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Saturday, 04 March


Bayles Music Festival "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Saturday 4th Mar, 2.00pm 9.00pm, Bayles Hall and Reserve

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Saturday, 25 February


Arvo At the Albo "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Saturday 25th Feb, 4.00pm 11.00pm, Victoria Hotel

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Monday, 20 February


NEMESIS: a Dave Vs the Monsters Story, by Don Goodrum "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I've had a few submissions for the collected fantholoy later this year. (Yes, I just invented that word and I like it). Nemesis, by Don Goodrum runs to to more than five thousand words. This is just a taster from the opening pars.

Hero"s Log: Tuesday 2:24am CST

I stand watch over my city. Watching as the night chokes the tiny metropolis in thick dark folds like a blanket or a shroud. Watching as the light from the city fights its way upward like a drowning man fighting the current of a river. Watching as a gibbous moon casts a baleful eye across the stage below, waiting for the show to begin.
Watching. And the city watches back.
I am the Crimson Avatar. Defender of the Weak and Protector of the City of Pensacola, Florida, I patrol these mean streets, stopping crime; turning back evil; making the world-

Hey, Doug-?
-making the world a better place. Safer, cleaner-
Seriously Doug, are you in there? Are you awake?
And unfortunately, I don"t work alone.
I turned and looked at the person standing next to me on the roof of the Saenger Theatre, overlooking Palafox Avenue. Shorter and slighter than my own chiseled physique, he wore a yellow tunic with red piping and red pants tucked into matching red boots. Top it all off with a red domino mask and his own mop of curly red hair, he looked much like a combination between the original Kid Flash from the comics and the current leather-clad one on TV. A fact I"ve pointed out to him more than once.
Cameron, I said in a long-suffering voice. Wildfyre. Haven"t I asked you at least a million times not to interrupt me when I"m making log entries? And you know the rule; we don"t call one another by our real names when we"re in costume. You"re putting our loved ones at risk.
What loved ones? What risk? When was the last time we did anything other than stand up on this rooftop like a couple of morons in their skintight suits telling lies to one another?
We stopped that mugger a few weeks ago, I said, lamely. And we work in the soup kitchen every Wednesday.
That mugger was a panhandler begging for loose change, Wildfyre snapped. And dishing up bowls of chicken noodle is not my idea of fighting crime.
We just need to be vigilant. I said, trying to convince myself. Sooner or later, our time will come. What we need is a purpose, a calling. What we need is a Nemesis.
A nemesis? You mean like Lex Luthor or the Joker? Wildfyre got some kind of alert on his phone and pulled it out of his utility belt to look at it. We can barely hold our own against a down on his luck alkie with brain rot and you want to go looking for a super villain? Give me a fuckin" break, Doug.
I will...


Self-confessed Lismore drug addict jailed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Rodney Stevens

A woman who has been a drug addict for half of her life was jailed for six months at Lismore on Monday over offences including taking a syringe into a jail and possession of a knife.

Gabriella Basimauro appeared at Lismore Local court via video-link from Kempsey jail and was represented by her solicitor Ms McDermott.

The 28 year-old from East Lismore woman pleaded guilty to more than 10 charges including three counts of driving while never having held a licence, resisting arrest, possessing a prohibited drug, possessing a prohibited substance, taking a syringe into Kempsey jail and breaching an apprehended violence order.

Ms Basimauro pleaded guilty to all charges.

Magistrate Michael Dakin said the charges resulted in Mr Basimauro breaching eight good behaviour bonds, which he took into account when sentencing her.

Ms McDermott said her client, who was raised by her grandmother after her mother died when she was young, started drinking alcohol aged 13, and by 14 she was regularly smoking cannabis.

Virtually all her offending is related to her drug use, she said.

She has expressed the desire to do something about her drug use.

Ms McDermott requested Mr Dakin adjourn Ms Basimauros matters so she could attend drug rehabilitation.

In refusing the adjournment, Mr Dakin referred to a letter from the Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment MERIT program that stated Ms Basimauro arrived intoxicated to an assessment on October 26, and failed to attend to subsequent appointments.

Court documents revealed Ms Basimauros extensive juvenile and adult criminal history.

Ms McDermott requested Mr Dakin impose a shorter custodial sentence on her client, with a longer parole period, so she could address her drug problems while under the supervision of Probation and Parole.

In sentencing Ms Basimauro to six months jail, Mr Dakin acknowledged she had come from a background of severe disadvantage.

As she has been in custody since December 31, Ms Basimauro will be eligible for release on June 30

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Lismore man cops bond for spitting on Big Rob "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A man who spat on Lismore identity Big Rob during the 2016 Federal election campaign has been placed on a good behaviour bond.

Ron Cahill appeared at Lismore Local Court on Monday facing charges of common assault, and behaving in an offensive manner in a public place, in relation to an incident during pre-polling for the seat of Page.

On June 27, Mr Cahill was volunteering for Labor candidate Janelle Saffin at the pre-polling booth on Molesworth Street, Lismore

Police facts before the court revealed kebab shop owner, Mr Rob, formerly known as Robert Bou Hamdan, was videoing at the booth in his role as a civilian reporter.
The court heard altercation developed between the pair and Mr Cahill threw a piece of cardboard and plastic at Mr Rob which hit him on the leg and fell to the ground.
After repeated requests by Mr Rob to pick up the object, Mr Cahill spat at Mr Rob, landing on his foot.
When Mr Rob reported the incident to police, he and a witness provided statements and video footage of the altercation.
Mr Rob did not appear in court to witness proceedings.
Mr Cahills solicitor Binnie ODwyer then told police her client refused to be interviewed.
At court Ms ODwyer said Mr Cahill, 73, who pleaded guilty to both charges, was well regarded in the community and had no prior criminal record.
Lismore Mayor Isaac Smith provided Mr Cahill with a reference, testifying to his good character and community service.
In sentencing Mr Cahill to an 18 month good behaviour bond with no conviction recorded, Magistrate Michael Dakin said spitting on someone is inexcusable.

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Westpac chopper a beacon for Ocean Shores kids "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter landed in Waterlily Park, Ocean Shores, on Saturday (February 18) much to the amusement of local kids. Photo Tina Petroff

The Westpac Lifesaver Rescue Helicopter landed in Waterlily Park, Ocean Shores, on Saturday (February 18) much to the amusement of local kids. Photo Tina Petroff

The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter landed in Waterlily Park, Ocean Shores, last Saturday (February 18) at around 10am, much to the amusement of the local kids.

But the chopper was there on a serious mission  to investigate a distress beacon coming from a boat.

We joked that theres not enough water in the lake at the moment to sink a boat, said Ocean Shores resident Tina Petroff, who sent us this photo.

She added, while two of the helicopter team walked around the lake with their locator antenna, the rest of their team opened up the helicopter to the 60+ kids and parents who came out to investigate.

They kindly spent an hour entertaining the onlookers, until they ascertained that the emergency beacon was coming from further north.

They explained that it might be coming from a boat in a garage that had a beacon set off accidentally, possibly from the heat, but it had to be found because passenger jets can pick it up too, and keep reporting it, Ms Petroff said.

A Life Saver Helicopter spokesperson said the beacon was subsequently located but it is a timely reminder to boat owners to check their beacons, especially in hot weather,

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1) Indonesia ready for Freeport tribunal "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2) Freeport Explains Refusal on Mining Permit
3) Freeport gives government four months to negotiate 
new settlement
4) Compromise Amid Potential Massive Layoffs
1) Indonesia ready for Freeport tribunal
Linda Yulisman
The Jakarta Post Jakarta | Mon, February 20, 2017 | 06:24 am

In its latest move to settle a dispute over mining policy, the government has challenged United States mining giant Freeport McMoran to go to an international arbitration tribunal for a fair result.
Recently, the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry granted approval to PT Freeport Indonesia, the local subsidiary of the politically connected gold and copper miner, to convert its contract of work (CoW) into a special mining license (IUPK). In so doing, the government will require the company to divest 51 percent of its shares and build a smelter within five years. As compensation, the government will allow Freeport to continue exporting copper concentrate.
Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Ignasius Jonan asserted that resorting to arbitration was a legal right. However, he said the government did not expect to face Freeport at an international tribunal because such a move would negatively impact their partnership.


Legal Centre funding cut will hurt most disadvantaged: MP "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre represents some of the community's most marginalised in court. Photo NRCLC

Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre represents some of the communitys most marginalised in court. Photo NRCLC

Federal Richmond MP Justine Elliot (Labor) has condemned the Turnbull government for slashing funding for the Northern Rivers Legal Centre.

Ms Elliot says that the devastating funding cuts of nearly $180,000 mean that from July 1 the Tweed office and its outreach services at Pottsville and Murwillumbah will be forced to close.

Northern Rivers Legal Centre and its dedicated staff have been helping our local community since 1996 and now their funding is going to be cut by 23 per cent which will seriously jeopardise their ability to operate, Ms Elliot said.

The Legal Centre provides free advice and services to individuals and groups in financial hardship, subject to unfair discrimination, victims of domestic violence, people losing their employment, separating families and many others who rely on these services to access justice.

These are some of the most disadvantaged in our community.

Im calling on the Turnbull Liberal National government to reverse these cruel cuts as a matter of urgency. Vulnerable people in our region are at risk, and I will continue to fight to have this funding restored, Ms Elliot said.

Community Legal Centres help hundreds of thousands of people around Australia in need of free legal assistance who do not qualify for legal aid. They are on the frontline in the battle against domestic violence and assist people with problems as diverse as Centrelink debt, tenancy disputes and employment issues.

Ms Elliot said that when in government, Labor delivered Community Legal Centres a funding injection worth more than $70 million over four years.

Now the Turnbull Liberal National government is cruelly slashing this important community funding, she said.


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Wardell man refused bail over alleged ice supply "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By Rodney Stevens

A Wardell father-of-five, who was arrested on Sunday for the alleged ongoing supply of ice across the region, has been refused bail.

Bradley Fernando appeared at Lismore Local Court on Monday and was represented by his solicitor Ms McDermott.

The 41 year-old faced six charges including supplying a commercial quantity of a prohibited drug, three counts of supplying greater than an indictable quantity of a prohibited drug and two counts of supplying a prohibited drug.

Fernando is yet to enter a plea to any of the charges.

On July 28 last year, in the Ballina Bunnings car park, police allege Fernando supplied 3.22 grams of ice for $1b000, the day after he allegedly sold 1.48 grams for $500 in the Ballina RSL car park.

Between January 13 and 18, it is alleged Fernando supplied ice on two occasions in quantities of 342 grams and 85 grams at Ballina.

Then, between January 20 and 21, police allege Fernando supplied 142 grams of ice in Sydney.

Mr Fernando was arrested on Sunday and refused bail, after driving from Kempsey to Wardell, and allegedly supplying 115 grams of ice at Woodburn.

Ms McDermott requested Fernando be granted bail so he could prepare his legal defence and support his family.

She said he had four children under seven years-old, the youngest being four months, and his five year-old was autistic.

The court heard Fernando could live at Moree with relatives, he would not take drugs and would not contact any witnesses.

Magistrate Michael Dakin refused Fernando bail, stating police had a very strong case against him.

He said the facts, if proven, established very serious criminal offending.

This is extremely serious criminal behaviour, he said.

He faces the prospect of custodial sentences of a significant duration if convicted.

