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Thursday, 19 October


Vesti: Weapon or casualty in the information war? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The search for Russian influence in Ukraines media is an important task. But when the mainstream makes little space for inconvenient facts, who ends up losing?

A still from CCTV that allegedly captures editor Igor Guzhva blackmailing a Ukrainian politician. Source: Facebook. In Ukraine, the long-running conflict around the Vesti media group and its successor has produced strongly contrasting narratives. For many patriotic minded Ukrainians, these outlets are weapons in Moscows information war. They believe these media mixes lies and half-truths to undermine support in the Ukrainian government and the army, still fighting in the east. Yet for those opposed to Ukraines post-revolutionary political order, the papers are a victim of repression by a state intolerant of dissent.

In truth, much of the worst of both narratives is true. Vesti is the revanchist project of a Moscow-exiled oligarch from Viktor Yanukovychs fantastically corrupt administration, while is a partisan organ for the remains of Yanukovychs party. Both media are in transparent pursuit of the latest zrada (treachery, sellout) of the ruling liberal-nationalist coalition. But they are also the object of selective, heavy-handed investigations and raids by Ukraines tax authorities, prosecutor general and security services on questionable charges of money laundering and inciting treason. In parallel to this official pressure, they have faced forceful intimidation from radical activists who have taken on themselves the task of fighting separatism.

This conflict tells us much about the challenges of maintaining open discourse in conditions of hybrid warfare  and how the boundaries of civil society are policed in Ukraine.

Speaking for whom?

The tangled narrative begins in 2012, when the Vesti media group burst onto the scene with anonymous funding and a free daily paper, a long read journal, a TV station and a countrywide radio network. Under the management of veteran editor Igor Guzhva, the Vesti group quickly became one of the countrys leading media outlets.....


Estonias Narva: caught between two worlds? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

An attempt at self-immolation in this Estonian border town is shifting the focus back on geopolitical games between Russia and the EU. RU

View of Narva Castle and Ivangorod Fortress. Photo CC BY-SA 4.0: Aleksander Kaasik / Wikimedia Commons.Narva lies on the easternmost edge of Estonia, on the Narva river, right by its border with Russia. Indeed, the Russian town of Ivangorod lies across the river. The results of municipal elections in town have shown that most local people have no desire for change. But one Russian pensioner who tried to take his own life by setting himself on fire was a reminder that not everyone was happy with the results.

On 15 October, Estonians went to the polls to elect new municipal governments. In Ida-Viruuma, a border region with Narva at its centre, a place where more than 80% of residents are ethnic Russians, Estonias Center Party retained its majority in the local council, winning 23 out of 31 seats. There was nothing unexpected in either its victory or the traditionally low (46.7%) local voter turnout.

The day, however, didnt pass without incident. An elderly man, thought to be a Russian citizen, tried to set himself alight in the citys central Petrovsky Square in protest at Estonian government politics. He managed to douse himself with petrol and use his cigarette lighter, but police officers swiftly put out the fire and he was not seriously hurt.

For Narva this was an extraordinary event. Back in the early 1990s, certain sections of the Russian population of Ida-Viruuma dreamed of establishing an autonomous "Narva Republic", but for the last few years life here has been quiet. The older generation discusses its problems in its kitchens while younger people, who have grown up in the EU, are busy getting educated and moving to Tallinn or another European capital....


The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: October 11 - 17, 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

New activity/unrest was reported for 6 volcanoes between October 11 and 17, 2017. During the same period, ongoing activity was reported for 16 volcanoes. New activity/unrest: Agung, Bali (Indonesia) | Ambrym, Vanuatu | Aoba, Vanuatu | Kirishimayama, Kyushu (Japan) |...... Read more

Heavy rain, series of landslides hit Negros Oriental, Philippines "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

At least 87 families were evacuated Thursday, October 19, 2017 after a series of landslides triggered by heavy rains shut down roads near Palinpinon Geothermal Power Plant in Negros Oriental, Philippines. Vicente Omandam, a senior manager at the plant, confirmed in...... Read more

Road building threatens forests, water supplies in Kuala Lumpur area "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

AMPANG, Malaysia Taman Rimba Ampang was once a peaceful retreat from the bustle of Malaysias capital, a place where Kuala Lumpurs residents could paddle in the shallow waters of the river, shaded by lush jungle canopy. Now its being torn apart. A gash of orange-red mud cuts across the road that once brought paddlers and picnickers to the park, pushing its way through the forested hillside where excavators shift earth to create cuttings and embankments for the highway that is to come. By the river, the sound of the insects and birds is accompanied by the clank and drone of heavy machinery. City buses still come here. But no one gets on, or off. Its sad when you give a higher priority to transportation than the forest, said Leela Panikkar, director of Treat Every Environment Special (TrEES). And a forest that is very important because its water catchment forest. Its providing a service actually a basic human right the right to clean water. Now our concern is that you have this highway going through it, and we all know what happens after that it opens up the area. Its frightening to think of what plans they might have.   The damage wrought on the recreational area is part of the first phase of the 1.55 billion Malaysian ringgit ($367 million) East Klang Valley Expressway (EKVE), a toll road that is touted as the final link in the Kuala Lumpur Outer Ring Road (KLORR) and connects the high-density suburbs


Cisco plugs WPA2 holes, critical Cloud Services Platform flaw "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Cisco has released updates to address vulnerabilities in a wide variety of its products. Among these are updates fixing the WPA2 vulnerabilities that can be exploited in the newly unveiled KRACK attacks, as well as a critical vulnerability affecting the companys Cloud Services Platform. The WPA2 flaws Cisco is still working on finishing the list of its products that are affected by one or more of the ten vulnerabilities affecting WPA and WPA2 discovered by More


New Report PROVES Voter Suppression Handed Trump Wisconsin And Possibly The Whole Election "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In a brand-new expos on Mother Jones, investigative journalist Ari Berman delves into an aspect of the 2016 election that has been largely ignored in the shadow of controversies over internal DNC politics, shifting blame, and what is now known to be concrete Russian interference: Voter suppression.

On the heels of a report Berman summarized back in September, his article for the November-December issue of the liberal stalwart magazine continues where he left off. Anecdotal evidence of individual voters who were prevented from voting in Wisconsin during the presidential election all adds up to a picture that explains the numbers in the University of Wisconsin-Madison study that Berman cites in his summary.

The study, completed by UW-Madisons professor of Political Science, Kenneth Mayer, shows a survey in two large counties in Wisconsin that asked whether respondents were either prevented or deterred from voting in 2016 by the new Voter ID law in effect for the first time in that election. The results of the survey were stunning: More than 11 percent of respondents said they were deterred, and that 6 percent more than half of the nonvoters were prevented entirely. If those sound like small numbers, bear with me.

In the course of research, voters were asked why they didnt vote, how engaged they were in the election, what types of ID they possessed, how confident they were in the final vote count, and their general demographics. The survey never required any respondent to answer who t...


Director of the National Institute of Standards and Technology: Who Is Walter Copan? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Walter G. Copan, Donald Trumps nominee to lead the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a leading expert in the commercialization of technology who says his top priority is to implement the Cybersecurity Framework, an effort led by NIST to improve network security across federal agencies as well as industry. He will also have to defend NISTs budget ($962 million for FY2017), which Trump has proposed to cut by 24%, including a 13% cut to its seven research labs and an 86% cut to its industrial technology services program. If confirmed, Copan would succeed Willie May, who served from May 2015 to the end of the Obama administration in January.


Born February 26, 1954, in Cleveland, Ohio, to Valery A. Copan, a Ukrainian immigrant minister and Valtraut (Kirsch) Copan, a Latvian immigrant from Riga, Walter George Copan grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. He earned dual undergraduate degrees, a BS in Chemistry and a BA in Music, at Case Western Reserve University in 1975.


Shortly after graduation, he joined Lubrizol Corporation, a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, as an R&D man. In 1982, while on academic leave from Lubrizol, Copan earned his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry at Case Western. His dissertation was entitled, C and N nuclear magnetic resonance studies of rhodopsin and bacteriorhodopsin.


Walter Copan worked at Lubrizol for 28 years, rising from R&D manager to managing director of technology transfer and licensing, a position he held from 1999 to 2003. Along the way, he held many job titles, including manager of Lubrizol Petroleum Chemicals Technology UK and director of technology strategy. 


In 2003, Copan took a job as principal licensing executive at the Department of Energy (DOE)s National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, where he worked on increasing the Labs effectiveness in commercializing clean energy technologies.


Returning to the private sector, Copan was executive vice president and chief technology officer at...


NEVER STOP In Bringing Doug Mesner/ Satanist Lucien Greaves to Justice "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

NEVER STOP In Bringing Doug Mesner/Satanist Lucien Greaves to Justice

Lucien Greaves: Ted Gunderson, Death of a Public Paranoid (part 1)

@46:31 Doug Mesnar basically, well literally says that a father putting his private in a babys mouth INSTEAD of its feeding bottle is NOT traumatic and abusive to the baby BECAUSE it has no cognizant idea of what is happening

Coming Clean With My Investigation into the Murder of Lori King

David Shurter



WATCH: George W. Bush Calls Out Trump For Supporting White Supremacy "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Former President George W. Bush gave a speech on Thursday in which he said that bigotry seems emboldened in the U.S. and warned that Americans need to reject white supremacy. This is the speech that Trump should have given even before the Nazi march in Charlottesville. Donald Trump was backed by every white supremacist group across the board during his divisive campaign. Although Bush pointed to the governing class, he did not mention the former reality show stars name, but it was obvious that he was talking about Trump, his policies, and his base.

Bush spoke of our discourse being degraded by casual cruelty. He continued to say that weve seen nationalism distorted into nativism and added that we need to recover and recall our own identity.

Discontent deepened and sharpened partisan conflicts in recent years, Bush said in remarks from New York City at a forum focused on security and sponsored by the George W. Bush Institute.

Bigotry seems emboldened. Our politics seem more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication, the former President continued.

Bush also warned against a new era of cyber threats including Russias attempt to influence the 2016 presidential election, a thing which Donald Trump has called a hoax.

Ultimately this assault wont succeed, but foreign aggressions including cyber attacks, disinformation, and financial influence should never be downplayed or tolerated, he said.

Bigotry or white supremacy in any form is blasphemy against the American creed, Bush continued.

The Hill reports:

Bush, who advocates free trade, promoted multilateral and bilateral trade deals during his presidency. Trump is now demanding that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico be renegotiated, under the threat of a U.S. withdrawal.

We cannot wish globalization away, Bush said, then he went on to urge society to adapt to economic and...


Business suffers as over-zealous security tools block legitimate work "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Most security teams utilise a prohibition approach i.e. restricting user access to websites and applications a tactic which is hampering productivity and innovation while creating major frustration for users, according to research conducted by Vanson Bourne. At a time when competition is fierce, the risk of falling behind and being less productive is as big a risk to an enterprise as cyberattacks. Security has to enable innovation by design, not act as a More


Palestinian winemaking under occupation "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The stories of two Palestinians reviving winemaking as a source of livelihood in Palestine and a reminder of the rich cultures and history that is often obscured by the conflict.

Picture by Sari Khoury. All rights reserved. Wine is not usually what springs to mind when thinking about Palestine. As Lebanese, Turkish, and Cypriot winemaking flourishes and the controversial Israeli wine industry booms, Palestinian wine has received far less attention in recent history, overshadowed by news of occupation and bloodshed.

Israeli vineyards often use native Palestinian grapes on land stolen from farmers during the 1948 Nakba. Similarly, many newer Israeli wineries come from illegal West Bank settlements but are labelled as products of Israel.

With the exception of Latroun and Cremisan monasteries which both run on foreign funding and instruction, the rich Christian heritage of winemaking in and around the famous Palestinian cities of Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem as well as the northern Galilee region have been relegated to the domestic market until recently. Now, a new wave of entrepreneurs and winemakers are reviving Palestinian wine not only as a source of livelihood but also as a way of reminding Palestinians and the world of the rich cultures and history that is often obscured by focus on the conflict.

Nemi Ashkar and Sari Khoury are two such examples showing they can make a high quality product despite the choking restrictions of the Israeli occupation. They both produce a range of great wines from historic Palestinian sites: the village of Iqrit inside present-day Israel, and Bethlehems picturesque mountains in the occupied West Bank.

Returning home: Nemis story

Nemi Ashkar comes from the northern Galilee village of Iqrit which was occupied in November 1948 by the Israeli army and its inhabitants dispossessed. He grew up in the region but was exiled from his village, whose population is forbidden from returning except to visit their church and graveyard. Iqrit has since been under the control of the Israeli Land Authority, which manages 93% of Israeli la...


Deep State Now Ignores FOIA , 1846 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

- Learn How To Generate Passive Income Using Bitcoins At: Good morning, Im still reporting on: Deep State Now Ignores FOIA, 1846 Synopsis: Bit by bit, the deep state is nibbling away at the rule of law in this country. A prime example of this is how Freedom of Information requests are now routinely ignored until someone has to file an expensive lawsuit to force compliance. The result is that responses to FOIA requests can now be drawn out for months or years. Tucker Carlson interviewed Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch last night talking about the news that Judicial Watch has finally discovered that there were over 3,000 emails that are related to Hillary Clinton that were on Huma Abadines laptop that she shared with Anthony Weiner. [insert] Fitton then reveals the ridiculous schedule the State Dept. has set for the release of these documents. [insert: at the current schedule.] This is certainly not the intent of the original law and so eventually Congress is going to have to put more teeth into this law or it will become an ineffective and insignificant formality. Support Our Sponsors: - Nobel Gold & Silver: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 888-596-7916 - Water Smacker - Makes your water less acidic by ionization. - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level cyber protection. - Learn How To Generate Passive Income Using Bitcoins At: Protect Your Information From Big Data - Click Here! Use Promo Code: bill still for 20% OFF Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: https://www.pinteres...


James Giago Davies: School fumbles historic opportunity after incident of racism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Sturgis is not an especially racist community for this part of South Dakota, but given this part of South Dakota is especially racist, that may not be saying much.


Security Guard and Engineer Appear on Ellen, 1847 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Protect Your Information From Big Data - Click Here! Use Promo Code: bill still for 20% OFF Good evening, Im still reporting on: Security Guard and Engineer Appear on Ellen, 1847 Synopsis:Vegas security guard, Jesus Campos, and Mandalay Bay engineer, Stephen Schuck appeared on the Ellen show this afternoon. Since I was wrong about Campos being among the living, Im going to err on the side of timidity in analyzing this 9-minute interview. Plus, Im a bit worried about being hit with a copyright infringement strike, so Im just going to hit a few points. Im sure that by the time this is up, on Ellens site. First of all, Ellen is the perfect vehicle for Camposs one and only appearance. Why? Because MGM the owner of the Mandalay Bay is funding an Ellen slot machine game. MGM is a very powerful supporter of her financially and politically. [insert: Ellen at MGM Grand] To me, this was the most soft-ball interview in the history of the world, but Beth says that this is just Ellens style non-confrontational. The most important thing to realize is that the main goal of this interview was to drive home a theme that Campos is so broken up by his experience that this would be his only interview, lest he has to relive the event over and over again. If you watch the entire interview, youll see this theme predominating. So, heres the first few seconds. [insert] Wow! Look at this face. Campos is remarkably composed for being the first time on big-league TV and all. Impressive guy. [insert: Yeah, I imagine ] There it is the predominant theme that justifies why Campos wont be submitting to a harder-hitting interview where he might be asked some potentially really embarrassing questions, like: exactly where were you treated for your leg wound and when? [insert: Yeah, and how are you doing?.... were working to get over this.] Look at Campos. Does this guy look upset? No. Is he on the verge of tears? No. When men are about to lose their composure in a public setting they dont look at you full-faced, they bow their heads to hide it. Support Our Sponsors: - Nobel Gold & Silver: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 888-596-7916 - Water Smacker - Makes your water less acidic by ionization. - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level cyber protection. - Learn How To Generate Passive Income Using Bitcoins At: Protect Your Information From Big Data - Click Here! Use Promo Code: bill still for 20% OFF Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please.........


The Real Commie Candidate? The FBIs Secret Romney Files - Veterans Today "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Editors note:  The FBI has taken quite an interest in VT as the war on Googles attempt to control the alternative media, in fact all media.  Nothing is true that Google and the Jigsaw academics says isnt true and will be blocked.  This process is being implemented right now. The article []


Daytime meteor fireball seen over Connecticut "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A bright daytime fireball was seen over the skies of Connecticut on Wednesday afternoon. The American Meteor Society says the likely path of the meteor was southeast of Long Island over the Atlantic Ocean. "The AMS has received over 130 reports so far about of a daytime fireball event seen above New York State on October 18, 2017 around 3 p.m.," it said. "The fireball was seen primarily from New York and New Jersey, but was also seen from Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maryland and New Hampshire."


The most ingenious gadgets of 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Im sure well have arguments about this list but I hope we can agree that if the fidget spinner is the most ingenious gadgets of 2017, were doomed.

Read this on The Loop


Meet John Magiro, A Kenyan Entrepreneur Who Built His Own Hydropower Station From Scratch (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

What do you do when your village is not connected to the main electricity grid, but you have a waterfall nearby? John Magiro is an unsung hero from a small village in Muranga county, Kenya. After seeing his mother struggle, he decided to build a hydropower station using everyday objects, including a dynamo and a bicycle rim. Despite failing his exams at school, Magiro has successfully produced power for over 350 households.

As a child, Magiro used a kerosene lamp to study in the evening. The kerosene would often run out which meant that he had to walk almost one kilometre to buy more fuel. Due to lack of school fees, Magiro was sent home from school. He used this time to work on his turbine power plant project which has turned out to be a huge success. Magiro charges a standard fee of $2 a month and the electricity generated is now being used by many people in the village.

Across sub-saharan Africa an estimated 621 million people do not have access to electricity. Magiro is now determined to power thousands of homes. In Kenya, we have a lot of waterfalls that are not being used. If I can start mini Magiro Hydropower stations, it will serve the communities around these falls. he said.


I am Luke Miller, content manager at Truth Theory and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality...


Models suggest significant windstorm is about to hit Ireland and UK "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A new tropical depression may strengthen into a strong storm to hurricane force cyclone as it crosses the Atlantic and approaches Ireland and the United Kingdom over the next couple of days. "GFS and ECMWF model guidance is currently in good agreement on the...... Read more

Bright daylight meteor recorded over Long Island, New York "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A bright daylight meteor was observed and recorded disintegrating over Long Island, New York at around 19:00 UTC (15:00 EDT) on October 18, 2017. The event reportedly lasted from 3.5 to 7.5 seconds. One user reported seeing it for about 20 seconds. Although the...... Read more

Leading US plywood firm linked to alleged destruction, rights violations in Malaysia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The sustainability and legality claims of the largest plywood importer in the US have come under question after it was found to have received shipments of Malaysian plywood worth more than $500,000 from a supplier connected to environmental and human rights violations. The 600 cubic meters (21,200 cubic feet) of plywood that Liberty Woods bought in January 2017 came from Shin Yang, a company that operates in the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo, according to the investigative non-profit organization Earthsight. Shin Yang, based in Miri, Sarawak, has faced repeated allegations that it does not manage its timber concessions sustainably and that it impinges on the rights of local indigenous communities, potentially making the wood it harvests illegal. A US law called the Lacey Act bans companies from importing illegally cut timber. [Liberty Woods] cant possibly know that their products are Lacey-compliant, Sam Lawson, director of Earthsight, said in an interview. The London-based organization published its report today. It launched a new muckraking newsletter and website called Timberleaks that will publish regular reports detailing instances of sustainability or legality issues with wood that is imported into the US and Europe. Other stories in the first issue highlighted imports of African logs into France and Burmese teak by US firms. Natural rainforest in Sarawak. Photo by Rhett A. Butler / Mongabay. Earthsight investigators found that Liberty has been purchasing plywood from Shin Yang since 2010 and possibly earlier. Since that time, Shin Yang and other timber companies operating in

Ich wei ja nicht, wie euch das geht, aber ich bin ... "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Ich wei ja nicht, wie euch das geht, aber ich bin ja echt froh, dass mich Flash nicht mehr betrifft. Aber nicht alle sind in einer so glcklichen Lage. Ein Leser schrieb mir vorhin, dass bei Vmware ein Web-Client existiert, der auf Flash aufbaut. Und seit dem aktuellen Flash-Update strzt das neue Flash-Plugin ab, wenn man damit zum Vmware-Webclient geht.

Vmware hat natrlich sofort reagiert, und schlgt vor:

To workaround this issue, use one of these options:
  • Download Flash Player 27 Beta []

    Note: This is a Beta build and used at your own risk.

Na ein Glck, dass wir das geklrt haben!

Tierschtzer dringen in Schweinemastbetrieb ein, Anklage ... "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Tierschtzer dringen in Schweinemastbetrieb ein, Anklage wegen Hausfriedensbruchs dann Freispruch.

Besteht Gefahr fr die Gesundheit der Tiere, so kann dies einen Notstand bedeuten, der Tierschtzer zum Eindringen in einen Zuchtbetrieb berechtigen kann.
Oh wow! (via)


An incompetent and corrupt government. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

If there is any assumption Nigerians made in the run up to the 2015 general elections, it is that given More


Money/macro needs to go back to basics "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Imagine an island with 100,000 people who are all self-employed. They produce 43 commodities, such as food, clothing and shelter, and exchange the commodities with each other. There is no financial system and obviously there is 0% unemploymenthow could a self-employed person be unemployed? To avoid the inconvenience of barter, they adopt some form of moneyit might be silver coins or it might be a crate of Monopoly money that washed up on the beach.

How do we model the price level? Certainly not with interest rates or a Phillips curve!  There are no interest rates and there is no unemployment.

Its easiest to start with NGDP, and then work backwards to prices. Suppose people prefer to hold 12.5% of their annual output/income in the form of money balances. That 12.5% represents the inverse of velocity (i.e. 1/V). In that case, V will be 8 and NGDP will be 8 times the money supply. Thus if the money supply is $1 billion, then NGDP will be $8 billion, or $80,000 per person. Now lets model the rate of inflation:

Inflation equals NGDP growth minus RGDP growth

NGDP growth will be growth in the money supply plus growth in velocity. RGDP growth is determined by non-monetary factors. Theres your basic model of inflation in the simple island economy.

Now let me immediately acknowledge that the real world is very complicated, and this makes it hard to model V. Workers are usually not self-employedthey work for companies and have sticky wages. Labor markets dont always clear. There are also financial markets, and the nominal interest rate can have a big impact on velocity (especially at the zero bound). But no matter how important these extra factors, they are still basically epiphenomenathe core of monetary economics is all about shifts in the supply and demand for moneyit has nothing to do with the Phillips Curve or the liquidity effect from interest rate changes. Call the supply and demand transmission mechanism in my simple model, Mechanism X. Thats still the core transmission mechanism in our modern economy; it doesnt go away just because you add sticky wages and interest rates. Its just harder to see.

Where did modern macro go wrong? Perhaps when they made these liquidity effect/Phillips curve epiphenomena into the center of their models of the transmission mechanism. We dont need Phillips curves or interest rates to explain why more supply of peaches and/or less demand for peaches reduces the relative value of peaches, nor do we need Phillips Curves or interest rates to explain why more money supply and/or less money demand reduces the relative value of money. We need to go back to basics.



Corruption permeates Israel under Netanyahu, goes back decades "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Prime Minister Netanyahu faces mounting scandal, as do his wife, friends, and many colleagues. This follows scandals for previous Israeli leaders Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, David Ben-Gurion and others for charges that range from financial corruption to sexual assault. By Kathryn Shihadah | If Americans Knew | October 19, 2017 Certainly every country has []


An imperfect characterization of the New Atheism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

I have a problem with this description.

Old Atheism: there is no God.
New Atheism: we need to bomb more Muslims. European culture is superior. Also modern feminism is a cancer.

They forgot the usual immediate followup:

New Atheism: But all atheism means is that there is no god, and so were going to exclude any attempt to insert your values into it.

But then, somehow, their heads fail to explode at the contradictions and hypocrisy. I dont get it.


The Poetry of Flames: The Arson Trials in France : From the Courtroom to the Streets "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The police car set on fire in Paris in May 2016.

This report details the trials following the arson of a police car set on fire in May 2016 during the upheaval against the Loi Travail in France, and all the expressions of solidarity that accompanied themincluding a fresh outbreak of arsons against police infrastructure.

Months pass, years pass, yet the situation in France remains unstable as the rhythm of social and political struggles accelerates. The events we will describe here are a consequence of the political situation in France and in Europe as a whole: the repercussions of the 2008 international financial crisis are still noticeable in our daily lives, European governments and their security policies cant contain or palliate the refugee crisis, the ISIS attacks, the State of Emergency, the COP21, increasing disillusionment with traditional political parties, never-ending austerity measures, elections in which the far right is gaining more and more power.

Demonstration against the new Loi Travail (labor law) on September 12, 2017.

Facing this new offensive aimed at making labor conditions and life itself ever...


Private Prisons and the Enslavement Society (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Private Prisons and the Enslavement Society (VIDEO) | prisons | Corporate Takeover Government Multimedia Sleuth Journal Society Special Interests

Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison.  Henry David Thoreau

What more time-honored practice in the long history of state sponsored servitude than the institutionalization of prisoners? Incarceration for offenses against government laws is a cornerstone for power and survivability of any regime. Prisons may have been hellholes over the centuries, but seldom has the internment of convicted lawbreakers been a growth industry for private profit. It almost makes one wonder exactly who are the crooks. While most hard-pressed citizens want a safe and secure society, few ever give even a passing thought to the insatiable corporatist criminalization of the criminal justice system. Just how many Americans agree with the proposition, if you did the crime, you need to serve the time.

All loyal law and order proponents can take pride in the one area where the imperium of government discipline still ranks first among nations. A Global Research article The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery? points out some staggering facts.

There are approximately 2 million inmates in state, federal and private prisons throughout the country. According to California Prison Focus, no other society in human history has imprisoned so many of its own citizens. The figures show that the United States has locked up more people than any other country: a half million more than China, which has a population five times greater than the U.S. Statistics reveal that the United States holds 25% of the worlds prison population, but only 5% of the worlds people. From less than 300,000 inmates in 1972, the jail population grew to 2 million by the year 2000. In 1990 it was one million. Ten years ago there were only five private prisons in the country, with a population of 2,000 inmates; now, there are 100, with 62,0...


Native Sun News Today: Student speaks out about racism in South Dakota school "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The racism and hate at Sturgis-Brown High School in South Dakota caused one Native American student to change schools.


Decision day for National Congress of American Indians with leadership changes "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

It's decision day for the National Congress of American Indians as attendees elect a slate of new leaders.


ISIS, a global franchise "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

What do a Somalia truck, a Filipino city, and a Niger start-up have in common?

Explosion site near Safari hotel in Mogadishu, in which more than 300 people were killed on 14th October 2017. Faisal Isse/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images. All rights reserved.The war against ISIS in Raqqa is nearing its end. But in all likelihood, the group will transform itself into an insurgent force, thus reclaiming the status it had until 2013. The four-year caliphate will then be propagandised, in two ways: as an example of what can be achieved against the formidable power of the worlds strongest military coalition, and as a symbol of what will surely come again. Even if this is wishful thinking from ISIS, it is worth reflecting on current developments in three other regions which point to the evolving nature of this new era of irregular war: the Philippines, Somalia, and Niger.

Manila: elusive victory

The military forces of Rodrigo Duterte's government are reportedly close to retaking Marawi, on the southern island of Mindanao. The city was overrun in May by paramilitary groups allied to ISIS. The expected brief operation turned into a five-month siege in which more than 1,000 people, including many civilians, may have died. Thousands more have left the city, large parts of which have been destroyed.   

Two aspects of the Marawi operation have long-term implications. The first is that dislodging the determined and well-organised insurgents required the extensive use of ai...


The U.S. Military - Pampered, Safe And Very Scared "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The U.S. military is a socialist paradise: Service members and their families live for free on base. People living off base are given a stipend to cover their housing costs. They shop in commissaries and post exchanges where prices for...


Watch: This Is What Humans Will Look Like 1,000 Years From Now "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Fattima Mahdi Truth Theory

Over the past 150 years, we have added 10 centimetres to our average life height. In the past 65 or so years, advances in science have added 20 years to the average lifespan. This video explores where evolution will take us in 1,000 years. Tech Insider presents compelling scientific evidence to support their claims and suggest how humans can outrun extinction.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, it is likely that we will become more integrated with robots. Machines will be used to enhance our hearing, eyesight and health. There will eventually be a day where prosthetics are no longer just for the disabled. writes Tech Insider. Scientists also predict that our genes will evolve on microscopic levels, which means that we will develop built-in defense mechanisms that can prevent diseases. It is also believed that humans will branch out from Earth and populate planets such as Mars. Humans born on Mars are likely to be taller than their Earth-born counterparts. However, these predictions are only the tip of the iceberg. According to Tech Insider, the biggest change that we may have coming in the next 1...


somervillesustainableconservation "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Gabon: 5 people arrested in an ivory trafficking case in Ovan

Gabon News

October 17, 2017

See link

<<a href="">>

for photo.

In Ovan, in the department of Mvoung (province of Ogooue-Ivindo), five

people were arrested this Saturday, October 14, with thirty kilograms of

ivory. Namely Jessy M Andry, newly assigned to Boou? as a teacher, E.

Blaise, N. Thiery all of Gabonese nationality and Mr. Achilles, a

Cameroonian subject, and A Toure, a Malian trader.

They were arrested in possession of two (02) tusks of ivory sectioned into

six (06) pieces when they were about to sell them to a hotel. These two

ivory tusks average 34 kg.

Teacher Andry Jessy says he shot the elephant two weeks ago. The role of

everyone in this ivory trafficking network is to be highlighted.

All the offenders were taken into custody in the PJ jails, waiting to be

heard and then presented to the public prosecutor who will decide whether

or not to detain them. They then face prison sentences as is often the case

in this kind of lucrative traffic.

The number of elephants is falling in Ogoou-Ivindo and Woleu-Ntem; more

than 20,000 have been killed the last ten years. And elephants slaughtered

in the depths of the forest, especially from Cameroon, are often forced to

approach the southern villages, caught in a pincer movement. This

highlights the conflicts between people and elephants.

Recent articles in English newspapers, The Mirror, and Independent

mention that native ivory of Gabon also finances terrorist activities,

including Boko Haram, in other countries. These facts have been confirmed

by the national agency of national parks.(KS: But this link is unproven and most conservationists beyond those beholden to the Gabon government do not believe there is any evidence of Boko Haram involvement.)

With the ivory trade reaping profits and strong cash flows, it is

understandable that it could interest and be linked to other types of

crime. The links between ivory trade and security problems are many and

have be......


Las Vegas Massacre. Michael Rivero (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Las Vegas Massacre. Michael Rivero Video Talk Digital Network Guests website: Video Source

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Billy Corgan May Have Seen A Shape-Shifting Lizard Person: I Saw A Transformation I Cant Explain "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Brett Buchanan

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan appeared on The Howard Stern Show yesterday, and the two discussed conspiracy theories and Corgans many appearances on The Alex Jones Show. Alternative Nation transcribed some of Corgan and Sterns comments.

Howard said, Because Alex Jones told me theres a race of lizard people, thats when he lost me.

Corgan responded, Not to add to the conspiracy, but Ive had paranormal experiences in my life that sort of lend itself into that category.

Howard pushed Billy to talk about the experience.

Im turning red Im so embarrassed.

Lets just say I was with somebody once, and I saw a transformation I cant explain.

Howard asked, The person transformed into something other than human?

Corgan responded, Yes, I saw it.

I was totally sober.

Imagine youre doing something, and suddenly you turn around, and theres somebody else standing there. Its hard to explain without going into detail, Id rather not do it.

Corgan said they acknowledged what had happened.

Howard asked, What did they say they were, from another planet?

Corgan responded, They wouldnt explain.

Its a really messed up story.

Im being vague on purpose.

Its up there with one of the most intense things Ive ever been through.

This article (Billy Corgan May Have Seen A Lizard Person: I Saw A Transformation I Cant Explain) was originally published on Alternative Nation and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.


Israel's geopolitical influence and the makings of a cataclysm to come "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Finally, the skeleton is out of the Arab Spring closet via an article in Foreign Policy written by Jonathan Spyer. Israel has been at war for total dominance in the Middle East and, according to the senior research fellow at the Global Research in International Affairs Center (Rubin Center) and Jerusalem Post columnist, Tel Aviv is about to engage in Syria to confront Iran. All I can say is, if the director of one of Israel's research centers located at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) is right, then the kickoff to Armageddon could be around the corner. For some months now my research and reporting on Syria and the wider crises has revolved around Israel's role in world affairs. So, with this revelation it seems clear that the gloves will soon come off where Israel as the instigator of crises is concerned. Bibi and Trump meeting in Washington, the role of AIPAC in pressing for sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea, and the provocative geostrategic role the Netanyahu government has played equal overwhelming circumstantial proof of the tiny nation's responsibility for Middle Eastern chaos. Quoting Speyer: "Israeli officials believe that Iran is winning its bid for dominance in the Middle East, and they are mobilizing to counter the regional realignment that threatens to follow. The focus of Israel's military and diplomatic campaign is Syria."


Harvey Weinstein and the politics of Hollywood "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Weinstein story perfectly illustrates how politically disempowering identity politics can be. It should hardly surprise us that a rich man who had the ability to give desperate young women a shot at stardom preyed on them. The Hollywood employment system is capitalism in microcosm, at its rawest and most naked.

Cop Fired for Domestic Violence, Joins New Dept., Arrested Again for Domestic ViolenceAll In a Year "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Adrian Perkins cop

Haywood County, TN A sheriffs deputy was reportedly fired after he was charged with domestic assault. But this is not the first time he has had a run-in with the law over domestic assault allegations, and this is not the first department in the county that has fired him as a result.

Adrian Perkins was first arrested in September 2016, while working as a corporal at the Brownsville Police Department. The 29-year-old officer was charged with domestic assault with battery and was immediately placed on administrative leave with pay.

Perkins was released from custody the next morning on $2,500 bond. The Brownsville Police Department released a statement on the incident:

As soon as Brownsville Police Department became aware of the allegations, Chief Barry Diebold immediately contacted District Attorney Garry Brown and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The Brownsville Police Department takes allegations of domestic violence in the community, especially among its officers, very seriously.

Perkins was eventually fired from the department, but that did not stop him from pursuing another job in law enforcement. While that is not uncommon for police officers who are fired, Perkins case is unique, because he did not leave the state, or even the cityhe found another job in the same county.

The Haywood County Sheriffs Department claims that Perkins has been employed as a sheriffs deputy for a few months, but he was fired last week after he was arrested once again for domestic assault.

Perkins was arrested for the second time after police reviewed video from a surveillance camera outside the New Revelation Missionary Baptist Church in Brownsville, and determined that he was a suspect.

While police did not specify as to who the victim was, a family member told WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News, He is supposed to protect the citizens of Haywood County and he cant even protect the people in his household.

Perkins pleaded guilty to the charge of domestic assault and will complete one year of supervised probation as a result. An anonymous family member of the victim told WBBJ 7 that the sentence is not nearly enough.

He needs to be in jail for....


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64,000 UK pets feared to have died in dog-on-dog attacks last year "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A staggering 64,000 dogs are feared to have died over the last year after being attacked by rival pets, a shock survey reveals today. Another 44,375 dogs are said to have suffered life-changing injuries over the same time frame, leaving owners spending a collective 458 million to treat wounded animals. Among the appalling catalogue of injuries witnessed by vets treating dog-on-dog attack victims were: - A dog attacked so viciously its intestines were ripped out - A dog's tail being ripped off - A dog left with a cracked ribcage after being thrown by a larger animal - A dog dying at the scene of an attack


186-year old tortoise and gay rights "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This video says about itself:

On Saturday 19 March 2016, an historic event took place in the grounds of Plantation House, St Helena Island.

Jonathan the Giant Tortoise the oldest known living land animal on Earth and creakingly old national treasure at an estimated age of 184 years was washed for the first time in recorded history by vet Dr Joe Hollins.

Joe explained that the reason for bathing Jonathan came after he cleaned and transformed the shell of one of the female tortoises at Plantation House. Joe consulted a tortoise specialist to establish the method of cleaning, which includes gentle, circular scrubbing using non-abrasive materials. Filmed and Edited: Kimberley Yon Roberts (SHGs Press Office).

From Wikipedia:

Jonathan (hatched c. 1832)[1][2] is a Seychelles giant tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea hololissa) that lives on the island of Saint Helena, a British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic Ocean.

Jonathan was brought to the island from the Seychelles in 1882, along with three other tortoises at about 50 years of age. He was named in the 1930s by Governor Sir Spencer Davis. He continues to live in the grounds of Plantation House, the official residence of the Governor, and belongs to the government of...


It s..Beyond Your Wildest Imagination "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Kai Tracid (born as Kai Franz on 17 January 1972 in Frankfurt am MainGermany) is a trance DJ and producer. The name Tracid originates from the combination of the two music genres trance and acid. In 2009 unfortunately he stopped making music

Since 2000 he released his records under his own record company Tracid Traxxx.In 1998 he gained world-wide fame with Liquid Skies.



Japanese researchers discover huge cavern beneath moon's surface which could be suitable for lunar astronaut base "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Japanese researchers have discovered a cavern stretching 50 kilometers beneath the surface of the moon. It is hoped that the huge subterranean area could be used as a lunar base for astronauts in the future, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has said. The cavern, believed to be a lava tube created about 3.5 billion years ago, could protect astronauts from the sun's radiation and cosmic rays when they build a base for exploration, according to Kyodo news. The expansive cavity, located beneath an area with a group of volcanic domes called the Marius Hills, is about 100 meters wide, according to data taken by JAXA's lunar orbiter 'Kaguya.'


Rock Art from Tuva "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Tuva is a Russian autonomous Republic on the border of Mongolia. It holds some rocky ridges where nomads of the steppes left pictographs for thousands of years. Love this winged horse.

Chariot from the Bronze Age.




Arne Vainio: I wanted you to know you are loved and that I am bringing you home "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Ive been flying to Los Angeles every few months for years to visit the last of my fathers family.


Coal Still Losing the War Despite Trump's Help "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Trump administration has worked harder and with more focus on helping the coal industry than on anything else I can think of. The result:

Last week, the Texas utility Luminant (owned by Vistra Energy) announced the retirement of two coal plants Sandow Power Plant and Big Brown Power Plant by early 2018. The reasoning was simple, and familiar: They just cant compete with cheap natural gas and renewables.

