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Thursday, 20 December


John Lanchester: The Case of Agatha Christie "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Her great talent for fictional murder is to do with her understanding of, and complete belief in, human malignity. She knew that people could hate each other, and act on their hate. Her plots are complicated, designedly so, and the backstories and red herrings involved are often ornate, but in the end, the reason one person murders another in her work comes down to avarice and/or hate. She believed in evil, not necessarily in a theological sense thats a topic she doesnt explore but as a plain fact about human beings and their actions. She isnt much interested in the ethics or metaphysics of why people do the bad things they do. But she is unflinchingly willing to look directly at the truth that they do them.

Owen Bennett-Jones: Trouble at the BBC "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

I have never believed the claim that the BBC is independent of government influence since conducting an interview with the then foreign secretary Jack Straw in 2004. Our interaction came at a moment when there was a slight difference in the line being taken by the Foreign Office and Number Ten about the various inquiries into Iraq exactly the sort of thing BBC journalists were paid to niggle away at. When I kept going on about it, Straw eventually lost his temper and swore on tape. Scoop! The difficulty was that the Foreign Office funded the World Service. As I left King Charles Street, I called the BBC to say I had a story. By the time I got back to the office, a manager had already called FCO officials to apologise.

T.J. Clark: Bellini and Mantegna "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

I believe that both Mantegna and Bellini were alert to every difficult turn and rebalancing in Lukes verses, and thought hard as they painted about how to convert such turns into touches, faces, ways of looking and holding, intervals between people, drapery (a word whose matter-of-factness conceals, in the greatest artists, metaphor after metaphor of human strangeness), proximity, expression. Ruskin, in his pages on Bellini, goes on to assert that the third attribute of the best art the first two are consistency of workmanship and perfect serenity is that it compels you to think of the spirit of the creature, and therefore of its face, more than of its body. The more than here strikes me as wrong: as much is conveyed by Mary and Simeons hands and arms, or the set of necks on shoulders, as by their mouths and eyes. But the faces are triumphs Ruskin is right. In them, but also in the whole play of bodily acceptance and withholding, everything Lukes words suggest is made manifest.

Joanna Biggs: Sylvia Plath at 86 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Plath grows up in Cold War America, deceived by a God who let her father die, wanting more than anything to be a writer and to marry a man who would make her feel like she had a vodka sword in her stomach, always. And she gets it when she arrives in Cambridge in 1956, meets her black marauder and marries him in mothers gift of a pink knit dress three and a half months later. But the world, even when it gives her what she wants, also doesnt. Literary success is baseless, fleeting; the marriage dissolves in betrayal, arguments, abandonment. The hard work has come to ash. Awake at 4 a.m. when the sleeping pills wear off, she finds a voice and writes the poems of her life, ones that will make her a myth like Lazarus, like Lorelei. But now she knows that her conception of her life, psychological and otherwise, is no longer tenable, and never was. Now what? I love you for listening, Plath, abandoned and alone, tells her analyst Ruth Beuscher in a letter late in 1962. The rest of us are listening at last.

Letters "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The letters page from London Review of Books Vol. 40 No. 24 (20 December 2018)

Table of contents "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Table of contents from London Review of Books Vol. 40 No. 24 (20 December 2018)

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Saturday, 15 December


Farmers Market Wayville "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Adelaide families now have the opportunity buy fresh food directly from producers from all over SA at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. The 20,000 strong crowd that turned up for the farmers market which formed the centrepiece of the 'Go Organic Festival' in September in 2005 encouraged the Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society (RAHS) to back the foundation of a permanent farmers market by a not-for-profit community organisation. The market opened on October 1st 2006 with a massive crowd of 10,000 shoppers and runs each Sunday (apart from the weeks of the Royal Show) from 9am-1pm.

In the tradition of farmers markets, it is a food market at which both food producers and consumers can get a fair price for food produced in SA and support regional and sustainable land use. The market guarantees that you buy direct from the producer and is known for its strict adherence to the ethics of farmers markets which now number in their thousands worldwide as families seek to avoid overstored food from major retailers who pass on meagre prices to farmers. In Australia, the farmers market movement is represented by the Australian Farmers Market Association and SA's peak body, the SA Farmers Market Association, will soon be launched.

The Adelaide Showground location is superb, with a major bike trail, the Glenelg tram line, a major rail line, numerous bus routes all converging to make it one of the most accessible sites in Adelaide. Parking is also easy and cheap.

120 producers offer their extraordinarily diverse products (everything from oysters to almonds and bread to boysenberries!). It is accessed from the car parks at the Leader Street (southern) end of the Showgrounds.  

Becoming a member brings with it 10% discount on all purchases as well as a right to vote in the management of the market. Details and memberships are available at

The Food Forest is a foundation stallholder at the market and presents a wide range of foods, always including its signature specialty - organically certified pistachio nuts. We are there on alternate weeks (we run short courses on the other weekends).

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Thursday, 13 December


Feed a fishery, starve a seabird "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Competition for fish stocks with fisheries to feed humans could be forcing seabirds to go hungry, according to new research. The study, published Dec. 6 in the journal Current Biology, reveals that seabirds share of fish has dropped by nearly 20 percent over a span of 40 years. Expanding large-scale fisheries, meanwhile, have increased their haul by 10 percent in the same period. What makes those facts doubly concerning is that seabird communities have dwindled, said David Grmillet, the studys lead author. Research published in 2015 found a 69 percent slide in their numbers since 1950. African penguins (Spheniscus demersus), such as the one pictured here, are facing extinction. Research has found that penguin numbers dropped by a quarter since 1950. Image by David Grmillet/CNRS. In a statement from the University of British Columbia, Grmillet, a biological oceanographer at CNRS, the French National Center for Scientific Research, likened fisheries impact on seabirds to a boa tightening its grip on prey. The research overlaid maps of the feeding areas of 276 species of seabirds with the take zones of human fisheries and compared them over two periods, the 1970s and 1980s, and the 1990s and the 2000s. The team tallied up the amount eaten by seabirds around the world, as well as how much fish humans are thought to have pulled from the oceans, during those stretches. Seabirds had an average of around 70 million metric tons (77 million tons) available to them each year between 1970 and 1989. That figure

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Wednesday, 12 December


Distressing, degrading and high-risk woman forced to give birth alone in prison cell "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Western Australias Independent Inspector of Custodial Services today released a damning report into the circumstances surrounding a young Aboriginal woman who gave birth alone in a prison cell. 

The woman was known to be heavily pregnant to prison guards and pleaded for help for over an hour. Guards observed her giving birth through the hatch door to her cell, however they did not open the door until several minutes after the birth. 

The Inspector described what happened as distressing, degrading and high risk.

Shahleena Musk, Senior Lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre, said that this was a shocking indictment on Western Australias prison system. 

The pain, fear and suffering that this young woman must have experienced is simply unimaginable. That such a catastrophic failure of care can occur is this day and age speaks volumes about the fundamental inhumanity of prisons. The Western Australian government should be doing everything it can to ensure women and certainly pregnant women are not behind bars, said Ms Musk.

The Inspector found that: 

  • Cascading and intersecting failures put the woman and her child at high risk, both before and after the birth. 

  • Prison staff downplayed the seriousness of the events when reporting to head office. 

  • The Western Australian Government has never undertaken proper planning or investment for female prisoners. 

Ms Musk said that pregnant women and women with young children should be allowed to serve their sentence in the community. 

Prison is an inherently unsafe place. Women and their children should have every opportunity to be together in safety.  Beyond drastically reducing the number of women being forced into prison, the Western Australian Government should also introduce a leave system that allows pregnant women and women with caring responsibilities to serve their sentences in the community, said Ms Musk.

Last week the Australian Bureau of Statistics released data showing that womens imprisonment rates increased at double the rate of mens across Australia. The Western Australian Government locks up Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at a rate like no other in the nation.

Most women behind bars are survivors of violence, many are mothers. They are being separated from their families and communities and countless lives are being torn apart. We need a new approach to justice one that prioritises supporting people over propping up dead-end prisons, said Ms Musk.

The Inspectors report can be found...


How to create a crossword puzzle "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While I rarely do them nowadays, I have a soft spot in my heart for crossword puzzles. My mom and I used to sit on the couch, solving them together, when I was a kid. This look into how some of them get created is fascinating.


djay for iOS adopts subscription model and free download "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

After more than 8 years as a paid-for app, djay for iOS is changing. With the latest release, we are now offering a single universal app as a free download which offers everything you need to DJ, along with an affordable new monthly Pro subscription service with power user features, video mixing, music production tools, and most importantly, unlimited access to a large library of audio loops, samples, FX, and visuals.

Changing your business model is always tricky, no matter what your app does. The company posted an extensive explanation on its web site that should answer most questions from customers, including the differences between the free and subscription-based app. Ive always loved djay and the people behind the app, so Ill be interested to see how this transition goes for them.

Read this on The Loop


Bao, a heartwarming short film from Pixar "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Im obviously biased but I love that this is set in Canada. Sadly, its in Toronto.

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Demon underneath John DeLorean and the invention of the future "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The story of John DeLoreans rise and fall is one of the most fascinating in American business.

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The rise of the recommendation site "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

With all the fake/paid for reviews we are subjected to, its great to have a recommendation site you can trust.

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The story of the birth of Apple, told as a manga "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

I bought this book the second I heard about it. I think it was the cover that really drew me in.

Check it for yourself:

If the art style appeals to you, check out the book. Its only $2.99, but its also only available on Amazons Kindle Store (you can read it in the Kindle app on your iOS device).

The story is oddly told and, in some places, almost incomprehensible, but it is also charming and made me laugh more than once. To me, this had the feel of a story translated from one language to another, with all the exaggerated elements of an often-told and well-loved legend.

If youre cool with all that, I think its $2.99 well spent.

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France: 3% deficit to free up 68,000 roundabouts? (Fausto Giudice ) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

12/12/2018 - Experts quickly calculated the cost of the piecemeal measures announced by Macron on Monday 10 December: 10 billion, or 0.5% of GDP. These 10 billion will be paid by taxpayers and social security ...


How to see battery percentage when charging Apple Watch in Nightstand mode "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Tiny Apple Watch tip. TLDR is, try tapping the charging icon on your Apple Watch when it is in Nightstand mode (plugged in, on its side, showing the time in big letters). Itll replace the lightning bolt with an exact charge percentage, similar to what shows in the charge complication.

Tiny tip, thought you might find this interesting.

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Opening new tabs next to the current tab in Safari "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

John Gruber first points out that Safari always places new tabs on the rightmost side of its tab list. He then elegantly walks through the process of getting Safari to create new tabs just to the right of the current tab.

Its not trivial, but definitely interesting and worth the read. Even if this particular tab issue is not a problem for you, knowing how to create a script and assign it a command-key shortcut that overrides whats built-in has lots of value.

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Video interview of the Reddit user whose Apple Watch told him he had AFib "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

[VIDEO] This story has been flying around the internet. From the original Reddit post:

Ok holy hell. strap in.

If you have the Apple Watch 4 please please update to the new firmware released yesterday and take your ECG.

I did last night and tried it out. Weird. Abnormal heat rate notifications. Ran the ECG app and came back afib. Wellglitchy firmware. Lets try again. Afib. Again and again and again. Piece of crap watch.

My wife wakes up and I put it on her. Normal. Normal. Me afib. Try the other wrist, try the underside of the wrist. Every time afib warning.

Ok. So go to Patient First. Parking lot full and Im going to blow it off and head home. Look at the watch again, afib again.

Fine walk in and sign in. They ask whats wrong and Im embarrassed. Ok so there is a new watch feature.hahaha.Im silly but can we check this?

I did not know that this comment was a quick queue pass for Patient First. Im taken right back and hooked up. The technician looks at the screen and says Im going to get the doctor

The waves from this story took Ed Dentel all the way to an interview on Good Morning America. Watch the interview embedded in the main Loop post. The Apple Watch is amazing technology, and I feel like were just seeing the barest minimum of its potential.

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Biology education underestimates insects "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This video says about itself:

Strangest Insects in the World. New Documentary HD 2017

Insects are a class in the phylum Arthropoda. They are small terrestrial invertebrates which have a hard exoskeleton.

Insects are the largest group of animals on earth by far: about 926,400 different species have been described. They are more than half of all known living species. They may be over 90% of animal species on Earth. New species of insects are continually being found. Estimates of the total number of species range from 2 million to 30 million.

From North Carolina State University in the USA:

College textbooks largely overlook the most common animals

December 12, 2018

A recent study of textbooks aimed at introductory biology courses finds that they devote less than one percent of their text to discussing insects, which make up more than 60 percent of animal species. The study authors argue that this provides a poor foundation for understanding ecosystems, biodiversity, and other core aspects of biological research.

Insects are essential to every terrestrial ecosystem and play important roles in everything from agriculture to human health but our analysis shows that students taking entry-level biology courses are learning virtually nothing about them, says Jennifer Landin, a teaching associate professor of biological sciences at North Carolina State University and senior author of a paper on the study.

The researchers wanted to see how introductory biology textbooks have changed over time. Specifically, they looked at how textbooks addressed issues related to biodiversity. To that end, they evaluated 88 textbooks, published between 1906 and 2016.

The shift in coverage of insects is what really jumped out at us, Landin says.

From 1906-1920, introductory biology textbooks included an average of 32.6 pages devoted to...


Bitter (cold) lesson: Political games force Ukrainian citizens to pay record high prices for 'European' gas "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Prices for gas imported by Ukraine from European countries hit a record high in November, according to data published by the country's State Fiscal Service. The gas is most likely Russian in origin resold to Kiev at a premium. The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine calculated an average cost of imported natural gas that formed during its customs clearance when it enters the territory of Ukraine. "The price totaled some 9,472 hryvnia ($339.2) per thousand cubic meters of the fuel," the statement said, as quoted by the Ukrainian Independent Information Agency UNIAN.


New Harvard study confirms there is no gender wage gap - men and women make different choices "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

"Gender pay gap is worse than thought: Study shows women actually earn half the income of men," NBC announced recently in reference to a report titled "Still a Man's Labor Market" by the Washington-based Institute for Women's Policy Research, which found that women's income was 51 percent less than men's earnings. The "Gender Pay Gap" Isn't What You Think It Is What do you think of when you hear the phrase "gender pay gap"? Perhaps you think of a man and woman who work exactly the same job at exactly the same place, but he gets paid more than she does. This sort of discrimination has been illegal in the United States since the passage of the Equal Pay Act in 1963. But that is not what is generally meant by the phrase "gender wage gap." Instead, the commonly reported figure - that a woman earns 80 cents for every dollar earned by a man - is derived by taking the total annual earnings of men in the American economy in a given year and dividing that by the number of male workers. This...


In The News Today "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Yellow Jackets Steal French Army Tank; PREPARED FOR CIVIL WAR WITH (((MACRON AND EU))) December 11, 2018 PARIS, France The Gilet Jaunes, known in English as the Yellow Jackets, are FED UP following Macrons INSULTING offer of 100 Euros a month to basically whore their nation out to Zionist Globalist interests and continue the... Read more

The post In The News Today appeared first on Jim Sinclair's Mineset.


Mysterious loud booms rattle homes and nerves in northeastern Illinois "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Mysterious boom sounds in the middle of night have residents in Elgin tired and looking for answers. Some residents say the booms are so loud, they even shake homes in the northwest suburb. "The house shakes, the windows shake," said resident Colleen Roberg. The noises have been heard at various hours of the day, but particularly overnight. "They've become louder," said Sue Webb, president of the Southwest Area Neighbors group. The SWAN group said residents have suspected two bridges as the possible cause of the booms - the Route 31 bridge that runs over Route 20 and the Route 20 bridge the crosses over the Fox River.


Is There a Link Between Tech Addiction Among Teens and Public Policy? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Op-Ed by Chloe Anagnos Technology has made everybodys lives better, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs in medicine, manufacturing, and any other field you can imagine. But...


Andrew McCarthy: No Court in America Would Sentence Michael Flynn with Time in Prison (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

General Mike Flynns sentencing memo was filed Tuesday evening and it further proved that the FBI agents ambushed him to get him in a perjury trap.

General Flynns lawyers asked the judge for no jail time and instead to sentence him to a term of probation not to exceed one year, with minimal conditions of supervision, along with 200 hours of community service.

They told Flynn not to have his lawyer present.  He thought it was a social visit.

This was on January 24th four days after the Inauguration.

Flynn had NO IDEA he was being interrogated.  This is how the Deep State criminals operate.

Flynn thought is was some sort of training session.

In fact Michael Flynn gave the FBI creatures a tour of his White House wing, joking with them, thinking it was some kind of training session!

The lawles Deep State set him up.

on Wednesday attorney and author Andrew McCarthy joined Americas Newsroom to discuss the upcoming Flynn sentencing.

McCarthy told FOX News there is not a court in America that would give General Michael Flynn time in prison for his process crime.

But the deep state bankrupted him and destroyed his career and good name so deep state wins.
Their job is done.

Via Americas Newsroom:

The post Andrew McCarthy: No Court in America Would Sentence Michael Flynn with Time in Prison (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.


Hybrid Wars: Mutual Stances in Region "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The article is the narrative of a round table discussion held in Islamabad.


#Berlin: Film about #Liebig34 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Berlin: On January 9, 2019 we will show the premiere of the movie Indoor in SO36. A movie  about the queer-feminist houseproject Liebig34 in Berlin.

Submitted to Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

This is the timetable for the evening:

7:00pm doors
7:30pm lecture from Prof. Dr. Margrit Meyer
8:15pm screening Indoor
9:00pm discussion


Indoor is a short first person Point-Of-View documentation of the 28-year-old self-organised, anarcha -queer feminist house-project Liebig34
in Berlin. The film deviates from the common documentary formats. Instead, it opts for a short film, guiding the viewers through a journey to an alternative space.

Through the eyes of a person walking around the house, the viewers get to experience the vibrant life within Liebig34. They accompany the person as she walks through the rooms and staircases and drawn into the stories and scenes happening around the house. The journey gets artistic, emotional, political and erotic.

Liebig34 faces eviction later this year, like 30 other project houses who were evicted in the last decade in Berlin. This film seeks to raise awareness to the disappearance of such alternative spaces in the face of gentrification. The film avoids portraying the soon to be evicted
characters as victims, nor does it try to invoke pity. It seeks to allow viewers a glimpse into one of the free spaces Berlin is increasingly
losing- spaces that are safer for the marginalised, where art and resistance can thrive and where another world is possible.



What should you know if decide to deliver aid to Syrians? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

the West is not interested in improving and stabilizing the humanitarian situation in long-suffering war-torn Syria. The US reluctance to help the Syrians has already led to the death of innocent people. Thanks to the tough stance of the Syrian government and its main ally in the face of the Russian AF, the issue of delivering food, water and medicine was resolved positively.


Despite Democrats' Midterm Gains, Trump Will Continue Consolidating Power "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Democrats' big gains in the House won't stop from consolidating his own power by dominating the Senate and attacking the judiciary, the FBI, the Fed, the press and other institutions. He'll continue in that mode unless/until a compelling leader emerges who can stoke some outrage over the damage his tactics are doing to democracy.


Peter Schiff & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. (Podcast) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Peter Schiff & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. Podcast Radio Gold Seek Highlights In part II of the discussion, Peter Schiff, head of SchiffGold, Euro Pacific Capital, and Euro Pacific Gold Fund (EPGFX) offers his latest insights. Gold and related precious...

The post Peter Schiff & Chris Waltzek Ph.D. (Podcast) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Airbnb prevents Palestinian hosts from listing homes in occupied West Bank "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Mondoweiss has learned that Airbnb is currently preventing Palestinian hosts from listing their homes in the occupied West Bank. When attempting to list a property for rent in a Palestinian city in the West Bank, users are denied by the website, and given a message saying "country code is invalid." Mondoweiss attempted to post a listing in the West Bank cities of Bethlehem, Ramallah, and Nablus, and received the same notification. Airbnb and other websites that require addresses and GPS coordinates have historically had issues with users in places like the West Bank, where many Palestinian areas do not have formal residential addresses. But when speaking with an Israeli Airbnb customer representative, the rep told a Mondoweiss reporter that the issue was not with the lack of a formal address for the listing, but that their listing in the city of Bethlehem was not being approved because they were in the West Bank. When asked if it was a possible website glitch, and that Palestinian...


A Modern Day Marshall Plan: Mexico Offer the US an Easy Out to the Border Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

With President Donald Trump on Tuesday threatening to shut down the government if he doesnt get his wall, its good that someone in a position of authority actually has a workable solution to the migrant crisis festering on the Mexican border with the U.S.

The day after Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador took office as Mexicos president on Dec. 1, his foreign minister flew to Washington to propose a $20 billion development plan to make Central America a place for people to stay rather than flee. Three-quarters of the money would help create jobs and fight poverty. The rest would pay for border control and law enforcement.

The plan would be funded by Mexico, the U.S. and the three Central American that produce the most refugees and migrants, according to the size of their economies. The  U.S. would pay most, which seems just given the decades of supportincluding millions in military assistance and police trainingthat Washington offered corrupt, anti-democratic dictators who oversaw the impoverishment of Central America. In addition, the U.S. backed the 2009 coup in Honduras that has directly led to an influx of refugees streaming towards the U.S. border.

At last, there is a plan that addresses the causes, and not just the symptoms of Central Americas migrant and refugee crisis: poverty, unemployment, drug trafficking, gang violence, police corruption, the worlds highest murder rates.  At last, an implicit assertion that the U.S. bears some responsibilityand arguably the largest sharefor the unlivable conditions of many Guatemalans, Hondurans and Salvadorans appears to be at hand.

Marcelo Ebrard, Mexicos new foreign minister, met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Washington on Dec. 1 as thousands of migrants from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador were marooned in Tijuana and other locations on the Mexican side of the border. Ebrard compared Mexicos proposal with the Marshall Plan, the 194851 program to rebuild Europe. In this case, however, the U.S. would spend far less.  In todays dollars, adjusted for inflation, the U.S. contributed nearly $100 billion to the Marshall Plan (an investment in both reconstruction and the advancement of U.S. business interests in Europe).



Russia may amend legislation to block Google due to breaking country's laws "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Russian legislation may be amended to allow harsher sanctions against foreign IT-companies, including blocking Google, that keep violating the country's laws, Russia's telecom watchdog Roskomnadzor warned. Earlier this week, Google was fined 500,000 rubles ($7,500) for refusing to connect its search engine to the federal database of banned websites. The penalty almost feels like a mockery, considering that Alphabet holding company, which Google is part of, earned almost $110 billion last year. "If fines won't have any effect on the behavior of the foreign company, there's a possibility that the legislation will be changed, which will allow blocking Goggle in Russia," Vadim Subbotin, the deputy head of Roskomnadzor, said.


Arab League cautions Brazil: Moving embassy to Jerusalem could hurt relations, trade "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The ambassadors of the Arab League in Brazil will meet on Tuesday in Braslia to discuss the Bolsonaro government's intention to transfer the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. According to an unidentified Arab diplomat, quoted by the Reuters news agency, the secretary general of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul-Gheit, sent a letter to the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warning that the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem could damage relations with the Arab countries. "The Arab world has much respect for Brazil and we want not just to maintain relations but improve and diversify them. But the intention of moving the embassy to Jerusalem could harm them," the diplomat said.


2471, Huge Court Win for Project Veritas, 2471 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This is a paid sponsorship by: - Noble Gold - Better grab some rolls of these beautiful Morgan Silver Dollars before they are gone. Go to: and enter promo code Bill Still to save $5 per coin. Good evening, Im still reporting on: Huge Court Win for Project Veritas, 2471 Synopsis: A huge court victory for Project Veritas. A federal appeals court in Massachusetts has ruled that it is not illegal for Americans to secretly record their public officials, including police while they are performing their duties as government employees. According to U.S. District Chief Judge Patti B. Staris a Massachusetts law banning so-called one-person recordings where only the person doing the recording knows the recording is being made violates First Amendment rights of news-gathering organizations when it comes to government employees performing their government duties. According to this evenings Washington Times, Judge Staris: ruled in favor of two sets of plaintiffs, one of which regularly livestreamed video of police officers performing their duties, and the other James OKeefe, whose Project Veritas specializes in catching public polcy figures saying embarrassing things. OKeefe called the ruling groundbreaking. The impact of this win will ripple throughout the nation. It will set historical precedent and keep citizen journalism alive in all fifty states. SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: -- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. It takes me 4-5 seconds each morning to get my Virtual Shield up. Go to: - Trade Genius Academy. It pays for itself. See their Black Friday Specials at: - Patriot Flashlight, Apply Coupon: Still20 for an additional 20% discount - Cheap Cable TV - Call 1-888-742-8847. Click now: - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: The Crypto Advisors, buy, sell, invest, safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Call 888-844-7806, or visit online at: -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection.800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current...


Neil Clark: "Twitter gives green light to death threats against anti-war voices" "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Journalist and writer Neil Clark has told RT there's a "political agenda at work" at Twitter, where anti-war voices are "fair game," after having his latest reported death threat dismissed by the social media giant. Clark posted a now deleted tweet in which the perpetrator, @ironstowe, appeared to suggest the RT writer was next in line to receive the same 'fate' as the likes of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. The journalist stated he hoped Twitter would act after receiving such a "clear death threat," - adding "imagine the media coverage if a neocon/'liberal-left' got sent" such a tweet.


Hey, Donald! Your Capitulation To DODs $750 Billion Budget Is Fiscal Madness "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Apparently, Trump has already changed his mind. After meeting last week with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the chairmen of the armed services committees, the White House has reversed course. According to Politico, Trump will now propose to Congress a $750 billion military budget for fiscal year 2020, a $50 billion hike from his previous position.

Trump is on the verge of making a dangerous mistake, one that would both worsen Americas budding fiscal crisis and perpetuate the strategic drift national security policy has taken over previous years.


Rare for Alabama: a 22 sun halo at ground level! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

You don't see this every day on Sand Mountain! Sure, we get halos, sundogs, and arcs in the sky on a weekly basis, but we rarely see them at ground level here in Alabama. This 22 halo from Peggy Ponds in Albertville on Tuesday, December 11th is quite a find. Why so rare? Halos, sundogs, and arcs form when sunlight is refracted through ice crystals. Those crystals are hexagonal plates that look something like this: As the sunlight bends into the spectrum upon exit from the plate, it shows off the optical phenomenon we see as a ring around the Sun or Moon. On Tuesday, we had freezing fog that was precipitating out small ice crystals that were shaped like this. The closest description I can find to what we observed is from the Arctic and Antarctic: diamond dust.


Oregon following Washington State, planning to introduce safe gun storage law "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This past November, Washington voters approved numerous gun control laws that include a mandate on how you store your firearms in your home. Now the demorats in Oregon are following their lead to infringe upon their citizens rights. The Oregonian Continue reading

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US court documents in 'foreign agent' Butina case suggest deal made - UPDATE - Putin says she was jailed for nothing, has no ties to Russian intel "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Maria Butina, a Russian national detained in the US and accused of failing to register as a foreign lobbyist under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), appears to have reached a deal with prosecutors. Documents entered on Monday request that a federal judge schedule a hearing this week so Butina can change her not guilty plea which she entered in July. There is still no indication what Butina intends to plead guilty to. Butina's accusations stem from her rubbing shoulders with Republican operatives and gun-rights advocates in the US. Prosecutors initially attempted to paint Butina as a cold-blooded seductress who traded sex for influence in the corridors of power, but later retracted these more salacious allegations. Butina denies the charges, and the Russian government has complained about her detention to the US State Department. Butina's father Valery told RT that he has "no information" about any deal between his daughter and the US prosecutors. Media reports on it are...


Unprecedented Decline In US Jewish Youth Refusing Birthright Tours "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Haaretz reported Tuesday that the Birthright program has seen a sharp drop in participation rates this winter season, mainly among Jews from the U.S., the country that provides by far the largest number of participants. Birthright is a free 10-day trip offered to young Jews ages 18 to 26 (now raised to age 32). It has brought hundreds of thousands of Jewish youth from around the world to Israel with the goal of increasing their identification with the Jewish State. Haaretz says the plummeting numbers are unprecedented, and although the program has seen dips before, it has never experienced a downturn of this magnitude, unrelated to any security situation.


Russian cosmonauts perform space surgery to take samples from mysterious Soyuz hole "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

During a seven-hour spacewalk, Russian cosmonauts have ripped off sections of the Soyuz spacecraft insulation to locate and take samples from a small hole that caused an air leak from the International Space Station in August. Russian cosmonauts Sergey Prokopyev and Oleg Kononenko performed the one-of-a-kind seven-hour spacewalk to unseal the thermal lining covering the hole that appeared on Soyuz MS-09. It was patched-up by a Russian crew using a sealant repair kit back in August. "Slashing the spacecraft with a knife makes my heart bleed," Kononenko told the Mission Control Center (MCC) as he cut through the insulation layer to find a tiny hole behind the cover. "Yes, we also observe it [the hole]," an MCC officer, responded.


Google+ Bug Exposes Non-Public Profile Data for 52 Million Users "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Submitted via IRC for SoyCow1984

Google+ bug exposes non-public profile data for 52 million users

Two months after disclosing an error that exposed the private profile data of almost 500,000 Google+ users, Google on Monday revealed a new leak that affects more than 52 million people. The programming interface bug allowed developers to access names, ages, email addresses, occupations, and a wealth of other personal details even when they were set to be nonpublic.

The bug was introduced in a release that went live at an undisclosed date in November and was fixed a week later, Google officials said in a blog post. During the time the bug was active, developers of apps that requested permission to view profile information that a user had added to their Google+ profile received permission to view profile information about that user even when the details were set to not-public. What's more, apps with access to users' Google+ profile data had permission to access non-public profile data that other Google+ users shared with the consenting user. In all, the post said, 52.5 million users are affected.

Original Submission

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Satellite Imagery Shows Hundreds of Russian Tanks Near Ukraine Border "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Brazil Tells Oil Giant Total No to Drilling in Amazon (Jeff C.)

The risk of environmental disaster from drilling at the mouth of the river is just too great, said the countrys environmental regulator.

Leading Critic of CIA Dead at 85 (Chris)

William Blum who produced, and contributed to, exposs in books and other media about what he called misdeeds by the United States at home and abroad that were carried out in the name of national security died Sunday in Virginia.

The Real Roots of American Rage (Tom)

From the Atlantic: The untold story of how anger became the dominant emotion in our politics and personal lives and what we can do about it.

Bipartisan Group of 44 Former Senators Publish a Banal, Poorly Written Statement (Reader Steve)

The author writes, The Washington Post has published a curious op-ed written by 44 former Senators who vaguely warn of an impending threat to American democracy.

A Devastating Report Details a Monumental Assault on Science at the Department of the Interior (Reader Nick)

The author writes, The report by the Union of Concerned Scientists details how Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and his minions have in the space of two years turned Interior from a steward of public lands and natural resources into a...


Forget Left and Right: The New Fault-Line is Patriots versus Globalists "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The European Union said there was nothing else availableso this is the deal that is right for the UK., in the filed Brexit withdrawal negotiations.

Does this sound like the leader of a proud and productive nation, the fifth-biggest economy in the world, and the very founder of modern democracy?

Peddling the withdrawal agreement on a flight to the G20 meeting, prime minister Theresa May displayed the supplicant status that her government has taken throughout the protracted Brexit negotiations.

Where is the bulldog spirit?

Where is the Great in Great Britain?

Sadly, Mays stance is typical of political establishments across the Western world. Since the Second World War, most liberal politicians have been hoodwinking and herding their citizens towards post-nation globalism.

The patriotism of common people is derided, if not excoriated.

We see this all the time in attacks on President Trump by the media, by Never Trumpers, by globalists and by academics.

Mass immigration has dramatically changed the demography of the UK and other European countries, as well as the US, shifting the electoral balance in major cities. But the culprits of the demise of national identity in society are not the incomers but a middle class so ashamed of their country that any expression of national sentiment is now perceived as far right, xenophobic or racist.

This pejorative use of the label right is a convenient means of vilifying opposition to the prevailing set of liberal opinions, now literally policed as hate crime.

Students are more likely to see themselves on the left of the political spectrum, but scratch below the surface and you will find that the fault-line is not really socialism versus capitalism. They wont get their smart phones or skinny lattes from nationalised industry. Unlike the radical campus activists of the late 1960s, todays students are in fact very pro-establishment.

The social divide, which in the USA is openly discussed as a culture war, was perhaps best conceptualised by David Goodhart in his book The Road to Somewhere.

On one side are Anywheres, the graduate class who populate the upper echelons of our political and cultural institutions, and who dominate professions such as teaching. Upwardly mobile, they have little sense of belonging to their hometown or country. These rootless citizens of the world contrast starkly with Somewheres, who value their families, community bonds and nationhood, and who see the impact of globalisa...


And now, a message from one of our Neocon crazies "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Note: I just saw this in Commentary Magazine online. It is too good to pass. I have to share that with you. And just for funzies, I bolded out the most blatant lies/misrepresentations. Have fun! The Saker Is Russia Ready for Another Land Grab in Ukraine? It's time for a new strategy. by Noah Rothman Two weeks ago, the world reacted with palpable shock to the news that Russia had unilaterally closed naval traffic through the Kerch Strait separating the Black Sea from the Sea of Azov, but it's a mystery as to why. Moscow's brazen violation of Ukraine's maritime navigation rights and its arrest of sailors is only its latest egregious attack on international norms. Such attacks have ranged from the invasion and annexation of sovereign territory in Europe to the active support for the starvation of Syrian civilians. This last offense against responsible statecraft was comparatively modest, but it was no less dangerous. If Russia's provocation was a calculated effort designed to gauge...


The Strange Case Of The Guardian & Brasil "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Guardian is of course the closest thing that the UK has to a mainstream progressive newspaper, and it had, until relatively recently, a rich history of quality investigative reporting. In the 1970s its coverage of Latin America, with writers the calibre of Richard Gott, was responsible for fixing stories like that of Chiles in the public consciousness, and with that fuelling solidarity movements for the regions oppressed peoples, suffering under sub-fascist imperial rule. It continues to host important and talented writers, and publish valuable material, particularly in its comment is free section.


Rely On Yourself First, Because Being Self Reliant Will Make A Better You "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Rely On Yourself First, Because Being Self Reliant Will Make A Better You by Ken Jorgustin Modern Survival Blog There are those who rely on others first, before they rely on themselves. There may be a number of reasons...

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Not so subtle warning: Parisian Yellow Vests erect guillotine bearing name of Macron's political party En Marche! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Yellow Vest protesters in Paris erected a guillotine bearing the name of Emmanuel Macron's political party in a direct threat to the under-fire French President. The move came as the country's finance minister warned the violent protests sweeping the country are a 'catastrophe' for the nation's economy. The demonstrators torched cars, vandalised and looted shops and restaurants, and hurled stones in a fourth weekend of protests in Paris. Riot police fought back with tear gas, water cannon and baton charges, leaving 71 people injured in the French capital. The shocking guillotine footage, which was filmed in an unknown location in France, emerged as Macron prepared to meet trade unionists and rival politicians before addressing the country at 8pm tonight. And his finance minister, Bruno Le Maire, yesterday warned that the Yellow Vest protests will have 'a severe impact' on the economy. 'It's a catastrophe for commerce, it's a catastrophe for our economy,' the finance minister said....


"Demand the impossible": what the left should learn from 1968 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The legacy of 1968 is about the future of a united Europe and the left.

An Occupy Wall Street protest march in New York in 2011. An Occupy Wall Street protest march in New York in 2011. Image: Blaine O'Neill (CC BY-NC 2.0) In order to understand the legacy of 1968, we have to first consider its differing meanings for the west and east of Europe. For the west, May 1968 remains a symbol of liberation and rebellion against entrenched power structures and a landmark cultural moment. But in eastern Europe it is associated with the Prague Spring and Soviet military invasion of Czechoslovakia. On the fiftieth anniversary of 1968, this split continues to define political and cultural divides across the continent. Today, Europe is being confronted by many challenges: the refugee crisis, Brexit, terror attacks, the rise of far-right populism, and conflicts in the east and the Middle East. All of which confront us with the most burning questions: How can we sustain freedom and human rights when the state and international cooperation fall short? What could a new and just solidarity look like?

Nation states are behaving like gated communities.

Europe is not just facing problems, it is also part of the problem. But if we are to counter right-wing populism, first we need a European political coalition brave enough to be critical of the European Union. As one of the leaders of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germanys (AfD) youth organisation said at its party congress in June: The European Union must die so that Europe can live. By not addressing the EUs failings, the left has allowed the right and far right to fill the vacuum. We are still defending the present political status quo when this status quo itself has to be questioned.

The dominant type of EU governance today is externalising problems beyond Europes borders, pushing conflicts to the outside to keep the interior safe. As a result of this strategy of bordering conflicts and punishing the peripheries for the Unions own crisis, we are observing the return of the repressed the EU is actually....


NVIDIA 415.23 Driver Fixes Build Issues Against Linux 4.20 Kernel "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

It was just last week NVIDIA released the 415.22 driver while out today is the 415.23 update...


Macron, La Marseillaise, and Les Gilets Jaunes "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

"Aux armes citoyens! Formez vos battaillons!" etc. It would appear that Macron had not seriously contemplated his country's national anthem, nor its bloody history of popular revolt in the streets. Fortunately for him the guillotine is long gone. The...


Security updates for Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (chromium, firefox, lib32-openssl, lib32-openssl-1.0, openssl, openssl-1.0, texlive-bin, and wireshark-cli), Fedora (perl), openSUSE (pdns), Oracle (kernel), Red Hat (kernel), Slackware (mozilla), SUSE (kernel, postgresql10, qemu, and xen), and Ubuntu (firefox, freerdp, freerdp2, pixman, and poppler).


Yellow-vest protests in France- An extraordinary political school "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Yellow Vest Protests / ABS-CBN News

Note from LeftEast Editors: We publish this interview conducted by Maria Cernat in collaboration with where it originally appeared.

Hello, Professor Drweski. My name is Maria Cernat. I am a feminist, an academic and a journalist writing for I am a lecturer at the Communication Sciences and International Relations Department, Titu Maiorescu University. I was very curious, and I am sure our readers are too, about the situation in France. I have a few questions that I hope you could answer for our readers.

How would you describe the current protests taking place in France from an ideological point of view? Are they an expression of a class struggle?

Objectively, it is certainly a class struggle since it is a protest of people from the working class and lower middle classes against inequality and the leading elites. But it started mainly in the peripheral regions of France, which have been marginalized by almost thirty years of neo-liberal and European Union policies. Though according to the polls this protest is supported by 70% to 80% of the French population, its core is concentrated around what we can call the depoliticized petite-bourgeoisie, which makes it sometimes appear classless. Large cities and their suburbs are less active in this movement than peripheral regions, and workers in local industries are more active than the ones from large industries. It is still a quite spontaneous movement, but nevertheless a class movement.

Some political analysts fear that the neoliberal measures taken by Macron will pave the way for Le Pen. Do you agree?

This was for years the strategy of leading classes, to push dissatisfied social groups and classes toward Le Pen, who does not criticize dominant system. But this does not work very well any more, since Le Pen has always been unclear with regard to protests concerning concrete social issues. And the main source of discontent is now obviously linked with very clear social and economic issues. Thats why we could observe, already during the last elections, that France was at the very end of the electoral process split in three more or less equal parts: those who were mostly not convinced by their choice but who voted Macron against Le Pen, thos...


Robber barons kidnap Chinese princess for ransom "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Huawei HQ, Shenzhen, China By M. K. BHADRAKUMAR | Indian Punchline | December 12, 2018 The best thing about US President Donald Trump is his transparency. It immensely helped the world community through this past two-year turbulent period to see Americas real face. Behind the veil of exceptionalism, the US statesmen right down to Barack []


Pigs, From Crisis To Self-Organisation "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In his brilliant book about the history of Latin America Las Venas Abiertas de Amrica Latina, (The Open Veins of South America) originally published in 1971 Eduardo Galeano (1940-2015) starts by writing that the international division of work consists of defining that some countries specialise in winning and others in losing. Galeano describes a history of the region that is made by its own People, a history that does not depend on the greatness and the richness of the Country. A system where development deepened inequalities and popular sovereignty had to be bonded because There Is No Alternative. Its a problem of mindsets, would declare the canny eurocrat after reading Galeanos introduction.


CVE Request: mini-httpd (<= v1.30) is affected by a response discrepancy information exposure (CWE-204) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Posted by Salva Peir on Dec 12

Hi everyone,

is affected by a response discrepancy information exposure (CWE-204) that
enables an attacker to remotely enumerate valid htpasswd usernames (RFC

A more detailed advisory can be found at:

Is there a CVE for this? If not, could one...


China's message to the US: Don't 'create new opponents' or try to 'bully' Chinese citizens "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Tuesday called on the United States not to "create new opponents" and warned it against "bullying" Chinese citizens. Wang made the remarks in a speech at the annual Symposium on International Developments and China's Diplomacy, hosted by a government think tank and its foundation in Beijing. It came after the world's two biggest economies agreed to a 90-day truce in their trade war, and following the arrest of Huawei Technologies chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou in Canada on December 1. The US is seeking Meng's extradition on multiple fraud charges.


Despots Would Envy the Blanket Media Coverage Trump Gets "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Breaking News! as NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt often puts it when beginning his evening broadcast. Here, in summary, is my view of the news thats breaking in the United States on just about any day of the week:

Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump.

Or rather (in the presidents style):

Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!!!!!!!!

Or heres another way of thinking about the news unmediated a word thats gained new resonance in the age of The Donald by anyone but him: below youll find a set of run-on tweets from you-know-who to his base and by that I mean not just his American fans but the Fake News Media that treats such messages as the catnip of their twenty-first-century lives. These particular ones are from the afternoon of November 29th and the morning of November 30th @realDonaldTrump (mistakes and all). Consider it a wee sampling of the unmediated DJT (SAD!). However, given the desperately sped up all-Donald-all-the-time universe we live in, these being almost two weeks old are already ancient history, the equivalent of so many messages from Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, scratched in cuneiform on clay tablets:

Just landed in Argentina with @FLOTUS Melania! #G20Summit. This demonstrates the Robert Mueller and his partisans have no evidence, not a whiff of collusion, between Trump and the Russians. Russian project legal. Trump Tower meeting (son Don), perfectly legal. He wasnt involved with hacking. Gregg Jarrett. A total Witch Hunt! Alan Dershowitz: These are not crimes. He (Mueller) has no authority to be a roving Commissioner. I dont see any evidence of crimes. This is an illegal Hoax that should be ended immediately. Mueller refuses to look at the real crimes on the other side. Where is the IG REPORT? Arrived in Argentina with a very busy two days planned. Important meetings scheduled throughout. Our great Country is extremely well represented. Will be very productive! Oh, I get it! I am a very good developer, happily living my life, when I see our Country going in the wrong direction (to p...


Aliases: DIY Shell Commands "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Aliases: DIY Shell Commands


Trump Campaign Manager Parscale: Google Makes Bias Decisions All the Time to Favor Democrats "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

On Tuesday Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified before the House Judiciary Committee.

Pichai was called into Congress to explain Google business practices including data collection and targeting of conservative voices.

During the hearing, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) asks Google CEO Sundar Pichai to explain how a picture of Donald Trump comes up when looking up the term idiot under images.

Pichai told her, Google takes the key word and matches it against the web pages and ranks them, based on 200 signals things like relevance, freshness, popularity, how other people are using it We try and find the best results of any query.

Actually thats not quite true.
When you look up the word idiot on Google you get not just one, but all of the top images are President Donald Trump.

Google results on idiot and Trump is completely different than open search engine DuckDuckGo.

After the House Judiciary hearing Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale spoke out against Google bias.

Parscale accused Google of anti-conservative bias:

Parscale: They make bias decisions all the time to tweak search results when Democrats are damaged from results, but leave negative Republican results because thats how it works. Bias is in their corporate DNA. #StopTheBias


Nikki Haley: Cheerleader for Apartheid Israel, Swan-song at the United Nations, an Embarrassment "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The 6 December was the first anniversary of US President Donald Trumps announcement that he recognised Jerusalem as Israels capital and that he would move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city. The announcement was cheered by

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"Behavioural Agreement Form" for comedians at University comedy night. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This comes to us from a US comedian Konstantin Kisin @KonstantinKisin I just received an invitation to perform *comedy* at a university... The title of this "contract" nearly made me puke. @UnleashedComedy That'd be the end of most of my material!


What The Yellow Vest Protests Really MeanThe European Superstate Is Heading For The Dustbin Of History "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A return of national sovereignty across Europe is no longer coming.  I think its here.  This can no longer be stage-managed as a relief valve of the massive discontent at neoliberal policies rammed down Europeans throats as it has in the past.

Something far more significant is here.  They cant cordon off this movement in France and use it to demonize the leadership and, by extension, the people. Its jumped borders.  Its part of the zeitgeist now.


Sports Festival: Team Delta Increases Lead With 97 Medals "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

LAGOS DECEMBER 12TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Team Delta have continued to show their dominance over other states at the ongoing 19th National Sports Festival (NSF), and they have now gathered 97 medals as at Tuesday evening.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the official medals table released on Tuesday in Abuja shows Team Delta leading others with 46 gold, 22 silver and 29 bronze medals.

Rivers follow with 72 medals comprising 23 gold, 21 silver and 28 bronze while Edo displaced Kano with 43 medals of 13 gold, nine silver and 21 bronze medals.
Lagos also came from behind to stand at 48 medals of eight gold, 10 silver and 30 bronze while Oyo have 28 medals of seven gold, nine silver and 12 bronze.
Kano dropped four positions down with 26 medals of seven gold, nine silver and 10 bronze.
FCT dropped down one position with 16 medals of seven gold, two silver and seven bronze.
Abia have 23 medals of five gold, three silver and 15 bronze.
Bayelsa and Osun have 36 and 9 medals respectively, with each of them having four bronze each.
Bayelsa however have 20 silver and 12 bronze, while Osun have one silver and four bronze.
Akwa Ibom, however, moved from 23rd position to 11th position with 17 medals of three gold, eight silver and six bronze.
Imo followed with nine medals of three gold, one silver and five bronze.
Ogun and Ondo have two gold each, with seven silver and 17 bronze, and one silver and four...


French high school students demonstrate against Macron "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This 6 December 2018 video says about itself:

French Anti-Riot-Police treats protesting students like criminals.

French Anti-Riot-Police treats protesting students like criminals. This is from the Saint-Exupry high school in Mantes-la-Jolie.

From the World Socialist Web Site in France:

High school students protest in Paris against French governments education reforms

By our reporters

12 December 2018

As yellow vest protests against social inequality and calling for the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron continue across France, hundreds of high schools remain shut down by demonstrations, with high school students protesting yesterday in central Paris. They denounced the governments education reforms and Macrons re-imposition of compulsory military service and expressed their solidarity with the yellow vests.

The World Socialist Web Site interviewed Gabriel Lacalmette, studying at the Olympe de Gouges high school. Were students in the 93rd district and from the working-class areas, he said. We came to protest the high school and university entrance reforms and the raising of tuition fees, which are increasing inequality and the discrimination that already takes place.

Gabriel explained the impact of the governments reforms by citing the example of Macrons raising of tuition fees for foreign students in France. Today we are at least fortunate to have an education system for everyone that is financially accessible. This raise wi...


"US Debt Nears $22 Trillion Mark As 'Storm Clouds' Indicate 'Another Financial Crisis' Looms" "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

"US Debt Nears $22 Trillion Mark As 
'Storm Clouds' Indicate 'Another Financial Crisis' Looms"
by Michael Snyder

"The rapidly exploding U.S. national debt is about to cross another critical threshold. According to the U.S. Treasury, the debt of the federal government is currently sitting at $21,854,296,172,540.94, and at our current pace we will likely hit the $22 trillion mark next month. 

This is a horrifying national crisis, and yet nothing is being done about it. When Barack Obama entered the White House in January 2008, the U.S. was $10.6 trillion in debt, and so that means that we have added 11.2 trillion dollars of new debt to that total in less than 11 years. Needless to say, it doesnt take a math genius to figure out that we have been adding an average of more than a trillion dollars a year to the national debt for more than a decade. But instead of getting our insatiable appetite for debt under control, Congress is actually accelerating our spending. At this point, there is no possible scenario in which this story ends well.