Mr Dakin adjourned Fernandos matters until April 18, when he will appear via video-link.

Original report

Strike Force Cheddar, formed by the Richmond LAC Drug Unit, has finally arrested a man they have been targeting since last May and he was carrying 115 grams of ice.

Police allege the 42-year-old Wardell man had been supplying commercial quantities of the drug in Ballina and Moree.

Officers stopped the mans car at Woodburn on Friday.

Police allege that during a search he discarded a cloth bag that contained 115 grams of methylamphetamine (ice).......


Charlies fulfilling her dream thanks to Variety "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Charlie Priest playing the flute. Photo supplied Variety.

Charlie Priest playing the flute. Photo supplied Variety.

Living in the country has its advantages; open spaces to roam, neighbours you cant hear, the sound of the cicadas buzzing in the late afternoon but it can sometimes mean you dont have access to many of the benefits your city cousins do. The childrens charity Variety provides a range of grants and scholarships to help young people reach their potential and Charlie Priest from Murwillumbah has been lucky enough to receive one.

A dream to perform as a classical solo flautist with both national and international symphony orchestras, along with performing as a pianist with a world class ensemble see Charlie travels 280km each week for piano lessons as part of the intermediate piano program at the Brisbane Conservatorium.

Charlie wouldnt be able to grasp the opportunities she has been given without the Variety Scholarship, said Charlies Mum, Sharon Priest.

She wouldnt have been able to accept her position at the Brisbane Conservatorium and get that next level of tuition that she needs.

Variety scholarships are provided to children who already have a special talent or passion in sport, art, music or education. These kids are all facing a challenge in life, whether this is disadvantage, special needs or they are sick. This year we will awarding 47 scholarships to kids from all over NSW,  said Alison Buckland from Variety NSW.

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6 reasons staying in a hostel is good for your kids "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

We stayed in 2 hostels with the girls on our recent 10-week trip. I must say I was not looking forward to it at all. My idea of a hostel was of loud, drunk and silly young people doing stupid things I would need to keep my kids from seeing.

Staying in Hostels with kids

Well, I was wrong. It turns out I was very wrong. We may have been just lucky with the hostels we stayed in and we did have a private bathroom in our room but here are 6 reasons why I enjoyed the experience and think it was great for the girls.

staying in hostels with kids

Friendly staff with plenty of budget tourist ideas

1. They had people to talk to.

After 8 weeks your parents and sister can become extremely boring. You already know everything about them and now they are just becoming really annoying. I watched as Willow talked to other people about what she had been doing, where she had been and they were sharing their own tales of where they had been. It was great to see her interact with people older than herself but on a level, they probably did not expect from a girl her age.

2. They traded stories with people much older than themselves.

Willow can strike up a conversation with most people but Marley struggles. It surprised me that they both were happy to talk to other people about where they had been and where they were going. This also allowed us to join in the conversation too. Which led to us talking about something other than Minecraft and YouTube! It also helped the girls think about places they would like to go when they are older. There were so many stories of places they had not heard of. They both had a great time learning about those places and they were even able to give some tips to other travellers!


Gangsters and guns in Tokyo: Sydney Pollack on directing Robert Mitchum in The Yakuza, 1974 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Robert Mitchum hated being a movie star. Being famous meant nothing to him. After all, as he often pointed out, one of the biggest stars in the world was Rin Tin...


Of the 2,145 species studied forty-seven per cent of land-based animals and over twenty-three per cent of threatened birds may have already been negatively impacted by climate change "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

NATURE.COM, Nature Climate Change,  Letter, abstract, 13 February 2017:

Species traits influenced their response to recent climate change

Although it is widely accepted that future climatic changeif unabatedis likely to have major impacts on biodiversity12, few studies have attempted to quantify the number of species whose populations have already been impacted by climate change34. Using...


Looking for work in 2017? Some advice on your rights from the experts "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

By and large businesses in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales are fair to their employees.

However, there is no denying that there is an element amongst employers which attempts to take advantage of people desperate to find paid work and, under award rates, no payslips, wages not paid on time, deductions from wages for a little as dropping one small bottle of soft drink, unfair dismissal, are not unknown.

So it pays to know your rights upfront and this may help.

Fair Work Ombudsman, media release, February 2017:
Fair Work Ombudsman out to smash myths relating to young workers
13 February 2017
The Fair Work Ombudsman is seeking to educate employees and business on the myths that are contributing to a concerning number of young workers being underpaid around Australia.
Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James says too many people mistakenly believe that a range of workplace practices relating to young workers are OK when they are in fact unlawful.
Its time to address the myths that have achieved widespread levels of acceptance and are resulting in employers short-changing young workers around the country, Ms James said. 


Imported raw prawns to be pulled for white spot testing; fears that prices will rise "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

There are fears the price of prawns is about to go through the roof following a decision by the Federal Government to recall all imported raw prawns.
The importation of green, or uncooked, prawns into Australia was suspended in January, but prawn farmers have expressed concern diseased prawns were still being sold.
An email from the Department of Agriculture to prawn industry stakeholders, obtained by the ABC, said all imported prawns were now being withdrawn so they could be tested for white spot disease (WSD).
The decision to secure all uncooked prawns imported prior to the suspension was not taken lightly, and will not be in place longer than necessary, the email said.
It will be lifted as soon as the Department has assessed the level of biosecurity risk posed of the affected goods.
The recall will apply to all uncooked prawns and prawn meat, including product that has been marinated.
Exempt from the ban are raw prawns that have been battered or crumbed, dried or irradiated to kill off diseases.
Prawn meat processed into dumplings, spring rolls, samosas and other dim sum-type products will also not be included in the ban.
Outbreak puts prawn farming future in doubt

At the time of Januarys ban, Department testing results obtained by ABC Rural showed 70 per cent of the prawns being imported contained the exotic WSD.
The disease had already wiped out the industry on the Logan River in south-east Queensland, and although authorities are investigating how WSD got to Australia the prawn farming industry is blaming imported product from Asia.
The outbreak of WSD in Queensland is the biggest biosecurity outbreak to hit Australias aquaculture industry and jeopardises the future of Australias $80 million prawn farming sector.

Sydney-based seafood importer Harry Peters, who is also the director of the Australian Seafood Importers Association, said the price of prawns could now double.
He said the recall would mean frozen prawns were held in storage until they could be tested, but given the high rate of diseased prawns already recorded it was unlikely they would ever return to supermarket shelves.
The impact on industry is going to be absolutely massive. This immediately turns the tap off for any raw prawn going in to the market place, Mr Peters said.
I wouldnt hesitate a guess but it certainly will be over the $40 to $50 per kilogram mark [as a result of the recall].

There will be millions of dollars worth of prawns tied up in cold storage around Australia until this is resolved, but the odds are these prawns will have to be returned or destroyed.
Prawn prices are still relatively stable, selling for around $20 per kilogram.
ABC Rural understands all recalled product will be tested for white spot and will either be...


Deer Jet (China) Gulfstream G550 Bizjet B-8108 Departs Hamilton Island Airport - Plus RAAF B737BBJ A36-001 Visits! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Early on Monday 20 February, Deer Jet (China) Gulfstream Aerospace G-V-SP (G550) bizjet B-8108 departed Hamilton Island Airport.  The Gulfstream departed Hamo for Cairns and Honolulu, Hawaii.  It had arrived from Honolulu and Cairns last Friday 17 February.

Ryan Hales /

Meanwhile, also noted visiting Hamilton Island Airport for a very short time on Monday 20 February was Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Boeing B737-7DT(BBJ) A36-001 which called in from the South on what looked to be a training flight as "Consort 58".  It departed a little later for airwork at Cairns and then Townsville where it also landed for a short time.  A36-001 was then noted returning to the South.


Work of BMRSG Tavams shoes "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ever wondered just where BMRSG spends the most welcome donated money. Let me share a story with you. In November last year Tavam's children were attending the swimming school we were running. Tavam accompanied the children and in this delightful non-threatening environment Tavam told me about his well-worn boots. They were issued in detention years ago and have been his only footwear . These are not ordinary boots but boots with specialist built up sole on one shoe.


Walnut orb-weaver spider, European Spider of the Year "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This video is called Spider ID: Walnut Orb-Weaver.

The walnut orb-weaver spider has been named European Spider of the Year 2017.

Deutsche Welle radio in Germany writes about it:

Germanys arachnologists put their focus on this cute creature: Many of us have likely met the walnut orb-weaver spider at some point around the garden or house. It loves to dwell in old masonry or in the bark of old trees or dead wood. Its cobwebs are large and beautiful: up to 50 inches in diameter.


SWOP Presents "Brothers of the Night" "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


SWOP Presents "Brothers of the Night" at the 2017 Queer Screen - Mardi Gras Film Festival, Saturday 25 February, 2017 at 9.15pm Events Cinemas George Street, Sydney.


read more


Cairns Villa & Leisure Park "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I'm considering booking a cabin here for a night when I have a stop over prior to flying to Melbourne. Is it good? How far from the airport?

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Luca Brasi, Camp Cope and more are playing a free underage fest in Sydney "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Were all for any music event that gets awesome live music in front of the people who need it most, so the idea of having bands like Luca Brasi and Camp Cope teaming up for a free gig in April for the oft-ignored teenage crowd is definitely a great one.

Between most gigs either being for adults only or being a pretty big investment for someone living off those rubbish starting wages, its nice to see ShoreShocked putting together a great lineup like this one, which also includes some other genuinely great acts in The Hard Aches, Mere Women, Morning TV and Allan Smithy, with more to be announced.

Its interesting to note, too, that the lineup promotes a pretty great message for the next generation of concert-goers, as Luca Brasi have spoken out against violence at gigs, and Camp Cope have been trying to stamp out sexual assault at live music events with their #ItTakesOne campaign and Laneway Festival collaborations.

Its not the first or last time well see Luca Brasi and Camp Cope working together, with the latters lead singer Georgia Maq appearing on the formers recent single Count Me Out, below.

All up, its a great lineup, a great message, and a great price bloody well done, ShoreShocked. It all kicks off on April 1 at St Leonards Park North, Sydney, so head to the FB page for more info, and if youve got any underage mates or family with an appreciation for great live music, send em right this way.


Lost "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Has anyone seen Matt the Pirate?

On Monday morning, about 10am, Matt the Pirate came for a walk in the pram along the Merri Creek path from the Bakers Rd footbridge (Coburg North) to a bit passed the Murray Rd bridge, near Connolly Ave. We fear he may have jumped ship.

He is much loved, a cherished Christmas present. 

If you have seen him, please call Naomi 0401 561 339.


Meditation "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hi All,

I am running meditation again this term - we start next Tuesday the 28th at 7.30pm at Autumn Retreat and go for 5 weeks.

You can expect a small amount of movement, stillness, breathing, guided relaxation and practice being/sitting with different aspects of your self.
Classes are held in the beautiful group room at Autumn Retreat.
Book and Pay in full by February 22nd and bring a friend for half price - $150 for 2.
Book by email to


PIANO LESSONS "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Experienced teacher and professional musician.

AMEB/ Diploma of Music Tuition.


Teach at your place if required, call Lisette 0412 349 441.


Wanted "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Players wanted for social futsal team.

Players wanted for futsal team on Thursday nights in Heidelberg West.

Games consist of 2 x 18 min halves and start times range from 6.50pm to 9.50pm.

Looking for a few regulars to bolster the ranks of an existing team.