With that announcement, a milestone was reached: More than half of the total 2010 US coal fleet has retired or set a firm retirement date.
Unlike the rest of the country, Texas has an entirely free market in energy no subsidies, hardly any regulation of price. In Texas, wind power will surpass coal power some time around January.

For some important issues, who wins the election matters a lot. For others, hardly at all.


Muslim cleric: Women instigate men to rape and assault them "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Ahmed Bin Saad Al Qarni is reflecting standard Islamic belief. This is the rationale behind the wearing of the hijab: it is the womans responsibility, and solely her responsibility, to make sure that men are not tempted. The Quran says: O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to []


Armour in the Islamic State, the Story of 'The Workshop' "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Stijn Mitzer and Joost Oliemans

The Islamic State's rise to the status of one of the most sophisticated designated terrorist groups ever to exist has been accompanied by an unprecedented level of ingenuity, adaption and brutality on the battlefields it engages in across Syria, Iraq and abroad. Exploiting the lack of security after the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq in 2011 and making smart use of the power vacuum in Syria it effectively hijacked the revolution's original goals. The Islamic State would quickly present itself as a threat like no other not only to Syria and Iraq, but to the entire world.

At the forefront of the Islamic State's sudden metamorphosis from a militant group in Iraq to a self-proclaimed caliphate controlling large swaths of land in Iraq, Syria and across the globe is its ability to quickly adapt to the various situations encountered on the battlefield, its ingenuity in coming up with appropriate adaptations and their enthusiastic execution of said adaptations. The sudden change in the scope of warfare the Islamic State's rise brought to Syria and Iraq would be a shock to those caught up in it, and could only be contained through the massive influx of manpower, weapons and perhaps above all, airpower.

This massive force aimed at the destruction of the Islamic State would be pitted against a self-proclaimed caliphate that hadn't seen an equivalent since the fall of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in 2001, positing itself as a power that could engage its enemies in both guerrilla and conventional warfare. The huge amounts of weaponry captured by the Islamic State allowed it to directly challenge stronger foes on the ground which, despite the constant threat of precision-guided strikes against its assets, included the deployment of large numbers of heavy weaponry during operations in both Syria and Iraq.

The use of armoured fighting vehicles in these operations is no exception, with the Islamic State having captured and operated more than 200 tan...


Developing: AG Sessions May Investigate Hillary Clintons Role In Uranium-One Scandal (VIDEO) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Sessions may investigate Hillary Clintons role in Uranium One Scandal.

Lost in all the details amid the Clinton-Uranium One scandal, was Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirming to Senator and Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) that the Department of Justice will investigate Hillary Clintons role in the transaction. 

Fox News reports:

A top Senate Republican is probing potential conflicts of interest for Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration regarding the 2010 approval of a controversial uranium deal with a Russian company, amid new details about donations from interested parties and an FBI corruption probe involving employees of the same Russian firm.

This committee has an obligation to get to the bottom of this issue, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said Wednesday, at the start of a hearing with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Grassley on Wednesday released a series of letters he fired off last week to 10 federal agencies, addressing those issues in detail and raising the question of whether the committee that approved the transaction was aware of the FBI probe. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) included then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Asked about the concerns at Wednesdays hearing, Sessions told Grassley the Justice Department will take appropriate actions.

I hear your concerns and they will be reviewed, Sessions said, without responding directly to a question from Grassley on whether the Justice Department has also probed whether the Russians compromised the Obama administration to smooth the way for the deal.

Senator Charles Grassley has called on the attorney of the former FBI informant to arrange for her clients testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committe...


ISIS Was Not Ended By Trump Or Obama But By Muslims "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Raqqa, the capital of the ISIL phony caliphate in eastern Syria, has completely fallen, according to a spokesman for the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. It is just a matter of neutralizing a few remaining cells and defusing booby traps in the city.

The SDF is primarily made up of leftist Kurds of the YPG or Peoples Protection Units, the paramilitary of the Democratic Union Party of northeast Syria. There are a few Arab adjuncts for appearances, since the US has enlisted the Kurds in taking primarily Arab areas under ISIL control.

In Iraq, ISIL has also lost almost all significant territory to the Iraqi Army, which was supported by Shiite militias and the Kurdish Peshmerga. Last month, 1000 militants surrendered at Hawija, a largely Sunni Arab town near Kirkuk.

Although it now cannot be called a territorial state, ISIL hasnt disappeared. It will devolve back into being a destructive terrorist organization. Still, it will have far fewer resources for committing terrorism.

Americans are arguing over whether Trump or President Barack Obama is responsible for the victory.

It is a self-absorbed and shameful debate, as though the whole world revolves around Americas broken two-party system. As for Trumps egomania of the three-year-old sort, where everything that happens while he is alive derives from him, surely we need not take it seriously enough to argue with it.

ISIL was defeated by local Muslims, with air support and strategic advice from the United States and from Iran. But literally thousands of local Muslim troops died for this victory, and it is theirs.

Although Western journalists such as Graeme Wood argued that ISIL is very very Islamic, most of the worlds Muslims beg to differ. They see it as a bloody and destructive cult, according to all the opinion polling.

The unpopularity of ISIL among all but a fringe of extremists explains its demise. Iran did not want it there. Iraq did not want it there. The Kurds did not want it there. The Syrian government did not want it there. Even if it wasnt Turkeys top priority, Turkey definitely did not want it there, especially after ISIL began setting off bombs in that country.

It is true that President Obama and his Secretary of Defense Ash Carter laid out the strategy. In Iraq, Obama reestablished the American military Iraq Command and sent in several thous...


Part 2 Covert Recruitment into Space Marines 20 and Back Program "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Dr. Michael Salla

On June 1, 1978, during the second day of bootcamp for the U.S. Marine Corps, Michael Christopher Gerloff was asked whether he wanted to go to space and serve in a 20 and back program. He recalls everything that subsequently happened during the intake process for his recruitment into the Space Marines, and has partial recall of his subsequent activities during his 20 and back service.

After ending active reserve service with the USMC Reserves (1978-1984), Gerloff went on to serve as a U.S. Army Ranger (1987-1991), and police officer with the Mountlake Terrace and Seattle Police departments (1992-2001). From 2004-2005, he served as an international police officer with the United Nations Liberia peacekeeping mission.

Gerloff has provided military and police records that corroborate key aspects of his testimony, and contain many anomalies which point to his 20 and back service. He believes that his coming forward has been sanctioned by a USMC/Department of Navy intelligence group established by President Dwight Eisenhower, which is actively promoting disclosure of a US Navy Secret Space Program.

In Part 2 of this five part series, Gerloff describes how he was taken by a secret underground rail system into an intake center where he signed paperwork for his 20 and back program, alongside many other young Marine recruits. He describes some of his experiences as an intelligence officer within the USMC covert space program, and how the North Korea crisis was a signpost for a future time when he would publicly emerge in a USMC sanctioned disclosure of the Navys secret space program.

Part 2 of video interview series is below.

Part 1 of video interview series is below. Related article is available here

Continue Reading

This article (Part 2 Covert Recruitment into Space Marines 20 and Back Program) was originally pub...


Media watch Friday "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

20 October 2017 Media Watch is a focus on New Zealand media, blogs and social media. You can post any items of interested related to media. A primary aim here is to hold media to account in the political arena. A credible and questioning media is an essential part of a healthy democracy. A general []


Silver Price Spiking & Gold Pushing Higher On The 30th Anniversary Of Black Monday "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The intra-day bull flag formed in silver:


Heres a closer look at silver with good volume:

Which makes us wonder if this short-term bottom is in?

Heres gold on the 3 minute chart:

And the dollar, which is struggling to maintain 93:

It is the anniversary of Black Monday:

And it appears it is indeed risk off:

And something is indeed spooking the markets. Though not exactly the President, the MSM narrative is wearing thin:

Heres Bloomberg featuring this (in)famous day 30 years ago highlighting statements of many famous investors of the time:

PETER BORISH, head of research at Tudor Invest...


FBI - Russia Bribed for Uranium Deal, 1843 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Protect Your Information From Big Data - Click Here! Use Promo Code: bill still for 20% OFF Good afternoon, Im still reporting on: FBI - Russia Brided for Uranium Deal, 1843 Synopsis: According to the FBI, Russian nuclear officials routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clintons charitable foundation during the time that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that made the decision to approve the partial sale of Canadian mining company Uranium One to the Russian nuclear giant Rosatom, giving Moscow control of more than 20% of Americas uranium supply. Federal agents used undercover agents working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather financial records, make secret recordings, and intercept emails as early as 2009 shortly after President Obama had taken office that showed that Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking form with bribes and kickbacks according to recent court documents. Rather than bring immediate charges in 2010, the Justice Department sat on the information, leaving the American people and Congress in the dark about Russian nuclear corruption on U.S. soil as the Obama administration approved two major decisions benefiting Russian nuclear ambitions. When President Trump brought up the matter during last years campaign, a Clinton spokesman denied that Clinton was involved at all. According to a source who worked on the case who spoke to The Hill on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution by U.S. or Russian officials: The Russians were compromising American contractors in the nuclear industry with kickbacks and extortion threats, all of which raised legitimate national security concerns. And none of that evidence got aired before the Obama administration made those decisions. But it gets worse! The person supervising the FBI investigation was Andrew McCabe, now the deputy FBI director under President Trump, and U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, an Obama appointee who now serves as President Trumps deputy attorney general. Both men are now directly responsible for not interceding to stop the sale. McCabe is currently under investigation in connection with a campaign donation to his wife in excess of $600,000 in 2015 by the now Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, who, at that time was also under investigation by the FBI. Former Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich), who chaired the House Intelligence Committee during the time the FBI probe was being conducted told The Hill that this was the first he had heard that there was a Russian nuclear corruption case going on. Rogers called the conspiracy breathtaking: Support Our Sponsors: - Nobel Gold & Silver: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 888-596-7916 - Water Smacker - Makes your water less acidic by ionization. - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level cyber protection. h...


Solar Wind "Electrifies" Phobos and Deimos "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Phobos has been considered as a possible initial base for human exploration of Mars because its weak gravity makes it easier to land spacecraft, astronauts and supplies. The idea would be to have the astronauts control robots on the Martian surface from the moons of Mars, without the considerable time delay faced by Earth-based operators. "We found that astronauts or rovers could accumulate significant electric charges when traversing the night side of Phobos the side facing Mars during the Martian day," said William Farrell of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland. "While we don't expect these charges to be large enough to injure an astronaut, they are potentially large enough to affect sensitive equipment, so we would need to design spacesuits and equipment that minimizes any charging hazard." Farrell is lead author of a paper on this research published online Oct. 3 in Advances in Space Research.

[...] The solar wind is responsible for these charging effects. When the solar wind strikes the day side of Phobos, the plasma is absorbed by the surface. This creates a void on the night side of Phobos that the plasma flow is obstructed from directly entering. However, the composition of the wind made of two types of electrically charged particles, namely ions and electrons affects the flow. The electrons are over a thousand times lighter than the ions. "The electrons act like fighter jets they are able to turn quickly around an obstacle -- and the ions are like big, heavy bombers they change direction slowly," said Farrell. "This means the light electrons push in ahead of the heavy ions and the resulting electric field forces the ions into the plasma void behind Phobos, according to our models."

The study shows that this plasma void behind Phobos may create a situation where astronauts and rovers build up significant electric charges. For example, if astronauts were to walk across the night-side surface, friction could transfer charge from the dust and rock on the surface to their spacesuits. This dust and rock is a very poor conductor of electricity, so the charge can't flow back easily into the surface -- and charge starts to build up on the spacesuits. On the day side, the electrically conducting solar wind and solar ultraviolet radiation can remove the excess charge on the suit. But, on the night side, the ion and electron densities in the trailing plasma void are so low they cannot compensate or 'dissipate' the charge build-up. The team's calculations revealed that this static charge can reach ten thousand volts in some materials, lik...


California Wildfires: Climate Change + Fire Dependent Ecosystems = Human Disaster "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Coffey Park neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California.   Karen Pickett is a member of the Board of Directors of Global Justice Ecology Project. She lives in the redwood country in the Bay Area of California and has been... Read More

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Open Forum Friday "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

20 October 2017 This post is open to anyone to comment on any topic that isnt spam, illegal or offensive. All Your NZ posts are open but this one is for you to raise topics that interest you.  If providing opinions on or summaries of other information also provide a link to that information. Bloggers []


Gold Is Ready to Explode (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Gold Is Ready to Explode Video Dave Hodges Video Source

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Saturation "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In the end, more then freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for the most was freedom from responsibility, then the []


Kurdish-Speaking Anarchist Forum (KAF): No to State, No to War. Yes for Self-Administration & the Social Revolution "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Immediate call to all our comrades Anarchists and Libertarians wherever they are

A direct and special call to our comrades Anarchists and Libertarians Arabic-speaking

No to State, No to war.  Yes for self-administration and the Social revolution

For years and years we, anarchists and libertarian in Iraqi Kurdistan, Europe and other countries all our publicities and our slogan have been about Yes for self-administration in  everywhere  and for all the communities , but No to State.

We raised our voice against the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and its very recent scenario of referendum on independent Kurdish State.  We are very sure the other anarchists among Arab, Turkish, Assyrian and others had the same attitude. We also believe the same attitude from our anarchist comrades throughout the world to say no to State, authority, nationalism and to be against the nationalist and against pro-fascist war.

Iraqi Kurdistan has been going through a very difficult time since Oct 2015.  The wages of public sector employees have been reduced to less than a half, the number of unemployment has increased sharply, the price of everything has gone up, business and the government services have dramatically been cut off. This all happened in addition to the war with Isis and disputes between (KRG) and the central government over the budget and the disputed lands and c...


The worst of Times: UK propaganda rag stirs the pot over ironic RT adverts "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

'Provocative adverts for Kremlin-owned television channel' is the familiar opening for the Times' latest knickers in a twist article on RT, as the Murdoch-owned broadsheet joined the angry scrum to condemn a tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign on the London Underground. A commenter under the Times article itself poses perhaps the most pertinent question: "What happened to our world-famous sense of humor?" The thrust of the piece is that the Labour Party has asked broadcasting regulator OFCOM to look at the RT ads, which pose ironic (that is a key word here) questions such as 'The CIA calls us a propaganda machine. Find out what we call the CIA," or "Missed the train? Lost a vote? Blame it on us."


Albert Bender: Native community celebrates first Indigenous Peoples' Day in Nashville "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In the wake of the proclamation of Mayor Megan Berry and the resolution of the Metro Nashville City Council both recognizing October 9 as Indigenous Peoples Day, a celebration was held here by members of the local Native community.


Vegas Security Guard on DeGeneres Show, 1845 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Good morning, Im still reporting on: Vegas Security Guard on DeGeneres Show, 1845 Synopsis: Support Our Sponsors: - Nobel Gold & Silver: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 888-596-7916 - Water Smacker - Makes your water less acidic by ionization. - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level cyber protection. - Learn How To Generate Passive Income Using Bitcoins At: Protect Your Information From Big Data - Click Here! Use Promo Code: bill still for 20% OFF Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: Get the word Out: Please LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE! Our website: Considered by informed insiders as the ultimate resource for surviving economic or financial collapse/crash and attaining the unvarnished truth about the latest US and world news, current events in Washington, and todays United States political climate. Please Like, Comment & Share. Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the Still Report, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington. Connect with Bill Still: Consider becoming a cherished sponsor:


Democrats Deploy #BlackLivesMatter Brand For 2018 Elections- The Electoral Justice Project "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Democrats Deploy #BlackLivesMatter Brand For 2018 Elections- The Electoral Justice Project

bruce Thu, 10/19/2017 - 21:36

It was a bright cold Chicago day in January or February 1976. I was working as a security guard at an A&P store on 35th street. I had no interest in catching shoplifters, I was going to school, working two jobs and it was all I could do to stay awake so nobody would steal the gun off my hip. Bobby Rush, former co-leader of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party, nowadays a 20 year congressman walked in. Id been a rank and file member of the BPP in Chicago 6 and 7 years earlier, and worked in Bobbys first political campaign for ward committeeman only two years before.

I greeted him and noted that he was running again, this time to be a Jimmy Carter delegate to the Democratic convention. So I asked him whats up with that Bobby, arent you giving them all our hard earned credibility? He answered no, Bruce you got that backward. They got all the credibility.

It was one of those moments of clarity you dont forget. I knew damn well Bobby had that upside down and backward. When we were knocking on doors for him two years earlier it was quite clear that we were able to pull people out to vote who would simply not come out for the Daley Democrat precinct captains. City Hall feared us so much that they canceled voter registration days in the projects to keep turnout low.

Four decades later the players are different, the game refined a little, but its still the game. The old movement is long gone. There are no more figures like Marion Berry or Bobby Rush whose personal connections with the old movement can serve to legitimize otherwise bankrupt Democrats. So the corporate foundations and marketers invented a new way for Democrats to brand themselves with some kind of movement stank. The Democrats new political brand is called #BlackLive...


Pt.2: Reports of Kurdistan's Death are Greatly Exaggerated: All Eggs Not Exclusive to Barzani "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In the first part of this post I had images of eggs piled in one basket.
Which is generally a no/no in investing and other conditions that require diversification.

Dont Put All your Eggs in One Basket : This is a piece of advice which means that one should not concentrate all efforts/time and/or resources in one area as one could lose everything.  Everything

Common sense in life. In investing. And common sense in geopolitics. 
Yet, I`m suddenly expected to believe that what occurred in Kirkuk, Iraq is a bellwether
suggesting the failure of a Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0. To believe that, unconditionally, would be folly on my part. Perhaps it is an indicator of that possibility?  But, most probably it is not! In Part 1 of this report we covered intra Kurdish conflict- Both as it pertains to this latest episode in Kirkuk and some past history regarding this phenomena
"Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated " is a statement that has been incorrectly attributed to Mark Twain. It also remains a standard Trope- So it's a concept that's well wired into our psyche.  To possibly want to believe exaggerated news? I don't know? Just thinking aloud.
That all said reports of the death of Greater/Independent/Israel 2.0 Kurdistan are greatly exaggerated. To believe that what occurred in Kirkuk signals the end of Kurdistan/Greater/Independent,  also known as Israel 2.0, is choosing to ignore the complexity of the Kurdish reality. While turning a blind eye the very obvious fact that the US and Israel would have very sensibly UTILIZED Kurds affiliated with the PKK. The KDP. The PUK. And other K...


MACKAY Armed robbery accused to remain in prison for now "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

MACKAY October 19, 2017 at 03:37PM ,

Armed robbery accused to remain in prison for now

October 19, 2017 at 03:37PM ,

James Michael Kelly, 23, faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday via videolink from prison, on a raft of charges dated between March and

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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MACKAY Hairdresser fined for punching bouncer "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

MACKAY October 19, 2017 at 04:22PM ,

Hairdresser fined for punching bouncer

October 19, 2017 at 04:22PM ,

SENTENCED: Vanessa Jane Wilson, 44, from Rural View, faced Mackay Magistrates Court on Thursday, pleading guilty to common assault after

, ,

user1ouenvdy crimeviewqld , ,

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Artificial Intelligence is Beating Us "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The "constraints of human knowledge" are falling:

Googles latest AI efforts push beyond the limitations of their human developers. Its artificial intelligence algorithms are teaching themselves how to code and how to play the intricate, yet easy-to-learn ancient board game Go.

This has been quite the week for the company. On Monday, researchers announced that Googles project AutoML had successfully taught itself to program machine learning software on its own. While its limited to basic programming tasks, the code AutoML created was, in some cases, better than the code written by its human counterparts. In a program designed to identify objects in a picture, the AI-created algorithm achieved a 43 percent success rate at the task. The human-developed code, by comparison, only scored 39 percent on the task.

But DeepMinds developments go beyond just playing a board game exceedingly well. There are important implications that could positively impact AI in the near future.

By not using human databy not using human expertise in any fashionweve actually removed the constraints of human knowledge, AlphaGo Zeros lead programmer, David Silver, said at a press conference.


ICE issues detainer request for homeless immigrant arrested on suspicion of arson in California's wine country "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) issued a detainer request on the Sonoma County Jail for Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, who was arrested Sunday on suspicion of arson in Wine Country fires that have killed at least 40 residents. Breitbart News reported earlier this week that Sonoma County Sheriffs had arrested Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, 29, at Maxwell Regional Park in Sonoma County after a series of reports of ongoing fires in the region. Mr. Gonzalez was observed around 3:00 p.m. PDT wearing a jacket and walking "out of the creek area and a plume of smoke behind him," according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. Mr. Gonzalez, who is homeless and reportedly known by law enforcement to have been living under a nearby bridge, claimed he was cold and had lit the fire to stay warm. But it was a balmy 78 degrees when he and the plume of smoke were first observed. Mr. Gonzalez was booked into the Sonoma County Jail for suspicion of felony arson. His bail was set at a steep $110,000, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff Public Information Officer.


Moderate Amounts of Walking Reduces Mortality "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Exercise is a sensible part of any personal health strategy, and a new study suggests that even low levels of walking are associated with lower mortality compared to inactivity[1].

U.S. public health guidelines recommend that adults engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of intense exercise per week. However, surveys show that only half of U.S. adults actually reach this ideal target level of activity. Worse than that, older adults are even less likely to reach these recommendations, with only 42% of people between the ages of 65 and 74 and 28% of people age 75 or over meeting this goal.

Walking is a great choice for exercise, as it is low impact, convenient, free to do, and requires no special equipment. It is the most common kind of physical activity and is associated with a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. While there are many studies that have focused on moderate to intense physical activity and mortality, there are considerably fewer studies looking at walking.


Relativity Space planning to use Stargate 3D printer to make rockets on Mars "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Based in Los Angeles, Relativity Space is developing a new 3D printer for, scaling and sustaining an interplanetary society.

Since founding in 2015, Relativity Space has received $10 million in funding with backers including Mark Cuban and Y Combinator.

The company promises that 3D printing will allow them to go, from raw material to flight in less than 60 days and claims their Stargate 3D printer is, the largest metal 3D printer in the world.


Join the Annual Economic Census for Worker Co-ops and Democratic Workplaces "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Together, lets show off the worker cooperative movement!

The US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and the Democracy At Work Institute invites you to participate in our annual census to study the economic and social benefits of worker cooperatives. This is an opportunity to contribute to a major, ongoing research that will not only help shape the future for worker cooperatives in the US, it will also help us to show off just the strong, meaningful, and rapid growth of our sector. When we know more about how our individual workplaces compare to each other and to traditional firms, it allows us share our successes and support each other  


All reporting of results will remain absolutely confidential ando single business will be identifiable in the census results, so no need to worry. If you have any questions about the census and the information we are gathering, you can reach out to Ana Martina to or Tim Palmer to

Demostremos juntxs la fuerza del movimiento cooperativista!

La Federacin de Cooperativas de Trabajadores de los Estados  Unidos y el Instituto de Democracia en el trabajo les invita a participar en nuestro estudio econmico y de beneficios sociales el Censo Anual de Cooperativas de Trabajadores y Espacios de Trabajo Democrticos. Esta es una oportunidad para contribuir a una continua e importante investigacin que no solamente ayudar a contribuir a moldear el futuro de las cooperativas de trabajadores en los EU,  sino que tambin nos ayuda a demostrar la fuerza, relevancia, y crecimiento acelerado de nuestro sector. El conocer ms de las caractersticas individuales de cada lugar de trabajo en comparacin con otr...


Panicked #FakeNews Media Rushes to Claim Obama, Not President Trump, Is Behind Defeat of ISIS in Raqqa "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

More #FakeNews

The liberal media is panicked that it only took President Donald Trump 8 months to liberate al-Raqqa from Islamic State terrorists.

Obama created ISIS with his ignorant decision to pull all US troops from Iraq.

It took President Trump only 8 months to correct this Obama disaster.

So now the liberal media is it was really Obama who is responsible for the liberation of al-Raqqa.


ANI reported: Trump used Obamas plan to defeat ISIS in Raqqa

Very #FakeNews CNN: Bergen: No, Trump didnt defeat ISIS

Liberal Washington Post hack Dana Milbank: Meet President Trumps new foreign policy adviser Barack Obama



18-Month Old Baby Recovered In Baton Rouge Sex Trafficking Sweep "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


An 18-month-old baby was recovered during the sex trafficking operation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana yesterday when the childs mother was arrested amid the FBI-led sex trafficking sweep.  So far, the operation has recovered 84 children and netted 120 trafficking suspects nationwide.

The FBI New Orleans Division said Wednesday that the youngest victim recovered was only three months old. A total of four suspected human traffickers were arrested in Louisiana as part of Operation Cross Country XI, a crackdown that ran from Thursday through Sunday and focused on the human trafficking of minors. The FBI said the 18-month-old was not being trafficked but the mother was prostituting herself and brought the child to a meeting with an undercover agent posing as a customer.

As part of Operation Cross Country XI, FBI agents and task force officers staged operations in hotels, casinos and truck stops, as well as on street corners and websites.

Child sex trafficking is happening in every community across America, and at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, were working to combat this problem every day, said John Clark, the organizations president and CEO, in an FBI news release.

This operation isnt just about taking traffickers off the street. Its about making sure we offer help and a way out to these young victims who find themselves caught in a vicious cycle of abuse, FBI Director Christopher Wray said in the release. We at the FBI have no greater mission than to protect our nations children from harm. Unfortunately, the number of traffickers arrestedand the number of children recoveredreinforces why we need to continue to do this important work, Wray said.

In Shreveport, the operation discovered a 17-year-old girl, still in high school, who was traveling to the city to engage in prostitution, according to the FBI.  The girl was arrested as part of the sweep but f...


LOA Today 10.19.17 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

We spend more than half the show talking about wins for the week and answering a listeners question. But its well worth it when we finally talk about Chapter 9 of Ask And It Is Given which is subtitled, The Hidden Value Behind Your Emotional Reactions. Its the emotions that give us our steering wheel in life, and learning to ...

The post LOA Today 10.19.17 appeared first on Progressive Radio Network.


FBI Informant Threatened After Offering Details Linking Clinton Foundation To Russian Bribery Case "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While the mainstream media has largely ignored it, the scandal surrounding Russian efforts to acquire 20% of Americas uranium reserves, a deal which was ultimately approved by the Obama administration, and more specifically the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) which included Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, is becoming more problematic for []

The post FBI Informant Threatened After Offering Details Linking Clinton Foundation To Russian Bribery Case appeared first on The Last American Vagabond.


Ridiculous tricks you can do with a Slinky! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

I loved my Slinky as a kid but even given an unlimited amount of time, I could never pull off the stunts this guy does with his.


Team UPC Continues to Promote Illusion of UPC Progress Where Theres None "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Related: Bristows LLP is Still Trying to Attach Wings to the UPC and Distract From Serious (Likely Fatal) Barriers to It

Bristows EPO

Summary: The core members of Team UPC in the UK spread obvious falsehoods in the media, probably in an effort to attract business (consultation regarding something that does not exist)

WE HAVE not forgotten about UPC; its just that theres nothing to say about it as nothing is happening. Even the EPO barely mentions it any longer. Marks & Clerk has long been absent and Bristows had not said anything in weeks! Until yesterday. If this is all they have to show, then theyre running out of material. Its worth seeing the comments in the tweet about it. The UPC is dead.

The Unitary Patent is a pipe dream. It probably wont happen.Draft UPC legislation reaches final stage in Scottish parliamentary process, Bristows wrote, which almost makes it sound (or feel) like theres finalisation of some kind. The usual deception from Bristows for the purpose of money.

But towards the end Gemma Barrett from Bristows confesses that [t]he Parliament is now in recess (from 7 October to 22 October inclusive), reminding us that the latest push is just this illusion of UPC progress. Nothing is happening in England and Ireland has virtually given up even on a referendum on the subject.

The Unitary Patent is a pipe dream. It probably wont happen. More complaints are being submitted this month in Germany and judging by this report from yesterday, the EU is no longer a friend of Big Pharma (which wanted the UPC in order to impose broad injuction......


What a Gold-Backed Yuan and Cryptocurrencies May Mean for the Dollar "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By: Doug French

Amoungst all the crypto news this, and crypto news that, was a tiny item appearing in the Nikkei Asian Review on September 1st. Reporting from Denpasar, Indonesia, Damon Evans wrote, China is expected shortly to launch a crude oil futures contract priced in yuan and convertible into gold in what analysts say could be a game-changer for the industry.

Not bitcoin backed, not ethereum backed, g-o-l-d backed. How low tech of the Chinese. For the moment, oil is priced in dollars, whether its Brent or West Texas Intermediate.

Evans explained,

China's move will allow exporters such as Russia and Iran to circumvent U.S. sanctions by trading in yuan. To further entice trade, China (the worlds largest oil importer) says the yuan will be fully convertible into gold on exchanges in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

This will be China's first commodities futures contract open to foreign companies such as investment funds, trading houses and petroleum companies. 

China has wanted to unshackle itself from the dollar for a long time and now theyre giving yuan-denominated gold contracts a third try.

"It is a mechanism which is likely to appeal to oil producers that prefer to avoid using dollars, and are not ready to accept that being paid in yuan for oil sales to China is a good idea either," Alasdair Macleod, head of research at Goldmoney, said.

"It's a transfer of holding their assets in black liquid to yellow metal. It's a strategic move swapping oil for gold, rather than for U.S. Treasuries, which can be printed out of thin air," Grant Williams explained.  

If Saudi Arabia accepts yuan settlement for oil, Louis-Vincent Gave said, "this would go down like a lead balloon in Washington, where the U.S. Treasury would see this as a threat to the dollar's hegemony... and it is unlikely the U.S. would continue to approve modern weapon sales to Saudi and the embedded protection of the House of Saud [the kingdom's ruling family] that comes with them."

Say China buys into Saudi Aramco, the pricing of Saudi oil could shift from U.S. dollars to yuan, said Macleod. Crucially, "if China can tie in Aramco, with Russia, Iran et al, she will have a degree of influence over nearly 40% of global production, and will be able to progress her desire to exclude dollars for yuan," he said.

In o...


Neo-Nazis Organizing Richard Spencer Event Release Hit List of Gainesville Establishments "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The post Neo-Nazis Organizing Richard Spencer Event Release Hit List of Gainesville Establishments appeared first on It's Going Down.

Neo-Nazis with The Daily Stormer, in concert with Richard Spencer and his website, have released an action plan for Spencers talk at the University of Florida that includes a hit list of synagogues, black museums, and newspapers to be targeted in flash demonstrations after the speaking event. They also encourage all neo-Nazis in Gainesville to leave the campus and begin targeting these establishments if they cannot get inside Spencers talk.

As documented by IGD and Unicorn RiotSpencer is also using a variety of neo-Nazi groups such as Anti-Communist Action and Vanguard America, known for violence and murder at rallies such as Unite the Right in Charlottesville, for security. In a set of Discord chats released by Unicorn Riotmembers of Anti-Communist Action detailed plans to manufacture bombs and kill counter-protesters at similar events.

In the lead up to Spencers talk, neo-Nazi groups have also carried out acts of vandalism in the state of Florida; vandalizing a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. last week.

Controlling Tickets and Media



Photo-Report: The North Korea Neither Trump Nor Western Media Wants The World To See "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA North Korea (the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, or DPRK) is one of the least understood and most lied about countries on Earth. In Western corporate media renditions, most news about the country is alarmist (of the North Koreans want to kill you type), fake (all men have to have the same haircut, a story originating from Washington itself), or about the Norths military.

Accounts of the nations military prowess and threat generally ignore (as noted here) the presence of the 28,500 U.S. troops occupying South Korea, their 38 military installations, and more recently their Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery in South Korea a U.S. radar system opposed by the Korean people, in the North and South, as well as China.

On September 19, 2017, in the forum of the United Nations General Assembly, U.S. President Donald Trump vowed to totally destroy North Korea.

This is not the first time threats against the DPRK have been issued. Colin Powell in 1995 threatened to turn North Korea into a charcoal briquette and in 2013 reiterated that threat to destroy the country.

Not broadcast in corporate media is the fact that America had already annihilated North Korea, destroying the capital city, Pyongyang, and cities around the country, with 635,000 tons of bombs, including 32,557 tons of Napalm indeed turning the North into a charcoal briquette.

Related | 

Retired U.S. General Curtis E. LeMay, who headed the Strategic Air Command during that earlier war, said that they had burned down every town in North Korea. In...


Congress Probes Whether Obama DOJ Used The Trump Dossier Before Surveillance Court "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

That was likely how they got warrants, by not telling the FISA court that the info was fake. Via Daily Caller: Both the House and the Senate are investigating whether the former President Barack Obamas administration used intelligence in a salacious Trump Dossier as evidence before a secret federal surveillance court to obtain permission to []


Saudi Airstrike Kills Entire Family In Yemen, Including Children "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The latest in a long line of disastrous airstrikes by Saudi warplanes across Yemen, officials reported an airstrike on Tuesday night in the northern Jawf Province, destroying a single civilian home, killing six civilians and critically wounded another.

The civilians killed were an entire family. The slain included the parents and four of their daughters. The lone survivor, who was injured, was their only son. Saudi officials gave no indication why the house was destroyed.

Locals in the district, however, reported that the house was directly targeted twice, initially hit with airstrikes that destroyed the building, and then minutes later as rescue workers got close to the site. Officials say no rescue workers were injured, as they had yet to reach the wreckage.

Saudi Arabia has faced growing criticism for its massive civilian death toll in Yemen, and the US is under growing pressure to stop selling the Saudis arms, and to stop participating in the Yemen War. The House of Representatives has a War Powers Act challenge, which would compel the end of US involvement in the conflict, scheduled for November 2.

Top photo | People search under the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi-led airstrikes in Sanaa, Yemen, Friday, Aug. 25, 2017.(AP/Hani Mohammed)

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Cobra Interview with Prepare for Change: October 2017 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Cobra - Resistance Movement

Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines. For more background you are invited to read his blog archive totaling 900 entries to this date.  See:

To Listen via MP3 format click below

Transcript of the October 10th, 2017 interview posted on October 18th, 2017 is below the Video

Reposting Rules: All Prepare for Change Cobra Interviews must be reposted in their ENTIRETY with all the content included, unedited, complete as they appear on the pages and in the audio files as well.

October PFC ( & Cobra Interview 2017 and Cobra Interview Transcript

Malawi Update for October 10, 2017

There was no Malawi update over the summer months so I will do a quick catch up now. Keyason has been busy with a growing number o...


Science Says Unicorns Were Actually Real Once, But They Were Terrifying! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The title of Siberian Unicorn actually belongs to an extinct type of rhinoceros. However, it was still in some ways a bit horse-like yet much scarier and more so like a rhinoceros.

The Siberian Unicorn belongs to Elasmotherium Sibiricum, and was thought to have died out around 350,000 years ago up until 2016. In 2016, researchers from Tomsk State University were able to determine that it had found its last refuge around 29,000 years ago. Isnt that a huge difference?

Credit: Heinrich Harder


It seems the last of the species died off in Kazakhstan. An article on these findings was published in the American Journal of Applied Science. The real unicorn was shaggy and enormous. The Siberian Unicorn stood roughly six and a half foot tall and was about 13 foot long. Yes, I did say enormous now didnt I?



The unicorn is thought to have eaten grass, for the most part, and had the slender horn coming from its head rather than the stubby horn our modern rhinoceros have now. The research mentioned above actually involved finding a skull from one of these long lost mystical beings. How it died still remains a mystery.

This team hopes to gain a better understanding in how the environment played a role in the extinction of this marvelous creature but for now not much is known.


Syria War Report October 19, 2017: U.S. Blames Assad For Hindering Its Anti-ISIS Efforts "IndyWatch Feed Allworld" If youre able, and if you like our content and approach, please support the project. Our work wouldnt be possible without your help: PayPal: or via: or via: The Syrian Arab Army


Events in the Third World "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


I often report on events in the Third World. I now am including California as a third world country.

Is it as wacky as North Korea?

Yes it is

The state is $1.3 trillion in debt and they keep raising taxes, but not as fast as they fund weird stuff - like the "third gender" which they call "queer". I have given up hope that the federal government would send in troops to secure the state capital and President Trump would dissolve the state legislature and replace the governor. 

It's one of those things like "LOCK HER UP" that has great promise, but won't happen.

America used to do that to third world countries - primarily in Latin America, banana republics, who weren't with the program. Why not California? The Union invaded the Southern States with an army because the Southerners weren't doing what they wanted. What's changed?


I've commented on the situation that the Kurds find themselves in many times on this blog and hope to be able to continue. As with any place on the planet that is populated, there are factions. And I'm not going to discuss those factions here in any detail. Suffice that Kurdistan has divisions that disagree on policy the same way as the USA does.

Diaspora (outside Greater Kurdistan): 2 million
Turkey: estimates from 14.3 to 20 million;
Iraq: estimates from 5.6 to 8.5 million;
Syria: estimates from 2 to 3.6 million,



Protests in Kiev: Real Maidan 3.0 from 'new' opposition? Only if Washington says so "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The last few days in the Ukrainian capital have been, to say the least, once again restless. Celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the Nazi Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the military wing of Bandera's Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists which collaborated with the Nazis, have gradually escalated into street confrontations between the opposition and the ruling regime. On Tuesday, October 17th, the ex-President of Georgia and ex-Governor of the Odessa region, Mikhail Saakashvili, also plunged into the fray by gathering a so-called "anti-corruption rally," which observers have suggested gathered around 4-5,000 people. The demonstrators' ranks have included supporters of Saakashvili's "New Forces Movement," Yulia Tymoshenko's Fatherland Party, Lvov mayor Sadovy's "Self-Help", as well as militants from the neo-Nazi Svoboda and National Corps (the political wing of the Azov Regiment), and other organizations.


At least 43 Afghan servicemen killed in attack on military base, Taliban claims responsibility "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

At least 43 servicemen were killed in an attack targeting a military base in Afghanistan's Kandahar Province, the country's Defense Ministry said. The attack began with a suicide car bomb and was followed by an assault that overran the base. Qari Yousuf Ahmadi, a local spokesman for the Taliban, told Reuters that the attack killed at least 60 Afghan soldiers and injured many more. At least ten Taliban were also killed in the attack.