Meanwhile, the global financial elite are really starting to talk up the possibility of a new financial crisis.
For example, the deputy head of the IMF just said that he sees storm clouds building: "The storm clouds of the next global financial crisis are gathering despite the world financial system being unprepared for another downturn, the deputy head of the International Monetary Fu...


Zoo Elephant Loses Her Entire Family And Now Her Best Friend Too "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Lammie the elephant has lost everyone she knows her parents, her brothers and now her longtime partner, Kinkel. Not surprisingly, she is devastated.

Johannesburg Zoo, where Lammie has lived for the entire 39 years of her life, believes it can help Lammie by getting another captive elephant to be her friend. Yet animal welfare advocates believe this could do more harm than good for both Lammie and the newcomer.

Credit: HSI

While Lammie has only known life at Johannesburg Zoo, her parents, Jumbo and Dolly, lived in the wild until they were captured and brought to the zoo in the 1970s. They had four babies together, including Lammie and her two younger brothers, Umfaan and Johnti, as well as a stillborn calf.

In 1990, Umfaan was sold to a facility in Johannesburg when he was 6 years old its not clear if hes still alive. Johnti was sold that same year to Peaugres Zoo in France. He was only 18 months old at the time, and he died six months after his arrival at the zoo from an unknown cause.

Credit: HSI

A decade later, Jumbo and Dolly died, too. In 1999, Jumbo passed away from an infection and enteritis, and Dolly was euthanized the following year after Lammie accidentally fell on her during a medical procedure, causing Dolly to dislocate her knee, Humane Society International (HSI).

Audrey Delsink, executive director of HSI/Africa believes that Lammie would have deeply mourned the loss of each family member.

Elephants are social and sentient beings, and studies have demonstrated that wild elephants demonstrate behaviors associated with grief, self-awareness and compassion, Delsink told The Dodo. Thus, it is not unreasonable to state that Lammie has likely suffered significant grief.



In Early Holiday Gift to Polluters, Trump Guts Protections for 60 Percent of Nations Streams, Wetlands, and Waterways "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Sixty percent of U.S. waterways will be at risk for pollution from corporate giants, critics say, following the Trump administrations announcement Tuesday that it will roll back an Obama-era water rule meant to protect Americans drinking water and all the

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Video: Mopping Up ISIS and Al Qaeda Terror Groups: 96.5% of Syrian Territory Retaken by Pro-Government Forces and Russia Military? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

1,411 residential areas have been liberated from ISIS terrorists since the start of the Russian military operation in Syria, Head of the Russian National Defense Management Center Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev said on December 11, during a joint meeting of

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Congressman Thomas Massie Warning on Gun Control (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Congressman Thomas Massie Warning on Gun Control Video Thomas Massie TDC Note The video was produced in March 2018 and I apologize for overlooking such a valuable piece of information. What I have learned this morning about the...

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Winter storm dumped nearly 3 feet of snow in 48 hours on Busick, North Carolina "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A tiny Yancey County community that most North Carolinians have never heard of is the talk of the state, after the National Weather Service revealed nearly 3 feet of snow fell there in 48 hours. "The tiny town of Busick, North Carolina, in Pisgah National Forest,...recorded 34 inches by Monday afternoon," NBC News reported. ABC News also singled out Busick in its storm coverage, calling the snow fall "staggering." Mount Mitchell in Yancey County also got 34 inches of snow, according to the North Carolina State Parks. The park is the highest point east of the Mississippi, at 6,684 feet.


Activists canvas Queens to oppose Amazon move "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Grassroots activists have been canvassing Long Island City and other parts of Queens to organize opposition to Amazons upcoming move there, with hundreds joining a meeting Monday night to protest against the company.When our communities are under...


NEW DAWN ON BOUGAINVILLE "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

New Dawn FM News

The Bougainville Referendum Commission wants the ABG members who are currently thinking of holding their mock referendum votes similar to the one held in the Selau Constituency two months ago not to go ahead with theirs.

In a letter written to the ABG Parliamentary Speaker, SIMON PENTANU
The Bougainville Referendum Commission Chairman, BERTIE AHERN said holding such mock referendum votes can confuse the people of Bougainville.

He said that the Commission has been made aware that on 29 October 2018 a mock referendum was held in Selau constituency.

And the organisers, following consultations with one of BRC Commissioners, chose to conduct this activity despite the Commissioner advising against it.

We understand that whilst no campaigning took place, the ballot carried questions that were different from the questions agreed upon by the Joint Supervisory Body.

He said that the Commission was also approached on 22 November by representatives of the Tonsu constituency to support their own mock referendum and, after the call in the House for all
constituencies to follow suit, we are anticipating further proposals for mock referenda.

Whilst we applaud the initiatives of your respective Members and acknowledge their role in ensuring that constituencies are ready for the forthcoming referendum, all Commissioners
expressed grave concerns about the mock referenda and agreed to urgently seek your assistance in halting them.

We would be grateful if you would share with Members the serious threats to the conduct of the referendum by such activities, which include:

Voter confusion through inconsistent messaging and processes, for example, the use of incorrect ballot questions.
Additionally, before the ballot paper will be released to the
public it needs to be carefully tested in a controlled environment to ensure any potential for voter confusion is mitigated.



(Video) Destroying the Illusion -- [12.12] Latest Q | Google | Yellow Vests | Israeli Trafficking Busted | Delonge's "To The Stars" "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Published on Dec 12, 2018

Today's Links:

France to Probe Possible Russian Influence on Yellow Vest Protests -

What the President Could Do If He Declares a State of Emergency -

44 ex-senators warn U.S. is 'entering a dangerous period' -

12 Israelis Suspected Of Child Sex Trafficking As Colombia Busts Up Ring -

Tom DeLonge Paranormal Series Strange Times in Development at TBS -


The Israel Lobby Tried to Weaponize Anti-Semitism to Take down Marc Lamont Hill and it Backfired "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The pro-Israel lobbys ongoing efforts to weaponize anti-Semitism has been dealt a major blow after a prestigious American university refused to sack one of its professors for showing solidarity with Palestine. Lobbyists inflicted a lot of pressure on the university after Marc Lamont Hill outraged Israels supporters and was accused of anti-Semitism when he talked of a free Palestine from the river to the sea in a robust speech at the United Nations during a session on the organizations International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. As a result of lobbyists complaints, he was fired as a commentator on CNN before his detractors moved to exert pressure on Temple University in Philadelphia where Lamont Hill is a professor of media studies.

The academic turned to social media to thank everyone who had given him their support. So many lessons, he wrote on Facebook. So many thoughts. Too much to process right now. In the meantime, I want to thank everyone around the world who has offered support, love, advice, prayer, resources and more. This has been an impossibly difficult time for more reasons than I could possibly explain. Only your generosity has made this load bearable. In return, I offer my sincere gratitude and a commitment to fighting for those who have paid FAR GREATER prices than me.

Led by the Anti-Defamation League, a variety of Zionist groups accused Professor Lamont Hill of calling for the destruction of Israel when he used the popular phrase free Palestine from the river to the sea. This is a reference to historic Palestine mapped between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean prior to the creation of Israel in 1948. Although the UN Partition Plan never accepted by the Palestinians themselves allocated 54 percent of the land to the Zionist state, Israel now occupies and controls, practically and legally, 100 percent of historic Palestine.

Lamont Hill defended his use of the phrase, describing it as an invocation of a long history of political actors liberal and radical, Palestinian and Israeli who have called for their particular vision of justice in the area from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. He explained further that, Justice will come through a single bi-national democratic state that encompasses Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. This was seized upon by his critics as proof of what they believe was a call for the destruction of Israel.

Patrick OConnor, the President of Temple Universitys Board of Trustees, said at the time: Im not happy. The boards not happy. The administrations not happy. People wanted to fire him right away Were...


Ukraine sets up for a possible winter offensive in LDNR "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

December 11, 2018 by GH Eliason for The Saker Blog Everything is pointing to Ukraine starting a winter offensive in Donbass and the possible use of a chemical weapon false flag event to kick it off. The Ukraine of 2018 is far different than what Europe was expecting. Instead of economic and social reform that []


Record for High-Temperature Superconductivity "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Room temperature superconductors belong in the same basket as fusion power plants artificial general intelligence: They were only a couple of decades away when we read about them in Omni magazine in the 1980s. Via: MIT Technology Review: Chemists found a material that can display superconducting behavior at a temperature warmer than it currently is []


Welcome to Trump Budget Management: A Week after Decrying a $716 Billion Defense Budget, Trump Agrees to $750 Billion Defense Budget "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

President Donald Trump has agreed to a request from Defense Secretary James Mattis to propose a defense budget of $750 billion for the coming year, reports CNN.

Last week, Trump appeared to call the Defense Department budget of $716 billion

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Wednesday Wings "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


  Giliell, all rights reserved

As you can see in the light, winter is approaching fast.



Happy to announce Dr. Manuel Serrano from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Barcelona as a speaker for the 2019 Undoing Aging Conference "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Manuel has been a world-leading researcher in cell senescence for decades, and participated in various of our conferences starting many years ago. His latest breakthrough, which he will discuss in Berlin, is one of those head-slappingly brilliant concepts that I encounter at most once per year, combining a couple of long-established ideas in a completely novel way that potentially delivers far more than the sum of the parts. I wont spoil the surprise here! says Aubrey de Grey.

#undoingaging #sens #foreverhealthy


The US Is Worried About China Spying Via Huawei Because It Did The Same In The Past "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The US is again warning its allies about the risks of using telecom equipment made by Chinas Huawei. American officials have briefed their counterparts in countries like Germany, Italy, and Japan about what they argue are potential cybersecurity risks, according to the Wall Street Journal (paywall). This follows previous warnings, such as a claim earlier this year that American citizens shouldnt use Huaweis phones. The US may be concerned about Chinese government influence embedded in Huaweis technology because Americas spy agencies have done the same thing in the past. Western governments have long been wary of Huawei, which was founded by Ren Zhengfei, a former Peoples Liberation Army soldier.


The pound rallies ahead of Theresa May's no confidence vote "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Update 3: This is big. In what might be the first sign that May is growing weary of the unceasing Brexit chaos that has marred her tenure as prime minister, No. 10 Downing Street just hinted in comments that May might not be the conservative leader during the next election. Update 2: Cable has climbed to session highs, wiping out yesterday's losses, following a BBC report that 158 MPs - enough for May to prevail in the no confidence vote - have publicly promised to back the prime minister.


Gold Price Analysis: Closer to a Significant Monetary Event "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Previously, I have shown how we could be close to major financial crisis with the monetary system at the center. The following chart that shows the ratio of gold to the monetary base was used:




The chart shows

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Evolving US-China Telecom Technology Trade War: Canada Grants Bail to HuaWei Sabrina Meng Wanzhou "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Arresting and detaining Huawei Technologies chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou on December 1 by Canadian authorities was flagrantly illegal and offensive.

Done on orders from the Trump regime, it was all about the US wanting Chinas aim to become

The post Evolving US-China Telecom Technology Trade War: Canada Grants Bail to HuaWei Sabrina Meng Wanzhou appeared first on Global Research.


Hidden challenges for conservation and development along the Trans-Papuan economic corridor "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

An analysis of some of the ecological effects of the Indonesian

governments road-building programme in Papua, by researches from James
Cook University, Cairns, Australia.


The island of New Guinea harbours one of the worlds largest tracts of
intact tropical forest, with 41% of its land
area in Indonesian Papua (Papua and Papua Barat Provinces). Within
Papua, the advent of a 4000-km devel-
opment corridor reflects a national agenda promoting primary-resource
extraction and economic integration.
Papua, a resource frontier containing vast forest and mineral resources,
increasingly exhibits new conservation
and development dynamics suggestive of the earlier frontier development
phases of other Indonesian regions.
Local environmental and social considerations have been discounted in
the headlong rush to establish the
corridor and secure access to natural resources. Peatland and forest
the epicentres of economic development. Deforestation frontiers are
emerging along parts of the expanding
development corridor, including within the Lorentz World Heritage Site.
Customary land rights for Papuas
indigenous people remain an afterthought to resource development,
fomenting conditions contrary to con-
servation and sustainable development. A centralised development agenda
within Indonesia underlies virtually
all of these changes. We recommend specific actions to address the
environmental, economic, and socio-political
challenges of frontier development along the Papuan corridor.

Full article:

Promotional Video:


Financing The Future Of Cooperative Low-Income Housing "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, New York City went through a devastating financial crisis. Buildings in neighborhoods across the city were essentially abandoned by their landlords. In some cases, tenants banded together to take over managing their buildings. Clusters of such buildings emerged in some neighborhoods, including Manhattans Lower East Side, East Village, and Harlem. The city created the Housing Development Fund Corporation program, offering reduced property taxes to cooperatively-owned buildings reserved for low- and moderate-income residents, known as limited-equity cooperatives.


Daily Digest 12/12 - The Truth About Pensions, Are You Ready for the Financial Crisis of 2019? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Daily Digest 12/12 - The Truth About Pensions, Are You Ready for the Financial Crisis of 2019?
  • Goodbye to Illinois $130 billion pension hole. Now its $133 billion. And getting deeper.
  • More parents struggle to repay loans they borrowed for their childrens education
  • The truth about pensions: they arent dead, but some are barely holding on
  • Former Fed Chair Yellen says excessive corporate debt could prolong a downturn
  • ECB wins court's backing for buying government debt
  • Central bank slashes French fourth-quarter growth estimate on protests
  • Are You Ready for the Financial Crisis of 2019?
  • Venezuela annual inflation tops 1 million pct in November: Congress
  • Real estate slowdown to cost Toronto nearly $100-million
  • State takeover looms if LAUSD cant get money issues worked out by December deadline (Los Angeles)
  • Has Peak Diesel Arrived? The Data Doesnt Look Good
  • Global Market Turbulence Caps Oil Prices

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Republican Rep. Introduced Minority Report Gun Confiscation Bill "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Republican Rep. Introduced Minority Report Gun Confiscation Bill by Tim Brown Freedom Outpost Yes, its true.  It isnt just Democrats going after your guns, America.  Republicans are doing it too, just like Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) warned us earlier...

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How the US Creates Sh*thole Countries "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Whether you consider yourself already well educated on the U.S. empire or are looking for a starting place, How the US Creates Sh*thole Countries is a strong read.  Cynthia McKinney has gathered together a series of essays examining features of

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Three Cheers for Minneapolis (The 3 is for Triplex) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Minneapolis just took a huge step toward becoming a stronger city by passing an ambitious new housing reform. What particularly excites us is that Minneapolis has just become the first major U.S. city to move toward what Strong Towns has been urging cities to do about their housing policy for years: allowing every neighborhood to evolve gradually to the next increment of development.

Duplexes and triplexes will now be allowed in every neighborhood citywide, most of which were formerly reserved for nothing but single-family houses.

Streets with frequent public transit service will also allow greater building height and intensity, up to 4 stories in many locations and 6 stories closer to the city center. This will allow those areas, too, to grow to the next increment of intensity, and to make more productive use of transit investments by making it possible for more people to live in walking distance of transit.

This change is part of the city's required, once-a-decade update to its comprehensive plan, an overarching blueprint for policy priorities that, over the coming year or two, will make their way into finer-grained things like city ordinances and the zoning code. The new comprehensive plan, Minneapolis 2040, passed the city council on Friday, December 7th by a 12-1 vote.

The 2040 plan does a lot of things, but the residential zoning reforms have drawn the most local and national attention. You can read some of those national takes here:

The big takeaway we have to add is that Minneapolis's plan, if it works, will distribute both the benefits and the costs of growth and neighborhood change across the city in a way that is pretty unprecedented in the U.S. in the last half century.

A key Strong Towns tenet on neighborhood growth and change can be summed up in the following pair of statementsthe first of which...


Chile: 36 Former Pinochet Intel Agents Sentenced "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Court of Appeals of Santiago de Chile sentenced 36 former agents of the National Intelligence Directorate (DINA) for their participation in the forced disappearance of hundreds of opposition leaders during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990). At least 32 former agents of Pinochet's secret police were sentenced Monday to 10 years and one day in prison for their involvement in the disappearance of hundreds of members of the Communist Party, the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR) and activists of the Christian community of Villa Francia de Santiago. All of them are already serving prison sentences for other state crimes.


Humanitarian Catastrophe: 250,000 Near Death in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Twenty million people in war-torn Yemen are hungry 70 percent of the population, a 15 percent increase from last year and for the first time 250,000 are facing catastrophe, the U.N. humanitarian chief said Monday.

Mark Lowcock, who

The post Humanitarian Catastrophe: 250,000 Near Death in Yemen appeared first on Global Research.


Leonardo DiCaprio Returns Marlon Brandos Oscar Amid Court Case "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Leonardo DiCaprio was presented with Marlon Brandos 1954 Oscar for Best Actor in On the Waterfront by Malaysian financier Jho Low. The Oscar was purchased by Low at an auction for $600,000. According to The New York Times, Low is accused of committing fraud against an investment fund for billions of dollars. Additionally, The New []


It Is Highly Likely Mueller Hacks Doctored 302 Document Dated Months After They Ambushed General Flynn They Hid Evidence Before! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Mueller gang used certified notes with General Flynn that were dated seven months after the date when the General was ambushed by the FBI in the White House.

The 302 reports delays and edits definitely lead the casual observer to suspect that they were doctored or destroyed because Mueller team members have hidden evidence in the past.

General Flynns short sentencing memo was released within the past 48 hours.  In the memo there was a footnote to an FBI 302 form dated seven months after the incident with General Flynn in the White House

The form 302 is highly suspect due to the fact that the FBI had lost prior versions of the same 302 and the latest 302 was not finalized until months after the initial ambush in the White House.

This isnt new for the Mueller gang of corrupt, conflicted and criminal Democrats.  Muellers number two Weissmann destroyed 302s in the past.

Every day we uncover new cri...


Cardinal George Pell convicted of child sex abuse - suppression order in place in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld" is not hosted or published in Australia. I am currently not in Australia. Mainstream media in Australia are subject to a suppression order on reporting this story. When the Vatican's 3rd most senior cleric is convicted of child sex abuse it's a huge global story. Media outlets overseas are...


What a Newfound Kingdom Means for the Tree of Life "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The tree of life just got another major branch. Researchers recently found a certain rare and mysterious microbe called a hemimastigote in a clump of Nova Scotian soil. Their subsequent analysis of its DNA revealed that it was neither animal, plant, fungus nor any recognized type of protozoan that it in fact fell far outside any of the known large categories for classifying complex forms of life (eukaryotes). Instead, this flagella-waving oddball stands as the first member of its own supra-kingdom group, which probably peeled away from the other big branches of life at least a billion years ago.

Its the sort of result you hope to see once in a career, said Alastair Simpson, a microbiologist at Dalhousie University who led the study.

Impressive as this finding about hemimastigotes is on its own, what matters more is that its just the latest (and most profound) of a quietly and steadily growing number of major taxonomic additions. Researchers keep uncovering not just new species or classes but entirely new kingdoms of life raising questions about how they have stayed hidden for so long and how close we are to finding them all.


Warnings On Steroids Static Code Analysis Tools "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A little while back, we were talking about utilizing compiler warnings as first step to make our C code less error-prone and increase its general stability and quality. We know now that the C compiler itself can help us here, but we also saw that theres a limit to it. While it warns us about the most obvious mistakes and suspicious code constructs, it will leave us hanging when things get a bit more complex.

But once again, that doesnt mean compiler warnings are useless, we simply need to see them for what they are: a first step. So today we are going to take the next step, and have a look at some other common static code analysis tools that can give us more insight about our code.

You may think that voluntarily choosing C as primary language in this day and age might seem nostalgic or anachronistic, but preach and oxidate all you want: C wont be going anywhere. So lets make use of the tools we have available that help us write better code, and to defy the pitfalls C is infamous for. And the general concept of static code analysis is universal. After all, many times a bug or other issue isnt necessarily caused by the language, but rather some general flaw in the codes logic.

Compiler Warnings Recap

But lets first take a step back again to compiler warnings. If we recall the nonnull attribute which indicates that a functions parameter cant and therefore wont be NULL, we saw that the compilers perspective is extremely shortsighted on it:

extern void foo(char *) __attribute__((nonnull));

void bar(void) {
    char *ptr = NULL;

    foo(NULL); // warning
    foo(ptr);  // no warning here

The compiler will warn about the foo(NULL) call, as it is an obvious violation of the nonnull declaration, but it wont realize that the second call will eventually also pass NULL as parameter. To be fair though, why should it understand that, its primary job is to generate a machine-readable executable from our source code?

Now, this example is a rather clear case, and while the compiler may not warn about it, it is still easy to spot. If you have decent code review practices in place, it should be straightforward to detect the mishap. But sometimes its just us by ourselves, no other developer to review our code, and due to tiredness or other reasons, it might simply slip by our eyes. Other times, the potential issue hiding underneath is a lot less obvious, and it might take a whole series of unfortunate events for it to become an actual problem. Wed have to go mentally through every possible execution path to be sure its all good.......


Brexit: BBC Accused of Journalistic Cowardice "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

During the summer, the BBC was forced into issuing a written defence of its Brexit coverage after columnist Nick Cohen accused the corporation of journalistic cowardice in its reporting of the EU Referendum and its aftermath.

Cohen said the BBCs

The post Brexit: BBC Accused of Journalistic Cowardice appeared first on Global Research.


Mushroom Hunting Part 2 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Yesterday we saw Part 1 of Nightjars quest to find mushrooms as a Tree Tuesday post. Today, the mushrooms have been found and Nightjars photos of them are so wonderfully evocative that I can almost smell that earthy forest scent.

... and here are the mushrooms! The yellow Tricholoma equestre were the ones we were searching for, and we did find enough for a meal. And then there were some pretty ones of unknown edibility (to us). There were more, but the mosquitoes make photography a very difficult task.

Thanks for braving the mosquitoes to get these photos, Nightjar, and thanks for sharing.


1. A mushroom-promising sight.  Nightjar, all rights reserved

2. Tricholoma equestre is what we came here for. Nightjar, all rights reserved

3. Also pretty burgundy fungi. Nightjar, all rights reserved

4. And brown. Nightjar, all rights reserved


A Report From Hell: Seine-Saint-Denis (Part Four) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Pulling down the makeshift camp at Calais had to be done, for the good of the French being threatened in Calais. The fault here is with those breaking the law with their makeshift camp, not with the French authorities who dare to enforce it. So what can be done? Extreme circumstances have prompted extreme responses, with one []


NY Times Paul Krugman Says US Part Of New Axis Of Evil With Russia, Saudi Arabia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Trudeau will welcome him to Canada. Via Fox News: Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times opinion contributor Paul Krugman tweeted Monday that the United States had joined Russia and Saudi Arabia in a new axis of evil, after those three countries and Kuwait objected to the United Nations endorsement of a landmark study on []


Multipolar World Order in the Making: Qatar Dumps OPEC. Towards a Tectonic Shift in the Global Energy Market? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The decision by Qatar to abandon OPEC threatens to redefine the global energy market, especially in light of Saudi Arabias growing difficulties and the growing influence of the Russian Federation in the OPEC+ mechanism.

In a surprising statement, Qatari energy

The post Multipolar World Order in the Making: Qatar Dumps OPEC. Towards a Tectonic Shift in the Global Energy Market? appeared first on Global Research.


Oh Samsung, redux "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Yesterday, we posted about Samsungs awful deal with a Supreme brand copycat.

After a wave of terrible publicity, Samsung did an about face, saying:

Recently, Samsung Electronics announced at the Galaxy A8s conference that it will cooperate with Supreme Italia in the Chinese market. We are currently re-evaluating this cooperation, and we deeply regret the inconvenience caused.

Suggestion for you, Samsung: Do your homework before you sign the deal.

Read this on The Loop


Flash floods hit Vancouver "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Flash flooding on 11 December, 2018, caused severe transport problems in parts of Vancouver, Canada. Roads and highways were submerged. Local news reports said that emergency crews responded to at least 30 calls for vehicles in flood-related emergencies. The heavy rainfall also caused issues for transit services on the Expo Line (TransLink) service after tunnels were flooded. Between 30 to 60 mm of rain fell in a few hours in parts of Vancouver. Port Mellon, situated around 35 km North West of Vancouver, recorded 77mm of rain in 24 hours to 11 December. Environment Canada said that the heavy rain was brought by the first in a series of December storms that moved across coastal British Colombia. Weather warnings have been issued for wide areas of British Colombia over the coming days, in particular for heavy snow.


Do Climate Policies Kill jobs? An Economist on Why They Dont Cause Massive Unemployment "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Sadly, an upbeat take on what "green" policies might means for jobs greatly understates the depth of economic restructuring needed to reduce the pace of climate change.


Ten reasons people stop attending HIV care in Zambia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Poor working conditions in Zambia's health service and rigid application of one-size-fits-all models of care are among reasons why people drop out of HIV treatment in the country.


International Monetary Fund: Storm Clouds Of The Next Financial Crisis Are Gathering "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

International Monetary Fund: Storm Clouds Of The Next Financial Crisis Are Gathering by Mac Slavo SHTFPlan The International Monetary Fund is sounding the alarms of another global crisis.  IMF is warning that the storm clouds are currently gathering for...

The post International Monetary Fund: Storm Clouds Of The Next Financial Crisis Are Gathering appeared first on The Daily Coin.


The absolute brass neck on her "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

There's not much to admire about Theresa May, but aside from the cowardice, the dishonesty, the autocratic tendencies, the incompetence, the callous disregard for the suffering of people she considers to be below her in the social pecking order, and the selfish instinct to keep defying the national interest by shamelessly clinging onto power for as long as she possibly can, she does have an absolutely extraordinary brass neck.

When Jeremy Corbyn confronted her at Prime Ministers' Questions about her unbelievably cowardly decision to postpone the parliamentary Brexit vote purely because she knew she was going to lose it, her retort was to spew rhetoric about how Labour in government would "cause chaos".


Berlin treads softly-softly on Macron over deficit (Italy is happy!!) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Germany is taking a softly-softly approach to French President Emmanuel Macrons use of government largesse to calm violent yellow vest protests, government sources say, as Berlin puts European stability above fiscal discipline.

A reluctance to criticise publicly contrasts with complaints about France from Italy whose populist coalition government is in a stand-off with Brussels over its own big-spending budget which includes a sharp spike in the deficit.

Its good news that things are calming down. France is Germanys most important partner and we have no interest in seeing it destabilised for the long term, a senior German government source said.

Ministers have been urged not to stoke confrontation with Paris as Macron attempts to end mass demonstrations against his pro-business reforms, promising tax and spending measures for the lowest earners worth billions of euros (dollars).



Bad news for scammers. Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou has been released on bail "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Scammers want you to send $2000 to help Huaweis CFO bribe her way out of jail.


On Israel-Palestine, Four Newly Elected Progressives Vary in Willingness to Walk the Walk "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

WASHINGTON  As a result of the midterm election, four recently elected women affiliated with the democratic-socialist PAC Justice Democrats will soon be striding through Capitol Hill as full-fledged members of Congress. These four women Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley have all been touted as progressive game-changers for having avoided corporate money during their primaries and for supporting policies like Medicare-for-all and abolishing ICE, among others.

Yet, while these soon-to-be congresswomen support many of the same policies, they exhibit considerable differences when it comes to Palestine, ranging from deepening their pro-Palestine stances, to flip-flopping on it, to remaining largely silent on an issue of great importance to many Americans and others the world over.

Before their primary elections, Tlaib, Omar, and Ocasio-Cortez all criticized Israel in some way, with some commentators suggesting that Tlaib who is the daughter of Palestinian immigrants went the farthest by promoting a one-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict. However, Tlaib later pulled away from those comments and was accused of flip-flopping after subsequently stating that she would support a two-state solution if it was something of possibility. Pressley, the outlier on this issue among Justice Democrat-supported candidates, stayed largely silent about both Israel and Palestine despite the fact that the Justice Democrats openly promote an arms embargo on Israel.

However, across the board, following their primaries, the rhetoric from these progressives began to soften, sparking concern that statements of pro-Palestinian solidarity were soon to become a thing of the past as these candidates transitioned from progressive primary challengers to candidates for the establishment Democratic Party. Indeed,...


Donald Trumps Travel Ban Faces a New Day in Court "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Opponents of Donald Trumps travel ban have a chance to chip away at it this week by challenging the way its been implemented. If theyre successful, Trump will have only his own administration to blame.

The argument that a group of plaintiffs is making is straightforward: Because the travel ban was upheld, individuals impacted by it can only enter the United States through a waiver system that was said to be a safeguard against arbitrarily keeping people out of the country. Yet the administration has done next to nothing to set the waiver system up, which suggests that a total ban of Muslim travelers from the targeted countries was indeed the original intent.

The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the ban, known as Presidential Proclamation 9645, in June. The proclamation allows for waivers for foreign nationals who establish that the governments denial of a visa would cause them undue hardship, and that their entry would not threaten the national security or public safety of the United States, and would be in the national interest. The proclamation called on the secretaries of State and Homeland Security to adopt guidance addressing circumstances in which waivers may be appropriate. The proclamation also lists a number of such circumstances. For example, a waiver would be appropriate for an individual who is a student in the United States, has significant business obligations in the country, or is coming to visit or reside with a close family member.

The government has not only failed to provide any meaningful guidance on the waiver, according to an ongoing lawsuit against the Trump administration, but it is also not providing any meaningful consideration of an applicants eligibility for a waiver. Within days of the proclamation going into effect, scores of visa applications were denied. Many applicants whose applications were denied at their interviews were told that their eligibility for a waiver would not be considered. At least one consulate explicitly told applicants not to submit any documents in support of a waiver application. Applicants are thus at a loss for what to do, the lawsuit reads.

For these reasons, the plaintiffs argue, the...


Rinus Verhagen -- Stop Globalism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Abuse of a mandate received under false pretences.

Every 4 years political parties promise golden mountains that are never kept because they have to exchange to get a coalition.

What remains is political self-interest that is at odds with the interests of the people.

The mandate that has been obtained is reversed, without the consent of the voters.

The interests of Bankers, Multinationals, and foreign interests, weigh more heavily for the political scammers as the interests of their own population.

Politics has made it a perverse sport, how far can they go in plundering their own population. These vipers live outside society in their own dream world, MAKE YOUR WAKKER BY CARE.

Without our consent, the Dutchman has been robbed of his inlaid pension funds thanks to PVDA Communist Jetta Klijnsma an amount of 1,400,000,000,000 in management of an unelected EU transferred.

If we are to believe politics we are EU citizens instead of sovereign people of sovereign states, and must accept their communist superstrate.

The European population is repressed at its own expense to protect the Politically Parasite from the emerging popular anger.

It is time then for the Police and the Army, what is left of it to join the population in chasing this politics away.

This will not be easy as some police officers are so brainwashed that they think they have a privileged position, and think that the monopoly on violence is a merit for their function rather than service to society.

It is the whole population that makes up society, and not just a few thousand corr...


Nikki Haley: MBS 'responsible' for Jamal Khashoggi's murder "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Trump continues to support Mohammed bin Salman and stands by the Saudi royal accused of ordering Khashoggi's murder


The Spirit of Romanticism: Eugne Delacroix at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The current exhibition of Eugne Delacroix (1798-1863) at New Yorks Metropolitan Museum of Art the first of its kind to be mounted in North America is indeed an extraordinary revelation. Delacroix was one of the great creative minds

The post The Spirit of Romanticism: Eugne Delacroix at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art appeared first on Global Research.


Ice Age Farmer Report: Mini Ice Age Cancelled! Now back to regularly scheduled geoengineering "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Seismic shifts in human consciousness actively happening -- eyes and minds are opening all around, and conversations are happening, where there was before no receptivity! Record colds, record snows, global temps dropping. Yet the media flogs the dead horse of Global Warming and now publicly advances geoengineering . It will get stranger yet. And you must prepare. Sources


Trade-Talk Progress Lifts U.S. Stocks "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


*Stock Futures Rise on WSJ Report That China Plans to Boost Access for Foreign Companies

*S&P Futures Up 1.3% Vs. 0.9%

*DJIA Futures Up 1.4% Vs. 0.9%

(This article will be updated)

Global stocks gained Wednesday on a fresh wave of trade optimism and climbing oil prices, shrugging off a leadership challenge against U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May.

U.S. futures put the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average on course to rise 1% at the open, with trade-sensitive stocks like Caterpillar and Cisco up 2% and 1.1% in premarket trade, respectively. Meanwhile rising oil prices helped push Exxon Mobil stock 2.1% higher ahead of the market open.

Brent crude oil prices rose 1.6% to $61.18 a barrel and West Texas Intermediate Futures were up 1.5% at $52.58 a barrel, after weekly American Petroleum Institute figures released Tuesday revealed a larger-than-expected fall in U.S. inventories.

Stocks in Europe built on Tuesdays gains, with the pan-continental Stoxx Europe 600 index up 1.3% in afternoon trade, while the British pound edged up 0.7% but remained near its lowest level in 20 months.

Lawmakers in the U.K.s ruling Conservative party initiated a no-confidence vote against Mrs. May. On Monday, she postponed a parliamentary vote on her Brexit bill, which prompted a new volley of criticism over her handling of the countrys exit from the European Union. The yield on U...


In Defense of the Human Individual "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While it is now very late in the life cycle of homo sapiens, with extinction now due to consign us to Earths fossil record see Will humans be extinct by 2026? I would like to make a belated

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Julian Assange Rejects Offer to Leave Embassy, 2470 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Good evening, Im still reporting on: Julian Assange Rejects Offer to Leave Embassy, 2470 Synopsis: Today in London, Julian Assange rejected a deal that would allow him to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in for the first time in six years because he still fears extradition to the United States. At issue seems to be Assanges fear that the U.S. Justice Department has filed a secret arrest warrant for him as was inadvertently revealed last month in a court filing in Federal Court in Alexandria, Virginia. Assange has been under investigation since 2010 for publishing thousands of classified reports on the war in Afghanistan. SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: - Noble Gold - Better grab some rolls of these beautiful Morgan Silver Dollars before they are gone. Go to: and enter promo code Bill Still to save $5 per coin. -- Virtual Shield VPN - the easiest way to create a home VPN. It takes me 4-5 seconds each morning to get my Virtual Shield up. Go to: - Trade Genius Academy. It pays for itself. See their Black Friday Specials at: - Patriot Flashlight, Apply Coupon: Still20 for an additional 20% discount - Cheap Cable TV - Call 1-888-742-8847. Click now: - Ray Mikelonis, an independent representative of plant-based products which have been scientifically proven to naturally increase the number of adult stem cells in your body. CLICK HERE: The Crypto Advisors, buy, sell, invest, safeguard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Call 888-844-7806, or visit online at: -Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection.800-844-8613 Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: https://plus.g...


A solution to the Baby Its Cold problem "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This is the question that is dominating social media right now. Should it be banned? But thats censorship! And then the usual free-speech babble is combined with terrible in depth, word by word analyses of the lyrics to show the interpretation is malleable, depending on the views of the analyzer. I hate it all. I hate the song.

The only fair thing to do is ban all Christmas carols. Use objective methods to measure the frequency of play of certain songs, and if they show an unusual annual peak, no matter when, they are clearly not good enough to be enjoyed except in very narrow contexts, and therefore are abominations that should be prohibited. If you dont want to hear it in July, why do radio stations think its desirable to inflict them on us in December? Just kill all the mediocre music.

Im also considering a prohibition on all media that has cold in the title, which seems to be a cause of serious conflict. This would have the benefit of also abolishing all those endless arguments about Tom Godwins The Cold Equations, which used to take over certain nerd conversations, once upon a time.


9/11 Truth Movement: Towards A Successful Grand Jury Investigation "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

What transpired last month is without question the greatest step forward the 9/11 Truth Movement has ever taken toward bringing about a real investigation into the events of September 11, 2001.

In a letter dated November 7, 2018, the U.S.

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Russia Rejects US Reaction to Military Cooperation with Venezuela "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The deployment of the Russian warplanes follows Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduros visit to Russia last week.


Mind The Fed Funds RateIts Deader Than A Doornail And Heading For Pasture "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In this new environment, whos lending in the fed funds market? Data suggest that depository institutions, which accounted for more than half of fed funds sold precrisis, now account for a relatively small share of lending activity. Specifically, bank holding companies (BHCs), standalone commercial banks, foreign banking organizations (FBOs), and thrifts represented 26.3 percent of the total lending market at the end of 2012, compared with nearly 60 percent in the fourth quarter of 2006

FHLBs play a key role in fed funds lending, accounting for almost 75 percent of total lending in the last quarter of 2012. Financial statements indicate that, historically, each of the twelve FHLBs has participated in the fed funds market to varying degrees. As shown in the dynamic chart, the share of fed funds sold by FHLBs has increased significantly since the end of 2006, from close to 40 percent in the fourth quarter of 2006 to almost 75 percent at the end of 2012, down from a peak of 83 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010.


Why Powell BlinkedThe Economy Is Slowing Rapidly "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

a quickly slowing economy produced Powells shift represented 42% of all responses. If correct, this is the worst case scenario for the stock market. Global economic growth is already decelerating as witnessed by the declining GDP growth posted by Germany, Canada, Italy, Japan and Switzerland in the most recent quarter. Further, China, the main engine for global economic growth since the financial crisis, is sputtering.In addition to the global forces affecting the economy, the growth benefits seen over the last year from a massive surge in fiscal spending and corporate tax cuts are waning. Lastly, higher interest rates are indeed taking their toll on our debt-burdened economy.

It goes without saying that stocks tend to do very poorly during recessions, regardless of whether the Fed is dovish and lowering rates. During the past two recessions, the S&P 500 dropped over 50% despite aggressive interest rate cuts.



In the Image of Joseph Stalin Incoming NY AG Promises to Target and Destroy Trump and Family Will Find a Crime Later! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In November Letitia James became the first African-American elected the Attorney General of New York state.

It didnt take long for Letitia to show her true colors.

In a video after her election James was seen cursing and threatening President Trump.

Reporter: What would you say to people who say, Oh, Im not going to bother to register to vote because my voice doesnt make a difference. Or, Im just one person.

Letitia James: I say one name. Donald Trump. That should motivate you. Get off your ass and vote.

Reporter: Will you sue him for us?

Letitia James: Oh, were definitely going to sue him. Were going to be a real pain in the ass. Hes going to know my name personally.

Joseph Stalins henchman Lavrently once famously said, Show me the man and Ill show you the crime.
This is todays Democrat party.
Give them the Republican and theyll show you the crime.

They are nothing more than Stalinist thugs.

In an interview this week on NBC Letitia promised to investigate the Trump family business, his family members and anyone in his circle.

Democrats are cheering the news.
Via NBC News:

New York Attorney Gen.-elect Letitia James says she plans to launch sweeping investigations into President Donald Trump, his family and anyone in his circle who may have violated the law once she settles into her new job next month.

We will use every area of the law to investigate President Trump and his business transactions and that of his family as w...


Indian Country makes final push for Farm Bill on Capitol Hill "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A bill that would breathe new life into food sovereignty efforts and expand agricultural and economic development opportunities in Indian Country is almost across the finish line


Anglo-Saxon Eyes Are Fixed on Taking China Down "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In spite in a number of signals that the Trump administration has made over the months to indicate that it is prepared to try to take China down alone, the better part of American policymakers have been hard at work

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Leading Northern Irish voices join support of Stansted 15 protestors "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

It must be recalled that this is all taking place against the background of an inhumane immigration policy that is acknowledged to be openly hostile.

Leading Northern Irish politicians, human rights groups, academics, journalists and activists have expressed their deep concern and disagreement with Mondays ruling against fifteen human rights activists who acted to stop a brutal, secretive and barely legal deportation flight at Stansted airport in March 2017.

Known as the Stansted 15, they have been convicted of endangering an aerodrome under the Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990 a terrorism related law. The letter condemns the use of this draconian legislation against peaceful protestors, stating it is grossly disproportionate and a clear abuse of power. Previous actions, for example by environmental activists, at UK airports were all only charged with aggravated trespass and given non-custodial sentences.

Over 300 public figures have signed the open letter including much of the Labour front bench, filmmaker Ken Loach, activist Owen Jones and writer Naomi Klein. It calls for the Stansted 15 to be spared prison and calls on the UK government to end its inhumane hostile environment policies and to end its barely legal and shameful practice of deportation charter flights.

The Stansted 15 were accused by the government of putting the safety of the airport and passengers at risk, a charge rejected by all 15 defendants. The trial followed a peaceful action which stopped a chartered deportation flight from taking off in March 2017. The activists have said they acted to prevent human rights abuses from taking place. 

Charter flight removals and deportations are one of the most worrying aspects of the UKs asylum and immigration process. Shielded from public oversight, with information protected from freedom of information requests, these ghost flights forcibly remove people en masse from the UK. As is common with charter...


Reviewing a BBC slap to the face of impartial journalism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

As the years end approaches we will be taking a look at some of the topics that the BBC chose to promote during 2018 in a manner that went beyond ordinary reporting both in terms of the amount of content produced and adherence to standards of due impartiality.

One of the BBCs campaigns began in late December 2017 and continued until March 21st 2018, with an encore on July 29th. It related to Ahed Tamimi who, together with other members of her activist family, had been featured in BBC content in the past.

However, in this case the supposedly impartial BBC elected to lend its voice and considerable outreach to promotion and amplification of a blatantly political campaign. 

19th December 2017, BBC News website:...


WHY Everyone Should Have 5% Of Their Wealth IN Silver! (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

WHY Everyone Should Have 5% Of Their Wealth IN Silver! Video Truth Never Told Video Source

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The Revolution Europe Needs "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The "Yellow Vest" protests in France over the past month have been compared to the historic revolt of May 1968, when students and workers almost brought the French economy to a halt in the name of political and cultural reform. But unlike its precursor, today's uprising is not so much an exercise in democracy as an attack against it.


European Parliament backs trade pact with Japan "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Image result for French Roquefort cheese, Bloomberg, pictures

Cars for cheese agreement to create trade zone covering 630m people French Camembert cheese. Bloomberg

By Jim Brunsden in Brussels 2 HOURS AGO Print this page

European Parliament has given its backing to the EUs cars for cheese trade deal with Japan, a pact that will remove more than 1bn in duties for European exporters while creating an open trade zone covering 630m people.

The vote by MEPs in Strasbourg means that the trade agreement, the largest ever struck by the EU with another country, is set to come into force on February 1. EU chiefs have said that the deal shows the blocs determination to fight protectionism and its ability to win new export opportunities for businesses. Under the agreement, Japan will scrap many of the tariffs it currently imposes on EU agricultural goods, including for wine, meat and many cheeses.

Europe in turn will remove duties on Japanese cars and car parts. Some of the most sensitive market openings will happen gradually over a period of years, or be limited by tariff-free quotas. Cecilia Malmstrom, the EUs trade commissioner, told the FT that the deal sends a very powerful signal and that reflected both sides desire to reinforce relations.

Donald Trumps decision to pull the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks, as well as his stance that trade wars are good, and easy to win had galvanised the negotiations on the deal, she said. The pact will stimulate trade flows across two economies that collectively account for almost a third of the worlds gross domestic product.

As well as scrapping nearly all tariffs on trade in goods, the deal also includes measures to remove regulatory barriers to trade, and to open up access to public procurement markets. EU exporters currently pay close to 1bn in Japanese customs duties every year.


Russian Military Govt. Forces, Militia Retook 96.5% Of Syria "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Syrian War Report Dec. 12, 2018: Russian Military Govt. Forces, Militia Retook 96.5% Of Syria 1,411 residential areas have been liberated from ISIS terrorists since the start of


Re: Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397; since 4.11; fixed in 4.14.87 and 4.19.7) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Posted by Solar Designer on Dec 12

(I resisted the urge to comment on this piece in previous postings.)

What should distros/users do, then? Use latest mainline or upstream
stable kernels? That would expose them to the many recent bugs like
this one, but which haven't yet been found (or not yet made public,
which is worse).

As far as I can tell, by far most Linux kernel vulnerabilities (that are
eventually found and made public) are in relatively recent (as of that


France: Along Comes A Suspiciously, Conveniently Timed Christmas "Terror" Shooting... "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

   After reading Gallier's comments from the previous post, I became intrigued with this latest "terror" incident. It's so well packaged. Marketable. Terror. Christmas. What's with the repeated occurrence of Christmas attacks? Who hates Christ-mas that much?
Certainly not the retailers..

France hunts terror suspect who killed 3 at Christmas market  

Security Forces in Strasbourg, France
The timing of this incident is so favourable to the Macron government. It's just a fact can't be missed or brushed away:

  1. Takes the focus of attention away from the grievances of the people (Yellow Vests)
  2. Takes the focus of attention away from the arrogant King Jupiter Macron
  3. Makes public gatherings restricted in that part of France.
  4. Plays the identity politics card which benefits the rulers.
Who benefits from this shooting?

Interesting too that France's Minister of the Interior said the shooter was convicted of unmentioned crimes in Germany, but, Germany denies the alleged shooter is an Islamist. without confirming or denying the criminal aspect either. Strange

 Suspect convicted in Germany

According to French media reports, the alleged perpetrator is a 29-year-old man who was born in Strasbourg.

The French Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, had announced last night that the man was known to the police and had already been ...


Syrian War Report Dec. 12, 2018: Russian Military Govt. Forces, Militia Retook 96.5% Of Syria "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

from SouthFront 1,411 residential areas have been liberated from ISIS terrorists since the start of the Russian military operation in Syria, Head of the Russian National Defense Management Center Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev said on December 11, during a joint meeting of the interdepartmental coordination of the Russian and Syrian headquarters for the return of []


Selected Articles: French Revolution 2.0? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Dear Readers,

More than ever, Global Research needs your support. Our task as an independent media is to Battle the Lie.

Lying in mainstream journalism has become the new normal: mainstream journalists are pressured to comply. Some journalists refuse.


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France: Strasbourg jihadi screamed Allahu akbar, Interior Minister still unsure he had terrorist motivations "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Deputy Interior Minister Laurent Nunez earlier told Inter radio station that authorities could not confirm that the suspect had terrorist motivations.' Perhaps to admit the obvious would show Nuez, and the French authorities in general, to be so catastrophically feckless and willfully ignorant that they just cant bring themselves to do it. At least Strasbourg []


Watch Live: Sundars Google For Dummies "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Spread this link to inform the public about big techs purge of conservatives, spy programs and more.

  Read More

The post Watch Live: Sundars Google Fo...


Smartphone Wars: Yandex & Huawei Challenge Western Monopolies "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


The arrest of Chinese telecommunications CFO Meng Wanzhou has sent shockwaves through the global markets. The context of the smartphone industry and the challenges facing big monopolies from Russia and China is vital background information for anyone who wants to understand these recent, dramatic events.

One of the favorite talking points of defenders of free markets is capitalism made your iphone. According to the meme, those who believe in socialism or Marxism are presented as total hypocrites if they own smartphone as only the profit systems rewarding of entrepreneurship could ever produce such a technological creation.

However, a little investigation reveals that the entire premise of the meme is false. The first cellphone was created by Leonid Ivanovich Kupriyanovich, a Moscow-based engineer in 1955 who conducted his research in state-run facilities. Furthermore, the screens of most smartphones are illuminated by Light Emitting Diodes (LED), the first of which was invented in 1927 by Oleg Vladimirovich Losev. Losev was also a Russian who conducted his research in state sponsored facilities.

The computer revolution itself can largely be attributed to the work of Alan Turing and his decoding machine created during the Second World War. This research was done in the context of heavy military control over industry, when Britain was aligned with the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany, hardly a free market situation.

Cell-phones are simply not the product of some objectivist fantasy about a misunderstood great man tinkering in his garage unabated and untaxed. Cell phones, LED lights, and the Computer Revolution itself came about as a result of central planning, and the overall mobilization of society by the state to reach technological and production goals.

Today, the largest cell phone manufacturer on earth is Huawei Technologies based in the Chinese tech hub of Shenzhen. This huge manufacturer of smartphones that are purchased and celebrated all over the world, is closely tied to the Chinese government and military.

The Chief Financial Officer of Huawei was recently arrested in Canada at the request of US officials. Meng now faces extradition to the United States. Charges have not formally been named, but it is widely speculated that...