Skill levels are very mixed so if you're prepared to have a kick you'll fit right in.

Age profile of players is on the senior side i.e. 30+.

Diarmuid Griffin


Unbelievable: Sydney school permits Muslim students to refuse handshakes with women "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"



Lets try this experiment in Saudi Arabia, shall we? Christian students refuse to pray to Allah because it is not part of their culture.
Read More


Caravan park residents face eviction after Chinese developer buys site "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

About 200 residents of a caravan park in Melbournes east are facing eviction after a Chinese developer bought the site to build townhouses.
At a community meeting held on Saturday to voice their concerns, residents said the Wantirna caravan parks new owner had already hiked up the rent and they could not afford to live anywhere else.
The caravan park was bought last year for more than $30 million by developers with links to China.
The sites owner, Andrew Yu from the company Longriver, plans to build 294 townhouses on the site.
Knox council Mayor Darren Pearce told the meeting he initially did not want to attend, because I am not in the business of giving false hope to vulnerable people.
He said the council was looking at the developers planning application, but there was little it could do.
I do feel for the people of this caravan park, he said.
I understand that their lives have been turned upside down, but as a council we are very limited in the powers we have.

Peter Gray, from the Wantirna Residents Action Group, has lived at Wantirna caravan park for 27 years.
He said the developer was quick to raise rents as soon as he bought the caravan park and hasnt shown any compassion.
We realise hes doing everything legally, but the [Residential] Tenancies Act doesnt protect us at the moment, he said.
Houses now worth nothing, resident says

One resident, Judy Adam, moved to Wantirna Park with her husband Ron.
Ms Adam is Rons full time carer, and the nearby medical facilities means she has some support to help him with Alzheimers disease.
She said their house in the caravan park was probably worth $125,000, but now it was worth nothing.
I am sure, I am determined, that things will work out. Maybe well lose things, but things will work out, she said.
She said her neighbours at the caravan park were angry and distressed that they had been told to move, with some refusing to leave their homes.
It is depressing, I dont allow myself to become depressed, but I have seen depression all about, she said.

Some of the residents own their homes but rent the land the homes are standing on.
They want compensation for moving those homes, which is expected to cost about $50,000 per building.
The residents will be evicted in January 2018.
Longriver has been contacted for comment.



The Camphor Trees of Bellingen "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The camphor trees of Church Street, Bellingen are to be cut down. The war of the camphor laurels has been causing local outrage for years. The large trees are throwing some shade on cafe visitors and motorists on a side road reducing the heat island effect.

In the collective imagination, the iconic ornamental giants are synonymous with the beautiful pristine picturesque Bellinger valley. Postcard-views show cow pastures framed by thick stands of camphor trees hugging the waterways.

For others they are an out of control invasive noxious weed that have reduced local biodiversity of the entire area. When bush regenerators eradicated camphor trees and planted endemic species, heritage enthusiasts sprang into action: In some cases, bollards were burned out and boundary chains cut to allow visitors to drive their vehicles onto the fragile banks, crushing native seedlings and causing erosion damage in the process. (source)

In the social imaginary the introduced flora belongs to the foundation myth of the region. After white settlers cleared the biodiversity of the rainforest valley and replaced it with a pastoralist monoculture, the need for shade became apparent. The giant trees promised instant shade in the fertile flood plains for the British antipodeans and their cattle.


Interview: Berlin-via-Lebanon experimental artist Rabih Beaini "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Rabih Beaini

When it comes to electronic music, Lebanese-born, Berlin-based electronic producer Rabih Beaini is innovative, curious and forward thinking.

He puts out cutting edge analogue techno experiments, composes exploratory soundtracks, and releases music by avant-garde beatmakers on his label Morphine Records. Beaini has produced LPs for the late pioneering American composer Pauline Oliveros, French mechanical-orchestra creator Pierre Bastien, and the explosive Indonesian duo Senyawa, just to name a few.

Now he is here in Sydney to play the Most ii The Singularity, an experimental noise opera currently touring the country with Polands Mikolaj Trazska, Remont Pomp, The Useless Assembly and Lismore locals Tralala Blip. The Ears Have Ears team caught up with Rabih to see what we can expect from this exciting tour.


You started out making techno in the 90s in Lebanon what started you down the path of becoming a producer?

To be exact, I started DJing in Lebanon in the 90s, but wasnt until I got to Italy that I started producing music. After participating in private courses for music production and studio engineering, this is what got me into the actual production process. It was exciting to discover more about studio recording and DAW at the time.


Relocating to Venice for a time in 1996, you founded Morphine Records, home to releases from Pauline Oliveros, Sote, Hieroglyphic Being, Container and more. What made you start your own label?

While playing gigs and making music in north Italy in the early 2000s, I felt there was a real lack of more forward-thinking labels in the dance music scene, and I decided to start my own. Initially the label was more focusing on a raw and diverse house and techno sound, it slowly opened into a wider spectrum and special projects.


Recently you soundtracked Vincent Moon and Priscilla Telmons short film Cosmogonia. What drew you to that particular work?

We started a live project me and Vincent Moon last year, expanding what he calls Live Cinema, where he mixes films he shot and I process the sounds from the films and add my own. Cosmogonia was a similar collaboration with him an...


Mountain Journal turns seven "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Its that time of year: another circle around the sun, and almost autumn so its time to think about the year that was.

The annual reflection on MJ is available here.


First brandings of 2017 underway at Isis Down Station, Queensland "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sometimes it's so good to step back from what surrounds you and think about the marvellous country we're all part of. Thanks to Jeff of FNQ for this terrific photo of the cattle trucks waiting to load up. First brandings of 2017 underway at #CPC Isis Downs Stn Qld. #Greatqualitybeef...


Celebrate love in all its colours with the release of the PRIDE COOKIE "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In a delicious partnership with celebrated chef and Byron Bay Cookies ambassador Christine Manfield, Byron Bay Cookie Company is proud to celebrate love in all its colours with the release of the PRIDE COOKIE.

Just in time for Mardi Gras celebrations, Byron Bay Cookie Companys PRIDE COOKIE will be available on board selected domestic and international Qantas flights from 2-8 March, allowing the flocks of Mardi Gras incomers and sky high travelers to be part of Australias largest rainbow celebration.


Christine Manfield says of the partnership, The Mardi Gras festival is such an exciting time, its that time of year when people come together from all over Australia and the world to celebrate love in all its colours. Im proud to have had the opportunity to work with Byron Bay Cookie Company to launch the PRIDE COOKIE and bring to life what Mardi Gras is all about.

Shop the PRIDE Cookie here.

The post Celebrate love in all its colours with the release of the PRIDE COOKIE appeared first on Byron Bay Blog.


Will the nuclear waste of Sydneys dead HIFAR nuclear reactor be sent to South Australia? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

nuke-reactor-deadTim Bickmore , Fight to stop Nuclear Waste Dump in South Australia February 18  There is also another elephant in the room which is yet to rate a mention. At Lucas heights there are 2 reactors OPAL & HIFAR. OPAL is the working reactor, whilst HIFAR is the old one now undergoing de-commissioning which includes dealing with more radioactive waste. Is the HIFAR waste...


Australian Prudential Regulation Authority warns on financial danger from climate change "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

climate-changeClimate change could threaten entire financial system, APRA warns, ABC News, 17 Feb 17, By Stephen Long Climate change could threaten the stability of the entire financial system, the prudential regulator has warned, as it prepares to apply climate change stress tests to the nations financial institutions.

In its first major speech on climate change, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority chastised companies for a lack of action on the risks it poses.

While climate risks have been broadly recognised, they have often been seen as a future problem or a non-financial problem, APRA executive board member Geoff Summerhayes told an Insurance Council conference in Sydney.

Many of these risks are foreseeable, material and actionable now.

The speech comes as the Government and the Opposition bicker about renewable energy targets amid dismay among industry leaders about a lack of certainty on climate change policy.

The Climate Institutes CEO John Connor described the speech as a huge development.

APRA has never gone out there like this before, he said.

Its an antidote to the hyper partisan political culture war on climate policy; our regulators moved to the front foot in managing climate risks.

The Climate Institute and the Investor Group on Climate Change wrote jointly to the Council of Financial Regulators two years calling for regulatory action on the financial risks from climate...


Gallery: FBi Presents Kishi Bashi at Oxford Art Factory "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FBi Presents Kishi Bashi | Photography Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin

Kishi Bashi is an absurdly talented performer. Switching between violin, keyboard, vocals and looping pedal, he kept Oxford Art Factory under a rapturous spell on Thurday night.


All photos by Tim Da-Rin, 16.2.17.
FBi Presents Kishi Bashi | Photography Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin FBi Presents Kishi Bashi | Photography Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin FBi Presents Kishi Bashi | Photography Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin FBi Presents Kishi Bashi | Photography Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin ...


Gallery: FBi Click Presents Lady Leshurr at Oxford Art Factory "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

FBi Presents Lady Leshurr at OAF | Photography Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin

The one and only Lady Leshurr played her first show in Sydney to a sold-out crowd at Oxford Art Factory. Flanked by two fiery dancers, the UK lyricist delivered sass and energy in spades.


All photos by Tim Da-Rin | 14.1.17
FBi Presents Lady Leshurr at OAF | Photography Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin FBi Presents Lady Leshurr at OAF | Photography Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin FBi Presents Lady Leshurr at OAF | Photography Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin FBi Presents Lady Leshurr at OAF | Photography Tim da-Rin | | @timdarin ...


Lismore protests Westpac and Adani "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Protesters outside Westpac in Lismore asking for Westpac not to fund the Adani coal mine. Photo supplied.

Protesters outside Westpac in Lismore asking for Westpac not to fund the Adani coal mine. Photo supplied.

The Adani coal mine in Queensland will mean many things if it gets both government clearance and the money to go ahead. Destroying the Great Barrier Reef and increasing global warming leading to further extreme weather events are just the start. The NAB have said no to funding the mine and the ANZ have said at this time they dont see themselves as funding it but the Commonwealth and Westpac banks have yet to declare a position.

This morning around 60 people turned up outside Lismores Westpac bank, including the knitting nannas, to ask them to clarify their position on funding the the proposed Carmichael mine in the galilee basin of Queensland.

Over the lifetime of the Carmichael mine, billions of tons of CO2 would be emitted into the atmosphere, said George Pick from the Lismore Environment Centre. The Great Barrier Reef would be put at even greater risk than it is currently facing. Its almost too much to contemplate coal laden ships in their thousands navigating up and down the reef with the inevitable spills and contamination.

The Federal government seems determined to pursue uneconomic technology solutions in the face of the clear scientific evidence that coal and other fossil fuels should be left in the ground. This was recently reinforced by Martin Moore the CEO of CS energy, on ABCs 7.30 with Leigh Sales, who produce a third of Queenslands power, and runs two of the most advanced coal-fired plants in the country. He stated that they have no plans to build more coal fired plants in the country because the economics dont add up.



Norway: Deported Record Number of Islamics And Crime Dropped Dramatically! "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


One country has finally learned that have a flow of Muslim immigrants creates problems. No, not just problems, horrific crimes.



Monday Maker - Nu4U "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Today we interview Fashion Designer Jo from Nu4U.

Well first we would love to know were you creative as a child Jo?

I have always dabbled.   Sketched, painted and I made my own clothes.

Both my parents actively encouraged me. 

How would you describe your work?

At the moment, a little bit quirky with a dash of individuality.