Did an Obsolete, Poorly Maintained Power Grid Spark California Fires? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

There's widespread speculation that this entire catastrophe might have been sparked by an obsolete pole-and-wires grid that is owned and badly maintained by Pacific Gas & Electric, the region's dominant utility, according to The (San Jose) Mercury News.


Nationwide Human Trafficking Stings Ensnare Multiple Cops84 Kids As Young As 3 Months Freed "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Nationwide Human Trafficking Stings Ensnare Multiple Cops84 Kids As Young As 3 Months Freed by Matt Agorist The Free Thought Project Multiple undercover sting operations across the United States were carried out this month targeting adult and child sex...

The post Nationwide Human Trafficking Stings Ensnare Multiple Cops84 Kids As Young As 3 Months Freed appeared first on The Daily Coin.


Daily Digest 10/19 - Assessing the Damage in PR, 'Ecological Armageddon' Warning After Insect Number Plunge "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Daily Digest 10/19 - Assessing the Damage in PR, 'Ecological Armageddon' Warning After Insect Number Plunge
  • Curbing car emissions has made palladium the most precious of metals
  • 7 Thoughts On Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Decentralization After Another Three Months Down The Rabbit Hole
  • The Fragile Gold Industry: Gigantic Equipment, Massive Capital Expenditures & Rising Costs
  • DEEP taking heat on its proposed changes to solar policy
  • Trumps Iran Decision Haunts Big Oil
  • Assessing the Damage in Puerto Rico
  • This is very alarming!: Flying insects vanish from nature preserves
  • Warning of 'ecological Armageddon' after dramatic plunge in insect numbers
  • We Should Be Talking About the Effect of Climate Change on Cities

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The Masses Are Addicted to Government, and its Spending is Out of Control (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Stunning statistics reveal we are WAY too addicted to government.

Watch on YouTube

Source: Per Capita Federal Spending Up Sevenfold Since 1941

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Cop Fired for Domestic Violence, Joins New Dept., Arrested Again for Domestic ViolenceAll In a Year "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

assaultA police officer was charged with domestic violence and fired, only to be hired as a sheriff's deputy in the same county, and then arrested for domestic assault once again.


He Might Be in Trouble: Pressure Mounts On Comey To Testify As Perjury Accusations Grow Louder "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Did former FBI Director James Comey commit perjury? Was perjury committed while testifying about Hillary Clintons emails or his conversations with President Trump? Current and former Republican lawmakers, along with members of Trumps legal team, believe Comey has some explaining to do.

On Thursday, Johnson told radio host Hugh Hewitt that he believes Comey might in trouble,

Transcript as follows via

HEWITT: What about the Comey letter, the May memo before the July decision? Does that give you qualms, Senator Johnson?

JOHNSON: Absolutely. My committee is trying to get the unredacted testimony from those FBI agents to get more information. Theres a number of committees trying to get to the truth on that as well.

HEWITT: Last question, do you believe that the existence of that draft memo undermines Jim Comeys testimony to the extent that it might go into question its truthfulness before the Senate?

JOHNSON: Yes, I always thought the investigation into Hillary Clintons emails was never designed to really get to the bottom of it. I thought it was always designed to exonerate her. So that

HEWITT: Then that would

JOHNSON: It seemed obvious to me, and now were getting more and more evidence that was probably in fact the case.

HEWITT: Then that would put the former FBI director in peril of having perjured himself, would it not?

JOHNSON: He might be in trouble.

HEWITT: Senator Ron Johnson, always a pleasure, good luck in getting those reforms. Go talk to Bob Corker about being the example that sets the way, because if we get our own house in order, maybe people will pay attention to us. Thank you, Senator.

The former FBI Director testified to Congress that he decided not to recommended charges in relation to handling of classified information, after the FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton on July 2, 2016. However, a new report reveals Comey penned a memo exonerating Clinton in the Spring.

On September 28th, 2016, Texas GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe asked Comey the following (simple) question:

Director, did you make the decision not to recommend criminal char...


In Escalation Of Anti-Leak Campaign, Trump Cracks Down On Whistleblowers "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Trump administration has declared a war on media leaks and called for the U.S. federal workforce and contractors to receive anti-leak training. The centerpiece of Trumps anti-leak campaign, aside from early morning tweet-storms railing against leakers and media, is the National Insider Threat Taskforce.

The Insider Threat Program is not Trump-era creation. In then-secret testimony to Congress in 2012, Directorate of National Intelligence official Robert Litt touted the original Insider Threat Program as a highlight in administrative efforts to sanction and deter leaks. In the past, Insider Threat Program training has improperly included WANTED-style images of whistleblowers pictured alongside actual spies and mass murderers.

As recently as last month, DOD has developed training courses, toolkits, templates, posters, and videos, all aimed toward silencing and deterring anyone who would disclose to the press or the public information the government wants kept secret for no legitimate reason and that the public has an interest in knowing. It is not only federal employees who receive these trainings, but tens of thousands of government contractors as well. Companies with any classified access are required to implement an Insider Threat Program, an insidious presumption that employees cannot be trusted.

Part of the Unauthorized Disclosure training includes watching a...


Syria War Report October 19, 2017: U.S. Blames Assad For Hindering Its Anti-ISIS Efforts - Veterans Today "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

from SouthFront The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and ISIS are still fighting for the city of al-Qaryatayn in the province of Homs. On October 18, the SAA retook the railway station north of it. On October 17, ISIS claimed that 20 SAA members were killed in clashes in the citys vicinity. According to local sources, []


LEDE v17.01.4 service release "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Version 17.01.4 of the LEDE router distribution is available with a number of important fixes. "While this release includes fixes for the bugs in the WPA Protocol disclosed earlier this week, these fixes do not fix the problem on the client-side. You still need to update all your client devices. As some client devices might never receive an update, an optional AP-side workaround was introduced in hostapd to complicate these attacks, slowing them down."


Officer With History of Racism and Harassment of Women Promoted to Miami Police Captain "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Javier Ortiz, the head of Miamis police union, was promoted from lieutenant to captain Wednesday, despite his past harassment of women of color and racist statements. Just a few months

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Richard Branson Jabs Elon Musk on Goals for Space Exploration "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This reveals the fundamental difference in how they think about space.


Are The Lines Straight Or Curved? This Mind-Blowing Illusion Has Left the Internet Confused "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Optical illusions are one of the most fascinating and mind-boggling things to witness! They are fun and inspire a creative mind, making you think out of the box! Recently, an optical illusion has gone viral and its confusing everyone!

An optical illusion is an illusion caused by the visual system. It is characterized by visually perceived images that differ from the objective reality. They are one of the most mind-boggling images because they literally trick your eyes! Today you see many optical illusions on the internet, but this one specific illusion has thousands of people stumped! Its called the Cafe Wall Illusion and it was created by a woman named Victoria Skye.

In the image you can see that it appears as if the lines bend at a certain angle and curve yet, the lines are actually completely straight and parallel! You might be positive that at least four of the lines are curved, but youd be wrong! Take a closer look and youll see that theyre straight! According to Wolfram MathWorld, the illusion was first spotted back in 1979 on the wall of a caf in Bristol, UK. Since then, its been modified in various forms to create the same trick, confusing minds around the world ever since.

The scientists say that the reason the illusion exists has to do with how the white and black edges interact in opposite directions along the straight edge, tricking the brain into thinking there is a slant in the line, Skye stated.

Thats why, if you blur the image, the effect disappears because you cannot resolve the tiny white-black interactions once they are blurred, so the brain is no longer led down the garden path.

image via


Jacinda Ardern to Be New Zealands Next Prime Minister "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The outcome caps a remarkable rise for the 37-year-old, who only took over the Labour Partys top job in August, and spells changes for the economy and immigration.

Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand Labour leader Jacinda Ardern speaks to the press after leader of New Zealand First party Winston Peters announced his support for her party in Wellington, New Zealand, October 19, 2017. Credit: Reuters/Charlotte Greenfield

Wellington: New Zealand will get its youngest prime minister in more than 150 years after the small, nationalist New Zealand First Party agreed to form a new government with Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern, ending the National Partys decade in power.

The outcome caps a remarkable rise for Ardern, 37, who only took over the partys top job in August, and marks another victory for a youthful global leader promising change, with big implications for the worlds 11th most traded currency, the central bank, immigration and foreign investment.

Labour had an even chance as National to form a government after inconclusive elections on September 23 gave neither party enough seats to form a majority in parliament.

Their tighter immigration proposals and more restrictive housing policy all suggest economic growth could be a little bit weaker than the Nationals policy, Paul Dales, chief Australia and New Zealand economist at Capital Economics, said of Labour.

The chances of a sharper slowdown are higher under Labour.

The announc...


Tomgram: Robert Lipsyte, Trump Tackles the NFL "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

One long-time national sports conscience, Richard Lapchick, director of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports, declared that Sunday, September 24th, was "the most important sports day since [Muhammad] Ali decided not to fight in Vietnam." From it, he foresaw the possibility of a civic conversation emerging that would create "unity in our communities."


More reports of US and Kurds colluding with ISIS to stop Syrian army advances "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The US and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have reached an agreement with the ISIL to transfer a number of terrorists to oilfields in Northeastern Deir Ezzur for a new round of combat against government troops in the region, a Syrian media outlet reported on Wednesday. The Arabic-language al-Watan daily reported that a number of ISIL terrorists have been transferred to the al-Amu oilfield in Northeastern Deir Ezzur 12 km away from the town of al-Mayadeen to slow down the Syrian army advances after striking a deal with the US and the SDF. In the meantime, al-Alam news website quoted sources as saying that the US has paved the way for the ISIL terrorists to leave the villages of al-Hosseiniyeh and al-Salehiyeh for the al-Amr oilfield.


Soul Contracts: The Outline of Your Life "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Each time we die, we are reconnected to the source. Our soul itself goes to a place where it can prepare for the next life.

During this time, while elsewhere, our soul has a lot of things to do. Before we are reborn or born at all, our soul has to make an outline of what our life is meant for. We must write our purpose. Sure, we dont remember these things once we are born but our spirit guides do. They follow us and help to ensure the path that we laid out is the one we travel.

This path will include things like major life changes, lessons, and anything that can and will help you grow in order to achieve a higher level of consciousness into the next life. We all want to achieve that end goal where we no longer have to return to this world. This outline holds all of the answers to our lifes challenges and our guardians hold it close to them.

That being said, when a soul contract is made, it is still able to be changed. We do still have free-will. This is where things get a little tricky. While we were the ones who laid the path out for ourselves sometimes it looks much better on paper. We cannot always handle what we set out to do when this happens our guides change our outline a little and make a note to add that thing back in when we are ready.

Your spirit guide will not force you through something if you cannot handle it, so if you are led to it, there is a reason. I assume you are wondering why negative things happen if we are planning our lives for ourselves. Well, to be completely honest, for the most part, we grow the most through negative experiences. We are the source and the source is us. Our outline is a soul contract. It is an agreement with the source to better yourself so that someday you can remain there in all of its glory.

If we remember our soul contracts, we cannot truly learn from the experiences placed before us. I know this may sound a bit confusing but take a moment to check out the video below. Things will all fall into place sooner or later.

Dont be afraid of this sort of thing. A soul contract can never be a bad thing. Growing and becoming the best versions of ourselves that we can be will result in the most amazing sense of peace we could ever imagine. Sure, the idea is a bit overwhelming at first but as you become more conscious and reach higher levels everything will begin to make more sense.


Its War: Bannon takes on anti-Trump GOP establishment, as George Soros enlarges his army with $18B "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Sean Moran reports for Breitbart, Oct. 18, 2017, that after declaring his plan to dislodge establishment Republicans in next years primary elections, Steve Bannon Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former Trump White House chief strategist has begun meeting Continue reading


[WATCH] High School Student Says North Carolina Deputy Assaulted Him at State Fair "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

RALEIGH, North Carolina A 16-year-old sophomore at Raleighs Enloe High School said he became the victim of police brutality at a visit to the State Fair this past weekend.

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Yemenis Thought Theyd Won the Visa Lottery. Then Came Trumps Muslim Ban. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Yemeni diversity visa winners in Malaysia. Far right Sadeq Naji Alzaraf, second to right Abdullah Fadhel.


US residents will soon require passports to travel domestically "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

They were previously allowed to use mere driving licenses. But residents of some US states may soon require additional ID, such as passports, if they wish to embark on air travel - even if just domestically. That's the new procedure on the horizon for people from states that have not yet introduced the standards required by the 2005 Real ID Act, which demands stricter regulations for state-issued IDs. The states that haven't yet fallen into line each now have a grace period of three months to meet the revised criteria. This deadline expires on 22 January 2018.


More triggers or something "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals decided Wednesday that the 90 year old cross-shaped Bladensburg World War I Veterans Memorial is unconstitutional and must come down. The Bladensburg Memorial, located in Bladensburg Park, Md., has honored the sacrifices of 49 men from the Bladensburg area who died during World War I since 1925, but []


Kenya Wildlife Service declared technically insolvent "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Business Insider

KWS Kenya Wildlife Service declared technically insolvent

  • Published: 17.10.2017
  • George Tubei

KWS has accumulated Sh4.4 billion in losses that have left it technically insolvent, according to a newly-released report on the agencys finances.

Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) rangers (

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has been declared technically insolvent.

KWS has accumulated Sh4.4 billion ($42m) in losses that have left it technically insolvent, according to a newly-released report on the agencys finances.

Auditor- General Edward Ouko says KWS, the State agency charged with wildlife conservation, reported a deficit of Sh680.5 million ($6.5m) in the financial year ended June 2015, its latest audited period.

During the year under review, the service recorded a deficit of Sh680.5 millionbringing accumulated deficit to Sh4.4 billion, Mr Ouko says in a qualified audit report he submitted to Parliament last week.

play Auditor- General Edward Ouko (the star)


This came on the back of another Sh3.7 billion ($35m) deficit th...


EBI East Conference is Only 2 Weeks Away! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

    Its only 2 weeks away! The 2nd annual Evidence-Based Investing Conference in New York City is coming ! Note: Continuing Education Credits are available for members of professional associations. CFAs can earn up to 7.5 hours of CE credit; CFPs qualify for up to 4 1/2 hours. The line up of speakers is incredible

Read More

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China, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines say FU to Western Colonialism (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

China, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines say FU to Western Colonialism Video Jeff J Brown China Rising Another day in empire, another trophy shot of all the dark-skinned natives slaughtered. Picture below are US soldiers, proudly showing off...

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Enlarged Miniature Forklift "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

How do you classify something that is gigantic and miniature at the same time? LEGO kit 850, from 1977 when it was known as an Expert Builder set, was 210 modular blocks meant to be transformed into a forklift nearly 140mm tall. [Matt Denton] scaled up the miniature pieces but it still produced a smaller-than-life forklift. This is somewhere in the creamy middle because his eight-year-old nephew can sit on it but most adults would demolish their self-esteem if they attempted the same feat.

[Matt] has been seen before building these modular sets from enlarged LEGO blocks, like his Quintuple-Sized Go-Kart. He seems to have chosen the same scale for the pieces and who wouldnt? If youre printing yourself a ton of LEGO blocks, it just makes sense to keep them all compatible. Isnt combing all your sets into one mishmash the point after all? Well see what his nephew/co-host constructs after his uncle [Matt] leaves.

In the time-lapse video after the break, you can see how the kit goes together as easily as you would hope from home-made bricks. With that kind of repeatability and a second successful project, its safe to say his technique is solid and this opens the door to over-sized projects to which LEGO hasnt published instructions.

Hackaday is bursting with LEGO projects, KNex projects, and even Erector set projects.

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Android Apps Infected with Sockbot Malware Turn Devices into Botnet "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Waqas

Cybercriminals apparently are well aware of the fact that Minecraft

This is a post from Read the original post: Android Apps Infected with Sockbot Malware Turn Devices into Botnet


Smart Power Electronic Converters May Help Stabilize the Grid "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Qing-Chang Zhong lays out his vision for a harmonious grid Photo: Qing-Chang Zhong-IIT Professor Qing-Chang Zhong points to a diagram of his SYNDEM concept.

When Qing-Chang Zhong, IEEE Fellow and a professor of energy and power engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology, thinks of the words democracy and "harmony, he envisions the future of the electric power grid.

To Zhong, the concept of who or what may generate electric power is in flux. The 20th century model of a monopoly utility that owns a uni-directional connection to a customer is vanishing. In its place is the 21st century paradigm that millions of users and their devices can consume or generate electricity as needed, democratizing the power grid.

Further, in Zhongs view, these devices either can wreak havoc through asynchronous and random interactions with the grid and one another, or can work together to support a more robust and secure power system.

Zhong credits his Chinese heritage and its 5,000 years of cultural history for shaping his view of grid stability.

The most important thing in Chinese culture is to have harmony, the 47-year-old Zhong says, taking cues from the Chinese classic philosophical text Tao Te Ching. Mindful of the democratic concepts of the rule of law and equal treatment under the law, Zhong set out more than 15 years ago to discover what, if any, common trait might exist to make a smartphone and a nuclear power plant work in harmony for grid stability.

His research showed that the inherent synchronous nature of large power plants was essential to the grids existence. To the detriment of harmony, however, generating equipment like wind turbines and solar arrays dont work the same way.

The speed of the wind changes all the time, Zhong says, and can sometimes act as misbehaving resources. Zhong realized that a key device in machines like wind turbines and solar panels (which generate power in DC that must be converted to AC for the grid) is the power electronic converter.

He reasoned that if a mathematical model could be written and software  built, then it would be possible to program the converter to act like a virtual synchronous machine, or VSM. As a VSM, it would operate in harmony with the rest of the power generation fleet. 

But thats only the supply side of the system. Zhong turned his attention to electric loads like washing machines, electric vehicles, and smartphones and argued that if those devices also could be synchronized, then both the supply and the demand sides of the electric power system would....


Interview 1310 Ernest Hancock on Pirates Without Borders "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

[audio mp3=""][/audio]James joins Ernest Hancock on Declare Your Independence to discuss "Why Big Oil Conquered The World." When the topic of solutions comes up, they discuss Ernest's and the above-the-grid answers to the oiligarchs' plans.


Brussels overcharging Britain on liabilities by 7billion, say diplomats "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

British Prime Minister Theresa May speaks with the media as she arrives for an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017

Brussels spat: a new row over Britains financial obligations has blown up as Theresa May prepares to meet EU counterparts CREDIT: GEERT VANDEN WIJNGAERT/ AP

The EU is trying to over-charge Britain for its share of Eurocrats pensions to the tune of 7bn (6.2bn), it has been claimed, even as European capitals continue to squeeze the UK over the so-called European capitals continue to squeeze the UK over the so-called Brexit bill.

British Brexit negotiators are questioning EU calculations over the size of pension liabilities  listed as some 67bn in the EU accounts of which the UK share would be around 11bn on the point of exit.

However, figures published by The Times argue that the EU is unfairly using the current rock-bottom rate on investment returns of 0.3pc to calculate the total cost of servicing the ultra-generous 70pc final salary EU pension scheme.

Diplomats and pensions experts argue that the fairer rate based on an average of investment returns over the last 21 years of 3.1pc  would r...


21st Century American Slaves "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In the time before abolition, slave owners would cut the hamstrings of slaves so they couldn't run away. In a way, American workers who are in jobs they hate, that they are forced to stay in to keep their health insurance, are also hamstrung. They can't run away either.


Evidence of US Alleged Support to Terrorists in Syria, Iraq Continues to Emerge "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Evidence continues to emerge that the US military forces in Syria and Iraq are cooperating with the Daesh terrorist group, according to Iranian political analyst Seyyed Hadi Afghahi. According to Iranian, Syrian and Russian military officials, the US support to terrorists undermine the efforts to end the war in Syria and Iraq. There is a Continue reading Evidence of US Alleged Support to Terrorists in Syria, Iraq Continues to Emerge


Robert Mercer Seems Really Racist "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

With an assist from Charles Pierce, I came across an article in Vanity Fair that details allegations made in court filings against Robert Mercer by a former business associate named David Magerman. I am not surprised by Mercers banal views on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its effects, but I am relieved to see Mercers views on whats not important.

In court papers filed on Friday, Magerman argues that following a pair of phone conversations in which Mercer expressed arguably racist opinions, Magerman felt obliged to inform the press about his bosss viewpointsand that he received verbal assurance by Renaissance C.O.O. Mark Silber that the statements he intended to make were permissible under company policy. Those racist opinions, according to Magerman, included comments such as: a) The United States began to go in the wrong direction after the passage of the Civl Rights Act in the 1960s; b) African Americans were doing fine in the late-1950s and early-1960s before the Civil Rights Act; c) The Civil Rights Act infantilized African Americas by making them dependent on government and removing any incentive to work;d) The only racist people remaining in the United States are black; and e) White people have no racial animus toward African Americans anymore, and if there is any, is it not something that the government should be concerned with.

The best part of the filing, at least to us, was that when Magerman point[ed] out that society was segregated before the Civil Rights Act and African Americans were required to use separate and inferior schools, water fountains, and other everyday services and items, Mercer allegedly responded that those issues were not important. In a subsequent phone conversation (the white supremacist one), Magerman claimed Mercer initially disputed that he had said such things, although he did not actually deny saying them and in the course of rehashing the conversation . . . repeated many of these same views, and even cited research that allegedly supported his opinion that the Civil Rights Act harmed African Americans economically. (A spokesman for Renaissance declined to comment.)

Ive heard many conservatives argue that blacks were infantilized by government assistance that arose ou...

Money Won't Keep Congressional GOP Loyal "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

I want to poke at Steve M.s argument a little bit. Hes looking to refute the idea that congressional Republicans will have no use for President Trump in the aftermath of a successful effort to cut taxes. Its an idea put forward by former George W. Bush speechwriter Matt Latimer in an essay at Politico.

the tax cut bill is a trap. If Trump actually does sign it into law, he might as well be signing his political death warrant.

The reason the tax cut bill is a danger to Trump is that its the one last thing keeping the bulk of his own party in line behind him.

once Trump signs that bill, he faces his greatest danger: Republicans will finally have an achievement to run on as they seek reelection in 2018. Their donors and supporters will have a prize that eluded them through eight years of Obama. Simply put, they wont need the president anymore. After that, the investigative team assembled by special counsel Robert Mueller can do its worst. Mueller would actually be doing GOP leaders a favor.

To rebut this argument, Steve M. points to the outstanding fundraising numbers of the Republican National Committee (RNC) that has been fueled by tons of small donations solicited by President Trump. And, its true, this has given the RNC a big advantage over the DNC: the RNC ha[s] raised $93.3 million with $47.1 million cash on hand while the DNC raised $46.3 million and ha[s] $6.8 million cash on hand.

While the numbers are indisputably good, its not clear that any Republican president wouldnt dramatically improve the RNCs fundraising over what it was during the presidency of a Democrat. If were concerned about the midterm elections, we also want to know how the congressional fundraising arms are doing.

When we look at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), we see something a bit different.

The DCCC raised $8.9 million in September, bringing the committees third quarter fundraising total to $21.4 million, according to...

Movement Conservatism Protects Itself With Racism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Ed Gillespie and the Republican Party in Virginia are so bent on using racism as a political weapon that theyre campaigning against sanctuary cities even though Virginia doesnt have any sanctuary cities. And thats only the tip of the iceberg when you consider the other things theyre doing, including the mailers theyre sending out and the advertisements theyre producing even in downticket races.

I want to go back again to July 2nd, 2013. Thats the day I wrote a piece called The GOP is Moving in the Wrong Direction. It was in response to an article Benjy Sarlin had written for MSNBC in which he detailed the transformation that occurred in Republican circles as they moved from following the RNC post-2012 autopsy reports analysis (that insisted on the political necessity of passing immigration reform) to following the analysis of Real Clear Politics Sean Trende (who argued that the GOP could win by opposing immigration reform and getting better turnout and a greater share of the white vote).

What Mr. Sarlin doesnt broach is the subject of how conservatives might be able to grab a higher percentage of whites and how they might go about driving up white turnout. The most obvious way is to pursue an us vs. them approach that alternatively praises whites as the true, patriotic Americans, and that demonizes non-whites as a drain on the nations resources. This is basically the exact strategy pursued by McCain and especially Romney. Its what Palin was all about, and its what that 47% speech was all about.

An added element was introduced by Barack Obama, whose controversial pastor and Kenyan ancestry opened up avenues for both veiled and nakedly racist appeals to the white voter. A white Democratic nominee would be less of an easy target for talk about secret Islamic sympathies and fraudulent birth certificates, but that would only make other racially polarizing arguments m...

The GOP Should Kill Their Own Budget "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Senate Republicans have a big decision to make this week. Are they going to approve a budget?

Senator Corker of Tennessee is a clear skeptic of the framework that has been discussed for tax reform, but hes indicated that he considers the vote on the budget a procedural move rather than an otherwise important document that sets out the spending priorities for his governing party. It sounds like he will not stand in the way of passing a budget, even though hes definitely not yet on board with voting for any final tax product.

Ive discussed this over and over again: the budget is needed to create a process known as budget reconciliation. Using this process, the Senate Republicans can pass a tax bill with only fifty votes and the vice-president breaking the tie. If they cant pass a budget, they cant use this process to avoid a filibuster and they will have to actually negotiate a tax bill with the Democrats. This isnt the only procedural hurdle standing in the way of a successful tax effort, but its the first and most important one.

With Sen. Cochran unavailable, the GOP can only afford to lose one additional vote. Yet they still stand a better than even chance of prevailing on the budget because its seen not so much as a substa...


SWest Youths stage rally to support Operation Crocodile Smile "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Hundreds of youths of south-west extraction on Thursday, staged a peaceful rally to endorse the current military operation tagged Operation Crocodile Smile in the South-West. The group under the aegis of Progressive Yoruba Youth Congress (PYYC), tagged the peaceful rally, Peace, Unity and Security, stating that the rally is to endorse the measures of the operation which they say would rid the region of criminal elements. The youths marched from Ojota Seven up to the popular Gani Fawehinmi Freedom Park in Lagos singing and dancing as they carried placards expressing...

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Govt defends controversial F-16 deal, says upgrade work to be carried out in Athens "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Cornered by fierce opposition criticism and lenders reservation to spend 2.4billion for defense issues, the Greek government defended the controversial F-16 deal with the U.S. The deal is not expected to harm the fiscal progress, the government spokesman said, while the defense ministry claimed that the upgrade work will be carried out in Greece and

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Rep. Who Attacked Trump For Call To Widow Has Voted Against Legislation To Help Military, Families "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Oops. Via Fox News: Rep. Frederica Wilson, D-Fla., kicked off President Donald Trumps public feud with a Gold Star family after she accused him of making an insensitive remark to the soldiers widow. Wilson said Trump told Army Sgt. La David Johnsons pregnant widow that he knew what he signed up for but when []


President Duterte declares major victory over ISIS in Marawi City "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday announced the liberation of Marawi City, after more than four months of battling ISIL-inspired terrorists. "Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby declare Marawi City liberated from the terrorist influence that marks the beginning of rehabilitation of the city," Duterte said, abs-cbn reported. The Philippine flag was raised and soldiers in the strife-torn city cheered "mabuhay" (long live) as Duterte declared the liberation of the city, which was gripped by prolonged conflict that has left more than 1,000 dead and displaced hundreds of thousands.


Kuwait, Qatar Hold talks in Doha "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Meeting reviews efforts to resolve Gulf crisis

Image Credit: Kuna
Qatari Emir Shaikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani and Shaikh Sabah Al Khalid Al Hamad Al Sabah, Kuwaiti First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Published: 18:21 October 19, 2017

Manama: Qatari Emir Shaikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani and Kuwaiti First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Shaikh Sabah Al Khalid Al Hamad Al Sabah discussed in Doha the latest developments regarding the Kuwaiti mediation to resolve the Gulf crisis, the official news agencies of both countries said.

According to the reports, Shaikh Sabah and the delegation accompanying him on the hours-long trip also reviewed with Shaikh Tamim the close and brotherly relations between the two countries as well as regional and international issues.

The talks were held a few days after Kuwaits Emir went to the Saudi capital Riyadh where he met King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud to discuss the Qatar crisis and the latest developments in the region.

Kuwait has been mediating since Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt in June 5 severed their diplomatic and trade relations with Qatar after they accused it of supporting extremists and funding terrorism. The Quarter issued 13 demands that they wanted Qatar to meet, but Doha has rejected them resulting in the prolonged stalemate.

Despite the international support for the mediation, no breakthrough has been achieved yet.

Kuwait has resumed it...


Apache OpenOffice 4.1.4 released "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The OpenOffice 4.1.4 release is finally available; see this article for some background on this release. The announcement is all bright and sunny, but a look at the August 16 Apache board minutes shows concern about the state of the project. Indeed, the OpenOffice project management committee was, according to these minutes, supposed to post an announcement about the state of the project; it would appear that has not yet happened.


In The News Today "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Bill Holters Commentary I for one am shocked! (sarc) Bombshell: Flu Shots Scientifically Proven To Weaken Immune Response In Subsequent Years Researchers StunnedOctober 17, 2017 (Natural News) A medical study conducted at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that women who received flu vaccines had a weakened immune system response in subsequent years.... Read more

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*The Fate of Rome* "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

That is the new and very important book by Kyle Harper, with the subtitle Climate, Disease, & the End of an Empire.  I am just reading through this now, but it appears to be an significant revision of our views on the decline of Rome.  p.21 offers a capsule summary, which I will summarize in turn:

1. During the reign of Marcus Aurelius, a pandemic interrupted the economic and demographic expansion of the empire.

2. In the middle of the third century, a mix of drought, pestilence, and political challenge led to the sudden disintegration of the empire.  The empire however was willfully rebuilt, with a new emperor, new system of government, and in due time a new religion.

3. The coherence of this new empire was broken in the late fourth and early fifty centuries.  The entire weight of the Eurasian steppe seemed to lean, in new and unsustainable ways, against the edifice of Roman powerandthe western half of the empire buckled.

4. In the east there was a resurgent Roman Empire, but this was violently halted by one of the worst environmental catastrophes in recorded history the double blow of bubonic plague and a little ice age.

Here is a key passage from the book:

The centuries of later Roman history might be considered the age of pandemic disease.  Three times the empire was rocked by mortality events with stunning geographical reach.  In AD 165 an event known as the Antonine Plague, probably caused by smallpox, erupted.  In AD 249, an uncertain pathogen swept the territories of Roman rule.  And in AD 541, the first great pandemic of Yersinia pestis, the agent that causes bubonic plague, arrived and lingered for over two hundreds years.  the magnitude of these biological catastrophes is almost incomprehensible.

Here is the book on Amazon.  Here is Kyle Harper on Twitter.  Here is Harper on; he is also Provost at the University of Oklahoma.

I do not feel I can assess the veracity of this thesis, but it does seem to be intelligently and reasonably argued.

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We Have A New Progressive Government! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

So tonight I'm going to party like it's 1999!

Video Courtesy of YouTube

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Youd think the importance of emotions & empathy would be of obvious importance to any movement "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

If youve got an hour, you might find it worthwhile to listen to this podcast by Thomas Smith, Emotion is Critical to Reasoning. Theres good stuff in there about this myth of ber rationality by Libertarians and some atheists you can also hear about in Julia Galefs talk about The Straw Vulcan, also summarized here. Im finding that theres no one more emotional than an alt-right supremacist getting challenged on their cherry-picked and distorted facts, while the lefties are usually quite happy to acknowledge that their values are a product of their emotions, specifically empathy.

I listened to it while I was grading papers this morning, and found that I was more charitable in evaluating their work. I expect the students will henceforth insist that I cant listen to or read anything by creationists or right-wingers, because it might make me much more critical.


Read DEA Chiefs Resignation Memo Admonishing Trump For Endorsing Police Misconduct "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Former Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Chief Chuck Rosenberg resigned on October 1 but not before castigating President Donald Trump in an internal memo obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by Shadowproof.

The July 29 memo, available to the public for the first time, opens with a reference to Trumps exhortation that police not be too nice when transporting suspects: The President, in remarks delivered yesterday in New York, condoned police misconduct regarding the treatment of individuals placed under arrest by law enforcement. The memo was sent the day after Trumps remark.

Rosenberg added, I write because we have an obligation to speak when something is wrong. The memo later includes a reminder of DEAs core values, starting with the phrase rule of law. It closes with the admonition, We must earn and keep the public trust.

Rosenberg was appointed to run the DEA in May 2015. He indicated to the Justice Department in late July he did not want to be permanent administrator of the DEA. Rosenberg believed Trump had little respect for the law, according to The New York Times.

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28 Buddhist Quotes Overflowing With The Wisdom You Need to Achieve Enlightenment "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

For those who are not aware, Buddhism teaches us that every single person on this planet is capable of achieving what is known as enlightenment. We can learn a lot from Buddhist teachings in general.

The list of statements below will get you through anything in life. If you want to achieve a higher state of mind, then really let these things sink in and take them for what they are. You are well on your way to enlightenment, let it happen.

28 Buddhist Quotes Overflowing With The Wisdom You Need To Achieve Enlightenment:

1. No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. Gautama Buddha, Sayings of Buddha

2. It is not what you can do for your country, but what you can do for all of mankind. Mike Norton

3. The way is not in the sky; the way is in the heart. Gautama Buddha

4. Be kind. It will reveal your true inner beauty. Debasish Mridha

5. Yes, silence is painful, but if you endure it, you will hear the cadence of the entire universe. Kamand Kojouri

6. True change is within; leave the outside as it is. Dalai Lama XIV, How to Practice: The Way to a Meaningful Life

7. The aware so not die; The unaware is as though dead already. Anonymous, The Dhammapada

8. But the scent of the god is blown against the wind: A good man perfumes all directions. Anonymous, the Dhammapada

9. The ox is slow, but the earth is patient. Zura

10. Through practice, we can get to the point where some disturbance may occur but the negative effects on our mind remain on the surface, like the waves that may ripple on the surface of an ocean but dont have much effect deep down. Dalai Lama XIV, The Art of Happiness

11. The victorious ones have said that emptiness is the relinquishing of all views. For whomever emptiness is a view, that one has achieved nothing. Nagarjuna, The Fundamental Wisdom of the Middle Way: Nagarjunas Mulamad.........


October-November Events Calendar "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A film screening and discussion on the riveting documentary exploring the Black Panther Party, its significance for black people and to the broader American culture and the painful lessons wrought when the movement derailed.
Mayday Space
176 St. Nicholas Ave., Brooklyn

7PM9PM $5$10
Once every 20 years NY voters have the chance to convene a state constitutional convention. This Nov. 7 will be that chance. But is it a good idea? The Indy hosts a debate featuring Danielle DeMatteo, founder of SheNYCArts, and digital strategist Minista Jazz for the Yes side and Mike Fabricant, 1st Vice President of Professional Staff Congress-CUNY,and Dahlia McManus, deputy director of the Working Families Party, for the No side.
Brooklyn Commons
388 Atlantic Ave.

A panel conversation on the life and work of the late Afro-Cuban artist Belkis Ayn. This event coincides with a retrospective of Ayns work on view at El Museo del Barrio (1230 5th Ave.) until Nov. 5.
King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, Auditorium
53 Washington Square South

As part of a week of action marking five years since Superstorm Sandy, 350Brooklyn and the Brooklyn College Urban Sustainability Program are host a climate town hall. The panel includes Priya Mulgaonkar from the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance and Sean Sweeney, Director of the CUNY International Program for Labor, Climate and Environment. Register in advance via
Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Ave.

Leaders from the black-indigenous Garfuna people speak about the threats posed to their communities by multinational corporations and their own Honduran government 
CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue, Romm C198

Appearing with journalist and illustrator Molly Crabapple, Wendy Pearlman will discuss her new book, which chronicles the war in Syria from its origins to its present horror through the words of ordinary people. .....


Russia and China are establishing alternative international monetary system to bypass US financial instability and attacks "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Peoples' Bank of China has just announced a payment-versus-payment (PVP) system for Russian ruble and Chinese yuan transactions. The stated aim is to reduce currency risks in their trade. The only conceivable risk would be from the US dollar and potential acts of US Treasury financial warfare to damage Russian-Chinese trade which is becoming very significant in volume and value. By December it should reach $80 billion, a 30% rise over 2016. Yet there is more to this seeming technical move by China and Russia than meets the eye. The official announcement, posted on the website of the China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) adds the enormously significant note that CFETS plans to introduce similar PVP systems for yuan transactions with other currencies based on China's Belt and Road initiative. This confirms what I discussed in an article I posted in April 2016, namely that the grand design behind China's Belt, Road Initiative (BRI) has an integral gold-based currency component that could change the global balance of power in favor of the nations of Eurasia, from Russia and the nations of the Eurasian Economic Union to China and across all Asia.


Millions download botnet-building malware from Google Play "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Researchers have discovered a new batch of malicious apps on Google Play, some of which have been downloaded and installed on some 2.6 million devices. The apps capabilities The apps posed as legitimate offerings that modify the look of the characters in Minecraft: Pocket Edition (PE). In the background, though, they set out to rope the devices into a botnet. Once they were installed on a target device, they would connect to a C&C server, More


U.S. Winter Outlook: NOAA forecasters predict cooler, wetter North and warmer, drier South "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Drought likely to persist in northern Plains Forecasters at NOAAs Climate Prediction Center released the U.S. Winter Outlook today, with La Nina potentially emerging for the second year in a row as the biggest wildcard in how this years winter will shape up. La Nina has a 55-65 percent chance of developing before winter sets


Antnio Campinos: A True EPO Reformer or More of the Same? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Will fit right in at Battistellis 'pub' at the top floor

Antnio Campinos and eljko Topi

Summary: More unfortunate reminders that Campinos and Battistelli dont quite diverge on the big issues, theyre just more than two decades apart in age (but the same nationality)

THE stakeholders of the EPO would like to think that things will improve when Antnio Campinos settles in next summer. But thats too optimistic in our assessment.

Earlier today we shared this ritualistic old photo op of Campinos and Battistelli. Another Campinos photo-op from the archives, a reader told us, comes [f]rom Croatia check out the photo.

What kind of social dialogue can they hope for with the likes of eljko Topi in the mix?We have shared this photo in this site before, but here is the page which says: On the occasion of attending The Forty-Ninth Series of Meetings of the Assemblies of the Member States of the World International Property Organization (WIPO) held in Geneva, the MoU concerning bilateral cooperation between the two Offices was signed on 27 September 2011, on behalf of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) by President Antonio Campinos and on behalf of the State Intellectual Property Office by Mr. eljko Topi, Director General of SIPO Croatia.