Alleged murder: Court admits dismissed cop to N5m bail "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Justice Sunday Aladetoyinbo of the Federal Capital Territory High Court sitting in Maitama, Abuja on Wednesday, admitted a dismissed police officer Gabriel Achimi to bail in the sum of N5 million. Achimi, 37, is charged with the murder of one Ishaku Musa, a commercial motorcycle rider around Gishiri junction, Abuja. Justice Aladetoyinbo granted bail to []

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A Warning to ALL Future GOP Presidents and Their Family, Acquaintances and Staff: Attorney Michael Cohen Sentencing Today "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen will be sentenced today in New York.

Cohen was President Donald Trumps former attorney. Like other Trump acquaintances Cohen is charged with a variety of crimes today following his conversations with various Democrat officials in government.

General Michael Flynns life was shattered after he was set up by corrupt Deep State officials.

George Papadopoulos spent time in prison for serving President Trump. He was targeted by Obama deep state spies during the 2016 election for agreeing to be a Trump foreign policy expert.

Paul Manafort was a very successful businessman who worked with Democrats John Podesta and Tony Podesta. Manafort rot in an isolated prison cell. The Podesta brothers walk free.

Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner President Trumps children Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, her husband Jared Kushner, were harassed by deep state officials for hours. They may face prison time. They were spied on during the 2016 election by corrupt deep state officials. They are related to Donald Trump by birth.

Rick Gates, a former Trump campaign aide and Manaforts longtime junior business partner, was indicted on similar charges to Manafort.

These people had the gall of challenging the system.

This should be a warning to all future Republicans.
You will be punished. It is very clear.
The Deep State runs Washington not the people.

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Nevada Man Blinded, Paralyzed, and Nearly Died After Getting the Flu Shot "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


A father in Nevada was left paralyzed and blind after he got the flu shot last month after the vaccine caused him to contract Guillain-Barr Syndrome.

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai Testifies before the U.S. Congress "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Google's Sundar Pichai was grilled on privacy, data collection, and China during congressional hearing

Google's CEO testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday where lawmakers grilled him on a wide range of issues, including potential political bias on its platforms, its plans for a censored search app in China and its privacy practices.

This is the first time Pichai has appeared before Congress since Google declined to send him or Alphabet CEO Larry Page to a hearing on foreign election meddling earlier this year. That slight sparked anger among senators who portrayed Google as trying to skirt scrutiny.

[...] Tuesday's hearing was titled "Transparency & Accountability: Examining Google and its Data Collection, Use, and Filtering Practices" and many representatives posed questions on whether or not Google's search results were biased against conservative points of view.

[...] Another topic that came up multiple times was Google's plan to launch a censored search engine in China. The Intercept first reported details of the project over the summer, which would block search results for queries that the Chinese government deemed sensitive, like "human rights" and "student protest" and link users' searches to their personal phone numbers. [...] "Right now, we have no plans to launch search in China," Pichai answered, adding that access to information is "an important human right."

Also at Bloomberg and The Hill.

See also:...

Criticise Israel and you immediately trigger its army of outraged partisans "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

An army of social media trolls are at the ready to denounce legitimate criticism of Israels occupation and settlement enterprise


The FCC Plans to End Public Television in the US "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Hello Friends! This Friday, December 14th, 2018 from 2:15 pm to 3 pm Pacific Time, I will be interviewing Deborah Vinson (Director Thurston County Media, Olympia, WA), Jeffrey Hansell (Director, Belmont Media Center, Belmont MA), Mary Cardova (Wisconsin Community Media, Madison, WI see:, Jay April (President and CEO Akaku Maui Community Media, and others on FCC plans to cut the funding for Public TV here in the United States.

Under proposed rules by Federal Communication Commissioners (FCC) Ajit Pai and Michael O'Rielly (both Obama appointees), the FCC will allow corporations like Comcast and Verizon to deduct what is called in kind contributions for Public TV these deductions will dramatically decrease the franchise fees now paid by Comcast, Verizon, and other companies for their access to public airwaves to broadcast their private television shows. The result will be the end of Public TV in the United States.

Comcast, Verizon, and other corporations want to shut down the monies for Public TV for several reasons: (a) they view Public TV as a threat they want everyone to pay for TV, (b) Public TV can't be controlled by the Cabal. If you care about Public TV, and want it to continue, please email or write the FCC at: 455 12th Street, SW, Washington D.C. 20544, or email them at: (1) Under proceedings, enter 05-311, (2) Under name of filer, enter your name, (3) Under Type of Filing, select Reply Comments, (4) Enter your address, etc. (5) Attach your comments in a scanned pdf file, (6) Check email confirmation, (7) Enter Continue to Review Screen, (8), Enter submit. Ajit Pai at the FCC has only given people until 11:59 pm on Friday, December 14th, 2018 to send in comments by email or by mail. So your comments must be received by midnight this Friday!

Please the FCC that: (a) you support Public TV and want it to continue, (b) you strongly dissaprove of FCC's MB 5-311 recommendations to give companies like Comcast and Verizon a deduction for in-kind contributions. All...


Presidency to Obasanjo: You are confused; no one takes you seriously anymore "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Presidency has dismissed the recent utterances by former President Olusegun Obasanjo a sign of confusion not worthy of attention. Speaking to journalists in Abuja on Wednesday, presidential Spokesperson, Garba Shehu said that whoever Obasanjo chooses to support at the 2019 elections is irrelevant. He noted that the former president had publicly changed his mind []

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Art Laffer: Government spending way out of control "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Conservative economist Art Laffer, who loves the Trump administrations economic policies, brought up the subject a lot of congressional Republicans have apparently lost interest in: The government is spending too much.

At Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C., where Laffer and co-author Stephen Moore were celebrating the launch of their new book, Trumponomics: Inside the America First Plan to Revive Our Economy, Laffer said Tuesday that government spending is way out of control.

Image result for Art Laffer, pictures

Art Laffer

He said in a short conversation with me that its something hes addressed directly with President Trump, who Laffer advised during the 2016 campaign.

Its a real problem, he said. Its the one we havent addressed.

The Congressional Budget Office puts the federal deficit for 2018 at $793 billion. Thats up from the previous fiscal years $666 billion deficit.

The CBO puts the public debt at nearly $16 trillion.

Laffer said, though, that he didnt know if Trump would tackle the problem in his first term and he didnt want to share what Trump has told him about government spending.

You should ask him, he told me. Ill tell you what I say. I say that government spending is taxation. I dont want to tell you what he says. Thats not kosher, if you know what I mean.


Washington Is Changing The World Order Against Its Own Interests "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Washington Is Changing The World Order Against Its Own Interests Paul Craig Roberts Support your website. It keeps you from living in The Matrix. Donate now. The hubris and arrogance of Washington have been at work since the Clinton...

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PDP BOT chairman urges NASS to override President on Electoral Act "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Sen. Walid Jibril, Chairman Board of Trustees (BOT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has urged the National Assembly to override President Muhammadu Buharis veto and pass the amendments of the Electoral Act into law. Walid spoke with newsmen on Wednesday in Lafia. He said that the continuous refusal of the President to assent to []

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NASA: Global warming promotes Arctic sea ice growth "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

According to NASA, the increased rate of thickening of sea ice in the Arctic is due to Global Warming. Wintertime Arctic Sea Ice Growth Slows Long-term Decline: NASA Dec. 7, 2018 New NASA research has found that increases in the rate at which Arctic sea ice grows in the winter may have partially slowed down the decline of the Arctic sea ice cover. As temperatures in the Arctic have warmed at double the pace of the rest of the planet, the expanse of frozen seawater that blankets the Arctic Ocean and neighboring seas has shrunk and thinned over the past three decades. The end-of-summer Arctic sea ice extent has almost halved since the early 1980s. A recent NASA study found that since 1958, the Arctic sea ice cover has lost on average around two-thirds of its thickness and now 70 percent of the sea ice cap is made of seasonal ice, or ice that forms and melts within a single year. But at the same time that sea ice is vanishing quicker than it has ever been observed in the satellite...


EFCC fails to Arraign Senator Bassey, Jide Omokore over N254m bribe "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, have failed to arraign a serving Senator of Akwa Ibom State, Albert Bassey, and an oil baron, Olajide Jones Omokore over an alleged bribe of 12 cars worth N254 million. The proposed arraignment of Senator Bassey and Jones before Justice Oluwatoyin Taiwo of an Ikeja Special Offences Court, []

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Markets Conclude the U.S. Is Riskier Than China "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Now the Treasury has to pay a premium over Chinese bonds to attract investors. They see four major red flags in U.S. debt.

December 12, 2018, 5:00 AM EST
Beijing is having its moment.   Photographer: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images
Matthew Winkler, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Bloomberg News, writes about markets.

Read more opinion

Heres another reason Donald Trump is not at all happy with the Fed and will continue to be frustrated by the worlds No. 2 economy. He is the first president to suffer the new normal of China becoming more creditworthy than the U.S. Thats right: America now pays more to borrow money...


Courage Is Contagious "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

December 13th, 2018 By Frances Moore Lapp Guest writer for Wake Up World Civil courage is the capacity to do what serves the common good, even if one must stand alone. No matter how many times we hear of one person"s act of conscience igniting sparks that light up the sky, too many of us []


New method gives microscope a boost in resolution "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Scientists at the University of Wrzburg have been able to boost current super-resolution microscopy by a novel tweak. They coated the glass cover slip as part of the sample carrier with tailor-made biocompatible nanosheets that create a mirror effect. This method shows that localizing single emitters in front of a metal-dielectric coating leads to higher precision, brightness and contrast in Single Molecule Localization Microscopy (SMLM). The study was published in the Nature journal Light: Science and Applications.

The sharpness of a microscope is limited by structures that are closer together than 0.2 thousandths of a millimeter blur, and can no longer be distinguished from each other. The cause of this blurring is diffraction. Each point-shaped object is therefore not shown as a point, but as a blurry spot.

With , the resolution can still be drastically improved. One method would calculate its exact center from the brightness distribution of the blurry spot. However, it only works if two closely adjacent points of the object are initially not simultaneously but subsequently visible, and are merged later in the . This temporal decoupling prevents superimposition of the blurry spot. For years, researchers in have been using this tricky method for super high-resolution light of cells.


New X-ray imaging approach could boost nanoscale resolution for advanced photon source upgrade "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A longstanding problem in optics holds that an improved resolution in imaging is offset by a loss in the depth of focus. Now, scientists are joining computation with X-ray imaging as they develop a new and exciting technique to bypass this limitation.

The upcoming Advanced Photon Source Upgrade (APS-U) project at Argonne will put this problem under one of the brightest spotlights imaginable. The upgrade will make the APS, a Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility, 500 times brighter than it is today, further enhancing the capabilities of its X-rays to study the arrangements of atoms and molecules in a wide range of biological and technological materials.

A whole variety of X-ray imaging experiments ultimately will need something like this as they all push the resolution to finer length scales in the future, said Chris Jacobsen, an Argonne Distinguished Fellow and professor of physics at Northwestern University. With the Upgrade in place, the APSs X-rays could allow scientists to study systems like the brains full network of synaptic connections, or the entire volume of an integrated circuit down to its finest details.


Algorithms to locate centrioles in the cell "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Investigators from the Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Group at the University of Extremadura are studying signaling mediated by a pathway known as planar cell polarity (PCP), which regulates the coordinated orientation of cells during organogenesis, the process of organ formation in living organisms. This pathway has been highly conserved on the evolutionary scale, and one of its key functions in vertebrates is the regulation of the coordinated positioning of centrioles/ciliary basal cells inside cells.

This signaling pathway was discovered initially in the fruit fly genus Drosophila, although the majority of the pathway components have been retained in humans. It has likewise been observed that certain pathologies such as hydrocephaly, infertility and some kinds of cancers are associated with defective functioning of this signaling.

Under the auspices of the project EPICENTR within the Spanish national research plan, whose objective is to study the planar polarisation of centrioles in epithelial , the UEx researchers have now published the first results of their investigation in the journal Development. These results are related to the polarised positioning mechanism of centrioles in Drosophila and its correlation with actin.


Twitter warns foes of jihad terror and Sharia oppression that their tweets violate Pakistani blasphemy laws "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

People have long debated the question of how a free society can lose its freedom without a fight. It doesnt happen overnight. It happens in full view as people help usher in authoritarianism, such as modern-day Leftists who ally with Islamic supremacists and those who continue to deny the reality that it is indeed happening. []


Iran Stalled Diplomatic Negotiations Over Mohammed Cartoon On iPad "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Always outraged. Via Copenhagen Post: According to the Immigration Ministry, a Danish agreement with Iran regarding the return of rejected asylum-seekers stalled after its minister, Inger Stjberg, posted a photo on social media last year. The photo in question showed that Stjberg had a photo of one of the contentious Mohammad Cartoons from 2005 on []


Trump says China back in the market for U.S. soybeans U.S. Farmers look for new buyers "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that China was buying a tremendous amount of U.S. soybeans and that trade talks with Beijing were already under way by telephone, with more meetings likely among U.S. and Chinese officials.

Trump told Reuters in an interview that the Chinese government was back in the market to buy soybeans after a Dec. 1 truce in the U.S.-China trade war.

But traders in Chicago said they have seen no evidence of a resumption of such purchases following Chinas imposition of a 25 percent tariff on U.S. soybeans in July.

Related image

I just heard today that theyre buying tremendous amounts of soybeans. They are starting, just starting now, Trump said in the interview.

Trump also said he believes China will soon cut tariffs on U.S. autos to 15 percent from the current 40 percent level.

I think theyre looking to do it immediately, very quickly, he said.

A Trump administration official earlier told Reuters that Chinas plan to cut car tariffs was outlined in a phone call between Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.


U.S. government data has not shown any soybean sales to China since July, when Beijing imposed tariffs on U.S. supplies of the oilseed in retaliation for U.S. duties on Chinese goods.

Traders have been watching closely for signs of confirmation of a resumption of Chinese buying of U.S. soybeans, particularly after Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning that very productive conversations were going on with China. Watch for some important announcements! he added.

Chicago Board of Trade soybean futures edged higher on Tuesday on hopes that new deals would be signed soon, but there were no signs of increased activity in the cash markets, traders said.

U.S. Agriculture Department rules require exporters to promptly report sales of 100,000 tonnes or more of a commodity made in a single day.

China last year purchased about 60 percent of U.S. soybean exports in deals valued at more than $12 billion. With those exports gone, soybean prices had tumbled to their lowest in a decade, heaping pain on U.S. farmers, a key Trump constituency.

Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping called a temporary truce in their trade war on Dec. 1. Trump agreed to postpone for 90 days a Jan. 1 increase in tariffs on Chinese goods while the two sides negotiated over increased Chinese purchases of American farm and energy commodities, an end to forced technology transfers and stronger protections for U...


CVS employee fired for tackling pharmacy robber "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The employees mom didnt raise a wussy. From NY Post: A CVS employee from Indiana says both he and a pharmacist were fired after fighting off a man threatening to steal oxycodone. CVS axed Zac Phillips, from Greenfield, days after Continue reading

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Richard Manning Discusses the Merit Act, Civil Service Reform (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Richard Manning Discusses the Merit Act, Civil Service Reform Video Project Veritas This was clipped from our #DeepState Unmasked Investigations. Video Source

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Intel Working On Open-Sourcing The FSP - Would Be Huge Win For Coreboot & Security "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Intel's Architecture Day on Tuesday was delightfully filled with an overwhelming amount of valuable hardware information, but Intel's software efforts were also briefly touched on too. In fact, Raja Koduri reinforced how software is a big part of Intel technology and goes in-hand with their security, interconnect, memory, architecture, and process pillars and that's where their new oneAPI initiative will fit in. But what learning afterwards was most exciting on the software front...


Intel Developing "oneAPI" For Optimized Code Across CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs & More "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Intel's 2018 Architecture Day was primarily focused on the company's hardware architecture road-map, but one of the software (pre)announcements was their oneAPI software stack...


Intel Details Gen11 Graphics & Sunny Cove For Icelake "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

At Intel's architecture day, the company finally detailed their "Gen 11" graphics that we've been seeing open-source Linux graphics driver patches for many months (Intel OTC posted their initial open-source display driver code in early January and has continued the enablement work since) albeit elusive in substantive user details and hardware until Icelake. But today at least we can share more about the significant improvements with Gen11 graphics...


Electoral Act: APC Reps will thwart moves to override Buharis veto Gbajabiamila "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, says APC house members will thwart any plan to override President Muhammadu Buharis veto to sign the Electoral Act into law. Gbajabiamila, an All Progressives Congress Chieftain from Lagos told newsmen in Abuja on Wednesday that the party had more than the required number to []

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Scotland wants to trade as freely as possible with Europe "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Scotland overwhelmingly voted to remain in the EU in 2016. As the Scottish Trade Minister Ivan McKee explained in an interview with DW, the country is eager to promote itself in the face of ongoing UK political chaos.

A women in a Scottish dress

Ivan McKee is a member of Scotlands devolved Parliament and is the Scottish governments Trade, Investment and Innovation Minister. He is a member of the Scottish National Party (SNP), which advocates for Scottish independence from the UK.

He recently completed trade trips to Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and France as part of his ministerial role and he explained to DW that despite the ongoing political chaos and uncertainty around Brexit, Scotland is eager to maintain and promote its trade links with the rest of the EU.

DW: You recently visited Hamburg in your capacity with the Scottish Executive. What was the aim of your visit?

Ivan McKee: There were a number of messages we wanted to get across and one of the key ones is that Scotland is very much open for business. We have got long and deep trade links with Europe, with Germany and with Hamburg in particular and it was important to reinforce those and to look for opportunities to increase trade between Scotland and that part of Germany.

Read more: Scotland wants to avoid Brexit but doesnt know how

Is the intention to promote Scottish-only trade or do you include UK-wide trade as part of the remit?

Our job in the Scottish government is to promote trade links between Scotland and the rest of the world and thats what we are doing. Clearly Brexit and the confusion around that makes our job even harder but we are working as hard as we can to make sure we maintain and enhance those links everywhere we can, particularly in Europe.

When you talk to representatives of European countries, is it difficult to isolate Scottish interests and the Scottish angle from the wider UK one, given that Scotland is not yet an independent state?....


U.S. Debt Poised To Hit The $22 Trillion Mark As Storm Clouds Indicate We Could Have Another Financial Crisis "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

U.S. Debt Poised To Hit The $22 Trillion Mark As Storm Clouds Indicate We Could Have Another Financial Crisis by Michael Snyder The Economic Collapse Blog The rapidly exploding U.S. national debt is about to cross another critical threshold. ...

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Pakistan rejects politically motivated listing as violator of religious freedoms by US "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Foreign Office Spokesman Muhammad Faisal. File photo
Foreign Office Spokesman Muhammad Faisal. File photo

The Foreign Office (FO) today issued Islamabads reaction to the listing, saying: Pakistan rejects the US State Departments unilateral and politically motivated pronouncement Besides the clear biases reflected from these designations, there are serious questions over the credentials and impartiality of the self-proclaimed jury involved in...



Nancy Pelosi negotiates and talks trash like a boss:

Nancy Pelosi was on fire with her fellow Democrats.

Minutes after a very public showdown with Donald Trump on Tuesday over his border wall with Mexico, the House minority leader returned to the Capitol and railed against the president in a private meeting with her colleagues.

... she went for the most sensitive part of Trumps ego.

Its like a manhood thing with him as if manhood can be associated with him, Pelosi deadpanned. This wall thing.
And although many conservatives think Trump won yesterday's livestreamed Oval Office session, as I noted yesterday -- and Trump has gotten more rave reviews since then, from, among others, Rush Limbaugh, Fox's Kayleigh McEnany, and the Daily Beast's Matt Lewis -- it's widely conceded that he failed yesterday, and reports say even he knows it:
On Tuesday nights edition of Hardball, [Eli] Stokols [of the Los Angeles Times] told host Chris Matthews that Trump was frustrated following the meeting, during which Trump reportedly ignored the advice of his aides, and was goaded into taking ownership of any government shutdown that might occur.

It sort of spiraled out of control, and when the President left the Oval Office after Pelosi and Schumer left, Stokols said, a number of people saw him, he stormed out of the Oval, walked into an anteroom just off the Oval Office, and had in his hand a folder of briefing papers, and he just scattered them out of frustration, threw them across the room and expressed frustration to the people who were present.
If there was any doubt as to whether Pelosi would lock up the speakership, that's gone now.

So is it time for a new Pelosi narrative? I don't understand why Democrats and lefty commentators and ac...


Pakistan rejects US blacklist for religious freedom violations "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Pakistan on Wednesday rejected Washingtons decision to place it on a blacklist of countries that violate religious freedom, branding the move politically motivated and defending its treatment of minorities.

The US move to designate Pakistan among countries of particular concern comes at a difficult time for relations between the nations, with the Trump administration accusing Islamabad of failing to act against Islamist militants on its soil.

Pakistan does not need counsel by any individual country (on) how to protect the rights of its minorities, a statement from the foreign ministry said, adding that Islamabad rejects the designation.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the move to blacklist Pakistan in a congressionally mandated annual report released Tuesday.



Google CEO: Scrutiny of tech companies is here to stay "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said Wednesday that scrutiny of big technology companies is here to stay, a day after he rejected assertions from lawmakers that Googles search algorithm is biased against conservatives.

I think a broader scrutiny of technology at a high level, I think, is actually important, Pichai told Axios in an interview after he testified before Congress. I personally have always felt so.

Pichai says he wants people other than just engineers to be able to weigh in on issues related to tech regulation and user security.

Sundar Pichai

I think privacy is an area where you have constantly evolving user expectations, Pitchai said. I think, as a company, we have grown a lot I think people may legitimately have questions saying, I do want a different construct.

The CEO said Google is looking to change user settings so it would not default to collecting data that fuels its ad-targeting technology. Rather than an opt-out option, Google is exploring a way for users to have to opt-in to have their data collected in certain instances.

The balance, however, could be difficult because, although people want more privacy, they may also need to sacrifice accuracy. For example, location services allow Google to accurately translate languages when users locations show they are in a different country.

Pichai said people get very upset when Google gets little things like that wrong.

We are trying to respond to user needs, he said.

Pichai testified for three hours on Capitol Hill Tuesday in a hearing similar to the one Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg went through earlier this year.


Singularity: CVE-2018-19295: local root exploit - unprivileged users can join arbitrary mnt, net, pid and ipc namespaces "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Posted by Matthias Gerstner on Dec 12


following is a report about security issues found in Singularity [1].


Singularity is a Linux namespace based container solution often used
in HPC (high performance computing) environments. In the course of a
SUSE enterprise products I found a couple of security issues.

According to upstream this affects Singularity versions 2.4.0 through...


Good Job, Emmanuel! Frances Debt To Soar On Top Of Worlds Highest Taxes "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Macrons sweeteners are coming at a cost, Berenberg Economists Kallum Pickering and Florian Hense said in a research note Tuesday.They add up to 10 billion euros or slightly more, equivalent to 0.4 percent of gross domestic product (GDP). On top of the already announced 4 billion to cancel the fuel tax hike, this could push the 2019 deficit from 2.8 percent to 3.4 percent of GDP unless offset by savings, which will be difficult to find, they noted. Frances debt-to-GDP will likely rise beyond 100 percent as a result of the concessions too.



The Truth About Inflation and Who Is Really Behind It (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Truth About Inflation and Who Is Really Behind It Video maneco64 Video Source

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After Warren DNA Test, Dem Elect Doubles Down On Implying Elizabeth Warren Isnt Native American. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

After proclaiming at an August 2018 Netroots Nation conference that she will be the first Native American woman in Congress, Rep.-elect Deb Haaland (D-NM) doubled down on 12/11/18 on her claim that she is the first Native American woman elected to Congress during POLITICOs sixth annual Women Rule Summit in Washington, D.C months after []


Message from #YellowVests #Commercy: The time of the communes still rings out! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Commercys Yellow Vests offer a political solution to the movement: autonomous local committees, direct democracy, sovereign general assembly, delegates with a precise mandate revocable at any time, rotating responsibilities. We replubished this piece that was originally published by Open Democracy on December 7.

Originally published by Open Democracy. Written by Pierre Bance.

About the author 
Pierre Bance is a 70-year old anarchist activist who supports yellow vests in Commercy, in the Meuse department in Grand Est, north-eastern France. In 2017, he published Un autre future pour le Kurdistan ? Municipalisme libertaire et confdralisme dmocratique (Another Future for the Kurdistan. Libertarian Municipalism and Democratic Federalism) (Paris, Noir et Rouge).

This article is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for peop...


Military Situation In Syria On December 12, 2018 (Map Update) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

  • Tukey has once again threatened a Kurdish part of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) with a military operation. The supposed military operation will be launched east of the Euphrates soon.
  • The SDF continued clashing with ISIS in the Hajin area in the Euphrates Valley. The situation in the area remains unclear.
  • The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has repelled several militant attacks in northern Hama.
Military Situation In Syria On December 12, 2018 (Map Update)

Click to see the full-size image

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RSA Conference announces initial 2019 keynote speakers "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

RSA Conference announced its initial line-up of keynote speakers for the 2019 Conference, which begins Monday, March 4 and runs through Friday, March 8 in San Francisco, CA. The keynote program will culminate with an entertaining close from actress, writer and producer Tina Fey. New this year, RSA Conference will have two keynote stages: West Stage keynotes will continue to feature sponsor keynotes, panels and esteemed guest speakers, and South Stage keynotes will utilize the More

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He Aint No Henry FordElon Musks Taxpayer-Funded Gravy Train "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Elon Musk and his corporate empire, much of it financed by taxpayer dollars, is very much in the news. Most of it is not good. And it may be getting worse.

Tesla spends $1 million annually on Washington lobbyists. Its cars are financed by over $280 million in federal tax incentives, including a $7,500 federal tax break and millions more in state rebates and development fees. SpaceX has also received over $5 billion in government support. It has over promised and under delivered. SpaceX rockets, for example, are far less reliable than many of its competitors. This is outlined in reports from December 2017 and January 2018 in which the Department of Defense Inspector General and NASAs Aerospace Safety Advisory Council described a list of security concerns they have with SpaceX, among them 33 significant non-conformities.



This is Atikus time to be President, says Gov Ortom "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, has said the time has come for former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to become President of Nigeria. He spoke at the Government House during a courtesy call on him by the North Central Women Unite for Atiku, led by its President, Mrs Dorcas Din. The Governor noted that when []

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Strasbourg Attack and the Failure of Europe "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

French police search for the terrorist who escaped after killing 3 and wounding 13 in three separate attacks in Strasbourg (Photo: PATRICK HERTZOG/AFP/Getty Images)French police search for the terrorist who escaped after killing 3 and wounding 13 in three separate attacks in Strasbourg (Photo: PATRICK HERTZOG/AFP/Getty Images)

Clarion Project Editor Meira Svirsky and Arab Affairs Analyst Ran Meir talk about the Strasbourg attack and the failure of Europe to offer security to their citizens in the short term and stamp out the ideology of Islamist extremism in the long term.

Clarion examines why France let a criminal with 27 prior convictions who was an Islamist extremist on a high-level security list on the street.

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Crisis in the Azov sea: the fate of Ukraines naval personnel in Russia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

What happened in the Black Sea on 25 November, and what awaits the Ukrainian personnel held in Russia? RU

Kerch Strait. Photo: Bai Xueqi / Xinhua News Agency / PA Images. All rights reserved.Early in the morning of 25 November, three Ukrainian vessels the Nikopol gunboat, the Berdyansk gunboat, and the Yany Kapu tugboat set sail from the Black Sea port of Odessa and advanced towards Mariupol, on the Sea of Azov, via the Kerch Strait. The Ukrainian Navy would subsequently describe this as a planned movement of ships.

In accordance with international norms, the Ukrainian navy had given the Russian side advance warning of their intentions, notifying a coast guard post of the FSBs Border Service, as well as the seaports of Kerch and Kavkaz, that the vessels would be passing through the Kerch Strait. Though the information was received, no response followed. The FSB later declared that the Ukrainian vessels had violated Russian territorial waters and dispatched four ships to confront them. One of these ships, the border guard patrol ship Don, rammed the Yany Kapu tugboat (according to an investigation by Bellingcat, Russian ships rammed the latter at least four times). Russian ships then blocked passage under the Kerch Bridge by running aground a tanker on the Azov side, and scrambled two missile-armed combat helicopters to escort the Ukrainian ships.



Who Does Emmanuel Macron Owe? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

President Macron is often presented as a Rothschild Boy. This is true, but secondary. He owes his electoral campaign mostly to Henry Kravis, the boss of one of the worlds largest financial companies, and to NATO a considerable debt which weighs heavily today on the solution to the Yellow Vests crisis.

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Osun elections, Alexis Sanchez, Black Panther, Fever searches top the 2018 trending list "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Google has announced the results of its 2018 Year in Search, offering a unique perspective on the years major moments and top trends based on searches conducted in Nigeria. This years most searched news event was the Osun elections, which gripped national attention in September due to alleged incidents of voter intimidation and interference. Manchester []

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Parents outraged after children hit the stage in KKK costumes for well-known play 'The Foreigner' "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A high school play with controversial costumes has some parents outraged. Three students at the Arizona State University Preparatory Academy Phoenix campus dressed in Ku Klux Klan costumes for a school play. Parents say the school never notified them or the rest of the student body that was not in the drama class. The popular play, "The Foreigner," was performed at an assembly for all high school students. "Three students dressed as the KKK walked down the middle of the assembly as part of a play," explained one parent, who wanted to remain anonymous at his daughter's request. "They were in hooded robes."


Robert Steele: TIME Magazine Beneath Contempt a CIA Mossad Asset as a Guardian of Truth? Seriously? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Robert David STEELE Vivas

I dont make this stuff up. TIME Magazine has once again prostituted itself to CIA and the Mossad while failing to tell the truth about global events and domestic traitors.

How unethical do you have to be (TIME Editors are not stupid, far from it) to put a known triple agent (CIA, Mossad, Saudi intelligence) on the cover of TIME as a guardian of truth?  Seriously?

The others are highly questionable as well. Some died to random violence or mind control what they published was not particularly worthwhile and others may be intelligence agents.



Fayoses aide mocks Fayemi over fake PDP defectors story "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Media Aide to Mr. Ayodele Fayose, the immediate past Governor of Ekiti State, Lere Olayinka has advised the State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, to face the serious task of governance instead of allowing himself to be duped by those arranging for him, supposed Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) defectors whose identities were not known. Olayinka, who []

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Democrats Say $5 Billion for Wall is a Waste of Money But Cost of Illegal Alien Burden in US is $155 Billion Per Year "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

President Trump met with Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Tuesday in the White House.

During the explosive press conference President Trump called out the Democrat leaders and exposed them for their support for open borders.

Pelosi and Schumer said Democrats would not agree to $5 billion for the border wall. It was a waste of money!

They could not be further from the truth.

Actually the illegal alien financial burden, per year, in the United States is $155 billion.

That number does not count externals such as:
  • American jobs lost
  • Commerce affected by remittances to Mexico
  • Health crisis due to illegal drugs trafficked into our streets.
  • American deaths due to the illegal drugs in America today
Building the way no matter who pays for it IS Mexico paying for the wall, because wed save nearly 100 billion dollars each year. 

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Google Is the Enemy of Humanity and Needs to Resisted At All Costs "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


I recently wrote an article in which I asserted that the American citizenry consists of 3 groups: (1) Godless Liberals, who comprise 20% of the population, who are fanatically dedicated to the demise of the rule of law and the abandonment of any sense of nationalism and patriotism; (2) Conservatives, who make up 30% of the population, who are dedicated to the tenets of the Constitution and rule of law as well as the rejection of globalism; and, (3) The slugs who make up about 50% of the population and they are generally clueless about the world they live in and how close they are to losing everything. Oh, they will eventually riot like the French when their entertainment is interfered with, but they will not riot until it is too late to make any significant changes.

Who Controls the Slugs?

There are many liberal influences that controls the minds and ultimately the perceptions of the majority of people in the United States. Over 98% of the mainstream media is controlled by 6 people, all liberals, who have expressed disdain for the average person. Yes, Fox appears to be conservative, but make no mistake about it, Fox is the controlled opposition. That leaves 2% of the media to tell the country the truth about what is REALLY happening to our freedoms, and ultimately our final fate under the intentions of globalist rule. At the forefront of the propaganda that keeps America paralyzed is Google. Google has moved passed Monsanto (ie Monsatan) as the most evil corporation in the world. Google is an active participant in Chinese genocide against their conservative social class with the installation of the Google-created Chinese Social Credit System that sends average citizens to prison and ultimately their demise for expressed populist opinions as detected by the Google technology. And that technology is being implemented in America as I write these words. The...


BREAKING: Atiku, Ezekwesili finally sign peace accord "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Nigerias main opposition presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar has signed an accord aimed at ensuring that next years elections in the troubled nation proceed peacefully. Abubakar had failed to join his main rival, President Muhammadu Buhari, in signing the accord on Tuesday, with his aides saying he had not been officially invited to the ceremony. The []

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Nine-year-old girl takes her own life after facing relentless bullying and racism at school "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A black 9-year-old girl in Alabama allegedly took her own life after facing relentless bullying and racism in class, according to reports. McKenzie Adams' relatives said she hanged herself Dec. 3 in her home in Linden, about 100 miles west of Montgomery, and was discovered by her grandmother, according to the Tuscaloosa News. Since the start of the school year, the fourth-grader had been the target of bullying at US Jones Elementary School, where she was teased over her friendship with a white male classmate, according to her family. Her aunt, Eddwina Harris, said the group of students taunted McKenzie by telling her to commit suicide. "She was being bullied the entire school year, with words such as 'kill yourself,' 'you think you're white because you ride with that white boy,' 'you ugly,' 'black bitch,' 'just die,'" Harris told the newspaper. Harris said she's speaking out about her niece's death because she wants to promote anti-bullying. "There are so many voiceless kids,"...


10 Wednesday AM Reads "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

My midweek morning train reads:  PolitiFacts Lie of the Year: Online smear machine tries to take down Parkland students (Polifact)  Yep, Bitcoin Was a Bubble. And It Popped. (Bloomberg)  A Surprising Push By The Invisible Hand: Why More Companies Are Doing Better By Being Good (Forbes)  Moneyball: was the book that changed baseball built on a false premise?

Read More

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Far-right Salvini: I dont have to justify myself every time I go to Israel "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The growing anti-Semitism goes together with Islamic extremism, to which no one is paying attention. Salvini also addressed the criticism of his visit to Israel, saying, I dont have to justify myself every time I go to Israel. This should be understood and accepted by now, but the willfully blind are now bolder than ever []


The Four Freshmen "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Establishment media, as we've been pointing out, at the direction of transpartisan DC establishment politicians, has been working overtime to tear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez down. Her ideas and her energy are too scary for them and too compelling for activists. Fox has made her famous among the imbeciles who watch the channel. This week a national reporter called me to ask why the fuss. "She hasn't accomplished a thing yet," he said, "and the House Democrats will make sure she never does... [t]he knives are out for her."

Even before being sworn in, she's accomplished more than 75% of congressmen accomplish in a lifetime of serving. She and her posse are setting the agenda for Congress in a way no freshmen have ever done in contemporary history. She's the peoples' congresswoman and that scares the crap out of the establishment.

Let me just point to one simple metric-- twitter followers. The media has been desperately pushing pathetic New Dem and Blue Dog freshmen as the "authentic" voice of the new Democratic class. These are the nothings they want to push:
Max Rose (Blue Dog-NY)- 12.5K
Mike Sherrill (Blue Dog-NJ)- 25.4K
Katie Hill (New Dem-CA)- 26.7K
Colin Allred (New Dem-TX)- 18.1K
Abigail Spanberger (Blue Dog-VA)- 31.7K


Sick! Video gamer arrested after accidentally livestreaming assault of pregnant partner "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A man will face court after he allegedly assaulted a woman at a home in Sydney's south-west while livestreaming to an online gaming site. The 26-year-old was arrested at a home in Oran Park on Sunday night, three hours after he unintentionally streamed the attack and it was reported to police by fellow gamers. His 21-year-old partner was not seriously injured but was distressed and shaken by the alleged assault, police said.


Progressive creationists denying biology: A review of the film 'A Dangerous Idea' "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In a recent article for Quillette, Colin Wright argued that left-wing scientific denialism poses a greater threat to academic freedom than right-wing scientific denialism. In the past, evolutionary biologists could dispute the claims of creationists and advocates of Intelligent Design without jeopardizing their careers. But the same cannot be said of scientists who publicly dissent from progressive dogma when it comes to, say, the biology of group differences. The reason, according to Wright, is because the Christian Evangelicals who denied the basic principles of evolutionary biology held no power in academia, while their secular equivalents are often professors, department chairs, deans, administrators, college presidents, journal editors, and so on. Indeed, the new denialist orthodoxy when it comes to biological sex - that it is "assigned" at birth, rather than observed and recorded - is now the official view of the scientific establishment, having been embraced by Scientific...


[slackware-security] mozilla-firefox (SSA:2018-345-01) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Posted by Slackware Security Team on Dec 12

[slackware-security] mozilla-firefox (SSA:2018-345-01)

New mozilla-firefox packages are available for Slackware 14.2 and -current to
fix security issues.

Here are the details from the Slackware 14.2 ChangeLog:
patches/packages/mozilla-firefox-60.4.0esr-i686-1_slack14.2.txz: Upgraded.
This release contains security fixes and improvements.
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Was Putin a Stasi officer? Mystery surrounds 'discovery' of his East German 'intl ID' "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Reports have gone viral that Russian President Vladimir Putin may have had a Stasi ID issued to him during his service in East Germany in the 1980s - but is the find legitimate and is it really that big of a deal? Germany's Bild tabloid newspaper published a photo on Tuesday of an East German secret police (Stasi) identity card purportedly issued to Vladimir Putin when he served as a KGB officer in Dresden during the Cold War. The green identity card bears the official name of the Stasi - the Ministry for State Security - along with a photograph of Putin and an ID number printed along the bottom.


Social Contagion: 'Yellow Vest' protests spread among citizens fed up with corruption "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A grassroots movement made up of citizens who have become fed up with the political establishment in France has been growing since early November and it has come to a head this month. The movement, known as "gilets jaunes" or "yellow vests" began as an anti-tax protest but has since merged folks from the left and the right into a much broader anti-government movement. The movement has become so large that political experts are now calling it a "new revolution." French citizens have used the yellow vests that their government requires they carry in their vehicles as a symbol of this protest. As the Guardian points out, unlike previous French protest movements, it sprang up online through petitions and was organised by ordinary working people posting videos on social media, without a set leader, trade union or political party behind it.


Venezuela's United Socialist Party wins 'landslide victory' in local council elections "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Venezuela's governing United Socialist Party (PSUV) won a landslide victory in local council elections held Sunday, claiming 95 percent of the initially declared seats. In its first official bulletin, Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE) revealed that after tallying 92.3 percent of all votes the PSUV had won 591 of the 623 municipal council seats where results were deemed irreversible. Further declarations from the CNE indicated a similar trend in the remaining seats, which were announced during the course of Sunday night and Monday. In response to the news, President Nicolas Maduro congratulated his team, urging them to get to work to solve widespread problems in transport and public services.


Police use facial recognition doorbells to create private watchlist networks "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

image credit: Pocket-Lint

Earlier this year, I reported that Amazon's spying Ring doorbells are being installed everywhere and how everyone's privacy is at stake.

But a recent CNN article revealed that Amazon wants to turn homeowners doorbells into facial recognition devices using their Rekogntion software.

"An Amazon patent application which was made public on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, describes how a network of cameras could work together with facial recognition technology to identify people."

Amazon also wants homeowners to create their "own" private database of suspicious people, effectively creating private watchlist networks.

"The application describes creating a database of suspicious persons. Unwanted visitors would be added to the list when a homeowner tags them as not authorized. Other people could be added to the database because they are a convicted felon or registered sex offender, according to the application. Residents may also alert neighbors of a suspicious person's presence."

Because who doesn't want to create a private watchlist of your friends and neighbors?

Amazon is not the only company that wants you to spy on your neighbors.

Nest Hello is Google's facial recognition doorbell that can identify anyone and store their images to the cloud. Homeowners are required to sign up for a Nest Aware subscription that ranges anywhere from $5.00 to $30.00 a month.



Tom Atlee: In a wise democracy, who are stakeholders and what is their role? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Tom Atlee

In a wise democracy, who are stakeholders and what is their role?

Stakeholders are citizens involved with a specific issue or domain, whose activities actually constitute that issue or domain. Thus the stakeholders of a domain collectively have the potential IF they collaborate to make whatever difference is most important to be made in the domain they have hitherto been fighting over. Full-spectrum stakeholder collaborations thus offer a powerful complement to citizen engagement on the road to an effective wise democracy.

Read full article.

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Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winner, takes homeopathy seriously "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

(Photo Credit: Your Health Your Choice) Dr. Luc Montagnier, the French virologist who won the Nobel Prize in 2008 for discovering the AIDS virus, has come out in support- strong support- for homeopathy. And this has surprised the scientific community. RELATED STORY: Ghost in the Machine, Part 4 The war on supplements, essential oils, []

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Military Situation In Afghanistan On December 12, 2018 (Map Update) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This map provides a general look at the military situation in Afghanistan. According to pro-government sources, the Afghan National Army and its allies have carried out a series of successful operations against the Taliban in the southern part of the country.

Military Situation In Afghanistan On December 12, 2018 (Map Update)

Click to see the full-size image

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December 2018 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft patches Windows zero-day exploited in the wild "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Its Patch Tuesday again and, as per usual, both Microsoft and Adobe have pushed out patches for widely-used software packages. The Microsoft patches Microsofts December 2018 Patch Tuesday release is pretty lightweight: the company has plugged 38 CVE-numbered security holes, nine of which are considered to be Critical. Among the most notable bugs in this batch are CVE-2018-8611, an elevation of privilege vulnerability that arises when the Windows kernel fails to properly handle objects in More

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Go inside your brain! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Allen Institute has released an open database of live human brain cells.


France: Strasbourg jihad mass murderer was radicalized in practice of Islam, but cops still searching for motive "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The terrorist motivation of the act, as we speak, is not yet established, said Laurent Nuez, the deputy interior minister. But Nuez also said this of Strasbourg jihad mass murderer Cherif Chekatt, who is not referred to by name in this article: He had several stays in prison, and it is during those stays that []


Jamie Glazovs Jihadist Psychopath #1 Amazon New Release in Islam Category "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

We are excited to announce that Jamie Glazovs new book, Jihadist Psychopath: How He Is Charming, Seducing, and Devouring Us, is, at this moment, as indicated in the screen shot on the left, Amazons #1 New Release in the Islam category. To be released on December 18, 2018, Jihadist Psychopath offers a unique perspective on the []


Brexit Status Once Again in Limbo "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

"Prime Minister Theresa May has called off Tuesday's crucial vote on her Brexit deal so she can go back to Brussels and ask for changes to it.

"As it stands the deal 'would be rejected by a significant margin' if MPs voted on it, she admitted."

The biggest stumbling block appears to be the issue between Ireland and Northern Ireland. In particular, what the borders will look like in terms of what people and goods will need to do or not do in order to cross it.

Original Submission

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European apes, why extinct? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This 11 December 2018 video says about itself:

Today, our closest evolutionary relatives, the apes, live only in small pockets of Africa and Asia. But back in the Miocene epoch, apes occupied all of Europe. Why arent there wild apes in Europe today?

Special thanks to for allowing us to use their images of Proconsul and Ekembo fossils.


Tracking Australia's Environment Minister Melissa Price at COP24 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

So what is Australia's Environment Minister Melissa Price getting up to at COP24? Attending the Umbrella Group meetings, photo opps with Pacific Islander women whose nations will be innundated by sea level rise due to Australia's intransigence on coal and climate policy, meeting Indigenous Rangers... Melissa Price is the Liberal MP for Durack and a former corporate lawyer for mining companies.


How to treat a stranger in need: a moral response to the migrant caravans "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Throughout history, the story of Exodus has inspired people around the world fleeing persecution.

Aerial view of Salvadoran migrants crossing the Suchiate River to Mexico, from Ciudad Tecun Uman, Guatemala, making their way to the U.S. on November 2, 2018. Credit: Carlos Alonzo/AFP/Getty Images via YES! Magazine. All rights reserved.

Migrants fleeing persecution and violence in their homes and seeking refuge is a narrative often repeated in the troubled history of humankind. As Jews and Christians, we celebrate the biblical story of an entire people taken from slavery to journey toward the Promised Land.

Like the Central Americans fleeing violence as well as economic and political instability in their home countries, the Israelites also found themselves unwelcome as they wandered through the wilderness.

Yet, over time, the story of the Exodus has served as an inspiration for many groups, including non-Jewish people, fleeing persecution. In the Muslim tradition, the Hijra, the migration of the Prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina, reflects this same transition.

But while comparisons to these ancient events are compelling, they are also complicated. What is critical is realizing that all of us continually seek greater safety for ourselves and our families. And we believe that when called on by our faith traditions to provide that same safety and comfort to strangers, we are obligated to answer that call.

Pastor Don Mackenzie

Tragically, Christianity is part of the reason for a migration. Christian supremacy, a close cousin of White supremacy, is a source of oppression that forces the movement of populations. It is also a condition of imprisonmentalthough rarely named and understood as suchpreventing people from participating in a more inclusive understanding of what it means to be human.

It may be that almost all of the immigrants massing at our southern border are, in fact, Christian. But they are also, for the most part, Brown-skinned Hispanics. The role played by cultural Christianity in this particular migration is one that creates a fear of otherthe one different from Christian White people. The need to feel that Christianity (and being White) is superior, reflects an extremely deep need to feel valued.

As a pastor, I believe the lack of self-esteem, coupled with the cultural conviction that Christianity is superior to all other spiritual paths, constitutes the driver for both the oppressive and imprison...


GOING TO HELL! Found guilty of hideous crimes this week but media banned from revealing truth about high-profile Australian criminal with mass following "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

ANALYSIS: One of Australia's highest profile individuals with a worldwide reputation and a mass following has this week been found guilty of committing awful, heinous crimes. While several overseas media publications are now reporting the news, the nation's local media is forbidden from revealing even the barest of details in what is one of the biggest outcomes in Australian criminal legal history. True Crime News Weekly's Melbourne correspondent, Gary Johnston, reports on this travesty of open justice in the digital age. [READ MORE]


Orwell An Insider? Part 2: Food Control at Animal Farm "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Orwell feeding his goatOrwell feeding his goat, named Muriel

by Mary W Maxwell

Beasts of England, beasts of Ireland
Beasts of every land and clime,
Hearken to my joyful tidings
the golden future time.

Soon or late the day is coming,
Tyrant Man shall be oerthrown,
And the fruitful fields of England
Shall be trod by beasts alone.

Part 1 of this series (November 29, 2018) presented the takeover of the farms population by Napoleon the pig. A most significant part of his power was the band of 10 growling dogs whom he had secretly trained from infancy.

Now we move to a further assault on the animals, one that incites me to call Orwell an insider. Here is the issue is not control by the dogs (though that is always in the background) but control by food.

Yesterday, mainstream media in US gave us the briefest of glances at the starvation of tens of millions of Yeminis. (The newsreader described this as resulting from four years of civil war.) It was a far-away shot but still you could see that peoples arms were as thin as wire.

Henry Kissinger many years ago said the way to control the population is by food.  Of course that is correct. I feel sure we are all in for this treatment.  And after a short period of starvation no one has the energy or the confidence to fight the overlords.

Hint: the time to do it is before the food shortage, hint, hint.

So now for the text. Clover and Boxer are cart-horses, Mollie is a mare, Muriel is a goat, Benjamin is a boar. Not all animals are equal.

Chapter 7 of George Orwells Animal Farm (1945) unabridged, but some underlining by Gum...



Stephen E. Arnold: French Replace Google with Qwant #GoogleGestapo Crumbling? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Stephen E. Arnold

French Wash Out Google. Recruit Qwant

Last year, we took note when the privacy-centric search engine Qwant, a French and German company, declared its intention to take on Google for internet search dominance. Now, The Sun reports, France Declares War on Google as Military Replaces Search Engine with Untrackable Qwant. Apparently, officials feel their nations very (digital) independence is at risk. Reporter Felix Allen writes:

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Phi Beta Iota: P...