How has your work changed and grown since you started?

It's evolving as I evolve as a crafter.  I'm working in several mediums simultaneously and discovering that over time, I'm starting to merge them together.
My newer necklaces are probably a good example of that.  They combine my previous jewe...


Miss Sloane @ The Ritz Coming Soon "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

M120 (Left to right.) Jessica Chastain and Mark Strong star in EuropaCorp's

A cutthroat lobbyist on the verge of personal and professional burnout pushes legal and ethical boundaries to ensure the passage of a controversial law in Miss Sloane, a riveting political thriller from Academy Award nominated director John Madden.

In the high-stakes world of political power-brokers, Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) is the most sought after and formidable lobbyist in D.C. Known equally for her cunning and her track record of success, she has always done whatever is required to win. But when she takes on the most powerful opponent of her career, she finds that winning may come at too high a price.

As she exposes D.C. lobbyists on both sides of the gun control debate, a new legislation requiring more stringent background checks for gun ownership is created, and she is pitted against the formidable power of her political opponents.

Using her skills, she jeopardizes those closest to her, and puts her own career at risk in order to win. The thriller pulls back the curtain on how Capitol Hill games are played and won as Sloane faces off against the most influential powers in Washington.

Eastside Radio Supporters have been invited to a special advanced screening of Miss Sloane courtesy of the Ritz Cinema Randwick on Monday 20 February 2017.

What: Miss Sloane

Where: Ritz Cinema Randwick

When: Opens Nationally 1 March 2017

To Find Out More Click Here



Spike in arms sales at Cold War levels and more Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

US and Europe lead the way in Arms sales to the Middle East, with China quickly catching up.

Theres been a spike in the international arms trade -with sales figures unheard of since the Cold war - according to a peace activists report.

The Stockholm Peace Research Institute said the Middle East has nearly doubled its intake in the last five years, with Saudi Arabia increasing their arms importation by over 200%, purchasing the majority of arms from the United States and the United Kingdom.


Nude Olyimpics for Byron? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Nude Solstice Swim

Nude Solstice Swim

From Shopping in the nude and the art of the naked protest to cycling in buff the Byron Shire has a long history of nudetastic events. Soon the Shire may be adding the Nude Olympics.

Previously held in Noosa, Alexandria Bay, the naked sports day has previously attracted large crowds of around 600 people. It is all a bit of fun, said Stuart Whelan, public relations officer of the  Australian Naturist Federation (ANF). Its more like what youd find at a Sunday school picnic. Theres tug of war, an egg and spoon race and three legged races.

Alexandria Bay has hosted naked events and bathing for over 60 years and the Nude Olympics has previously been promoted on the local councils website. However, Queensland state government laws do not allow for legal nude beaches and an increase in police issuing fines in the area for wilful exposure lead to a decrease in numbers for the event last year. Previously we had support from the local life saving club but they have said they can no longer participate as they cant be seen to support an illegal activity, said Whelan.

This years event, planned for March, is now unlikely to take place leaving many people from South Australia and Victoria disappointed as they have planned their holidays around it each year.

Since the crackdown over the last 12 months in Alexandria Bay lots of people from Brisbane who used to go north have started to head to Byron Bay, commented Whelan. One response could be similar to the NSW solution where local councils have the right to designate local beaches for nude bathing.

If a solution cant be found to facilitate the event taking place in Noosa then it is likely the event will be cancelled this year and they will have to move it.

We want to do it properly with all the necessary processes, said Whelan. This past weekend we had an event at Samurai beach above Newcastle (NSW) with 500 people. We made sure we had all the approvals from National Parks and Wildlife etc.  

The Echo will continue to keep abreast of developments and inform its audience about this titillating and ballsy event that might be hea...


Truck fire closes Pacific Motorway "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Update: One of two northbound lanes of the Pacific Motorway near Newrybar remains closed while emergency services salvage a truck that caught on fire at around 3am this morning.

RMS and hazmat officers are also in attendance.

A reduced speed limit is in place and drivers are urged to exercise caution.

Original report: Both northbound lanes of the Pacific Motorway have been closed at Newrybar, after a truck caught on fire near Watsons Lane early this morning.

Emergency services and RMS staff are in attendance and northbound traffic is being diverted onto Hinterland Way.

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NEWS: Rich Davies & The Low Road Announce East Coast Tour "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Rich Davies & The Low Road are heading out on tour through March and April, taking in regional and metropolitan venues in NSW, QLD and VIC. Hes touring his new album Ghosts which shines a light on human stories and social struggle, traversing foot-stomping epics to sombre ballads. Think Springsteen meets The Pogues, glorious and visceral folk Continue reading


Council bans sex-shop van but powerless over Wicked "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Krystal Adult World proprietor Stephen Keen believes Byron Shire Council is discriminating against him after it imposed a second fine against him for 'unapproved advertising' recently. Photo Shogun Signs

Krystal Adult World proprietor Stephen Keen believes Byron Shire Council is discriminating against him after it imposed a second fine against him for unapproved advertising recently. Photo Shogun Signs

Chris Dobney

Byron Shire Council is fining a sex-shop owner for the second time in two years for the signage on his van while maintaining it is powerless to take action against much more offensive slogans on the sides of Wicked Campers.

Krystal Adult World proprietor Stephen Keen received a $1,500 fine in April 2015, which was upheld by the court in March 2016.

Mr Keen told Echonetdaily that although he pleaded guilty under a bargain he believed hed struck with councils legal services coordinator Ralph James, he doesnt believe he is breaking any law.

I have emails back and forth between myself and Mr James re sign changes and believe I did [have] an agreement with council [before the hearing], Mr Keen said.

But the businessman, who represented himself in court, says he didnt know that the relevant papers had to be handed to the judge before the hearing and, as they were never handed up, there was no proof of any formal agreement.

The council solicitor said in front of my daughter that he would waive the fine, Mr Keen said.

We went back into court, I pleaded guilty, and was fined.

On my way out I said to the solicitor that he told me I wouldnt be fined. The solicitor said bad luck.

Council says the van it is being used as an advertisement but in the government act it refers to a vessel and a sign on a building.

But the dictionary definition of a vessel is not a car. Council says I cant leave it for any time on one spot, Mr Keen said.

Five months after the court case, in October last year, he received another fine, this time for $3,000.

Mr Keen, who believes council has discriminated against him, is currently preparing for a second court case.

Restricted premises

Byron Shire councils legal services coordina...


Culture Guide January 20 26: Cries for attention, Koori Gras, and cups of EqualiTEA "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Tune in to Arvos at 4:30pm every weekday for more Culture Guide.
Brought to you by the City Of Sydney.


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Bland Brisbane "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Aleem Yousaf A former Brisbane based street artist has described Brisbane as bland and oppressive toward those who use graffiti as a medium.


Internationally renowned artist, Anthony Lister has said Brisbane runs the risk of becoming even more bland if areas arent set up for aspiring artists to apply and practice their skills.

Mr Listers comments come after Brisbanes Graffiti task force charged 115 suspected vandals with 5260 offences last year.

Over 20 permanent murals will be finalised over the next month as part of the Brisbane Street Art Festival, with only one on a Council owned property on Coronation Drive. 


Cancer Council Queensland - Cancer Cases Triple


Protesters against Adani target Westpac in Lismore "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Anti-coal protesters hold signs outside the Magistrates Court in Brisbane, Monday, March 7, 2016 in relations to New Hope's controversial $900 million Acland coal mine expansion. Like Adani coal mine it is considered an environmental disaster for the region and the world. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Anti-coal protesters hold signs outside the Magistrates Court in Brisbane, Monday, March 7, 2016 in relations to New Hopes controversial $900 million Acland coal mine expansion. Like Adani coal mine it is considered an environmental disaster for the region and the world. AAP Image/Dan Peled

Building the biggest coal mine on earth is, at this point in human history, the dumbest idea on earth, said Bill McKibben, co-founder of

Adani Carmichael Coal mine is still looking for major investors to get off the ground and Westpac Bank is a possible investor.  Lismore Environment Centre is rallying the community together this morning at 10am outside the Westpac Bank, Molesworth Street, Lismore to highlight opposition to funding of the mine.

Twelve investment banks including Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and HSBC have ruled out investing in Adani. The other three major banks in Australia have been backing away from it, but not Westpac. Westpacs approval could throw open the doors for investors sitting on the sidelines. We want to show Westpac this is not a good decision for them to make, said George Pick from the Lismore Environment Centre.

This project is one of the single biggest threats in the entire world to our climate. The Queensland and federal governments are pulling out all the stops to facilitate the Adani Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin even though its economically unviable. Westpac needs to realise that investing in this mine will hurt their brand. Our community cares about climate change and investing in Adani will be a big mistake. he said.

Taking 12 billion litres of water a year the project will dewater two local springs that are Great Artesian Basin recharge springs, and will mine through the Carmichael river.

In Queensland,...

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Sunday, 19 February


Ballina becoming concrete jungle like Tweed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Coast Road at Skennars Head is in danger of being blighted by strip development and traffic lights, according to Ballina Shire Cr Jeff Johnson. Photo Experimental Ghost

The Coast Road at Skennars Head is in danger of being blighted by strip development and traffic lights, according to Ballina Shire Cr Jeff Johnson. Photo Experimental Ghost

Ballina Shire Councillor Jeff Johnson is calling on his fellow councillors to reaffirm their preference for a roundabout at the intersection of the Coast Road and Headlands Drive to send a clear message to the developers of Stewarts Farm that council is opposed to traffic lights in the area.

Cr Johnson will raise the issue in a motion at Thursdays Ballina Council meeting, together with other strategies he hopes will prevent Ballina emulating the Tweed Coast, which he says is fast becoming a concrete jungle.

Council has long argued that a roundabout is the most appropriate way to manage the increasing amount of traffic that enters the Coast Road from Skennars Head via Headlands Drive, he said.

Traffic lights would be a scar on the landscape and, according to council engineers, are not needed. Not only that, traffic lights consume power and require maintenance, all of which will be the responsibility of Ballina Council going forward, Mr Johnson added.

Dr Stewarts farm is the last green space separating Ballina from Skennars Head and Council needs to ensure that this proposed 500 lot subdivision meets the communitys expectations.

Cr Johnson said the subdivision is coming whether council likes it or not after the NSW Government recently approved the rezoning.

Another important aspect will be to plant out a buffer zone between the houses and the Coast Road to ensure we dont have another situation like we have immediately to the north of Headlands Drive, where Council spends thousands of dollars a year mowing what is effectively the extended front yards of the McMansions that overlook the beach, he said.

Ballina is coming under increasing development pressure and the decisions council makes in the next few years will go a long way to either preserving our local amenity or not.

Im personally not in favour of strip development all along our coastline.

There is a real risk that Ballina will lose the relaxed country town vibe that is what attracts people to our area to begin with.......


Former Newman government 'killed off' profitable climate change company and more Zedlines "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Files prepared for the 2012 state Budget Review Committee show climate change company was slated for sell-off despite notes showing it was "profitable" and "cash-flow positive". PHOTO: WikiCommons/NavsourceOnline

Queenslands former Newman Government sold off a profitable, state-owned business which tackled climate change, according to a news outlet.

Ecofund Queensland was a carbon-offsetting company, which cabinet documents, obtained by the ABC, show was a profitable business whose revenue was set to double.

The Newman government sold the company for $250 thousand dollars despite being told it would make a profit of $40 million dollars over the next two years.