SUEPOs message to staff is rather different from the message to the media because it considers reservations to be rather dangerous for diplomatic purposes.

Earlier today SUEPO linked to this new article titled SUEPO confir....


3D Printed Water Maker Can Create 2 Liters of Drinking Water Every Hour Out of The Air "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Indian engineer, Jawwad Patel, has invented a small device, known as the Dewdrop, that is capable of producing two liters of water every hour from the air. It is a relatively simple-to-create device, as it is just a container that constantly refills itself, using fans to bring in moisture from the surrounding environment.    It filters []


Delta Records Six Suspected Cases Of Monkeypox In Agbor "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

LAGOS OCTOBER 19TH (URHOBOTODAY)-Six suspected cases of Mokeypox have been recorded in Agbor, Delta State.
The State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Nicholas Azinge confirmed the development to Channels Television.

Three of the suspected cases have been treated and discharged. Two of the cases are still being treated at the Federal Medical Centre in Asaba, the state capital.
Dr. Azinge says samples of the patients have been sent to the World Health Organisation for confirmation


EXPOSING SCIENTOLOGY "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

EXPOSING SCIENTOLOGY from The Daily Sheeple TDC Note This is one of the few shows that I watch on TV and I cant get enough. Exposing the truth behind this cult is truly shocking. #### Scientologists have started targeting...

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Manchester homeless call out council one way ticket scandal "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Following revelations that Manchester Council has spent 10,000 on one-way tickets to push rough sleepers out of the city, activists have been expressing their disdain for executives excuses that the measure is aimed at reconnecting people with relatives who can help. In a statement, Manchester Activist Network (MAN), which has been heavily involved in homeless []


Accused of corruption, Temer is still Brazils president with approval ratings near zero "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Michel Temer may escape impeachment, but the ongoing political crisis undermines democracy and opens the door to authoritarian hardliners

Brazilian President Michel Temer attends a celebration of small enterprise at Planalto Palace in Brasilia on 4 October, 2017. He faces charges of corruption, racketeering and obstruction of justice.
 President Michel Temer attends a celebration of small business at Planalto Palace in Braslia earlier this month. He faces charges of corruption, racketeering and obstruction of justice. Photograph: Evaristo Sa/AFP/Getty Images

If Brazils recent decline could be plotted in the falling popularity of its presidents, Michel Temer represents the bottom of the curve.

In 2010, Luiz Incio Lula da Silva ended his second term with an 80% approval rating. In March 2016 four months before she was impeached his protege and successor.........


Dying to Eat "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Dying to Eat | batter-chicken | General Health Medical & Health Special Interests World News

For all Monsantos bluster about feeding the world, the truth is this: Globally, 3.9 billion people are either hungry or malnuourished, according to ETC Group.

Now, a new global study (billed as the most comprehensive of its kind) says poor diet, which often leads to obesity, kills one in five people.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, which coordinated the study, said:

One of the most alarming risks in the GBD is excess body weight. The rate of illness related to people being too heavy is rising quickly, and the disease burden can be found in all sociodemographic levels. High body mass index (BMI) is the fourth largest contributor to the loss of healthy life, after high blood pressure, smoking, and high blood sugar.

Whos to blame for the foods that are killing us? Big Food, mostly.

The New York Times recently reported on the rise of obesity in Ghana, which not coincidentally corresponded to the rising presence in U.S. companies like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC):

But KFCs expansion here comes as obesity and related health have been surging. Public health officials see fried chicken, French fries and pizza as spurring and intensifying a global obesity epidemic that has hit hard in Ghana one of 73 countries where obesity has at least doubled since 1980. Obesity rates have surged more than 650% since 1980 from less than 2% of population to 13.6 percent.

According to the Times, KFC, owned by Louisv...


Behind the Scenes on Why Big Oil Conquered the World "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Corbett Report video editor Broc West joins James for a debriefing on the "Why Big Oil Conquered The World" documentary. They talk about the work that went into the project and how people can help to spread this information.


AMD EPYC 7351P Linux Performance: 16 Core / 32 Thread Server CPU For ~$750 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Earlier this week we looked at the EPYC 7251 Linux performance as AMD's lowest-cost server CPU from this latest generation of Zen-based processors. That eight core / sixteen thread CPU packed a nice amount of performance considering its hitting the $500 price point, but if you are looking for a single socket system and have $750 USD to lay out on a CPU, the AMD EPYC 7351P packs in even more value.


Over 2,000 Israeli Settlement Housing Units Advanced in One Week "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Tel Aviv (IMEMC) The Israeli Civil Administrations High Planning Committee convened, on Tuesday and Thursday, and advanced plans for 2,615 housing units in illegal Israeli settlements across the occupied West Bank, according to settlement watchdog Peace Now.

Peace Now released a statement on Thursday detailing the committees decisions, saying that over the course of two days of meetings, the civil administration promoted 2,615 housing units, bringing the total number of units promoted through plans this week to 2,646, after 31 construction permits were approved for settlers in Hebron on October 16th.

Of the 2,615 housing units promoted, 1,508 were approved for depositing, while 1,323 were approved for validation.

Meanwhile, Maan further reports, the civil administration issued on Tuesday a tender for 296 units in the Beit El settlement, located in the Ramallah district of the central West Bank.

RELATED: Netanyahu Pledges to Build in Settlement, Annex It to Israel

Since the beginning of the year, Peace Now revealed, 6,742 settlement housing units have been promoted by Israeli authorities.

The Israeli government has lost all its inhibitions, while promoting settlement expansion in a record pace for recent years and distancing us daily from the possibility of a two state solution, Peace Now said.

The government is sending a clear message to settlers build illegally and anywhere and we will find a solution for you. It is clear that Netanyahu is prioritizing his settler constituency over the rule of law and the possibility for peace.

Earlier this month, Israeli media reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was set to approve the construction of 3,829 settlements, causing outrage among Palestinian leaders.

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi condemned Israels plans, saying clearly, Israel is bent on entrenching the military occupation and its illegal settlement enterprise, further reaffirming its intentions of displacing Palestine and replacing it with Greater Israel.

RELATED: Israelis Speak Candidly to Abby Martin About Palestinians [VIDEO]

Since the occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, in 1967, between 500,000 and 600,000 Israelis have moved into Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, in violation of international law.



Anyone who is triggered by fictional violence will not be able to function in the real world. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Cambridge students receive trigger warnings for Shakespeare plays English literature undergrads at Cambridge University were warned about a lecture on two plays by William Shakespeare that would include references to sexual violence and sexual assault. The warnings were intended to give students who may be upset about those topics an excuse to miss the lecture. []


Two North Carolina Officers Charged With Child Abuse Involving Special Needs Toddler "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

GRAHAM, N.C. A former Elon University police officer and her husband, who is a deputy with the Alamance County Sheriffs Office, are facing felony child abuse charges. Court documents

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The Meaning of Macron "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Selim Nadi Im a Maoist a good political programme is one that works. Emmanuel Macron The 2017 French presidential elections were historical in many ways. The first crucial aspect is, of course, the fact that the Front National made it to the second round eliminating the right-wing party (Les Rpublicains) and the Socialist Party (PS). Secondly, a very young, new president was elected: Emmanuel Macron. Franois Hollandes five-years French presidency seems to have reshaped the French political landscape. The fact that the PS was humiliated led some commentators to the conclusion that the PS is dead. On

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Documents Reveal U.S. Role In Indonesias Anti-Communist Massacre "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Newly declassified files from the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta confirm the extent to which American officials supported the killings of hundreds of thousands of Indonesians in the 1960s, as the U.S. worked to keep Southeast Asia from falling into Communist control.

The U.S. supported a narrative pushed by the Indonesian military that blamed Communists for a failed coup in 1965, targeting the anti-American President Sukarno.

This narrative emboldened the Indonesian military, paramilitaries and others to oversee the killings of 500,000 Indonesians who were suspected Communists, including students and union members.

The U.S. was following what was happening very closely, and if it werent for its support, you could argue that the army would never have felt the confidence to take power, said John Roosa, author of the book Pretext for Mass Murder, about the events, in an interview with the New York Times.

In a secret cable sent from the Embassy to Washington, D.C. in November 1965, an official detailed the efforts of provinces to repress suspected members of the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) and its executions of prisoners as a means of controlling prison populations.

One of 39 US Embassy in Jakarta declassified documents showing US government knowledge of the mass killings in Indonesia in 1965-66. Published on October 17, 2017. 2017 National Security Archive

One of 39 US Embassy in Jakarta declassified documents showing US government knowledge of the mass killings in Indonesia in 1965-66. Published on October 17, 2017. 2017 National Security Archive

Both in the provinces and Djakarta, repression of the PKI continued, with the main problem that of what to feed and where to house the prisoners, wrote a political affairs counselor. Many provinces appear to be successfully meeting this problem by executing their PKI prisoners, or by killing them before they are captured.

According to some of the 39 cables release...


(Video) The Quantum Shift by Dr. Sam Mugzzi and Kent Dunn with Drake Bailey "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Published on Oct 18, 2017

Sam, Kent and Drake discuss current events and probable solutions for our future. Health Syringe for cleaning the chemtrails from our sinuses, The Hologram reality, 4th Dimensional Galactic War the Mysterious fire in Napa Valley, Health Epidemic and virus in CA, HIV poison exposure, and so much more.


Condenado por explorao sexual de meninas primeiro da fila para voltar Cmara dos Deputados "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Nelson Nahim faz campanha eleitoral com o Governador Luiz Fernando Pezo em Campos dos Goytacazes.


The SAA Deir-Ezzor Euphrates River Battle: a Tactical Review "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning, the Middle East war enters a new phase Gordon Duff

Most of us who have watched the SAA crawl back from the edge of defeat, after the Russians joined the Hezbollah and Iranian forces already there, have cheered their westward advance to recapture the huge central area of the country under ISIS control. When Veterans Today traveled to Syria in the fall of 2015, where one of the briefings was on the ISIS complete order of battle, we could never have foreseen what has taken place.

We later saw Palmyra recaptured, only to be lost again after an assault with ISIS foreign allies major involvement, and then recaptured. We worried as Damascus supply lines got stretched further and further, which invited the inevitable supply-line attacks to slow down the SAA advance upon ISISs Euphrates river bastion.

The well-executed combined operations attacks broke the ISIS siege of the airport, and Deir-Ezzor was put under siege. But then their momentum lost its steam, as the SAA force was divided into multiple combat operations with units bled off for supply line security; others headed north to hook up with the hard-fighting Syrian units that had gotten bogged down at Madan, where the eastern flowing Euphrates turns southwest. Damascus made a strategic decision to secure all of the western Euphrates north of Deir-Ezzor first, and that move will be debated long after the war is over.

Another SAA force was tasked with widening the airport perimeter to a distance outside mortar and rocket barrage so it could become a tactical combat base for critically needed supplies and helicopter operations. But despite all of the success from the bombing of ISIS command centers and ammo dumps, the Syrian offensive stalled, with the battle lines around the ISIS-held part of the city being static for a month, while the Kurdish SDF swept down from the north to confiscate Arab tribal lands and oil.

The SAA divides its forces and loses its punching power

What happened? With ISIS reeling after its defenses were penetrated, why wasnt the city rolled up faster to avoid getting caught in a drawn-out siege? The answer was both obvious, and then not. Getting control of one of the main bridges over the river does no...


DEA Whistleblower: Opioid Crisis Fueled By Congress and Drug Companies For Profit "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Following the publication of a pair of reports that shed light on the role Donald Trumps pick for drug czar, Representative Tom Marino, played in fueling the opioid crisis, Marino withdrew his name from consideration on Tuesday. Over the weekend, The Washington Post and CBSs 60 Minutes published the findings of their joint investigation into the root causes of an American opioid epidemic that has []


Dairy multinationals expanding at expense of small Indian producers "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Indias milk crisis has been pushing small dairy farmers out of business and helping multinationals to expand at their expense, finds a new report.


DHS Secretary Just Warned of Severe Threat of New 9/11-Style Attack by ISIS & Al-Qaeda "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Elaine Duke has warned that Al-Qaeda and ISIS are planning a 'big' attack just "like they did on 9/11."


Fungi and autumn birds "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This 17 October 2017 Dutch video is about the fungi in Haagse Bos forest in The Hague.

Vermilion waxcaps, 14 October 2017

On 14 October 2017, to...


But Whatabout the BBC? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Afshin Rattansi was invited to defend Putins mouthpiece (RT) on Daily Politics with Jo Coburn and Andrew Adonis. Should politicians be allowed to appear on RT? Should they be paid for doing so? 
There used to be a playground saying: It takes one to know one.  

It was quite funny listening Jo Coburn complaining of RTs bias, a propaganda arm of Putins government,  and the oleaginous Afshin Rattansi firing back a few lethal barbs at the Beeb during his whataboutery defence. 

What fun.

Just as people are sent to jail if they dont pay Jo Coburns salary 


9-Year-Old Calls on Kids to Speak Up for Parks "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Robbie Bond wants to inspire Americas youth to save our public lands


RED FLAG: MGM Admits Lying About Hotel Guard Jesus Campos Vanishing As Fears Grow Over Massive Lawsuits "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

On Thursday, a new report reveals MGM admits it lied about hotel guard Jesus Campos vanishing to protect itself from lawsuits. Last week, The Gateway Pundit reported Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos vanished moments before his interview with Fox News Sean Hannity. Campos union boss claimed he didnt know his employees whereabouts after the interview was cancelled. Campos surfaced this week for an interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

Now we learn MGM owners feared Campos would open the casino operator to lawsuits if faced with tough questions. MGM insisted Ellen DeGeneres lob softball questions at Campos just to be safe, inadvertently admitting he never vanished, but was temporally silenced.

Daily Mail UK reports:

Fearing Jesus Campos would spill the beans about the timeline of the shooting if he was grilled by proper journalists, MGM, which owns the hotel where deranged gunman Stephen Paddock shot 600 people, insisted that security officer appear ONLY on only appear on Ellen, has learned exclusively.

MGM is worried that families of the 58 people murdered as well as many of the 546 injured  in the Mandalay Bay massacre will launch lawsuits potentially worth billions of dollars against the company, sources tell

And they thought Campos might not keep his story straight under the pressure of the TV lights and tough questioning.

That is why Campos, 25, appeared on a daytime chat show hosted by a fast-talking, dancing comedienne, rather than take questions from TV hardhitters such as Fox News Sean Hannity, CNNs Wolf Blitzer or MSNBCs Rachel Maddow.

MGM was behind the decision to call off all the interviews and did a deal with Ellen, knowing she would not play hardball on the timeline as long as she had the exclusive, a TV insider told

On Wednesday, The Today Show previewed a clip of the interview.


The 5 Traps Used to Shut Down and Limit Human Consciousness "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Sigmund Fraud

The human condition at present is one of slavery, a new kind of slavery, where bondage is psychological and spiritual rather than physical. Human consciousness is the target in a broad war of control where people willingly acquiesce to social conditions which clearly fail to serve their best interests, even doing them harm.

We accept the status quo of warfare, fear, environmental destruction, greed, corruption, poisoned health and false scarcity because weve been herded into traps which hold us hostage with false beliefs and the appearance of comfort. In reality, though, breaking through these traps would allow us to apply the principles of peace, sustainability, exploration, acceptance and progress to improving the human condition.

Firstly, though, we have to see and acknowledge the boundaries of the prison we are in.

Theres five essential boxes for human consciousness, theres five things that shut human consciousness down. Five models that attempt to keep people rigidly inside of their walls. And if youre inside these boxes, youre not going to expand your awareness to understand the actual truth of whats going on in our world. ~Mark Passio

1. Politics

If anybody identifies with left or right, conservative Republican, liberal Democrat, etc ~Mark Passio

The self-identification with a particular political party is one of the most divisive states of consciousness there is in our world today. This is clearly evident in the quality and character of public discourse and how it merges with financial interests to create stress, pressure and conflict at every level of society.

2. Religion

The major cultural religions of the world are perhaps the greatest trap for human consciousness ever devised and put to use as a means of controlling people. This has been corrupting the world and killing people for thousands of years. The acceptance of the possibility of a better existence after death is an excuse to ignore the quality of life one is living in this existence, and is used as an excuse to participate in wickedness.

We of course see how this paradigm is being used against us today to create a major riff among the people of the earth as global leaders push for a new religious war pitting Islam against Christianity. No one can win...


Lava Tubes on Luna - Why build a lunar space station? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

" ... a graduate student in Purdue's Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, led the study that examined whether empty lava tubes more than 1 kilometer wide could remain structurally stable on the moon. The Purdue team found that...


DEEP STATE BLUES "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

via Cryptoscatology: On Monday, October 16th I appeared on a radio show called DEEP STATE BLUES hosted by Badbaby and Steve Olson to discuss my book CHAMELEO and related Deep State topics... The post DEEP STATE BLUES appeared first on disinformation.

[This is a short summary; please click the story headline to read the full story on our site]


The Global Macro Renaissance "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

John Curran was the former head of commodities at Caxton Associates the hedge fund founded by market wizard Bruce Kovner. He wrote a great article in Barrons titled The Coming Renaissance of Macro Investing.


Mass Killings are NOT on the Rise, According to Study (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This is just more evidence that the Mainstream Media loves to use that appeal to emotion card to stoke the fire in people who genuinely care for their fellow humans.

Watch on YouTube

Source: Study Finds Mass Killings Not On The Rise Over Past Decade

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Senate Seeks To Interview FBI Informant In Russian Nuclear Bribery Case "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Via The Hill: The Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday sought permission to interview an FBI informant who helped agents uncover a major corruption scheme by Russian nuclear officials seeking to aggressively expand their American business during the Obama administration. The undercover witness, who has not been publicly identified, spent nearly five years helping agents build []


Facts don't matter: Why the fakestream media keeps reporting that Iran has a nuclear weapons program, when it does not "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

When it comes to Iran, do basic facts matter? Evidently not, since dozens and dozens of journalists keep casually reporting that Iran has a "nuclear weapons program" when it does not-a problem FAIR has reported on over the years (e.g., 9/9/15). Let's take a look at some of the outlets spreading this falsehood in just the past five days: Business Insider (10/13/17): "The deal, officially called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), aims to incentivize Iran to curb its nuclear weapons program by lifting crippling international economic sanctions."New Yorker (10/16/17): "One afternoon in late September, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called a meeting of the six countries that came together in 2015 to limit Iran's nuclear weapons program."Washington Post (10/16/17): "The administration is also considering changing or scrapping an international agreement regarding Iran's nuclear weapons program."CNN (10/17/17): "In reopening the nuclear agreement, [Trump] risks having Iran advance its nuclear weapons program at a time when he confronts a far worse nuclear challenge from North Korea that he can't resolve."


Why does the UK Data Protection Bill exempt the risk profiling industry? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Anyone trying to open a bank account or send money overseas must undergo extensive risk assessment by private data-brokers, which amass non-credible data and falsely blacklist the wrong people on a speculative basis.

Flickr/Al Ibrahim. CC BY-SA 2.0.The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most important pieces of human rights and consumer protection legislation of the 21st century. It extends the rights we have as citizens and overhauls a framework developed in the 1990s that governs the way states and corporations can collect and use information about us. The GDPR also allows the free movement of personal data across the EU and the governments decision to seek to implement the measure in full, regardless of the Brexit negotiations, is a mark of its importance.

However, the bill transposing the GDPR into UK law is complex and labyrinthine. As the GDPR must be applied by May next year, the government has set a tight legislative timetable for its passage, and the bill has already had its second reading in the Lords.

Yet to be raised is the significance of the exemptions set out in Schedule 2 to the Bill, which, as drafted, would potentially remove entire industries dedicated to vetting, profiling and blacklisting private individuals from the reach of the law. Whether intentional or not, the language it contains means that private companies that vet people on behalf of banks, employers and landlords could claim exemption.

Those actors who the bill proposes to exempt do not simply act on a case-by-case basis; instead they compile large, pre-emptive and often highly speculative databases that result in de facto blacklisting.

The scope of the exemptions is striking, but one particular and apparently deliberate application stands out: vetting in the financial sector. Under UK and EU law, anyone trying to open a bank account, send money overseas or enter into various financial transactions must undergo an increasingly ext...


Cop who shot and killed unarmed dad begging for his life claims showing jury body cam is "unfair" "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In March of 2016, Mesa Police Officer Philip Brailsford was charged with second-degree murder for gunning down Daniel Shaver, an innocent husband, and father of two. The shooting was captured on his body cam, part of which was released the following May. Now, however, Brailsford's defense is claiming that the prosecution showing the jury the body cam during opening statements would be unfair to the killer cop. According to AZ Central, Brailsford, 26, is scheduled to stand trial starting Oct. 23 on a charge of second-degree murder. The trial is expected to last 16 days. In a memorandum filed in Maricopa County Superior Court on Monday, attorney Michael Piccarreta says prosecutor Susie Charbel plans to show an 18-minute police body- camera recording during her opening statement, scheduled for Oct. 25.


New Music to Check Out this Fall "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Fall brings with it a sense of endings. It makes us consider the ephemerality of life. But it is also a time for new beginnings, new school years, fresh elections. We see a change in weather as the leaves start to fall, even if climate change seems hell-bent on robbing us here in New York of that pleasure. If your record collection seems to be dragging just as much as the season, consider giving a few of these autumn releases a spin.

Nashville natives Bully follow up their 2015 debut LP with Losing. The album charges from the very start, with singer-songwriter Alicia Bognannos powerful howl fully intact. The record would sit comfortably on a shelf next to 90s college rock stalwarts Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Weezer or Hole. Bognannos vocals jump from gravelly roar to tender breaths and back again, adding a powerful dynamism to her personal lyrics exemplified by the albums opening track, Feel the Same. She lets us listen in to a vulnerable moment in a romantic relationship: Spoke with you last night. (Do you still hate me?) But you were upset. (I miss you lately.) But I felt calm when I woke up. (Lets just forget it.) Found my head. (I wont regret it.)

Its a cathartic, emotional, empowering record.

If youre looking for something a little more easy-going, pop on Courtney Barnett & Kurt Viles Lotta Sea Lice. This album comes as a collaboration between two of indie rocks biggest names in recent years. Barnetts debut LP Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit was one of 2015s best albums, and certainly one of the strongest debut records in recent memory. Kurt Viles excellent record blieve im goin down came out that same year. Mutual admiration brought them together for an altogether pleasant album. The pairs mutually laid-back styles make them a natural couple. It results in singalong-worthy harmonies (Let It Go, in particular, stands out), traded verses and a quirky naturalism like maybe were just listening in on two buddies having fun with rock songs.

With last years Midwest Farmers Daughter, Margo Price planted herself firmly in the mists of modern country greats, earning her supporting spots for Willie Nelson, Chris Stapleton, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Praised for her apt storytelling reminiscent of classic country legends like Emmylou Harris and current label-make Loretta Lynn Price has taken her sound a step further with All American Made.



Trump's Chaos: He Taunts the Public, Holds Programs Hostage and Forces Others to Clean Up His Mess "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Trump's proposed tax cuts would raise annual wages by several thousand dollars -- a figure that has been disputed as a long-term projection and over-ambitious. But Trump ending Obamacare subsidies would cause health care premiums to immediately jump by thousands of dollars in 2018 -- and still could, if Congress doesn't act on the Senate HELP proposal.


Gaza-based band Maimas sings for freedom "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

It is widely believed that culture, art and music contribute directly to shaping the individual and collective consciousness.

Maimas  is a newly formed Palestinian band based in the besieged Gaza Strip. Gaza based Palestinian activist, singer and intellectual Haidar Eid says songs are an organizing tool in the arduous work of overthrowing occupation and apartheid. They are permanently etched in the collective memory of the people of Palestine. We hope that our songs will document Palestinian desire to be free from the ravages of colonialism, occupation and apartheid.

Why Maimas?

Haidar Eid and the rest of the band members say art in Gaza is itself under a horrific, medieval siege, a siege that is the literal antithesis of freedom. Moreover, they believe that Maimas has a role to play as an anti-hasbara band that aims at shattering the orientalist misrepresentation of Palestine in general and Gaza in particular.

By singing, getting our voices heard, we are, in fact, using music as a tool of resistance says Eid whose songs during the Israeli barbaric war on Gaza in 2014 were recorded on a cellphone and made into video-clips, one of which is Lifeboat that documents the last moments in the life of a Palestinian youngster killed in Shijaiya by an Israeli sniper. Another video- clip, titled Love in the Time of Genocide recorded some of the most horrific moments of the Shijaiya massacre. The song itself was recorded while the massacre was taking place.

Mohammed Akkila, a vocalist and Oud player, says that art, for us, is not a commodity to be bought and sold. Like what Bertoldt Brecht had to say: Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.

Haidar Eid says: like the rest of Palestinian artists, and South African artists before us, we are pitting the power of culture against the culture of power, as Edward Said would have put it.

The bands name Maimas is reportedly an ancient name of the port of Gaza City, a Canaanite name of deserted port where only birds live. It consists of five musicians playing various instruments: Oud, Tabla (drums,) Keyboard, Naii, Guitar.

The band is working on more than one project. The first project is giving free concerts in various parts of the Gaza strip, focusing on marginalized areas that have been destroyed by Israeli bombings. The second project is a joint musical collaboration with the South African band,...


John McCain: An American Traitor for the Ages "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

John McCain: An American Traitor for the Ages by Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show As a relatively young man in 1980, I had just finished reading the book, Trilaterals Over Washington,authored by Patrick Wood and the late Anthony...

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FBI Informant Threatened After Linking Clinton Foundation To Russia Bribery Case "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While the mainstream media has largely ignored it, the scandal surrounding Russian efforts to acquire 20% of Americas uranium reserves, a deal which was ultimately approved by the Obama administration, and more specifically the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) which included Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, is becoming more problematic for Democrats by the hour.

As The Hill pointed out earlier this morning, the latest development in this sordid tale revolves around a man that the FBI used as an informant back in 2009 and beyond to build a case against a Russian perpetrator who ultimately admitted to bribery, extortion and money laundering.  The informant, who is so far only known as Confidential Source 1, says that when he attempted to come forward last year with information that linked the Clinton Foundation directly to the scandal he was promptly silenced by the FBI and the Obama administration.

Working as a confidential witness, the businessman made kickback payments to the Russians with the approval of his FBI handlers and gathered other evidence, the records show.

Sources told The Hill the informants work was crucial to the governments ability to crack a multimillion dollar racketeering scheme by Russian nuclear officials on U.S. soil that involved bribery, kickbacks, money laundering and extortion. In the end, the main Russian executive sent to the U.S. to expand Russian President Vladimir Putins nuclear business, an executive of an American trucking firm and a Russian financier from New Jersey pled guilty to various crimes in a case that started in 2009 and ended in late 2015.

Toensing added her client has had contact from multiple congressional committees seeking information about what he witnessed inside the Russian nuclear industry and has been unable to provide that information because of the NDA.

He cant disclose anything that he came upon in the course of his work, she said.

The information the client possesses includes specific allegations that Russian executives made to him about how they facilitated the Obama administrations 2010 approval of the Uranium One deal and sent millions of dollars in Russian nuclear funds to the U.S. to an entity assisting Bill Clintons foundation. At the time, Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary of State on the government panel that approved the deal, the lawyer said.

It has been previously reported that Bill Clinton accepted $500,000 in Russian speaking fees in 2010 and collected millions more in donations for his foundation from parties with a stake in the Uranium One deal, transactions that both...


Kansas Prison Medical Staff Sued After Ignoring Pleas for Help from Inmate who Died of Brain-Eating Fungus "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A lawsuit was filed Monday against three doctors and 11 nurses who work at a prison in Kansas as well as the company contracted to provide medical services for inmates throughout the states prison system after medical staff ignored an inmate who told them, it feels like something is eating my brain.

Even after Marques Davis, 27, became so confused he drank his own urine, employees for Corizon Correctional Healthcare neglected his cries for help at Hutchinson Correctional Facility in Kansas.

Corizon Correctional Healthcare, has been sued 660 times over a 5-year period, according to the ACLU.

The lawsuit, filed by Kansas City attorney Leland Dempsy on behalf of Davis family, alleges he was denied meaningful medical treatment for eight months after he began complaining of symptoms.

According to the lawsuit, a CT scan taken after Davis suffered a heart attack in April revealed dramatic swelling of the brain sufficient to force the upper part of the brain down into the lower brain.

After his heart attack, Davis was finally hospitalized.

But he died the next day.

Attorneys representing Shermaine Walker, Daviss mother, say Daviss condition was readily diagnosable and treatable.

But Walker says all they would do is take blood, give her son Ibuprofen then send him back.

I was calling the jail every day, she said, according to the New York Daily News.

Hes telling me, they havent done anything. They would give him ibuprofen and send him back.

 Walker said when Davis made complaints to medical staff about something being wrong with his head, he was ignored.

He says, mom, whatever is going on with me, its messing with my mind. He would tell me this on a daily basis, she said.

Marques Davis pleas for medical help at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility went ignored by Corizon Correctional Healthcare staff, even after a brain fungus began eating his brain, causing him to be so confused he drank he own urine.

Corizon issued a statement after the lawsuit was filed over Daviss death saying we expect any legal proceedings to revea...


Bitcoin: A Tower of Monetary Babel "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Bitcoin: A Tower of Monetary Babel by Antonius Aquinas TDC Note Thank goodness others are beginning to see this for what it is another fiat currency backed by other fiat currencies which means it is backed...

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Presidency Condemns N-Power Volunteers Rampage In Warri "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

LAGOS OTOBER 19TH (URHOBOTODAY)-The Presidency on Thursday criticised the violent attack on the Warri 1 MTN Connect Store by N-Power volunteers who attempted to forcibly collect N-Power devices not allocated to them.
The incident occurred on Monday and led to the alleged assault on a pregnant staff member of the telecommunications office in Warri, Delta.

Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Job Creation/Youth Employment, in a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) described such action as unacceptable.
I received with great displeasure the report that N-Power beneficiaries in Warri bombarded the Warri 1 MTN Connect Store for N-Power devices last Monday.
The beneficiaries were unruly and assaulted a pregnant staff member of MTN.
There is no excuse tenable for such behavior; let me be very clear, that such behavior is unacceptable; there is no reason under the face of the sun for such behavior, Imoukhuede stated.
According to him, this terrible behaviour will be investigated and appropriate sanctions will be meted out to those found to be behind this ugly incidence.
He said the notice should also serve as a warning to other beneficiaries who might wish to temporarily forget the acceptable conduct at the point of device collection.
Anyone who is caught will be dismissed immediately from the N-Power programme.
At all times, the interest of the beneficiaries is our utmost concern and we will continue to address issues that distress you individually and collectively, the presidential aide added.
Imoukhuede remarked that proper conduct, discipline and work place ethics are the hallmark of the N-Power programme skills and job enhancement creation investment under the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP).
He said, under the NSIP, our unemployed youths have an opportunity to improve their skills and competence under a two-year Full Time Paid Volunteer programme in their community schools, health centres or farms.
He added that the skills acquisition would thus empower them for gainful employment after their exit from the programme.


Jury Convicts Oklahoma Police Officer Shannon Kepler in 4th Murder Trial "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

TULSA, Okla. A white former Oklahoma police officer was convicted of first-degree manslaughter in the off-duty fatal shooting of his daughters black boyfriend after jurors in three previous trials

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Samsung to support Linux distributions on Galaxy handsets "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Here's a Samsung press release describing the company's move into the "run Linux on your phone" space. "Installed as an app, Linux on Galaxy gives smartphones the capability to run multiple operating systems, enabling developers to work with their preferred Linux-based distributions on their mobile devices. Whenever they need to use a function that is not available on the smartphone OS, users can simply switch to the app and run any program they need to in a Linux OS environment."


Quelle Surprise: The European Commission Employs Double Standards in Spain "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Michael Natorski and cross-posted from EU Observer

The situation in Catalonia is critical, given that its drive for independence is opposed by the Spanish authorities.

The Catalan government calls for dialogue but the Spanish government makes it conditional on compliance with the Spanish constitutional and legal system.

The commission refuses to interfere in this arguably domestic dispute, claiming a lack of a formal basis, and it stresses the need to fully respect the Spanish constitutional order and the rule of law.

The position of the commission is faulty.

Given that it is also a matter of protecting the rule of law, the commission should examine the situation in Spain under the rule-of-law framework, which is currently being used in relation to Poland.

The commission and other institutions assume that only the Catalan government is disrespecting the Spanish Constitution and the rule of law.

However, the fact is that the conflict between Catalonia and Spain emerged because of the manipulation of Spanish constitutional norms and the rule of law by central authorities and two dominant Spanish national political parties (the Popular Party and Socialist Party) over the last decade

Continue reading the article

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Did You Know You Took an Oath to Defend a Corporate Constitution? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Anna Von Reitz

Most of the people we talk to who say that they took an oath to preserve and defend the Constitution-including many military officers- : (1) dont know what a Constitution is; (2) never seriously sat down and studied or thought about any one of the three Constitutions Americans are likely to encounter; (3) dont know which Constitution they took an Oath to.

This article is for all those people.

The greatest enemy we face every day is ignorance. The second greatest is sloth which leads to the careless taking for granted of things which should never be taken for granted.

A constitution is a debt agreement.

It lays out services to be provided, who is responsible for providing these services, how they will be administered, and who pays for the services.

Even a cursory glance at any one of the three (3) Constitutions Americans are likely to see reveals that, yes, indeed, all these matters are coveredhowbeit, in different forms and by different parties.

No doubt it is a surprise to many that we have three Constitutions. Lets start there and review the facts.

There is The Constitution for the united States of America written and adopted in 1787. This is the actual Constitution forming the union of unincorporated organic land jurisdiction States of America into a union (a form of association) of sovereign states, doing business as the unincorporated United States of America. Notice that this unincorporated entity was created for the States of America. These States are also unincorporated entities. Notice that unincorporated is a synonym for sovereign.

It was necessary to create and form this union of states first in order to have a central body responsible for exercising all the powers of the sovereign states in international jurisdiction BEFORE those powers could be exercised in common or separated out and delegated to any other party. This is the actual Constitution from which all other Constitutions (debt agreements for services) are derived and upon which they all depend for their existence.

So, the unincorporated United States of America was formed first, received the responsibility for exercising all international powers in 1787, and two years later, delegated nineteen of its enumerated powers to the British Monarch and His Proxy Government known as The United States of America as described and organized under The Constitution of the United States of America adopted in 1789. Notice that this foreign...


Europe's Secession Problems Aren't Going Away "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By: Ryan McMaken

Earlier this week, The New York Times noted that movements for greater local autonomy appear to be spreading throughout Europe. In some ways, the conflict in Catalonia is just the tip of the iceberg. The Times reports: 

Coming on the heels of the Catalan vote, the Lombardy and Veneto referendums are yet another signal of the homegrown conflicts that persist in many of the European Unions member states. Separatist movements are also simmering in Britain where voters in Scotland rejected independence in a 2014 referendum but continue to debate the issue as well as France, Germany, Belgium and Romania.

Like Catalonia, and unlike Scotland, the Lombardy and Veneto regions of Italy are among the wealthiest regions, and send a lot of tax revenue to Rome. Italy's southern regions, which are significantly poorer than northern Italy, have benefited from Northern Wealth ever since Italian were all forced into a single nation-state in the late nineteenth century. 

This has never been forgotten by Italians from Veneto, many of whom participated in a referendum in 2014 to declare Independence. Naturally, the Italian government in Rome, declared the vote invalid. At the time, however, I interviewed one of the organizers Paolo Bernardini about the referendum. (See "Inside Venice's Secession Movement.") At the time secessionists liek BErnardini appeared to be pursuing immediate and total independence from Rome, while remaining inside the EU: 

A tiny majority of Veneto people are in favor both of the EU and of the Euro as a currency. So I envisage a little, rich state, playing a major economic and political role in the EU, a stabilizing role. It will interact naturally with other rich and similar states, Bavaria (still part of Germany), Austria, and the Netherlands. It will be a Finland in the Adriatic. 

According to the Times piece, though, supporters of Northern independence have gone back to taking small steps, and realize probably correctly that there are numerous steps that must be taken between the status quo and total independence. 

The new effort appears to be focused on conducting local plebescites demanding more local autonomy. This doesn't conflict with the goal of eventual independence, of course, although it probably is an essential first ste...


Artist Who Breastfed Dog and Fertilized Her Egg With Dog Cell Wins Prestigious Prize "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A Slovenian artist breastfed her dogs and fertilized one of her eggs with a dog cell as part of an award-winning three-month art project. She also produced a video documenting the creative process behind the bizarre venture. Maja Smrekar lived in seclusion with her dogs as part of the lengthy artistic experiment, which was titled []


Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) released "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Ubuntu 17.10 release is out. "Under the hood, there have been updates to many core packages, including a new 4.13-based kernel, glibc 2.26, gcc 7.2, and much more. Ubuntu Desktop has had a major overhaul, with the switch from Unity as our default desktop to GNOME3 and gnome-shell. Along with that, there are the usual incremental improvements, with newer versions of GTK and Qt, and updates to major packages like Firefox and LibreOffice." See the release notes for more information.


Security updates for Thursday "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Security updates have been issued by CentOS (wpa_supplicant), Debian (db, db4.7, db4.8, graphicsmagick, imagemagick, nss, and yadifa), Fedora (ImageMagick, rubygem-rmagick, and upx), Mageia (flash-player-plugin, libxfont, openvpn, ruby, webmin, and wireshark), openSUSE (cacti, git, and upx), Oracle (wpa_supplicant), Red Hat (kernel-rt, rh-nodejs4-nodejs-tough-cookie, rh-nodejs6-nodejs-tough-cookie, and wpa_supplicant), Scientific Linux (wpa_supplicant), and Slackware (libXres, wpa_supplicant, and xorg).


Hillary Clinton: Cold Creepiness with a Side of Corruption "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Was Hillary Clinton's latest lunge at Julian Assange and WikiLeaks a preemptive strike? An attempt, perhaps, to get ahead of extreme ugliness in the coming news cycle?


AlphaGo Zero Makes AlphaGo Obsolete "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Google DeepMind researchers have made their old AlphaGo program obsolete:

The old AlphaGo relied on a computationally intensive Monte Carlo tree search to play through Go scenarios. The nodes and branches created a much larger tree than AlphaGo practically needed to play. A combination of reinforcement learning and human-supervised learning was used to build "value" and "policy" neural networks that used the search tree to execute gameplay strategies. The software learned from 30 million moves played in human-on-human games, and benefited from various bodges and tricks to learn to win. For instance, it was trained from master-level human players, rather than picking it up from scratch.