Momentum is growing for the reinvestigation of the 1996 murder of Katrina Taylor in Brighton. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Following on from the successful conviction of paedophile monster Russell Bishop at the Old Bailey in London on the 10th December 2018; interest is growing for the reinvestigation of the unsolved murder of Katrina Taylor in 1996.

To understand what happened to Katrina Taylor in the fateful night of 4th July 1996, I would recommend you take the time to read the following investigation which explains it all.

         Katrina Taylor Unsolved Murder Covered-up Evidence

With police forces across the nation always ready to reinvestigate cold cases on the basis of new evidence; as we have seen with a successful outcome in the Babes in the Woods case, and an unsuccessful result in the Suzy Lamplugh case;...


Katrina Taylor 1996 Murder Cover-up "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Katrina Taylor

Exclusively presented by "Guerrilla Democracy News", new evidence in the Katrina Taylor unsolved murder in 1996, has been uncovered which gives Sussex police reason to reopen her case, on the grounds that original evidence was not presented in court.

Katrina Taylor's 1996 unsolved murder remains one of the nation's most notorious unsolved murders, and has a connection to Brighton's equally notorious murders of Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway in 1986.

Russell Bishop has been found guilty of murdering both Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway in December 2018 at a trial in the Old Bailey, drawing to a close one of the nation's most unsettling mis-carriages of justice.

With police forces across the country always prepared to reinvestigate cold cases, dependent on new evidence; "Guerrilla Democracy News" is taking a fresh look at the 1996 unsolved murder of Katrina Taylor in Brighton, UK, uncovering a relationship between the 1986 Babes in the Woods murder of Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway, and the 1996 murder of Katrina Taylor.

While one has been resolved, Katrina Taylor's murder remain the nation's most notorious and controversial unsolved murder cases. Made the more shocking with the back stories of both cases, revealing insights into the more shadowy and criminal side of Brighton's life.

What is the connection?



Arctic mega bridge opens to traffic in Norway... with thanks to China "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Norway has officially opened the longest suspension bridge above the Arctic Circle. The 1.5 kilometer span was built in cooperation with a Chinese company. Chinese workers, locals and officials took part in the opening ceremony of the new Norwegian super bridge, dubbed Halogaland, near the northern port city of Narvik. With pylons soaring 180 feet into the clouds, the bridge crosses the Rombaken fjord and boasts a free span of 1,145 meters. With a length of 1,533 meters, it is the longest suspension bridge ever built above the Arctic Circle. Built with assistance of China's Sichuan Road and Bridge Group (SRBG), it provides a significant shortcut on the European route E6 highway - the main north-south road through Norway and the west coast of Sweden. The Chinese firm delivered the steel constructions and was responsible for the mounting of the bridge, which took more than five years to build.


A Matter of Scale, A Matter of Fail "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

When I was making Jazzlets breadknife, [stderr] I originally specd it as quite a bit larger. This is how it came out.

Perhaps, eventually, Ill need a piece of metal thats about that size/shape, and if I do I know where it is. The aesthetics of this thing are all wrong; it looks like something for harpooning a whale.

Most of the knifemakers I know have big stacks of failures lying around, so if someone says Hey, I would like to commission a damasteel tactical spork! [you know that will happen] you can rummage around and pull up some stock. I have known a few artists who never recycle from themselves they throw everything away but thats not me; Im happy with looks cool.

For example, someone in The Commentariat(tm) had mentioned straight-edge razors and, since the oven was hot and I had some chunks of fail lying around, I decided to see if I could hammer out an anti neck-beard device. Mostly it was an excuse to do another radical hollow-grind; I really like them.

It feels pretty good in my hand, but it doesnt look right I dislike the transition between the back and the handle, and I should have thought about how to attach a swinging cover to it. Now that Ive quenched it, I cant make holes in it unless I want to chew up a couple of end-mills. Its pretty sharp, though it still needs some detail shaping and I havent seriously tried to sharpen it at all. Gangsta!

Heres another fail:

There is a fail-window between when you quench a blade, and you temper it. Quenching it hardens the steel and crystallizes it, and tempering relaxes the steel but leaves it mostly hard while increasing its flexibility and resistance to shock. If you quench the bread-knife youre making, leave it on the anvil, and knock it onto the floor, it can do this: -klink-

------ divider ------

My dads sister used to run with the bad kids (because her big brother was a total nerd) and she told me stories of how the hot rodders used to fight with straight raz...


I will contest it: UK PM May to face vote of confidence in leadership over Brexit deal "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


The move follows a week of chaos and speculation after Mays proposed Brexit deal was openly derided in...


Russian antifascists under attack: urgent fundraiser launched "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Russian anti-fascists are struggling against a brutal wave of repression which has featured kidnappings, savage beatings, torture and fabricated court cases.  Up to date, eleven antifascists are facing lengthy jail sentences. In response,  a group of activists centred in London and with the shared goal of organising solidarity action and fundraise for the release of the antifascist political prisoners is calling on everybody opposed to racism, xenophobia, fascism and the upsurge of far-right populism sweeping the world to help raise funds in solidarity with Russian comrades. Please donate now at the link below. Solidarity is a weapon.

Originally published by Freedom News.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

The repressions of antifascists in Russia began in Autumn 2017, when six a...


A Catastrophic Meeting with Chuck and Nancy "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A full transcript of the acrimonious Oval Office meeting that occurred Tuesday between President Trump, Vice-President Pence, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi is available here. It was an extraordinary humiliating experience for the president, and the fallout is already being felt on Capitol Hill.

Jerry Moran is a Republican senator from Kansas. Hes obviously not pleased with Trumps performance. And its not just that Trump voluntarily offered to take the mantle of responsibility for a government shutdown. He had invited the Democratic leaders to the White House because he needs their help and then he proceeded to spew a fire hydrant level of lies about the border wall and related topics that Schumer and Pelosi shot down with mocking contempt.

On several occasions, Pelosi begged Trump to stop forcing them to contradict him in public in front of the press before the negotiations could even begin, but he insisted on pressing on, only to get owned over and over again.

Schumer laughed at him for attempting to say that he had gotten some kind of mandate out of the midterms: When the president brags that he won North Dakota and Indiana, hes in real trouble. He pointed out that he had just repeated the same lies about the border wall that had inspired the new Bottomless Pinocchio rating from the Washington Post. He caught Trump in a contradiction, saying that our border security was terrible after having opening his remarks by touting its effectiveness. He pointed out that Trump hasnt even spent the money for border security that he received last year. Then he told Trump that he had called for a government shutdown twenty separate times and got Trump to commit the mother of all blunders:

TRUMP: And Ill tell you what, I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck, because the people...

Wanker of the Day: Orrin Hatch "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

There was a time in the 1990s when I considered Sen. Orrin Hatch a serious legislator. I certainly didnt agree with him on much, but at a time when the Republican Party seemed to have gone mad with a malignant form of Clinton Derangement Syndrome, Sen. Hatch appeared to be more interested in public policy than in waging partisan holy war. In 1997, he teamed up with Teddy Kennedy to enact the Childrens Health Insurance Program, a decision that drew heavy criticism from many of his colleagues.

When the time came, though, Hatch voted to remove Bill Clinton from office for both perjury and obstruction of justice, thereby defining lies told about ill-advised office trysts with an intern as a high crime. If I had been paying closer attention to politics in the 1990s, I might never have credited Hatch with a serious or upright nature at all.

You can see how nakedly partisan he is today by his dismissal of President Trumps campaign finance-related felonies.

Retiring Sen. Orrin Hatch defended President Donald Trump on Monday, saying he doesnt believe he committed any crimes.

The Utah Republican told CNNs Manu Raju that he didnt have any concerns about allegations that Trump directed his former lawyer Michael Cohen to pay hush money to two women with whom Trump allegedly had affairs.

No because I dont think he was involved in crimes but even then, you know, you can make anything a crime under the current laws; if you want to you can blow it way out of proportion you can do a lot of things, Hatch said, according to a Raja tweet.

Hatch said the Democrats would do anything to hurt the president.

When told the federal prosecutors for the Southern District of New York were making the allegations, Hatch said, OK but I dont care; all I can say is hes doing a good job as president.

Raju also tweeted that Hatch told him, Presiden...

It's Not Hateful to Advocate Tolerance "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

F.H. Buckley of the New York Post is right about one thingthe Hate Has No Home Here signs that have cropped up across America are about vice signaling. People put the sign in their yard because there is something wrong going on in their country.  The signs began appearing shortly after Donald Trump was inaugurated and immediately moved to limit immigration by Muslims, including war refugees.  Whenever I pick my son up from school, I pass by several of these signs, and I take them to register strong disapproval with the president, his immigration policies and his political movement.  While I agree with Mr. Buckley that they are not about virtue signaling, I do not think they are normally aimed at Trump-supporting neighbors or intended to sow division within my community.

Thats how Mr. Buckley experiences the signs though when he encounters them in his non-diverse middle class Washington DC neighborhood while he is walking his dog.  He sees them less as exhortations for tolerance than expressions of hate.

Without getting into the argument about whether you can advocate tolerance while showing intolerance for intolerance, it should be obvious that any political speech of any kind will have the effect of making someone feel defensive.  Someone could put up signs that are much more explicit: I oppose President Trumps immigration policies or I support offering asylum to political refugees, those fleeing violence, and victims of ethnic cleansing.  Those signs would also make Trumps supporters uncomfortable. Even a generic sign for a political candidate will divide a community.  For that reason, many people decline to put political signs in their yards or on their cars, but its certainly everyones right to publicly signal their political opinions.

The rest of Buckleys column is even more of a mess. He manages to compare the supposed hatefulness of putting a No hate here sign in your yard to reflexively accusing war veterans of being potential rapists and advocating for transgender rights.  For Mr. Buckley, what all of these things have in common is that they are supposedly strategic and partisan ploys to define conservative values as depraved.

In the case of war veterans, liberals allegedly consider them suspect because of their toxic masculinity, and in the case of transgender rights, the idea is to keep pushing the envelope on sexual mores until conservatives cry foul. Then the liberals can accuse conservatives of having unenlightened beliefs.

I dont really know if Mr. Buckley believes any of this or if he just enjoys making money writing books like The Republican...

Trumps Lying Inspires the Bottomless Pinocchio "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Over the years, Ive been frustrated enough times by the performance of high-profile fact checkers like Politifact and Glenn Kesslers Washington Post operation, that Ive become wary of appealing to them for an objective measure of the truth. Nonetheless, they serve a vital purpose and while their conclusions can sometimes bend over backwards to credit obviously deceitful assertions or raise unwarranted doubts about truthful ones, they usually do a decent job of laying out the available record.

It looks like Kessler has grown frustrated too, at least with the president, as The Fact Checker will now offer a new rating that is worse than the previous booby prize: the Bottomless Pinocchio. Kessler was inspired by Trumps decision to lie 86 separate times while campaigning for Republican midterm candidates about funding for his border wall with Mexico.

As Kessler points out, Trump originally insisted when he ran for president in 2015-16 that he would force the Mexican government to pay for a border wall, but he dropped that plan almost immediately and asked Congress to give him the money. Thats not the inspiration for the Bottomless Pinocchio, however.

Shortly after becoming president, Trump dropped the Mexico part, turning to Congress for the funds instead. When that, too, failed Congress earlier this year appropriated money for border security that could not be spent on an actual wall Trump nevertheless declared victory: Weve started building our wall, he said in a speech on March 29. Im so proud of it.

Despite the facts, which have been cited numerous times by fact-checkers, Trump repeated his false assertion on an imaginary wall 86 times in the seven months before the midterm elections, according to a database of false and misleading claims maintained by The Post.

The lie that inspired the new rating is th...

Casual Observation "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The president committed crimes and it's the Republicans' turn to say this doesn't matter. It will grow increasingly painful to maintain that position. Campaign finance violations to cover up infidelity is the least of it, and yet that's already painful enough.


Serious Question "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Any one else feel like the president is taking his insanity to a new level?


The Justice Department Accuses Trump of Felonies "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Late Friday afternoon, the Southern District of New Yorks and the Special Counsels sentencing memoranda on Michael Cohen were released, along with the Special Counsels breach determination in respect to their plea deal with Paul Manafort. Collectively, they probably did not live up to the hype, but thats really only because the crimes detailed within are comparatively minor compared to many of the more serious crimes that have been alleged.

Of the three, the most immediately damaging is the Southern Districts submission. And thats because it accuses the president of the United States of having knowingly committed multiple campaign finance related felonies and then spells out precisely why these crimes are so damning. In short, Donald Trump defrauded the American people by illegally denying them vital information they needed to make an informed choice on Election Day in 2016. If he were not presently serving as our president, Donald Trump would assuredly be prosecuted for these crimes exactly as Michael Cohen has been, and as the ringmaster and beneficiary of the conspiracy, his sentence would be the more severe.

Paying off a porn star and Playboy bunny to conceal his infidelity might not be seen as the kind of high crime envisioned in the Constitution of meriting impeachment, but this case is complicated by its consequence for the very outcome of the election and by the subsequent coverup that took place while Trump was in office. The prospect is very real that Donald Trump would not be the president at all if he had not committed these crimes, and his criminal conduct in office is more serious than his criminal conduct on the campaign trail.

Truthfully, however, this is still relatively small potatoes in the greater scheme of things and it alone is not going to convince the Senate Republicans to march up Pennsylvania Avenue and ask Trump to pack his bags.

There are more serious implications in all three of todays court filings that relate to Michael Cohens seeming fear of organized crime and Russian intelligence, as well as Trump, Manafort and Cohens dealings with Kremlin-connected Russian figures. Unfortunately, most of this is left to our imaginatio...

Senator-Elect Josh Hawley Could Go to Prison "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

With Rep. David Valadao of Californias 21st District conceding to T.J. Cox, the Democrats have locked in a forty seat gain in the 2018 midterm elections. It could go as high as forty-one if a new election is held in North Carolinas Ninth District. The absentee ballot shenanigans that have been exposed there certainly warrant it, and at a minimum it does not look likely that Republican Mark Harris will be seated in the House of Representatives.

But the Republicans also have a problem in the Senate, as Ed Kilgore explains. It appears to be a fairly straightforward scandal although its resolution promises to be anything but.

Missouri attorney general Josh Hawley was the Republican Partys nominee to take on Senator Claire McCaskill, and he was successful in his effort. The problem is that he improperly used his old office to run for his new one. McCaskill raised this issue in the last days of the campaign, but Hawley scraped by nonetheless. Having won, however, hasnt made the problem go away, and now he faces an inquiry.

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft has launched an investigation into the way Attorney General Josh Hawley ran the office, Ashcrofts deputy general counsel wrote to a Democratic-allied group Thursday

The complaint came after the Kansas City Star reported on Oct. 31 that political advisers who would run Hawleys U.S. Senate campaign also directed taxpayer-funded staff, confusing the attorney general offices chain of command.

The advis...

Casual Observation "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In my opinion, Joe Manchin never should have received a slot on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee in the first place. He wasn't a reliable vote and there was always the possibility that this day would come. Having let him on the committee, however, the solution isn't to deny him the leadership position by ignoring his accrued seniority. The solution is to convince one of the senators who have more seniority to serve as the ranking member on the committee rather than opting for their current positions. There's no way Ron Wyden is giving up his top position on the Finance Committee and Maria Cantwell can represent her state's aeronautical industry best on the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee. That leaves either Debbie Stabenow or Bernie Sanders. Stabenow seems happy at Agriculture but if she cares about the climate, she will move over. Bernie likes his spot on the Budget Committee but it's worthless in the minority. He should make the jump to Energy to deny Manchin the slot, but he won't because when has he ever been a team player?

So, it looks like Manchin will be the top Democrat on the Energy Committee and positioned to become the chairman when the Democrats retake the majority. It's probably worth begging Stabenow not to let this happen. Most likely, Amy Klobuchar would take her top slot on the Agriculture Committee, and that would be a good spot for her. It might even give her a little boost if she decides to run for president.


Trump Will Be Brought Down By His Own People "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

On June 3, 1973, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein signaled the end of Richard Nixons presidency with a big scoop in the Washington Post. They reported that ex-White House counsel John Dean had told Senate investigators and federal prosecutors that he discussed aspects of the Watergate cover-up with President Nixon or in Mr. Nixons presence on at least 35 occasions and that he was planning to testify under oath at the Senates Watergate hearings, regardless of whether he is granted full immunity from prosecution.

I dont think too many observers realized at the time that the jig was up, but Woodward and Bernstein had the goods.

One of the strongest charges against Mr. Nixon that Dean has made to investigators refers to a meeting Dean said he had with Mr. Nixon shortly before the sentencing of the seven Watergate defendants March 23, Dean said that Mr. Nixon asked him how much the defendants would have to be paid to insure their continued silence, in addition to $460,000 that had already been paid, the sources said.

Dean, the sources reported, maintains that he told Mr. Nixon the additional cost would be about $1 million, and Dean also claims the President replied there would be no problem in paying that amount.

On May 1, 1974, Nixon was compelled to release most of the transcripts of his secret recordings, among which was a tape that confirmed that John Dean was telling the truth about Nixon being willing to pay $1 million in hush money. On May 9, 1974, impeachment hearings began in the House Judiciary Committee.

What people couldnt really imagine on June 3, 1973 is what the effect would be over having members of Nixons inner circle testify against him. Certainly, John Deans testimony before Congress captured the nations attention and, once their existence was revealed, created an unstoppable momentum for the release of the Nixon tapes.  People can be forgiven for not knowing what the future would bring, but we have this precedent now to help imagine our near future.

When Robert Mueller brings his case, however he brings it, that will not be the end of the story. He has built his case by interviewing nearly everyone in Trumps inner circle, many of whom have become cooperating witnesses and many others of whom have doubtlessly opted to tell the truth rather than risk perjury or obstruction of justice charges. Their information is locked in in FBI transcripts and grand jury testimony, and they can be called before Congress to t...

Democrats Should Concede Nothing on Wall "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Parts of the government are due to shut down Friday through lack of funding. To prevent this from happening, the House of Representatives just passed a two-week stopgap continuing resolution.

It will provide funding for the departments of Homeland Security, State, Interior, Justice, Transportation and Commerce, among others, until Dec. 21. The legislation also provides a two-week stop-gap for the National Flood Insurance Program and extends programs included in the last stopgap measure, such as the Violence Against Women Act for an additional two weeks.

The Senate is expected to follow suit later on Thursday. This will hardly solve the problem, however. Unless a deal on President Trumps border wall is struck, Congress will have to pass another continuing resolution before the members go home for Christmas or we will end the year with a crippled government.

Nancy Pelosi is still the House Minority Leader rather than the Speaker of the House, so she cant dictate anything at this point, but she seems just fine with punting on the wall for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Pelosi said said her preferred solution for meeting the new deadline is for Congress to pass the six appropriations bills that appropriators have agreement on with a continuing resolution for the DHS [Department of Homeland Security] measure.

As Greg Sargent explains, the Senate Democrats are generally uninterested in paying for a project the president repeatedly guaranteed would be funded by the Mexican government, but they have agreed to plop down $1.6 billion for enhanced border security. That money can be spent on certain kinds of fencing but explicitly cannot be spent on a wall. Now the Republicans are trying to say its a win and Trump should claim victory while the Democrats are insisting its not a win and the president can take it or leave it.

So far, Trump doesnt seem inclined to accept either the congressional Republicans definition of a wall or the $1.6 billion level of funding. He wants $5 billion.

The Senate Republicans have tried to explain that the votes arent there for $5 billion and that theyve already struck a deal for the $1.6. Trump doesnt seem to care.  As a result, we...

Good Riddance to the Weekly Standard "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Billionaire Philip Anschutzs DC Media is a parent to both the Trump-critical Weekly Standard and the pro-Trump Washington Examiner. Its not surprising that theyre looking to expand the Examiner and shutter the Standard.

As Jim Antle, editor of The American Conservative, told Politicos Jason Schwartz, I think, in general, people dont visit conservative websites and read conservative magazines to read that the president is terrible. So what do you do when your writers and editors have concluded the president is terrible?

Its a little different on the left. I can tell you from experience that its easier to get traffic on the left by trashing the Democratic Party and its leaders than it is to praise or defend them. But its still generally true that partisans are looking for some kind of orthodoxy from publications before they will consider them allies or recommended reading. The Weekly Standard has evidently run afoul of this principle, although there is some dispute over the exact cause of their demise. For me, it would be related to the fact that its founder Bill Kristol may be the most famously and reliably wrong person in America.

Thats not it, however.

And despite the Standards dwindling circulation, unnamed staffers told Voxs Jane Coaston last night that the magazines closure would reflect corporate infighting more than untenable financial pressure (MediaDC, in any case, has deep pockets: its parent company is owned by the billionaire Philip Anschutz). As one source told Coaston, This isnt a natural death.

Maybe there is an editorial reason for killing off the Standard. It could be that Mr. Anschutz ha...

The Right Has a Michael Flynn Hangover "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Since the Special Counsels Offices (SCO) much anticipated sentencing memo for Michael Flynn was heavily redacted, most of the early response has been aimed at guessing what was included that we were prevented from reading. Theres plenty of quality speculation (see, e.g., Nancy LeTourneau on Jared Kushner and Marcy Wheeler on Reza Zarrab). Byron York, however, is stuck in his own right-wing misinformation bubble.

It probably doesnt behoove the right to spend a whole lot more time treating Michael Flynn as a martyr now that its clear that he sat for nineteen separate meetings with the SCO, but they invested an enormous amount of time in that effort over the last two years.  York is really stuck on two talking points that they developed.

The first is that the intelligence community (and outgoing Obama administration) originally went after Flynn for possibly violating the Logan Act, which prohibits negotiations by unauthorized persons with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. Enacted in 1799, the law has almost never been enforced, and it has never resulted in a conviction. For York, this was a disingenuous pretense for going after the Trump transition team.

The second talking point revolves around the fact that the FBI agents who originally interviewed Michael Flynn did not report back that they detected any signs of deception on Flynns part. When he was still FBI director, James Comey admitted this to the House Intelligence Committee and (reportedly) to the Senate Judiciary Committee, too. Andrew McCabe, then serving as the FBIs deputy director, confirmed it.

Taken in tandem, these two arguments created a narrative that Flynn had done nothing illegal or wrong by talking to Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the transition, and that he hadnt actually lied when he was questioned about those conversations. In other words, Flynn was...

Michael Flynn is Getting Off Easy "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

As we await Special Counsel Robert Muellers court filing on Michael Flynn, you may enjoy the opportunity to refresh your memory about him and his possible significance to the Russia investigation. I wrote about Flynn incessantly from the moment on November 18, 2016 that he was announced as the incoming National Security Advisor until he became a cooperating witness on December 1, 2017 and went completely off the grid.

This is actually just a sampling of the pieces I did on Flynn, but they collectively cover all the really good stuff. There are his notorious Flynn Facts that were basically made up crap he told his staff while serving as head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. There is his seat at Putins head table during the 2015 RT network gala dinner. Theres his suspicious relationship with a Russian woman named Svetlana Lokhova at Cambridge University that aroused the interest of the counterintelligence community. Theres the Peter W. Smith suicide story. Theres the plot to kidnap Fethullah Glen from his Pennsylvania home and secretly ship him to Turkey for execution. Theres the undisclosed lobbying and floated nuclear proposals in Saudi Arabia.  There are Trump Tower meetings with latter-day Austrian Nazis who have since made a formal alliance with Vladimir Putin. There is so much more.  Indeed, Michael Flynn was the worst staffing decision ever made.

One of These Parties is Not Like the Other "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Last week, I got angry with Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Astead W. Herndon of the New York Times for reporting that women of color in the incoming congressional Democratic freshman class might become a potential headache for Nancy Pelosi, reminiscent of the way the 2011 freshman class of Tea Party Republicans wound up ending John Boehners political career. In truth, I would have been annoyed by the comparison even if it didnt single out black, Latino and Native American women. The Democrats freshman class is nothing like the Republicans from 2011 or any other year.

You can see this very clearly by looking at a letter that 46 freshmen Democrats sent to the partys leadership on Monday. Whereas the Tea Party class came into office determined to roll back Obamacare and pursue specious conspiracy theories in the oversight committees, the incoming Democrats are urging that the party put more focus on problem solving and legislating rather than scoring cheap political points and holding investigations.

While we have a duty to exercise oversight over the Executive Branch, particularly when the Administration crosses legal lines or contravenes American values, we must prioritize action on topics such as the cost of healthcare and prescription drugs, our crumbling infrastructure, immigration, gun safety, the environment, and criminal justice reform, the freshmen wrote. While we may not always agree on how to approach every issue, we are united in the belief that we have a mandate to debate, draft, and work across the aisle to pass legislation.

This puts the whole freshman class closer to the No Labels-sponsored Problem Solvers Caucus than to the fire breathing Tea Party-inspired Freedom Caucus. But I wouldnt misinterpret this as some kind of radical moderatism. Its more a clear-sighted strategy for holding the majority than a genuine disinterest in oversight. The Democrats did not run so much against Trump as against the Republicans ineffectiveness on the opioid crisis, infrastructure and guns,  their efforts to sabotage health care and the resulting increase in cost for care and medicine, and their extremism on immigration and climate change.  The people gave them a chance to tac...


Syria seizing opponents' property using little-known anti-terrorism law "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Government seizes property from dissidents and their families as it takes back control of rebel areas, rights groups say


"We don't want to have events that resemble those in Paris", Putin promises to investigate arrest of activist Ponomarev "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

No one in Russia wants to see violent riots like the ones recently crippling Paris, Vladimir Putin said, commenting on the arrest of human rights activist Lev Ponomarev for his social media calls to stage unsanctioned protests. The President said that it was hard for him to question the decisions of the trial and appeal courts, which found 77-year-old Ponomarev guilty of the violation and put him under administrative arrest. "We don't want to have events that resemble those in Paris when cobblestone pavements are torn up and everything is set on fire, and the country descends into a state of emergency," he said. However, Putin promised that he'll ask Prosecutor General Yury Chaika to "look more closely" at the events surrounding Ponomarev's detention.


Why George Bush Sr. Should Have Been Indicted Before He Died (Child Sex & Drug Trafficking) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

...I cannot fully escape the regret I feel that another bloodline family member who has perpetrated great and horrific crimes against humanity has moved on without having to make himself accountable to the world, and in the process reveal the means and motives of the bloodline family rule of the planet to enable humanity to fully liberate itself from it.

...The incongruity between the lavish honor and praise ubiquitously delivered through mainstream media and the harrowing accounts Ive heard and read about George H. W. Bushs cruel Satanic practices drew me to this video interview clip with David Icke, where he explains that there are a number of reasons why we need to look at and expose the practices of the man he calls Father Bush.

Father Bush High Up The Ladder

David Icke puts George H. W. Bush, who died at age 94, in a category with others high up in the ranks of the ruling bloodline families , aligned with their darkest practices, such as drinking the adrenalized blood of tortured children to lengthen their own lives:

George H. W. Bush Another "elite" that got away with it

Read Entire Article


DACA Amnesty Would Render Border Wall Useless, Cost Americans $26B "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

DACA Amnesty Would Render Border Wall Useless, Cost Americans $26B by John Binder Breitbart A deal in which President Trump accepts an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens enrolled and eligible for President Obamas Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals...

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Strasbourg Christmas market gunman shouted Allahu Akbar "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


The suspect was wounded after being cornered by armed police but managed to escape, triggering a huge manhunt.

  Read More

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Italian government says its budget will prevent scenes like weve seen in Paris Macrons money give away will put France in EU doghouse on spending with Italy "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Fiscal restrained in the EU may be dead.

Italian government says its budget will prevent 'scenes like we've seen in Paris'
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte (C) with his deputies Luigi Di Maio (L) and Matteo Salvini (R). Photo: Filippo Monteforte/AFP
Frances yellow vest protests have given the Italian government new ammunition in their budget battle with Brussels, as ministers say higher public spending is needed to prevent social unrest.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Tuesday that there will be a French problem on top of an Italian one if Frances deficit breaches EU rules after Emmanuel Macron unveiled measures to quell protests.

France will have to increase its deficit and there will be a problem for France, if the rules are the same for everyone, said Di Maio, whose own governments big-spending budget is facing EU disciplinary measures.

And speaking at his rally in Rome on Saturday, Co-Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini said the Italian government was taking a very different path to Paris.

Do people in Italy want scenes like weve seen in Paris? No. I want to prevent this, he said.

Yellow vest protesters in Paris. Photo: AFP

Frances yellow vest protesters  have taken aim at French President Emmanuel Macrons liberal economic policies, and have so far forced the French government to pay for an increase in the minimum wage  a potentially costly measure as well as cancel a planned rise in taxes on petrol and diesel.

Italian ministers seized on the anti-government demonstrations rocking Paris as further justification for their peo...


Short Term Thinking Dooms U.S. Anti-China Strategy "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The United States issued an arrest warrant against the chief financial officer and heir apparent of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou. At issue is a six years old alleged violation of sanctions against Iran. Mrs. Meng was arrested in Canada. She has...


PC PELOSI: Trump shutdown a Christmas, er, holiday present to American people "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Pelosi told the media that she was the mom of the meeting and bizarrely described it as a tinkle contest.



Discuss: Kerch Strait and Azov Sea Tensions "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Guardian has a an opinion piece today, titled: The EUs response to Russia must be bold and unanimous. It is written by German politician Norbert Rttgen, head of the Bundestag foreign affairs committeeand it is simply massively dishonest and one-sided. The mainstream narrative on Ukraine has been corrected to death in the alternate media, there is no need to go back over old ground, suffice to say, here are just few of the relevent facts which Mr Rttgen leaves out of his article: The Kerch Strait is incredibly shallow, it has a canal carved into to the sea bed to allow deep-draft ships to pass. Using the canal requires a pilot, and ships can only go in single file. The Ukrainian naval ships ignored these rules. Ships using the Kerch strait are required to give 72 hours notice, due to the narrowness of the passage and the shallowness of the sea. These rules have been in place for years. Ukraine ignored them. There have been calls both inside and outside Ukraine to


Coincidence? Strasbourg Christmas market shooter on run, city bans public demos, France on highest threat level (UPDATE) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

France has upgraded its security threat level as hundreds of police hunted a gunman who shot three people dead and injured 12 others in a terror attack on Strasbourg's celebrated Christmas market on Tuesday evening. Six hours after the gunman disappeared after firing at passers-by in the busy city centre, the interior minister, Christophe Castaner, said the government had raised the risk level to the highest category. The move would strengthen border controls and bolster protection of Christmas markets and other events. In a statement, Castaner said the gunman had opened fire in three different places in the city before engaging in firefights with patrolling soldiers. "He fought twice with our security forces," Castaner said. French media reported the man, who was injured in one of the exchanges, then jumped in a taxi and disappeared. Comment: He fled in a taxi??


SKIPPYS BACK | NO ESCAPE | NO DEALS (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

SKIPPYS BACK | NO ESCAPE | NO DEALS Video SGTReport Skippy Podesta is back and Q asks, Coincidence? PANIC? Define Projection. Define Getting Ahead of the Story. THIS IS AS REAL AS IT GETS. NO ESCAPE. NO DEALS. ADD...

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A Pi Cluster to Hang in Your Stocking with Care "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Its that time of year again, with the holidays fast approaching friends and family will be hounding you about what trinkets and shiny baubles they can pretend to surprise you with. Unfortunately theres no person harder to shop for than the maker or hacker: if we want it, weve probably already built the thing. Or at least gotten it out of somebody elses trash.

But if they absolutely, positively, simply have to buy you something thats commercially made, then you could do worse than pointing them to this very slick Raspberry Pi cluster backplane from [miniNodes]. With the ability to support up to five of the often overlooked Pi Compute Modules, this little device will let you bring a punchy little ARM cluster online without having to build something from scratch.

The Compute Module is perfectly suited for clustering applications like this due to its much smaller size compared to the full-size Raspberry Pi, but we dont see it get used that often because it needs to be jacked into an appropriate SODIMM connector. This makes it effectively useless for prototyping and quickly thrown together hacks (I.E. everything most people use the Pi for), and really only suitable for finish...


What should Theresa May do now? Stop fudging and pledge to stay in the customs union "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Tonight if she wins by whatever margin, Theresa May should declare a victory and press on. No messing with hints that shell quit voluntarily in March next year.

She needs more than reassurances from the EU that the backstop is dispensable. The huge question is, what can replace it?

She should accept the challenge of the core Brexiteers and pledge that the UK will remain the customs union indefinitely.

Under the looming shadow of No Deal,  she should go to Dublin and  press Varadkar to accept  her pledge that if  the Commons vote for the withdrawal agreement so amended   the backstop is still  legal but becomes conditionally redundant .

It is firmly in Irelands interests to do so; see the latest evidence the Irish Times

Meanwhile, a no-deal Brexit could almost halve Irish economic growth next year, the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) has warned.

In its latest economic commentary, the ESRI found that if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, and assuming World Trade Organisation rules then apply, this would curtail growth here to 2.6 per cent compared to 4.2 per cent in the absence of Brexit.

The ESRI also warned that the forecast probably understated the full impact of a no-deal Brexit on the Irish economy as it assumed a smooth adjustment, which was probably unrealistic

The UK and the EU with Ireland in a leading role should  set up a joint task force to  settle the controversy over the degree of regulation needed north-south and east- west.

The withdrawal agreement amended to include a British pledge to remain in the customs union will further split the already divided Conservative party. But to vote by a majority  against it without an agreed alternative when they have voted to keep May as leader would make them look ridiculous. Continuing membership of the customs union also fulfils the essential requirements of Labour or at least enough Labour back benches to support it. And the support of the DUP would not be needed.

The political alternative that would satisfy the hard line Brexiteers is  a managed withdrawal and a free trade settlement that leaves services up in the air. There would be not be a Commons majority for it.

The Brexiteers have thrown down the gauntlet to the inchoate forces who wish to maintain a close relationship with the EU. The governance of Britain, British-Irish relations and the prosperity of....


Does Macron have any new ideas to save the moment? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

My opening line for Bloomberg:

The sorry truth is that both progressives and neoliberals still dont get it, and that seems true in France most of all.

Part of the argument:

In response, people want something beyond more income redistribution (what the left is offering) or more globalization (what the pre-populist right used to offer). People want ideas and inspiration, and when no good new ideas are put forward, the current default seems to be nationalist ideas, including of the less tolerant variety.

Macron doesnt have any new ideas or vision, however much you might like the old ideas he has embraced. And so, however promising it might have seemed at first, his tenure has accelerated the collapse of the traditional European liberal order. For some time, his approval ratings in France have been lower than those of U.S. President Donald Trump.

And here is the least central paragraph:

The one intellectual group that really gets what is going on right now are the much-maligned libertarians. For decades they have been told that they are too analytical, that they lack empathy, that they dont have much to offer the public in the way of inspiration. For all the (mostly failed) attempts to pretend otherwise, that is mostly true and libertarians have to hope that analytical perspectives become more ascendant.

Oh, and dont forget this:

A quick comparison with 19th-century French culture, with its emphasis on progress, utopia and the rationalization of social systems, shows just how much the forward-looking perspective is lacking.


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President Clintons Welfare Reform Is Still Ensuring Poverty "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

President Ronald Reagan introduced a range of myths about Americas social safety net, led by his images of welfare queens and the implication that most recipients of public aid were African American. President Bill Clinton pledged to end welfare as we know it, and over the objections of many progressives, he signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act in 1996.

Our guests in this WhoWhatWhy podcast were centrally involved in the policy debates and political battles that signaled the end of President Lyndon Johnsons War on Poverty and reduced the Democratic Partys focus on Americas poor. Former Rep. Lynn Woolsey, a one-time welfare mother elected to the House in 1992, shares insights and anecdotes, and laments that Clintons framing of the issues continues to this day with little change. While she has great affection for President Barack Obama, Woolsey says he never focused much on the poor and the social safety net.

Felicia Kornbluh has studied the issues for decades, and offers informed criticism from a feminist perspective. She reveals the collaboration between Clinton and Speaker Newt Gingrich, whose Contract with America allowed Republicans to take control of the House in 1994. She makes a strong case that Clintons vision of the New Democrats was driven by a desire to attract wealthy and corporate donors to fund his center/right makeover of the party.  

Woolsey, who represented a northern California district for 20 years starting in 1993, speaks candidly about raising three children as a single mom and relying on welfare for several years. Kornbluh is associate professor of History and of Gender, Sexuality, and Womens Studies at the University of Vermont and co-author of the new book Ensuring Poverty: Welfare Reform in Feminist Perspective. Her co-author is Gwendolyn Mink, who served as an adviser to her mother, Rep. Patsy Mink, who was a forceful opponent of Clintons reforms.



The Transgender Movement Is Not Interested In Compromise "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

As public schools begin to enforce rigid transgender policies, the trans movement is becoming more mainstream and less tolerant.


Top 10 Reasons You Should Own An AR-15 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Second to the muskets used in our revolutionary and civil wars, the AR-15 may be the most important firearm in American political history.


Russian antifascists under attack: urgent fundraiser launched "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Russian anti-fascists are struggling against a brutal wave of repression which has featured kidnappings, savage beatings, torture and fabricated court cases.  Up to date, eleven antifascists are facing lengthy jail sentences. In response,  a group of activists centred in London and with the shared goal of organising solidarity action and fundraise for the release of


50 Years Ago, Apollo 8 Soared To A Christmas Miracle For A Weary World "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

On Christmas Eve, 1968, the Apollo 8 crew got to address the world via the most-watched television broadcast at the time. They read Genesis.


Now That The Supreme Court Isnt Their Puppet, Liberals Want To Destroy It "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

What they were able to do to the Constitution implicitly through the courts, many progressives are now calling to be done externally at the expense of the judiciarys independence.


If You Think Trumps Populism Is Bad, Wait Until Frances Hits The United States "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The lefts young radicals will be no more forgiving to the liberal elites than the populists will. In the end, they too will turn on those who led them to ruin.


Tolkien Trio Fails To Get Fantasy Film Mortal Engines Out Of First Gear "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Fantasy film wizard Peter Jackson co-wrote the screenplay of this dazzling mishmash of a movie, but don't expect another epic for the ages here.


8 Practical, Unconventional Suggestions For Fixing Americas Soaring Health Costs "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Here are a few ways we could streamline our health care system, increase competition, and help deliver quality care to those who need it most.


Tuesdays White House Meeting Was A Politicos Edition Of Real Housewives "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Typically when socialites air their disagreements on national TV, its for a 'Real Housewives' reunion. But on Tuesday, it was for an Oval Office meeting.


Mary Did You Know Is A Rhetorical Question, Okay? And A Great Song "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Yes, the Christmas song asks a rhetorical question, but while communicating well-known truths about Jesus and his glory. It's actually better than a lot of other favorites.


How Nadia Bolz-Webers Vagina Idol Merely Reinforces Purity Culture "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Progressive religious writer Nadia Bolz-Weber maintains the evangelical purity culture she hates but flips the identification of the pure and the impure. She redefines sin and reassigns shame.


Democrats 2020 Candidate Options Dont Look Good (Or Young) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Historically, young Democratic candidates have done well on the national stage. Why wouldn't Democrats pay attention to this when fielding a 2020 candidate?


How Mark Twain Championed Self-Government Through Humor And Realism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Mark Twain rejected the simplistic, good-guys-always-win type of Sunday school stories with overtly moral themes that he was raised on.


Opioid crisis: community and care, not law and order, is the answer "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Any response to the crisis must address the underlying conditions of drug addiction.

Insite, a safe consumption facility in Vancouver. Insite, a safe consumption facility in Vancouver. Image: Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0). How should we address the opioid crisis? Perhaps we should ask those with the most experience of it drug users. Having spoken to hundreds of drug users over the last 12 years as an ethnographic researcher, one thing made clear to me no matter where I go is that the best way to address problematic drug use is not through law and order but through care and community.

Perhaps the best example of a community-orientated approach to drug addiction can be found in Vancouvers Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, where organisations of active and former drug users and their allies responded to a drug epidemic in the 1990s with a focus on community-building and local revitalisation. When I visited in 2013, I witnessed first-hand how the scheme was transforming the lives of people living there. Small businesses and social enterprises, such as the community bank Pigeon Park Savings, had been created to offer employment and services to active drug users. There was a significant increase in social and affordable housing, several health including mental health facilities, and abundant community events open to public including musical concerts. All of these various projects are supported by mixture of public funding, won by campaigners, and private donations and non-profit grants.  

In two years the fatal overdose rate decreased by over a third.

None of this would have been possible without the establishment of Insite, the first legally sanctioned safe consumption facility in North America. These facilities provide a space for people to consume pre-obtained drugs in controlled settings, under the supervision of trained staff, and with access to sterile i...


BBC deliberately broadcasts 'coded negative imagery' of Corbyn, top British lawyer claims "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

One of Britain's leading barristers has claimed that a senior BBC journalist has told him that the public broadcaster has indulged in showing "coded negative imagery" of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn since his election in 2015. Jolyon Maugham QC, director of the Good Law Project, a group which recently helped win the case in the EU courts for the UK to unilaterally stop Brexit if they wish to do so, took to social media to post the alleged evidence of bias against Corbyn. Maugham, who originally made the claims in March this year, said that he was making messages between himself and a senior BBC journalist public after being 'trolled' by Rob Burley, editor of the BBC's live political programmes, about the issue.


Turkey will start operation east of Euphrates in Syria in a few days, Erdogan says "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Turkey will start an operation east of the Euphrates river in northern Syria in a few days President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday, a move that could further complicate relations with the United States.

Turkey will start an operation east of the Euphrates river in northern Syria in a few days President Tayyip Erdogan said. (File/AFP)

We will start the operation to clear the East of the Euphrates from separatist terrorists in a few days. Our target is never US soldiers, Erdogan said in a speech.

Ankara and Washington have long been at odds over Syria policy, where the United States has backed the YPG Kurdish militia in the fight against Daesh. Turkey says the YPG is a terrorist organisation.



From Daily Sabah

Turkey will carry out a military operation east of the Euphrates River in Syria in a couple of days, and this step will facilitate the countrys political solution, President Recep Tayyip Erdoan said Wednesday.

Speaking at the Turkish Defense Industry Summit held at the Betepe Presidential Palace Complex in capital Ankara, Erdoan said it is time to realize Turkeys decision to dissolve terrorism groupings east of the Euphrates River, referring to areas controlled by the Peoples Protection Units (YPG) terror group in northern and eastern Syria.

We have completed our preparations, Erdoan said.

Erdoan said the operation will target terrorist organizations operating in Syria, adding: Our targets will never be U.S. soldiers.

Turkey shares a 711-kilometer (442-mile) border with Syria and considers the presence of the YPG, the Syrian affiliate of the PKK terrorist group and the dominating force in the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), on its southern border a grave threat to its national security.

Almost all the territory in the east of the Euphrates, comprising some one-third of the territory of Syria, except for the Assad regime-controlled area near the eastern city of Deir el-Zour and the Daesh-held area near the Iraqi border, is controlled by the SDF. The SDF also controls the districts of Manbij and Tabqah on the right bank of the river.

The YPG has direct control in northern Syrian border towns of Ayn al-Arab (Kobani), Tel Abyad, Ras al-Ain (Sari Kani), Al-Darbasiyah, Amuda and Al-Malikiyah. In northeastern cities of Qamishli and Hassakah, the Assad regime has symbolic control in limited areas in city centers, in addi...


Jeffrey Beall, academic terrorist! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Ive been fairly outspoken about my support for open access publishing (On paywalls, F paywalls), so you might think that I would naturally be at odds with probably the most prominent critic of (paid) open access publishing, Jeffrey Beall. Im not, though. I despise scammers of all stripes (This should be interesting, What good is a washing machine on Arrakis?I think Tina/Nora has given up on me), and I think predatory open access publishers are loathsome parasites.

Did Beall miss the mark with his criticism of Frontiers publishing? I think he did. I THINK he did. I hope he did, because I recently agreed to serve as a review editor for Frontiers in Plant Science [thats my full disclosure, folks]. From everything I can tell, they are completely above-board. If someone can convince me otherwise (and I AM listening), I will turn on them like Trump on Cohen. That said, Beall only ever claimed to have identified potential, possible, or probable predatory publishers. I think his website was a valuable resource, and I miss it (Say it aint so! Bealls list shuts down).

Bealls list is archived at, but of course its not maintained, which is crucial given the rate at which predatory publishers spawn. I was looking for that the other day in response to a colleagues question, and I thought, Ill just check to make sure the original site is still down. Im glad I did, because I came across one of the most egregious (and hilarious) examples of cybersquatting Ive ever seen.

Bealls list was hosted at, so it wouldnt be terribly surprising if someone accidentally navigated to, as I did. And ho-ly shit, did I strike gold.

Theres a lot here; Im only going to hit the highlights:

Beall has maliciously discredited many Open access journals and demanded ransom in exchange for the removal of them from his hit list. This academic crime must end. We have added Jeffrey Beall to our list as a potential, possible, probable, predatory Blogger.



TV Comedians Devotion to Mueller is Symptomatic of a Post-Irony Epoch "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

21st Century Wire says

Its official: the mainstream intelligensia have lost the plot, and yes, its definitely Trumps fault. With each passing day, its becoming more obvious that truth is not the only casualty here, so is irony. 

To understand the depth of the irony at play, you should recall the uber-fashionable mainstream pronouncement that we in the valiant West are now living in a post-truth world. The irony of the Establishments appropriation of this term was lost on most people, not least of all the liberal intelligensia and champagne socialites who took so much pride in parroting their new etymological creation. For those who consider themselves aligned with the great and the good, the idea of post-truth is meant to depict the unholy scourge of fake news on social media which they firmly believe was engineered by the Kremlin to deceived the vulnerable hordes of uneducated, red hat-wearing deplorables, thus helping Donald J. Trump sweep into power in 2016. As ridiculous as that proposition might sound to the educated and informed person, members of the anti-Trump Resistance still believe this to be true and their confidence is derived not from any preponderance of evidence of Russian Interference or Collusion (to date, there is none), but rather because these narratives have been repeated incessantly over the last two years on outlets like CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the New York Review of Books, and The Guardian. The real irony is that it that they have constructed their own post-truth reality, constantly reinforced by narratives which remain devoid of any actual evidence to substantiate the central charge of Trump-Russia Collusion. Their unshakable faith in this narrative is held firmly in place by a confirmation bias resembling religious dogma. The medias beatification of Robert Mueller III reaffirms this phenomenon.

So its the Establishment, led by their cluster of highly-pa...


Clashes Between US-backed Forces And ISIS In Hajin. Coalition Reportedly Carried Out 230 Airstrikes (Map Update) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Clashes are ongoing between the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the area of Hajin in the Euphrates Valley. Over the past few days, the SDF has slowed down its advance in the area and it seems that ISIS has stabilized the frontline in the town at least partly.

The ISIS-linked news angency Amaq reported  that the US-led coalition carried out at least 230 airstrikes on positions in the area in the period from December 1 to December 10.

If the situation develops in this direction and the SDF is not going to contribute additional efforts, ISIS may remain in control of the Hajin pocket for another month or even few.

Clashes Between US-backed Forces And ISIS In Hajin. Coalition Reportedly Carried Out 230 Airstrikes (Map Update)

Click to see the full-size image

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3 Steps to Reach Your Retirement Dreams "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

3 Steps to Reach Your Retirement Dreams by Robert Kiyosaki Daily Reckoning Its that time of year for a lot of people where your wallet and your wants arent on the same page. Its no secret that the average...

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Chinas Quit the [Communist] Party movement may be more than 321 million people "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

When you are an illegitimate regime, you have a problem; and that is fear of your own people.

While the less-than-peaceful rise of communist China and its dream of reshaping the world order have alarmed the world in recent years, a grassroots movement has taken shape that could peacefully disintegrate the Chinese Communist Party, say human-rights experts. Yet this movement has gone unnoticed by many.

By Jennifer Zeng
Epoch Times
December 11, 2018

Now the number of Chinese people who have published declarations with the Tuidang (meaning Quit the Party) movementand thus have renounced all association with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizationshas topped 321 million. Last week, the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party brought together a panel of experts and human rights activists to discuss what the Tuidang movement means to China and the world.