Far north coast educator retires after 36 years "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Warrick Simmons at his farewell afternoon (back centre) catching up with current and past staff members from Byron Bay High School. Photo supplied

Warrick Simmons at his farewell afternoon (back centre) catching up with current and past staff members from Byron Bay High School. Photo supplied

Warrick Simmons, principal at Murwillumbah High School and previously deputy principal at Byron Bay High School has retired after 36 years of working in public education in NSW.

Warricks passion in the classroom was for English which he shared with the many thousands of students he taught throughout his 36 year career. After being appointed at Byron Bay High School in 2006, Warrick worked closely with the then principal Barry Miller, and second deputy principal Ian Davies to create a culture of collectiveness where students, staff, parents and the community worked in the spirit of co-operation to create opportunities for students.

In his time at Byron Bay High Warrick worked with the school in promoting the Bluesfest showcase, providing opportunities for students to be involved in the ABC mini-series East of Everything and working with staff to develop outcome based reporting to give quality feedback to parents.

Ian Davies, principal at The Rivers Secondary College, Kadina High Campus in Lismore said I worked with Warrick for a number of years at Byron High. In the time we worked together he was proactive in changing the culture of the school. He works from the heart and built long lasting relationships between the school and the community.

Warrick spent the past six years as principal at Murwillumbah High School.

In retirement Warrick wants to travel and pursue his passion for live music.


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Burns hand up for top cop job "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An August 2016 photo of NSW Police Force Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn leaving the inquest into the Lindt cafe siege in Sydney. AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts

An August 2016 photo of NSW Police Force Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn leaving the inquest into the Lindt cafe siege in Sydney. AAP Image/Dan Himbrechts


Deputy NSW Police Commissioner Catherine Burn has confirmed she is putting her hand up to be the states next police chief, saying shes been vindicated over a police bugging scandal.

I feel I have an obligation and a duty of care to the police force and the community of NSW to apply for the position of commissioner, she told News Corp Australia.

She said she had been vindicated over the police bugging scandal and should not be punished for mistakes made 18 years ago during an internal affairs operation.

A NSW Ombudsmans report found Ms Burn engaged in unlawful conduct when she was supervising the management of an informant who breached bail conditions.

She was also found to have engaged in unreasonable conduct by pursuing an investigation despite allegations being inaccurate or misrepresented.

Crucially, the Ombudsman report found that I never acted illegally, I never acted unethically, I never did anything that was deliberate or intentionally wrong and I never had malice against anyone, Ms Burn told News Corp.

Her confirmation that she is up to replace outgoing Commissioner Andrew Scipione comes after former deputy commissioner and rival Nick Kaldas said he was considering applying too.

Mr Kaldas also had adverse findings made against him in the Ombudsmans report over alleged accessing of material and alleged false evidence.

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South Golden Beach man on cannabis charges "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A 53-year-old South Golden Beach man will appear in Byron Bay Local Court next month on a range of cannabis-related charges following a police raid on Friday (February 17).

Just after 6pm, officers from Tweed/Byron Target Action Group raided a home on Beach Avenue, South Golden Beach.

During the search, police allegedly located a hydroponic setup at the property and seized 117 cannabis seeds, nearly 8kg of cannabis, 56 cannabis plants, $7000 cash and a number of documents.

The 53-year-old man was arrested and taken to Byron Bay Police Station where he was charged with eight offences, including: supplying a prohibited plant; possessing prohibited drug; deal with the proceeds of crime; supplying cannabis; cultivating cannabis; and using electricity without authority.

The man appeared before the Tweed Heads Local Court on Saturday (February 18) where he was granted conditional bail to appear at Byron Bay Local Court on March 2.

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Home invasion "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Over the past decade weve had occasional, but increasing sightings of Rainbow Lorikeets in the Newstead district  observations coinciding with the flowering of Yellow Gums along roadsides and in town. Late last week I noted a flock of ~ 20 birds flying noisily over the town, the largest congregation I can recall. This species, the largest of all the Australian lorikeets has become well-established in urban areas of Castlemaine, Bendigo and Maryborough in recent times and large flocks can be seen (and heard!) in all the capital cities of eastern Australia monopolising planted street trees such as Spotted and Lemon-scented Gums.

Rainbow Lorikeet, Wyndham Street Newstead, 19th February 2017

Rainbow Lorikeet, Wyndham Street Newstead, 19th February 2017

Yesterday a flock of about 20 arrived at one of our bird baths in the front yard. Intent on bathing and drinking they were decidedly tame and allowed me to appr...



A healthy and delicious summer treat from Australian blueberries.

The post I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM appeared first on The NORTHSIDER.



Find out more about superfoods from around the world from Lonely Planet's The World's Best Superfoods out in March.



Album of the Week Bone by 20th Century Dog "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Bone by 20th Century Dog is Eastside Radios Album of the Week. 

This long awaited follow up to the bands debut 2004 release Mad Stream, delivers a much needed hit of lively Afro-Beat, Jazz, and Funk tunes recorded live at Sydneys own Venue 505. Led by the bands founder and bassist Cameron Undy, their hiatus was spent developing the release and exploring new soundscapes. The result is a release that effortlessly moves between etherial and groove, a-tonal improvisation and feel good over the course of 10 tracks. Speaking of the latter, two perfect examples are that of the releases introduction Sun Rock and its title track. 

The former offers listeners the chance to ease into the groups sonic journey, designed in almost a jam like manner with only a hit of organisation in the synchronised phrasing of Jeremy Roses saxophone line and Greg Coffins treble piano. Bone lives in stark contrast, opening after a raucous crowd conclude cheering the final moments of another piece, the frantic and disjointed ensemble begin. The level of syncopation throughout this piece would challenge the best, let alone the audience. The piece also introduces some psychedelic distortion played by Ben Hauptmann on the guitar for good measure. The truly thrilling break in this particular release is when drummer Jamie Cameron challenges the percussion skills of both Ben Kidson and Simon Barker, sending the audience once again into hysterics throughout as the trio playfully dare each other to play harder and push further.

With so much to soak up one might need a pallet cleanser, and just as a perfume sales assistant would offer their customer a cup of coffee beans to smell, 20th Century Dog offer tracks like Anagram. One of the more reserved pieces as well as being the second shortest track, the group shift their focus from rhythm to melody. Coffins piano work becomes very repetitive, Cameron, Barker and Kidson are almost non-existent bar some faint and sparse shakers, and Roses melody lines now feature more meandering and sustained composition. Listeners are really spoilt for choice when sampling from this outstanding release. All of this and more was recorded and experience first by their dedicated audience at the bands home venue 505 over two nights. Now those who were unlucky enough to not have been able to catch either of those performances can take home a piece of such a magical moment in time performed by some of Australias best.



ADLFringe Interview: Justin Nott Cant Be Tamed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

This is an anti-biography told by the artist formerly known as Hannah Montana. A 3am, greened-out DnM on the nature of persona, performance and queerness with Miley Cyrus as your spirit guide. Sold-out at Melbourne Fringe 2016, this strange and psychedelic show, written and directed by Justin Nott and performed by Danni Ray is coming to Adelaide for six performances only.

Lisa spoke with director Justin Nott ahead of the shows season at the Bakehouse Theatre studio 20th-25th Feb as part of the 2017 Adelaide Fringe. Click here for tickets and further information.

Produced by Lisa Harper Campbell


Groundhog Day for women's services in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Since 2013 the Abbott & Turnbull Federal Governments have announced up to $1b in savings measures that are cutting community services for the people in greatest need in Australia:

*$500 million over five years for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community services (Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet under The Hon Tony Abbott and Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion)
*$270 million over four years from social services and a freeze on indexation of sector funding (Department of Social Services under The Hon Scott Morrison)
*$15 million from the community legal sector, which remains in place for sector support and capacity, including legal aid, community legal centres, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services, and womens family violence legal and prevention services (Attorney Generals Department under Senator the Hon George Brandis)
*Foreshadowed cuts of $197 million over three years from health (Department of Health under The Hon Sussan Ley) [Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS), 13 January 2017]

The Saturday Paper, excerpt from Federal cuts to family violence reform funding, 11 February 2017:

Just before Ch...


Regional High Tea with Geena Davis Sunday 5 March "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Lismore Chamber of Commerce & Industry in collaboration with NORPA Big Think presents the inaugural Regional High Tea on Sunday 5 March featuring Geena Davis in a live stream from Sydney Opera House All About Women Festival.

Inspiring, informing and illuminating; The Lismore Womens Festival will kickstart with a blockbuster event that combines wisdom, passion and delectable treats on Sunday 5 March, 10am at Lismore Workers Club.

The morning will begin with a live feed from All About Women festival at Sydney Opera House in which Academy Award winner Geena Davis will address the topic of Women and Media, with specific focus on gender stereotyping. Ms Davis is one of Hollywoods most respected actors and a tireless advocate for gender equality.

Then enjoy being captivated with a fabulous panel of guest speakers featuring successful businesswomen and professionals from the Northern Rivers region.

Youll meet:
Pam Brook co-founder of Brookfarm
Rhoda Roberts Festival Director and Producer
Lois Randall Screen Producer & Arts Manager
Donna Kildea Chief Operating Officer Summerland Credit Union
Sarah Karam Belle General & Belle Central Cafs
Kristy Jones COBA Emerging Leader Award 2015 & Marketing Manager Southern Cross Credit Union

This is the first partnership with the Lismore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) and NORPAs Big Think which we are all very excited about said NORPAs Big Think Curator Jeni Caffin and LCCIs President Deborah Benhayon.

This Regional High Tea is unique it is for everyone men and women. We see it as a fabulous opportunity to, while enjoying a delicious array of treats and artisan tea of course, mingle and be inspired with the many amazing women whose contributions across a diversity of professions, industries and businesses give the Northern Rivers its unique flavor. Deborah said.

NORPAs Jeni Caffin went on to say As a prelude to International Womens Day we are over the moon to be sharing the Geena Davis keynote address from Sydney Opera House. She is an impassioned, informed and intelligent speaker and galvanises audiences globally. Cake and conversation: what could be better?

Access to Geena Davis address is being made possible by Sydney Opera House All About Women Satellite Program, taking the ideas and issues that matter to women to audiences far beyond Bennelong Point, streaming live to 26 venues around Australia and New Zealand.

REGIONAL HIGH TEA for Lismore Womens Festival
Presented by Lismore Chamber of Commerce & Industry & NORPA Big Think
Date: Sunday 5 March
Time: 10am to 1pm
Location: Lismore Workers Club, 231 Keen St, Lismore
Tickets: $30...


NDIS are you eligible? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Sam McIntosh enjoys a game of basketball. Photo supplied NDIS.

Sam McIntosh enjoys a game of basketball. Photo supplied NDIS.

Finding out about the national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) is important for anyone who has a disability. At a recent session held in Ballina by the service provider FSG there was almost a palpable sense of hope. Could it be that each and every person with a disability wouldnt have to fight tooth and nail to gain even the smallest amount of support for themselves, their children, their parents or their siblings?

Experience has dictated that endless proofs, statements and assessments have been required to get the most basic of support. NDIS appears to have turned that on its head with the approach being more centered on the individual, their needs and how they can be best met.

What do you need to live an ordinary life? This can include both formal and informal support. NDIS is about giving people with a disability choice and control to live a life with reasonable and necessary support.

