatre "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2 SHOWS: 3pm & 5.30pm October 29

Sideshow celebrity, The Space Cowboy is a truly unique artist from Byron Bay Australia. A natural performer, he started presenting his unusual skills at the local markets at the age of eight, now he has shocked and amazed audiences in 40+ countries at festivals, events and in sold out venues around the world and made numerous television appearances that have earned him his fame.

The Space Cowboy is a highly skilled and diverse performer who currently holds over 40 Guinness World Records, the most records ever held by an Australian!

The Space Cowboy is back to perform his new show at the Byron Theatre. Dont miss out.

Learn more and buy tickets at

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Gaze Coin Launches Worlds First Blockchain Gaze Control/Eye Tracking Monetization Platform For VR/AR, Announces ICO "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

SYDNEY, Australia, Oct. 18, 2017 Blockchain VR/AR monetization platform Gaze Coin today announced its launch of the worlds first blockchain token for VR/AR based on gaze control/eye tracking and plans for a public Initial Coin Offering November 28. Gaze Coin is a breakthrough monetization, adtech and DRM solution for VR/AR, measuring and employing user gaze Continue reading Gaze Coin Launches Worlds First Blockchain Gaze Control/Eye Tracking Monetization Platform For VR/AR, Announces ICO

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A Few Recent Out and Abouts "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Fan-tailed Cuckoo, Warneet.
Spider-orchid, Morwell
Great Egret, Tooradin.

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