Averting World War III

Trevor Loudon, a New Zealand expert on socialism and contributor to The Epoch Times, spoke to the Dec. 4 forum on Capitol Hill via telephone, saying that out of all the beautiful movements of the world right now, the Tuidang movement is the most important, because the Communist Party in China is the No. 1 threat to global peace.

If people were saying Get out of the Nazi party, Dont join the Nazi party, Abandon the Nazi party, if we had such a movement in those days, we possibly could have avoided WWII, Loudon said.

This is the situation we are in right now. The CCP today is the Nazi party of the 1930s.

The only movement in the world that is trying to stop the CCP is you people. If you can keep on making more and more people desert the party, then we can peacefully avert World War III. We can avert what I think is one of the greatest looming disasters that we face, and that is a global war involving China and its allies against the West.

One of the Greatest Human-Rights Stories

Jeffrey Imm, founder and director of Responsible for Equality and Liberty, noticed that the number of people who have quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations is almost equal to the population of the United States.

Jeffrey Imm, founder and director at R.E.A.L. (Responsible for Equality and Liberty), speaks at the Deteriorating Human Rights and Tuidang Movement in China forum on Capitol Hill in Washington on Dec. 4, 2018. (Samira...


Egypt jails human rights lawyer for possessing five yellow vests "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Mohamed Ramadan posted a Facebook picture of himself with a yellow vest days before his arrest


Whos Afraid of Chinas Influence? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

What is most notable about Chinas efforts to spread its influence abroad is not their success, but the ease with which they are exposed. Portraying these efforts as a genuine threat to the world's democracies not only betrays the Wests insecurity, but also gives China more credit than it deserves.


Japan, US silent over ending ballistic missile patrols "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Both have reason to keep mum as the move would shift the defense burden and alarm Russia and China

 DECEMBER 12, 2018 6:36 PM (UTC+8)

The land-based Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, interceptor is one of the alternatives being discussed. Photo: AFP/Missile Defense Agency

The land-based Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, interceptor is one of the alternatives being discussed. Photo: AFP/Missile Defense Agency



Tunisia is under threat from a Gulf-backed coup. Will the world let it happen? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The presence of a peaceful Islamist movement in Tunisia is a thorn in the side of the dictatorships in the Gulf and Egypt, who seek to end the country's fragile experiment with democracy


Doctor/researcher spoke out and was jailed for it. Please listen to her. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Please cut out eleven minutes in your day to listen to the interview below with Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. Yes, it will blow your mind but at the same time, it is truth that we all need to know and share with our friends. This information must reach the masses. RELATED STORY: Harvard Medical School Doctor: []

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Note from America: Christmas Has Become Yet Another Trigger Word "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Opt for kindness over curtness, and civility over censorship. Choose peace over politics, and freedom over fascism. Find common ground with those whose politics or opinions or lifestyles may not jive with your own.


Nigerias OneFi Secures First Ever Credit Rating for an African Fintech "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

One Finance Limited [OneFi] today announces that is has been assigned a BB rating with a Stable outlook, from Global Credit Rating Co. The company behind Paylater, Nigerias leading digital financial services platform that specialises in consumer lending, becomes Africas first fintech company to secure such a rating, as it looks to increase transparency around []

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Armoured Vehicles Bearing EU Flag Deployed in Paris Clear Sign That the European Army ALREADY Created "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

ARMORED vehicles bearing the European Union flag have stormed into Paris as protesters bring the city to a standstill.

Riots have been raging across the city for the last few weeks as anger about the high cost of living and increased fuel taxes threaten to topple Emmanuel Macrons Government.

Shocking scenes today saw riot cops confronting the so-called Gilet Jaunes after the high-vis yellow vests they have worn.

But one particular video has caused a stir after it was posted on social media.

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New Zealand: Financial Authority Blacklists Another Three Crypto Platforms Marked as Suspected Scams "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

New Zealands Financial Markets Authority adds three more suspicious crypto-related companies to its blacklist


President Trump still has an opportunity to challenge the military spending status quo "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

On Dec. 3, President Trump tweeted a statement that got defense hawks in Washington incredibly nervous.

Donald J. Trump


I am certain that, at some time in the future, President Xi and I, together with President Putin of Russia, will start talking about a meaningful halt to what has become a major and uncontrollable Arms Race. The U.S. spent 716 Billion Dollars this year. Crazy!


Apparently, Trump has already changed his mind.

After meeting last week with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the chairmen of the armed services committees, the White House has reversed course. According to Politico, Trump will now propose to Congress a $750 billion military budget for fiscal year 2020, a $50 billion hike f...


Sales agents docked for allegedly selling pre-registered SIM cards "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Three sales agents, Joe Obudu, Abodunrin Ibrahim and Ojo Taiye, were on Wednesday arraigned before an Ilorin Magistrates Court for allegedly selling pre-registered SIM cards. The Prosecutor, Ajide Kehinde of Legal Department of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) told the court that the accused were arrested on Nov. 30. Kehinde said the []

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MP demands public inquiry into Tory funding of Integrity Initiative, the 'so-called-think-tank dealing in disinformation' "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

On December 4, Chris Williamson MP tabled a parliamentary question, asking whether Integrity Initiative - a "so-called think-tank dealing in disinformation" - had received UK government funding. The response was affirmative, and the outspoken Labour representative is calling for a full public inquiry into the organization's activities as a result. Williamson's query revealed Integrity Initiative had received in excess of US$2.76 million (2.2 million) in Whitehall funding since the start of 2017, an exposure he labelled "stunning" in a widely-shared Twitter video. "Staffed by former security and military personnel, its agenda seems to include the denigration of the Labour party and Jeremy Corbyn. Their approach is to connect media with academia and politicians, to influence policy in certain countries. Leaked documents reveal numerous examples, such as Pedro Banos, an army reservist and author, who the Spanish socialist party wanted to make the country's Director of National...


A principal lio do AI-5 est na cara: tudo pode piorar "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Era muita perversidade informar ou insinuar no comeo de dezembro de 1968 que o presidente Arthur da Costa e Silva se preparava para editar um quinto ato institucional. o que dizia o ditador. Ele se queixava de notcias infundadas e at maldosas, publicou a Folha de S. Paulo. Os quatro primeiros atos, baixados pela ditadura, espingardearam a Constituio de 1946. A Carta sucessora, talhada pelo regime inaugurado com a deposio de Joo Goulart, vigorava desde 15 de maro de 1967, data da posse do marechal entronizado sem voto popular.

A especulao decorria da bronca das Foras Armadas e seus scios civis com um discurso de Mrcio Moreira Alves. Em setembro, o deputado de 32 anos praguejara contra a violenta invaso da Universidade de Braslia por militares e policiais.

Condimentara o protesto com diatribes como apelar s famlias para vetar a participao dos alunos nos desfiles colegiais no Dia da Independncia. Estimulou as namoradas a no danar com cadetes e jovens oficiais. Pueril, a bravata no oferecia perigo, e a imunidade parlamentar legalmente a autorizava. A zanga com ela constituiria pretexto para tolher ainda mais as liberdades.

O governo pedira licena Cmara para processar Moreira Alves. Na noite de 4 de dezembro, Costa e Silva conversou por hora e meia em Braslia com figures do partido chapa-branca da ditadura, a Aliana Renovadora Nacional. Assegurou-lhes, conforme o Jornal do Brasil: A nao pode continuar tranquila, porque o governo no pensa em medidas de exceo e resolver todos os problemas dentro das leis e da Constituio.

O presidente renovou o choror sobre as conjecturas em torno do AI-5: So explorao nascida certamente de elementos interessados em criar problemas para o governo, perturbando a ordem do pas.

A Folha relatou a alegao do ditador aos correligionrios arenistas: A atual Constituio atribuiu ao governo uma soma de poderes suficientes para enfrentar qualquer contestao ao regime, e por isso no precisamos adotar medidas excepcionais ou de exceo.

O Globo reiterou: O Marecha.........


Times Propaganda I Mean Person Of The Year (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Times Propaganda I Mean Person Of The Year Video We Are Change In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on Times Person of the Year. Have they said something legitimate or is this another case of...

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Egyptian firms to build Tanzania's 'controversial' $3bn dam "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Arab contractors will be involved in a $3 billion hydroelectric plant in Tanzania that aims to double national power generation capacity but is located in a World Heritage site.


EU renews sanctions against top officials in Congo-Kinshasa "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Despite intense lobbying, the European Union has renewed sanctions against top D R Congo officials.


World view Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Wednesday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


Army arrest 3 gun runners, recover 44 rifles in Niger "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Troops of 1 Division Nigerian Army Kaduna, deployed for Operation WHIRL PUNCH have arrested three notorious gun runners in Rijau area of Niger State and recovered 44 rifles. The Deputy Director, Army Public Relations, 1 Division Nigerian Army, Col. Muhammad Dole made the disclosure in a press statement issued in Kaduna on Wednesday. Dole identified []

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I caught my husband having sex with our housemaid, Wife tells court "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A Badagry Customary Court in Lagos on Wednesday dissolved an eleven-year-old marriage between Risikat Kadiri and her husband, Muheem Kadiri over infidelity and theft. Risikat, a 41-year-old trader told the court that apart from numerous cases of his following women around, her husband used to sneak into their maids room to sleep with her. I []

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What Terror Group Is As Dangerous and Just as Close as ISIS? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

(Illustrative photo: Marti Gatlin/DoD)(Illustrative photo: Marti Gatlin/DoD)

The State Department warned that Hezbollah, an international terror organization originating in Lebanon and a proxy of Iran, is as dangerous and just as close to countries in the Western Hemisphere as ISIS.

The warning came from Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan, who was speaking to delegates from 12 nations attending the Western Hemisphere Counterterrorism Ministerial in Washington, D.C.

As Clarion recently reported, Hezbollah is ramping up south of the U.S., as witnessed by the numerous arrests of the groups operative in countries ranging from Bolivia to Peru, where large caches of military equipment and explosives belonging to Hezbollah terror cells have been discovered.

Closer to home, here are three developments concerning the encroachment of Hezbollah in the West:

A Lebanese businessman pleaded guilty in a U.S. court last week to helping finance Hezbollah. Kassim Tajideen, 63, was sanctioned by the U.S Treasury Department in 2009 for supporting the terror group. Tajideen made close to $1 billion in illegal transactions since he was put on the Treasurys list nine years ago.


Hezbollah operatives will seek many ways to enter the U.S. Just this week, the...


What the designer of I love NY thinks of the I Amazon NY logo "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Milton Glaser was not asked to participate in the Amazon remix, which was part of the citys bid for the retail giants new HQ.

New York bent over backwards to score one of the two next locations of Amazon HQ, offering $3 billion in subsidies to make the deal happen. Yet nothing encapsulates just how much the state gave away than what it did to its own logo. Because in the first pages of its submission to Amazon, the city replaced the famous I love NY logo with I Amazon NY.

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Ebola count in DRC hits 500 in growing outbreak "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The world's second-largest ebola outbreak as hit another milestone, as the D R Congo recorded two new cases, raising outbreak totals to 500, including 289 deaths.


$8.1bn repatriation: Settlement still in progress in MTN vs CBNs case Counsel "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A Federal High Court Lagos, on Wednesday, further adjourned until Jan. 22, 2019 for report of settlement in a suit between MTN Nigeria Communications Ltd, and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) over repatriation of 8.1 billion dollars. Justice Saliu Saidu adjourned the case for report after parties had informed the court that they were []

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Manager docked over alleged theft of employers N1.2m "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A 35-year-old manager, Samuel Oluwabiyi, was on Wednesday brought before an Ota Magistrates Court in Ogun for allegedly stealing N1.2 million of his employer. Oluwabiyi, who resides at No.14 Ogunrinde St., Iyana-Iyesi in Ota, is facing a charge of stealing, but he pleaded not guilty. The Prosecutor, Sgt. Abdulkareem Mustapha, told the court that the []

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2019: ASUU Chairman tasks politicians "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Dr Dele Ashiru, the Chairman Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), University of Lagos chapter, on Wednesday, urged politicians contesting the 2019 elections to desist from any act that would cause chaos in a bid to win. Ashiru told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that political office seekers should not jeopardise the nations peaceful []

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Supreme Injustices: a Legislative Coup in Wisconsin and a Wrongful Conviction in Georgia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Subscribe to the Intercepted podcast on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcherRadio Public, and other platforms. New to podcasting? Click here.


Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are attempting a pre-emptive coup against the incoming Democratic administration after the defeat of right-wing darling Scott Walker. This week on Intercepted: Hillary Clinton famously did not set foot in Wisconsin during the 2016 campaign and Donald Trump won the state, but buried within that narrative is a deeper story about how Wisconsin was transformed from a progressive bastion into a right-wing laboratory. Dan Kaufman, author of The Fall of Wisconsin: Conservative Conquest of a Progressive Bastion and the Future of American Politics, digs into the history, analyzes the latest Republican conspiracy and lays out why we all should study the Wisconsin model. Longtime criminal justice reporters Liliana Segura and Jordan Smith talk about their gripping new true crime podcast Murderville, which tells the story of a series of grisly killings in a small Georgia town and the man they believe has been wrongly imprisoned. Canadian hip-hop artist and host of Netflixs Hip-Hop Evolution Shad talks about his roots, class warfare, and his imaginative new album, A Short Story About a War.

Transcript coming soon. 

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December 13 in history "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

558 King Chlothar I reunited the Frankish Kingdom after his brother Childebert I has died. He became sole ruler of the Franks.

1294  Saint Celestine V resigned the papacy after only five months; Celestine hoped to return to his previous life as an ascetic hermit.

1545  Council of Trent began.

1577 Sir Francis Drake set out from Plymouth, on his round-the-world voyage.

1642  Towards noon the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman sighted a large land, uplifted high. This was the first recorded sighting of New Zealand by a European.

First recorded European sighting of NZ

1643 English Civil War: The Battle of Alton.

1769 Dartmouth College was founded by the Rev. Eleazar Wheelock, with a Royal Charter from King George III.

1816 Ernst Werner von Siemens, German engineer, inventor, and industrialist, was born (d. 1892).

1830  Mathilde Fibiger, Danish feminist, novelist and telegraphist, was born (d. 1892).

1903 Carlos Montoya, Spanish guitarist, was born (d. 1993).

1906 Sir Laurens van der Post, South African author, was born  (d. 1996).

1913  Arnold Brown, English-Canadian missionary, 11th General of The Salvation Army, was born (d. 2002).

1925 Dick Van Dyke, American actor and comedian was born.

1929 Christopher Plummer......


Help MintPress News Fight for Truth in the Face of Social Media Censorship "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

After the October 11th, 2018 Facebook and Twitter purge of over 800 activist sites and pages many of which were partner sites with MintPress we believe our days as an independent journalism organization on authoritarian social media platforms are numbered.

Since 2012, MintPress News has been at the forefront of exposing the dangers of the national security state, the military-industrial complex, and the corporations that have hijacked our democracy and are destroying the planet.

We have stood up strong against a media Goliath the corporate media that controls over 90% of what we see, hear and read in equipping the American public with pertinent information that holds the establishment accountable.

Our independent watchdog journalism is creating a shift in consciousness among the millions of readers weve been able to reach in the last 6 years, and the powers that be are taking notice. They realize the impact MintPress is making and are trying to silence us where we reach most of you and where the majority of people are getting their news from: on social media.

The very establishment the media should be holding accountable are working hand-in-hand with corporate media giants, including The Washington Post and Buzzfeed, to play Thought Police and fake news spotters who have targeted MintPress on Facebook. To make matters worse, NATO-funded think tanks like the Atlantic Council have also partnered up with Facebook to suppress our content, flag our posts as inappropriate or spam, and in many cases censor us under the guise of fighting fake news.

Facebook has been flagging several of our articles and our readers political comments as spam. Its only a matter of time before our page and some of our readers end up in .........


Proof the Mainstream Media is the Enemy of the People "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


You cant make this stuff up: When the president of the most powerful nation in the world, nuclear armed to the teeth, announces that he will save the world from obliteration by partnering with the heads of the two nuclear countries that America sees as enemies, the media rakes him over the coals.

The same media that facilitated much more so than the Russians allegedly did Donald Trumps accession to the White House is so desperate to make up for their mistake that they accuse him of treason for rejecting nuclear war with countries whose only sin is being led by authoritarians.

No longer able to condemn China and Russia for running Communist economies, the press faults them for their socialist principals with respect to war and peace. Pundits retain all manner of complicated facts, but these do not include the best liberal principals that Americans learn in fifth grade, and which since the storming of the Bastille have been those of socialism, as well as Islams injunction that individuals treat each other with dignity, equity and respect.)

Socialists dont label the people as mobs, but as majorities entitled to be heard as part of the social contract. Though not yet a factor in 1789, the right not to be killed in a nuclear inferno is paramount in the twenty-first century. If the US had concrete disagreements with the Russians and the Chinese, they could be worked through, avoiding Armageddon. In reality, the standoff is about ethics, which doesnt tend to make headlines, except when the American President demonstrates a lack thereof in his relations with others. Although Trump doesnt read, he knows that deals can only be made in peacetime. He may not have met with the Russian President at the G20, but apparently he did meet with Putins ally, Chinese President Xi, with whom he had already forged a relationship at Mar a Lago durin...


A very English take on Denmark "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Heres also why Brexit happened. Europe is a mystery. Europeans come from a faraway land. Australia is nearer.

lead Screenshot. Danish for kids. YouTube.

To understand what the English are about, read Matthew Engel reporting on his trip to Denmark this week in the New Statesman (30/11, print issue). Its great; but most importantly, its honest. He could not avoid mentioning the Brits obsessions about Scandinavia  hygge (cosiness), smorgasbord and a few more (yes, and Hamlet, of course). The three benchmarks of Danishness for the Brits. It made me chuckle. Good writing indeed.

However, parts of it saddened me too. Engel explained things about Denmark, which couldve been applied to any other European country. Obvious things that I always thought didnt need mentioning. But Engel was right in bringing them up they need to be explained when addressing a varied British readership.

Engel wasnt being sloppy. In fact, the 67-year-old didnt get certain things himself, before travelling there; he admitted realising them only now. Lets look at three key passages.

First, Engel said that the Scandinavians certainly dont see themselves as part of some amorphous Euromass. Well, who does? The Spaniards think of themselves as distant. The Italians too, almost cast away on a leg-peninsula that tickles Africa with its toes. Ukrainians feel Russia is breathing down their necks and would only be too pleased to be part of a so-called Euromass. The list could go on and on. But maybe, as seen from England, we do all look the same.

Secondly, Ben Rosamond, a British professor of politics at the University of Copenhagen, was asked about Danish society. Rosamond sees hygge as being about companionship and bonds, but also as an exercise of Danishness with a dark side to it because if you cant get in, its a bit of an issue. This is a society where the entry barriers are quite high.



Supermicro Says That an Audit Found No Evidence to Support Claims of Chinese Backdoors in Products "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Audit: No Chinese surveillance implants in Supermicro boards found

In a letter to customers issued December 11, Supermicro President and CEO Charles Liang and other top executives announced that an audit conducted by an outside investigating team had found no evidence of any malicious hardware incorporated into motherboards currently or previously manufactured by the company. The letter is the latest rebuttal to Bloomberg reports in October that claimed tiny chips that provided a backdoor for China's intelligence agencies had been integrated into boards provided to major Internet and cloud providersa report also refuted by the companies the report claimed were targeted.

"After a thorough examination and a range of functional tests, the investigative firm found absolutely no evidence of malicious hardware on our motherboards," the letter signed by Liang, Supermicro Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer David Weigland, and Senior VP and Chief Product Officer Raju Penumatcha stated.

Searching for supermicro on Google brought up a Supermicro ad linking the CEO letter, with the link entitled "Supermicro Independent Testing | No Malicious Hardware". Do you believe them?

Previously: Chinese Spy Chips Allegedly Inserted Into Amazon, Apple, etc. Datacenters by Super Micro
Bloomberg Stands by Chinese Chip Story as Apple, Amazon Ratchet up Denials
Bloomberg Claims That a Major U.S. Telecom Operated a Server Backdoored by a Hidden Chip

Related: Apple Deleted Server Supplier After Finding Infected Firmware in Servers
Firmware Vulnerabilities in Supermicro Systems
Supermicro Announces Suspension of Tra...


UN reports more suspected Iranian missiles found in Yemen "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

More suspected Iranian-made weapons have been found in Yemen, the UN says in a report that will be discussed Wednesday by the Security Council.

The Gulf monarchies and United States accuse Iran of supporting Huthi rebels in Yemen and see this as justification for the military campaign they have been waging in Yemen since 2015.

Iran supports the rebels politically but denies supplying them with arms.

Iran supports the Huthi rebels in Yemen politically but denies supplying them with arms

Iran supports the Huthi rebels in Yemen politically but denies supplying them with arms Iran supports the Huthi rebels in Yemen politically but denies supplying them with arms AFP

The report from UN Secretary General Antonio G...


New threat actor SandCat exploited recently patched CVE-2018-8611 0day "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Experts from Kaspersky Lab reported that that the recently patched Windows kernel zero-day vulnerability (CVE-2018-8611) has been exploited by several threat actors.

Microsofts Patch Tuesday updates for December 2018 address nearly 40 flaws, including a zero-day vulnerability affecting the Windows kernel.

The flaw, tracked as CVE-2018-8611, is as a privilege escalation flaw caused by the failure of the Windows kernel to properly handle objects in memory.

An elevation of privilege vulnerability exists when the Windows kernel fails to properly handle objects in memory. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could run arbitrary code in kernel mode. reads the security advisory published by Microsoft.

An attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights. To exploit this vulnerability, an attacker would first have to log on to the system. An attacker could then run a specially crafted application to take control of an affected system.

The vulnerability was reported to Microsoft by researchers at Kaspersky Lab. Kudos to Kaspersky experts that in the last months reported other two Windows zero-days, CVE-2018-8453 and CVE-2018-8589, respectively exploited by FruityArmor and multiple threat actors in attacks mostly aimed at the Middle East.

according to Kaspersky, the CVE-2018-8611 is a race condition that resides in the Kernel Transaction Manager, and most interesting, it could be used to escape the sandbox of the Chrome and Edge web browsers.

CVE-2018-8611 is a race condition that is present in the Kernel Transaction Manager due to improper processing of transacted file operations in kernel mode. reads the...


Despite Macron"s TV Mea Culpa, France Set for Showdown "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

When Macron lectures there is no excuse for violence his words sound trite and hypocritical given the levels of violence that the French state has licensed itself to use.




4:00 PM 12/04/2018 | OPINION
Raheem Kassam | Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute

What do you do if youre a supranational behemoth with a multi-billion dollar budget coupled with a vast number of subsidiary entities that focus on migration?

If youre the U.N., you publish the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and seek to set up more supranational government entities to duplicate the work youre already doing, at a gargantuan cost to (mostly Western) taxpayers.
The report  a subject of consternation around the world, and wisely nixed by President Trump in 2017 is due to be signed in Marrakech on Dec. 11.


Southwark Satanic Farce! by Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Sabine McNeill -               Ricky Dearman -             Belinda McKenzie

Sorry, folks, but St Anthony is now totally FED UP with the total Satanic FARCE at Southwark Crown Court where known baby-eating Satanists have a free rein to come and go, including Satanic High Priest, Ricky Dearman, 48, in Hampstead who initiated the whole Hoaxtead saga. You see, folks, anyone who speaks the TRUTH is prosecuted, jailed and murdered, while the baby-eating Satanists are allowed to publish the biggest pack of lies in the history of the world and get away with it!! So, one needs to ask the question, who runs Britain and who runs the world? Yep, you guessed it, SATAN!! In this respect, the latest person to suffer at the hands of Southwark Satanic Court is none other than Belinda McKenzie, 72, in Highgate who mentioned about Sabine McNeill's case in a Facebook post which immediately resulted in her being arrested and jailed for daring to mention about her friend, Sabine McNeill, 74, but was then released on condition that she never sets foot in Southwark Crown Court ever again forever. Meanwhile, the baby-eating Satanists are allowed to come and go as they please, physically attack people and threaten to kill them and publish whatever lies they want about Sabine's trial without a peep from either police or the court. Now, doesn't that strike you as STRANGE that the UK Govt would go to any length to protect Satanists and harass, imprison and put to death those who expose Satanism and Satanic Ritual Child Abuse which is all being committed at the highest levels of the UK Govt and in the church and society as a whole? I mean, this whole situation beggars belief, but astoundingly its all TRUE!! So, folks, what is needed now is a massive Cromwellian REVOLUTION to overthrow the Satanic Govt and install a benevolent God-fearing THEOCRATIC Govt which of course is what St Anthony did i...


UKs May to Face No-Confidence Vote by Lawmakers "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

LONDON British politics was thrown into chaos and Brexit into doubt Wednesday as Conservative lawmakers triggered a no-confidence vote in Prime Minister Theresa May that will see her removed as party and government leader if she loses.

May vowed to fight the challenge with everything Ive got, after Graham Brady, who heads a committee overseeing Conservative leadership contests, said he had received letters from at least 48 lawmakers asking for a vote.

As a result, he said, the threshold of 15 percent of the parliamentary party seeking a vote of confidence in the leader of the Conservative Party has been exceeded.

Brady said the vote would be held in Parliament between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. (1800GMT and 2000GMT) on Wednesday evening, with the results announced soon after.

The announcement throws Britains already rocky path out of the European Union, which it is due to leave in March, into further chaos.

Many Tory lawmakers have been growing angry with May over her handling of Brexit, and the challenge comes days after she postponed a vote to approve a divorce deal with the EU to avoid all-but-certain defeat.

If she loses the confidence vote, May must step down and there will be a contest to choose a new leader. She will remain leader, and prime minister, until the successor is picked. If she wins, she cant be challenged again for a year.

In a defiant statement outside 10 Downing St., May said a change of leadership in the Conservative Party now will put our countrys future at risk. She said ousting her and holding a leadership vote a process that could take weeks could result in Brexit being delayed or even stopped.

May canceled a trip to Dublin to meet Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, to stay in London and battle for lawmakers support.

Many supporters of Brexit say Mays deal fails to deliver on the clean break with the bloc that they want.

Former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson accused May of acting like a supplicant in dealings with the EU.

Shes not the person to see Brexit through, he said.

Leading pro-Brexit legislators Jacob Rees-Mogg and Steve Baker said in a joint statement that in the national interest, she must go.

But Cabinet colleagues rallied to Mays support. Home Secretary Sajid Javid tweeted that a leadership contest, with Brexit little more than three months away, will be seen as self-indulgent and wrong. PM has my full support and is best person to ensure we leave EU on 29 March.

Justice Secretary David Gauke said: I think its vital for the country that she wins tonight.

He said that if May lost, I dont think we will be leaving the European Union on...


The politics of protest in Argentina "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Political life in Argentina is characterized by a particularly active culture of social protest. This is a key element to understanding political dynamics throughout the 21st century. Espaol

Student protest against Macri's reforms. Argentina 2018. Wikimedia Commons.

open Movements

The openMovements series invites leading social scientists to share their research results and perspectives on contemporary social struggles.

The evolution of Argentina in the last few years highlights the dispute for territory between opposing social forces. There are three stages to this dispute which broadly describe the swings of the country's political pendulum.

The first stage corresponds to the period marked by the crisis of 2001: it expresses the collapse of the neoliberal hegemony of the 1990s. It includes President Fernando De la Ra's (1999-2000, Radical Civic Union-Alliance) resignation in December of that year and it stretches up to 2003, when a new elected government takes charge. 

The second stage corresponds to the cycle of the governments of the Justice Party (PJ) and the Front for Victory (FPV), beginning with the presidency of Nstor Kirchner (2003-2007), and then followed by that of Cristina Fernndez de Kirchner (2007-2015).

This is the cycle during which a critical relationship with the neoliberal legacy is attempted through the promotion of a socio-economic model more closely related to the home market and with a greater State role in the running of the economy and in managing social protections. 

Finally, the last stage begins with the inauguration of Mauricio Macri (Republican Proposal: Let's Change) in 2015 which, honoring the name of the electoral coalition, ca...


10 worst password offenders of 2018: Do better, Kanye West and Nutella "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

2018 had some memorable lapses in cybersecurity

Normally, Kanye West swinging by the Oval Office to pay a visit to Donald Trump would be headline news (and sure it was), but their meeting was completely upstaged by Kanyes remarkably poor choice in passwords. Thats why he made the list of password manager Dashlanes third annual Worst Password Offenders. 

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Nigerias anti-corruption policy a joke, disaster "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

PEOPLES Democratic Party, PDP, Vice presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, on Tuesday, lampooned the anti-corruption policy of the President Mohammadu Buhari-led federal government, saying the country has receded in attempt to frighten and muscle the opposition with anti-graft campaign.

Peter Gregory Obi The Anambra state former governor told the federal government that fight against corruption was not economic policy, and could boomerang when it is fought with intent to be vindictiveness.

Obi spoke at the 3rd South East Economic Summit with the theme, South East Nigeria: An Investment Destination.

Peter Obi

Peter Gregory Obi

He gave an instance that when peoples businesses that employ thousands of people and which render crucial services to the society are shut down in guise that they were established through corrupt means, the nation would lose more than the value of the looted money, if any.

He blamed the nations poverty on over dependence on oil revenue to the detriment of other resources, arguing that oil has become a declining asset which many nations are dumping. Obi gave the example of Venezuela, which he noted has the largest deposit of oil in the world, with 23 million population but is economically a failed nation because it failed to adopt modern economic model like developed countries that run knowledge-based economy.

He said Nigeria in the past three years actually came down from GDP of 520 billion to a GDP of less than 400 million, and that was why I was worried when people say we are doing well fighting corruption is not an economic policy; its a disaster

Image result for Muhammadu Buhari, photos

President Mohammadu Buhari

The PDP presidential candidate said that South East and South South geopolitical zones of the country have the capacity to change Nigeria economically as they have the regions with the fastest growing cities in the country.

Knowledge economy is the driver of the word today. Nobody is talking about baggage (oil) economy; in our own, its even a diminishing asset.

People are now trying to build vehicles, they dont need petroleum and we are still busy arguing everything, price of oil went up, price of oil went down; when we have talented young men that can change this place if supported, and this is what we need to look at and support them.

Like I always said to people, your country in 2016 had 70 something million poor people and India had 76 million poor people. Within three years...


Scandals in sex worker rescue shelters: is awful distracting from lawful? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

How should we channel concern over the growing number of anti-trafficking scandals?

Kolkata. Animesh Hazra/Flickr. (cc by-nc)

In Muzaffarpur, India, news erupted last May that the head of a government-backed shelter for victims of trafficking relied on the repeated help of his staff and silence of his neighbours while raping more than 30 inmates. A similar report appeared in October about the transnational NGO, More than Me, for child survivors of commercial sexual exploitation in Monrovia, Liberia. In late November, yet another report broke, this time highlighting beatings and coerced labour within the prominent anti-trafficking NGO Prajwala, in Hyderabad, India. A survivor died by suicide in the same shelter in April. Such awful scandals within the anti-trafficking movement are not new, but 2018 has been particularly plagued by repeat shocks.

Rights activists worry that such scandals may act as little more than lightning rods. When lightning strikes, the rod channels dangerous energy away from the building and safely into the ground where it dissipates. Similarly, when such news reports are dismissed as unfortunate but unusual bad apples, the attention they command may serve to channel energies away from the reforming the system as a whole the awful distracting from the lawful.

Imagine being plucked from of your life, locked in a shelter, and waiting in limbo for 60 to....


Chinas Golem Babies: There is Another Agenda "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Chinas Golem Babies: There is Another Agenda Author: F. William Engdahl  Journal-NEO The shocking news that a team of scientists working in China have managed to gene-edit the DNA of recently-born human twins to allegedly make them genetically immune to a...

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English fracking pause after earthquake "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Fracking protesters outside energy firm Cuadrilla's site in Preston New Road, Little Plumpton, near Blackpool, England in October 2018

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Cuadrilla halts fracking in Blackpool after another series of tremors

Friends Of The Earth criticised the firm for urging for a relaxation of the regulations instead of acknowledging that fracking needs to end

ENERGY firm Cuadrilla has paused fracking in Lancashire again after more underground tremors were detected.

A series of micro-seismic events in Blackpool were recorded on the British Geological Survey website following hydraulic fracturing at the site at Preston New Road, Cuadrilla said.

The biggest of the tremors, which was felt in Blackpool, was 1.5 local magnitude, and is the largest recorded since drilling for shale gas began in Lancashire on October 15.

It occurred at about 11.20am, after fracking had finished for the day, according to Cuadrilla, which said in a statement that fracking will not continue for 18 hours as a result.

This is a red event under the traffic light system in place for monitoring seismic events during...


Class War on the Sidewalks: Gentrification in Olympia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

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On August 24, 2018, Olympia Parks, Recreation and Arts Director, Paul Simmons made the dramatic and near unilateral decision to shutter the Artesian Commons Park. The park is small, asphalt-covered, devoid of green space and features tables, a basketball hoop and the Artesian Well, a natural spring (which remains open). Most notably, and notoriously, the park is an important hangout for street youth and is most illustrative of the crises of homelessness and poverty afflicting Olympia. The Artesian Commons closure decision was issued on the unusual basis that threats from park users had been directed against city staff. The absurdity of such a basis is abundantly clear in the lack of any obvious parallels; sidewalks arent closed when muggings, public intoxication, or street harassment are reported, for example.

Protesters occupy the closed Artesian Commons

The decision to close the Artesian Park was informed by class and the political pressures of gentrification. In fact, in a follow-up to his original statement, Simmons claimed, with astounding honesty for a bureaucrat, that, Our parks are supposed to enhance the quality of life for people around them. Its supposed to make businesses better, its supposed to make property values increase. Unfortunately the challenges surrounding this one are doing the opposite.

A few weeks later on September 22nd, protesters cut locks, tore down the fence and over 100 people subsequently occupied the Commons. Street kids, activists, anarchists, and other community members played basketball, shared a meal from Food Not Bombs, hung banners and streamers and chalked the concrete. In just a few hours this festive and joyful expression of defiance was juxtaposed with riot cops, arrests, pepper balls and concussion grenades. Although obviously outflanked, protesters temporarily re-opened the Commons a second time following initial expulsion and police failed to fully disperse the crowd for hours. Three people were arrested during the protest, a few more would be picked up in its aftermath; others sustained injuries from concussion grenade shrapnel.



EPO Trust, Leadership and Commitment "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Summary: Trust, leadership and commitment is the latest publication from EPO insiders, who in the absence of free speech and freedom of association for the union/representation are an essential spotlight on EPO abuses

THE FOLLOWING publication was made available yesterday. Here it is in HTML form.


11 December 2018



The EPO-FLIER wants to provide staff with uncensored, independent information at times of social conflict



Court sentences herbalist to 18 months in prison for car batteries "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

An Upper Area Court I, sitting in Kasuwan Nama in Jos, on Wednesday, sentenced a 37-year-old herbalist, Salisu Garba, to 18 months in prison four car batteries, two driving shaft, a jack and a wheel spanner, all valued at N100, 000. The police charged Garba with stealing. The Judge, Lawal Suleiman, sentenced the Garba after []

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Adobe's Year-End Update Patches 87 Flaws in Acrobat Software "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Adobe is closing out this year with its December Patch Tuesday update to address a massive number of security vulnerabilities for just its two PDF appsmore than double the number of what Microsoft patched this month for its several products. Adobe today released patches for 87 vulnerabilities affecting its Acrobat and Reader software products for both macOS and Windows operating systems, of


Court sentences mason to 3 years in prison for raping 7-year-old "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

An Upper Area Court I, Kasuwan Nama in Jos, on Wednesday, sentenced a 43-year-old mason, Augustine Arafan to three years in prison for raping a seven-year-old girl. The judge, Lawal Suleiman, who sentence Arafan without an option to pay fine, said it would serve as a deterrent to others who would want to indulge in []

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Europe Struggles As The ECB Pretends To Know What Theyre Doing "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Authored by Carmen Elena Dorob via The Mises Institute, The European Central Bank (ECB) is rumored to be planning a halt to its four-year quantitative easing program this week when it will stop its asset purchases while continuing to keep...

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U.S. designates Boko Haram, ISIS entities of particular concern "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The United States has announced the designation of the Boko Haram terrorist group as an entity of particular concern. The U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo in a statement, designated Boko Haram alongside the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), al-Qaida and al-Shabab.

Boko Haram

Pompeo also designated Saudi Arabia, Iran, Burma, North Korea, among countries of particular concern, while Comoros, Russia, and Uzbekistan were placed on special watch list.

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Report highlights the need for better protection of protest rights in Australia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The need to better protect protest rights in Australia has been highlighted in a major new report by the Human Rights Law Centre.

Launched today at NSW Parliament House, Say it loud: Protecting Protest in Australia, criticises recent attempts by governments to undermine protest rights and outlines ten principles to better protect our rights.

From winning the right to vote for women to saving the Franklin River, the power of protest has been vital in achieving positive change in Australia. Yet governments around Australia are increasingly trying to undermine our rights to gather together and speak out about the issues we care about. This has to stop, said Hugh de Kretser, Executive Director of the Human Rights Law Centre.

Against the backdrop of the remarkable student strikes across the country for action on climate change and rising community activism on issues from the Adani mine to changing the date of Australia Day, protest rights will be increasingly significant.

Our rights to protest and free speech will be under even great pressure as exploitation of our planet increases in the coming decade. This report shows governments how we should be protecting protest in a healthy democracy, said former Senator Bob Brown.

The report criticises governments in NSW, Tasmania and Western Australia for introducing or trying to introduce harsh and unnecessary anti-protest laws with severe penalties, excessive police powers and broad, vague offences. The laws prioritise vested business and government interests over peoples democratic rights.

While the Tasmanian laws were struck down by the High Court last year, the Hodgman Government has promised to try and resurrect them. NSW anti-protest laws, with penalties of up to 7 years jail for interfering with a mine, including coal seam gas sites, remain in force.

Protest rights are absolutely essential to a healthy democracy. When governments chip away at our protest rights, they erode our democracy. This report provides a blueprint for a democracy where protest rights are protected and promoted, said Mr de Kretser.

The report will be launched at NSW Parliament House at 12.30pm. Speaking at the launch will be:

  • Former Senator, Dr Bob Brown who has dedicated his career to protecting the environment and who, together with Jessica Hoyt, successfully challenged the Tasmania anti-protest laws.

  • Broadcaster and journalist Julie McCrossin, a life-long LGBTI rights advocate who attended countless demonstrations, was arrested many times and participated in the first Mardi Gras........


U.S. designates Boko Haram, ISIS entities of particular concern "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The United States has announced the designation of the Boko Haram terrorist group as an entity of particular concern. The U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo in a statement, designated Boko Haram alongside the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), al-Qaida and al-Shabab. Pompeo also designated Saudi Arabia, Iran, Burma, North Korea, among countries []

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Debt Rattle December 12 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Joseph Mallord William Turner Sunrise over Plain, with Figures 1830   Tory MPs Trigger Vote Of No Confidence In Theresa May Today (G.) 1000s Remain In Custody In France After Preventive Arrests (RT) Macrons Multi-Billion Giveaways Could Cost France Dearly (CNBC) Yellen Warns Of Another Financial Crisis: Gigantic Holes In The

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Bomb threat at Facebook's Silicon Valley campus, police sound 'all clear' "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A bomb threat prompted authorities on Tuesday to evacuate a building at the Silicon Valley headquarters of Facebook Inc (FB.O), police said, but gave the "all clear" after an hours-long search turned up no sign of a device. The New York Police Department had received an anonymous tip about a bomb threat regarding Facebook's campus in Menlo Park, California, and alerted local authorities at about 4:30 p.m., a spokeswoman for the Menlo Park police said. Late on Tuesday, police said the building was secure, however.


Intelligence Squared: Face Off with China "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In the light of current issues with China, this seemed apposite


Companies are vastly underestimating how badly theyll be hurt by climate change "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Corporate projections of the changes to the bottom line focus mostly on their own services, but dont wrestle with the fact that whole supply chains and economies could be disrupted.

The new normal of climate changefrom increases in flooding and hurricanes to intense wildfiresis already costing companies money. But a new study suggests that theyre underestimating future climate risk to their businesses, and vastly underreporting the financial implications to investors.

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The War on Huawei "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Trump administration's conflict with China has little to do with US external imbalances, closed Chinese markets, or even Chinas alleged theft of intellectual property. It has everything to do with containing China by limiting its access to foreign markets, advanced technologies, global banking services, and perhaps even US universities.


The EU & The Warning Signs Of Fascism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Things are spiraling out of control in Europe, faster than many predicted. Outside of Brexit, there is a strong anti-EU feeling in Hungary, Spain, Italy, Greece, and France. The EU is in danger of crumbling, and people afraid of losing power are prone to extreme acts of dictatorial control.


Philippines Shame and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Seventy years ago last Monday, on Dec. 10, 1948, the Philippines was one of the first 48 nations to sign what would become the worlds most translated document: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

Image result for Duterte, beret, photos

It contains perhaps the most resonant and beautiful words of any international agreement, that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, said former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Raad al-Hussein.

Image result for Zeid Raad al-Hussein, pictures

These economic, social, political, cultural and civic rights are inalienable entitlements of all people, at all times, and in all places, he added.

Those were the heady days. The human rights situation in the world today, alas, runs in the opposite direction, with the very notion itself under attack, and democracy in retreat in many parts of the globe.


Who knew the Philippines, once a beacon of the freedom struggle in Asia and a charter supporter of the UDHR, would end up where it is now with a President who looks at the idea of human rights with outright hostility, and has responded to any criticism of his worldview and governance with threats of violence and repression?

As late as October this year, President Duterte was still at it, spewing venom against human rights defenders both here and abroad.

If his foreign critics were in the country, he said, he would have them salvaged the Marcos-era term for summary killings.

How the President said it in the vernacular was even more unsettling: Pakabugok nitong mga put*ng in*ng to oy. Patawarin sana sila ng Kaya kung dito yan sa Pilipinas, sinalvage ko na yan. Anak ng p*ta.

The fact that the countrys Commission on Human Rights is an office established by the 1987 Constitution, reflecting the sovereign importance the Constitution places on the protection and preservation of....


Save all bee species from pesticide death "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This October 2018 video says about itself:

Welcome to Different Types Of Honey Bees Species and Characteristics video. In this video we explain the different types of honey bees, their characteristics, interesting information about honey bees, facts about honey bees and much information about bees.

The content of this video is 1. Dark Dwarf Honey bee 2. Asian honey bee 3. Species of extinct honey bees 4. Giant honey bee 5. Honey bee from the Philippines 6. Koschevnikovs Bee 7. European bee or Western honey bee 8. Dwarf honey bee

From the University of Guelph in Canada:

Stronger pesticide regulations likely needed to protect all bee species, say studies

December 11, 2018

Summary: Regulators worldwide currently use honeybees as the sole model species failing to account for potential threats posed by agrochemicals to the full diversity of bee species from bumblebees to solitary bees, which are probably more important for pollination of food crops than managed honeybees. They are potentially more vulnerable to pesticides given they nest in the ground and bumblebee queens have different life cycles that could increase exposure.

Pesticide regulations designed to protect honeybees fail to account for potential health threats posed by agrochemicals to the full diversity of bee species that are even more important pollinators of food crops and other plants, say three new international papers co-authored by University of Guelph biologists.

As the global human population grows, and as pollinators continue to suffer declines caused by everything from habitat loss to pathogens, regulators need to widen pesticide risk assessments to protect not just honeybees but other species from bumblebees to...


Military Tribunals, Sealed Docs To Be Unsealed, Moves & Countermoves (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Military Tribunals, Sealed Docs To Be Unsealed, Moves & Countermoves Video X22 Report Broward commissioner on elections will do an audit. Nadler pushes the campaign violation, it was not a violation. Obama was fined for a violation in 2013,...

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Impact, Photography, Understanding "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Grand-Prize Winner: Thousands of Volkswagen and Audi cars sit idle in the middle of Californias Mojave Desert. Models manufactured from 2009 to 2015 were designed to cheat emissions tests mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Following the scandal, Volkswagen recalled millions of cars. By capturing scenes like this one, I hope we will all become more conscious of and more caring toward our beautiful planet. # Jassen Todorov / National Geographic Photo Contest

I never tire of reminders of how greed is never good. It is unbecoming. But visual reminders of this are especially welcome. When the story broke about this audacious scam that showed how profit can motivate evil, it gave me pause, if momentarily, because our...


Vladimir Putin Outmaneuvers the U.S. Yet Again "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Daniel Lazare and cross-posted from truthdig 

Dont look now, but Vladimir Putin has racked up another win in his latest skirmish with the West.

The victory took place Nov. 25 in the Kerch Strait, the narrow strip of water separating the disputed Crimean Peninsula from the Russian mainland to the east. It occurred when the Russian coast guard fired on and seized three Ukrainian naval vessels. As always, the details are in dispute, with the Ukrainians claiming that their boats informed the Russians about their plans to navigate the strait but received no reply and Russia saying the opposite.

But theres no doubt as to the result. By briefly closing the strait, Russia has demonstrated that it can restrict access at will to roughly half the Ukrainian coastline that lies within the Sea of Azov, including the economically vital ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk.  Although Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko immediately called for Western intervention, it also demonstrated that there is little NATO can do in response.

While expressing full support for Ukraine, the alliance said nothing about Poroshenkos request that NATO ships force their way through the Kerch Strait in defiance of the blockade. The same goes for Ukraines call to Turkey to close off Russian naval access to the Dardanelles, the equally narrow body of water connecting the Black Sea with the Mediterranean.  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogans only response was an offer to mediate.

So while Poroshenko declared that the only language that Putin understands is the solidarity of the Western world, it appears that the West is solidly behind a cautious policy of non-interference.

Its an astonishing reversal from the heady days of early 2014 when it was Russia...


Philippines: Exiled Communist Party Leader says President Duterte To Blame for No Peace talks "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Exiled Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder Jose Maria Joma Sison said President Dutertes Executive Order No. 70 was another stumbling block in the possible reopening of the peace talks between the government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).

Image result for Jose Maria Sison, Philippines, communist party

Jose Maria Joma Sison

EO 70 is one more presidential issuance to terminate and prevent the resumption of peace talks at the appropriate national level between authorized representatives of the GRP (government) and NDFP, Sison said in a statement from his base in Utrecht, The Netherlands on Wednesday.

Under the EO, which was signed on Dec. 4, Duterte directed the adoption of a national peace framework and institutionalizing the whole-of-nation approach to attain inclusive and sustainable peace in the country to supposedly address the root causes of the armed conflict.

Sison added: It is in line with the anti-peace Proclamations 360 and 374, Memorandum Order 32, the arrest of NDFP peace consultants and the deployment of Duterte death squads in both urban and rural areas against suspected revolutionaries and critics of and opposition to the
tyrannical and corrupt Duterte regime.

On Nov. 23 last year, President Duterte signed Proclamation No. 360 that terminated the peace talks with NDFP.

The President accused the CPP of insincerity and denounced its armed wing, the New Peoples Army for its continued attacks on government forces that also victimized civilians.

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Yellow Fever in France "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Almost everyone agrees on the analysis of what caused the yellow jacket movement: the growth of inequalities, the marginalization of certain regions and social categories, austerity and neoliberal politics. Then accounts diverge.


Amazon NYC warehouse workers push for union as stories of poor working conditions spread "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Safety concerns and inadequate pay are two of the top issues cited. Amazon says it prefers its open-door policy.

A while ago it may have seemed like a small whisper, but now it has coalesced into a multi-diaphragm-projected yell: Amazon workers want a union. In Europe, workers have been pushing for unionization for over year, and the tension has resulted in numerous protests and strikes. And in the United States, there have been isolated instances, including a recent unionization effort by Whole Foods workers. But now a new Amazon warehouse has announced plans to form a union, and its in an especially contentious location for Amazon.