Reasonable and necessary

To receive NDIS funding a person must be under 65 and have a permanent and significant disability, according to the NDIS website.

Reasonable and necessary supports help people with disability achieve their goals, including independence, community involvement, employment and wellbeing. Supports may include personal care and support, access to the community, therapy services and essential equipment.

If you are already part of disability services or ADHC you will roll over into the scheme. Even so it is a good idea to call the NDIS information line to see how the new structure can work for you. There may be alternative services or greater funding to meet your needs.

The key to receiving services are that they have to be reasonable and necessary. If you have a mild disability but can function, have friends and interact with the community then you probably wont get much. If your disability is the barrier to accessing the community or achieving your goals, that is something they can help you with, said  Christine Tabone, Senior Manager at FSG.


NDIS provides funding according to three categories: 1...


Independent Artist of the Week: Ainsley Farrell "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Ainsley Farrell

Singer-songwriter Ainsley Farrell will captivate you immediately with her blues-infused folk. Originally from California, she now resides in Sydney and has successfully won us over with her powerful vocals.

In 2015, Farrell released her debut album Air & Sea, a collection of songs exploring her strange dreams and personal heartbreak. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Aretha Franklin, Bessie Smith and Big Mama Thornton, its no wonder her sound contains such a natural vintage authenticity.

This year shes back with a new track, Lady Long Hair, and it might just be her best yet. The strength of Farrells voice drifts effortlessly above soft percussion, simple bright guitars and stunning harmonies (thanks to fellow Sydneysider, Georgia Mulligan). Although strong, theres a lyrical sensitivity that makes things feel that little bit lighter. Its rather refreshing.

Ainsley Farrell is heading back into the studio in March to record a new EP, set for release mid 2017. Until then, you can catch her supporting Katy Steele at Newtown Social Club on February 25, and playing Secret Garden Bar in Enmore details below.


WHO: Ainsley Farrell, Brendon Moon, Slow Ships
WHERE: Secret Garden Bar, Enmore
WHEN: Sunday February 26, 5pm
HOW MUCH: Free! More info here


Tune into Up For It every Monday morning to meet your new independent artist of the week!


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Sunday palate cleanser: Trial By Jury "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

G&S, at the Opera Australia at the Melbourne Arts Centre in 2005,


Turnbull & Co fiddle while Australia burns "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

ABC News, 9 February 2017
As the effects of climate change begin to bite in Australia, the Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison refuses to rule out using money set aside in the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) to fund a new generation of coal-fired power stations.

With the nation facing the prospect of extreme Summer temperatures with no end in sight, he then brings a lump of coal into the House of Representatives on 9 February 2017 and extolls the virtues of this dirty fossil fuel:

This is coal. Do not be afraid. Do not be scared. It will not hurt you..It is coal that has ensured for over 100 years that Australia has enjoyed an energy-competitive advantage that has delivered pr...


Tsim Booky : Australians angry at Greek cab driver "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

While thousands of tax drivers protested in Melbourne the government plans to buyback tax licenses, one cabbie decided it was a good time to prank two Australian television networks. The cab driver of Greek origin told the TV reporters that his name was Tsim Booky. And so he was presented []


Festival "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

25th February 2017

Happenstance logo


Happenstance is a surprising new community arts festival held on the Merri Creek in Coburg North and Fawkner. From 1-5pm on the 25th of February, we invite you to take an unexpected journey along a well-trodden path, and see the creek in a new light. Discover a trail of music, art, and performance celebrating the Merri Creek and all it has to offer.
Happenstance is about engaging with the beautiful natural environment of the Merri Creek, bringing together local communities and highlighting the importance of sustainable practices in urban environments.


For Sale "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


This bright rug is a 1960's shag has been steam cleaned but may need another one.


This tent has been used once, I brought it on sale for $420 (down from $520) and I'd like $280 for it.

Call Nic on 0407 188 884.


Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Lockheed AP-3C Orion A9-659 at Longreach Airport "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

On Saturday 18 February, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Lockheed AP-3C Orion A9-659 was noted completing airwork at Longreach Airport.  It possibly flew North from RAAF Base Edinburgh in South Australia and was heard to be using the radio callsign "Striker 06".

The "Striker" callsign suggests that it was from 10 Squadron which is based at Edinburgh.

A9-659 continued on to Townsville where local plane spotter Leroy captured these great images above as it was on final approach.

A9-659 was then believed to have departed Townsville for Darwin.

Of interest, also on Saturday 18 February, fellow RAAF Lockheed AP-3C Orion A9-660 which was flying as "Striker 60" was also noted arriving into Townsville from the South but is not believed to have completed airwork while on the way!

All photos taken by Leroy  


Wanted "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


House Keeping Help Wanted

Looking for a woman who can help out 2 or 3 days per week for approximately 2 hours each day. 

Work is mainly shopping and cleaning, maybe also food preparation, for a single mum with a new baby in the Preston area. 

Time of day can be flexible so could suit a mum with school-age children. Pay $30/hour. 

Please email


Sometimes Space "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


To all the Hunters & Gatherers,

I have found the most amazing op shop on Oakover Road, Preston. All proceeds go to the BEST causes. And it's HUGE!

I bought this stunning hand blown vase for $8!!

And these rather spiffy brand new bar stools for $90 (the lot)!!!

Sharing the new found joy!!



Sometimes Space "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Cool words to share @ Sometime Space!


Seven Suns "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Dear Community,

This is a seriously good men's program.

Seven Sun's Men's Initiation is in its 10th year. People come from far and wide to do this, and there is so much to connect with here. Ceremony, song, sweat lodge, men's business, connection to good people, monthly gatherings, time on the land, support from older men, connection to indigenous elders, family and community focus.

It culminates at the end of the year in a supported vision quest out on the mountain...full ceremonial style.

The info night for this year is Sat 25th 7 p.m at Bend of Islands, details are below. If you know a man or a family who might be interested in this please share it far and wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's seriously good.

... ...


Free "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Hi Newlands!

Our babes have grown and we no longer need this change table. Happy to pass onto someone for free if anyone is in need of one. Solid wooden change table and a lovely warm colour.


0415 837 643


Keys Found "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


Set of keys found near Jackson Reserve oval.  

They have a green fob, some metal key rings and what looks like a house key and a bike lock key.  

Please call Wendy on 0432 995 720 if you think they might be yours.


McDonalds nuke bacon because it could contaminate other food and lose Halal status "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Islam strikes again

Letter to the Editor

I had to pick something up from Grays Online at Lidcombe yesterday and on the way back we called into Maccas on the corner of Parramatta Rd and Silverwater Rd.


I got a Quarter Pounder and my wife got some Crispy Chicken, BLT Burger (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato) the crispy was some rectangular things like corn chips but her bacon was cold and sort of pale and watery. When she questioned it at the counter and said the bacon should be cooked and a bit crispy, she was informed that they now do the bacon in the microwave because if they put it on the grill it would contaminate the other meats and they would lose their HALAL Certification. She then said,

So I cant have it how we have eaten it all our lives because this minority say it offends them? The only reply was a shrug of the shoulders and a comment that this was a HALAL Store.

It seems that even the mighty Maccas have bowed to the Muslim Halal Beast. So next time you get a burger from Maccas and wonder why the bacon doesnt taste right, youll know that it was thawed out and heated up in the microwave because it offends less that 3% of the population, (according to Google) and they want to keep their Halal Certification.

I guess that scratches Maccas off my food list. Maybe a good thing and Ill lose some weight.

From Donald in Sydney



SALE ITEMS & UPCOMING OFFERS "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


  • LAMSON SILVER GURU 1 II Was $379 Now $299
  • LAMSON LIQUID 1.5 Was $199 Now $150
  • LAMSON BLACK GURU 1.5 Was $330 Now $260
  • LAMSON BLACK GURU 2 Was $349 Now $270
  • LAMSON REMIX 1.5 Was $299 Now $240
  • LAMSON REMIX 2 Was $315 Now $250
  • LAMSON LIQUID 1.5 Was $379 Now $299
  • LAMSON SPEEDSTER 1 Was $500 Now $399




  • RIO PERCEPTION Was $129 Now $79 # 4, 7
  • RIO GRAND Was $129 Now $79 # 4, 7
  • RIO TROUT Was $129 Now $79 # 7
  • RIO TROUT LT Was $129 Now $79 # 6
  • RIO LITE LINE DT Was $129 Now $79 # 5
  • RIO INDICATOR Was $129 Now $70 # 6
  • SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS GPX Was $129 Now $79 # 2, 3, 7
  • SCIENTIFIC ANGLERS TROUT Was $129 Now $79 # 3, 5
  • TEENY LA FONTAINE Was $99 Now $69 # 3
  • CORTLAND 555 CONVERTIBLE DYNA TIP Was $99 Now $50 # 6
  • ...


Wilmar Sugar and the LNP rip up canegrowers contracts "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

KAP Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth says LNP removed safety net from his bill to protect cane growers

KAP Member for Dalrymple Shane Knuth says LNP removed safety net from his bill to protect cane growers

Singapore-owned Wilmar Sugar refuses to pay cane growers fair price.

Thanks to the Liberal National Party cane farmers cannot go to arbitration because the LNP removed the clause from Shane Knuths bill.

19 February 2017:   KAP Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter and State Member for Dalrymple, Shane Knuth MP today, in the Burdekin town of Ayr, attended a meeting with cane farmers to end the sugar marketing stalemate with Singaporean based company Wilmar.

In 2015 Mr Knuth introduced into the QLD Parliament the Sugar Industry (Real Choice in Marketing) Amendment Act 2015 giving an estimated 4,500 cane growing families choice in who they market with the Bill passed with the support of the LNP and Independent Member for Cook.  It was the second KAP Private Members Bill to become legislation and came within 24 hours of passing the ethanol mandate.

The outcome of the meeting today still does not give clarit...


Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Fair Day "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

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Rainbow Chan - The Cardigans "Lovefool" Cover "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Download track for FREE here - A cover of The Cardigans' "Lovefool" by Sydney musician, Rainbow Chan. Filmed by e c h o (


Federal Court injunction granted to stop Immigration seizing mobile phones "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

An out-of-hours special Federal Court hearing today (Sunday, 19 Feb) has granted an injunction to prevent Serco and Border Force from seizing mobile phones from detainees in onshore immigration detention, just hours before the order was to come into effect.

Detainees in immigration detention faced blanket removal of their mobile phones at midnight tonight.

Lawyers at the National Justice Project, representing over 140 detainees, brought todays case to get the injunction.

The action in the Federal Court follows the Federal Circuit Court granting of an interim injunction to one Villawood detainee on Friday.

What is at stake?

Border Force announced in November that phones and SIM cards of all detainees would be confiscated from midnight tonight. Detainees were concerned that mass searches would commence tonight. Advocates like Pamela Curr assert that the confiscations of personal property are illegal.

Who is Affected?

Asylum seekers in detention centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Yongah Hill and Christmas Island were threatened with confiscation of their mobile phones at midnight tonight, Sunday 19/2/17.

Until now people who arrived by air have had the right to mobile phones as long as they have no camera or recording facility. (People who came by boat have no right to a mobile for reasons never explained).

Border Force changes to existing policy would see all phones confiscated and anyone found in onshore detention with a phone potentially punished.

Why does this matter? Dont they have landlines?

Long term refugee advocate Pamela Curr says:

Mobile phones are a legal lifeline. They are a preventative factor against dangerous health crises, depression and suicides.