AlphaGo Zero did start from scratch with no experts guiding it. And it is much more efficient: it only uses a single computer and four of Google's custom TPU1 chips to play matches, compared to AlphaGo's several machines and 48 TPUs. Since Zero didn't rely on human gameplay, and a smaller number of matches, its Monte Carlo tree search is smaller. The self-play algorithm also combined both the value and policy neural networks into one, and was trained on 64 GPUs and 19 CPUs over a few days by playing nearly five million games against itself. In comparison, AlphaGo needed months of training and used 1,920 CPUs and 280 GPUs to beat Lee Sedol.

Though self-play AlphaGo Zero even discovered for itself, without human intervention, classic moves in the theory of Go, such as fuseki opening tactics, and what's called life and death. More details can be found in Nature, or from the paper directly here. Stanford computer science academic Bharath Ramsundar has a summary of the more technical points, here.

Go is an abstract strategy board game for two players, in which the aim is to surround more territory than the opponent.

Previously: Google's New TPUs are Now Much Faster -- will be Made Available to Researchers


Nikki Haley Urges UN to Challenge Iranian Actions Iran must be judged in totality of its destructive and unlawful behavior. To do otherwise is foolish. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


By Kambiz Foroohar

October 18, 2017, 12:00 AM EDT October 18, 2017, 1:00 PM EDT
  • Other Security Council envoys focus on Israel-Palestine issues
  • Trump last week declined to certify nuclear accord with Iran
Nikki Haley Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

Nikki Haley urged the UN Security Council to consider a wide range of Irans destabilizing actions in the Middle East in an early test of whether President Donald Trumps toughening position on the Islamic Republic is alienating allies and leaving the U.S. isolated internationally.

Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, used a Security Council meeting Wednesday on the situation in the Middle East to once again take on Tehrans ballistic-missile program and its support for Hezbollah and Syrian ruler Bashar Al-Assad. But most of the other participants sought to focus on Israeli-Palestinian issues, especially Israels settlements in the West Bank.

The meeting was the first public effort to gauge support for the U.S. position on Iran after Trump declined to certify the 2015 nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, on Oct. 13. Trump, making a determination required under U.S. law every 90 days, said the agreement with Iran and five other nations wasnt serving U.S. national security interests, though he stopped short of quitting the accord entirely.

Judging Iran by the narrow confines of the nuclear deal misses the true nature of the threat, Haley told the Security Council. Iran must be judged in totality of its destructive and unlawful behavior. To do otherwise is foolish.

Despite Trumps criticisms, U.S. allies have said they continue to back the agreement, pointing to Inte...


Cambridge is ready for a comprehensive surveillance oversight ordinance "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Last night, Cambridge residents and city leadership met to discuss next steps for a surveillance oversight ordinance. The vibe in the room was optimistic. It was a rare moment of political harmony in a country beset by division. The Police Commissioner, the City Manager, the chair of the City Councils Public Safety Committee, and the ACLU were all in agreement: Cambridge needs a strong surveillance oversight ordinance, as soon as possible.

Public Safety chair Councilor Craig Kelley opened the meeting by framing the issue as fundamentally about good governance. The new Police Commissioner in Cambridge, Dr. Branville Bard, who wrote his PhD dissertation on racial profiling, voiced support for a surveillance oversight ordinance and said civil liberties and public safety are not opposing interests. Bard said he would never want to acquire new surveillance tools without consulting the public first. City Manager Louis DePasquale said passing an ordinance requiring public debate and democratic oversight over surveillance is incredibly important for Cambridge, and that now is the time to get this done. Deputy City Manager Lisa Peterson described some components the City would like to see in the ordinance, including city council approval of new technologies, public debate, and documentation of the purpose of the technology and its authorized uses. 

Segun Idowu of the Boston Police Camera Action Team (BPCAT) spoke about how important it is for Cambridge to lead, so Boston can follow. The Berkman-Klein Centers Ben Green gave an overview of the types of technologies the ordinance should cover, noting that it should govern software and hardware acquisitions. Digital Fourths Alex Marthews thanked the group for coming together to move the process forward. Then members of the public had an opportunity for public comment. 

Not one person present spoke against the idea of passing a surveillance oversight ordinance. Now comes the difficult part: agreeing to language.

The meeting ended on a high note, with concrete next steps. Councilor Kelley proposed holding another public meeting at the end of November, at which the assembled parties will compile a list of agreed upon requirements for the legislation. The City Solicitors office will then draft the ordinance based on those priorities. That language will get kicked back to the Council, at which point the legislative process will begin in earnest.

The meeting last night showed how effective city government can be when officials, members of the public, and groups like the ACLU come together to work collaboratively. We are confident the process in Cambridge will produce the best possible surveillance oversight ordinance. If you live in Cambridge and youd like to get involved, please contact me.

The post...


Fusion GPS Officials Take The Fifth In Trump Dossier Interview On Capitol Hill "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Ofo course they did. They cant give up their Russian and Democratic connections. And the Democrats were wildly covering for them during the proceedings, so obviously they know. Via Fox News: Two top officials at the political research firm behind a salacious dossier alleging various Russian connections to President Trumps campaign invoked their Fifth Amendment []


Cop mistakes gun for taser, shoots unarmed teen "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Jamel Jackson, a troubled teen, is lucky to be alive after a Baldwin County Sheriff's deputy mistook his own gun for a taser. The deputy's mistake led to Jackson being shot. The entire display of deadly incompetence was captured on police body cameras. The incident began as police responded to a domestic dispute between Jackson and his mother. Deputies responded to the apartment on October 9, after Jackson's mother called 911 to report her son has struck her. While Jackson indeed deserved to be arrested if he hit his mother, he certainly didn't deserve to be shot. As the video begins, a deputy is walking into the house where Deputy Charles Gillis and another deputy are attempting to arrest Jackson who is wearing a yellow Pokemon hat and sitting at the dinner table.


Russia urges US to destroy chemical weapons - Veterans Today "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

  An employee wears a gas mask and suit as he works at the chemical air weapons destruction facility at the Settlement of Maradykovo, Kirov Region, Russia. (Photo by TASS) After destroying the remainder of its chemical weapons in September, Russia is now calling on the United States and other countries in possession of such []


Tycoon George Soros Transfers $18 Billion To His Open Society Foundations "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Billionaire investor George Soros has given away nearly $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations, transforming it into the second largest charity in the US after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. On Tuesday, the 87-year-old tycoon moved the hefty sum from his personal funds into his non-profit group, the Wall Street Journal and Financial []


FSS Update: Body Armor Arsenic Addiction During a Crisis (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

FSS Update: Body Armor Arsenic Addiction During a Crisis Video Full Spectrum Survival Video Source

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John McCain slams half-baked, spurious nationalism sweeping the US "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Ugh. From Yahoo (via GMA): Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., slammed half-baked, spurious nationalism in an impassioned speech while accepting the Liberty Medal in Philadelphia. McCain, who was presented with the medal by former Vice President Joe Biden, began by saying Continue reading


Is Vladimir Putin Losing His Grip? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In recent decades, as President Vladimir Putin has entrenched his authority, Russia has seemed to be moving backward socially and economically. But while the Kremlin knows that it must reverse this trajectory, genuine reform would be incompatible with the kleptocratic character of Putins regime.


Dolphins and Whales Have Sophisticated Human-Like Societies "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

by Jen Viegas,

No one has ever been able to fully measure the intelligence of whales, dolphins, and porpoises, but evidence continues to mount that it is impressive. Consider Kelly, a dolphin formerly housed at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Mississippi. She was trained to keep her outdoor tank clean. If she brought a piece of litter to her trainer, she was awarded with a fish.

The enterprising Kelly figured out that if she wedged a single piece of litter under a stone and ripped it into multiple pieces, she would receive more fish. She then determined that she could increase the amount of litter in the tank by using the earned fish as bait to catch unwary birds. She subsequently taught these clever strategies to her calf.

Dolphins like Kelly, along with whales and porpoises, all engage in sophisticated behaviors that tend to be mostly associated with humans. They live in tightly knit social groups, have complex relationships, communicate with each other using language-like vocalizations, and even have regional dialects.

New research links this complexity of cetacean culture and behavior to the size of their brains. The findings, published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution, position these marine mammals with humans and other primates in an elite and very brainy group.

Each species brain is unique, but primates and cetaceans do share some features that are rarely found elsewhere in nature, lead author Kieran Fox of Stanford Universitys department of neurology and neurological sciences told Seeker. One is the sheer size of their brains in absolute terms. They are the biggest in the world, and in the case of the whales, the largest brains ever to appear on the planet.

Additionally, he continued, primates and cetaceans both tend to have large brains relative to the size of their bodies.

Co-author Michael Muthukrishna, a researcher at Harvard University and the London School of Economics and Political Science, explained that, in general, larger brains are able to store and manage more information than smaller brains. Braininess comes with a price, though, as such tissue is incredibly energetically expensive.

The larger your brain, the more calories you need to support it, so actually youre better off with the smallest brain you can get away with, Muthukrishna said. Bees...


The Agreement of the Century "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Paul Larudee | Dissident Voice | October 18, 2017 According to a report circulating unofficially in Arabic, the latest in a sixty-nine year history of proposals to resolve the western Zionist invasion of Palestine (AKA the Israeli-Palestinian conflict) is about to see the light of day. It claims Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu originated []


New petition calls for appointment of special prosecutor to investigate criminal activity of Hillary Clinton "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

We the people ask the federal government to Propose a new Administration policy: President Trump during the campaign pledged to "Drain the Swamp" and promised his DOJ would investigate the criminal activity of Hillary Clinton. On 10/9/2016 President Trump expressly stated: "If I win I'm going to Instruct my Attorney General to get a special prosecutor to look into your (Hillary Clinton) situation..." We the undersigned voted for President Trump based upon his pledge and respectfully demand he direct AG Sessions/DOJ appoint said Special Prosecutor as he promised. We ALSO urge said Special Prosecutor or other appointed Prosecutor(s) (consistent with a separate House Judiciary Committee request) investigate potential criminal activity of James Comey, Robert Brennan, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, Barack Obama, George Soros, and Loretta Lynch. Respectfully Submitted, Comment: The Petition may be signed here. That she is still outside of prison for all she's done is a travesty of justice.


Baghdads Military Crushes Kurds - Veterans Today "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The only hope, according to the analyst, is that the West and the US can pressure Baghdad not to take even more steps, and to perhaps broker negotiations between Baghdad and Erbil to come to some sort of concessions or agreement. Might Makes Right? Ultimately, van Wilgenburg emphasized that perhaps the main thing to remember in the Baghdad-Iraqi Kurdistan diplomatic conflict is politics is []


Total eclipse of the sun. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Total eclipse of the sun. Observed July 29, 1878, at Creston, Wyoming Territory, tienne Lopold Trouvelot.


Illicit business : 1,000 Nigerians languishing Thailand, South Asian detentions "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Close to 1,000 Nigerians are languishing in detention centres in Thailand and other South Asian countries for various offences ranging from peddling of drugs to other illicit businesses, Nigerias Ambassador to Thailand, Amb. Ahmed Nuhu Bamali has disclosed. He admonished genuine business people from Nigeria to use a proper channel in carrying out their transactions at overseas, noting that, the consular issue has become a concern of Nigerias embassies abroad. Ambassador Bamalis offered his counsel Thursday in Abuja at a  conference on African Gemstones and Jewellery Exhibition and Seminar (AGJES,)...

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Ayatollah Allocates about $300,000 to Assist Myanmars Rohingya "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Tehran (TNA) Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei allocated a total of 10 billion rials (about $300,000) to the assistance for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar as some international human rights bodies have accused Myanmars government of crimes against humanity.

Following a letter written by the representative of the Leader in the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) about the appalling conditions of Rohingya Muslims and the human tragedy in Myanmar, Ayatollah Khamenei allocated about $300,000 to the oppressed people.

In the letter, a report has been submitted to the Leader about the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Muslim people and the measures taken by the IRCS in this regard.

RELATED: Myanmar The Worlds Most Silent Genocide

The assistance came after Amnesty International accused Myanmars security forces of committing crimes against humanity as hundreds of thousands of Rohingya women, men, and children have fled the country.

In a report released on Wednesday, Amnesty cited testimony from more 120 Rohingya men and women who have fled to Bangladesh in recent weeks, part of a half-a-million-strong exodus of people escaping a bloody army campaign.

Iranian officials have repeatedly voiced readiness to construct emergency camps and field hospitals for the refugees on Bangladeshs border with Myanmar.

This post originally ran on Tasnim News Agency.

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The Indonesia Massacres Historic Message "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Exclusive: The U.S. mainstream medias credulity toward todays Official Narratives is especially troubling given the false storylines from the past, such as the cover-up of Washingtons hand in the Indonesia massacres, as Jonathan Marshall describes. By Jonathan Marshall Fifty-four years


Australian Department of Anarchism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In solidarity with The Juice Media who have been threatened by the Australia Government  with legal action over their Honest Government Aderts, weve created the Australia Department of Anarchism.

Although this is a fictitious department we could still be jailed for five years if the proposed changes to the Commonwealth Criminal Code are passed.

Have a listen to the show to find out more, plus Franklin Lopez talking about fascism. And Bad Cop No Donut, and the return of Jepanarchy!!!





ROGER GOODELL Paid $212 Million Since 2006 More than Any NFL Player And Hes Destroying the League "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made over $212 million in salary since 2006.

Goodell is the highest paid person in the NFL.

And hes destroying the league.


Goodell makes more than Tom Brady, Eli Manning or any other player in the league.

CNN reported:

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took a pay cut of nearly $1 million during his tumultuous 2014-15 season, according to a new tax filing.

But with a salary of $34.1 million, he still earned more than all but one NFL player.

Only Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan took home more that season $36.5 million, thanks to a huge signing bonus, according to salary tracker Spotrac

In 2013-14, Goodell earned $35 million, which was a steep cut from the $44.2 million he earned the prior year.

Overall, he has been paid $174.1 million by the league in the seven seasons for which data is available, far more than any player received in the same period

The NFL likely had revenue of more than $12 billion in the 2014-15 season,

And Roger Goodell is destroying the league.

The NFL is losing viewers like a sieve thanks to his weak leadership.

The NFL has lost 3.3 million viewers in two years since Colin Kaepernick first started to sit and kneel during the national anthem in protest.

And the NFL continues to lose millions in income as viewers turn off the unpatriotic sports league.


Censored News seeks sponsors for Native Americans to COP 23 Germany "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Hi friends, Censored News is seeking sponsors for a few of our hard working Native American writers to be part of the climate discussions at the peoples' World Climate Change Conference, in Bonn, Germany. World leaders will discuss the crisis of climate change at COP 23, Nov. 6 -- 17, 2017. The airfare cost for our longtime Native writers is $1,400 each, plus the cost of food and ground


Obamacare Failures Push Patients To Rely On Urgent Care Centers "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In the United States, where health care costs are bankrupting Americans more than any other type of debt, urgent care centers (UCC) are on the rise, and more Americans are leaving their primary care physicians behind in favor of them.

At John Peter Smith Hospital (JPS) in Fort Worth, Texas, theres a program for low-income residents called JPS Connections, which intends to act as a kind of service of last resort for those unable to access health care via state, federal, or pharmaceutical assistance.

JPS Connections currently serves around 50,000 Tarrant County residents each year, all of whom are forced to reapply annually or else face being bumped off of the program.

Norma, who asked to use only her first name to discuss private information about her familys medical care, said that while Obamacare helped a number of those in her neighborhood in Fort Worth, she and her family struggled with deductibles and high premiums. JPS Connections was a lifesaver.

When we first heard of Obamacare, a lot of us over here thought it would be easier, and that things would get better. But for my family it was really difficult because the premiums were just too high. I lost my job, my husband got sick, and then things just kept getting worse, Norma shared.

But joining JPS Connections is not easy. An avalanche of paperwork, long waits, and piling medical debt make it difficult to handle.

I dont understand why basic medical stuff costs so much, and why we even have to pay for it. My family didnt choose to be sick, Norma lamented.

More by Roqayah Chamseddine

The thought of being pushed off JPS Connections gave Norma intense anxiety, and she started to look towards urgent care centers because maybe it would be easier, instead of going through JPS and worrying about when theyll deny us care.

Norma continued, I feel like the only way to make ends meet is to do work under...


Chinas growth will benefit US, says Beijings top envoy to Washington "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

A child holds a Chinese flag while tourists and pedestrians walk past a portrait of former Chinese leader Mao Zedong at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China.PHOTO: BLOOMBERG

BEIJING (CHINA DAILY/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) Chinas continued economic growth and its efforts to ramp up international relations will bring even bigger benefits to the United States economy and its people, according to Beijings top envoy to Washington.

Speaking ahead of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Mr Cui Tiankai, the Chinese ambassador to the US, said he believes the meeting promises to bring about win-win scenarios for China and for its global partners.

Citing figures and sources from the US-China Business Council and JPMorgan Chase, Mr Cui said in an article posted online by CNN on Monday (Oct 16) that China has made headway in its reform, while a booming Chinese economy has proved a boon to the US.

The congress, which opened on Wednesday, is expected to unveil a new leadership and set a blueprint for national development for the next five years and beyond.

We expect the Party congress will illustrate that Chinas unrelenting efforts in reform and opening-up has added further momentum not only to its own development, but also to that of the world economy, Mr Cui wrote.By strongly emphasising our outward-looking vision, this years congress promises to continue to bring about win-win scenarios for China and for our partners across the world, particularly the US.

Mr Cui said that the twice-in-a-decade congress can be the beginning of tremendous determination and development, as previously shown.

For example, when the 18th CPC National Congress concluded five years ago, an ambitious plan was introduced by the current lea...


Solidarity in Action: Puerto Rico Relief Efforts Underway in New York "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

They called her Screaming Hurricane Maria on the island. Here, in New York and beyond, Diasporicans roar back with large and small acts of love, light and a reclamation of our Madre Tierra (Mother Earth).

They are also speaking their truths. The stories below are drawn from interviews with longtime Puerto Rican activists and organizers in the diaspora who have been active in various ways in the relief efforts gathering and loading supplies, identifying organizations to send shipments to, coordinating actions, and creating manifestos on facebook to enliven the base. This is a small sample of stories, but they suggest there are ways to engage, participate and increase the outrage.

Kiya Vega-Hutchens

Climate Justice Policy Organizer, UPROSE 

I grew up in the Lower East Side as a Nuyorican, and this has been a really emotional experience. My extended family lives in the municipalities of Loza and Carolina in the northeast of Puerto Rico. They do not have power. We spent a lot of time trying to find them. Its hard to know that my family is in this urgent, desperate situation, and at the same time, I also feel disconnected. There is a lot of guilt and feeling like we can never really do enough.

The Trump administrations mistreatment and lack of knowledge is infuriating. It is so callous. Ive been really inspired by the Nuyorican and Puerto Rican diaspora coming together. It makes me hopeful that we have a strong resilient foundation. We had a healing space at UPROSE where a lot of people came and were able to grieve and also plan our next steps together. We communicate regularly with folks on the island and are organizing to send sustainable supplies. The groups we are working with are asking about bicycles, quality soil, non-GMO seeds, water supplies and solar panels so Puerto Rico can move toward economic sovereignty.

On Oct. 11 we held a rally at Union Square as a part of a national day of action for a just recovery. The following day we sent supplies down with bikes and generators.

What we really want is a just recovery for Puerto Rico. We dont want investment capitalists to further a plan that prioritizes their corporate interests. We want the communities that have been directly affected...


Conversation Regarding Harvey Weinstein, To the Stars, Asteroid Weapons and More "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Kerry Cassidy

I have been having some interesting email dialogs with various well placed friends who are either pretending not to know so they can figure out what I know (very possible) or are legitimately dazed and confused by recent events and seeking advice from me its one or the other or perhaps a bit of both.  I lean towards the pretending not to know side on this.  But in the process of advising them I think others may find some of my comments if not illuminating then at least entertaining

Dialog One: My reply to their first query

Appreciate the approach to the whole Weinstein revelations however, as one who worked in Hollywood for nearly 20 years I have to say theres another way to look at this.

Why him and Why now?  What this smacks of is a lone gunman move to hang Harvey W. out to dry focus the anger on him (fall guy) and then the waters will  subside because until and unless they can find another easy MARK it will be business as usual albeit a bit more clandestine and carefully handled.

SO MANY HAVE DIED.   Michael Jackson, Whiteny Houston, Jimi Hendrix the list goes on and on.

For some reason they chose Weinstein but hes the tip of the iceberg.  And you have to realize HOW MUCH MONEY HIS FILM COMPANY HAS MADE OVER TIME.  Its one of the Hollywood blockbuster GREATS and everything the Weinsteins touch turns to gold.  This will not go by the wayside.

It will be salvaged.

You gotta understand the jewish side of the business is ALL PERVASIVE ALL ENCOMPASSING.. They will not go quietly or at all.

Spielberg is KING.

Forget about it.  Its going to survive this.  This stuff didnt just happen its been going on since SHIRLEY TEMPLE and before.

PERHAPS THERE WILL BE A FEW more : OFFERINGS to feed the angry lion but the satanists will not go lightly or anytime soon.

I like your optimism.  I just dont share it.


This is orchestrated.


We were told years ago when disclosure happened EVERYTHING ELSE WOULD HAPPEN TOO its all about keeping the people so busy they dont...


Crime Of Unbelievable Dimensions: Attorney Says Trump Dossier Could Have Staggering Implications For Obama DOJ "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Many questions still surround the now discredited Trump dossier. Where did it really come from? Who funded it? Most importantly, did the Obama administration use it as a pretext to spy on Trump officials? If a FISA warrant was obtained using the dossier, it could have staggering, implications says former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova.

Daily Caller reports:

[House] Republicans want to know whether intelligence agencies used any information from the Christopher Steele dossier, especially for FISA warrants, a congressional official with knowledge of the investigation told TheDCNF.

The FISA court was established by Congress in 1978 under the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act. A FISA court judge must accept a formal application from the Justice Department to approve a warrant for electronic surveillance, physical search, and other forms of investigative actions for foreign intelligence purposes.

If the unsubstantiated dossier information was entered as verifiable information before a FISA court, the implications are staggering, former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova told TheDCNF.

That would mean the Obama administration pursued a type of manipulation of intelligence data and false intelligence data to mislead a court, diGenova said. Its staggering in terms of its implications.

The possibility the Obama administration might use the unproven allegations before a FISA court constitutes a crime of unbelievable dimensions, he said, adding: It requires the empanelment of a federal grand jury.

Glenn Simpson, co-founder of Fusion GPS, the firm behind the debunked Russian dossier to smear Trump refuses to tell Congress who the political sources are that commissioned the salacious document.

The Daily Caller reported:

Fusion GPS al...


Venezuela Regional Elections: Chavismo in Triumph, Opposition in Disarray and Media in Denial "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

President Maduro lauded the election victory as a message against imperialism (photo by AVN)

As the President of the Venezuelan Electoral Commission (CNE) read the results from the regional elections that took place on Sunday, October 15, one could feel the agony in the editorial rooms of mainstream media outlets. Chavismo had just won 18 out of 231 governorships, a result that, according to them, could not have happened. International observers praised the electoral process and opposition claims of fraud, while uncritically echoed by the media, do not have a leg to stand on.


The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) had a tremendous victory in these elections. Among the three quarters of the governorships secured, some were quite significant. Hector Rodrguez, a young and charismatic chavista leader, won the governorship of Miranda state back from the opposition. Miranda includes part of Caracas and was the main hot spot of opposition violence in recent months. Another example was Chvezs home state of Barinas which also saw some unrest in recent months. Chvezs younger brother Argenis was the candidate and the state was successfully held by the PSUV.

The opposition lost all three governorships won in 2012 (Miranda, Amazonas and Lara) and won five others (Anzotegui, Mrida, Nueva Esparta, Tchira and Zulia), with three of them being on the border with Colombia and raising some fears of increased paramilitary activity. Overall participation was 61%, compared to 54% five years ago, and the PSUV had 54% of the vote, some 5.6M votes. This marked a complete...


Officer Accidentally Shoots Another Officer While Training at Firing Range "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A Jackson Police Department Firearms Instructor who was injured when he he was accidentally shot by another officer during training has been treated and released from Regional One Medical in

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Lawmakers give green light for cremation facility to be constructed in Athens "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Step by step, law by law, the project to allow Greeks to be cremated instead of buried in the countrys cemeteries comes a bit closer to materialization. Thirty years after the cremation alternative to burial was raised for the first time and eleven years after the relevant law, still no Greek has been cremated in

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Daily Inspiration --- Diwali "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Today begins Diwali, festival of light. A story from the Upanishads tells how young Nachiketa learned eternal truth from Death.


Banksters, Independence and Cryptos "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Banksters, Independence and Cryptos by Rory The Daily Coin This has been my argument to cryptocurrencies from day one. In 2013 when I was part of an interview with SGTReport and Justin OConnell explained the NSA built the platform...

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Maybe its a piece of dust "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Over the past few days, there was a wave of discussion, back and forth across the net, about the MacBook Pro keyboard. Head to the main Loop post for all the gory detail. []


Cut funding to Syria rebels, says former British envoy to Damascus "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Lord Green has previously been attacked over his links to a pro-Assad lobbying organisation


Heavy rain hits southern Spain, causing severe flash floods "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Heavy rain hit parts of the southern Spain early Wednesday, October 18, 2017, causing major flash floods and power outages. While very damaging to some, the rain came as a blessing to others. After almost 50 days without a drop of rain, the first rainstorm of the...... Read more

Super-intense magnetic field at the center of every galaxy "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

What is present at the center of every galaxy or any larger scale structure is not a super-massive black hole, but an ultra-intense magnetic field. The intensity of magnetic field at that location is so enormous (at least several billion Gauss) and the field...... Read more

Lesetipp: Ein Jura-Professor erklrt, wieso die mittelalterlichen ... "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Lesetipp: Ein Jura-Professor erklrt, wieso die mittelalterlichen Gottesurteile eine gute Idee waren. Er erklrt das so, dass es hier nicht um einen Gottesbeweis ging, sondern um eine spieltheoretische Anreizschaffung, damit Schuldige ihre Tat zugeben. Einziger Nachteil: Es funktioniert nur, wenn die Angeklagten an Gott glauben.

Kurze Durchsage von Afghanistans Ex-Prsident Karzai:The ... "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Kurze Durchsage von Afghanistans Ex-Prsident Karzai:

The US uses the Islamic State insurgency as a tool in Afghanistan, aimed at destabilizing the whole region, the former Afghan president told RT, urging the international community to convince the US that it needs to actually fight terrorism.

Jewish neo-Nazi renounces white supremacist past and comes out as gay (Mary Hui) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

19/10/2017 - Kevin Wilshaw first became interested in Nazism as an 11-year-old. His father was very right wing, and he wanted to emulate him, he told Channel 4. Since then, the British mans ...

Daphne Caruana Galizia: Establishment was out to get her, says family (Jon Henley) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

19/10/2017 - Looking back, they had known perhaps for a long time that it might end like this. With hindsight, says Matthew Caruana Galizia , red-eyed from emotion and lack of sleep, it seems obvious. ...


Assessing U.S. Efforts to Counter Hezbollah "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Its official. The war train rolls on. The pliable cesspool known as Washington, D.C., is ready to wage war against Hezbollah. What pushed D.C. aboard? The perverse confluence of pressure from the Zionist lobby, Mossad, and the U.S. war industry all groups whose constituencies will benefit from U.S. action against Hezbollah.

Nathan A. Sales and Nicholas J. Rasmussen are the public face leading the push for war against Hezbollah, but who are these men?

Ambassador-at-Large for Counterterrorism at the U.S. State Department, Nathan Sales embodies the militarization of U.S. diplomacy. An enemy of the people, Sales helped draft the PATRIOT Act, a despotic piece of legislation through which the U.S. Surveillance State shredded the Fourth Amendment and entrenched endless war. He is the apotheosis of post-9.11 terrorism punditry; his qualifications include wearing a suit & tie and manipulating legalese to advance interminable war.

Sales puts a price on the heads of two senior Hezbollah leaders, butchering their names in the process. Meanwhile, he lets far greater war criminals off the hook. Sales then claims with a straight face that Hezbollah has no political wing, even though Hezbollah is currently an integral part of Lebanese parliament. He claims without a hint of irony that the Iranian people suffer because Tehran funds Hezbollah, while refusing to acknowledge that the U.S. war machine is gobbling up over $1 trillion a year.

Nicholas J. Rasmussen is Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), a perverse amalgam of officials splashing around the Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex trough. The vast majority of officials who go to work everyday at NCTC lack any field experience. They are frothy administrators and technicians. They sit at desks, cubicles, and workstations. Their bosses are CACI, BAH, SAIC, ManTech, and other corporate profiteers. Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks remind us: Today the vast majority of those in the spy business are faceless desk-bound bureaucrats, far removed from the world of the secret age...


Argentina: Where is Santiago Maldonado? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A mystery worthy of Adolfo Bioy Casares: Santiago Maldonado, 28, is an Argentinian activist for the rights of the indigenous Mapuche people of Patagonia. He has been missing since August 1, Witnesses say Mr Maldonado was last seen after he was arrested at a demonstration for the rights of the Mapuche indigenous group in southern []


Spy Tech: Stealing a Moon Probe "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Ever hear of the Soviet Luna program? In the west, it was often called Lunik, if you heard about it at all. Luna was a series of unmanned moon probes launched between 1959 and 1976. There were at least 24 of them, and 15 were successful. Most of the failures were not reported or named. Luna craft have a number of firsts, but the one we are interested in is that it may have been the first space vehicle to be stolen at least temporarily in a cold war caper worthy of a James Bond novel.

Luna-1 Payload

Around 1960, the Soviet Union toured several countries with exhibits of their industrial and technological accomplishments. One of the items on display was the...


US drone strike kills leader of Pakistans Jamaat-ul-Ahrar militants "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In this screen grab taken from a video recording, Omar Khalid Khorasani, center, a top Pakistan Taliban commander, gives an interview in Pakistans Mohmand tribal region on June 2, 2011. (File photo: Handout via Reuters)
DERA ISMAIL KHAN: The leader of Pakistani militant group Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, who planned some of the deadliest suicide bombings in Pakistan in the last year, died on Thursday after being wounded in a US drone strike in Afghanistan, a spokesman said.
Our leader, Omar Khalid Khorasani, was wounded in one of the recent drone strikes in Afghanistan. He was wounded badly, and today he was martyred, Asad Mansoor, a Jamaat-ul-Ahrar spokesman, told Reuters by telephone.
Jamaat-ul-Ahrar is a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban and has in the past also supported Middle East-based Daesh.


The Bids Are In: Amazon Offered Up To $7 Billion In Tax Breaks ($140k Per Employee) For Second U.S. HQ "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

For the past several months, cities all across the country have been competing for the opportunity to host Amazon's second headquarters which promises $5 billion in capital investment and 50,000 new jobs over a period of time.  And now that the bids are in, we have the opportunity to review some of the staggering tax subsidies offered to one of Silicon Valley's biggest companies.
New Jersey apparently 'wins' the prize for 'biggest tax cuts' after offering $7 billion in state and city tax credits, or roughly $140,000 per job promised by Amazon...which should be plenty to once again thrust Bezos to the top of the world's richest list. Per Reuters:


Another KRACK in the network perimeter "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

When a high profile vulnerability surfaces that is as far reaching as KRACK, a WPA2 encryption attack to hijack Wi-Fi networks, its common to respond impulsively. Why are people using outdated technologies? or Why arent people patching their software? While easy to blame the protocols and the people involved, it gets us nowhere. Every breach gets the same treatment. If were ever going to get out of this infinite loop, we need a fundamentally different More


Hollywood Best Friend Of Clintons Knew About Weinstein And Warned Dem Operatives "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason was the best friend of the Clintons in Hollywood. She and her husband Harry were a powerful producing team in Hollywood who produced Designing Women among other TV shows. If youre old enough you may even remember the scandal when she was invited to stay over in the White House during Bill Clintons []


Here Are The Reasons Why Another Government Shutdown Looms "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

government shutdown

It seems that it was just yesterday when the market was celebrating Trumps avoidance of a government shutdown due to an unprecedented bipartisan deal with Democrats, which left Republicans out in the cold. Well, things are once again back to normal.

With fewer than 30 sessions left in the year and a heap of legislative priorities pressing on lawmakers agendas, it will be extraordinary if Republicans manage to pass tax reform this year, something Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin somewhat surprisingly admitted in an interview published yesterday. However, given President Donald Trumps penchant for burning bridges with lawmakers perhaps best exemplified by his decision to make a deal with Chuck and Nancy only to go back on said deal by pushing a package of unrealistic demands, including funding for his border wall and more resources for immigration enforcement Republicans ability to keep the government open past Dec. 8 is looking increasingly tenuous.

As Bloomberg points out, given the rancor within the Republican ranks, and a lack of trust among Democrats fostered by the presidents penchant for burning bridges not only will the Trump White House be forced to punt on all of its major legislative priorities, but it may not be able to avert what would be the first federal government shutdown since 2013, as squabbling lawmakers struggle to find common ground on immigration reform, disaster-relief spending, taxes, Obamacare (subsidies) and preserving funding for Planned Parenthood.

And now, after a year of trying and failing to legislate, the Republicans unfinished business is coming back to haunt them in the fourth quarter.

The years most divisive fights in Congress are set to converge in a bitter partisan clash in December that could result in a US government shutdown. The unresolved battles over a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, immigration, health-care subsidies, Planned Parenthood and storm relief are hanging over talks on must-pass spending legislation to keep the government open after Dec. 8. The spending measure is at risk of becoming so weighted with controversial items that it collapses. The laundry list of things they want to put on it grows every day, said Jim Dyer, a former House Appropriations...


Media Politics an Asset for Islamists "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A press conference with US President Donald TrumpA press conference with US President Donald Trump (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) 

The media is missing a huge part of the controversy surrounding President Trumps former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. While Manafort is reportedly expecting to be indicted for his ties to Russia, he has gotten barely any heat for lobbying on behalf of a Pakistani intelligence front linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Manafort was Trumps campaign manager from June to August 2016. He resigned after several reports surfaced about his business dealings with Russia and Russian allies in Ukraine, which may have included money laundering.

Manafort has reportedly been told to expect to be indicted.

After he resigned, Manafort continued to be seen at Trump Tower. After the election, he advised Trump on choosing members of his administration.

To date, almost all of the attention has been on Manaforts ties to Russia because of its political impact. Few know that he lobbiedperhaps illegallyfor a front for Pakistans terrorism-sponsoring ISI intelligence service and the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas network in America.

Between 1990 and 1995, Manaforts firm was...


Mohawk Nation News 'Weinsteins of Indian Country' "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Mohawk Nation News Please post & distribute. MNN. OCT. 18, 2017. When young native girls go out for jobs, they are immediately targeted by sleazy predators for sexual abuse. In a lawyers office the 19 year old native was asked to stay after work and take some dictation. After everybody was gone, this slime tried to stroke her back and neck and to drag her onto his couch. She fled and


Communication Errors Prevent Navy from Helping Puerto Rico "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

COINTELPRO 2? FBI Targets Black Identity Extremists (Trevin)

A leaked FBI Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit memo dated August 3, 2017, just days before the Charlottesville killing of anti-racist protester, Heather Heyer, deems so-called black identity extremists a threat to law enforcement.

Federal Probe of NYPD Lying (Russ)

Does the NYPD lie on the witness stand? The media has pointed out that many on the force justify false arrest for bonuses and it is becoming commonplace for NYPD to lie.

Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz Debate GOP Tax Plan (Jimmy)

In case you missed it, last night CNN hosted a debate with the two senators on the topic of the GOP tax plan that President Trump has been pushing. You can watch it here.

Spooks Running for Congress as Democrats (Russ)

Alarmed by Trump, theyre on an unexpected side of the aisle. Interesting to contemplate where this might go and whether this is a sign of a different mindset growing within the CIA.

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Drag Queen with Demon-like Horns Reads to Children at Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Drag Queen with Demon-like Horns Reads to Children at Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library | horned-drag-queen | Sleuth Journal Special Interests US News

A drag queen, wearing five red-tipped, demon-like horns, read to the children Saturday as part of LGBTQ History Month at the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library in Long Beach, California. [image: YouTube screenshot]

By Dave Urbanski, The Blaze

A drag queen, wearing five red-tipped, demon-like horns, read to children at the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library in Long Beach, California, on Saturday as part of LGBTQ History Month.

Following his Drag Queen Story Hour gig, Xochi Mochi posted an Instagram photo of him reading to kids at the public library, calling it one of the best experiences Ive been given as a drag queen.

Its so important to have representation and normalize all the letters in LGBTQIA+ in everyday lives, Mochi said. I saw so many excited faces it filled my heart with so much joy and hope to come back again soon! Thanks again to everybody who made this opportunity a reality and make such a successful LGBT event

At least one person wasnt too thrilled with Dr...


Archangel Michael -- On the Apparent Chaos in Our World "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Archangel Michael on AHWAA: On the Apparent Chaos in Our World

October 18, 2017

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | by Steve Beckow

An Hour with an Angel resumes after Lindas spirit quest to England and Scotland.

Archangel Michael returned to discuss current affairs with us.

Asked about the California wildfires, he affirmed that they were not caused by laser, plasma, or scalar weaponry. They were in fact caused by accidents.

Similarly, the hurricanes in the Caribbean and Great Britain were not caused by HAARP neither HAARP in locations far removed from Alaska nor HAARP in submarines nor HAARP in underground bases.

HAARP is no longer operational.

Airs every second Thursday at 4pm PT/7pm ET is no call-in number

He confirmed that our star brothers and sisters are assisting to clean up the most recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

He said that the Las Vegas shooting was by a single man, who had associates who helped him but did not engage in the shooting itself.

We discussed the aid situation in Puerto Rico and what lay behind the inadequate response.

We looked at the movie Geostorm and how it serves various self-serving interests and takes attention away from chemtrails (in the movie, satellites ar...