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Trudeau government signs UN Global Compact On Migration, dealing a devastating blow to Canadian sovereignty "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By signing the UN Global Compact, Trudeau is setting up a steady erosion of Canada's independence, taking power away from the Canadian People. The Trudeau government has betrayed the Canadian People by signing the UN Global Compact on Migration, dealing a severe blow to Canada's sovereignty. The Compact will be used by the Trudeau government to crackdown on the press (at least the ones he isn't bailing out), by trying to silence any speech that is critical of 'migration.' Additionally, the Compact begins a transfer of authority from national governments, to the centralized authority of the United Nations, turning migration (AKA control of national borders), into something dominated by supranational institutions.


We see its value: Ugandan communities benefiting from agroforestry "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

BUTANDA, Uganda On a forested hill in the highlands of Butanda, in western Uganda, James Rwebishengye and Florence Atwine have created a diverse forest canopy of more than 200 trees and smaller plants. These include trees like dragons blood (Dracaena cinnabari), wild banana (Musa balbisiana) and tamarillo, or tree tomato (Solanum betaceum), along with the smaller Terlingua Creek cats-eye (Cryptantha crassipes) and local papaya and bamboo species. Beneath the trees grow various types of crops: vegetables like cabbages and carrots, legumes like beans and peas, and medicinal plants including chayote (Sechium edule), white horehound (Marrubium vulgare), elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum), and winter cherries (Solanum pseudocapsicum). But this piece of land holds far more significance to Rwebishengye and Atwine than merely being a supply of food for home consumption and sale. The pair inherited this forest-mimicking garden based on the tradition of agroforestry where taller trees and palms are grown in combination with mid-level shrubs, all of which yield useful products from fruit to timber or medicine, with vegetables and medicinals on the forest floor below from Rwebishengyes late father, and the garden dates back several generations. Agroforestry plot in Masaka, Uganda. Image via The Future Society I am now 60 years old, Rwebishengye says. Our forefathers used to practice this type of farming before and we have lived on it and maintained it up to now because we see [its] value, and most importantly, we benefit from the medicinal trees more than you can imagine. A 2005 study


Live Now. Pay Later "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

REPORT: Average U.S. credit card debt surges 5% from last year

This is what kind of music you should listen to at work to be more productive "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

What kind of music helps you get things done, why we gravitate to certain songs, how to match your music to your task, and why silence is still golden.

Numerous studies have confirmed that listening to music can improve productivity, but new research suggests that some genres are more motivating than others.

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If you're one of those fascinated by the Tunguska event like I am, then this story will definitely arch your eyebrows. And even if []

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The long history of people worrying about techs ill effects "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Books will blind you!

From concerns over blue light to digital strain and dryness, headlines today often worry how smartphones and computer screens might be affecting the health of our eyes. But while the technology may be new, this concern certainly isnt. Since Victorian times people have been concerned about how new innovations might damage eyesight.

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...Mr. T.M. found this one: Radio Search for Artificial Emissions from 'Oumuamua

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Illinois Regulators Are Investigating a Psychiatrist Whose Research With Children Was Marred by Misconduct "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Illinois regulators have launched an investigation into a prominent former University of Illinois at Chicago psychiatrist whose research into children with bipolar disorder was shut down because of her misconduct.

The state Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has issued three subpoenas to UIC seeking records related to Dr. Mani Pavuluri, who resigned from the university in June amid controversy. She has since opened her own medical practice, the Brain and Wellness Institute, in Lincoln Park.

The subpoenas were issued by the IDFPR division that evaluates and grants doctors licenses. One was from the states medical disciplinary board, which reviews complaints about Illinois doctors and decides if discipline is appropriate. The board approved issuing the subpoena at a September meeting; it ordered UIC to provide records related to a clinical trial that Pavuluri oversaw studying the effects of the powerful drug lithium on children and teenagers.

ProPublica Illinois revealed in April that, in a rare rebuke, the National Institute of Mental Health ordered the university to repay $3.1 million in grant money it had received for the study.

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Criminally Insane in Oregon Attack Twice as Many People Than Previously Known, New Data Shows "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

People freed by Oregon officials after being found criminally insane are charged with new felonies more often than convicted criminals released from state prison, with family members and first responders often the targets of violence, a new analysis by the Malheur Enterprise and ProPublica shows.

All told, 23 percent of people freed by the states Psychiatric Security Review Board are charged with felonies within three years of their release, compared with 16 percent of those released from Oregon prisons.

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The recidivism rate is higher than has been previously reported and reflects new data released by the Psychiatric Security Review Board to the Enterprise and ProPublica. The new figures also show the risk to the public is greater than previously understood, with more than 300 people attacked by those who were released over the last decade.

In November, the Enterprise and ProPublica reported that the rate of new criminal charges was roughly similar among those released from oversight by the board and those freed from prison. That was based on data officials provided this year when the Enterprise requested the names of everyone freed by the board in the last decade and searched public records to establish how many had been arrested.


Whos More Likely to Be Audited: A Person Making $20,000 or $400,000? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

When Natassia Smick, 28, filed her familys taxes in January, she already had plans for the refund she and her husband expected to receive. Mainly, she wanted to catch up on her credit card debt. And she was pregnant with their second child, so there were plenty of extra expenses ahead.

Since Smick, who is taking classes toward a bachelors degree, and her husband, a chef, together earned around $33,000 in 2017, about $2,000 of that refund would come from the earned income tax credit. Its among the governments largest anti-poverty programs, sending more than $60 billion every year to families like Smicks: people who have jobs but are struggling to get by. Last year, 28 million households claimed the EITC.

Smick, who lives outside Los Angeles, thought shed get her refund in a month or so, as she had the year before. But no refund came. Instead, she got a letter from the IRS saying it was conducting a thorough review of her return. She didnt need to do anything, it said. Smick waited as patiently as she could. She called the IRS and was told to wait some more.

It wasnt until four months later, in July, that she got her next letter. The IRS informed her that she was being audited. She had 30 days to provide supporting documentation for basically everything. As she understood it, she needed to prove that she and her husband had earned what theyd earned and that her child was her child.

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ProPublica Picks 14 Newsrooms and Investigative Projects for Year 2 of Its Local Reporting Network "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

ProPublica named 14 newsrooms and local reporters on Wednesday who will participate in the second year of the ProPublica Local Reporting Network, a program aimed at supporting investigative journalism at local and regional news organizations. Seven of the projects will focus on state government, while the rest will cover a broad range of subjects.

Through the program, participating reporters collaborate with ProPublica senior editors Charles Ornstein and Marilyn W. Thompson as they embark on investigative journalism within their communities. Two of the projects, based in Illinois, also will work with the staff of ProPublica Illinois. ProPublica reimburses one years salary and benefits for each of the participating reporters and also supports projects with its expertise in data, research and engagement elements of the work.

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The ProPublica Local Reporting Network kicked off in January 2018 with projects at seven news organizations across the country. In August, ProPublica announced the expansion of the Local Reporting Network, with a focus on investigative journalism on state governments or state politics. This expansion is an effort to help stanch the decline in statehouse and state government coverage nationwide, as fewer outlets have the resources to hold accountable tho...


Zionist Terror "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In the Dead of Night, By Brute Force 

IDF Raids in West Bank Show How Occupation Becomes Routine 

Theres barely a Palestinian family that isnt familiar with this practice. Israelis dont get abducted from their homes. This is a feature of the apartheid system


The Age of the Troll "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Age of Stupidity

How Trolling Rose From Sad Basements to the Heights of Power (and Set Fire to the World)

As I reflect on 2018, a thought keeps occurring to me. History will probably regard this as the age of the troll. Not just this yearmaybe this whole decade. It was a time when the world got trolled, hardand so trolls rose to power, when they shouldnt have, and by the time nations held their heads in horrified regret, it was too late. No take backs allowedcuck! U mad, bro?

Troll heads of state trolled entire countries that used to be their friends in public, on Twitters. Greater trolls hired lesser trolls to shout trollery from every news cable channel, which welcomed them with open arms. The New York times profiled Nazis, Neo-Nazis, rural Nazis, urban hipster Nazistrolls had come of age: they were the dashing, suave 007s of an age of stupidity and decline. Even minor-league trolls made fortunes, chuckling, by peddling disinformation which came to leave whole societies addle-brained. Trolling became a way of life, a forever war for attention, endless gum toothed ignoramuses screaming lie after lie from mountaintop after mountaintop. Even a second-rate failing state like Russia made good, selling info-weapons in this new war for attention, earning a penny here and there. Where once there used to be information, opinion, discussion, elucidation, maybe even, once in a while, a flicker of enlightenmentby now, there was just the greatest troll, trolling harder, bellowing louder, gloating better.

Donald Trump, the worlds biggest troll, became Americas President. Brexit effectively trolled a whole country into a kind of temporary, ongoing, insanity. Russia fanned the flames, European extremism rose, and so forththese are all weird examples of trolls essentially hacking social systems to rise to power. The age of the troll ripped through the world like an explosion. Forms of trolling effectively came to replace the discourse, norms, and values of whole nationsbullying, intimidation, scaremongering, demonization, scapegoating, gaslighting. Verbal, rhetorical, psychological warfare became everyday realities. Something like the sociocultural equivalent of terrorist bombing campaigns and machete-wielding mobs came to rampage through the once quiet and placid streets and avenues of democracys public sphere. Already frightened people went numb with shock. Whole political systems shattered like glass. Once proud democracies whimpered like feeble, broken things.

The word troll once denoted denizens of sad internet forums, sad, lonely, angry forgotten basement-dwellers. But by 2018, trollsamazingly enoughwere setting fire to the world. Trolls tore the harvest from the soilglobal order, alliances and agreeme...


365 days of gratitude "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Rotary came to us for dinner this evening.

We enjoyed the fellowship, sang some carols and in lieu of payment we asked people to donate to cancer research.

The generous Rotarians donated more than $1,400 for which Im very grateful.


The Noose Tightens Around the EU"s Neck "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The depth of French anger at the neoliberal globalist policies of President Emmanuel Macron has finally been heard.


Anathema A #Philadelphia Anarchist Periodical: Volume 4 Issue 11 December 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Anathema: A Philadelphia Anarchist Periodical. Volume 4, Issue 11, December 2018.

Originally published by Anathema.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Volume 4 Issue 11

n this issue:

  • Cash Bail
  • Yellow Vests From Afar
  • Brosnan Security In Chico
  • Welcome To The Future
  • Revolutionary Letter #18
  • On Splitting
  • N17 Report
  • Black December
  • Phones & Security Culture

Volume 4 Issue 11 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

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Wolf Richter: Severe Collapse of Home Prices Might Trigger a Financial-Institution Crisis in Australia: OECD Frets about the Banks "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Australia looks to be on the verge of a nasty unwind of its housing bubble. A plunge would damage not only its banks but also retirement funds, since banks play an outsized role in the Australian stock market.


LOCATION TARGETING: Your Phone Apps Are Tracking Every Step You Take and Every Stop You Make (And Then Selling It) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

LOCATION TARGETING: Your Phone Apps Are Tracking Every Step You Take and Every Stop You Make (And Then Selling It) by Daisy Luther The Organic Prepper TDC Note If you havent seen the Google, CEO Sundar Pichai, testify...

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Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas is free after seven months in custody "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Wael Abbas had been held at the infamous Tora prison since May on charges of 'spreading false news'


Theresa May on brink of no confidence vote amid reports of 48 letters from Conservative MPs "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Theresa May is on the brink of a leadership challenge with multiple sources suggesting over 48 Conservative MPs have now submitted letters of no confidence in her leadership - enough to trigger a formal no-confidence vote. A government minister as well as a number of Conservative MPs in the pro-Brexit European Research Group, told Business Insider that they believed Sir Graham Brady, chair of the party's 1922 Committee, had received over 48 letters of no confidence. One senior MP in the group told BI that Brady had received 53 letters, five more than the 48 threshold.


Future of U.S.-Russian Space Cooperation in Doubt "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Russia Wants to Extend U.S. Space Partnership. Or It Could Turn to China.

The American incentives for engaging with Russia in space in the 1990s political goals like the employment of idle rocket scientists to prevent missile proliferation have mostly disappeared with the resumption of tensions. The Trump administration has already proposed that by 2025 the United States should stop supporting the International Space Station that is the principal joint project today. A final decision is up to Congress. The American role might be shifted to a commercial footing thereafter.

[...] [It] is unclear how much longer the post-Soviet era of space cooperation between the United States and Russia can last in the more hostile environment now surrounding relations. In the interview, [Dmitri O. Rogozin, the director of Russia's space agency,] said Russia wanted to carry on joint flights with the United States and its allies, despite the tensions over election interference, wars in Syria and Ukraine, and the chemical weapons poisoning of a former double agent in Britain.

[...] Analysts say Moscow has a strong incentive to maintain the joint program: a decided lack of money to pursue a lunar station on its own. Russia's budget for its space program is something less than one-10th what the United States spends on NASA. [...] Russia's preference is to press on with a space program entwined with the United States', on either the lunar program or another venture, Mr. Rogozin said. But if talks fail, Russia can turn to China or India for partnership. There might then be two stations circling the Earth or the moon, one led by the United States the other a Russian-Chinese enterprise. Mr. Rogozin even floated the idea of a "BRIC station," the acronym for the developing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

Mr. Rogozin in November ordered the Russian Academy of Sciences to study the prospects for a solo Russian program to build a habitable base on the surface of the moon. Ivan M. Moiseyev, the director of the Institute of Space Policy in Moscow, said in a telephone interview that any proposal for a lone Russian lunar station was fantastical, given the budget constraints. "The technical capability exists, but the finances don't."

The U.S. and NASA could develop stronger partnerships with the European Space Agency, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and Indian Space Research Organisation instead.




Bell & Videotron File Criminal Complaint Against IPTV Provider "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While regular torrent and streaming sites are still a big hit with online pirates, dedicated IPTV services are becoming increasingly popular with consumers.

These services, which can be difficult to tell apart from official offerings, typically supply access to hundreds of otherwise premium channels at a knockdown price. This disruption is something that broadcasters and rightsholders all over the world are keen to bring to an end.

In particular, there have been many raids around Europe but news is now surfacing of action in Canada, featuring two of the countrys most powerful media companies and what appears to be an unlicensed IPTV provider.

On an unspecified date, Bell and Videotron filed a criminal complaint against IPTV provider Cielo 4K. A website featuring that branding is available here, offering around 250 channels including PPV and adult content while recommending its offer especially for the residents of the province of Quebec-Canada.

On October 11, 2018, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) reportedly conducted a search at the residence of a former employee of a Videotron subcontractor in Boisbriand, Montreal. LaPresse reports that dozens of computers and modems plus Bell, Videotron, Roku and DirecTV receivers were seized, totaling some 150 items of hardware.

According to the news outlet, the four people listed as defendants in court documents are not yet facing criminal charges since the RCMP investigation is still ongoing. However, the quartet is suspected of using three Videotron and Bell accounts to receive, capture, and redistribute channels to the public.

This kind of use makes us believe that the service installed at this residence is used to power an IPTV network broadcasting unauthorized television content, the plaintiffs state in their claim.

Its further alleged that the streams were sent to servers operated by OVH Hosting Services, from where they were distributed to the public.

OVH is also recognized by the telecommunications industry for hosting the majority of IPTV services offering unauthorized television content, the court documents note, citing a Videotron investigation.

When approached for comment, OVH said it does not discuss the activities of its customers, insisting that as a cloud infrastructure provider it does not have access to customers data.

This latest action against Cielo 4K com...


THATS A RUSSIAN! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

THATS A RUSSIAN: Everyone is a Russian bot who dares question the state

By: Karl Friedrich-Israel
Last September a very informative paper was published by the neoconservative Atlantic Council. In connection with this institution are such important public figures as Collin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Henry Kissinger. The paper, written by John T. Watts, summarizes the main conclusions drawn at this years Sovereign Challenges Conference in Washington, DC. The text allows for a deep look into some of the minds of the American elite and their allies. Its reading is therefore highly recommended. The inclined reader, however, should sometimes overlook empty phrases and distracting rhetoric to get to the heart of the matter.
At its core, its about maintaining power. According to Watts, the big problem is disinformation, which is disseminated through new and alternative media. It...


Yachts, fast cars and Instagram: Iran's rich kids enrage sanctions-hit citizens "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


The 'good genes' and their ilk are nothing new, but as sanctions take their toll, Iranians struggle with outrageous displays of wealth


Pew study: Artificial intelligence will mostly make us better off by 2030 but fears remain "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

But many experts, even those mindful of such risks, have a more positive outlook, especially in health-care and possibly in education.

Most experts canvassed by Pew say artificial intelligence will leave most of us better off by 2030. But there are fears about jobs and mayhem.


Tanzania government urged by Burungwe WMA head to provide ranger training "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Daily News (Tanzania)

Anne Robi,
December 10, 2018
The Burungwe Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Babati District, Manyara
Region, has urged the government to provide military training to game
rangers as a new way of curbing poaching.

Speaking in Babati District recently, Burungwe WMA Secretary Olays Olekoin
said military training of game rangers would ensure sustainable security
for WMA.

Poaching has decreased considerably compared to past years, but we feel
that there is a need for our game rangers to go for military training to
intensify the fight against poaching, he said.

He noted that poachers in Burungwe WMA always came up with more techniques
of killing wildlife.

Poachers have been inventing new ways of killing animals and for this
reason we feel it is good for our game rangers to go for military training,
which will make them more effective, he said.

The government recently established the provision of military training to
game rangers from key government-controlled wildlife protection areas such
as Tanzania National Parks (Tanapa), Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority
(NCAA) and the Wildlife Division of the Ministry of Natural Resources and

Anti-poaching training aims at equipping game rangers with military
strategies that target the protection of wildlife, mostly elephants and
rhinos living in protected areas and those roaming freely in areas outside
wildlife parks and game reserves.

Burungwe WMA is made up of 10 villages from three administrative wards,
whose revenue from tourism and conservation is sent back to support local
communities to implement socioeconomic development activities.

?For instance, in 2017/18 we collected 2b/- revenue, where 60 per cent of
it was allocated to villages,? said Mr Olekoin. He noted that each village
received over 100m/- for construction of development projects.

WMA borders Tarangire and Lake Manyara national parks, which together share
rich wildlife resources in northern Tanzania. It is 18 kilometres from the
Tarangire National Park gate and 10 kilometres from the southern boundary
of Lake Manyara National Park.

This news service is provided by Save the Elephants.

For further information on elephants please see Save the Elephant...


The frantic, unprecedented race to save 700,000 NSFW Tumblrs for posterity "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Volunteers are scrambling to download up to 800 terabytes of content from Tumblrs adult-themed community before it disappears from view on December 17.

GeoCities, Vine, Friendstercommunities live, thrive, and often die on the net. But the two-week timeframe in which content will disappear from Tumblr is unprecedented, says Jason Scott. He cofounded Archive Team, a volunteer project running software that scarfs copies of endangered websites for posterity.

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Back-to-back meteor fireballs fly through Washington's sky "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

If you looked up at the right times Monday evening, you may have seen something out of this world. Not one, but two, bright fireballs lit up the skies Monday evening, widely visible from D.C. to New York. The first occurred about 4:56 p.m., 10 minutes after sunset in Washington. It illuminated the twilight eastern horizon, burning vibrant shades of green, blue and white as it exploded in our atmosphere. It lasted about five to seven seconds as it fell, fragmenting into a number of smaller shards like a doomed firework. The fireball "looked like an airplane going super fast but then disappeared about as quickly as I saw it," commented Samantha Tungul, a Capital Weather Gang Facebook follower who witnessed the event in Prince William County. Other eyewitnesses described it as "like a stray firework," "green and slow moving," and "an incredibly bright blue white streaking ball."


Are you getting cheap petrol so Saudi can sabotage climate talks? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Are you getting cheap petrol so Saudi can sabotage climate talks?

brendan 12th December 2018
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Is Silver Primed To Take The Spotlight? (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Is Silver Primed To Take The Spotlight? Video Salivate Metal Video Source

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Climate justice and migration in the media "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Climate justice and migration in the media

brendan 12th December 2018
Teaser Media


Zimbabwe 11 arrested for dealing in polished ivory "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


11 Arrested For Illegally Dealing In Polished Ivory

ELEVEN people, who include nine employees at a Chinese factory in Harare, appeared at the Harare Magistrates Courts facing allegations of contravening sections of Parks and Wildlife Management Act and fraud after they were allegedly found selling polished ivory, with fake parks reference numbers.

The 11 suspects appeared before magistrate Learnmore Mapiye, who remanded them in custody to December 21, pending finalisation of investigations.

It is the States case that on December 2 this year, one of the accused, Robert Shonhiwa called the informant, only identified as Henry and informed him that he had 200kg of polished elephant tusks, which he was selling for $90 per kilogramme.

The State alleges the next day Shonhiwa met Henry at Extreme Service Station opposite Gulf Shopping Complex. Shonhiwa got into Henrys vehicle and directed him to Zanu PF headquarters, where they were going to meet one Titus Mazambani whom Shonhiwa indicated was in possession of the ivory.

It is alleged while parked outside Zanu PF headquarters, Shonhiwa called one David Madzinga and Raymond Mutinha, who later showed up and joined them. Mazambani allegedly directed Henry to Karigamombe Centre, where they would meet Noah Manyanye and Pettymore Munodawafa.

The State alleges Mazambani, Madzinga, Mutinha and Munodawafa then directed the informant to the light industries at Duandong Trade Centre, leaving behind Shonhiwa.

While at Duandong, the five suspects had a short meeting with the informant and agreed on a price of $90 per polished kilogramme.

The informant was then led by the accused persons to a warehouse where they met other accused persons carrying elephant tusks and placing them on a table.

The informant examined the tusks and was satisfied that they were real and genuine...


Do not take Oman's stability for granted "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While the future of Oman is far from certain, the world has so fair paid little attention to the turbulences that might be awaiting the Sultanate.

A portrait of Sultan Qaboos on the window of a vehicle. Picture by Jorgen Schwenkenbecher/DPA/PA Images. All rights reserved. With analysts and journalists paying attention to the future viability of the Saudi and Iranian regimes, the focus has been far away from the possible evolution of Oman once Sultan Qaboos, the ruler of the country for almost five decades, passes away.

Oman as a mediator

Iran and Saudi Arabia are regional powers and their impact on the stability of the Middle East is consequently greater. In fact, Oman is often mentioned in relation to these two countries. Two examples will suffice to show this. The first is the Omani mediation between the Houthis and Riyadh. The attempt to broker peace between these two parties, who have been fighting each other in Yemen for three years, ended up unsuccessfully.

The second example is Omans important role in the path to the signature of the Iran nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Sultan Qaboos was the host of different rounds of secret talks between the United States and Iran since 2012. Moreover, the role of Oman in the Qatar blockade crisis or the Palestinian-Israeli conflict have also received some coverage.

Camille Lons, from the European Council on Foreign Relations, writes that maybe it is time to pay attention to Oman. She does so to conclude an article that deals with the external threats that Omani traditional neutrality is facing from Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The importance of internal stability

Ultimately, nevertheless, Muscats Foreign Policy, as it is the cas...


New episode of the Guillotine: #YellowVests Protests and the Cyntoia Brown Case "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

New episode of the Guillotine podcast. Episode 24 is about the Yellow Vests movement and the Cyntoia Brown Case. Hosted by a Marxist Red Spectre and an Anarchist Swamp Wizard

Originally published by The Guillotine.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Since people are asking. Heres the most recent address for #CyntoiaBrown that I have.

Cyntoia Brown


Tennessee Prison for Women

2 North, B49

3881 Stewarts Lane

Nashville, TN 37218-3302


The Honorable Bill Haslam

Governor of Tennessee

State Capitol, 1st Floor

600 Charlotte Ave

Nashville, TN 37243

Transition Music: Lurch by No Thanks

Outro Music: All Your Bases by Sole

The Nashville tattoo artist who created our logo can be found here:

Channel Zero Network can be found here:...


Homeless Man Is Admitted To Hospital But People Realize He's Not Alone "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This week, healthcare worker Cris Mamprim and her colleagues at Hospital Regional Alto Vale in Brazil bore witness to a touching scene that none will soon forget.

It was a glimpse at love in its purest form.

Credit: Cris Mamprim/Hospital Regional Alto Vale

At around 3 a.m. on Sunday, a homeless man named Csar entered the hospital to receive treatment and medication for a health problem he's been battling. Normally, the man is attended to at another facility in town, so Mamprim and the other staffers asked about his condition and his story.

And they soon realized that their new patient wasn't alone.

Despite his lack of material possessions, Csar's life was rich with friendship. Looking just outside the hospital's front door, the staff saw a group of faithful canine companions were eagerly awaiting his safe return.

Credit: Cris Mamprim

Mamprim came to learn that the man had taken it upon himself to care for the dogs, who otherwise would be without a friend in the world.

In fact, Csar admitted that he often forgoes food for himself to ensure the pups in company stay well fed.

"They are all well taken care of and chubby," Mamprim told The Dodo. "Seeing them like that, waiting at the door, only shows how much they are cared for and loved."

Credit: Cris Mamprim

The pups were eager, but also patient settling at the doorway to wait for their friend. But they wouldn't have to wait for long.

While the staff got Csar squared away with the medication he needed, they decided to invite his dogs inside as to not keep them apart. In the meantime, they offered some food to Csar (and by extension, his canine crew)....


Flying sucks. The best travel gear of 2018 can help "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Traveling for the holidays? This is a must-read.

Those of you who travel frequently face a conundrum: The joy of exploring new cities and enjoying local culture must coexist with the stress and discomfort of modern travel. No matter how often you travel, you never quite get over the sheer ugliness of airports, the uncomfortable seating arrangements on planes, and the suspicion that you are being treated like cargo.

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How I got a promotion, ran a marathon, and saved 20% of my income this year "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Focusing on the systems, and not the outcome, allowed me to make more progress than I otherwise would have.

I love New Years resolutions, and at the end of every year I love looking at my goals, seeing if Ive met them (my personal record is accomplishing 6 goals out of 10), and writing new ones for the year ahead. And Im not alone in my love of them, or in my inability to deliver. As Stephanie Vozza wrote in a previous Fast Company article, just 8% of goal-setters are successful.

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Heavy police presence at Katowice climate march "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Heavy police presence at Katowice climate march

Louise Gill 12th December 2018
Teaser Media


Tristan Walker announces acquisition by Procter & Gamble, will remain as CEO and move company to Atlanta "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Once a beacon for more minorities to join him in Silicon Valley, the former tech and media darling enters a deal that will help to secure his legacyand P&Gs.

Procter & Gamble, the consumer packaged goods conglomerate known for such household staples as Tide and Old Spice, will acquire Walker & Company Brands, the health and beauty startup launched by entrepreneur Tristan Walker just five years ago.

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Armchair Thriller: Rachel In Danger #2/4 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This was the first of ITV`s ARMCHAIR THRILLER serials which would start with the Thames TV landscape logo coming up on screen modified so that instead of being daytime it`d be night time . The title sequence of the show was fairly memorable of a darkened room with a shadow falling across a chair centered in the middle of the room then the shadow sitting in it . Suddenly the camera crash zooms onto the shadows face
If memory serves me right RACHEL IN DANGER is rather contrived . A man bumps into an old associate called Juan ( Played by Stephen Greif who BLAKES 7 fans will know as Travis ) so they go back to the man`s house where Juan murders him and steals his identity . It turns out Juan is an international terrorist whose group is going to assassinate HRH Queen Elizabeth the second a bit like THE NAKED GUN without the humour . It then turns out the murdered man has a daughter called Rachel who he hasn`t seen for many years who just happens to paying him a holiday visit on the day Juan murdered her father . Obviously since she hasn`t seen her dad for several years she won`t be able to recognise him . Being amidst such a dastardly plot involving world proleterian revolution Rachel is in danger of being executed to keep her quiet . The story ends with Juan from BLAKES 7 trying to shoot her majesty at a garden party with a gun disguised as an umbrella which explodes killing comrade Juan . Rachel walks away muttering that she put plasticine in the barrel


Honest debate needed about legacy of israels (apartheid state) expulsion of the Palestinians Ken Livingstone "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Honest debate needed about legacy of Israels expulsion of the Palestinians Ken Livingstone Reuters / Ibraheem Abu Mustafa  Reuters Having fought to get a deal between the IRA and Britain for over a decade before that was achieved, I cant see any difference with the current situation in between Israelis and Palestinians in []


What We Now Know about Manafort, Cohen and Individual-1 Trump, Inc. Podcast Extra "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Court filings by prosecutors last week shined a light on the business lives of two men who worked get Donald Trump elected president: former Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Trump, Inc. co-hosts Ilya Marritz and Andrea Bernstein talk with Franklin Foer of The Atlantic about what the documents show and the further questions they raise.

Among those questions:

  • What exactly was Manaforts connection to a business partner who some in the intelligence committee believe to be a Russian intelligence asset?
  • Why did Russian officials approach the Trump campaign about potential political synergy?
  • How much did Trump know about Cohens coordination of hush money payments to two women who alleged they had affairs with the now-president?

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Toast Printer Prints Tasty Images And Weather Forecasts "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Electrical Engineering degrees usually focus on teaching you useful things, like how to make electronic devices that actually work and that wont kill you. But that doesnt mean that you cant have some fun on the way. Which is what Cornell students [Michael Xiao] and [Katie Bradford] decided to do with T.O.A.S.T: The Original Artistic Solution for Toast. In case the name didnt give it away, this is a toast printer. The user supplies an image and a bit of bread, and the T.O.A.S.T prints the image onto the toast. Alternatively, the printer can show you the weather by printing a forecast onto your daily bread.

[Xiao] and [Bradford] programmed a Raspberry Pi W to handle most of the heavy lifting, converting the image or the weather forecast into a 10 by 10 matrix, which is then sent to the PIC32. This drives two motors that move a heat gun. To turn a 1 in this matrix into a toasted spot, the motors pause over one spot of the bread, creating a nice toasty spot. The whole thing is mounted onto a laser-cut frame, with a 3D printed holder for the heat gun. There is, unfortunately, no butter or jam dispenser, but if you were to combine this with the Toast-Bot, you might get the finished product. That might be a postgraduate level build, though.





Greg Hunter, "Trend is Clear Rapid Decline of World Economy" "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

"Trend is Clear Rapid Decline of World Economy"
By Greg Hunters 

"Financial and precious metals expert Egon von Greyerz (EvG) says dont expect the global financial situation to get better anytime soon. EvG says, You know what the politicians are doing now? Theresa May is my best example. These politicians are just running around posing and acting, but they are not achieving anything, and they are not achieving anything because the world is in a mess. What we are seeing the beginning of is the decline of the western world economy, which means the whole world economy. There is no use in putting a time period on it, that its going to happen this year or next year. The trend is clear. We know that the world economy is in a mess. Its going to decline, and in my view, its going to be a rapid decline. Gold will reflect all of this, and currencies will be totally debased. You dont need a lot, you might only need another few snowflakes to trigger this avalanche. It could come in a month or in three months time because the system is a fake system. I count $2 quadrillion in money. If you add debt, unfunded liabilities and the risk of derivatives, you come up to $2 quadrillion of debt and liabilities. The global GDP is $70 trillion. So, you are talking about 30 times global GDP.

What could go wrong? EvG says, You dont need much to go wrong. It will happen. They have no remedy anymore. 2007 to 2009, I have said many times that was a rehearsal. The real thing is coming now or in the next few years, and no money printing will ever stop it. They will try, but they will fail. This is why you will get the depressionary hyperinflation, and when that fails you get the implosion of the system. All values will shrink to very low numbers, all assets and debts will shrink together. That is the longer term play. Its not going to be nice for the world. Its going to be horrible for the world......


Multipolar World Order in the Making: Qatar Dumps OPEC "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Qatars decision is unconnected to the feud triggered by Saudi Arabia against the small emirate. However, it is evident that a host of factors has led to this historic decision.


Jewish Israeli Fascist Demands Genocide "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Senior Israeli Lawmaker Calls for Killing All Palestinians, Because they are just Nazis Anyhow

Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan said that the number [of peaceful Palestinian protesters] killed does not mean anything because they are just Nazis anyhow.



The Carbon Brief Interview: Saudi Arabias Ayman Shasly "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Ayman Shasly is a senior negotiator for Saudi Arabia at both the UNFCCC and IPCC. In his role as an international policies consultant with the ministry of petroleum and mineral resources in Saudi Arabia, he is a board member of the Green Climate Fund. He has also worked in China for Saudi Aramco, one of the worlds largest oil companies.

  • Shasly on why Saudi Arabia does not want to formally welcome the IPCC special report on 1.5C: You would not say things like, you welcome itbecause that [means] we are giving legitimacy to some scientific reportthat had its own issues of scientific gaps, knowledge gaps.
  • On his countrys issue with the 1.5C report: It didnt say that how much space we need to make for developing countries to continue their development, without hitting 1.5C. That was not mentioned in the report.
  • On his countrys problem with the 1.5C reports storyline: We all know it will cost the world a great deal of cost and all elements to achieve 1.5CThe storyline of the entire report shows that it is achievable, its doable, lets all do it together, which is not fair. What is the equity in this? Where is history in this?
  • On using up the remaining 1.5C carbon budget: Were all competing for this limited space. [The 1.5C report] did not really send a signal that someone needs to take more serious, more ambitious actions, for them to reverse their emissions, so that they make room for developing countries to develop.
  • On Saudi Arabias vulnerability to climate change: As a matter of fact, we are impacted by climate change, perhaps more than anybody else. We are a desert country that heavily relies on this single source of income. We have such a vulnerable economy, fragile economy, and with oil, we eat, we feed, we travel, we educated our people, we have medical care and everything.
  • On when the world should end the use of fossil fuels: Well, we hope we get rid of fossil fuel before anybody else. We dont want to be dependentWe are undergoing for Saudi Arabia, in particular were undergoing a...


Microsoft Issues Patch for Windows Zero-Day Flaw Under Active Attack "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Microsoft today, on its year-end December Patch Tuesday, released security updates to patch a total 39 vulnerabilities its Windows operating systems and applications10 of which are rated as critical and other important in severity. One of the security vulnerabilities patched by the tech giant this month is listed as publicly known at the time of release, and one is a zero-day reported as being


Malaysia opens old and new wounds with Singapore "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Air and sea disputes have stoked new tensions between the causeway neighbors, revisiting an earlier era of testy bilateral relations

Air and sea disputes have stoked new tensions between Malaysia and Singapore, driving ties between the neighbors to their lowest point since Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad notched a shock election victory in May this year.

Earlier this month, Singapore lodged a strong protest over Malaysias plans to extend the limits of a port in its southernmost state, Johor, claiming its territorial waters would be encroached upon. The wealthy city-state also accused Malaysian vessels of repeated intrusions, claims that Malaysias Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook has contested.

Loke has maintained that the altered ports limits are in Malaysias territorial sea and do not encroach on any part of Singapore. The maritime boundary tiff comes as the two countries wrangle over another dispute involving control of a flight path that passes over Malaysian airspace to a small secondary airport in Singapore.

Malaysia informed its southern neighbor that it intends to take back control of the airspace, which Singapore has managed since 1974. Malaysia made the announcement after the city-state issued a new instrument landing system at its Seletar Airport without Malaysias consent, which Loke said would lead to height limits on building developments and affect shipping operations in Johor.

Read the full story at Asia Times.



Git 2.20.0 released "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Git 2.20.0 is out. Changes include interdiff generation support in git format-patch, an improved ability to cope with corrupted patches in git am, a number of performance and usability improvements, and more.


Indian PM Modis BJP loses key state elections "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

BJP suffers embarrassing defeat in three state elections in its stronghold just months before national elections. AFP
BJP suffers embarrassing defeat in three state elections in its stronghold just months before national elections. AFP

Voting in the three states was spread over the past two weeks.

The setback to Modis Bharatiya Janata Party is expected to revive the political fortunes of the Congress party under Rahul Gandhi, who took over as party president from his mother, Sonia Gandhi, a year ago.

Indias national elections are due by April.




US Switching to Ukraine as Location to Start World War III Against Russia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

US Switching to Ukraine as Location to Start World War III Against Russia Eric ZUESSE The United States Government is now treating Ukraine as if it were a NATO member, and on September 27th donated to Ukraine two warships for use against Russia. This is the latest indication that the US is switching to Ukraine as the []


American Pastors Are Neglecting Their Duty to Call Out the Crimes of Our Government "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

American Pastors Are Neglecting Their Duty to Call Out the Crimes of Our Government by Pastor Chuck Baldwin  Russia-Insider Baldwin argues that what made America great until the early 20th century was the political engagement of its pastors, especially at the nations...

The post American Pastors Are Neglecting Their Duty to Call Out the Crimes of Our Government appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards 2018: Awards Ceremony Gala Dinner


The Punishing Truth About Donald Trumps Policies "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Punishing Truth About Donald Trumps Policies Before long the world will act typically numb when President Donald Trump announces a hit on a prominent public figure via his Twitter account. The American administrations of the past few decades have already made an art out of the mafia-like military and economic sanctions on people from []


Beto ORourke narrowly tops wide-open MoveOn 2020 presidential straw poll; Biden is runner-up "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The progressive group had backed Bernie Sanders in 2016 over Hillary Clinton.

Image: U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D-TX), candidate for U.S. Senate speaks to supporters at a campaign rally in El Paso

Rep. Beto ORourke, D-Texas, then a candidate for U.S. Senate, speaks to supporters at a campaign rally in El Paso on Nov. 5.Mike Segar / Reuters

Dec. 11, 2018 / 11:21 AM EST / Updated Dec. 11, 2018 / 11:26 AM EST
By Alex Seitz-Wald

An early straw poll of members of the progressive group shows a wide-open competition for liberal voters in the 2020 Democratic presidential contest, with Rep. Beto ORourke narrowly beating out former Vice President Joe Biden.

The poll, obtained by NBC News, shows a plurality of respondents 29 percent either said they did not yet know whom they would support or wanted someone else not listed among the groups more than 30 potential candidate choices.

The most popular potential candidate was ORourke, D-Texas, who was selected by 15.6 percent of respondents, followed by Biden at 14.9 percent, and then Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., with 13.1 percent.



Paul Craig Roberts 309 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

9/11: The Evidence

9/11: The Evidence


Can We Unlearn The Fear That Creates Our Reality? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Imagination is a wonderful thing. Emotions are often a result of the mind telling us stories without our direction over the outcome. When we imagine any fear repeatedly in a safe environment, soon our phobia, and our brain's response to it, begins to subside.

That's the takeaway of a new brain imaging study led by CU Boulder and Icahn School of Medicine researchers, suggesting that imagination can be a powerful tool in helping people with fear and anxiety-related disorders overcome them.
"This research confirms that imagination is a neurological reality that can impact our brains and bodies in ways that matter for our wellbeing," said Tor Wager, director of the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory at CU Boulder and co-senior author of the paper, published in the journal Neuron.

Being afraid of the unknown is not a new concept. From birth to death we've been trained to fear everything for a very long time. The dangers of modern life have a stranglehold on peoples imaginations. Sociologists call the phenomenon a risk society, describing cultures increasingly preoccupied with threats to safety, both real and perceived, but most definitely imagined.

Our ability to judge risk is sophisticated, and instinctual decisions often serve us well. But when something doesnt quite seem to sync up, gut to head, then its time to pause and at least question whats causing the discrepan...


U.S. Congress pushes legislation to sanction Hamas and Hezbollah for using human shields "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Legislation calls for sanctions on both terror organizations as repeated practitioners of action that violates international law

Image result for Hamas, photos

The US House of Representatives has approved a bill that would target for sanctions Hezbollah and Hamas for using civilians as human shields, guaranteeing that it will become law.

This critical and timely legislation mandates new sanctions against Hamas, Hezbollah and foreign state agencies that use civilians as human shields or provide support to those doing so, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee said in a statement Tuesday after the House passed the bill. The Senate passed the measure in October.

IDF footage of unearthed Hezbollah attack tunnel on the northern border (Israel Defense Forces)
IDF footage of unearthed Hezbollah attack tunnel on the northern border (Israel Defense Forces)

The bill castigates Hezbollah, a terrorist Lebanese militia backed by Iran, and Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group controlling the Gaza Strip, as repeated practitioners of an action that violates international law. It notes reports that Hezbollah is concealing missiles in villages in Lebanon and that Hamas routinely launches missiles at Israel from densely populated areas.

The bill, which had bipartisan backing, now goes to US President Donald Trump for his signature.

Israel last week launched a military operation to find attack tunnels dug by Hezbollah under the border with Israel. Operation Northern Shield has so far uncovered three such tunnels, one of which originated in the Lebanese village of Kafr Kila and another in the village of Ramiyeh.

The army has also said it is aware of the existence of other tunnels, but has yet to fully expose them.

Israel has accused Hamas, which is sworn to destroy the Jewish state, of fighting from within civilian areas and storing munitions under residential buildings.



Seattle's Darkest Day in Three Years "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Here in Seattle it was extraordinarily dark yesterday.  The darkest day in years.

The total radiation on Tuesday on top of the roof of the atmospheric sciences building was .54 Megajoules (MJ) per meter squared (a joule is a unit of energy).

To give you some perspective, here is a table of the lowest daily radiation amounts since 2004 at the UW, provided by UW Research Meteorologist Mark Albright.  The date of lowest radiation is also noted.  As you can see, yesterday was the darkest since 2015, where the total dropped to .44 MJ per meter squared on December 7th.

  Year           Date        Amount of solar radiation

 2004  1229  0.64 MJ/m**2
 2005  1201  0.61
 2006  1214  0.39
 2007  1202  0.51
 2008  1225  0.79
 2009  1215  0.74
 2010  1223  0.57
 2011  1210  0.68
 2012  1219  0.48
 2013  1220  0.56
 2014  1210  0.55
 2015  1207  0.44
 2016  1219  0.68
 2017  1218  0.69
*2018  1211  0.54......


Btrfs Restoring Support For Swap Files With Linux 4.21 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Btrfs file-system hasn't supported Swap files on it in early a decade, but that support will be restored again with the upcoming Linux 4.21 kernel...


Linux kernel: userfaultfd bypasses tmpfs file permissions (CVE-2018-18397; since 4.11; fixed in 4.14.87 and 4.19.7) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Posted by Jann Horn on Dec 12

NOTE: I have requested a CVE identifier, and I'm sending this message,
to make tracking of the fix easier; however, to avoid missing security
fixes without CVE identifiers, you should *NOT* be cherry-picking a
specific patch in response to a notification about a kernel security

In Linux kernel versions since 4.11, userfaultfd can be used to write
arbitrary data into holes in sparse tmpfs files to which an attacker
has read-only access....


Child dies of wounds after being injured during Gaza protests "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Four-year-old Palestinian boy dies after his uncle said he was injured by shrapnel when his father was shot by Israeli forces on Friday


Interview 1405 Gerry Docherty on the Hidden History of WWI "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

[audio mp3=""][/audio]Gerry Docherty, co-author with Jim MacGregor of Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War, joins us for an in-depth discussion about the real origins of WWI. In this wide-ranging discussion, Docherty reveals the machinations of the Secret Elite that ensnared Europe, and, ultimately, the world, in war. We also talk about the teaching of history and who controls the historical narrative on key global events.


West Bank: Settler (jewish terrorists) posters call for Palestinian president killing "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

West Bank: Settler Posters Call for Palestinian President Killing Notices posted by Jewish settlers feature Mahmoud Abbas in the crosshairs and labelled a supporter of terrorists. Settlers put up posters calling for the assassination of President Abbas reading kill the financier of terror [Al Jazeera] Hardline Jewish settlers have hung posters of Palestinian Authority President []


Half of Googles workforce is reportedly treated like second-class citizens "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The company has a handbook for how to treat contractors, and its not pretty.

Working at Google comes with a lot of perks. But it turns out those are only available to some of the companys workforce. A new Guardian article describes the tens of thousands of workers considered temps, vendors, and contractors (TVCs), and the unequal treatment they receive from the company. According to an anonymous employee who spoke with the news outlet, 49.95% of Googles 170,000 workers around the globe are considered TVCs. And theres a whole handbook the company gives to managers explaining how to deal with this second class of laborers.

Read Full Story


The Arctic Region Ice Appears to be Rapidly Melting "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Sea ice along Greenlands coast this year!

Warming in Arctic Raises Fears of a Rapid Unraveling of the Region

From an Article by John Schwartz and Henry Fountain, New York Times, December 11, 2018

Persistent warming in the Arctic is pushing the region into uncharted territory and increasingly affecting the continental United States, scientists said Tuesday.

Were seeing this continued increase of warmth pervading across the entire Arctic system, said Emily Osborne, an official with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who presented the agencys annual assessment of the state of the region, the Arctic Report Card.

The Arctic has been warmer over the last five years than at any time since records began in 1900, the report found, and the region is warming at twice the rate as the rest of the planet.

Dr. Osborne, the lead editor of the report and manager of NOAAs Arctic Research Program, said the Arctic was undergoing its most unprecedented transition in human history.

In 2018, warming air and ocean temperatures continued to drive broad long-term change across the polar region, pushing the Arctic into uncharted territory, she said at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in Washington.

The rising air temperatures are having profound effects on sea ice, and on life on land and in the ocean, scientists said. The impacts can be felt far beyond the region, especially since the changing Arctic climate may be influencing extreme weather events around the world.

The new edition of the report does not present a radical break with past installments, but it shows that troublesome trends wrought by climate change are intensifying. Air temperatures in the Arctic in 2018 will be the second-warmest ever recorded, the report said, behind only 2016.

Susan M. Natali, an Arctic scientist at Woods Hole Research Center in Massachusetts who was not involved in the research, said the report was another warning going unheeded. Every time you see a report, things get worse, and were still not taking any action, she said. It adds support that these changes are happening, that they are observable.



David Morgan: Palladium proves physical market can take control. Future hope for Gold & Silver (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

David Morgan: Palladium proves physical market can take control. Future hope for Gold & Silver Video Chris Blasi David Morgan discusses precious metals, central banking, and cryptocurrency. The positive action in the palladium market may foreshadow the future for...

The post David Morgan: Palladium proves physical market can take control. Future hope for Gold & Silver (Video) appeared first on The Daily Coin.


UK: Theresa May to face leadership Coup Vote of no confidence "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Theresa May

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will face a vote of no confidence in her leadership later on Wednesday. EPA photo

Tory rebels secure 48 names needed to trigger confidence vote against prime minister

By George Parker

Theresa May is facing a dramatic vote of confidence in her leadership on Wednesday evening, after Eurosceptic MPs launched a coup against the prime minister to try to seize control of the final stages of Brexit. .

Tory rebels have secured the 48 names needed to trigger a confidence vote and Graham Brady, chairman of the backbench 1922 committee, has announced it will take place between 6pm-10pm on Wednesday.

Mrs May is expected to fight for her job, but support has been draining away from the prime minister since Monday when she abandoned a planned vote in the House of Commons on her Brexit plan.

If Mrs May fails to secure 158 votes a majority of Tory MPs she will be forced to stand down and a full Tory leadership contest would take place.

See also: The BBC

Theresa May to face vote of no confidence from Tory MPs


UK prime minister to face no-confidence vote as Brexit hangs in the balance



The Movement to Suppress and Impoverish Critics of israel (apartheid state) is Racist "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Movement to Suppress and Impoverish Critics of Israel is Racist By Paul Larudee Marc Lamont Hill, Tim Anderson, Steven Salaita, Rabab Abdulhadi, Hatem Bazian, Ahlam Muhtasib, Norman Finkelstein and other academics have all been targets of the movement to silence their criticisms of Israel and their defense of Palestinians. This includes threats and legal []


From wars to Duterte: Philippine journalist holds the line "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Philippine journalist Maria Ressa, who was named this week as a Time magazine Person of the Year, has extensive experience in conflict zones, but is now fighting a war to fend off government moves to put her behind bars.

Hours after meeting bail Tuesday on fresh tax fraud charges that the 55-year-old insists are manufactured, Ressa was named to the prestigious award.

The accolade, also given to murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, imprisoned Reuters reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, and the staff of the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, including five members killed in a June shooting, highlighted those taking great risks in pursuit of greater truth, Times chief editor said.



The Best Albums of 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Best album has been decided by Emacs which keeps track of what albums Ive listened to most, so this is a totally objective list that objectively literally lists the best music this year.