People in locked detention need mobiles to be able to contact a lawyer or migration agent for timely legal advice.

It is essential that people make contact with legal advice as beyond these times the applications are out of time.

Landline phones can be accessed if the person has a phone card which is purchased from the canteen with points but these phones are not private and can be closed down at any time. People need mobiles to talk to friends and family when they are feeling lonely depressed and hopeless.

The MITA population has increased significantly but the number of interview rooms for legal representatives remains at two making it harder for lawyers to access their clients in time and leaving lawyers and migration agents to haggle for an interview space to see a client and prepare an application.

Some report being given only one hour be...


Tennis ball-sized hail rips through Sydney, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A line of severe thunderstorms hit Sydney and the New South Wales coast on Friday and Saturday, February 18, 2017 with tennis ball-sized hail and a massive number of lightning strikes. The storms toppled trees and power lines and damaged numerous cars and houses....... Read more


Stories of Cape York Peninsula "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

My Cape York Life, made by Cape York NRM, launched on February 10. You can find My Cape York Life in your podcast app or stream/download here
Thanks to


Melbourne dance festival sees disappointing amount of overdoses "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Melbourne leg of the Electric Parade Music Festival saw a large number of punters hospitalised last night, with many being suspected of overdosing on the synthetic party drug GHB.

As ABC News reports, the event, which took place at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbournes CBD last night, saw 25 people treated afterwards, with a fleet of ambulances taking 22 individuals to the Alfred, Royal Melbourne and St Vincents hospitals, many of whom are in critical condition.

Furthermore, 40 arrests were made at the festival, while close to 30 individuals were given diversions with a further two people given cautions for cannabis.

Being held as part of Melbournes annual White Night celebrations, the event sparked comments from paramedics who said they were disappointed with the disproportionately large amount of overdoses.

As The New Daily reports, Ambulance Victoria State Health Commander Paul Holman said that the event was awash with drugs. Weve transported 22 people from that event alone, and were now up to 30-plus from that event and across the city, all with GHB overdoses, all critically ill, he said.

The Electric Parade Music Festival moves on to Sydney tonight.


Introducing Clear Water Townsville "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Check out our new campaign page Clear Water Townsville here! Protecting our ocean Join us in celebrating the beautiful clear water of the northern tropics and safeguarding it from unnecessary dredging and other activities that muddy our wonderful Cleveland Bay an ecological hotspot and fundamental to our unique lifestyle. Clear Water Townsville is a Continue reading "Introducing Clear Water Townsville"


Guest Post: Terry Barnes The TGA and nanny staters just cant help themselves "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Februarys not turning out to be a great month for the cause of true harm reduction and trusting people to make wise decisions in looking after their own health.

First, schools in New South Wales are banning believe it or not birthday cakes.  According to media reports, school authorities consider them a distraction, and raise fears about allergies and the so-called obesity epidemic to justify why these Trojan horses of unspeakable evil shouldnt be allowed through schoolyard gates.

Put aside the fact that birthday cakes, as well as the chocolate crackles and fairy bread, are part and parcel of the kids birthday rite of passage, once-a-year treats. To the zealots and puritans who run our schools and determine public education policy, they are merely calorie machines that turn kiddie cuties into unspeakable, voracious lard tubs.

What rubbish.  Like all yummy food, birthday cakes are a source of fun, pleasure and joy.  They mark a big occasion in a kids life and at that age, and in our wonderful Western culture, any birthday is a big occasion worthy celebrating.

Life is, as Thomas Hobbes put it so well, nasty, brutish and short.  A birthday is the one day of the year a kid can truly call theirs, and the fun police and the NSW Teachers Federation want to take it away from them?  A kids birthday being considered a distraction, for goodness sake: birthdays are part of the socialising experience.  Scoffing birthday cake and other treats may be self-indulgent one-off, but spacing their calorie consumption sensibly (with parental not bureaucratic guidance!) over a year kiddies can still enjoy cakes and sweets without turning into Augustus Gloop.

Pan metron ariston everything in moderation as some ancient Greek bloke once said.

And as for the fear of teacher liability from allergies, those self-righteous ninnies who come up with these brainwaves should cast their minds back to the days before 1980 when Aussie kids were fit, healthy and fearless, and food allergies almost unknown. And why? Because parents werent afraid of letting their kids try new experiences, and enjoy experimenting with all manner of foods (including, in my case, mud pies).

Now, largely thanks to the nanny-staters, little Johnny and Mary with their gluten-free, macrobiotic, sugarless dietary requirements making diet-observant ultra-Orthodox Jews look like slackers, are breaking out in hives by merely looking at a birthday cake or a bowl of salted peanuts.


Second, there are yet more calls for a sugar tax, especially on the demon soft drink.



Tax sugar, they say, but no price on carbon emissions "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The story this week is climate change. Not that we can forget the catholic church is responsible for crimes against humanity; or our collective responsibility for destroying lives on Manus Island and Nauru; or the dangers of our government and its new best friends One Nation building up racism and other forms of bigotry, off a very high base.

Conservative (adj): averse to change or innovation

But the real story this week, and every week of every summer from now on, is climate change. Our political leadership is not up to the job. Conservative governments are not, by definition, equipped to deal with new challenges, being composed of people who chose to join a conservative political party. They do not like to concede this obvious point, because they are also people who seek the power to control others (to govern); and who yearn to appear masterly and successful.

Hedged in by these inherent incompetencies and ambitions of their own making, the options for dealing with the new challenge of irrefutably irreversible man-made climate change are limited. Turnbull or Joyce, Pyne or Frydenberg, Ciobo or Morrison, they are all the same. They represent, and only represent, a monoculture of material comfort, of limited life experiences, and the narrowest of narrow perspectives.

Their choices are to lie and dissemble, to distract and deceive, to derail and delay and deny. Oh, and to bully. In a homophobic way. Simpering sycophant. Sucking up to Dick. Tucking his knees under the rich mans table. Sucking hard in the living rooms of Melbourne.

Sucking hard on what?

These are the tools in which the current front bench is trained. Like the blinkered horse, they stare straight ahead, at the Labor Opposition, and to their own re-election chances. This is all they see. The horse is blinkered to minimise distraction, but we can not blinker our politicians in real life. So in addition to their narrow, limited outlook, we get distraction after distraction.

We get a piece of lacquered coal passed around the government benches in the Parliament. W...


Eat It - 19 February 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

On a drizzly Melbourne Sunday we spoke to Melbourne Chef Nikki Reimer about the recent closure of her Richmond eatery Union Dining, and the rather unusual process of closing a restaurant and packing it all up after many years of service.

Next up Samantha Gowing joined us from her abode in Northern NSW, and also happened to bring Australian music icon Normie Rowe along for the ride. We spoke about foods that make you feel good, and what Sam is looking forward to this Autumn.

To finish the day's show we spoke to winemaker Duncan Buchanan live from the vineyards of Victoria. Vintage 2017 is shaping up OK for us Victorians (we've escaped the heat that so many other regions have experienced), despite the fact that yields are slightly lower than what we'd consider "normal".


Where are they now Flappy "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Where are they now

Every month we shine the spotlight on a family who have chosen to bring new faces into their homes and hearts and adopt one or a few rescued animals. Read on to see how Pappy (formally Flappy), Olga and Nebula (formally Nicky and Thyme) are going in their new forever home.

Where are they now

Pappy (formally known as Flappy) was genderless until recently, now Pappy is a boy and happily follows his mum (who is also a boy) around everywhere. He loves strawberries and grapes, while helping eat the garden slugs. He is a much loved member of our family, wearing a pappy nappy in the evenings and sleeping next to the big bed. Viktor our rescue kitten has really taken to him and they play together. As for the lovely ladies outside, they have settled completely and enjoy the worm filled garden.  When  the young pair Olga and Nebula arrived, I cried like meeting a new baby. They are now old enough to lay, where Buffy and Spike laid eggs the day after arriving!  Spike was the most bedraggled but all her feathers are growing back and all the chickens are happy the held and follow us about. Heath has been breeding meal worms so the girls and Pappy get regular treats. Our two rescue dogs, four rescue cats co-exist beautiful with the duck and chickens. Were so grateful for Edgars Mission delivering us our complete family!

If you also have the love, commitment, space and more to welcome new animal family members into your world, please take a look at our adoption page.



Trump in Melbourne (Florida) "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

There was a time you needed the media to get your message out. That time is now past, and soon it will be long past. First Melania (beginning with the Lords Prayer) and then as good a speech from Trump as you are likely to hear. And I dont do this so that you dont have to. I do this to suggest you watch it for yourself. Here is the write up from the UKs Daily Mail.


World telemark day "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Saturday September 2, 2017.

This is the annual day for telemark skiers (and any other backcountry inclined skiers and riders) to get together, share some turns, make new friends and generally enjoy getting out in the mountains.

Anyone is welcome to organise an event.

At this point there are plans for gatherings at MT HOTHAM and the SNOWY MOUNTAINS.

Full details will be available here closer to winter.


Australia's new normal as city temperatures hit 47C people shelter from the deadly heat "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

In Sydney's baking suburbs, fans have sold out and fears about the effects of climate change are mountingNahid is resting on a bench outside a Target clothing store, her groceries beside her. A cheery, middle-aged woman with a soft Egyptian accent, she is eating a cone of bubblegum ice-cream as though it contains the secret of life. When I ask her if she's enjoying her ice-cream, it takes her 30 seconds to stop laughing.On the weekend I was sick! Sick from the heat! It was like a [...]


Is trickle down economics a fraud? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"


The spectre of trickle down economics continues to haunt the political landscape, emerging again and again like a ghostly zombie from a dark, damp cave where it quietly moulders, refusing to die, always ready to be summoned by a believer.

Not often is the term trickle down uttered, and when it is, it is by opponents of the concept. Instead, the proponents tell us that giving tax cuts to the top end of town will benefit those at the bottom through more jobs and better wages.

At his National Press Club address at the beginning of February, PM Turnbull again cited his plan for tax cuts to business as central to the rejuvenation of the economy, to increased competitiveness, and to the creation of more jobs and better pay for workers. Scott Morrison has been harping on this theme for months as he pushes the governments proposed 50 billion tax cuts to business.

Donald Trump is singing from the same song sheet. He plans to stimulate job growth through massive cuts to corporate tax, reducing it to 15%, and simplifying and lowering personal tax.

In other words, these leaders are gambling on trickle down economics doing the job.

What is the truth about this longstanding economic device? Unfortunately, in this post-truth era, in this weird phase of alternative facts the truth is whatever one wants it to be; words can mean whatever you want them to mean, Humpty Dumpty style, or should I say Kellyanne Conway style?

For months now, I have been researching trickle down economics, sometimes known as supply side economics, a term preferred by advocates who feel offended by the more pejorative term. I have read dozens of articles from many sources.

My conclusion is that political ideology is the most significant determinant of the attitude politicians have to the trickle-down concept. Conservatives are more likely to be believers; progressives more likely to be skeptics.

There have been several pieces on The Political Sword on this subject over the years: In April 2011, after the publication by Queensland Universitys professor of economics, John Quiggin, of his book Zombie Economics: How dead ideas still walk among us  (Princeton University Press, 2010), there was a TPS piece: Joe Hockey should read John Quiggins Zombie Economics. Quiggins expos was about how discredited ideas in economics dont die, nor are they alive, they are simply un-dead ...