Children in the for-profit foster care system are dying at alarming rates, and nobody is bothering to investigate "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Children in the for-profit foster care system are dying at alarming rates, but the deaths are not being investigated, and autopsies are not even being attached to the now-closed case files, a two-year investigation has found. The investigation, conducted and released in rare bipartisan fashion by the Senate Finance Committee, looked closely at one of the largest private providers of foster care services, the MENTOR Network. The companies and agencies charged with keeping foster children safe often failed to provide the most basic protections or take steps to prevent tragedies, the investigation found.


Federal Prosecutors Want Google Punished For Withholding User Data "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Federal prosecutors on Wednesday urged a judge to slap Google with higher sanctions for failing to comply with a court order that it hand over emails and other data the technology giant claims are beyond the reach of the U.S. government.

The sanction itself needs to have significant teeth in order to compel Google, a $600 billion company, to change its behavior, Department of Justice attorney Andrew Pak argued in court Wednesday.

Pak asked U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg to deny Googles request to hold it in contempt and issue stayed sanctions of $10,000 per day while Google appeals a ruling denying its motion to quash a search warrant.

Google claims that because the data sought by prosecutors is stored on an overseas server, the U.S. government lacks authority to seize the records under the Stored Communications Act.

In August, Seeborg denied Googles request to overturn U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beelers April 25 ruling ordering Google to hand over the data.

In a similar case being reviewed by the Supreme Court, the Second Circuit held in July 2016 that Microsoft did not have to comply with a warrant seeking data stored on servers in Dublin, Ireland. The Second Circuits three-judge panel noted in its opinion that the Stored Communications Act had been left behind by technology and was overdue for congressional revision.

Unlike in the Microsoft case, where data was clearly tethered to a users location, Beeler and Seeborg found Googles reliance on an efficiency-optimizing algorithm to determine where it stores data would render virtually all of its records out of reach for federal investigators.


On Wednesday, Seeborg appeared skeptical of the governments request to hold an evidentiary hearing to determine what amount might compel Google to comply with his ruling.

Im just not seeing where this evidentiary hearing to assess some very significant sanction amount is going to impact at the end of the day the fate of this material you want...


Steve Beckow -- Part 1/3: What are Creation Codes and How do they Work? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

What are Creation Codes and How do They Work? Part 1/3

October 19, 2017

Source: Golden Age of Gaia | by Steve Beckow

What form might the creation codes take?

As the Federation of Light reminded us through Blossom Goodchild, everything upon your Planet has coding. Your planet is run by codes should we say. (1)

What is coding? The Federation explains:

Federation: Codes are a sequence of numbers.

Blossom: I am seeing an image like that at the beginning of The Matrix movie.

F: Precisely. We would even go as far as to say that if, by way of explanation you were to be given some magical glasses you would see your entire air/energy/atmosphere full of these codes changing all the time, as on a computer screen for within every breath a different code is put in place.

B: So, is it alive?

F: We would say Yes. Although, it is not of course alive as in your human spirit. It does not have a spirit per se Yet, it has Energy because it itself IS Energy. The format of IT deduces Energy form.

It conducts Energy into particular forms via codings.

It never stops. If it was to STOP EVERYTHING would shut down. (2)

The Federation embeds coding within their messages to us, they tell us:

We have embedded within the words a sort of coding, which when hit home b...


Woman Finds Kitten Stuck In Hunting Trap And Drops Everything To Save Him "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A woman was walking through a field when she suddenly came across a tiny kitten with his leg caught in a spring trap, bleeding badly and unable to free himself. Horrified, she immediately contacted the RSPCA, hoping it could help save the kittens life. 

RSPCA inspector Steph Baines rushed out to help the kitten later named Cassidy and when she arrived, she knew the situation was grim. 

Warning: Graphic photos below

Credit: RSPCA

His front left leg was severed halfway up, Baines said in a press release. Vets estimated that ... the wound was around two days old so he could well have been stuck in the trap for a couple of days. 

Credit: RSPCA

Baines immediately took Cassidy to the vet, who examined him thoroughly and decided that unfortunately, his injured leg was too far gone, and would need to be amputated. 

He must have been in a lot of pain and wasnt weight-bearing, Baines said. Its quite miraculous that he survived for that long with such a serious injury. 

Credit: RSPCA

Luckily, the surgery went incredibly well, and Cassidy is expected to make a full recovery. Cassidy wasnt microchipped, and Baines hasnt been able to find anyone who will come forward as his owner. He needed a place to recover for a bit after his surgery until he could be put up for adoption and so Baines decided to step forward to foster the kitten whose life she saved. 

Hes adapting well to life on three legs, Baines said. 


LIVE Stop Enbridge Line 3 Frontline Resistance "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 -- WATER PROTECTORS are alive and strong and shutting down the streets en route to the Line 3 public hearing in Duluth, MN. Frontlines in the front


Tajikistan: LGBT Registry Sparks Outrage "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Authorities in Tajikistan have reportedly compiled a registry of hundreds of people in the countrys gay and lesbian community as part of a purported drive to promote moral behavior.

RFE/RLs Tajik service, Radio Ozodi, reported on October 17 that the list drawn up by the Interior Ministry and the General Prosecutors Office comprises 319 gay men and 48 lesbians.

Ozodi cited law enforcement officials as claiming the registry was drawn up primarily to protect the people named on it and to monitor sections of the population perceived as being at greatest risk from sexually transmitted diseases. But rights advocacy groups are warning of the pernicious potential of such lists.

Tajikistani authorities can dress this up any way they want, but they are fooling no one. This is not an effort to protect the LGBT community, it is the first step in a broader scheme to persecute them, Shawn Gaylord, advocacy counsel for New York-based Human Rights First, said in a statement.

A Soviet-era statue criminalizing homosexuality was scrapped in Tajikistan in 1998, but social mores are such that gays and lesbians are often compelled to keep their sexuality secret. 

Concern about the creation of a so-called LGBT register in Tajikistan comes against the backdrop of more aggressive campaigns to single out and persecute members of the LGBT community in Russias Republic of Chechnya and in Azerbaijan.

In Azerbaijan, dozens of gay and transgender people have been detained by police on the streets, in their homes and in bars since mid-September. As in Tajikistan, Azeri police have justified the raids by citing the need to protect public morality and isolating people with sexually transmitted diseases.

read more


Harvey Weinstein and the Politics of Hollywood "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Jonathan Cook | Dissident Voice | October 18, 2017 There is something truly exasperating about digesting the steady flow of horror stories relating to Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. In part, of course, it is because the reports that Weinstein allegedly raped and sexually assaulted women over decades are deeply disturbing. In part, it is []


Dip update 106/n "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

[Orig: Oct 19, 2017]
Hi everyone,
Below is the light curve as of a few hours ago with new points from OGG and TFN. The above normal brightness trend persists - we continue to watch and are excited to see what comes next!   
~Tabby and team
PS: These observations are happening because of the wonderful backers of our 2016 Kickstarter project. The Kickstarter campaign has ended, but we are still accepting donations to purchase additional observing time on the LCO 0.4m network. Thanks in advance for your support!      


Catalonia Crisis: Spain Moves to Suspend Autonomy "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Via: BBC: Spain is to start suspending Catalonias autonomy from Saturday, as the regions leader threatens to declare independence. The government said ministers would meet to activate Article 155 of the constitution, allowing it to take over running of the region. Catalonias leader said the regions parliament would vote on independence if Spain continued repression. []


Kurdish fighters raise flag of PKK leader in centre of Raqqa "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Syrian activists reacted with anger as Abdullah Ocalan's image appeared following the liberation of the city from Islamic State


New Vegas footage shows manhunt underway at Tropicana Ave and the Blvd. the night of Oct. 1 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

New footage reveals a police manhunt was underway the night of Oct. 1 near the corner of Tropicana Ave. and Las Vegas Blvd.

(LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB)  New video footage captured the night of the Oct. 1 massacre reveals that police were, in fact, conducting in a major manhunt for an additional suspect(s) using multiple law enforcement strike teams and multiple four-man elements near the intersection of Tropicana Ave. and Las Vegas Blvd. between 11:10 11:25 p.m. and at the Tropicana itself.

In the video, a mans voice can be heard saying: The SWAT team is kneeled down and has its guns pointed toward the Tropicana.

Soon after, a strike team enters the Tropicana as people pour out of the building with their hands held high in the air.

Read more about the Las Vegas Shooting

Featured Image: Screenshot via Niall Bradley/YouTube
2017. INTELLIHUB.COM All Rights Reserved. 

Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics ( Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channels America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Sheps World. Follow Shep on Facebook. Subscribe to Sheps YouTube channel.


American Pravda, NYT Part IV: New York Times Company Culture Revealed: Everyone hates Trump (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

American Pravda, NYT Part IV: New York Times Company Culture Revealed: Everyone hates Trump Video Veritas Visuals Project Veritas has just released a video of an IT Consultant for The New York Times for over 20 years admitting The...

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277 Sex Traffickers Arrested, 84 Minors Recovered in Nation-Wide Sweep "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

At least 277 sex traffickers were arrested this week in nation-wide operations.

Via Reddit The Donald:

Tampa Bay Channel 10 reported that 120 were arrested in nationwide sting.

The FBI announced Wednesday it recovered 84 minors and arrested 120 suspects in a nationwide underage human trafficking operation.

FBI agents in the Tampa field office recovered one minor and arrested three human traffickers.

We at the FBI have no greater mission than to protect our nations children from harm. Unfortunately, the number of traffickers arrestedand the number of children recovered reinforces why we need to continue to do this important work, said FBI Director Christopher Wray in a news release. This operation isnt just about taking traffickers off the street.

Its about making sure we offer help and a way out to these young victims who find themselves caught in a vicious cycle of abuse.

The four-day sting marked the 11th FBI-led Operation Cross Country. This years operation took place in 55 FBI field offices. It also involved 78 state and local tasks forces.

FOX 5 in Georgia has says 60 were arrested in the state in recent raids.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said they arrested 60 people and recovered four juveniles in Georgia as part of a nationwide underage human trafficking sting.

Nationwide, 84 minors were recovered and 120 traffickers were arrested as a part of Operation Cross County XI, which ran from Oct. 12 to Oct. 15.

And US News reported that 277 were arrested in the sweep including an Air Force veteran, a retired police officer and a colonel in the Marine Corps.
A cancer surgeon, a teacher, a pediatrician, an Air Force veteran, a retired police officer and a colonel in the Marine Corps were among the nearly 300 people arrested in Florida in a massive prostitution sting, police say.

The undercover human trafficking operation, which was called Operation No Tricks, No Treats and ran from Oct. 10-15, netted 277 people, according to a press release from the Polk...


The Not-So-Dire Future of Work "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The current debate about technological change often skews toward the melodramatic, foretelling a future in which machines, algorithms, and lines of code drive humans out of work. But, with smart, forward-looking policies, we can meet the coming challenges head on and ensure that the future of work is a better job.


Two Chicago Cops Take The Fifth 32 Times, Wont Testify in Lawsuit Over Friends Shooting "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

One is retired from the Chicago Police Department. One remains on the force. Both wound up on a witness stand Tuesday, in separate courthouses across town. And in a sign

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Logging at Goose: A Call to Action from Oregons Cascadia Forest Defenders "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

from Cascadia Forest Defenders

Photo from Instagram: @goosetreesit

LANE COUNTY OREGON: Logging has begun at the Goose Timber Sale in the Willamette National Forest north of McKenzie Bridge and Highway 126. The Cascadia Forest Defenders (CFD) have maintained a tree sit protest inside the Goose Timber Sale since late May and CFD first observed evidence of logging on Tuesday October 17th.

The Forest Defender tree sit was searched and extensively photographed Wednesday October 18th by Lane County Sherriffs Deputies and Forest Service Officers with a promise to see you tomorrow, says one Forest Defender. This is the first contact CFD has had with law enforcement since the tree sit protest began six months ago.

Cascadia Forest Defenders are making a general call to action to all activists and organizers in the Pacific Northwest to help stop the Goose Timber Sale. CFD will maintain a presence inside the Goose Timber Sale that will force Seneca Jones Timber Company and the U.S. Forest Service to abandon logging of public lands.

Logging has begun along forest road 704 near the entrance to the Frissell Trail. CFD asks all participating volunteers, activists, and media to access forest road 705 at the intersection of Highway 126 and McKenzie River Dr. Lane Transit District bus route 91 intersects with forest road 705 at Stop ID: 09086 near mile post 49 on Highway 126.

The Cascadia Forest Defenders are committed to ending logging on all Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Services public lands. In the spirit of legendary American naturalist Edward O. Wilson, C...


Where Did the Term Fake News Originate? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Jonathan Carty

It seemed to have come out of no where, all of the sudden the media started using this term, and the next thing you know, everyone else is using it. I recall exactly the moment when this term was introduced into the public consciousness. And this information is likely to disturb you. The underlying purpose of this term was preventative damage control.

Terms like this are created all the time by powerful members of the govt, corporations and other places of high status. They are created and disseminated in order to deter public awareness from a particular subject. It is a mind-control derivative which is based on the populations desire to go with the pack and to blend in to society. To not do or saying anything that will rock the boat. Let us not forget one of their other best tactics, discreditation.

The term conspiracy theorist was created and used in the same manner:

(Global Research) Conspiracy theorys acutely negative connotations may be traced to liberal historian Richard Hofstadters well-known fusillades against the New Right. Yet it was the Central Intelligence Agency that likely played the greatest role in effectively weaponizing the term.

In the groundswell of public skepticism toward the Warren Commissions findings on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the CIA sent a detailed directive to all of its bureaus.

Titled Countering Criticism of the Warren Commission Report, the dispatch played a definitive role in making the conspiracy theory term a weapon to be wielded against almost any individual or group calling the governments increasingly clandestine programs and activities into question.

RELATED: In 1967, the CIA Created the Label Conspiracy Theorists

So in order to keep people from investigating these massive scandals involving the government, these terms were weaponized and perpetuated by the controlled-media which was then integrated into everyday life. I believe the same is happening now with this current massive scandal which, for those who may not be aware, ties...


Most organizations dont have SSH security policies in place "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Cybercriminals can abuse SSH keys to secure and automate administrator-to-machine and machine-to-machine access to critical business functions. According to Venafis research, even though SSH keys provide the highest levels of administrative access they are routinely untracked, unmanaged and poorly secured. For example, 63 percent of respondents admit they do not actively rotate keys, even when an administrator leaves their organization, allowing them to have ongoing privileged access to critical systems. A compromised SSH key in More


UN takes Australia to task over archaic fines laws that resulted in Ms Dhus death in custody "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Australian Government was again grilled last night at the United Nations in Geneva with the Human Rights Committee taking aim at the failure to scrap the cruel fines laws that resulted in Ms Dhus tragic death in custody.

Ms Dhu, a young Yamatji woman from Geraldton, died a cruel and inhuman death in 2014 after being locked away in a South Headland police cell for three days because she couldnt pay fines she received as a teenager.

Nana Carol Roe, Ms Dhus grandmother, said she was still waiting for truth and justice.

Australia needs to answer for everything that they have done to my people and especially for how they treated my granddaughter. Australia must be held to account, said Ms Roe.

Related: Shocking and disturbing:  Australian Government slammed for its cruelty to refugees at UN hearing

Ruth Barson, a Director of Legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre, said at the conclusion of the coronial inquest into Ms Dhus death, the Coroner recommended that the Western Australian Government reform its fines laws to get rid of automatic imprisonment for fine default.

Last night Australia was shamed on the worlds human rights stage because of Western Australias dangerous practice of locking up people who cannot afford to pay their fines. Its been three painful years since Ms Dhus tragic death. There is no justifiable reason for delay its time for bipartisan support for these archaic laws to be scrapped, said Ms Barson.

In the past few weeks Western Australias unfair fines laws have seen a breastfeeding mother put behind bars, and a heavily pregnant woman at risk of being jailed because she couldnt afford to pay her fines.

A promise to lead on Indigenous peoples rights was a central pillar to Australias successful bid to gain a seat on the UN Human Rights Council earlier this week.

Michael Coughlan from Indigenous Peoples Network Australia, who is currently in Geneva, said that the fine laws are a driver of the appallingly high rates at which Aboriginal people are over-imprisoned.

We know these laws are harmful and we know they unfairly trap too many Aboriginal people. They belong in the garbage. Nobody should be subjected to the indignity and dangers of prison simply because they cannot afford to pay a fine, said Mr Coughlan.


Let Venezuela Live! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Dan Kovalik, an US human rights and labor lawyer who officially observed Venezuelan regional elections last Sunday, writes that opposition allegations of fraud are "groundless" and aimed at effecting regime change in the Latin American country. 


Court Orders Unconstitutional 90-Year-Old Veterans Memorial Torn Down "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Sad. Via Daily Caller: The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals decided Wednesday that the cross-shaped Bladensburg World War I Veterans Memorial is unconstitutional and must come down. The Bladensburg Memorial, located in Bladensburg Park, Md., has honored the sacrifices of 49 men from the Bladensburg area who died during World War I since 1925, []


Is There a Way To Get Tough on Iran Without Leaving The Nuclear Deal? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

 OCTOBER 19, 2017 15:30
There are important elements in the administrations new policy that may reverse some of the negative aspects of the JCPOA, and set the stage for pushing back on Irans regional provocations.

Getting tough on Iran without leaving the nuclear deal

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump speaks about Iran and the nuclear accord at the White House on Friday. (photo credit:REUTERS)

On October 13, US President Donald Trump announced his decision not to certify the JCPOA, in contrast to his previous two decisions to certify the deal. Instead, he declared, the administration would work with Congress and US global and Middle East allies to address the flaws surrounding the deal, as well as other aspects of Irans behavior, widely perceived to be threatening and destabilizing. This position was reached following the administrations policy review on Iran, underway over the past nine months, and outlines a new approach that began to emerge already with the statement in April 2017 by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered the day after Trump certified the JCPOA for the first time which sketched in broad strokes the direction of US policy on Iran.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the new policy is that it covers the entirety of Irans behavior that is viewed negatively by the US, beyond the nuclear program: Irans missile program, support for terror, and regional aspirations that threaten the national security interests of the US and its allies in the Middle East. In so doing, the administration has ended the approach of the Obama administration that sought to create a divide between the nuclear and regio...


Congress Is To Blame For the Opioid Epidemic Plus All Vaccine Tragedies; Investigate Both Now "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Sunday, October 15, 2017, CBS TV news 60 Minutes dropped a proverbial bombshell regarding the problems with the U.S. pharmaceutical industry and the shills who promote Pharmas wareslicensed medical doctors, distributors, pharmacists, etc. MORE WITH VIDEO HERE Advertisements Filed under: economics, government, health, politics Tagged: Opioid Epidemic, Vaccine Tragedies


Apple Watch cellular feature cut off in China "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Wall Street Journal:

For the first time, the Apple Watch can have an independent cellular connection, allowing people to use it to make voice calls, send and receive text and data even if the watch isnt wirelessly connected to an iPhone.

But in China, the feature was abruptly cut off for new subscribers, without explanation, after a brief availability with one telecom company.

Industry analysts say the suspension likely stemmed from Chinese government security concerns to do with tracking users of the device, which uses different technology than standard mobile phones.

This is a stunning development. After all the approvals were in place, prototypes no doubt submitted for inspection, deals signed with all players, manufacturing process completed, product packaged and distributed, and cash laid on the table as promised product was delivered and paid for, the rug was pulled out from under.

Heres hoping this is a temporary setback.

Read this on The Loop


Russian Uranium Deal Is The Biggest Story That Fake Media Doesnt Want To Follow "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

As we reported yesterday, as the media continues to lose their collective minds over $100,000 worth of Facebook ads allegedly purchased by Russians during the 2016 election, the Senate Judiciary Committee has finally decided theyre going to take a look into a shady Russian deal first  profiled here last summer that handed Putin []


Swedish ambassador warns democracy is being dismantled in Sweden "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Hkan Juholt, 55, is a former member of Swedens parliament (1994-2016), former leader of Swedens center-left Social Democrat party (2011-2012), and Swedens new ambassador to Iceland since this September. In an interview with the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper, Juholt warns that Continue reading


Due to growing internet access the child porn industry is spreading in Southeast Asia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The spread of internet use in Southeast Asia is fueling the creation and spread of child exploitation - and experts are warning that children are being coerced into creating the material themselves. Internet availability across Southeast Asia currently sits at about 50 percent, according to a recent study. However, in the Philippines and Thailand, countries where sexual abuse is a significant problem, the rate reaches 58 percent and 67 percent respectively, Reuters reports. Jon Rouse of Taskforce Argos, an Australian police unit that targets online child abuse networks, said that the problem of child porn is only going to get bigger.


The Florida Project Offers a Rare Glimpse of Poverty on the Edge of Paradise "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson offered a blunt summary of his view on poverty and how to get out of poverty in a radio interview last May. I think poverty to a large extent is also a state of mind, he told conservative radio personality Armstrong Williams. You take somebody that has the right mindset, you can take everything from them and put them on the street, and I guarantee in a little while, theyll be right back up there.

In Carsons view, that state of mind is the most powerful element in ones economic future. You take somebody with the wrong mindset, you can give them everything in the world theyll work their way right back down to the bottom, he added.

The Florida Project, the latest indie flick from writer-director Sean Baker, very much focuses on the state of mind of impoverished families living in a low-rent motel right outside Walt Disney World in Florida. But, unlike Carsons one-dimensional portrait, the movie surveys the depth and range of personalities and emotions of those living in poverty on the edge of paradise.

We see the panic of a single mother faced with the prospect of becoming homeless by missing a rent check; the joys of children who have no summer camp or video games to keep them occupied but instead invent an adventure romping through an abandoned condominium rumored to be a crack den; the agony of a hotel manager who is willing to dip into his own pocket to keep a roof over the heads of his customers while also bearing the burden of chasing his own American Dream.

With the exception of the aforementioned hotel manager Bobby, played by Willem Dafoe, who Baker smartly avoids over-using  most of the cast are newcomers or fairly new to film. This allows for the movie to present its characters as ordinary and therefore believable people.

Although every word of the story is fiction, the trials of the residents feel embedded in reality. Watching The Florida Project, you have a hard time escaping the fact that this is the ground truth for millions of Americans.

Much of the film revolves around Halley, played by cinematic neophyte Bria Vinaite. Halley is a single mother and long-term resident of the motel, who leads a Sisyphean existence of putting together the right hare-brained scheme to collect enough rent money to avoid eviction, only to repeat the task with the same mix of desperation and ingenuity for the next rent period.

The film takes place during summer break. Halley can barely afford the next days meal, let alone childcare, and everything in her life, good and bad is, shared with her daughter Moonee.

Moonee, played with an abundance of spu...


POTUS Trump Fired Up Over Clinton-Uranium One Scandal: Biggest Story Fake Media Doesnt Want To Follow! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

President Trump took to Twitter Thursday to lend his megaphone to promote the Clinton-Uranium One scandal, decrying the fake news media, is ignoring the bombshell report. President Trump is spot on.

Yesterday, the networks ignored the story, opting to cover Mike Pences gaze, and Ruth Bader Ginsburgs workout plan instead.

Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesnt want to follow!, tweeted Trump.

The President followed up quoting Fox & Friends report on the scandal, tweeting Russia sent millions to Clinton Foundation.

Shortly after, Dilbert creator Scott Adams highlighted how President Trumps tweet already yielded results. Business Insider covered the story following the tweet. Among many reasons, this is why it is imperative President Trump continues to use Twitter.

The Commander-in-Chief is correct the mainstream media will report on anything else but this scandal.

While millions of Americans are calling for a full scale investigation by...


ICE plans major crackdown on employers of illegals immigrants "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Here's another policy that conservatives have been clamoring for, and the Trump administration is actually gonna do it. ICE is planning to increase law enforcement on employers of illegal aliens - by FOUR times as much. From CNN: The administration's top immigration enforcement official on Tuesday said his agency will vastly step up crackdowns on employers who hire undocumented immigrants - a new front in President Donald Trump's hardline immigration agenda. Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director Tom Homan spoke at the conservative Heritage Foundation and was asked whether his agency would do more to target not just undocumented workers, but their places of work. Homan said he has instructed Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the investigative unit of ICE, to potentially quintuple worksite enforcement actions next year. He said he recently asked HSI to audit how much of their time is spent on work site enforcement, and said he has ordered that to increase "by four to five times." "We've already increased the number of inspections in work site operations, you will see that significantly increase this next fiscal year," Homan promised, saying the goal is to remove the "magnet" drawing people to enter the US illegally. THAT is a huge deal. It's one thing to go after illegal aliens, but when you go after the employers, that's when you can really make a dent in the problem because illegals won't be able to find jobs to go to, and will return right back to where they came from. Belgium, mostly.


According To Science, Curcumin Removes Fluoride From The Brain "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Fluoride is something that is added to the public water supply under the guise of reducing tooth decay, but the hazardous effects it has on us outweigh any reduction in tooth decay. While lots of people will try to convince you that fluoride is safe, do not be fooled! Fluoride is VERY capable of damaging []


NCAI Convention Attendees Enjoy Culture Night in Milwaukee "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Published October 19, 2017

MILWAUKEE Attendees of the National Congress of American Indians 74th Annual Convention and Marketplace were treated to traditional food, dance and drumming by the local American Indian community at the Indian Community School on Wednesday night.

NCAIs convention concludes on Friday.



Get Ready To Party Like Its 2008 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Get Ready To Party Like Its 2008 by Dave Kranzler Investment Research Dynamics Apparently Treasury Secretary, ex-Goldman Sachs banker Steven Mnuchin, has threatened Congress with stock crash if Congress didnt pass a tax reform Bill.  His reason is that...

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Netflix hides their viewing numbers, but Nielson uses audio recognition software for a clue "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

John Koblin, New York Times:

In the five years since Netflix started streaming original series like the Emmy-winning House of Cards and Master of None, the shows have had a question hanging over them: How many people are watching?

Outside of Netflix, nobody knows the answer.

But Nielson (the people who, for decades, have been crunching data to tell us who is watching what) has worked out a scheme to tell us:

Nielsen announced the initiative on Wednesday morning, but it has been collecting Netflix viewership data over the last two months in a kind of test run.

The company said it was able to determine how many viewers were streaming Netflix content through audio recognition software in the 44,000 Nielsen-rated homes across the United States.

Yes. Audio recognition software. They are eavesdropping on Nielson households, obviously with permission, and parsing exactly who is watching Netflix, and exactly when and for how long.

This is fascinating to me, but it also made me wonder about Amazon and Google. With the Amazon Echo and Google Home in more and more homes, this kind of data would be easy enough to gather. With permission, of course.

Read this on The Loop


Enterprise container security: Theres room for improvement "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

With companies such as Facebook, Netflix and Google heralding the use of containers for their agility, portability, and cost benefits enterprises are following suit. But the introduction of new processes and changes to infrastructure require a significant shift in focus. To learn the current state of container security in the enterprise, Aqua Security surveyed 512 individuals meeting the criteria of using containers in development or production today, or planning to use them in the More


ONE SMALL TOWN Interest Speeding Up. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

I had a very successful quick trip to the USA - did presentations in Santa Fe, Austin and Dallas. The result has been astounding. We now have activity in 3 new SMALL TOWNS with access to conscious mayors who are already doing almost UBUNTU activity without realising it. We have two UBUNTU USA members that will run for mayor in Austin TX and Santa Fe - and we have a possible Governor to


What I Want Everyone, Especially My Daughters, To Know About My #MeToo Experiences "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Im a #metoo girl, too. In the grand scheme, I consider myself basically unscathed. Ive been harassed, but never assaulted. But in talking to women friends in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the Fox News scandal before it, I realized Im more scathed than I thought I was, and they were, too.

I reported two superiors for crossing the line, very early in my career. Despite being young, I felt secure enough to know what the line was and do something about it. I was pretty powerless, and it was scary and uncomfortable, and the risks were real, but I reported them and Ive never regretted it.

The first instance was not dealt with well. There was no HR department, and the boss of my boss essentially asked me if the young women and interns in the office might be kind of asking for my boss advances and graphic descriptions of sexual exploits, what with their clothing and their smiles. 

The second was a mediocre, routine human resources experience in which the offender was given a talking-to, and my account was kept on file with HR in the hopes of preventing retaliation. But he remained my immediate superior, in charge of my advancement and raises, despite knowing Id reported him. The office environment was as icy and unpleasant as you might expect for me after that.

To be fair, he would have known I was reporting him anyway because I told him to his face in no uncertain terms thats what Id be doing when he asked me for a Saturday business meeting at a restaurant and I found myself listening to an emotional profession of his desire to date me. I told him many other things to his face, too, many of which are not fit for printing and were not fit for the quiet restaurant in which I delivered my 10-minute angry lecture on business ethics, sexual impropriety, and a colorful description of the utter impossibility of my fraternizing with this person. I ended it with a deadly serious, Have I made myself perfectly clear? and abandoned my boss with his complimentary plate of French bread.

In that moment, I was not scared. I was mad as hell. Someone had taken a job I enjoyed, and work that I was proud of, and in an instant, turned it into an awkward, daily exercise in anxiety and anger. He made me question all my accomplishments and everyones perceptions of my accomplishments. I knew everything had changed in that instant, but I damn sure wasnt going to let it pass without him knowing I was pissed about it. Reporting the incident was harder, driven less by adrenaline than the confrontation was.

Somewhat ironically, neither of these incidents happened at Fox News, where I worked for eight years. During my time there, I never met Roger Ailes, was never harassed, and never witnessed harassment, partly because I was in the Washington DC office, which had a very different culture.



#Malm: Solidarity Popklubb with #NoG20 Prisoners "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

On July 6-8, 2017, thousands of people protested in Hamburg against the international summit of the 19 most powerful states and the EU (the so-called G20). This, otherwise informal, summit essentially defines the most important socioeconomic decisions and alliances on the planet. Under the motto Hamburg G20: welcome to Hell, for four days the city of Hamburg experienced an unprecedented wave of protests against the worlds powerful. A heterogeneous and formless mass of activists that turned into a synchronized choreography of resistance against capitalism, state, and authority. Activists effectively confronted the police state that the German government attempted to impose in the city. We saw in front of our eyes, how one of the worlds most well-oiled suppressive apparatus was totally disorganized by direct action and decentralized attacks in the broader area of St. Pauli. The events of Hamburg create optimism about the activist future and a world without oppression.


Originally published by Gatorna Info.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

Read all our NoG20 reports;...


Scientists warn of ecological Armageddon; collapse of the food chain as study finds flying insect numbers have plunged 80% in 30 years "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Scientists are warning of 'ecological Armageddon' after discovering the number of flying insects has fallen by three-quarters over the past 27 years. Researchers in Germany have documented a steep decline at dozens of nature reserves. Their findings have sparked fears the foodchain will collapse because insects are important pollinators and serve as meals for birds and other small creatures. It is thought the decline may be caused by agricultural pesticides used to stop insects eating crops. It comes after drivers across the UK have been reporting noticing fewer flies, gnats, wasps and moths than usual on their vehicles. The trend has also been spotted elsewhere.


DOE Secretary Rick Perry: Resiliency Pricing Rule for Coal-fired and Nuclear Power Plants "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Guest post by David Middleton DOE = United States Department of Energy FERC = Federal Energy Regulatory Commission OCT 2, 2017 Rick Perry Directs FERC To Complete Final Action On Resiliency Pricing Rule In 60 Days Rod Adams , CONTRIBUTOR One of the most sweeping changes to the U.S. electricity supply market in the past


Killary kept her private computer server for nearly two years after leaving State Dept - who let that happen? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Hillary Clinton's email activity has been subject to intense scrutiny (perhaps more so by the media than the FBI) and yet we still haven't received the answer as to who allowed the former Secretary of State to keep her computer server nearly two years after leaving government. Hedge fund manager Charles Ortel posed the question during an interview with Russia Today. From RT: RT: What do you make of this latest revelation on the Clinton email investigation? Charles Ortel: I think it is a very dangerous sort of revelation. I would implore people to understand the real issue is not whether or not Hillary Clinton and others had classified information on this private server. The real issue is who allowed Hillary Clinton, while secretary of state, and the various cronies associated with her and employees and contractors, to operate this private server during her entire tenure and then to let her and her team continue to operate, and hold all of the contents that were on this server for almost two years after she had left the post. This is akin to deciding that what you are going to do is to take Air Force Two after you leave, and use it for 18 months and then give it back to the government at the end of the day. It is very damaging information. Despite overwhelming evidence of Hillary Clinton mishandling classified information, the FBI and Department of Justice refuse to prosecute the former Secretary of State. As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, former FBI Director James Comey drafted a memo exonerating Clinton before the Bureau's investigation was complete.


! "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

19, 2017 . ..! []


Zoo, Part 5. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

From Giliell, click for full size! That first shot, wow!

Giliell, all rights reserved.


In Ongoing Media Crackdown, Israeli Troops Raid Palestinian Broadcasters "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In a surprise military and police raid, Israeli regime forces have broken into and stolen broadcasting equipment from eight Palestinian broadcasters, including Pal Media which provides RT broadcasts to viewers in Palestine.

Pal Media is one of the largest television providers in Palestine, carrying not only RT but also Al Mayadeen, TransMedia and western outlets BBC News and France 24.

The Israeli regime stated that the eight broadcasters whose offices were vandalized and whose expensive broadcasting equipment was either stolen or smashed, were carrying, among many other things, Hamas related media organizations.

With Hamas and Fatah, the two main Palestinian parties, formalizing a unity agreement, Tel Aviv continues to vocalize strong disapprobation, stating that they refuse to negotiate with the organization in any guise, even though journalists have exposed the fact that Israel covertly helped to found Hamas in the 1980s.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has condemned the move by Tel Aviv in the following statement:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates condemns in the strongest terms the aggression by the Israeli occupying forces against the headquarters of a number of Palestinian media institutions in the occupied west bank, and the ministry asserts that such piracy is in the context of ongoing attempts to conceal its daily crimes and acts of aggression. It represents a failed attempt to terrorise and prevent media institutions from doing their part in exposing violations by the occupiers and settlers.

RT further reports:

Pal Media and RT offices have already fallen victim to the Israeli forces raids. In 2014, they broke into the Ramallah office and seized hardware and videotapes as well as breaking a computer and office furniture. In June 2017, Israeli military raided Pal....


ISIS Defeat Doesnt Mean Wars Are Over in Iraq & Syria "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria may trigger four more wars in Iraq and Syria. Clarion Projects National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro explains on I24:



ISIS Defeated in Syria Not Necessarily Good News

Defeating ISIS Means Challenging the Nihilist Ideology of Sharia

Why Isnt Trump Helping the Kurds?

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One simple photo shows why Apples iPhone X is so exciting "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Heres a link to the photo. I actually like the iPhone 8 design, but theres no denying the extra screen real estate you get with the iPhone X, notch and all.

Read the article for Zach Epsteins take on the photo.

Read this on The Loop


Sahel poses new risks after jihadists ambush US forces in Niger "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


STR / AFP | UN troops carry on a stretcher the body of one of the seven UN peacekeepers from Niger who were killed in an ambush, at the airport in Abidjan.


Latest update : 2017-10-19

The Islamic militants came on motorcycles toting rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns, killing four American service members after shattering the windows of the unarmored US trucks.

In this remote corner of Niger where the Americans and their local counterparts had been meeting with community leaders, residents say the men who came to kill that day had never been seen there before.

The attackers spoke Arabic and Tamashek, and were light-skinned, Baringay Aghali, told The Associated Press by phone from the remote village of Tongo-Tongo.

Who were these men and how did they know the Americans would be there that day?

 No automatic alt text available.

No extremist group has claimed responsibility for the deadly ambush on Oct. 4 and the languages reportedly spoken by the jihadists are used throughout the Sahel including Tamashek, spoken by ethnic Tuaregs.

IS splinter group

The ambush of US troops in Niger has been the center of controversy in America because President Donald Trump has been criticized in some quarters, including by one grieving family directly, for the way he spoke to the wife of one of the soldiers slain in that operation.

The Niger attack appears to be the work of the Islamic State of the Sahel, a splinter group of extremists loyal to the Islamic State group who are based just across the border in Mali, according to interviews with US officials and authorities here in the vast Sahel region bordering the Sahara Desert. It is led by Adnan Abu Walid who built ti...


Indonesia: US Documents Released on 1965-66 Massacres "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

(HRW) Newly released US government documents on the mass killings in Indonesia in 1965-66 underscore the need for the US and Indonesian governments to fully disclose all related classified materials, Human Rights Watch said today. Those classified documents are crucial to an accurate historical record of the killings and to provide justice for those crimes.

The release on October 17, 2017, by the United States nongovernmental public transparency organization National Security Archive of 39 US Embassy in Jakarta documents show that US diplomatic personnel were fully aware of the scale and savagery of the 1965-66 killings. The documents reveal that US diplomats and their State Department counterparts in Washington, DC, were documenting tens of thousands of killings by the military, paramilitary groups, and Muslim militias of suspected members of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI), and ethnic Chinese, as well as trade unionists, teachers, activists, and artists.

These newly released documents make clear that US officials had detailed knowledge of the mass killings in Indonesia in 1965-66, said Phelim Kine, deputy Asia director. The US government now needs to release the remaining documents, not only for the historical record of one of the 20th centurys worst atrocities, but as a long overdue step toward bringing redress to the victims.

The US government now needs to release the remaining documents, not only for the historical record of one of the 20th centurys worst atrocities, but as a long overdue step toward bringing redress to the victims.

Phelim Kine

Deputy Asia Director

The 39 documents are part of a cache of almost 30,000 pages of declassified embassy paperwork spanning from 1965 to 1968, processed by the National Declassification Center, a division of the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). They include State Department letters, telegrams, situation reports, and confidential communications between US consulates in Indonesia and the US Embassy in Jakarta. They do not include US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents, which remain classified.

In Indonesia, there has been a recent surge in efforts by...


Samsung DeX: Convergence & Traditional Linux Distributions On Galaxy Smartphones "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While Samsung Galaxy smartphones may not be as open or free spirited as the proposed Librem 5 smartphone, there is a new alternative for those wanting to run a traditional Linux distribution on their Samsung Galaxy smartphone...


Political football: Egypt's World Cup win bittersweet for jailed super-fans "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


As Egypt erupted in celebration after qualification, friends and families of football fans imprisoned by the state watched in frustration


Israeli Naval Forces Destroy and Drown Palestinian Fishing Boat off Beit Lahia Shore IMEMC News "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Israeli Naval Forces Destroy and Drown Palestinian Fishing Boat off Beit Lahia Shore IMEMC News: PCHR 18 October 2017: Israeli gunboats fired shells at a Palestinian fishing boat sailing within 2.5 nautical miles. As a result, the boat was destroyed and drowned in the Sea.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) monitored that Israeli forces have escalated their attacks against Palestinian fishermen despite expanding the allowed fishing area from 6 to 9 nautical miles. This proves that Israel continues its policy of targeting fishermen and their livelihoods.