Except for the bits where I just edited by hand, because Ive been listening more to old music than new music this year. There hasnt been a single new wow, this is the best album ever in 2018, I think, but just a huge quantity of really kinda good stuff. I think 2018 has been a stronger year than what weve seen recently. Music goes in waves

Anyway, heres the best song of the year, which is John Brown by Marc Ribot (feat. Fay Victor):

And heres the list:

Marc Ribot ...


Humans may be reversing the climate clock "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Our future on Earth may also be our past. In a study published Monday (Dec. 10, 2018) in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers show that humans are reversing a long-term cooling trend tracing back at least 50 million years. And its taken just two centuries.


Midnight Meme Of The Day! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

by Noah

The melding of FOX "News" and the Trump White House continues. First Trump tapped former FOX contributor and fellow Nazi sympathizer Sebastian Gorka as a White House advisor. He has now returned to the FOX loony bin. Then it was Trump's fellow sex harasser Bill Shines, the ex co-president of FOX "News" who replaced Hope Hicks when she left the White House to go to, you guessed it, GOP-TV! Sean Hannity stays at FOX but is a key Trump aide. Trump's personal lawyer is a face of Fox "News" lunatic named Rudy Giuliani. Katy McFarland came from the same treason-supporting insane asylum. She worked in the White House as the notorious Michael Flynn's deputy. There are more, lots more, including Trump's NSA head John "Swiffer" Bolton. Even Trump himself came from FOX where he, in reality, began his campaign for president by pushing the racist nonsense of birtherism that Republicans embrace to this day.

Now it's Heather Nauert, a FOX bozo who once cited D-Day as evidence of a history of a long relationship with Germany as our United Nations Ambassador. Perhaps she, like Trump and others in his party have (Pat Buchanan anyone?), wishes we had sided with Germany in WW2 and her D-Day statement is how it comes out? The surname Nauert is German in origin and has a "good advice" meaning, so maybe that is what is expected of her, no?

In any event, there she is; soon to be our new U.N. Ambassador. She didn't just come from any GOP-TV program mind you. She came from the FOX And Friends cesspool. I suppose we should be thankful that Trump hasn't dipped one rung lower in his search for members of his administration and chosen Judge Roy Moore, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Alex Jones or someone from his fast pool of porn star acquaintances.


Need to remember something? Draw it "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

New research finds that the simple act of drawing boosts memory better than words do.

As we get older, our memory really does get worse. It can be hard in our private lives and professional ones. But new research from the University of Waterloo has discovered a compelling fix: By drawing something, rather than taking written notes, our memory performs as well as that of someone decades younger.

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How to talk to anyone from the CEO to the interns at your company holiday party "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Avoid putting your foot in your mouth when chatting with your boss or coworkers at your holiday party, and maybe even help advance your career in the process.

Its that time of year when parties fill your calendar. Mingling with both people you know very well and those you never speak to, you might be a little nervous. But little nervousness goes a long way to helping you get ready. Saying the wrong things can be career limiting, just as saying the right things to the right people can be career enhancing.

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Wednesday nightcap "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Interesting summary view of the current state of Marxist influence on American college campus The post Wednesday nightcap appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Who Lost the World Bush 41 Left Behind? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


What happened was a complete loss of imagination and a DEEP STATE conspiracy ultimately run by stupid people. Let us leave it at that.

Bush 41 was their choice as well, but it can be said that he chose them as well.  The CIA provided the internal glue that preserved the Status quo that then ran its course through 2016.

The talent to create a great country is rare and its is even more rare for the talent to be inherited or chosen by a committee.   Thus we had good leadership in Ike, JFK, LBJ ( sorry folks) Nixon, and Reagan and got spoiled. Since then we have had a leadership gap and that includes both Bushes.  That Gap allowed the opportunity provided by Russia to be thrown away and for CHINA to remain unchecked as well as allowing smaller shows to simply fester.

Now we can expect a return to competent leadership for several terms as the path has been established to make this true.  . 

Who Lost the World Bush 41 Left Behind?

Friday - December 7, 2018 at 12:45 am

By Patrick J. Buchanan

George H.W. Bush was Americas closer.

Called in to pitch the final innings of the Cold War, Bush 41 presided masterfully over the fall of the Berlin Wall, the unification of Germany, the liberation of 100 million Eastern Europeans and the dissolution of the Soviet Union into 15 independent nations.

Historys assignment complete, Bush 41 was retired.

And what happened to the world he left behind?

What became of that world where America was the lone superpower, which 41 believed should lead in creation of the New World Order?

The Russia that back then was led by Boris Yeltsin, a man desperate to be our friend and ally, is now ruled by an autocratic nationalist.

Was not Vladimir Putin an inevitable reaction to our treating Russia like an untrustworthy and dangerous recidivist, by our expansion of NATO into the Balkans, the eastern Baltic and the Black Sea the entire front porch of Mother Russia?


Researchers Develop Cheap, 10-Minute Test That Can Detect Cancer Anywhere in the Body "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

An extraordinary discovery which can be made simple and universal.  Best yet it separates those with a current problem.  No effort need be spent on false leads.   

With that the patient can start anti tumor protocols and also track the bodies response until it all goes away.  with CBD coming into its own this may well be as simple as having a course of CBD oil..

In fact this makes it possible to imagine it been part of an annual checkup and possibly the whole industry literally going away.  Nothing has ever promised this.

Researchers Develop Cheap, 10-Minute Test That Can Detect Cancer Anywhere in the Body

Australian scientists are being hailed for possibly developing a quick and easy test that can detect any kind of cancer in a matter of minutes.

Cancer is an extremely complicated and variable disease and different types of cancer have different signatures. Up until now, the scientists have had trouble finding a simple signature that was distinct from healthy cells and common to all cancers but the team was finally able to identify a unique biomarker that was common...


Robot Janitors Are Coming to Mop Floors at a Walmart Near You "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. signage is displayed outside the company's location in Burbank, California, U.S.

This should be a good start, though all cleaning tasks do demand fine detail work as well that actually takes up a huge amount of time when compared to the basic action.  We already have vacuums and even those must fail when the geometry does not cooperate. 

Fine detail is the important problem.  We need machines able to identify a raspberry and to reach out and pick it.  This same ability is needed to identify untouched that needs cleaning or even additional reps.  After all a clean tile in your bathroom needs to be individually scrubbed to achieve perfection.

And what happens when you drop a quarter on the floor?
Robot Janitors Are Coming to Mop Floors at a Walmart Near You

Pavel Alpeyev

Bloomberg Wal-Mart Stores Inc. signage is displayed outside the company's location in Burbank, California, U.S.

Robots are coming to a Walmart Inc. near you, and not just as a gimmick.

The worlds largest retailer is rolling out 360 autonomous floor-scrubbing robots in some of its stores in the U.S. by the end of the January, it said in a joint statement...

Medical Cannabis Superior To Opioids for Chronic Pain, Study Finds "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

It is interesting that when used in conjunction with morphine, the morphine dosage is cut by 75%.   This strongly suggests that it will be much easier to avoid addiction and resolve it as well with low maintenance dosages.

All this can stop progressive deterioration in hte addiction profile.

It is certain that CBD is on the way to be the key bridge drug needed for the majority of chronic pain if not all such cases with opiates reserved for surgery and severe short term pain which was the way it was...
Medical Cannabis Superior To Opioids for Chronic Pain, Study Finds


Organising for a better future for work "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Unions must reach outside their comfort zones and develop an inclusive collective voice so that workers can organise effectively in a hostile political environment.

March for the Alternative, London, 2011. CGP Grey/Flickr. (cc by)

On 8 October 2018 we published the BTS Round Table on the Future of Work, in which 12 experts explain recent changes to the nature of work and offer new ideas in labour policy, organising, and activism. This piece has been written in response.

Unions21 is delighted to participate in this discussion regarding the future of work. Having had the opportunity to read through earlier contributions, we were especially pleased with the emphasis on governments absconding from key responsibilities, as highlighted by Alison Tate and others. We also further endorse Shawna Bader-Blaus emphasis on the need to approach people as both workers and citizens simultaneously. These and other contributions feed into the bottom line for our own contribution in this piece, which starts with the premise that governments should act to establish a framework for social responsibility that embraces concepts of fair work, but they cannot be relied upon to do so. And since governments cannot be relied upon to act independently, our goal should be to organise as both workers and citizens in support of a better future for work.

This starting point is shared with a number of earlier contributors, such as Han Dongfang, Lupe Gonzalo, Reema Nanavaty and Elizabeth Tang. We see no incentive strong enough to guarantee that policy-makers do the right thing.

Recent experiences in the United Kingdom have underscored the challenges which need to be overcome in or...


Minnesota's Mall of America Introduces a Virtual Elf "Hologram" "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Mall of America debuts helpful holographic elf for the holidays

How would you keep a shopping mall lively in an era when more and more people are buying their holiday gifts online? The Mall of America has a one-word answer: holograms. It's partnering with mixed reality firm VNTANA on what's billed as the "first-ever" holographic shopping concierge. Visit the mega-mall's Holiday Cottage throughout the season and you can speak to Ellie the elf (no, really, that's her name) for help tracking down top gifts. Ask about how to find an Xbox One for the kids, for instance, and Ellie will point you to the Microsoft Store.

The hologram isn't mind-blowing by itself (it's more like those Pepper's Ghost musician holograms than a true 3D image), but it's helped by a VNTANA platform that can tie a chatbot to a digital model. And no, you won't have to shout over the mall traffic -- there's a handheld microphone to take your voice requests.

Original Submission

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Whats immoral about caring for Americas poor first? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Congressional Dems are butting heads with President Trump over his demand for $5 billion to continue building a wall along the southern border. Likely incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vows she wont spend one dollar for a wall and calls the idea immoral.

Not building the wall is whats truly immoral. Allowing poor migrants to flood across the southern border forces taxpayers to toil longer and pay more taxes to feed and house them, accommodate their children in public schools and pay for their medical care.

By Betsy McCaughey
New York Post

Americans are already maxed out caring for our own needy, including the homeless sprawled on city streets. This nation has some 40 million people in poverty, one out of every eight people and one of every six children. Thats far higher than the share of people living in poverty in Canada or the UK.

Our country doesnt need to import more poverty.

For the same reason, Trump is proposing that only legal immigrants who can support themselves without government handouts be granted green cards.

Mayor Bill de Blasio blasted Trumps proposal as un-American. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the plan is ugly, it is cruel.

Really? Why should Americans be compelled to provide a safety net for throngs pressing to get into the country?

Milton Friedman warned two decades ago that America can have open borders or a generous welfare system but not both. Open borders boost a growing economy by providing a source of labor. But that works only so long as immigrants are barred from government benefits.

Trump is tightening regulations under a longstanding law, on the books since 1882, that bars immigrants likely to need government benefits from obtainin...


Sroubek -> Hardcore -> Ardern pressure builds for full disclosure "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Opposition have been pressuring Iain Lees-Galloway and Jacinda Ardern on the Karel Sroubek deportation issue for over a month. National have obviously been trying to connect Ardern to the original decision by Lees-Galloway not to deport Sroubek after he completed his current prison sentence. Today in Parliament, and immediately afterwards,  some dots were joined. []


Jack Dorsey tries to clear up his obliviousness about Myanmar atrocities "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Thousands of Rohingya have been slaughtered, and Twitter helped fuel the hate.

On Sunday the Twitter CEO posted a few tweets about what a fantastic time he had while on a meditation retreat in Myanmar. It was a country, he tweeted, that was absolutely beautiful and whose people are full of joy. Oh, also the food is amazing.

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Catastrophic Power Outage Poses a Profound Threat to the US, New Government Report Finds "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Catastrophic Power Outage Poses a Profound Threat to the US, New Government Report Finds by Mac Slavo SHTFPlan The United States is not prepared for a catastrophic power outage, according to an alarming new report from the Presidents National Infrastructure...

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Pressure builds on Yemens warring parties as peace talks focus on port "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Yemens warring parties are being pressed to agree thorny confidence-building measures, including the status of a strategic Red Sea port, in consultations on Wednesday before the close of the first U.N.-led peace talks in two years.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is due to attend final talks in Sweden on Thursday to support his envoys efforts and meet delegates from the Iran-aligned Houthi group and the Saudi-backed government of Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Ambassadors from countries that are permanent members of the Security Council China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States joined talks with delegation heads on Tuesday, sources said.

Western nations, some of which supply arms and intelligence to the Saudi-led coalition that intervened in Yemen in 2015, want an end to nearly four years of war that have killed tens of thousands of people and pushed millions to the brink of famine.

Hodeidah port, Yemen The area could be put under the control of a joint committee and supervised by the United Nations. (File/AFP)

President Donald Trump told Reuters on Tuesday he could abide by legislation being considered by the Senate to end U.S. support for the Saudi-led war effort following outrage over the Oct. 2 murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the kingdoms Istanbul consulate.

I hate to see whats going on in Yemen, Trump said. But it takes two to tango. Id want to see Iran pull out of Yemen too. Because and I think they will.

The nearly four-year-old conflict is largely seen in the Middle East as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and its rival, Shiite Muslim Iran, which has welcomed the peace efforts.

The Western-backed Sunni Muslim Arab coalition intervened in the civil war to restore Hadis government which was ousted from the capital Sanaa in 2014 by the Houthis, who now control most population centers, including the Red Sea city of Hodeidah.


U.N. envoy Martin Griffiths, trying to avert a full-scale assault on Hodeidah, where coalition forces have massed on the outskirts, is asking both sides to withdraw from the city.

His proposal envisions an interim entity be formed to run the city and port, and international monitors deployed.

Both sides agree to a U.N. role in the port, the entry point for most of Yemens commercial imports and vital aid, but differ on who should run the city. The Houthis want Hodeidah declared a neutral zone while Hadis governmen...


3 in 5 Filipinos believe US will defend Philippines in a crisis "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Three in five Filipinos believe that the United States defense commitment to the Philippines is strong, according to a Social Weather Stations survey released Wednesday.

The survey found that 61 percent (31 percent strongly believe, 30 percent somewhat believe) believe the Philippines long-time ally will defend the country, 9 percent said they do not believe to such commitment while 30 percent were undecided.

The poll also showed that 47 percent of those who believe in Washingtons commitment to Manila have been previously aware of the 1951 Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) between the two countries. The remaining 53 percent only learned about the agreement when the survey was conducted.

Among those already aware of the MDT, 80 percent said they believe the US will defend the Philippines if there was an invasion.

Awareness of Mutual Defense Treaty

Metro Manila recorded the highest number of those previously aware of the MDT with 58 percent, followed by balance Luzon with 53 percent, Visayas at 41 percent and Mindanao at 31 percent.

In urban areas, 55 percent were aware of the treaty while 38 percent were aware in rural areas.

Among socioeconomic classes, 51 percent of class ABC were aware of the MDT while class D and class E...


Novidade, a new Exploit Kit is targeting SOHO Routers "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Security experts at Trend Micro have discovered a new exploit kit, dubbed Novidade (novelty in Portuguese), that is targeting SOHO routers to compromise the devices connected to the network equipment.

The Novidade exploit kit leverages cross-site request forgery (CSRF) to change the Domain Name System (DNS) settings of SOHO routers and redirect traffic from the connected devices to the IP address under the control of the attackers.

Since its first discovery in August 2017, experts observed three variants of the exploit kit, including one involved in the DNSChanger system of a recent GhostDNS campaign.

Currently, Novidade is used in different campaigns, experts believe it has been sold to multiple threat actors or its source code leaked.

Most of the campaigns discovered by the researchers leverages phishing attacks to retrieve banking credentials in Brazil. Experts also observed campaigns with no specific target geolocation, a circumstance that suggests attackers are expanding their target areas or a larger number of threat actors are using the exploit kit. 

We found Novidade being delivered through a variety of methods that include malvertising, compromised website injection, and via instant messengers. reads the analysis published by Trend Micro.

Novidade eK

Experts noticed that the landing page performs HTTP requests generated by JavaScript Image function to a predefined list of local IP addresses that are used by routers. Once established a connection, the Novidade toolkit queries the IP address to download an exploit payload encoded in base64.

The exploit kit blindly attacks the detected IP address with all its exploits. 

The malicious code also attempts to log into the router with a set of default credentials and t...


Macrons Paris riots while Salvinis Rome celebrates! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to If and when Jacinda signs the UN Pact I imagine there will be plenty feeling depressed. This has an inspiring message and music.   The post Macrons Paris riots while Salvinis Rome celebrates! appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


BBC again passes up on Palestinian affairs reporting "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

When, on October 23rd, the BBC News website recycled an NGOs report about torture carried out by Palestinian forces we observed that:

While it is obviously refreshing to see this issue getting some exposure on the BBCs website [] it is nevertheless notable that this is not a report by the BBC informing its funding public about the serious topic of torture conducted by Palestinian factions but the recycling of a report by an external organisation.

And so, BBC audiences still await serious, original BBC reporting on this issue as well as on other aspects of internal Palestinian affairs.

Since that article was published the opportunity for the BBCs locally based reporters to produce just such original reporting has arisen.

A Palestinian court on Thursday extended the detention of a hunger-striking Palestinian-American activist who claims she was tortured in captivity.



Gerald Celente Will Central Banksters Boost Markets? (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Gerald Celente Will Central Banksters Boost Markets? Video TDC Note Look for our exclusive interview with Gerald Celente covering the 2019 Trends Alerts to be released mid day today!! ##### Video Source

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Khalid Albaih Gaddafis Circus "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

DATE: 21 May 2011


Securing and managing the enterprise Internet of Things "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A future where the Internet of Things spreads exponentially is almost certain. Seemingly everybody wants these devices: consumers for the helpful features and manufacturers for the ability to collect data about the product and consumers use of it. Paul Calatayud, Palo Alto Networks CSO for the Americas, sees the IoT evolving into a new form of distributed computing powered by 5G and ever-increasing bandwidth speeds. The result will be intelligent, programmable devices that operate without More

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The U.S. industrial terrorists? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

There's been a lot of noise with regards to the communications side of the information technology world basically started by the administration of the United States focusing on consumer electronics coming out of China, in particular by Huawei.

The administration of the U.S. told people* of this planet not to use Huawei's routers.

What's all the racket really about?

Let's put aside the fact that Huawei refuses to patch their routers to communicate via the so called secure protocol https, instead of http, as mandated a few years back.

Colonialists are all about control, whether it be on a local or global scale, it's all about control, where this policy is adhered to by the administration of the colony labelled as the "land of the free".

In 2013, the Fairfax publication wrote an article on Huawei of the title 'it's the biggest company that no one has ever heard of'.

In 2015, uSens Inc also wrote on Huawei being 'The Biggest Smartphone Company You Never Heard Of'.

The electronics and telecommunications company was founded in Shenzhen in 1987, where it started out with a total of 20 employees in Australia in 2004.

Today it has customers in over 170 countries, where its technology serves more than a third of the population of the planet

Huawei has knocked off Apple from its perch in terms of smartphone sales.

On the 'global stage' Huawei is a threat to the dominance by U.S corporations, like Apple and Google, based products.


9/11 Alleged and Unprosecuted Crimes to be Brought before Grand Jury in Southern District of New York "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY agrees to present new evidence of 9/11 events to a Grand Jury, as demanded by counter-narrative 9/11 organization.


Wilmar's supplier mapping plan could be a 'breakthrough' for palm oil industry "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The world's largest palm oil trader says it will use satellites to monitor its suppliers in a new attempt to cut deforestation out of its supply chain.


Native Voices Rising Announces 54 Grants to Support Native-led Advocacy & Organizing Throughout Country "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Published December 12, 2018

OAKLAND, Calif.    Native Voices Rising (NVR), a collaborative partnership between Native Americans in Philanthropy (NAP) and Common Counsel Foundation (CCF), is pleased to announce the granting of $335,000 to 54 Native-led groupsempowering American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities across the United States to advance Native-led, community-defined solutions both on and off the reservation. NVR has tripled the number of grants given to Native-led groups in the past three years. A full list of this years grant awards can be found at

Established in 2013, Native Voices Rising is an innovative, collaborative fund that supports Native-led grassroots organizing and advocacy efforts. It emphasizes Native wisdom and decision-making, and relies on Native community members to screen, review, score and make grant recommendations, fostering more community-led grant making than is often the case in the philanthropic sector. NAP and CCF support the Native proposal reviewers with training and technical expertise to grow their skills in the craft of social justice grantmaking. 

There is a growing need for innovative grant making approaches like Native Voices Rising. According to Sarah Eagle Heart, CEO of Native Americans in Philanthropy, As Native people and organizations continue to work to promote truth and healing, and in the wake of harsh threats to Native sovereignty, sacred spaces, water rights and the rights of Mother Earth  the need to lift-up community voices for equity, and amplify solutions grounded in our own Native traditions is perhaps greater than ever.

As in past cycles, Native Voices Rising grant partners are working on a broad array of issues including the promotion of Indigenous worldview, Native sovereignty, environmental and water justice, economic development, cultural practices, and civic engagement and voting rights to name a few. Groups were selected based on several characteristics, includ...


Native American Agriculture Fund to Begin Grantmaking in 2019 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Janie Simms Hipp

Published December 12, 2018

Newest and largest Native philanthropic organization launched website today, seeks public input on priorities

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.  The Native American Agriculture Fund (NAAF) launched its website on Tuesday and is soliciting public feedback to inform NAAFs priorities and future funding activities. NAAF plans to begin its first round of grantmaking in 2019. To view the survey and find additional information about NAAF, please visit

NAAF was created by the settlement of the landmark Keepseagle v. Vilsack class-action lawsuit. The charitable trust provides grants to eligible organizations for business assistance, agricultural education, technical support, and advocacy services to support Native American farmers and ranchers. With approximately $266 million in funding, NAAF is the single largest philanthropic organization devoted solely to serving the Native American farming and ranching community. In accordance with the terms of the settlement agreement, it must distribute its funds within a period of 20 years.

It is critical that we directly engage Native farmers and ranchers from the very beginning of our work, said Janie Simms Hipp, President/CEO of the Native American Agriculture Fund and citizen of the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma.

These funds present an incredible opportunity to strengthen food sovereignty and Native food systems, and ultimately improve the economic vitality, health and wellbeing of our communities.

The launch of NAAFs website and...


Space mining: the new goldrush "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While space mining is still a decade or so off, next year the industry is ramping up their efforts.


Classic TV: Raffles Anthony Valentine #8 To Catch A Thief "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

About the series

Raffles was a 1977 television adaptation of the A. J. Raffles stories by Ernest William Hornung. The series was produced by Yorkshire Television and written by Philip Mackie. The episodes were largely faithful adaptations of the stories in the books, though occasionally two stories would be merged to create one episode such as The Gold Cup which featured elements from both A Jubilee Present and The Criminologists Club. 

About this episode

Although Inspector MacKenzie suspects that Raffles is the culprit behind a recent string of unsolved society burglaries, Raffles is innocent. Raffles himself deduces that the real culprit is the respectable gentleman Lord Ernest Belville. Raffles learns about Belville, so that he and Bunny can make an attempt to steal Belvilles haul for themselves. During their search of Belvilles flat, however, Raffles and Bunny are caught in the act by the man himself.


How to hire for potential: Why transferable skills outrank experience "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

LinkedIns top recruiter says that the talent you need for your hardest-to-fill jobs might be sitting right beside you.

Can a security officer become an HR leader overnight? Its not as crazy as it sounds. Just ask Sean Kirlin, who parlayed his security job at The Hershey Company into a senior manager role in HR operations.

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What tech companies get wrong when recruiting women "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

From talking too much about Star Trek to overt gender stereotyping, the teams doing techs hiring keep finding ways to alienate qualified women.

Much of the debate about the paucity of women in technology focuses on the pipeline problem: how to get young schoolgirls interested in science and math. But what happens when girls do elect to study STEM fields? Why arent many women with technical qualifications moving into STEM-related careers?

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SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan runs on emoji pancakes and Amazon Prime "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Emoji pancakes just may be the secret to this CEOs success.

SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan has been pushing the fitness brand forward since she took the helm in 2012, after stints in corporate development for Virgin America and Starwood, and as vice president of business development for Equinox Fitness. Under her guidance, SoulCycle has grown from exercise classes with a cult following to a global brand with a media division, a talent agencylive music, and HIIT and exercise classes that dont require a bike at all.

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6.8% of the top 100,000 websites still accept old, insecure SSL versions "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Mac-based malware has appeared on the list of the top ten most common types of malware for the first time in WatchGuards quarterly Internet security report. The Mac scareware appeared in sixth place in WatchGuards latest Q3 2018 report and is primarily delivered by email to trick victims into installing fake cleaning software. Researchers also found that 6.8 percent of the worlds top 100,000 websites still accept old, insecure versions of the SSL encryption protocol, More

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Morning Prayer for Wednesday, December 12, 2018 Making Love, Not Fear Dominant in Our Lives "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The clergy speaks of the spiritual fellowship of the church. Such a fellowship is based on a common belief in God and a common effort to live a spiritual life. We try to get down to the real problems in our lives. We try to open up to each other. We have a real desire to be of service to each other. We try to go deep down into the personal lives of our members. Do I appreciate the deep personal fellowship?

Related image

Meditation for the Day

Love and fear cannot dwell together. By their very natures, they cannot exist side by side. Fear is a very strong force. And therefore a weak and vacillating love can soon be routed by fear. But a strong love, a love that trusts in God, is sure eventually to conquer fear. The only sure way to dispel fear is to have the love of God more and more in your heart and soul.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that love will drive out the fear in my life. I pray that my fear will flee before the power of the love of God.


Wednesday Weapons "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

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The hot new conference swag favored by Lyft, WordPress, and Twitter "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Branded garlic is now a thing.

At a recent Lyft event, the brand decided not to hand out the usual swag. You know, the frisbees or stress balls or notebooks or pens that pile up in your closets and drawers. Instead, in a large bowl, there was a pile of ripe green avocados, each printed with the Lyft logo. They were a hit. Attendees flocked around the fruit, Instagramming the heck out of them. Then, they put the avocados in their bags for a tasty afternoon snack.

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AIbom defection: Weve not joined PDP APC stakeholders "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Contrary to claims by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that no fewer than 20,000 members and supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom State had defected to the party, APC stakeholders in the state yesterday described such claim as fraudulent and unfounded. It insisted that they remained committed members of the APC. []

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China was reportedly behind the Marriott hack, as well as other hacks, too "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

It turns out China has hundreds of millions of Americans private records.

The Marriott breach, which involved the personal data of around 500 million customers being hacked, was reportedly part of a larger effort led by China, according to the New York Times. If half a billion personal records breached didnt sound big enough, the hackers also allegedly got access to health insurers data and security clearance files.

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Fuhr: Global Exchange Traded Fund to hit $22.3trn "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

  Global Assets under Management (AUM) for Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) has been forecast to reach $22.3 trillion by the end of 2025, Managing Partner, Founder, ETFGI, Deborah Fuhr has said. She disclosed in a document obtained by the New Telegraph in Lagos. Fuhr said the ETF industry has continued to extend its stunning track []

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2019: Amosunll lead my campaign, says Dapo Abiodun "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun, yesterday said appropriate mechanism had been put in place to resolve seeming crisis rocking the party, even as he declared that the incumbent governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun would lead his 2019 gubernatorial campaign. Abiodun, who spoke during an official presentation of his []

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Trump-Pelosi brawl sends Congress back to the drawing board on spending "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

President Trumps threat to shut down the government over border wall money left lawmakers scrambling on Tuesday for a deal to fund the remaining 25 percent of the government before a Dec. 21 deadline.

Weve got ten days. I think something will break between now and then but I could be wrong, said Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, R-Ala. He spoke soon after Trump, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi made it clear in a public feud at the White House that a deal was nowhere in sight.

There are a lot of proposals floating around, Shelby said. A lot of them are just thoughts today.

By Susan Ferrechio
Washington Examiner

Senate Minority Leader Schumer, D-N.Y., and House Minority Leader Pelosi, D-Calif., said they told the president they could agree to extend temporary funding for the Department of Homeland Security until next year, when House Democrats are in the majority. Their only other option was a deal that keeps border security funding at $1.6 billion, which is below the $5 billion Trump wants to complete a wall along the Mexican border.

But Trump told Pelosi and Schumer hed be proud to shut down portions of the government and take the blame if he cant get $5 billion.

During a closed-door lunch with Republicans Tuesday afternoon, Vice President Mike Pence described the meeting between Trump and the Democrats as memorable. But it also creates a real puzzle for lawmakers who want to figure out a deal over the next 10 days and go home.

Does it cause a wider breach or does it cause some people to go home and say weve got to get this done? Shelby wondered about Trumps open battle with Democrats. Sometimes an impasse brings us together, sometimes it drives us apart.

The impasse leaves Republicans with few options. If no deal emerges, they could pass a temporary spending bill, but there is no guarantee the president would sign it. And if Trump refused to sign it, a supermajority in both Republican-held chambers would be needed to override his veto.

I would think it would be difficult for a Republican majority to override a Republican president and probably unwarranted, Shelby said about that idea.

Republican leaders have always been eager to avoid a shutdown or any threat of one, even if Trump is willing to take the blame.



Yoruba leaders endorse Buhari, rally support for re-election bid "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

General Alani Akinrinade, Ekiti state governor, Kayode Fayemi, Senator Ayo Fasanmi, leader of the Yoruba socio- political group, Afenifere, and a former APC Chairman in Osun state, Hon. Adeniyi Adelowo were among prominent Yoruba leaders, who yesterday endorsed President Mohammadu Buhari for another term in office. Rising from a marathon meeting of Yoruba elders held []

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No confidence vote in Theresa May confirmed "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has made a botch of Brexit since her calling of a snap election backfired. A no confidence vote has been signalled for days. It looks like its about to happen. #BREAKING Tory MPs to hold no confidence vote against Theresa May this evening Laura McQuillan (@mcquillanator) December 12, []


Dog Sniffs Out Her Owners Cancer Three Times After Doctors Dismissed Her Pain "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A Siberian Husky in Wisconsin takes the term mans best friend to a whole new level. A 52-year-old womans dog detected her ovarian cancer not once, but three separate times, ultimately saving her life.

I owe my life to that dog. Shes really been a godsend to me. She has never been wrong, Stephanie Herfel said.

Sierra the Husky was placed in Herfels care at 9 months old in 2011 when her son went overseas. Herfel, explained what happened two years later:

She put her nose on my lower belly and sniffed so intently that I thought I spilled something on my clothes. She did it a second and then a third time. After the third time, Sierra went and hid. I mean hid!

Despite pain in her abdomen, an emergency room physician told Herfel it was an ovarian cyst and sent her home with a script for narcotic pain medication to ease the discomfort. Sierra, however, reacted quite differently to whatever it was that was causing the pain in Herfels abdomen: she hid herself in the very back of a closet, rolled up in a ball.

Herfel called Sierras reaction spooky and proceeded to make an appointment with a gynecologist in a matter of weeks. After bloodwork and an ultrasound, Herfel was told on 11-11-2013 that she had stage 3C ovarian cancer.

In stage 3, ovarian cancer has spread to the lymph nodes and large deposits of cancer cells are likely found outside of the spleen and the liver, in addition to being found in one or both of the ovaries and the lining of the abdomen.

Herfel underwent a full hysterectomy and lost her spleen as well. She received chemotherapy until April of 2014.

In 2015, and then again in 2016, Sierra hid. Both times Herfel discovered that her cancer had returned.

David Kushner, Herfels oncologist, stressed that Sierras ability to sense the cancer was not a fluke. Dogs with the ability to sense cancer have an accuracy rate of around 98%.

Its almost like the dog knows something is going on and is scared. The dog didnt want to be near her, said Ashley Wagner, executive director of the Wisconsin Ovarian...


Public Pressure Could Halt US Support of Yemen War "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

US tax dollars are supporting Saudi Arabias war in Yemen, which has already claimed the lives of some 85,000 children, and 12 million more people are likely on the brink of starvation. As Nicholas Kristof wrote in The New

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Android Trojan steals money from victims PayPal account "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

ESET researchers have unearthed a new Android Trojan that tricks users into logging into PayPal, then takes over and mimics the users clicks to send money to the attackers PayPal address. The heist wont go unnoticed by the victim if they are looking at the phone screen, but they will also be unable to do anything to stop the transaction from being executed as it all happens in a matter of seconds. The only thing More

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Parents are losing their rights: Who owns your children? You or the state? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Dr Douglas Farrow said when Canada passed same-sex marriage legislation, consequential amendments to existing law followed. Read More


Man accused of killing wife over rival lover, begs court "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

  A 57-year-old father of two, Lekan Shonde, who allegedly murdered his 33-year-old banker wife, Ronke, yesterday, begged an Ikeja High Court, Lagos, to reduce the murder charges against him to manslaughter, insisting that he didnt kill his wife intentionally. Shonde was arraigned after being alleged to have killed his wife sometime in 2015. He []

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Making green bond issuance a reality "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Green bonds issuance rules will help to bridge Nigerias infrastructure gap through investments in sustainable finance initiatives, Chris Ugwu writes   According to the calculations drawn up by the International Energy Agency, a formidable sum of around $53 trillion must be invested in the global energy sector by 2035. This showed that the ambitious climate []

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Heirs Holdings, Afrexim Bank sign $600m loan deal "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In its bid to facilitate growth of intra-Africa trade and support the development of African businesses, African Export-Import (Afrexim) Bank yesterday signed financing facilities totalling $600 million with Heirs Holdings Group, a pan-African proprietary investment holding company. A statement made available to New Telegraph said the facility would further support the groups power, oil and []

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Firm predicts massive disruption to retail banking "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

  Banks will be faced with massive disruption in the next five years amid competition from financial technology challengers, the chief executive of Swedish bank, Klarna, has told CNBC. New European legislation that was introduced at the start of the year, called PSD2, requires banks to share their customer data with third-party providers to enable []

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Why we dont want Eagles in U-23 team now NFF "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Vice-President of the Nigeria Football Federation Shehu Dikko has explained why the football body is against the idea of inviting eligible Super Eagles players to the camp of the countrys U-23 team that will represent Nigeria at the Japan 2020 Olympics. The Olympic soccer rule allows three over-aged players to be included in the list []

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$8.4m theft: How two oil marketers collapsed Spring Bank, by EFCC "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Justice Mojisola Dada of an Ikeja Special Offences Court, Lagos, yesterday, heard how two oil marketers arraigned for $8.4million fraud, collected the sum $15 million from the now defunct Spring Bank which led to its collapse. The duo identified as Yusuf Kwande and Osahon Asemota, were docked for allegedly stealing 6.4m metrics tonnes of Automated []

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Stormy Daniels Ordered to Pay Trump $293,000 for Lawyer Fees "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

LOS ANGELES Porn star Stormy Daniels must pay President Donald Trump nearly $293,000 for his attorneys fees and another $1,000 in sanctions after her defamation suit against him was dismissed, a federal judge in Los Angeles ordered Tuesday.

Trumps attorney, Charles Harder, had requested nearly $390,000 in fees and equal amount in sanctions as a deterrent against a repeat filer of frivolous defamation cases.

Judge S. James Otero cut the requested legal fees by 25 percent and awarded just $1,000 in sanctions.

Otero previously noted that fees by Harders firm as high as $840 an hour were reasonable but the 580 hours spent on the case appeared excessive.

Daniels alleges she had an affair with Trump in 2006 and was paid $130,000 as part of a nondisclosure agreement days before the 2016 presidential election. She sued him for defamation after he dismissed her claims of being threatened to keep quiet about the tryst as a total con job. The judge threw out the case in October.

Daniels attorney, Michael Avenatti, tweeted Tuesdays order will never hold up on appeal.

In a statement he predicted Daniels will never have to pay a dime because she will receive far more $1 million from Trump for attorneys fees and other costs related to a separate lawsuit Daniels brought in Los Angeles over the non-disclosure agreement.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, is challenging the agreement she signed with Trumps then-lawyer Michael Cohen to prevent her from discussing the alleged affair. The agreement was signed days before the 2016 election as part of a $130,000 hush-money settlement.

Daniels also has alleged that her former lawyer, Keith Davidson, colluded with Cohen to have her publicly deny the affair with Trump.

Cohen has pleaded guilty to several felonies and admitted funneling money to Daniels to keep her quiet about the affair. Trump has denied the affair, but essentially acknowledged the payment to Daniels.

Despite the deal to stay quiet, Daniels spoke out publicly and alleged that five years after the affair she was threatened to keep quiet by a man she did not recognize in a Las Vegas parking lot. She also released a composite sketch of the mystery man.

She sued Trump for defamation after he responded to her allegation by tweeting: A sketch years later about a nonexistent man. A total con job, playing the Fake News Media for Fools (but they know it)!

Otero ruled in October that Trumps statement was rhetorical hyperbole against a political adversary and was protected speech under the First Amendment.

Trumps lead attorney previously said the fees and unspecified monetary sanctions were earned because of the extraor...


Video: West Papuans arrested for calling for an end to human rights abuses and raising the morning star flag "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

As West Papuans celebrated Human Rights Day on 10 December and took part in ceremonies, where the independence Morning Star flag was raised, theIndonesian occupation forces came in and arrested dozens. So far, about 130 areknown about. A together about 500 people have been arrested over the past week,as the occupation authorities tried to clamp down on the growing frequency of protests.

The morning Star Flag

Human rights day was used to speak out against human rights abuses, and to hand over a petition, urging the Indonesians top accept fact finding missions by the United Nations and the Pacific Islands Forum.

Signing the West Papua petition

The Australian government has been giving support to the occupation and training its forces, which which carried out systematic murder has carried out systematic murder, torture and detentions. It is time for this  to stop this assistance and support the West Papuans to decide their own future.

Video by Free West Papua TV

Video by  thejuicemedia

The post...


The orchestra in my mouth: Tom Thum "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

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Will sophisticated attacks dominate in 2019? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Trend Micro released its 2019 predictions report, warning that attackers will increase the effectiveness of proven attack methods by adding more sophisticated elements to take advantage of the changing technology landscape. As we head into 2019, organizations must understand the security implications of greater cloud adoption, converging IT and OT, and increasing remote working, said Greg Young, vice president of cybersecurity for Trend Micro. Cybercriminals will continue to follow a winning formula exploiting existing More

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Classic Aussie Crime Drama: Water Rats -S06 E01 Domino "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Water Rats is an Australian TV police procedural broadcast on the Nine Network from 1996 to 2001. The series was based on work of the men and women of the Sydney Water Police who fight crime around Sydney Harbour and surrounding locales. The show was set on and around Goat Island in Sydney Harbour.

Water Rats premiered on 12 February 1996, and ran for six seasons and 177 episodes. Colin Friels and Catherine McClements were the original stars of the series and were instrumental in the shows early success. They both departed the show in 1999. In later seasons, Steve Bisley, Aaron Pedersen and Dee Smart became the shows main stars.

For the sixth and final season in 2001, the show concentrated more on the cops personal lives rather than just focusing on the crimes committed. The Nine Network cancelled the show after six seasons. Executive Producer Kris Noble blamed escalating costs for the cancellation. However, Bisley and Smart had also just quit the show, and the series had already been suffering a ratings battle following the departure of Friels and McClements in 1999. 


America Is Leading the World to Total Militarization "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Arabic media review(Photo: Clarion Project)

What is the Arab media saying about the U.S.? Here is a a round-up of op-eds that appeared in the weeks Arab media:

America Is Leading the World to Total Militarization Arabi 21, Egypt

President Trump is embodying a one-of-a-kind, unprecedented political trend based upon Darwinistic diplomacy. Ever since he was nominated, he revealed his affection for generals and his hate for diplomats. The White House started putting military personnel in every vital and sensitive position. This speaks to pure imperialism and is based on the principle of America First and a strategy of imposing peace by force to guarantee an all-American global regime.


George Bush, Sr. the Last of the Great Ones  14 March, Lebanon

In his time, the end of the Soviet Union was officially announced, leaving George Bush, Sr. to deal with one of the most important events of the 20th Century. America was left as the only superpower in the world, and Bush reacted in a very honorable way without gloating about it. This type of upstanding behavior can only be seen in people who are made from the stuff of George Bush, Sr., one of the great American presidents and one of the greatest in the White House.


From New York to The Hague, Palestine Is Trying to Foil the American Scheme Alalam, Iran

In a new development in the Palestinian arena, the head of the political branch of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, made a series of successful calls to a number o...


Distribution Release: Univention Corporate Server 4.3-3 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Stefan Gohmann has announced the release of Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.3-3, the latest update of the project's Debian-based distribution for servers with a web-based administration system: "Third point release for Univention Corporate Server (UCS) 4.3 is now available. It includes a number of important updates and....


Googles Year In Search 2018 zeitgeist video focuses on the goodwatch it here "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

One noticeable exception from the video? Donald Trump.

The search giant has released its annual Year In Search charts highlighting what topics people searched for the world over this year. 2018 was a rough year all around on the global level, so naturally in its accompanying Year In Search 2018 video, Google decided to mostly focus on the good and the heartwarming.

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See Top Secret Bunker Where 7,000 Americans Will Go in Event of Nuclear ... "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Climate Change Disaster! In as little as 60 years life above ground may not be possible, where will the wealthy & government officials survive?!


William Blum: Anti-Imperial Advocate "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In the incessant self-praise of the US imperial project, kept safe in a state of permanently enforced amnesia, occasional writings prod and puncture.  Mark Twain expressed an ashamed horror at the treatment of the Philippines; Ulysses Grant, despite being a

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Gustave Flaubert on travel books "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Only, travel writing as a genre is per se almost impossible.  To eliminate all repetitions you would have had to refrain from telling what you saw.  This is not the case in books devoted to descriptions of discoveries, where the authors personality is the focus of interest.  But in the present instance the attentive reader may well find that there are too many ideas and insufficient facts, or too many facts and not enough ideas.

That is from his November 1866 letter to Hippolyte Taine, reproduced in the Francis Steegmuller collection.  Here is my recent post on why most travel books are not good enough.  Here is a 2006 MR post on which are the best travel books.

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Clarion Tracked Ohio ISIS Would-Be Terrorist Six Months Ago "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Damon Joseph (Photo: U.S. Department of Justice)Damon Joseph (Photo: U.S. Department of Justice)

Beginning six months ago, Clarion tracked Damon Joseph, the Ohio ISIS supporter who investigators say was planning an attack on a Toledo-area synagogue. Clarions Intelligence Network flagged Joseph in July and alerted law enforcement agencies then and a number of subsequent times for his suspicious behavior.

Joseph, 21, was arrested by the FBI on December 7, reported, and charged with attempting to provide material support and resources to a foreign terrorist organization after taking possession of two rifles he believed were bought for him for the attack.

Authorities in the case say they were first alerted to Joseph through his social media posts. He began by watching ISIS propaganda. A few short months later, he was making his own videos to inspire others to plan attacks.

After the attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh in October in which 11 people were killed and seven injured, Joseph said that Jewish people are evil and they got what was coming to them.

He spoke to an undercover agent about a copycat attack, of which he drafted a plan and identified two synagogues as targets. He said he wanted to inflict mass casualties, kill a rabbi and attack any law enforcement officers responding to the attack, according to investigators.

US Attorney Justin Herman said that Joseph attempted to recruit others to this plot. He selected firearms firearms that he handpicked because he believed they would deliver the maximum amount of damage and destruction.

The rifles that he bought were provided by an undercover agent working the case. Due to a past conviction, he was unable to purchase or own firearms himself.

Joseph, who is from Holland, Ohio and is believed to be a convert to Islam, faces 20 years in prison on the charge.




Massachusetts Town Votes Against Comcast Cable Internet Offer, Will Build Municipal Fiber Instead "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Comcast rejected by small townresidents vote for municipal fiber instead

A small Massachusetts town has rejected an offer from Comcast and instead plans to build a municipal fiber broadband network. Comcast offered to bring cable Internet to up to 96 percent of households in Charlemont in exchange for the town paying $462,123 plus interest toward infrastructure costs over 15 years. But Charlemont residents rejected the Comcast offer in a vote at a special town meeting Thursday.

"The Comcast proposal would have saved the town about $1 million, but it would not be a town-owned broadband network," the Greenfield Recorder reported Friday. "The defeated measure means that Charlemont will likely go forward with a $1.4 million municipal town network, as was approved by annual town meeting voters in 2015." About 160 residents voted, with 56 percent rejecting the Comcast offer, according to news reports.

Charlemont has about 1,300 residents and covers about 26 square miles in northwest Massachusetts. Town officials estimate that building a municipal fiber network reaching 100 percent of homes would cost $1,466,972 plus interest over 20 years. An increase in property taxes would cover the construction cost. But the town would also bring in revenue from selling broadband service and potentially break even, making the project less expensive than Comcast's offer. "With 59 percent of households taking broadband service, the tax hike would be 29 cents [per $1,000 of assessed home value], similar to that for Comcast," a Recorder article last month said. "But if 72 percent or more of households subscribe to the municipal-owned network, there is no tax impact, because subscriber fees would pay for it."

Original Submission

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November 2018: Most wanted malware exposed "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Check Point has published its latest Global Threat Index for November 2018. The index reveals that the Emotet botnet has entered the Indexs top 10 ranking after researchers saw it spread through several campaigns, including a Thanksgiving-themed campaign. This involved sending malspam emails in the guise of Thanksgiving cards, containing email subjects such as happy Thanksgiving day wishes, Thanksgiving wishes and the Thanksgiving day congratulation! These emails contained malicious attachments, often with file names related More

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NBA Star Buys Stake in Plant-Based Pesticide to Challenge Monsanto "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

NBA star John Salley recently bought a significant stake in PureCrop1, a plant-based pesticide company that is providing an alternative to the carcinogenic chemical pesticides sold by Monsanto.

I have successfully invested in several early-stage companies and feel PureCrop1 is a game changer, valuable to all sizes of Agriculture and can also be utilized by many companies I work with, Salley said in a statement to LiveKindly.

Its all about clean Agriculture, and elimination of toxic products sprayed on our fruits, vegetables, plants and of course the exploding cannabis industry. From my vantage point, PureCrop1 is an elite natural product, and is poised to grow by leaps and bounds in all forms of Agriculture, Salley added.

According to the PureCrop1, the organic pesticide is made with plant-based materials from grains, and seed crops. Their products do not contain petroleum distillates or synthetics including artificial foaming and thickening agents, builders, reagents, dyes or fragrances.

PureCrop1 claims that their products are not just safer than traditional pesticides, but they are more effective too.

An explanation on the website gives a breakdown of the science behind the pesticide:

PureCrop1 is produced by advanced developments in colloidal chemistry, which make it possible to produce a microscopic particle called a micelle. The micelle is comprised of a collection of linear molecules or fatty esters and fatty acids clumped together in the shape of a sphere that is about the size of 20 hydrogen atoms, or about one to four nanometers. The chemistry is in essence a form of natural quantum physics.

PureCrop1 superior quality micelles are created as a result of a process in which natural ingredients, including corn oil, fatty acids, organic ingredients and amino acids, all extracts of natural plants, are blended at specific time intervals, temperatures and sequences, which causes the compositions to be transformed into new particles, which are colloidal micelles.

PureCrop1 nano-sized emulsions offer many inherent advantages over conventional problematic toxic chemicals in safety, sustainable results, more rapid and reliable activation and extended long-term affect. The PureCrop1 chemistry is also superior, safer and offers many advantages as compared to microbial bacteria or enzymes products on the market today.

Sallys involvement in PureCrop one compliments his other maj...


On the passing of internet time. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Some years ago, New Zealand poet and scholar Michele Leggott was able to date a series of poems by Robin Hyde after noticing that one of the pages of the manuscript bore faint traces of another piece of writing. It was a fragment of a short story that Leggott knew well, and whose date of composition had already been established. What must have happened she realised is that Hyde used


No One Wants To Be Trumpanzee's Chief Of Staff. Can You Blame Them? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Eliana Johnson and Alex Isenstadt, in their reporting for Politico, reminded readers what a top of the pile DC job presidential chief of staff is. But for the two Trump has gone through, Reince Priebus and John Kelly? Both "left as diminished and arguably humiliated figures, unable to control the wild chaos" inside the monkey house: Mission Impossible is how people in DC see the job. Nick Ayers, a self-made multimillionaire, ex-male prostitute and former lobbyist, currently Pence's chief of staff and his closest confidant (after Mother), was Trump's first-- and only choice-- but Ayer's either:
got passed over when someone told Trump he used to be a male prostitute or
passed on the job when he realized he'd have to commit through the bitter, likely historic (in a very bad way) end, and what that would do to his future prospects or
knew he'd be in trouble when the Senate started scrutinizing his personal finances and wormed out of the job or
Trump found out Ayers had been gossiping about him and freaked.