Saturday, 18 February


1) CEO resigns after force majeure on copper "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

1) CEO resigns after force majeure on copper 
2) Freeport Indonesia chief resigns as dispute over mining policy intensifies
3) 5.1-Magnitude Quake Hits Jayapura

1) CEO resigns after force majeure on copper 
Posted 18 Feb 2017 23:00

JAKARTA: Chappy Hakim, chief executive of miner Freeport-McMoran Inc's Indonesian unit, has resigned, the company said on Saturday, after the parent firm declared force majeure on copper concentrate shipments from its Grasberg mine in Papua.
Freeport, which has been negotiating with the Indonesian government after halting exports due to new mining rules, said on Friday it could not meet contractual obligations for copper concentrate shipments from the giant mine following a five-week export stoppage.



Along The Shores "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

I found a few nautical themed photos as I've been wading through an enormous backlog of images and coming to grips with LightRoom.
On our way to Lakes Entrance last week for a Heyfield Birdwatcher's boat outing, we checked out a local White-bellied Sea-Eagle (Haliaeetus leucogaster) haunt. There was nothing near the nest but we did see a pair nearby, resting together.
Lots of cormorants along the Gippsland Lakes; this Great Cormorant (Phalocrocorax carbo) shows a hint of the breeding white colouring around the neck.


Gippsland Stuff Ups: planning and jobs "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The bad news about climate change was spread around the world in the late 80s by James Hansen. In 1990 the conservative British PM Margaret Thatcher made a landmark speech (and one for which she will ultimately be remembered) to the United Nations on this matter. Thus politicians and bureaucrats around the world, and more importantly from our local perspective in Victoria, have been aware of possible adverse effects of climate change since this time. These effects included more of, and increasingly severe, extreme weather events droughts, floods, heatwaves with related bushfires, sea level rise as the ice melted and various threats to life and property. As well there were, and are, a bevy of unknown unknowns that may affect the very existence of humanity itself. To counter these possible outcomes a number of responsible actions were both judicious and advisable.

What then were these responsible actions? They should have been designed to reduce and eventually stop all activities that contribute to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that is those burning fossil fuels and industries relying on cheap fossil fuels like aluminium and the timber. This plan should have been implemented over time with the least possible disturbance to society and the economy. Substantial planning should have commenced then and been treated in a bipartisan fashion supported by all political parties. Unfortunately these industries oil and gas, brown coal electricity generation and much of the timber industry are concentrated in Gippsland. Instead of science and common sense vested interests have opposed even the smallest changes necessary and exploited to their advantage both the adversarial nature of politics and the publics dire concern over employment.

The planners have been missing in action all this time and some government actions have made matters worse. Far beyond anything else the privatisation of the SEC in the 1990s has been an unmitigated disaster for employment, for planning and above all coping with climate change. Politicians, bureaucrats and the conglomerates purchasing the mines and power stations must all have been aware of the warming threat. So Hazelwood has continued producing its dirty in terms of carbon pollution electricity well beyond its planned date of retirement. The conglomerates have profited by streamlining production (read putting people out of work), rapidly depreciating their assets, running the operations on minimal maintenance and ignoring the problem of...


Perennial edibles for a 'warm temperate to subtropical' climate. "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Bellingen Seed Savers also share plant material apart from seeds. Cuttings and plants of perennial edibles are distributed among our contacts.

Here is a variety of perennial edibles suitable for growing in the Bellinger River Valley. All have been grown by Bellingen Seed Savers members. Any of the fruits listed can be treated like vegetables. Can you suggest more perennials?

Katuk (Sauropus androgynus)

 'By now you should know Katuk is one of the most popular vegetable in the world, particularly in Borneo and my home in Florida. Now some information to keep the lawyers happy.....
 So, what does all this mean, beside dont eat Katuk if you are taking something to open your blood vessels or lower your blood pressure? Enjoy Katuk as an addition to salads, a lawn-side nibble, and cooked in various dishes like you find in thousands of restaurants. Just dont consume a half a pound of it a day raw for weeks or months and/or while taking an extract as well. I have been tossing a dozen leaves in my weekly salads for more than five years. I aint concerned.'  Eat the Weeds



Perennial food plants - what are you growing in your garden? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Kang Kong growing in pond in Bellinger River Valley
We are putting together a resource on perennial food plants that grow well in this area. This is for ourselves and the wider community.

Can you email in the perennial food plants that you have growing in your garden, along with where you are (Dorrigo's climate is different to Sawtell's!)? We will list the plants and the area they are growing in on the website. We WON'T be listing your names.

Send the info to


Melodifestivalen 2017 : Deltvling 3 "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The f-word keeps turning up in this years Melodifestivalen, the Swedish heats and final which leads to the Eurovision Song Contest. In the first week, there was the opening number which referred to the contest as Melo-fucking-di-festivalen. Last week, Lisa Ajax sang I dont give a (fuck), and this week, Robin Bengtsson sang I cant go on Continue reading Melodifestivalen 2017 : Deltvling 3


Saturday January 14th soiree with John & Carol in the leafy Fernmount Food Forest "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

Seedsavers on the upper path in the Fernmount Food Forest
A heavy but short southerly change and shower dropped the temperature from the 40 plus temperatures we had been sheltering from most of the day and made the garden walk much more pleasant.

The Cherimoya and Rollinia (flowering) were of interest as were the flowering and fruiting Carambolas.

We gathered for a quick stroll through the food forest then enjoyed a presentation on edible perennials - some surprises there. A Longevity Spinach (Gynura procumbens) cousin of the Okinawan spinach flourishes in the Bellingen climate.

Then we shared a supper till late. Elaine's herbal punch (lemon myrtle and lemon verbena tea base) was popular.

Noticed on the sharing table: tamarillos, Giant Russian garlic, eggplant seedlings, seeds of mustard, celery, bunching shallot and cuttings of Okinawa and Surinam spinach.



THE LIVING END at The Northern "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

2016 was a year to remember, even for a band with as epic a career as Australian rock icons The Living End.

Having released the Top 5 ARIA chart album Shift in May; mounting the sold out national Shift tour; performing on the massive stage at the 2016 AFL Grand Final; headlining festivals around the country; and scoring nominations for Best Rock Album and Best Australian Live Act at this years ARIA Awards it was a year in which the kings of Australian rock reclaimed their throne after a five-year hiatus after their 2011 ARIA-Award winning album, The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating.

However, the band is already set to roll on into 2017 with the announcement theyll be playing a series of special Zoo shows in Sydney and Melbourne, before hitting the road for the Staring Down The Highway Tour, which will head regionally throughout the country, starting in March. These regional shows will see the band play a series of mediums-sized venues and clubs, allowing fans the chance to see them play some of their most intimate shows in years.

They will be supported by Australias premier Psychedelic Reggae Ska Doom Metal Punk Rock band From Hell and triple j faves The Bennies, who will bring a whole-new brand of punk rock energy and exuberance to the stage, sure to wow TLE fans with their high-flying antics. Having previously supported punk heavyweights like NOFX AND Rancid, theyre no strangers to playing with punk rock royalty, and theyre set to claim another picture card when they head out with The Living End in March.

To coincide with the tour announce, the band has also released the brand-new video for their latest single Staring Down The Barrel.

8:00pm, Sun 19th March, 2017
The Northern, Byron Bay, NSW

Buy tickets at

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Lovingrevolution, sunflowers and birthdays "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

LovingSunflowers Seeing these beauties pop up in places Id forgotten Id planted makes the heart happy in ways that other flowers simply dont. While I have a soft spot for marigolds, zinnias, lavendar, nasturtium, cosmos and calendula Sunflowers have a Continue reading


Microeca fascinans "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The Jacky Winter Microeca fascinans.

Their generic name is derived from the Greek micros, small, and oikos, house in reference to the tiny shallow nests built by the adults. The specific epithet is from the Latin fascinare, to bewitch. A suitably beautiful derivation for an enchanting woodland bird.


Jacky Winter, Green Gully, 17th February, 2017


Urban myth confirmed "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

As a kid I lived in fear of getting out of the car after a trip to the country. Everyone knew the story of the unfortunate driver who accidentally drove over a snake on the road, the snake then wrapping  itself around the differential only to drop on to the ground when the car stopped []


Man critically injured by shark on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

A man has been critically injured in a shark attack in Australia while spear fishing on the Great Barrier Reef. The 26-year-old was repeatedly bitten on his left leg by what his friends thought was either a bull or tiger shark. The attack occurred while the man was diving near Hinchinbrook Island, off the Queensland coast. Following the attack the man's friends took him by boat to the mainland town of Cardwell where paramedics stemmed the bleeding and stabilised his condition. He was then flown by helicopter to Cairns Base Hospital, some 90 miles to the north.


Saturday Afternoon "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The grass lawn outside Sydneys Museum Of Contemporary Art is incredibly comfortable at the moment. So comfortable, in fact, that I fell asleep briefly there yesterday afternoon, enjoying the shade afforded, on another warm day in Sydney. Not as warm as other days, but warm enough. It was only the sunshine hitting my feet that Continue reading Saturday Afternoon


Have you ever wondered what a dog dreams about? "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

haiku (dog) sleeping dog snoring so loud we all share in part but ponder the dreams


Mid-February fishing report "IndyWatch Feed Alllocal"

The fishing has continued to be good and the absence of any recent reports should confirm this for those who closely follow my reports. When I am flat-out on the river and unable to post, it means that I am on the river every minute of the day. A bit like when people go into flyshops and ask about the fly bins that are empty as opposed to the ones that are full. A lack of activity on this page means I am too busy to update. Take note newbies to this website.

The water levels have been a little up and down this past fortnight and this has had a much greater effect on the number of anglers fishing, rather than the number of fish being caught. The river did come up for a short period to what would usually be seen as lowest of heights that could be considered a summer river height. Then the rain was forecast for the start of this week and the river crashed again. I suspect it will come down again even further with a colder day today and the same forecast for the next 48 hours or so.

Big dry flies have continued to bring plenty of fish to hand, and for me its been more a gut feeling of when to switch out to smaller patterns. The good thing about this water level is that there are backwaters/reverse eddies, flooded areas under the willows on the outside of the river bends, yet also plenty of gravel bars, bubble lines and all the usual places that fish love to hold.

Even better is that the lack of velocity equates to more fish rising in places that 99% of fly fishers would walk right past and not even attempt to fish.

But to the previous statement of it being a gut-feeling on when to change out flies. I have a few rods rigged differently in my boat and this versatility has been paying off lately as we hit a hopper bank, then 500m later hit a bend of willow grubbers, then after that a mid-river gravel bar and so on and so forth. While you cant do this while walking the edges, you can change out flies and approaches as you come to different pieces of water. Or you could just bash hoppers about and fish willow grubs beneath the trees.

Traffic on the river has died to nothing in the past week. In five drifts this week, equating to over 100kms of water floated, weve seen eight fishermen this week. Thats staggeringly low pressure for the height of the dry fly terrestrial fishing on one of the best rivers in the country.

Getting back to the river height, its also a perfect level for hatches of aquatic insects. Caddis and mayfly are out most evenings and some of the hatches have been epic. Spent spinner, grannoms, kossies, rusty duns, snowflakes. Its been pretty good in those last couple of hours of light.

This wouldnt be happening if the river was up at the typical 6000-10000 MLD that we usually see in February.

Sight fishing in the edges has been very, very good...

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