UK Against Fluoridation "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Conference Presentation
The 6th Citizens Conference on Fluoride, held in Washington, D.C. last month, was a great success with many informative presentations and constant interaction among campaigners from around the world.  To keep the momentum going, FAN will be releasing a series of high-quality videos of conference presentations over the coming weeks.
Our first presentation features Rick Woychik, Deputy Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences {NIEHS}.  Woychick gave an overview of the NIEHS, highlighting the agencys new focus on genetic variability and the developmental origins of disease, followed by a lively Q&A session focused on fluoride.

(Click on the picture to watch the video)
Compelling 6-minute Video Released

Moms Against Fluoridation (MAF) has released a short film entitled Drinking Fluoride: Is It Safe? that ought to be a powerful tool for fluoride-free campaigners around the world.  The 6-minute video includes some of the most compelling footage from the 20-minute film Our Daily Dose, directed and produced by filmmaker Jeremy Seifert (director of the acclaimed documentary "GMO OMG").
Our task is to share it with as many people as possible.  How many minds can you change in 6-minutes?  Share to find out:
1. Please share film with your Governor and State Legislators.
2. Please share film with your...


Police hunt serial sex attacker who assaulted children as young as 11 in London "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Nine women and children have been sexually assaulted in southeast London during the past three months, police have said. The authorities have released CCTV images of the latest attack in a bid to find the perpetrator. The man is believed to have sexually assaulted two women between the ages of 25 and 27, as well as seven children aged 11-13, in the areas of Greenwich and Lewisham. Police said all of the attacks were perpetrated in broad daylight before the assailant fled on foot. They have now released CCTV images of the latest assault, which took place in Honor Oak Road on Monday.


BREAKING: OKeefe Drops 4th Video in NY Times Series Exposing Company Culture of Trump Hatred "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

James OKeefe strikes again!

In a video announcement released on September 18th, Project Veritas founder and guerrilla journalist James OKeefe warned his organization was currently operating one of the biggest ever investigations into the mainstream medias holy grail, promising media people will likely lose their jobs over the imminent expos.

As previously reported, James OKeefe released part one of his American Pravda series with CNN on June 27th and subsequently released 2 more videos exposing CNN for reporting on the Russian collusion Nothing Burger.

OKeefe says his goal is to expose the real motivation behind the decision making process in our dominant media corporation. The Russia story has dominated CNN. Since the inauguration, CNN has mentioned Russia on air nearly 16,000 times.

Project Veritas released part one the morning of October 10th. Its a video of the New York Times video gatekeeper Nicholas Dudich, caught on hidden-camera boasting of his lack of journalistic ethics. Dudich, who serves as Audience Strategy Editor, displays a lack of integrity throughout the video, manages videos which go on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram for the Times.

Wednesday October 11th, OKeefe dropped part twoexploiting and manipulating the news.

Project Veritas released its second New York Times video, again featuring Audience Strategy Editor Nicholas Dudich. The video gatekeeper described how he influences the news by manipulating social media and employing the help of his friends in Silicon Valley.

Dudich may have been subsequently fired. Project Veritas reported that they attempted to reach Dudich at the New York...


SpaceX Quietly Schedules Launch of Mysterious Black Rocket "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Brett Tingley

Now that privately-owned aerospace firms are refining and researching new state-of-the-art rocket technologies, we can expect all sorts of new levels of intrigue and secrecy surrounding space flight. Publicly-funded NASA and other government agencies have to (allegedly) disclose certain amounts of information to the public, but commercial space firms have no such obligation. The undisputed leader in private spaceflight, SpaceX, is no stranger to secrets and conspiracy theories. Elon Musks revolutionary company has taken that secrecy even deeper this month with the under-the-radar addition of a shadowy rocket mission under the code name Zuma.

I like to believe (or hope) that Elons got humanitys best interests in mind, though. Im sure well be fine.

The secretive SpaceX mission was noticed by aerospace watchdog site which tracks commercial and government launches. The site noticed a last-minute change to SpaceXs launch schedule for November, adding a mission numbered 1390 with the code name Zuma. Whatever the Zuma payload is, it be launched from a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from the LC-39A launchpad at the Kennedy Space Center. The rocket will then perform a RTLS (Return To Launch Site) landing at LZ-1 at Cape Canaveral after delivering its mysterious payload.



Actually, Nazis hate teaching, period. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

All of you teachers have been here. You want to get discussion going in the classroom, because thats a really valuable way to get students involved and thinking, and you want all the students to participate. But what usually happens is that a small number of vocal, confident students dominate. Thats good for them, and you want to encourage that enthusiastic participation, but theres always that larger group of quiet students who dont speak up, and you want them to join in. So what do you do?

There are lots of pedagogical techniques out there. You can ignore the waving hands and call on people directly. You can have rules: once a person gets a chance to speak, they have to wait until 3 other people have spoken before they get to raise their hand again. Or maybe youve heard of the talking stick, where a token is passed around the room, and only the people holding it get to speak. There are lots of simple tricks like that where we try to get fair representation of all points of view, and get a better sampling of students, and get around the tyranny of the majority, or worse, the tyranny of the loudest.

One of these pedagogical tricks is called the progressive stack. You prioritize the students so that minority views are expressed first, and representatives of the majority have to wait and listen before they can express themselves. Its a good way to flip the dominance hierarchy and get new voices to set the tenor of the discussion; it means minority views dont get swallowed up and ignored. It doesnt silence the majority, but it does force them to consider what others say.

To my surprise, this morning I learned that Nazis are aware...


Petition asks Charlottesville to keep weapons out of rallies "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A new petition, signed by over 8,000 people and just sent to Charlottesville's City Council, asks Charlottesville to keep weapons out of rallies. The petition reads: "Make clear that in permits for any rallies in public spaces in Charlottesville, guns, knives, and sticks shall not be allowed."


HPV vaccines ARE safe: So they say "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Controversial HPV vaccines do not raise the risk of 45 serious, chronic diseases (stock)HPV vaccines ARE safe: Controversial jabs do NOT raise the risk of more than 40 diseases - despite cases of girls claiming they have been left paralysed

  • Vaccines were only found to be significantly associated with coeliac disease
  • Researchers believe undiagnosed sufferers are picked up at jab administration
  • HPV vaccines are offered as a series of two jabs to girls aged 12 to 13 in the UK
  • Some claim the jabs have left them bedbound, incontinent and unable to dress
  • The World Health Organization has maintained its stance of HPV jabs being safe 

HPV vaccines are safe, new research reveals.
The controversial jabs do not raise the risk of 45 serious, chronic diseases, a study found.
Although results revealed the jabs are associated with coeliac disease, the researchers believe this is likely due to undiagnosed cases being picked up by health professionals at the time of vaccine administration.
HPV vaccines are offered as a series of two jabs to girls aged 12 to 13 in the UK to protect against the sexually-transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.


Brad Harris: GET READY FOR: Severe Weather, Tiny Homesteading, and Cell-Down Communication (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Brad Harris: GET READY FOR: Severe Weather, Tiny Homesteading, and Cell-Down Communication Video Reluctant Preppers In the wake of hurricanes, wildfires, and severe weather all over, what critical preparations must you make to be ready? Newsfeed analyst, preparedness instructor,...

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Tucker on Vegas Mysteries, 1844 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Protect Your Information From Big Data - Click Here! Use Promo Code: bill still for 20% OFF Good morning, Im still reporting on: Tucker on Vegas Mysteries, 1844 Synopsis: Dont hold out hopes that there will be any real investigation, or any turnaround in the current investigation. The Las Vegas mafia has this mass assassination of Trump supporters locked down and put to bed unless Congress mounts a real investigation. Tammy Bruce, an excellent reporter herself, and Tucker summarize the many things we dont know and likely will never know. [insert]b Interesting, I wonder how they are then going to explain it if the guy just never turns up at all? [insert] Tucker, we dont care what his motive was. That is THE most irrelevant question of them all. There are still HUGE questions if he was even alive when the shooting started. Lets figure that out first. Were there explosive traces on his body and clothing consistent with the firing of those weapons? Thats #1 Question #2, where is the security camera footage. The Mandalay Bay is loaded with cameras. Having the casino try to argue that they cant hand those over to law enforcement because they will be inevitably involved in lawsuits doesnt cut it! The public has a right to know what happened and let the chips fall where they may on the Mandalay Bay. [insert] Conspiracy theories??? At this point, even the wildest conspiracy theory is an order of magnitude more plausible than the last the 3rd revised timeline offered by the FBI through the NVPD. Quit trying to immunize yourself from the establishment who all too frequently uses the term conspiracy theory to silence anyone who would question the states answers which are obviously attempting to obscure the truth, not expose it. [insert] Yes, the shooter shot at him with a gun that fires about 11 rounds per second, and only hits him once and then so insignificantly that he hangs around for how long to assist the cops? Then, doesnt go to the Urgent Care for days, is it? Or does he go at all? No one has found the Urgent Care he supposedly went to? Oh, but thats another conspiracy theory, eh? Support Our Sponsors: - Nobel Gold & Silver: Protect Your Money With Gold - Click Here- Or Call - 888-596-7916 - Water Smacker - Makes your water less acidic by ionization. - Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level cyber protection. - Learn How To Generate Passive Income Using Bitcoins At: Protect Your Information From Big Data - Click Here! Use Promo Code: bill still for 20% OFF Still Report BTC address: 18Ky2c3CgPY3eu5N7ySoM3X6NjgEAN2w4v Connect with me; Bill Still: newspaper editor/publisher, economics reporter - top US publications, authored 22 books, 4 documentary videos & daily host of this Y/T channel, THE STILL REPORT: https://pl........


A Sonic Attack on Diplomats in Cuba? These Scientists Doubt It "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The State Department has not provided further details about the medical condition of the affected staffers. But government officials have suggested anonymously that the diplomats may have been assaulted with some sort of sonic weapon.

Experts in acoustics, however, say that's a theory more appropriate to a James Bond movie.

Sound can cause discomfort and even serious harm, and researchers have explored the idea of sonic weaponry for years. But scientists doubt a hidden ultrasound weapon can explain what happened in Cuba.

"I'd say it's fairly implausible," said Jrgen Altmann, a physicist at the Technische Universitt Dortmund in Germany and an expert on acoustics.

Once again, the New York Times gets it wrong. James Bond is not the movie genre they're looking for.

mrpg also brings us this less-critical AP report, What Americans Heard in Cuba Attacks: The Sound.

Original Submission

Read more of this story at SoylentNews.


Clinton Selling Uranium to Putin Is Not the Endgame-Can You Hear Me Now? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


can you hear me now poster 2

I told you so, I told you so, I told you so. I even told you so with much more detail, more than two years ago, than the media is telling you today. This is not the egotistical rant of an insecure journalist. I do not have time for that as ego will not restore our Republic and preserve our right to worship the Lord in the manner that we Christians see fit. I am merely laying a foundation of credibility to reveal what is coming to America.

I going to present the I told you so, beginning two years ago. I am doing so because there are really bad, yet identifiable things coming that all of us need to prepare for. Most readers will not believe what is coming if I do not retrace my steps to over two years ago and, once again, build the case.

Despite the media revelations which validate my prior publications and the events related to Clinton selling Uranium to the Russians, there are major holes in the current reporting. One such related event has to do with why the Bundys are in prison. That will be revealed here in this article.

Rules for Radicals Is the Underlying Blueprint

In December of 2014, I wrote an article where I made reference to Rules for Radicals. I was citing and applying Rule 11 of this Clowared and Piven manifesto, and I made reference to what has now segments of the MSM and most of the Independent Media in an uproar as it is being revealed that Hillary sold 20% of Amercias uranium to Russia.

RULE 11: The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.

As bad as Donald Trump is, Hillary Clinton is still waiting in the wings to save us. Under Trump, the Russians will rule the country because Trump is controlled by Putin. Hillary is not controlled by Putin, she is, therefore, the constructive alternative. Someone forgot to tell the MSM that ...


Snapshot: Catalonia and Spain "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


  • Catalonia has an unemployment rate of 13.2%, which is substantially lower than some other parts of Spain.
  • Catalonia is home to 7.52 million of Spains 46.56 million population.
  • Catalonia accounts for 16.34% of Spains national debt of $1.18 trillion.

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Shallow earthquake at 6.1 magnitude hits off the coast of Japan "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

An earthquake of magnitude 6.1 struck off southern Japan on Thursday, the United States Geological Survey said. The quake struck 424 miles off Japan's island of Kyushu at a depth of 6.2 miles, the agency said. There are no immediate reports of damage or casualties. This comes two weeks after a similar earthquake, at 6.3 on the Richter scale, hit 180 miles east of Iwaki, south of Fukushima, Japan. It occurred 50 miles deep on the Japan trench, which is part of the area of seismic activity known as the Pacific Ring Of Fire.


Michael Loadenthal: The Politics of Attack: Communiqus and Insurrectionary Violence "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Politics of Attack: Communiqus and Insurrectionary Violence (Contemporary Anarchist Studies MUP Series) by Michael Loadenthal. A book, published on August 30, 2017.


Originally published by Anarchist News. Eduted by Enough is Enough.

Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of  these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only.

The Politics of Attack: Communiqus and Insurrectionary Violence

The Politics of Attack: Communiqus and Insurrectionary Violence (Contemporary Anarchist Studies MUP Series) by Michael Loadenthal. A book, published on August 30, 2017.

This study is an exploration of insurrectionary anarchist praxis, with a particular focus on how the rhetoric, discourse, and theory is both informed and conveyed through communiqus. It...


Freewallet is the First Service Provider to Enable Bitcoin Gold Support "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Bitcoin Gold is by far one of the most suspicious Bitcoin hard forks to date. With very little to no support from the community and service providers, a lot of questions remain unanswered. However, it seems we now have at least one wallet supporting BTG. Freewallet will support this upcoming hard fork, which is rather Continue reading Freewallet is the First Service Provider to Enable Bitcoin Gold Support

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A Sweet Part Of 2018's Electoral History Will Be The Mercer Billionaires' War On The Republican Party "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Didn't Iggy Pop have a totally awesome song for this?

The Mercers have hired Steve Bannon to run it for them, but the GOP civil war tearing the Republican Parry to shreds could never happen without the profligate spending of two of America's most odious characters, Robert Mercer, the fascist father, and Rebekah Mercer, the equally crazy crackpot daughter. Tuesday, Bannon was in Scottsdale with Kelli Ward, the neo-Nazi GOP challenger to beleaguered Republican Senator Jeff Flake, who's tops on Seor T's hate list.

Bannon was on the warpath against Mitch McConnell again-- Alabama redux-- pledging that the Republican elite are destined to "reap the whirlwind" and "that whirlwind is Kelli Ward." No one could be less deserving on this bounty than Schumer's handpicked corrupt Blue Dog, Kyrsten Sinema, who is also running and is delighted to see the Arizona GOP eviscerate itself. Bannon wasn't lying when he said the "new aristocracy," could not care less about the economic well-being of Americans. He raged that McConnell and other Republ...


Art Cashin Remembers Black Monday, 1987 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Art Cashin remembers his experiences on Black Monday:   On this day (+1) in 1987 (thats 30 years ago, if you are burdened with a graduate degree), the NYSE had one of its most dramatic trading days in its 220 year history. It suffered its largest single day percentage loss (22%) and its largest one

Read More

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Why Am I Stuck in a Rut? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This is a guest post by Kid Strangelove. Kid originally published this article at his own blog, but he deleted the site a while ago so he could focus on other projects. He asked me if Id be willing to re-post some of his articles on my blog and I said yes.

Come one, come all, and behold, for I am the ultimate in First World problems.

I am 27 years old and Ive been working in the same place since I graduated college in December 2005. I was a late bloomer and my career was never my priorityvideo games and pussy werebut six years later I am in the same job, and I dont want to leave because this 9 to 5:30 gig has me doing about 30 minutes of actual work a week. When it comes to pure hourly wages, I am the richest person I know. Yet the waking up, the office bullshit and politics, the corporate mismanagement, and tons of little everyday annoyances are picking at my skin.

I live in NYC, the greatest city in the world, and I never feel like I have enough money.

Yet I am blessed, and I say this in the truest meaning of the word.

I have an amazing family that cares about me no matter what.

My on-again-off-again and currently-off-again-with-a-high-chance-of-soon-being-on-again girlfriend loves me to an almost fanatical level.

I have friends that can help me with anything. And I dont just mean the well be there to hug you friends, I have friends that are actually goddamn ballers that offer baller advice.

One friend works at Blackrock, the largest asset management company in the world, doing awesome computer shit (saying more would compromise our identities).

One friend works for a high frequency trading firm and lives in a $3,000 a month apartment.

One friend just got hired by Google after some of the biggest companies in the world engaged in a bidding war to get him.

All of these guys will be making at least $200,000+ next year. All of these guys are my age.

I am the black sheep of the family. The black sheep that happens to fuck the most girls with the smallest amount of money spent.

I know I am at a crossroads in my life and I have no idea where I want to go. My friends are guiding me towards the corporate route, a route I know I can excel at. Shit, in about 25 minutes I am about to get a call from a recruiter from a large company that found me on LinkedIn after i only put in my education and current job title. Im supposed to be happy.

But somethings missing.

I tried to fill it up with the most random shit imaginable.

Ive been doing standup comedy every so often.



This overlooked theory could be the missing piece that explains how the EM Drive works "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

What if it doesnt break the laws of physics?

By Fiona MacDonald

Ever since the EM drive first made headlines, science lovers have puzzled over how the propulsion system seems to produce thrust, despite the fact its impossible according to one of the most fundamental laws of physics Newtons third law of motion.

Now a team of physicists have put forward an alternative explanation it turns out the EM drive could actually work without breaking any scientific laws, if we factor in a weird and often overlooked idea in quantum physics pilot wave theory.

For those who need a refresher, the crux of the problem here is that the EM, or electromagnetic, drive appears to produce thrust without any fuel or propellant.

Thats awesome because it means we can get to space with way less pay load its proposed it could even get us to Mars within 72 days.

But its also perplexing, because, according to Newtons third law, every action must have an equal and opposite reaction. So without pushing any propellant out one end, the drive shouldnt be able to produce thrust in the opposite direction.

Still, as a NASA peer-reviewed paper showed last year, the drive does produce thrust, at least as far as we can currently tell. And a relatively large amount of thrust at that. We just dont know how.

So either our understanding of physics isnt right, or were missing a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to the EM drive.

A new paper published in The Journal of Applied Physical Science Internationalmakes the argument that what were missing is pilot...


With Our Shared Histories, Why Isnt Indo-Pak Science Diplomacy on the Table? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

It is time India and Pakistan take steps to encourage and motivate their fine scientific and technological minds to work together unto mutually beneficial and peaceful ends.

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (left) and Abdus Salam. Source: YouTube

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (left) and Abdus Salam. Source: YouTube

Aswin Sekhar is an Indian astrophysicist based at the University of Oslo, Norway.

India and Pakistan have tried various forms of diplomacy including those of mangos, kebabs, cricket and music. However, it is ironical that there has not been an active and sustained science diplomacy between these two scientifically rich countries. Modern day science and engineering thrives on international collaborations and exchange visits and they are conspicuously absent between India and Pakistan today.

(Matters are fortunately better on the social sciences front: economists, diplomats, etc. from both countries have opportunities to interact with each other in world forums and multilateral events.)

In the early 1960s, the Indian physicist Alladi Ramakrishnan invited Abdus Salam (later a physics Nobel laureate for his work explaining the electroweak force) to his home in Madras for seminars and stimulating scientific discussions. Both these gentlemen had great respect and admiration for each other from academic as well as humanitarian points of view. At the end of the first visit, Ramakrishnan gifted Salam a portrait of Lord Krishna, which the latter accepted with grace. In return, Ramakrishnan returned his appreciation by atte...


DevOps for NFV: OPNFV Infrastructure and Continuous Integration "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

DevOps for NFV: OPNFV Infrastructure and Continuous Integration


Turning the Optical Fiber Network into a Giant Earthquake Sensor "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The best earthquake monitoring system is already installed under our feet, say Stanford researchers Image: Stamen Design and the Victoria and Albert Museum

Optical fibers can do more than transmit datathey can actually sense whats going on around them, including the earliest rumbles of an earthquake.

For the past year, Biondo Biondi, a professor of geophysics at Stanford University, has used a 4.8-kilometer (or 3-mile) test loop of optical fibers installed on the Stanford campus to record vibrations caused by earthquakes, and distinguish those from vibrations caused by other sources, such as passing cars.

His team has recorded 800 seismic events using this fiber optic seismic observatory since September 2016, including signals from the recent Mexico earthquake and vibrations from blasting at quarries in the area. The fibers can distinguish between two types of earthquake waves, the P wave and the S wave. Thats important for earthquake warning systems, because P waves travel faster but S waves cause more damage.

Using optical fibers to monitor seismic events is not a new technologyits standard operating procedure for oil and gas companies. However, this involves first stabilizing the fibers by attaching them to a surface, like a pipeline, or encasing them in cement. Biondis project used loose fiber optic cables laying inside plastic pipes, mimicking a standard optical communications installation.

People didnt believe this would work, said Eileen Martin, a graduate student on the project, in a prepared statement. They always assumed that an uncoupled optical fiber would generate too much signal noise to be useful.

Both stabilized and loose optical fiber seismic monitoring systems work by using innate impurities in optical fibers as virtual sensors. An interrogator installed at one end of the line sends pulses of laser light into the fiber and monitors the light that bounces backthe backscatter. Changes in the timing of backscattering occur when the fiber stretches and contractssomething that happens when the ground moves during an earthquake.

A single interrogator can cover some 40 kilometers of fiber, Biondi says, and monitor a virtual sensor every couple of meters. The resolution of these systems is steadily improving. His project has demonstrated, he says, that a network of millions or billions of sensors already exists in the telecom lines, he says, we just have to tap into it.

Biondi, whose main research interest.....

Palestinians fear media crackdown could signal return to direct Israeli military rule "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Arrest of journalists in the West Bank is latest attack on PA's authority, Palestinians say


Trial Begins For Man That Identifies As A Woman Charged With Sexually Assaulting 10-Year-Old Girl In A Bathroom "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Another role model for the social justice league. Via Casper Star Tribune: The jury trial for a Casper resident charged with sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl began Monday. Miguel Martinez faces one count of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor and one count of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor. If found guilty, Martinez could []


This is The Real Reason So Many Americans Dont Want More Gun Control "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Lets be clear, we already have gun control in America, but after the Las Vegas shooting, a predictable debate is re-emerging about more gun control, including possible bans on certain firearms and legally sold accessories. This is a tired debate, with each side of the political spectrum heavily fortified in entrenched positions, neither wanting to budge and both coming up with evermore creative rhetoric to justify their unwillingness to compromise.

The debate is about as productive and divisive as the never-ending debate on abortion.

But, why is it that so many Americans refuse to see the gun control light after a horrifying tragedy like Las Vegas or any of the other mass shootings happening in America? Is it just because they dont want criminals to be the only demographic with guns? Is it just because guns are part of American heritage? Is it because of the 2nd Amendment which enumerates the supposed God-given right to bear arms?

To a degree, all of these arguments are a real part of the picture, however, there is one major point which is much less frequently discussed, going above and beyond any of the afore-mentioned reasons. One that is rather taboo to discuss openly in our state-worshipping, stand-for-the-anthem, patriotic nation. This reason is the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, that so many rightfully fear, because history backs this one up time and again.

The numbers dont lie. The State is the leading mass murderer, mass casualty generator, mass property destroyer ever to plague planet earth. It is the one agency where criminals can run amuck with unlimited franchise, pillaging their neighbors, destroying communities and whole societies with absolute impunity. Government is the most dangerous human institution ever devised. Again, the numbers dont lie.

Interestingly, it was well after the 2nd Amendment that these statistics really began to pile up. It is estimated that in the 20th century alone, some 262 million unarmed people were killed by governments in mass killings. Thats roughly 80% of the current population of America.

Lets start with a number: 262 million. Thats the number of unarmed people the late Prof. R. J. Rummel estimated governments murdered in mass killings he termed democide during the 20th century. This democide murdered 6 times more people than died in combat in all the foreign and internal wars of the century, he wrote.

Unsurprisingly, the bloodiest body count was run up by totalitarian regimes, though authoritarian...


Uproar as Turkey arrests top civil society figure "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


EU parliament rapporteur condemns arrest of Osman Kavala as 'very disturbing'


Bride Runs Over Priest with Car after He Slept with Groom on Wedding Day "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A 27-year old woman from Michigan is accused of intentionally running over a Catholic priest with her car after the cleric allegedly had sex with her boyfriend, only hours before the wedding ceremony.

Yesterday was supposed to be the greatest day of Amanda Orwells life, but things didnt exactly go as planned. The young woman from the small town of Laurium, near the Canadian border, was supposed to get married to the man who had shared her life for the last 12 years, William Martins.

Less than two hours before the ceremony, Ms. Orwell decided to stop by the presbytery to talk about some last minute changes with Father David OConnell, the priest who was supposed to perform the ceremony.

As she was about to enter the building, she noticed some movement through one of the windows and saw her boyfriend engaging in anal sex with the Catholic cleric.

According to an eyewitness, 32-year old Darrell Meyers, the young woman went completely berserk and ran back to her car while screaming frenetically.

I saw her running towards her car in her gown and she was screaming, swearing and pulling her hair. She kept repeating God punishes sodomites or something like that.

The noise alerted her Father OConnell and his guest, who rapidly exited the presbytery to see what was going on.

Ms. Orwell immediately turned her vehicle around and drove towards the cleric at great speed, hitting him at a speed of at least 50 miles per hour.

She then rode back and forth over him at least three times before the officers of the Michigan State Police arrived and forced her to immobilize her car.

Amanda Orwell was immediately arrested and paramedics were called to the site to help the severely injured priest.

Father OConnell was transported to the Aspirus Keweenaw Hospital where doctors were miraculously able to save him.

The poor man suffers from a total of 3 broken bones, 11 bone fractures, a perforated lung and a severe brain concussion, but doctors no longer fear for his life.

Michigan State Police Lt. Mario Gonzales was the first...


BBCs chief international correspondent misleads on IRGC terror designation "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Visitors to the BBC News website last weekend found no shortage of reading matter concerning the US presidents decision not to recertify (under the terms of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act INARA) the JCPOA.  

What will Trump do about the Iran nuclear deal? Jonathan Marcus 12/10/17

Iran nuclear deal: Trump will not sign off agreement 13/10/17

Trumps new Iran policy and the difficulties ahead Jonathan Marcus 13/10/17

Trump aims blow at Iran and threatens landmark nuclear deal 13/10/17

Trump hands Ir...


Saudi Man Sentenced to 1,000 Lashes for Performing Oral Sex on a Camel "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A 26-year-old Saudi Arabian man has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes and two months in jail after he allegedly performed oral sex on one of his employers camels.

Abdullah al-Rashidi, 26, was tending to the herd of camels when he was caught performing a fellatio on one of the animals before local authorities were called in and proceeded to his arrest.

When I found him licking the camels penis, he first told me that he was drinking the sperm from the camel to cure his oral herpes infection, his employer told the judge.

I then asked him where he had heard that swallowing the sperm of a camel was a cure for anything, he explained, visibly concerned.

He then started crying and admitted that he just liked the taste. That is when I called the police, his employer said in court.

Drinking camel urine is reputed to have many health benefits but sperm is not known to have any curative powers admit experts.

Judge Muhammad El Fehdi expressed his moral disgust towards the young man.

How ashamed your father and mother must be and how much they must regret giving birth to a son who enjoys fondling the genitals of camels, the judge said in court.

Al-Rashidis parents also pleaded the judge to give their son a harsh punishment so as to deter him from repeating the offense.

I already have to live with the shame of having a son who likes putting camel penises into his mouth, may this punishment at least scare him away from turning into a homosexual, she pleaded the judge.

Under intense questioning from the judge, the defendant admitted that it was not his first offense but that he had taken part in such activities previously a number of times.

I dont know why I did it. I knew it was wrong but I could not resist, said the young man, bursting into tears.



Pt.1: Reports of Kurdistan's Death are Greatly Exaggerated: Intra Kurdish Conflict "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

 Intra Kurdish divisions, and there are many, need to be stated and understood before one can comprehend the partner post, forthcoming.

 Atlantic Council
In the wake of the September 25 referendum in Kurdistan, the Iraqi government announced on October 15 that it began a military deployment to reestablish authority in Kirkuk in coordination with the Peshmerga. It soon became clear that the Peshmerga mentioned belonged to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)specifically, the Talabani family wingwhich views aggressive moves toward independence with far more skepticism than its political rivals in the Kurdistan Regional Government dominated by Masoud Barzanis Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). The PUK drew the ire of fellow Kurds who viewed the deal as facilitating the federal forces reclamation of the territory. To complicate matters further, some reports indicated that Irans Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRCG) Quds Force leader Qassim Suleimani appears to have played a role in convincing the Talabani family to broker the deal in the absence of any other international or regional mediator. These events highlight the depth of intra-Kurdish divisions at a time of rapidly rising tensions.
I personally do not believe "reports" about the involvement of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.Of course, it's possible I'm mistaken, but, for now... what is reported and what is fact do not always align

They have denied involvement.- No Iranian Military Role in Kirkuk Operation 
 "A senior official said Iran's military has played no role in the ongoing Iraqi operation to take back northern territories under Kurdish control, in.........


China-Ruble Settlement and the Dollar System "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

China-Ruble Settlement and the Dollar System Author: F. William Engdahl  Journal-NEO TDC Note Be sure to listen to our exclusive interview with William Engdahl click here #### The Peoples Bank of China has just announced a payment-versus-payment (PVP)...

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First Russia, Now Iran: Cyberespionage Accusations Fit A Changing Agenda "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

On October 13, President Donald Trump as anticipated decertified the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear accord, despite the fact that Iran was in full compliance with the agreement. Trumps unilateral decision to put the survival of the deal in jeopardy was met with strong opposition by European leaders including Germany, the United Kingdom, and France, whose leaders issued a joint statement condemning the move.

Interestingly, a day later, accusations conveniently emerged blaming the Iranian government for a June cyberattack that had targeted numerous U.K. politicians. The attackers allegedly sought to gain access to accounts of some members of parliament all of which were protected by weak passwords and were successful in some instances.

The evidence for blaming Iran was based solely on an unpublished assessment by British intelligence that was reported on by The London Times, though they merely disclosed the existence of the report and did not read it. Thus, its contents are unknown, as are its reasons for blaming the Iranian government. Despite that, the Times called the hack Irans first significant act of cyberwarfare on Britain. It also noted that the Trump administration is likely to seize on the attack as proof that Mrs. May and other signatories to the deal are being naive in their dealings with Tehran.

The cyberattack had previously been blamed on the Russian government. At the time, British intelligence had based this accusation on merely the belief that responsibility for the attack is more likely to lie with another state rather than a small group of individual hackers, as well as its assumption that the number of states who might mount such an attack on the U.K. is limited, and, in addition to Russia, includes North Korea, China and Iran. British intelligence had also noted that the identity of the hackers could prove impossible to establish with absolute certainty.

The decision to blame Russia came on the heels of France...


The Pixel 2 XL would be the best phone in the world if its screen wasnt so weird "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Theres been a ton of controversy over the past few days as Pixel 2 XL reviews come in. Though some reviews are glowing, a number of reviews (heres one launch point we posted yesterday) are taking the Pixel 2 XL to the woodshed.

Vlad Savov, The Verge:

Look at that New York Times icon in the image above. Stop flinching and really look at it, soak in the kaleidoscope of colors washing over it. Just to make sure were all on the same page, Im seeing a haze of green in the middle of the gothic T, which then blooms into a red that eventually transitions into the white that the icon is supposed to be. But the fun isnt over; when you get up real close, youll see the edges of the icon are all fringed by a sort of purply-red and, again, green. The neighboring heart icon, which is also supposed to be white, presents us with a crosshatch of red and green and white micropixels.

Click to Vlads review and really get up close and personal with that image. Hard to argue with his logic.

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Mesa 17.2.3 Offers Vulkan Fixes, Gallium3D Updates "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Mesa 17.2.3 is now available as the latest bi-weekly update for this current stable driver series...


German Man wakes out of Coma after 75 years to Learn Hitler Lost WWI "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Stuttgart | A 91-year-old German man who has been in a comatic state for most of his adult life has recently reawakened to learn that Germany had lost WW2.

The medical staff of the Stuttgart Marienhospital feared the man would relapse into a coma if told the truth about the defeat of Germany during the Second World War but were unable to conceal the truth from him after a few days.

The man was very insistent and constantly questioned medical staff and other patients for days until another patient finally told him the truth to his dismay.

When I learned the terrible news, I just couldnt believe it. Sometimes I wish I had never woken up from this coma, he told reporters in tears.

I dont know whats worst, to have spent my whole life in a hospital bed or the fact that our Fuhrer failed in his attempt to unite humanity under the Third Reich he explained, visibly emotional.

What has happened to the Homeland? People tell me there are Jews and Africans everywhere in our country! How can the German people tolerate this? This is unacceptable! he said, visibly angered by the situation.

Psychiatrist Hermann Froeschlinger at Stuttgart Marienhospital says that his patients opinions might seem extremely shocking to most, but that they have to be understood within the cultural context of the time.

Helmut Fischer survived a nearly lethal blow to the head in 1942 when he was only 16 years of age.

The young man apparently fell from his bicycle at the time, after which he remained in a semi-vegetative state and under the care of his mother until her death in 1987, when he was then transferred to several different hospitals during the subsequent years.

My deepest regret was not to have been able to join the Third Reich in its fight against the weak Democratic regimes of the West and their Jewish-infected culture, he told reporters.

Everyone seems to be concerned with the Arabs nowadays, it is all I see in the news. But what about the Jews? You cant trust thos...


Rohingya resettlement risky business for Myanmar "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By David Scott Mathieson | Asia Times | October 19, 2017 Nothing better illustrates the disconnect between Myanmar government policy plans to address the humanitarian catastrophe in Rakhine state and the reality of the ongoing flight of Rohingya Muslims than to view the stunning drone footage by photographer Roger Arnold from the Myanmar-Bangladesh border. The []


Australia ends insurance subsidies for naturopathy, homeopathy, and more "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Australian government has eliminated the insurance subsidy for 17 alternative health practices due to a lack of evidence for efficacy. This is a win for medicine and Australian taxpayers.


Nintendo Switch adds ability to move (not copy) save files "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

If you own a Switch, youve no doubt wondered about the lack of save file portability. For example, if my Switch breaks, how do I recover my game progress? If my Switch is stolen, is there a recovery option? Or if Im visiting a friend with a Switch, is there a way I can play my games on their Switch?

With other systems, I can back up my data and bring it with me. Not so with the Switch.

Until now. Sort of. Read the article. Baby steps.

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2 Mount Everest Climbers Missing after Alleged Yeti Attack "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Two members of an expedition attempting to reach the 29,028-feet-high (8,848 meters) summit of Mount Everest are reported missing after their group was attacked by a large hairy creature resembling a Yeti.

The group of eight experimented climbers was trying to make the ascent from the South Col route on the Nepalese side of Mount Everest, an incredible feat for any mountaineer.

They had already climbed almost two-thirds of the mountain when they were suddenly attacked by a large ape-like creature.

Six members of the expedition were able to flee have returned safely to their previous camp, but two of the climbers are reported missing.

37-year old Indian climber Gopal Nandi and 31-year old German Christof Hnigman were unable to follow the rest of the group as they were the main targets of the creatures attack.

Both men are believed to be severely injured or dead, and a search party has already sent in order to find them.

According to Hans Wittman, a Dutch member of the expedition who related the attack in a video that was sent to emergency services, their aggressor fitted the description of the legendary Yeti.

It was a lot taller than me and was covered with white fur. Its facial features were part-bear, part-ape Id never seen anything like this.

41-year old American James Wallace, who is also visible in the video, says the creature was incredibly strong and aggressive.

It appeared out of nowhere and jumped on Christof. The creature punched him and he flew more than 100 feet lower. Then, the monster looked at us and growled incredibly loud, so we all turned and ran.

James Wallace and Hans Wittman, two survivors of the attack, were visibly shocked in the video that they sent to authorities in order to ask for help.

In the folklore of Nepal, the Yeti or Abominable Snowman is an ape-like creature that is said to be around 8-foot-tall and inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

Since the 19th Century, many climbers have reported seeing tracks and...


Why you should consider ordering Exit From The Matrix "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Why you should consider ordering Exit From The Matrix

by Jon Rappoport

October 19, 2017

Two aspects of my research I could write about for years involved: brilliant hypnotherapist Jack True, and the ancient Tibetan magicians.

Out of this research came my collection, Exit From The Matrix. It contains many exercises that increase the power and range of imagination.

Before the priest class moved in and took over in Tibet, there was an entire school of practice that focused on creative power. These hardy practitioners were artists of reality.

They knew, with unshakable certainty, that an individual had the unlimited capacity to invent reality at every level. They assembled their own exercises for that purpose. These Tibetans were unique in the history of the planet.

Jack True and I, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, worked over these exercises and adapted them for the modern student. After Jack passed away in the 1990s, I continued to develop the exercises and eventually included them in Exit From The Matrix.

As my readers know, I write much on the importance of the individual, and his power, in a world whose self-appointed leaders hail the primary status of The Group.

Exit From The Matrix is my ultimate antidote to that trend.

Exit From the Matrix

(To read about Jons mega-collection...


Man Gets Transplanted 12-inch-Long Black Mans Penis "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A Taiwanese millionaire has just fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams after a successful penis transplant from a South African organ donor.

Huy Xen Phang, a Taiwanese businessman who made his fortune in the real estate industry, had been waiting for 18 months before a suitable donor was found.

The penis transplantation is not only the fourth such surgery performed in the world but also the biggest known to date because of the enormous size of the penis in question.

I am very proud of my big new penis, I dont care if people know about it, it will only make them jealous, Phang told reporters hours after the operation.

My wife always tease me about my tiny penis, now she will have big black cock, he said laughingly.

My penis was small, like most Asian people. Now I will have biggest black dick in all of Taiwan and China, he added with pride.