Court in Ecuador to Consider Appeal of Wikileaks Founder Assange on Wednesday "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Court in Ecuador to Consider Appeal of Wikileaks Founder Assange on Wednesday | 12 Dec 2018 | An Ecuadorian court will consider on Wednesday the appeal submitted by the defence of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange against the demand of the country's government to comply with a protocol containing rules specially developed for him, Assange's lawyer in Ecuador, Carlos Poveda, told Sputnik. The whistleblower has been living in the Ecuadorian embassy since 2012. Assange has repeatedly suggested he might be apprehended outside the embassy and extradited to the United States.


Take No Prisoners: The Brotherhoods Comeback in Egypt "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Supporters of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhood's party clash with police after Morsi's ouster (Photo: MAHMOUD KHALED/AFP/Getty Images)Supporters of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi from the Muslim Brotherhoods party clash with police after Morsis ouster (Photo: MAHMOUD KHALED/AFP/Getty Images)

The Brotherhoods comeback in Egypt can no longer be ignored. Even though the current Egyptian government under President al-Sisi confiscated most of the Muslim Brotherhoods funds they could get their hands on (based on a law passed in 2014) and closed down hundreds of businesses and other institutions run by the Brotherhood, the Brotherhood is staging a comeback.

This assessment was made by a report on the Saudi-owned TV station Al-Arabiya on the program Sinat al-Mawt (Industry of Death),which aired November 16, 2008.

According to the report, the Brotherhood in Egypt is raking in tens of billions, or even a 100 billion annually.*

The reporter went on to say that Hasan al-Banna, the founder of the Brotherhood in 1928, initiated the Brotherhoods forays into the economic and financial worlds.  Over the years the Brotherhood founded hundreds of front companies which, in turn, run everything from factories to schools and mosques.

And, in spite of the Egyptian governments efforts to shut down this economic empire, the Brotherhood has been able to continue running their secret economy, according to the report.  This financial empire is managed by Brotherhood members, allies and sympathizers in the U.S. and Europe.

The report stated that much of the Brotherhoods income comes from donations by individuals worldwide, from as far away as China, Eastern Russia and South Africa as well as from the U.S. and Europe as well.  Also much of the zakat (charity) given to mosques sympathetic to the Brotherhood is funneled to the organization as well.

The tiny state of Qatar is the Brotherhoods largest donor.  NATO member Turkey provides ad...


LIVE NOW: Do you like penguins? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Do you like space? A science team is presenting about their expedition to document a supercolony of penguins in Antarctica which they found by using NASA Earth satellite imagery! Learn all about how to study penguins from space!


Google just gave DuckDuckGo a huge boostgiving it "IndyWatch Feed Allworld" now takes you directly to DuckDuckGos search engine instead of Googles.

While not Googles biggest search competitor by far, many who are leery about Google scooping up so much information about our web activity have transitioned to using the privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo. But until this week, DuckDuckGo users could only access the search engine by via the URL Thats because previous to this week, the simpler domain was owned by Google and routed to Googles home page.

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HAS PEAK DIESEL ARRIVED?? The Data Doesnt Look Good "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

HAS PEAK DIESEL ARRIVED?? The Data Doesnt Look Good from SRSrocco Report Has Peaked Diesel arrived?  Well, if so, it is terrible news for the automobile and trucking industry as well as the overall economy.  I came across this information...

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The case for Googles Pixel 3, despite everything "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

You shouldnt deepen your ties to Google without considering the implications. But its gotten really good at melding hardware, software, and services.

Googles Pixel 3 is the best Android phone on the market right now. It might even be a better choice than Apples latest iPhones. But if youre attuned to the ongoing backlash over tech companies and consumer privacy, you might feel a bit guilty about using it.

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FPGA Hack Becomes An Atari Game Genie "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Game Genie is a classic of the early 90s video game scene. Its how you would have beaten the Ninja Turtles game, and its why the connector in your NES doesnt work as it should. They never made a Game Genie for the Atari 2600, though, because by the time the Game Genie was released, the Atari was languishing on the bottom shelves of Toys R Us. Now though, we have FPGAs and development tools. We can build our own. Thats exactly what [Andy] did, and his Game Genie for the 2600 works as well as any commercial product youd find for this beleaguered console.

To understand how to build a Game Genie for an Atari, you first have to understand how a Game Genie works. The hacks for a Game Genie work by replacing a single byte in the ROM of a game. If your lives are stored at memory location 0xDEAD for example, you would just change that byte from 3 (the default) to 255 (because thats infinite, or something). Combine this with 6-letter and 8-letter codes that denote which byte to change and what to change it to, and you have a Game Genie.

This build began by setting up a DE0 Nano FPGA development board to connect to an Atari 2600 cartridge. Yes, there are voltage level differences, but this can be handled with a few pin assignments. Then, its just a matter of writing Verilog to pass all the data from one set of address and data pi...


Nigel Farage on the free speech fight in Europe "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

If you have a great Youtube or Vimeo video to share send it to This video is good at emphasizing Whaleoils message about the UN Migration Compact.   The post Nigel Farage on the free speech fight in Europe appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Product showcase: iStorage diskAshur PRO SSD "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The diskAshur PRO SSD is an ultra-secure, PIN authenticated, portable USB 3.1 hard drive with real-time AES-XTS 256-bit hardware encryption. It doesnt require any software the keypad enables you to securely access the drive by entering a PIN code. DiskAshur PRO enforces an excellent PIN policy. The PIN must be at least 7 digits long and the maximum option is 15 digits. It cannot consist of all consecutive numbers (i.e., 1234567) or just one More

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Can new home building tech help solve the affordability crisis? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

As construction costs soar in cities, more and more companies and governments are imagining a different model: building off-site and then trucking fully constructed apartments in from the suburbs.

Inside a sprawling former submarine factory in Vallejo, California, workers are building individual apartments that will soon be delivered to a building site in West Oakland and stacked, Lego-like, into a new 110-unit complex next to a BART station.

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Melanoma Is a Disease of Office Workers "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In this interview with the late Dr. Robert Heaney, Creighton University professor of medicine and renowned researcher in the field of bone biology and vitamin D,1 he admits that an embarrassing secret in the field of nutrition is the lack of knowledge of what is really normal.

When the approach to measuring vitamin intake is determining the amount needed to avoid triggering a disease or establishing the highest amount before you experience toxicity, then you dont achieve what is optimal to support biological function.

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone your body produces with the help of cholesterol when you're exposed to the sun. This critical nutrient interacts with a number of different systems in your body and is vital to cell DNA expression. One of the best ways to optimize your blood level is to get sensible sun exposure, taking great care to never get burned.

Although deficiency is very common, not only in the U.S. but also around the world, many believe they are not at risk simply because they eat foods fortified with vitamin D. With advancing technology and research it has become clear vitamin D deficiency is rampant and significantly impacts the development of several health conditions and chronic diseases.

In fact, research estimates2 85 percent of children in industrial cities, and well over half of adults and the elderly, suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Lack of sun exposure has likely been driven by the fear of developing skin cancer. However, office workers actually develop melanoma at greater rates than those who spend more time outdoors.3

Office Work May Increase Risk of Malignant Melanoma

For decades, the message from the medical community has been to avoid direct sun exposure and apply sunscreen when spending any amount of time outdoors. Australia's long public campaign4 to curb skin cancer rates has resulted in 31 percent of Australian adults being deficient in vitamin D, which in turn is linked with a number of deadly conditions, including cancer.

The application of SPF 30 can reduce the production of vitamin D by 97 percent. However, while it's important to reduce your potential for sunburn, it's been known since the 1970s that office workers have a higher risk of malignant melanoma than those who work outdoors.

Interestingly, melanoma appears on body parts that d...


Every Leader Can Learn A Lesson From Nigerias Buhari Denying He Was Cloned "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Leaders must be accountable to their people. Prolonged periods of absence from the public spotlight, particularly if the said leader is abroad for medical treatment to deal with an undisclosed illness, will naturally lead to speculation that only grows more outrageous with time.

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Michael Flynn's lawyers ask judge for no jail time "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Michael Flynn's lawyers ask judge for no jail time --Special counsel Robert Mueller's office similarly recommended little to no jail time last week, citing Flynn's cooperation with the Russia investigation. | 11 Dec 2018 | Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's attorneys asked a federal judge on Tuesday night to spare Flynn a jail sentence, asking for probation and community service. Flynn pleaded guilty this month to making false statements to the FBI about his communications with Russia. He was the first senior White House official to be charged in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Moscow's [alleged] interference in the 2016 presidential election, and he was the first to officially agree to cooperate with investigators.


Travelling a darling river "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

We came from Melbourne up over the Great Dividing Range to be atop the Barrier Range. Then onward to a river camp in the corner country of northwest New South Wales. The idea was to travel once more to the desert, starting at Broken Hill, then camp, explore, immerse ourselves and stay awhile, not just hop from roadside postcard photoshoot to national pretty park, not to blithely pass through.


Interstate trade is relatively high in India "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The first-ever estimates for interstate trade flows indicate a trade to GDP ratio of about 54 per cent, a number that is comparable to other large jurisdictions and that contradicts the caricature of India as a barrier-riddled economy; the ratio of Indias internal and international trade also compares favourably with others.  De facto, at least, India seems well-integrated internally.  A more technical analysis confirms this: trade costs reduce trade by roughly the same extent in India as in other countries.

When it comes to internal trade, the big negative outlier is in fact Indonesia.

That is all from the new and interesting Of Counsel: The Challenges of the Modi-Jaitley Economy, by the excellent Arvind Subramanian.

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Classic TV Comedy: Butterflies S04 E05 Calling with Wendy Craig, Geoffrey Palmer,Bruce Montague, Nicholas Lyndhurst "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Butterflies is a British sitcom series written by Carla Lane that was broadcast on BBC2 from 1978 to 1983.

The situation is the day-to-day life of the Parkinson family in a bittersweet style. There are both traditional comedy sources (Rias cooking, family squabbles) and more unusual sources such as Rias unconsummated relationship with the outwardly-successful Leonard. Ria is still in love with her husband, Ben, and has raised two potentially fine sons, yet finds herself dissatisfied and in need of something more. Throughout the series Ria searches for that something more and finds some solace in her unconventional friendship with Leonard. In a 2002 interview, Carla Lane explained, I wanted to write a comedy about a woman contemplating adultery.


Daily Roundup "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Hmm, maybe I should have worn my hi-viz The difference between men and women part 105.   The subject of Cindys next working group. The post Daily Roundup appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Restored Republic via a GCR as of Dec. 12, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Dec. 12, 2018

Compiled 12 Dec. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery, Author, Twenty Two Faces. Articles on a CIA/Vatican Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult:

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Below is a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the individual reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid. Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. 

I would like to extend a special Thank You to Martha for her untiring research efforts in discerning the Truth. 

Judy Note - The Plan: Where we think we are as of early morning Mon. Dec. 12:


*China and Iraq have been exchanging for over two weeks, while private bank exchanges in the US have been going on since Mon. Dec. 3.

*All paymasters have been paid and have paid out, or were ready to pay out their groups. The 127 Humanitarian sources were paid out last Wed-Sat and were finished. Tiers 1, 2, 3 have been paid. Tier 4 Group A were either paid or lining up to be paid.

* Tony said his Iraq intel sources indicated that there was a 100% chance that the RV/GCR would happen this week. The dates of Dec. 12 to 15 have been put out there. Bruce said that Tier 4 Group B (us) would be paid by the end of this week. Everything initiated last night Dec. 10 in Hong Kong and Redemption staff were on 24 hour call right now.

*At any time this week we could expect announcement of a Declassification Event that would trigger unsealing 63,233 indictments and cause the Stock Market to crash, forcing the Global Currency Reset. It was believed that Tier 4 Group B (us, the Internet Group) would begin exchanges.........


Khalid Albaih Gaza Game "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

DATE: 16 November 2012


December 12th 2018 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #692 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Continue reading


How Big Brother Grips Americans Minds to Support Invasions "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Eric Zuesse Source On November 29th, Gallup headlined Democrats Lead Surge in Belief US Should Be World Leader and reported that Three-fourths (75%) of Americans today think the United States has a special responsibility to be the leading nation in world affairs, up from 66% in 2010. The surge is driven by Democrats, whose belief in []


HOW IS THIS LEGAL? Flynn Gave FBI Agents Tour of White House Was Joking With Them HAD NO IDEA He Was Being Interrogated! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

General Mike Flynns sentencing memo was filed Tuesday evening and it further proved that the FBI agents ambushed him to get him in a perjury trap.

General Flynns lawyers asked the judge for no jail time and instead to sentence him to a term of probation not to exceed one year, with minimal conditions of supervision, along with 200 hours of community service.

They told Flynn not to have his lawyer present.  He thought it was a social visit.

This was on January 24th four days after the Inauguration.

Flynn had NO IDEA he was being interrogated.  This is how the Deep State criminals operate.

Flynn thought is was some sort of training session.

In fact Michael Flynn gave the FBI creatures a tour of his White House wing, joking with them, thinking it was some kind of training session!

They set him up. They spied on him! They spied on Trump. They spied on Trumps daughter. They sent in operatives to spy on the Trump campaign. And then they charged Mike Flynn with lying to investigators when he did not even know he was being interrogated!
This is pure evil!
This is todays Democrat party!
This is the todays liberal media!
This is the deep state.

These are NOT good people!

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Paris: Yellow Vest protest continues despite government scrapping fuel p... "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This is what people power can do if the people have the guts to stand up & say "ENOUGH, NO MORE". What a pitty the majority of Australians don't have what it takes!!! They are so gutless they are prepared to let THE END OF THE WORLD happen without even trying!!! Pathetic!!!


TC Phethai - Powerful tropical cyclone forecast to make landfall in southeastern India "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A new tropical system (Phethai) is forecast to develop in the Bay of Bengal on December 12 or 13, 2018, and strengthen on its way toward southeastern India and Sri Lanka into a Very Severe Cyclonic Storm. Powerful winds and heavy rain are expected along the coast of...... Read more

Bright fireball over San Antonio and Austin, Texas "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A bright fireball was seen and recorded streaking through the night sky over southern Texas around 19:59 CST on December 10, 2018 (01:59 UTC, December 11). The event lasted 7 seconds before the object disappeared in a bright flash. The American Meteor Society...... Read more

Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser experienced 30th eruption of the year, breaking the record set in 1964 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Steamboat geyser in Yellowstone experienced its 30th water eruption of the year, breaking the record of 29 set in 1964, the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory reports. Steamboat Geyser, in the Norris Geyser Basin, appears to have entered a phase of more frequent...... Read more

Scientists team up with indigenous, faithful to fight for forests "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

MEDELLIN, Colombia An alliance of scientists, development experts, indigenous peoples and religious leaders met late last month in Colombia to determine how church leaders can help drive environmental public policy in the largely Catholic country. The meeting was under the umbrella of the Interfaith Rainforest Initiative (IRI), a global coalition launched in mid-2017 to fight escalating threats to forests in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America. We see this as a way to reconcile not only the victims and perpetrators of violence, but also humanity with their environment, said Francisco Duque-Gmez, an Episcopal bishop and president of the Interreligious Council in Colombia, in an interview with Mongabay. Duque-Gmez said although there were communities of faith in every corner of Colombia, it was important to not only lobby for change on a national level, but to get congregation members  the environmental information they needed to take action. IRI hopes to augment its national policy work with benefits from grassroots efforts by faith leaders to educate communities about topics like deforestation. The hope is that the interfaith, interdisciplinary IRI will not only unite communities fractured by 50 years of civil conflict in Colombia, but will also serve as a model for similar campaigns in Peru, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Those countries also have large indigenous communities and are grappling with deforestation and post-conflict issues. The initiative comes at time when forests all across Colombia, from the Amazon in the east, to the Choc bioregion in the Pacific west,

Audio: The true story of how 96 critically endangered sea turtle hatchlings survived New York City "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

On this episode, the true story of how 96 critically endangered sea turtles survived a New York City beach with a little help from some dedicated conservationists and scientists. Listen here:   This past summer, beachgoers in New York City spotted a nesting Kemps Ridley sea turtle on West Beach, which is on National Park Service land. Luckily, two of those beachgoers had the presence of mind to call the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservations 24-hour hotline to report the nesting turtle which very likely saved the lives of 96 Kemps Ridley sea turtle hatchlings. Though the critically endangered species is known to forage in the waters off New York, this was the farthest north a Kemps Ridley has ever been known to nest usually they nest in northern Mexico, with some additional nesting sites in Texas. In consultation with the US Fish & Wildlife Service, National Park Service staff put an exclosure around the nest to protect it from humans and predators, then started making plans to monitor the nest and protect the hatchlings once they arrived and began their trek out to the ocean. But it soon became apparent that unusually high tides were swamping the nest, which could have meant disaster for the developing sea turtle embryos so the difficult decision was made to excavate the nest and incubate the eggs in a secure facility, which ended up being a National Park Service office closet. We speak with the conservationists and

Brazilian regulators deny French oil giant Total license to drill near Amazon Reef "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Brazils environmental regulatory agency, Ibama, announced last Friday that it was denying French oil company Total license to drill for oil near the Amazon Reef. The reef system, discovered off the coast of Amap state in northern Brazil in 2016, is known as the Amazon Reef because it lies in the turgid waters of the Atlantic Ocean close to the mouth of the Amazon River. The system of corals, sponges, and a colorful marine algae that resembles coral called rhodoliths extends from French Guiana to Brazils Maranho State and encompasses 9,500 square kilometers (nearly 3,700 square miles). Fabiano Thompson of Brazils Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, who was part of the team of scientists that made the discovery, told Mongabay at the time that the oceanographic conditions of the Amazon Reef are not found anywhere else on the planet, making it an entirely unique ecosystem. Total sought to drill for oil in the Foz do Amazonas Basin, which has been estimated to contain as much as 14 billion barrels of oil. The French oil giant was leading a group of companies, including the UKs BP and Brazils state-owned oil company Petrobras, that acquired the rights to five exploration blocks in the basin in a 2013 auction. BP is reportedly still trying to secure a license to drill in the Foz do Amazonas Basin on its own. One of the first images of the Amazon Reef taken from a submarine launched from the Greenpeace ship MY Esperanza. Photo: Greenpeace. Greenpeace announced

EU Parliament's rapporteur on UE-Morocco trade deal including Western Sahara resigns and Trade Committee approves deal despite Saharawi condemnation (Western Sahara Resource Watch) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

11/12/2018 - EU Parliament's rapporteur on Western Sahara trade deal resigns 10.12 - 2018 Amid investigations into potential breach of code of conduct due to her membership on the Board of pro-Morocco lobby ...

Cops in France brutalize high school students who join Yellow Vest protests (Rmy Herrera) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

11/12/2018 - A scene of ordinary life in France, in these times of conflict: On Thursday, Dec. 6, late morning, in front of the gates of a secondary school in a very peaceful town in the Paris suburbs, about 100 ...


Wednesday December 12th Open Thread "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those Continue reading


Asian markets perked up by positive China-US trade news "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Asian markets enjoyed healthy buying interest Wednesday on much-needed good news on the China-US trade talks, while energy firms rallied with oil prices, though the pound remained beaten down by Brexit woes.

A flurry of positive developments in the tariffs stand-off between the worlds top economies provided some early Christmas cheer on trading floors, fuelling hopes they can avert an all-out trade war.

Canada on Tuesday released on bail Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer at Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, whose arrest last week sparked fury in Beijing and worries about a truce agreed at the G20 by Donald Trump and Xi Jinping this month.

Providing some extra support to the news of Mengs release was an interview in which Trump said he could intervene in the case if it helps seal a trade pact with China, adding: Whatevers good for this country, I would do.

China added to market-friendly noise by saying it had agreed to cut tariffs on US autos to 15 percent from 40 percent wiping out a levy imposed earlier this year in response to US measures.

Investors welcomed the headlines despite news China had detained a former Canadian diplomat who served in Beijing fuelling a surge in regional markets.



Mesa 18.3.1 Released To Disable Botched Vulkan Extension "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Mesa 18.3 was released less than a week ago while today Mesa 18.3.1 was issued due to an error in the Vulkan specification...


Russian spies launched major cyber attack on Ukraine prior to naval incident "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Russia paved the way for last Novembers seizure of Ukrainian Navy ships by launching a major cyber attack and disinformation campaign aimed at Ukraine, according to a cyber security firm and the European Union.


MEADOWS: Three Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers With Explosive Allegations Will Testify This Week (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) told Fox News Martha MacCallum that three Clinton Foundation whistleblowers with thousands of pages of documents of explosive allegations will testify this week.

With regard to the investigation, which doesnt get a lot of attention, into the Clinton foundation, the DOJ designated John Huber to look into this. They have 6,000 pages of evidence that theyve gone through. The foundation raised $2.5 billion, and theyre looking into potential improprieties. Whats next on this investigation? MacCallum asked Congressman Meadows.

Well, I think for the American people, they want to bring some closure, not just a few sound bites, here or there, so were going to be having a hearing this week, not only covering over some of those 6,000 pages that youre talking about, but hearing directly from three whistleblowers that have actually spent the majority of the last two years investigating this, Meadows said.

Some of the allegations they make are quite explosive, Martha and as we just look at the contributions now everybodys focused on the contributions for the Clinton Foundation and what has happened just in the last year, but if you look at it, you know, it had a very strong rise, the minute she was selected as Secretary of State then it dipped down when she was no longer there and then rose again, when she decided to run for president. So theres all kinds of allegations of you know, pay-to-play and that kind of thing, Meadows said.


Clinton Foundation donations plummeted 90% over a three-year period following Hillary Clintons departure from the State Department.

Hillary Clinton left the State Department in 2013 and it looks like nobody wants to pay since she can no longer play.

The Clinton Foundation is under investigation right now by the Department of Justice and FBI for a myriad of reasons.

According to the The Hi...


Custodial Risk "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

QUESTION: I have been a reader for 10+ year, Socrates subs and reg for Orlando WEC. Thank you and as a Veteran, I admire your courage and service.

Ques: Under Dodd-Franks & Bail-In & Bankruptcy Priority; and, due to the Global Debt Crisis, is there a Custodial Risk for Investors a) who are beneficial owners (paid for the securities but holding securities in street name) but b) who are not the Nominee Owner (since normally the trade Clearing House or Custodian has the direct accounts at the Depository Trust Company).
Is the risk due to the Global Debt Crisis affected by custody by the biggest banks, namely JPMorgan, Citibank, Goldman Sachs & Bank of America in view of the FDIC record of these four biggest Wall Street Banks holding at 6/30/2018 $ 188.58 TRILLION of nominal derivatives of which $ 142.23 TRILLION are interest rate contracts? FDIC reports two, JPM and Citibank, have $ 36.8 TRILLION of custodial assets. Further, OCC.GOV reports 99.4% of the nominal derivative obligations of these four banks are held for trading, not for hedging. Worldwide, Deutsche Bank, for example, is notorious for their derivative obligations, while non-bank dealers like oil companies and others also write derivatives.
In view of the M F Global seizure by JPM-Britain of USA sourced billions under City-of-London laws, is there a concern if the Custodial Companies have unsupervised authority to transfer title to securities to numerous other nations/laws?
Finally, for Securities Lending, since the near-cash securities collateral is also in nominee ownership (custodian) at the Depository Trust Company and similar depositories around the world, in a Global Debt Crisis is there a risk to the (paid up) beneficial owner of the collateral?
ANSWER: There is certainly a Custodial Risk going forward and many people are unaware of the broker/clearer risk. The derivative obligations are always thrown around in gross. The real risk is hard to quantify because you have to really net out all these positions. The Leham and Bears collapses were overnight because of posting these mortgage-backed securities ratings by S&P at AAA & others (see the Big Short) which enabled them to enter the REPO market. The derivative obligations are e...


Trend is Clear Rapid Decline of World Economy Egon von Greyerz "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Greg Hunters  Financial and precious metals expert Egon von Greyerz (EvG) says dont expect the global financial situation to get better anytime soon. EvG says, You know what the politicians are doing now? Theresa May is my best example. These politicians are just running around posing and acting, but they are not achieving []


The First BREXIT 260AD "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, thank you for your excellent commentary. Could you comment on the monetary system in Britain during the period following Romes waterfall event? I would be especially interested in the period following the capture of Valerian I through the 9th century.


Postumus AU Aureus as Hercules - R

ANSWER: I suspect that the purpose of your inquiry is the loose history taught in Britain that there was a usurper in Britain by the name of Carausius (287-293AD). Effectively, there was a previous usurpation which was really a separatist movement you can call ancient BREXIT. That...


Intel's IWD Linux Wireless Daemon 0.13 Adds Opportunistic Wireless Encryption "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Intel's promising IWD open-source wireless daemon continues picking up additional functionality in its trek towards potentially replacing wpa_supplicant. Out this week is IWD 0.13...


Seven Wins for Indian Country in Farm Bill "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Quapaw cattle. Native News Online photo by Levi Rickert

Published December 12, 2018

WASHINGTON  The United States Senate on Tuesday voted 87 13 to approve the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill now heads to the House where it is expected to be voted on as early as Thursday.

Senator Tom Udall (D-New Mexico), vice chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, proposed the following seven tribal provisions in the farm bill that are considered wins for Indian Country:

Expands Tribal Self-Determination to USDA  Authorizes tribal self-determination demonstration projects to USDA for the first time. A Tribal Self-Determination Project for Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) Food Procurement, which will allow tribal food programs to better serve the nearly 90,000 Native FDPIR participants with greater access to traditional and nutritional foods, and a Tribal Self-Determination Project for forestry functions, which will allow tribes to enter into administrative and management contracts with the Forest Service and BLM.  This provision will help reduce wildfire threats on Federal lands adjacent to Native communities.

Tribal Advisory Committee on Agriculture  Establishes a permanent tribal advisory committee within USDA to provide technical assistance, guidance, and direction on all polices implemented by the USDA and its Office of Tribal Relations. This provision will ensure that Indian Countrys unique needs are considered early on to maximize efficiency and facilitate the federal government-to-government relationship.

Tribal Promise Zones  Ensures the Tribal Promise Zone initiative will continue to provide improved access to resources and technical assistance from federal agency partners to Native communities. Promise Zones rely on collaborative relationships with local communities and federal agencies to optimize federal resources.

International Trade Missions  Facilitates greater participation on international trade missions by Native American farmers and ranchers, allowing tribal producers the opportunity to sell traditional crops and tribal products in the international market.

Research at Tribal...


Michael Avenatti is Ordered to Pay almost $300,000 in Fees to Trump as Case is Dismissed "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


A California federal judge has awarded attorneys for President Donald Trump nearly $300,000 in fees for Michael Avenatti and his failed defamation claim brought by porn star Stormy Daniels for which he raised $600,000. U.S. District Judge S. James Otero held that when Stormy Daniels said in a TV interview that a man had confronted her in 2011 after alleging an affair with Trump in an attempt to silence her, Trump tweeted that the person who made the threats was a non-existent man and that her allegation was a total con job.

Otero had earlier indicated that the tweet was protected as free speech since it related to a matter of public concern and involved public figures. Daniels was in the process of making her story known to the world, Otero said. He said the presidents tweets appeared should be protected under the First Amendment. Such speech lies at the heart of the First Amendment and to try to restrict it would have a chilling effect on candidates running for office.

It looks like Michael Avenattis bid to become president in 2020 has gone down in flames. His claims that Trump is a Liar have not found any legal foundation. It seems to be allegedly just a ploy to make him famous.


American Indian Graduate Center Receives $210,000 from AMERIND Risk to Fund New Endowed Scholarship "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Published December 12, 2018

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.  The American Indian Graduate Center (AIGC) has received a seven-year $210,000 gift from AMERIND Risk to create a new endowed scholarship, the AMERIND Risk Educational Assistance Scholarship. The scholarship will be offered annually to students with a connection to AMERIND Risk.

As the largest scholarship provider to Native students in the United States, AIGC is dedicated to providing as many opportunities as possible for Native students to achieve their educational dreams, says Angelique Albert, Executive Director for AIGC. We are delighted to partner with AMERIND Risk on a scholarship that continues its commitment to providing insurance and other resources to Indian Country.

AMERIND Risk is deeply committed to the advancement of Tribal Nations and Native peoples, and education is one of the most important steps in that endeavor.  We are pleased to devote these scholarship resources for our students to help them achieve. says Derek Valdo, Chief Executive Officer for AMERIND Risk.

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Four Tribal Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Members Appointed to Police Commission "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A swearing-in ceremony was held on Monday, Tsiothhrha/December 10, 2018 to welcome Gilbert Terrance, Steve Thomas, Emily Lauzon and Ross Garrow to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Police Commission. Pictured are Police Commissioners (from left) Gilbert Terrance, Rena Smoke (current), Steve Thomas, Emily Lauzon, and Ross Garrow

Published December 12, 2018

AKWESASNE  The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe held a swearing-in ceremony in the Community Building Lobby on Monday, Tsiothhrha/December 10, 2018 to welcome four tribal members to the Police Commission. Tribal Head Judge Carrie Garrow conducted the oath of office for Gilbert Terrance, Steve Thomas, Emily Lauzon and Ross Garrow as each began their staggered terms on the five-member Police Commission.

I am extremely dedicated to the community of Akwesasne and believe we can achieve our goals with focused leadership, providing fairness at all levels, and a willingness to hear both sides of stories, said Emily Lauzon. She noted, I have gained experience from my participation on boards and committees, with the hope of helping improve the partnerships within Akwesasne and the surrounding areas.

The Tribe conducted a callout during the summer of 2019 for tribal members interested in joining the oversight body as a police commissioner. To be eligible, candidates needed to be an enrolled tribal member and meet all requirements outlined within the Police Commission Act. The callout also required a letter of interest be provided specifying experience in the areas of law enforcement, legal, criminal justice, public safety and/or human resources.

The Tribal Council reviewed the potential candidates and identified those who met the Police Commission membership requirements. As a result, they passed Tribal Council Resolution 2018-52 on Tsiothhrha/December 5, 2018 naming four tribal members to the following terms as Police Commissioners:

Police Commissioner             Term Expiration Date
Gilbert Terrance                      December 5, 2019
Steve Tho...


The Real Face of Justin Trudeau: Are Palestinians Canadas New Jews? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

How does one explain Canadas contradictory foreign policy regarding Palestine and Israel? On December 4, Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Saeb Erekat, praised Canadas commitment not to follow the footsteps of the US Donald Trump Administration by transferring its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. But there is little worth praising here. Continue reading "The Real Face of Justin Trudeau: Are Palestinians Canadas New Jews?"

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RNZ Sunday Morning: Future-proofing food production "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

RNZ Sunday Morning with Warwick Chapman

A visiting expert on the science of agriculture and food says we need to take action now to ensure the planets growing population can be fed. Professor Louise O.Fresco says science needs to work hard to get the public on board when looking to develop a sustainable agriculture sector in the future which produces healthy and nutrient rich food. The professor believes an intergovernmental panel, similar to the IPCC, should be set up to advise politicians, private sector and farming interests on the best practice in each country. She explains what the issues are if we dont change how we feed the world and what New Zealands role might be.



Whaleoil backchat "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Good evening, welcome to Whaleoil Backchat. On Backchat, you are free to share your own stories, discuss other news or catch up with friends. To participate youll need to sign up for a Disqus account which is free, quick, and easy. On posts that are not articles like this one, you do not have to stay on topic [] The post Whaleoil backchat appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


First they came for the socialists "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Philip Roddis Its ten to one you read in my title the opener to a much cited quote about Nazi Germany. And two to one that even if you couldnt identify the author, Pastor Martin Niemller, you could give an approximation of how the rest of it goes: I did not speak out because I was not a socialista trade unionista Jew Though anchored in time and place, in history at its darkest, the pastors remorse he was not speaking rhetorically but in penitence points to a truth neither finite nor spatially bound but universal: what goes around comes around. To look the other way as others are cruelly treated is not only cowardly and immoral. It is dangerously myopic. No man, opined one of Englands finest poets, is an island. Ask not for whom the bell tolls. Then they came for the intellectuals Mao targeted these. So, in more distilled and chilling form, did Pol Pot. And long before Hitlers doctors injected the disabled life unworthy of the name with


Why Online Vendors Should Consider a Quality Drop Shipping Service "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Published December 12, 2018

Native Americans have always possessed a very strong work ethic and this is one of the reasons why millions of individuals flock to what they have to offer on a daily basis. When we combine this observation with the undeniable fact that the online business community is providing more potential for growth than ever before, it becomes crystal clear why a number of interesting opportunities await in 2019. An interesting approach that has recently come to light is known as drops shipping. Why should you consider this option and what aspects are serving to attract an increasing number of business from all walks of life? If you are hoping to leverage the core traits of your online business, the explanations below will not disappoint.

Drop Shipping Explained: The Power of the (Virtual) Middleman

Lets assume that you are planning to start a part-time online business in the coming year. This is due to the fact that you are still working a full-time job and you do not possess the capital to fully realize your dream. Drop shipping is fully able to accommodate such a situation. The primary principle is that your shipping logistics will be handled by a third-party supplier. If a client decides to purchase a product, this order is immediately passed on to a third-party supplier (sometimes referred to as a middleman). The item will then be shipped directly to the end user; allowing you to continue marketing what it is that you have to offer. There are other interesting benefits associated with this method including.

You will not need to possess an physical inventory.

Issues such as physical inventory storage are completely eliminated.

Shipping rates are automatically calculated.

There are many times when products can be offered well below the manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP).

The bottom line is that starting an online business can be tricky at time. The same cannot be said when referring to how to start drop shipping. The process is clear and straightforward. In the event that you have a question or problem, a representative is never far off. To put it rather bluntly, you can begin marketing products immediately assuming that you already posses an online store and a streamlined e-commerce platform. This would be virtually impossible through more traditional (and outdated) methods.



Partners in sustainable development: Liter of Light joins Peace Boats 100th voyage "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Marking the milestone of their 100th voyage, Peace Boat, a non-government organisation in Japan teams up with Liter of Light (1LL). In this voyage, both Peace Boat and 1LL are set on crossing borders to spread awareness about their causes, which includes promoting peace, human rights, equal and sustainable development and respect for the environment, with 1LL focusing on addressing energy poverty. The journey will start in Yokohama, Japan on December 26 and will circumnavigate the world for a hundred days.

Australian Dollar and Bitcoin "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

1.00 AUD = 0.00021 BTC
0.00100 BTC = 4.85 AUD

Giant blaze rips through Googles office in Chinas Silicon Valley (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A roaring fire burst through the roof and caused mass evacuations at Googles office in Beijings Zhongguancun tech district known as Chinas Silicon Valley.The fire, which broke out at 11am local time, burned through the roof of Googles glass-fronted office building, sending a plume of thick, black smoke into the air.

'Still At Large' - Strasbourg Shooting Suspect Convicted 27 Times Before, Yelled "Allahu Akbar" "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

French police have detained five people in connection with Tuesday's deadly attack on a popular Christmas Market in the French city of Strasbourg - which unfolded only a few blocks away from the European Parliament. However, the shooter, who was reportedly wounded in the attack before commandeering a taxi to make his escape, remains at large, and French authorities worry that he may have fled to neighboring Germany, according to the Financial Times.

DRAGONFLY: Google Employees Publicly Rebel Against Building a Dystopian New Search Engine "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

More than 1,400 Google staff, many journalists, and human rights organizations are calling on Google to halt its controversial project called Dragonfly.  

US Debt Nears $22 Trillion Mark As "Storm Clouds" Indicate "Another Financial Crisis" Looms "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The rapidly exploding U.S. national debt is about to cross another critical threshold. According to the U.S. Treasury, the debt of the federal government is currently sitting at $21,854,296,172,540.94, and at our current pace we will likely hit the $22 trillion mark next month.

Stormy Daniels ordered to pay President Trump $293G in legal fees "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Adult film star Stormy Daniels must pay President Trump $293,000 in legal fees, a judge ruled on Tuesday."The U.S. District Court today ordered Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) to pay President Trump $292,052.33 to reimburse his attorneys fees (75% of his total legal bill), plus an additional $1,000 in sanctions to punish Daniels for having filed a meritless lawsuit against the President designed to chill his free speech rights," Charles J. Harder, the president's legal counsel, said in a statement.

Criminally Insane in Oregon Attack Twice as Many People Than Previously Known, New Data Shows "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

People freed by Oregon officials after being found criminally insane are charged with new felonies more often than convicted criminals released from state prison, with family members and first responders often the targets of violence, a new analysis by the Malheur Enterprise and ProPublica shows.

4 Dead, 12 Wounded In Strasbourg "Terrorist Attack"; Shooter Reportedly Fled Scene In Taxi "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Things are only getting stranger as the suspect in Tuesday's shooting at a Christmas market in Strasbourg remains at large.FranceInfo is reporting that the injured suspect made his getaway in a taxi that he robbed, which could explain why police have had such a hard time finding him. The death toll currently stands at three according to Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, however two police union officials reported four victims earlier. Officials did not explain the conflicting figures.

HAMAS Court Sentences 6 Gazans To Death For "Collaborating" With Israel "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This week, thirteen Palestinians were sentenced after they were convicted of collaborating with Israel through a communications and eavesdropping device planted by the Israelis. Five of the thirteen convicted have been sentenced to death by hanging and one by firing squad.

Gunman goes on rampage during mass in cathedral, kills 4 & takes own life in Brazil "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Five people were killed and several others injured as a gunman opened fire during a mass at a Catholic cathedral in Campinas outside of Brazils most populated city, Sao Paulo. The perpetrator then turned the gun on himself.


How did the American Otto Warmbier Actually Die? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


On 10 October 2018, several American doctors, who were involved in caring for and treating the fairly well-known Otto Warmbier, confirmed the theory, proposed by the students parents, that Ottos teeth and gums looked as if they had been cut with a saw, and as a result, the US citizen had died from torture inflicted on him. This medical conclusion was sent to a court in Washington.

In response, on 27 October, the Head Doctor at a Pyongyang hospital reminded the public that US doctors, who took part in repatriating the student, gave the North Korean side a medical note stating that at the time of transfer he was in normal state of health. The doctor also referred to an article in the American newspaper USA Today from 21 June 2017, which mentioned the fact that a neuropathologist from the US University of Cincinnati carried out a medical examination of Warmbier, and confirmed absence of any signs of starvation or physical abuse, either in the form of fractures or damage to internal organs. In addition, the doctor said that, according to the report by the US network NBC from 27 September 2017, an expert, who conducted the autopsy on Warmbiers body, also did not find any signs of torture, and an examination by forensic odontologists indicated there was no evidence of any trauma to the teeth.

However, if we distance ourselves from yet another attempt by grieving parents to find culprits, responsible for the death of their son, among the North Korean authorities, a very sad picture begins to emerge.

Based on Warmbiers symptoms, it seems very likely that the young man died from after effects of a stroke, or a serious problem with circulation in the brain, which had gone unnoticed, and the treatment, he had received, was not of good quality. This, of course, is connected to the overall state of North Korean medicine, as it is one of the sectors most affected by imposed sanctions.

As far back as 10 February 2017, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) labelled DPRK as state with forgotten crises, where inhabitants live in crisis situations, in need of actual aid. And the media does not write about this, and discussions about these issues are lacking in political circles. It was reported that 60 % of North Koreans lack food, a quarter of the population do not have access to basic medical services, and 1.7 million North Korean children are in danger of contracting deadly diseases.....


Three Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers To Testify About Tax Fraud, Pay-For-Play "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Three Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers To Testify About Tax Fraud, Pay-For-Play from ZeroHedge Following allegations of sloppy accounting, potential tax fraud and pay-to-play, the Clinton Foundation will be under a Congressional microscope this week after three whistleblowers have come forward and agreed to...

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Delta Assembly Slams Fresh Three-Month Suspension On Ex-Speaker Igbuya "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Hon Monday Igbuya

LAGOS DECEMBER 11TH (URHOBOTODAY)- Delta State House of Assembly has again slammed the member representing Sapele constituency in the State Assembly and immediate past Speaker, Monday Igbuya, with another round of three-month suspension for allegedly embezzling the sum of N35.5 million belonging to the house.
It would be recalled that sometime in September, the Delta State House of Assembly had slammed the former Speaker with three-month suspension over alleged financial embezzlement while in office. A probe committee was set up during its executive session in October 2017, with a charge to submit its report in February 2018.
The suspension of Igbuya followed the presentation of a report by the ad hoc committee constituted to investigate his alleged financial recklessness, which was considered and adopted at Tuesdays plenary of the house presided over by the current Speaker, Sheriff Oborevwori,
Presenting the report of the ad hoc committee, the Chairman and Deputy Majority Leader of the House, Oboro Preyor, said that in line with the principles of natural justice and fair hearing as enshrined in Section 36 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), Igbuya was invited to appear before the committee on September 28.
He said the former Speaker did not attend the meeting, prompting the committee...


US Bank Stocks Spiral Down "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Somethings not right: Banks are heavily exposed to record business debt, as credit quality deteriorates. On Tuesday, the US KBW Bank index, which tracks the largest 24 US banks and serves as a benchmark for the banking sector, dropped 1.2%,...

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Fossil Awards: to Germany over progress on emission targets, and Switzerland over climate finance "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Two Fossil Awards today. The first placed Fossil Award to Germany for failing to make substantial progress on it's 2020 targets, failure to progress phaseout of coal as promised. The second Fossil Award to Switzerland over being on of the loudest and most consistent blockers on climate finance during these negotiations and the provision of new and additional funding. Switzerland Does


On Causing Popes to Topple and People to Rise: A Special Year End Message and Update from Kevin Annett December 12, 2018 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


I am for those who have never been mastered, the sworn poet of every dauntless rebel Walt Whitman

Greetings to all of you who are not a part of this season to be brain dead!
First, a story.
My buddy Jake was my inside man for a lot of years in the head office of the United Church of Canada. After feeding our movement lots of dirt on the sordid crimes of the clergy of that particular denomination, and helping to convict a few of them, Jake was fired from his job last week after he was caught sticking copies of our most recent leaflet in the hymn books of a Toronto United Church just before its Sunday service. The leaflet, a copy of which is attached, asks parishioners to take a Pledge of Non-Cooperation with Criminal Churches. Jake is 74 years old and has no pension and no family to support him. Merry frigging Christmas from the United Church.
But all is not lost. As it turns out, Jake has responded to his sacking by planting his considerable bulk outside the residence of the church official who made him jobless, bearing a sign that reads Remember Maisie Shaw this Christmas Eve: Bring home all the murdered children. . (Maisie Shaw was a 14 year old native girl who was murdered by Reverend Alfred Caldwell at the United Churchs Alberni Indian residential school on D...


Trump, Pelosi and Schumer argue over border wall as cameras roll inside Oval Office "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Trump, Pelosi and Schumer argue over border wall as cameras roll inside Oval Office | 11 Dec 2018 | President Trump on Tuesday angrily threatened a government shutdown if Congress doesn't fund his long-promised border wall during a heated White House sit-down with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. "I am proud to shut down the government for border security, Chuck. The people of this country don't want criminals and people that have lots of problems pouring into our country," the president told the Senate minority leader during a remarkable, tense exchange as the cameras rolled. "I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I'm not going to blame you. I'm going to shut it down for border security," Trump said.


8 More Ways President Trump Can Red Pill The Masses "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

8 More Ways President Trump Can Red Pill The Masses: From Hiding The True History Of Planet Earth To Human Experimentation, The American People Have Long Been Deceived By Stefan Stanford All News Pipeline Back on December 3rd we published...

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(Video) X22 Report -- Episode 1738: Economic Structure Change | Military Tribunals "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Published on Dec 11, 2018

Europe insists that the BREXIT deal will not be renegotiated, it is either the people take the EU deal or else. Australia is warning of a housing crisis. World's largest cleaning service ISS is now laying off 100,000 employees, they number of employees has been declining for years. Trump reports very productive talks with China, big new coming soon. The central bank is trying to control the narrative, you can see via the MSM. The entire economic structure is about to change, prepared and ready for the transition.

Published on Dec 11, 2018

Broward commissioner on elections will do an audit. Nadler pushes the campaign violation, it was not a violation. Obama was fined for a violation in 2013, Trump's occurred before he was running. Trump tweets out that Comey knew the dossier was paid for by the D's.Jim Jordan grills Google. Yellow vests reject Macrons concessions. Q drops more bread, the wall will be build using military funding. The raid on the CF whistleblower was needed, name leaked to unseal docs. Can civilians be on military tribunals, history says yes. The DS is panicking, they cannot impeach the President because the senate will try the impeachment, the target was the Senate.


Today in rock history "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Today in Rock History: Born today in 1943, Forrest Dickey Betts songwriter, singer and guitarist with The Allman Brothers Band. Born today in 1944, Rob Tyner (Robert Derminer ) singer with MC5. Born today in 1946, Dennis Denny Dias guitarist with Steely Dan. Born today in 1953, Bruce Kulick songwriter and guitarist with several groups including Kiss. [] The post Today in rock history appeared first on Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media.


Court Orders Seizure Of NDDC Director, Tuoyos N1.8bn Property "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


LAGOS DECEMBER 12TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Justice Chuka Obiozor of the Federal High Court, Lagos, has ordered the final forfeiture of several properties worth N1.8 billion belonging to Tuoyo Omatsuli, the Executive Director of Projects at the Niger Delta Development Commission, NNDC.
In a statement on Monday, Tony Orilade, the spokesman of the EFCC, said that the ruling on Monday follows an order of interim forfeiture of the same properties to the federal government earlier in May.
The order is following an ex-parte application filed by the EFCC, against Omatsuli.
The EFCC, through its counsel, Ekene Iheanacho, had narrated to the court how a contractor with the NDDC, Starline Consultancy Services Limited, was paid over N10 as consultancy fee for levies collected from oil processing companies in the Niger Delta Region, and how over N3.6 billion of the sum was paid as kickback to Omatsuli through a proxy company named Building Associates Limited.
Some of the funds were used by Building Associates to buy properties in the name of a company, Don Parker Properties Limited, where Omatsuli had a majority shareholding, Iheanacho further told the court.
The EFCC counsel also narrated...


Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for Heart, Mind and Soul "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Spiritual Warfare: The Battle for Heart, Mind and Soul by Rory The Daily Coin In 2002 my life changed. Had not everything stopped and a new path been taken odds are someone would have died. Maybe it wouldve been me,...

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Why Smart People Are Vulnerable to Putting Tribe Before Truth "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

From Scientific American

Science literacy is important, but without the parallel trait of "science curiosity," it can lead us astray

What intellectual capacitiesor if one prefers, cognitive virtuesshould the citizens of a modern democratic society possess? For decades, one dominant answer has been the knowledge and reasoning abilities associated with science literacy. Scientific evidence is indispensable for effective policymaking. And for a self-governing society to reap the benefits of policy-relevant science, its citizens must be able to recognize the best available evidence and its implications for collective action.

This account definitely isnt wrong. But the emerging science of science communication, which uses scientific methods to understand how people come to know whats known by science, suggests that it is incomplete.

Indeed, its dangerously incomplete. Unless accompanied by another science-reasoning trait, the capacities associated with science literacy can actually impede public recognition of the best available evidence and deepen pernicious forms of cultural polarization.

The supplemental trait needed to make science literacy supportive rather than corrosive of enlightened self-government is science curiosity.

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Legendary Kangaroo Who Just Passed Away Is Getting So Much Internet Love "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The world is currently mourning the passing of Roger the kangaroo, a resident of The Kangaroo Sanctuary and a beloved public figure for many years. He passed away over the weekend at the age of 12, which is a good, long life for a kangaroo. 

Pictures of Roger and his incredible physique he was 6 feet, 7 inches tall and extremely muscular have been impressing and delighting the internet for years, and this strong, handsome kangaroo is going to be missed by so many people. 

Credit: The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Chris Brolga Barns, the founder of The Kangaroo Sanctuary, announced the news of Rogers passing in a sweet tribute, and ever since then, everyone who loved Roger has been posting their own tributes to him on social media. 

The tributes ranged from sweet