Dr. Andre van der Merwe of the Tygerberg Hospital (middle) admits he is very proud of the successful transplant but that it took a long time to find a suitable donor.

Dr. Andre van der Merwe of the Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, admits it took 18 months until a suitable donor was found.

Usually we do transplants from dead bodies to living bodies but in this case, the donor is still alive, he told the Cape Town Herald.

Mr. Phang was very specific the penis needed to be over 12 inches long, not an inch shorter, he explained.

We ran ads in national newspapers and finally found a number of suitable matches for Mr. Phang with whom he arranged a financial agreement, he added.

Dr. Andre van der Merwe also warns that the procedure is expensive and not for everyone.

There are many risks involved, such as rejection of the organ by the body or surgical complications, he admits.

There is also a period of adaptation, most people are not used to carrying such a heavy load, he laughs.

It is also recommended with a penis of this size to be careful during the first erections. One might become light-headed or eve...


Shocking disturbing: Australian Government slammed for its cruelty to refugees at UN hearing "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

For the second day running, Australian Government officials have endured an uncomfortable grilling by the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva.

Just one day after condemning the Australian Governments chronic non-compliance with international human rights laws, in a further hearing overnight the expert Committee honed in on the Governments cruelty to refugees and in particular its offshore detention regime. The Human Rights Committee described the policies as shocking and disturbing.

The strong rebuke comes just two days after Australia was handed a seat on the UN Human Rights Council and just one day after the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) delivered an extraordinary statement warning of an imminent humanitarian crisis and a "looming humanitarian emergency" on Manus Island.

Amy Frew, Lawyer with the Human Rights Law Centre who is in Geneva for the hearings, said that it is clear that the UN is deeply concerned by the Australian Governments deteriorating human rights performance, especially in the areas of refugee policy, the over-imprisonment of Indigenous peoples and the erosion of democratic freedoms.

Our Government is just two days into a three-year term on the Human Rights Council and already its clear they will be constantly haunted by their own cruelty to refugees. Our Government can sit at the table and blow its own trumpet all it likes. But its crystal clear that for as long as our Government continues to warehouse 2000 innocent men, women and children on Manus and Nauru it will lack credibility and moral authority on human rights, said Ms Frew.

Related: UN takes Australia to task over archaic fines laws that resulted in Ms Dhu's death in police custody

Remarkably, during the questioning, the Australian Government suggested it did not have a policy of mandatory and indefinite detention of people seek...


Sweden to get Europes biggest car battery factory "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


AFP | A Swedish start-up joins the race to supply electric cars with batteries
STOCKHOLM (AFP)  Start-up company Northvolt said Thursday it had picked its home country Sweden to build Europes biggest factory for electric car batteries, rivalling Teslas American Gigafactory.

The company said it had selected Skelleftea, a coastal town in the countrys industrial north-east, for the site which will employ up to 2,500 people.

Swedens main nickel, cobalt, lithium and graphite deposits are nearby.

An associated research centre employing 300 to 400 people will be located in Vasteras, some 150 kilometres west of Stockholm and the original headquarters of Swedish-Swiss ABB, which has partnered up with Northvolt for the project.

Europe is rapidly moving towards electrification, said Peter Carlsson, Northvolts founder and CEO.

Sweden has a unique position to establish large-scale battery production to support this transition with its clean and affordable energy, proximity to raw materials, and a strong industrial tradition deep in its DNA, he said.

Swedens economy minister Mikael Damberg said it was a great day, not just for the two chosen cities but also for Sweden and for Europe.

Construction of the factory is to start in the second half of 2018, and it is expected to raise production progressively between 2020 and 2023. Once fully operational, the site is to produce lithium-ion batteries totalling 32 Gigawatt hours (GWh) per year.

The project requires an investment of four billion euros ($4.7 billion) over six years for which financing is already covered.

The factory comes in response to Tesla founder Elon Musks Gigafactory in the US state of Nevada where production debuted in January and which Tesla hopes to eventually ramp up to 150 GWhs.

In addition, Tesla is mulling plans for another such factory, this time in Europe, with several countries happy to have it, including Sweden and France.

Northvolts factory will be aimed not only at electric cars and other vehicles, but also at renewable energy producers looking for electricity storage, as well as industrial companies.



Woman Claims She was Gang-Banged by Aliens "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

MEXICO A 36-year-old woman who is now two months pregnant claims she has been impregnated by aliens who abducted her several months ago.

Maria Juanita Sanchez, a divorced mother of three, made local headlines last summer after she called up local KJFA radio station and told the story of her abduction in a triangle shaped craft piloted by extraterrestrial beings.

After first being dismissed as a prank, the radio station talk show hosts realized there was something to the story after hundreds of callers flooded the lines describing the same mysterious craft many had seen in the night sky.

Although hundreds of people are believed to have seen the UFO, Miss Sanchezs story clearly distinguished itself from other eyewitness testimonies, claiming she had not only been abducted but also reported being sexually assaulted by the aliens at the time of the original broadcast.

I was looking at the strange craft in the sky through my window when a burst of light suddenly blinded me. When I woke up, I found myself naked and on a table with three alien-like creatures looking at me, she originally told KJFA.

Their hands had three long fingers each. Then they all started fingering me with their 10-inch-long fingers. I could not scream, I was paralyzed, she said during the original broadcast.

They then proceeded to insert their glowing penises inside all of my orifices including my mouth, my vagina, and my anus. she recalled at the time, visibly shaken.

Miss Sanchez claims she was abducted aboard a triangle shaped craft in which three alien-like creatures performed full-on sexual intercourse upon her.

The story, which made local headlines last summer and even prompted Albuquerque Deputy Sheriff, Alan Montgomery, to make an official statement about the UFO sighting, dismissing it as meteorological phenomena at the time, is seemingly not over after Miss Sanchez has called back the local radio station this week to announce that she is now pregnant, claiming that the aliens are in fact the genitors of her child to...



At, the top trending story in the country isn't about the president's interactions with Gold Star families -- it's this:

A Mississippi school is shedding the name of the Confederacy's only president and will instead be named for the first African-American president of the United States.

Davis International Baccalaureate Elementary School in Jackson was named decades ago for Jefferson Davis.

The school with 98 percent African-American enrollment is set to be renamed for Barack Obama in the next academic year, in a move proposed by parents and approved by a majority of students, parents, faculty and staff members.
And although the comments aren't 100% negative -- apparently a few liberals and moderates read the Fox site -- many are just what you'd expect:
Oh good, Barry's school of liberal indoctrination.


Let's just call it Chairman Mao High School.


Makes sense - it's likely most of them receive gov't benefits because of the disastrous job done by Obama - it literally is the "House Obama Built"


e's a major political failure and a Hack. That's what happens when you quota hire a community organizer to lead a country.


Who is Barrack Obama? I heard of a Hussein Obama, some muslim that tried to destroy America


The school motto "Hands Up Don't Shoot".


96% black students--12 black fathers---none involved students lives


The biggest tragedy was Lincoln not being able to ship those lazy babboons back to Africa


You can bet they'll add a course on Islamic studies.


So they're removing Davis' name, because they perceive him as being racist. And renaming the school after someone who is clearly racist.


The popular courses in this school are "Maximizing welfare benefits" and "Raising children on your own and still in school"


Kapernick High School! Lol


One big round black building with lowered ceilings so you're forced to kneel?!


I bet KFC will soon be carrying Obamfried chicken.


And of course Christianity will be banned and Islam adopted.


Their new motto in honor of Obama: "What do we want? Dead cops".


Threat actors started scanning for SSH Keys on websites "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Threat actors in the wild are mass-scanning websites for directories containing SSH private keys to hack them.

The SSH allows a secure way to connect to servers hosting the websites, it allows administrators to get a terminal on them and enter commands.

The SSH authentication could rely on login credentials (username and password), or on a key-based approach.

When using key-based authentication, users generate an encryption key pair, a public and private key. The public key is placed on the server users want to sign in to. The private key is saved by the users in a local SSH configuration directory.

Wordfence is seeing a significant spike in SSH private key scanning activity. warned the WordPress security firm. If your private SSH key ever gets out, anyone can use it to sign in to a server where you have set up key-based authentication. It is very important to keep your private key safe.

Threat actors are mass-scanning the web searching for web directories containing the terms, or combinations of terms, such as root, ssh, or id_rsa.

Researchers observed a spike in SSH Private Key scans in the past 48 hours.

The graph shows a massive spike in scanning activity in the past 48 hours, said Wordfence CEO Mark Maunder. We think this increase of activity may indicate that an attacker is having some success scanning for private keys and has decided to increase their efforts. This may indicate a common bug or operational mistake that is being made by WordPress site owners, by which private keys are being accidentally made public.

SSH keys scans

Recently the provider of identity protection services Venafi published a report that revealed that 61% of organizations have minimal control of SSH privileged access.

The company conducted a study among 410 IT security professionals and found a widespread lack of SSH security controls....


Juve Has Confirmed That Antnio Campinos is French "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

And Kluwer Patent Blog found this photo from six years ago

Campinos and Battistelli in 2011
Photo ops like these arent going to help either of them

Summary: The relationship between Campinos and Battistelli has a nationality aspect to it, not even taking into account the interpersonal connection which goes a long way back

THE EPOs focus right now is on the new Chairman and the upcoming (next) President. The Darker Past of the Next President of the EPO Part III will be published some time soon, maybe tomorrow or in the weekend. Well cover the INPI connection.

In the meantime, someone has just told us about this new article. Here are some key bits from it:

Heavy task lies ahead of Antonio Campinos as future EPO president


Apparently, EPO member states think the Portuguese Campinos is the right man to tackle the problems. A diplomatic source told Kluwer IP Law he is seen as a person who will be able to improve social relations and enter into dialogue with workers and unions, after a period of very effective reforms by Benoit Battistelli, which have led to increased productivity. The German legal website JUVE quotes a Spanish trademark expert as saying Campinos (who was born in France and, according to JUVE, has the French as well as the Portuguese nationality) is an experienced IP lawyer and a pleasant and passionate director, who is committed to the EUIPO staff.


The Techrights blog, which has been reporting for years on the problems at the EPO, is not convinced at all that Antonio Campinos will be an improvement and has pointed at the close ties between the current and the new EPO president, who have known each other for a long time.

We did not notice (at the time) Juve reporting this. So what we did not have a 100% confirmation for can now be ascertained. Campinos is French. Thus, out of 4 EPO Presidents (in a row) 3 are French. Quite a diversity, no? Might as well call the next President Antoine.


New Girl "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Todays headlines in several international newspapers had to struggle with too many possessive male noun forms: Putins mentors daughter Ksenia Sobchak announced that she would run for Russian Presidency next year. Russias Got Talent!

Not that the Kremlin thought that the upcoming Putin referendum is in Jeopardy. The main contender Navalny is currently contemplating whether orange is the new black and will probably not get on the ballot anyway. The usual suspects (such as Zyuganov and Yavlinsky) have been trying to get that rose from the Russian population for too many seasons. Given that next years elections are scheduled on Crimea Re-unification Day, there is no way anybody will be able to keep up with the Kardashian.

Sobchaks bid looks very, very much improbable in this game of thrones. For starters, rumors about her being the spoiler candidate that would split the opposition vote have been circulating for months, and even URL about her announcement in Vedomosti Newspaper is backdated to September 30th. Also, her mass media career might sort of arrest this development. To most Russians she is not really familiar as an oppositional journalist, but more so as a reality show host. Sobchak used to help build love on a Russian reality TV show Dom-2 [House-2], where male and female contestants are supposed to build couples and an actual house that the best couple won at the end. The show includes numerous scenes of conflicts, fist fighting, swearing, masturbation and other delightful hallmarks of reality TV.

Moreover, before she started breaking bad in the oppositional movement in 2011, Sobchak used to hone her image as a Gossip Girl type a privileged daughter of high-ranking and rich officials. While her father used to be the first mayor of St. Petersburg, her mother has been a Senator in the Russian parliament for decades. Sobchaks (well documented) sex and the city lifestyle was also far from frugal in early 2000s expensive cars, clothes, jewelry, oligarch boyfriends, elite education.  Like every IT-girl and sometimes also a Secretary of Energy she was also on dancing with the stars.

Then comes the big bang oppositional turn: Sobchak held speeches during the demonstrations against election fraud, became a noted political journalist and is still hated as the louche spoiled rich girl who only got this far because her daddy used to be Putins boss. There is the misogynistic streak there as well: often derived for being Ugly Betty and looking...


Samsung's Phone-As-Desktop Concept Now Runs Linux "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Samsung's DeX is a clever way to turn your phone into a desktop computer. However, there's one overriding problem: you probably don't have a good reason to use it instead of a PC. And Samsung is trying to fix that.


Why the Truth Is So Important to Me (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Why the Truth Is So Important to Me Video TruthStream Media Mel here. This is my own story of how I woke up and wound up here doing what I do. I guess I just have something more important...

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Saudis Order Review of Mohammeds Teachings to Combat Terror "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Saudi Arabia's King SalmanSaudi Arabias King Salman (Photo: GIANLUIGI GUERCIA/AFP/Getty Images)


Saudi Arabias King Salman issued a decree ordering the establishment of a body to review the interpretations of the teachings of the Islamic prophet Mohammed that are being used to justify violence and terrorism.

These teachings, known as the hadiths (reports or narratives) comprise accounts of the sayings, habits and actions of Mohammed written many years after his death. Different sects of Islam accept different collections of hadith. Some Muslims who call themselves Quranists, only accept the validity of the Quran and none of the hadiths.

Salman directed the Saudi Culture and Information Ministry to establish a body to investigate the hadiths that are being used by extremist organizations to justify their actions.

The ministry said the aim of the new authority would be to eliminate fake and extremist texts and any texts that contradict the teachings of Islam and justify the committing of crimes, murders and terrorist acts.

The body will include Islamic scholars from around the world and be headed by Sheikh Mohammed bin Hassan al-Sheikh, a member of the Saudi Arabias Council of Senior Scholars, the kingdoms highest religious authority.

Earlier this year, during a visit by U.S. President Donald Trump, Salman inaugurated the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology to expose, combat and refute extremist ideology, according to the centers Twitter account.


Huge moon cave could be suitable for astronauts base Japanese space agency "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By RT News

Japanese researchers have discovered a cavern stretching 50 kilometers beneath the surface of the moon. It is hoped that the huge subterranean area could be used as a lunar base for astronauts in the future, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has said.

The cavern, believed to be a lava tube created about 3.5 billion years ago, could protect astronauts from the suns radiation and cosmic rays when they build a base for exploration, according to Kyodo news.

The expansive cavity, located beneath an area with a group of volcanic domes called the Marius Hills, is about 100 meters wide, according to data taken by JAXAs lunar orbiter Kaguya.

The lunar orbiter first detected a hole 50 meters in diameter and depth, but further surveys of the area using radio waves led to the discovery of the lava tube, the agency said.

The JAXA researchers scrutinized data indicating that an underground structure extended west from the shaft, the Asahi Shimbun reported.

The study confirmed that there is the possibility of ice or water existing in rocks deep within the cave.

This article (Huge moon cave could be suitable for astronauts base Japanese space agency) was originally published on RT News and syndicated by The Event Chronicle


Secret Superstar Shows Us the Small Thrills and Travails of Chasing a Dream "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Secret Superstar, starring Zahira Wazir and Aamir Khan

In an early scene in the 1995 blockbuster Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, the mood of the house changes as soon as its patriarch (Amrish Puri) rings the bell. Before that, it was alive with Western music, with the girls dancing with each other, and their mother breaking into a twist in the kitchen. As the man enters the house, the girls pick up their books, and the stereo starts emitting an old Hindi song. A diametrically opposite scene, imbued with similar themes, appears halfway through Secret Superstar, when the patriarch of the house leaves for work. As soon as the man leaves, the house transforms it into a balloon of joy, with the air rife with jokes and songs and joy, with the family members (the mother, daughter, and brother) feeling relieved, free to do as they please.

Secret Superstar has released 22 years after Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. A lot has changed over such a long duration of time, but the depiction of a patriarch on Indian screenssullen, strict, and fearsomehas not. You wonder why. You wonder what is it about Indian fathers that make them so incapable of expressing love? You wonder what is it about Indian mennot just fathers, but also elder brothers, uncles, grandfathersthat make them so impervious to love? Joy, or finding your calling, is frowned up on, made fun of. Deliverance can only be found in cracking a joint entrance exam, working a salaried job, following middle-class conventions. In Advait Chandans...


Malaysia chooses American company Ocean Infinity to search for MH370 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Malaysian government has chosen an American private seabed exploration firm, Ocean Infinity, to resume the search for MH370, which disappeared on March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board.

It is now negotiating terms with Ocean Infinity, and will make an official announcement once those terms are agreed.

The underwater search in the southern Indian Ocean was suspended on January 17 this year. The tripartite decision to suspend the search was made by Malaysia, China, and Australia.

In an email to the next-of-kin of the passengers and crew of those on board MH370, the Malaysian government said: Please be informed that the MH370 Response Team has received several proposals from interested parties to search for MH370.

These proposals included an offer by the company Ocean Infinity, which offered to search on a No Cure No Fee basis, the Malaysian government said.

These offers have been thoroughly assessed by the team and the governments of Australia and China have been informed of this in line with the spirit of tripartite cooperation.

In this regard, the government of Malaysia has given the permission for the response team to proceed negotiating the terms and conditions with Ocean Infinity.

The Malaysian government said that once n...


Movie Review: Geostorm [2017] "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

PS: Review posted by our blog contributor Jihad.

I was never a big fan of disaster movies they were always kind of predictable and Geostorm is no different in terms of plot. However the visual effects this time were very impressive so make sure you watch it on IMAX.

Geostorm is about a network of satellites (the net) that controls the weather around the world to protect its citizens, until something goes wrong on the ISS (International Space Station) that controls the net and it starts attacking the earth. This is when Jake (Gerard Butler) is called in to fix the situation up on the ISS while his brother Max (Jim Sturgess) and girlfriend Sarah (Abbie Cornish) assist him back on earth.

The plot is typical to disaster/alien invasion movie but the director Dean Devlin made some inpressive visual effects that made the movie a lot cooler than expected. Its fast paced, action-packed and the visuals, especially the ones from space, are stunning. Despite being a disaster movie, there are some pretty funny jokes and entertaining scenes. The anti-authoritarian character played by gerard butler was a nice touch and he played it well, I always liked his acting despite his latest roles in boring romantic comedies that I honestly think ruined his career. Other actors were also just as good and there were a couple of great actors that played small parts such as Andy Garcia and Ed Harris.

All in all, the movie was quite fun to watch especially on IMAX, but dont expect to scratch your head much on the story it was almost spoon fed to us.


BREAKING: Evans backtracks, says I am not guilty "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike, billionaire kidnapper better known as Evans, has pleaded not guilty to the two counts of conspiracy and kidnapping levelled against him.  Evans made the plea at a sitting of the Lagos state high court on Thursday. At his last court appearance in August, Evans acknowledged guilt when the charges were read to him.

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Vets Sue Drug Companies for Funding Anti-US Islamist Militia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Fighters in the anti-American Iraqi Shiite Mahdi ArmyFighters in the anti-American Iraqi Shiite Mahdi Army (Photo: Wathiq Khuzaie/Getty Images)


A group of U.S. military veterans and relatives of soldiers killed or wounded in Iraq filed suit against five pharmaceutical and medical equipment giants, accusing them of funding the Islamist  terrorist militia responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers in Iraq.

As reported by The Financial Times, the lawsuit names the parent companies and subsidiaries of AstraZeneca, General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and Roche Holding.

These companies stand accused of paying bribes to the Iraqi Ministry of Health to win contracts. The ministry was known to be controlled by the Mahdi Army, an extremely anti-American, Shiite terrorist militia backed Hezbollah, the Iranian-funded Lebanese terrorist organization.

The suit charges that money from these bribes was used to fund the militia allowing them to buy weapons, train fighters and conduct logistic support.

Defendants corrupt transactions aided and abetted Jaysh al-Mahdis terrorist operations against Americans in Iraq, the lawsuit states.

The U.S. military suffered tremendous losses between 2005 and 2009 at the hands of the Mahdi Army. The lawsuit includes a 27-page itemized list of U.S. soldiers killed or injured at the hands of the terrorist militia, including claims of suffering by relatives.

The lawsuit documents the extent to which the U.S. knew the Mahdi Army controlled the ministry. Inside the Iraqi Health Ministry hung pictures of the Mahdi Armys leader Muqtada al-Sadr. Banners reading Death to America were hung in the ministry and AK-47 assault rifles could readily be found in the Health ministers office.

By the end of 2004, the office had become too dangerous for Americans to even be inside the building. As the lawsuit claims, the ministry functioned more as a terrorist apparatus than a health organization.

The sui...


Grassley Calls on FBI Informant to Testify About Clinton-Uranium One Scandal As Investigation Heats Up "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has been investigating the Uranium One scandal for months.

Grassley is expected to ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the Russian Uranium One scandal in Wednesdays hearing.

It was reported earlier today that the FBI uncovered Russian bribery of the Clintons in 2009 and the Department of Justice and the FBI sat on this for four more years.

Worse yet, from todays report we discovered the investigation was supervised by then-U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, who is now President Trumps Deputy Attorney General, and then-Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who is now the deputy FBI director under Trump.

This further tarnishes this respected organizations good name.

John Solomon from Circa News reported tonight that Senator Grassley will question the Attorney General on Wednesday on the Uranium One scandal.

John Solomon: I can confirm tonight. I am reporting this out tonight Senator Grassley, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, began an investigation last week specifically asking all the CFIUS members did you know there was a criminal investigation. This is going to become one of the most important investigations that is going to evolve this fall.

Via Hannity:

Now this

Senator Charles Grassley has called out the attorney of the former FBI informant to arrange for her clients testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Circa reports:

Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley asked the attorney of a former FBI informant Wednesday to allow her client to testify before his committee regarding the FBIs investigation regarding kickbacks and bribery by the Russian state controlled nuclear company that was approved to purchase twenty percent of United States uranium supply in 2010, Circa has learned.

In a formal letter, Grassley, an Iowa Republican, asked Victoria Toensing, the lawyer representing the former FBI informant, to allow her c...


#HandsOffCorey: Support #Charlottesville Defender Corey Long "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Solidarity Cville for Medium - Corey Long turned himself in this past Friday after the white supremacists who attacked Charlottesville swore out a warrant against Corey for disorderly conduct and assault and battery. Corey is beloved in his community, known for taking care of others. Now he is known nationwide for a photograph of him with an ignited spray can shielding an elderly man from a group of white nationalists swinging flags at them. This photo emerged as one of the most powerful images of community defense and guardianship against the intimidation, extreme force and brutality that neo-Nazis perpetrated as promised against Charlottesville residents. Shortly after that photo was taken, a Nazi fired a gun at Corey. Corey Long, a 23-year-old elder care worker, was arrested for answering the call to defend his community against the imminent siege of terror that both Mayor Mike Signer and UVA President Teresa Sullivan told the residents of Charlottesville to outright ignore.


Wounded Mandalay Bay security officer gives long-awaited testimony on shooter "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Security guard coddled by building engineer as he gave his eyewitness account of his encounter with Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock

(INTELLIHUB) Wounded Mandalay Bay security officer Jesus Campos appeared on a pre-taped episode of The Ellen Show which aired Wednesday to give his long-awaited testimony about his encounter with the shooter Stephen Paddock on the night of Oct. 1.

During the bizarre interview, Campos speaks about his encounter with the 64-year-old gunman with Ellen DeGeneres as Mandalay Bay building engineer Stephen Schuck sits to Camposs side coddling him.

According to Campos, he went up the 31st stairwell to the 32nd-floor to check on a door alarm after receiving a notification to check and secure the doors where he found the stairwell door to the 32nd-floor was blocked and thats when Campos called engineering to report the jam. About that time the security officer heard drilling sounds coming from the suspects room. had to go back down to the 31st-floor to reemerge on the 32nd-floor from another hallway.

Thats when Campos says that he descended the back down to the 31st-floor in order to reemerge on the 32nd-floor via another hallway. Once Campos reemerged on the 32nd-floor and was headed down the 100 hallway toward Paddocks thats when he heard gunfire and felt a burning sensation in his leg. He was struck in the upper thigh by one of the shooters bullets.

Once Campos reemerged on the 32nd-floor and was headed down the 100 hallway toward Paddocks thats when he claims he heard gunfire and subsequently felt a burning sensation in his leg. Campos was struck in the upper thigh by one of the shooters bullets.

Amid the gunfire, the security officer was able to warn the buildings engineer Schuck to take cover. Schuck was just starting to walk down the hall at that precise moment when he was able to jump out of the way into a cubby.

A few things that appeared to be off during the interview

  • Throughout the duration of the interview, the duo can be seen looking backstage, possibly for direction from their handler.
  • At one point Ellen reverts to a diagram which shows Paddocks 32nd-floor room no. 135 and the neighboring room no. 134. Interestingly enough, on the diagram, no adjoining door can be seen which is a discrepancy from the official story given by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department.

Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn comment on the conspiracy

What are your thoughts on the interview? Please comment below.



Alphabets Capital G invests $1B in Lyft "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Alphabets venture firm Capital G has announced an $1 billion investment in Uber competitor Lyft. The ride hailing company says the injection of cash brings valuation to $11 billion. The big investment comes as Uber and Googles Waymo are embroiled in  fierce litigation over intellectual property. Speculation that Alphabet was eying an investment in the

Alphabets venture firm Capital G has announced an $1 billion investment in Uber competitor Lyft. The ride hailing company says the injection of cash brings valuation to $11 billion.

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The Collapse Of Trumpcare And The Rise Of Single Payer "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Adam Gaffney and Zackary D. Berger for The BMJ Opinion - Two major developments in September upended US healthcare politics. The months end saw the failure of a last-ditch blitz by Senate Republicans to dispatch the Affordable Care Act (ACA) via the Graham-Cassidy bill, a painful defeat for opponents of Obamacare, including President Trump. And on 13 September, Senator Bernie Sanders single-payer Medicare-for-All bill was released, galvanizing proponents of progressive healthcare reform. Among the notable aspects of Sanders bill was its co-sponsorship by 16 Senators (as opposed to zero for Sanders last bill), among whom were most of the potential Democratic 2020 presidential contenders. Rising support for single-payer in the Senate follows a similar shift in the House of Representatives, where a majority of Democratic lawmakers now support Representative John Conyers single-payer bill. The immediate impact of these single-payer billsgiven that neither will pass in the current Congressmay seem modest. Yet in conjunction with the collapse of Republicans ACA repeal efforts, they could signal a new era in American healthcare politics.


Ancient, lost, mountains in the Karoo reveals the secrets of massive extinction event "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Fossil records near the lost Gondwanides mountains show that the Permian-Triassic extinction started 1 million years prior to what was previously believed. Millions of years ago, a mountain range that would have dwarfed the Andes mountains in South America,...... Read more

Seychelles home to new species of caecilian, a legless amphibian "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A team of scientists from Seychelles, the United States and the United Kingdom has found a new caecilian, perhaps the smallest species of the legless amphibian on Earth. As soon as I saw it I knew it was a new species, Simon Maddock, a conservation biologist at the University of Wolverhampton, said in a statement. [It] is a very exciting discovery and I was delighted to be able to formally describe it and present it to the world. Biologist Simon Maddock led the team that discovered the new species in Seychelles. Photo courtesy of Simon Maddock / University of Wolverhampton. Maddock and his colleagues discovered what theyre calling the Petite Praslin caecilian (Hypogeophis pti), named for the island of Praslin in the Seychelles where they found it in 2013 and 2014. They reported their findings Oct. 6 in the journal Zootaxa. The species has a longer snout than other Seychellois caecilians. Caecilians also have two sensory organs on their heads not found in other amphibians called tentacles. The Petite Praslin caecilians tentacles are nearer to the animals eyes than its nostrils, differentiating it from a close relative. The new species also has fewer vertebrae than any caecilian known to science, and its short, topping out at 120 millimeters (4.72 inches) in length. The archipelago in the Indian Ocean is home to six other species of caecilian, and scientists figure theyve been evolving there independently, along with a family of frogs called Sooglossidae, for 64 million years. Still, that doesnt mean the snake-like amphibians are easy to

Daphne Caruana Galizia : Here's what we must demand in the face of this brutal assassination (Chris Peregin) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

19/10/2017 - Actions speak louder than words Malta is shaken to its core. A journalist and blogger who influenced so many aspects of life in Maltahas been slain in the most brutal way possible. Whether you were ...


Ubuntu 17.10 ISOs Officially Released "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The official Ubuntu 17.10 "Artful Aardvark" spins are now available...


Cholera bacteria detected in Maternity Hospital in Athens "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Cholera bacteria has been detected in one of the biggest public maternity hospitals in downtown Athens. First samples from stagnated water in the basement of the hospital that have been examined in the hospital laboratory have shown potentially enteropathogenic microorganisms. The Maternity Hospital Elena Venizelos in downtown Athens sealed one of its food storage rooms

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THE FRAGILE GOLD INDUSTRY: Gigantic Equipment, Massive Capital Expenditures & Rising Costs "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

THE FRAGILE GOLD INDUSTRY: Gigantic Equipment, Massive Capital Expenditures & Rising Costs by Steve St. Angelo SRSRocco Report The gold industry has been built on the leveraging of debt and energy.  The days of using human and animal labor...

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Elite Pedophile Ring Child Supermarket Discovered In Portugal "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

An orphanage in Lisbon, Portugal has been exposed as a child supermarket for pedophiles, where global Elites can buy children to sexually abuse. The orphanage is controlled by a Ferrari-driving procurer known as The Doctor, who picks out and examines children ready to sell to the upper echelons of society and establishment in the US []


CSTO and SCO: Extensive Security Measures "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


The situation in Afghanistan is one of the most important issues for the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), which unites Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Tajikistan, as well as for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO India, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan). The civil war, together with the activities of the terrorists on Afghan territory, have posed a threat to the stability of the entire region of Central Asia for many years.

In September 2017, a meeting of the Foreign Ministries heads of the CSTO Member States took place at the 72nd session of the UN General Assembly in New York. The major topics of the meeting included cooperation with the United Nations Organization in the peace-making efforts, security and combat to terrorism, as well as the problems of Afghanistan. Several joint statements were adopted, including a provision on Afghanistan and the threat of terrorist organizations strengthening in the northern provinces of this country.

It should be recalled that Afghanistan shares borders with one of the CSTO states in the north Tajikistan. Therefore, the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border is a zone of particular importance to the CSTO. The border is 1,344 km long, and runs through hard-to-reach mountainous areas that are difficult to cross and not less difficult to protect. The northern areas of Afghanistan also share borders with Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, which are not CSTO members, but whose security is also very important for the entire region.

On September 29, 2017, the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Tajikistan in the Tajik capital Dushanbe hosted the international conference Combating Terrorism and Extremism in Eurasia: Common Threats and Joint Experience. Representatives of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia attended the conference. Members of the CSTO Secretariat and the SCO Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure Executive Committee also participated.

The participants of the event discussed issues of regional security, the high-level threats and countermeasures, including the various measures of the domestic policies of the member countries and international cooperation, including that within the CSTO and the SCO.

The situation in Afghanistan was once mor...


US Withdrawal From UNESCO: Abandonment Of Principles "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Anuradha Mittal for IPS - OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, Oct 18 2017 (IPS) - A woman shopkeeper is standing on a plastic chair to avoid knee high swirling rainwater mixed with sewage. I work with a womens cooperative selling products made by Palestinian women in my shop. The sewage water has gone into the electric wires, so I have no electricity. Everything in the shop is destroyed. The metal door [that was] installed to protect the settlers prevents the water from flowing out into the main drain. . . . This means we suffer every time it rains. They [the settlers] want us to move from here. This is why they make our life hard, she cries. The silent rain accompanies wails of those impacted. This is the Old City of Hebron the largest city in the West Bank and the only city in the Occupied Palestinian Territory apart from Jerusalem, with illegal settlements inside the city. As the sewage water in the market rises, Palestinian shopkeepers and residents point out the holes in the gate to allow for water to go through. However, cement blocks and sand placed by the settlers have closed the water drainage. I am reminded of my time in Hebron, with last weeks announcement of US withdrawal from UNESCO, the Paris-based cultural, scientific, and educational organization of the United Nations, accusing it of anti-Israel bias.


The Seed Guardians: Meet the Women of India Who are Revolutionizing Organic Farming "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Caroline Wright

For some time now, weve been hearing about the important role women have in curbing environmental destruction. After all, the argument goes, the patriarchal system is at the root of our environmental problems with its sole focus on the profitable bottom line and a complete disregard for the effect industry has on clean air and water, animal habitats, human health and our food supply.

What we need is a more feminine approach that sees value in preserving and caring for our natural world.

Granted, there are plenty of men who are extremely concerned about the environment and are actively working towards protecting our gorgeous planet. But heres the problem: when faced with the severe effects of environmental degradation, impoverished women have the most to lose. Around the world, these women have the main responsibility for meeting household needs. In other words, they are ultimately responsible for making sure they and their children dont starve, while also providing reliable shelter.

And because women generally have lower class standing in developing nations, fewer options for birth control, as well as a more difficulties finding work that will support their family, when the ravages of climatic changes (flood, drought and other natural disasters) enter onto the scene, these women and their families are extremely vulnerable. Which is why many NGOs are focusing on empowering women through education and micro-loans to start businesses.

Often, part of this education includes learning about the importance of preserving the environment and developing more sustainable practices with fuel for cooking, food cultivation and water conservation. One success story of this trend is Indias female seed guardians pioneers in the organic farming movement and major players in protecting the environment for generations to come.

A Ray of Light in a Genetically Modified World

Over ninety-percent of cotton grown in India is now genetically modified. Not only is Bt cotton an environmental nightmare requiring high use of chemical pesticides as farmers growing this GE crop are now finding themselves entangled in Bt-resistant superbugs, emerging secondary pests, diminishing natural enemies, destabilized insect ecology, and the need to keep spraying chemical pesticides to deal with the increasingly uncontrollable situation, says Lo Sze Ping, Greenpeace China program manager but, because the cotton hasnt naturally...


Truck Driver Pleads Guilty in Deadliest Immigrant-Smuggling Incident in More Than a Decade "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

James Mathew Bradley is escorted out of the federal courthouse following a hearing, ON July 24, 2017, in San Antonio.


Female Freelancers Are Paid Way Less Than Men For The Same Creative Jobs "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Women in the creative economy are making 32% less than their male counterparts.

Gender-based wage discrimination in traditional business settings can be insidious because women who start out being paid less may be continuously offered less competitive raises or salaries when they change jobs. But many female entrepreneurs in creative fieldsperhaps even those who think that owning their own business shelters from such biasare actually seeing a similar disparity play out in a different way.

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Corbyn Beats May to Brussels, Getting His Brexit Pitch in First "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


By Thomas Penny and Nikos Chrysoloras

October 19, 2017, 6:34 AM EDT

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Introduced as the next prime minister of the U.K., Jeremy Corbyn received a standing ovation from European Socialists in Brussels, hours before the actual head of government could make her case to fellow leaders.

In a piece of political theater that aims to undermine Theresa May at a key European summit, the leader of the Labour Party hammered away at the theme that she should get out of the way and let him lead talks with the European Union.

Jeremy Corbyn in Brussels on Oct. 19.

Photographer: John Thys/AFP/Getty Images

As the governments splits and Brexit bungling become ever more damaging, Labour stands ready to take up responsibility for the Brexit negotiations, Corbyn said. We are clear in our priorities: a jobs-first Brexit which maintains free access to the single market.

He went further: I am unapologetic in taking every opportunity to seek to influence the final Brexit deal in the interests of the many, not just the few.

Still, when Corbyn said he was going to respect the results of the Brexit referendum, he was met with complete silence.

With assistance by John Follain



3 Simple, Excellent Linux Network Monitors "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

3 Simple, Excellent Linux Network Monitors


PHOTOS: Buhari meets Turkeys Erdogan "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

President Muhammadu Buhari paid a courtesy visit to Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, at the Presidential Palace in Ankara, the capital city, on Thursday, October 19, 2017. The president was welcomed with a 21-gun salute as he inspected a Guard of Honour with his host, Erdogan.   According to President Buharis Personal Assistant on New Media, Bashir Ahmad, the two leaders later sat down to discuss defence and security cooperation, migration issues, among others.

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The polity that is New Zealand "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Sometimes proportional representation systems throw up surprising results, as they just did in New Zealand.  National won the biggest share of the vote at 44%, but the new government is a coalition between Winston Peters and Jacinda Ardern:

Arderns stunning popularity was dismissed as stardust by English, but she went on to experience huge support from young voters and women and was credited with breathing life back into the New Zealand political scene.

Her personal popularity and the huge crowds she drew around the country was hailed Jacindamania, and she was compared to rock-star politicians such as Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau.

A Labour government has pledged to wipe out child poverty, make tertiary education free, reduce immigration by 20,000-30,000, decriminalise abortion, introduce a water tax and make all rivers swimmable within 10 years.

Here is the full story, further evidence that politics is changing for good, and not just because of narrow economic reasons.  Last year the New Zealand economy grew 3.9%.  Jacinda by the way Was brought up as a Mormon but left the church over its anti-homosexual stance.

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How Gold Bullion Protects From Conflict And War "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Gold and silvers historical role in conflict shaped the world today and the modern financial system
Gold played an important function in the great conflicts up to and throughout the 20th century
Gold and the effective use of bullion played a crucial role in the outcome of the American Civil War
Gold was an important economic agent in both World Wars, conferring a huge advantage on the allies
 In a world beset with risks of war both in the Middle East and with North Korea, Russia and China gold will protect

Editor Mark OByrne

Gold and silver have played important roles during periods of conflict and have protected people but also protected nations and conferred power. HSBC Chief Precious Metals analyst James Steel has written a fascinating piece for this months Alchemist about this.

The article takes us through the major wars and conflicts from the 15th century to modern times. Each major war serves as a reminder that success is as much down to the management of bullion and finance as it is about the role of gold and silver.

the way bullion was used, moved, stored and shifted had profound effects on long-term economic or military success. Indeed, the role of gold and silver in wars not only in influenced the shape of the world today, but laid the foundations for the modern financial system.

When managed effectively we see how important gold and silver were for victorious countries. Central bankers and politicians of today should use the following historical examples of military successes to appreciate the importance of a strong source of bullion and conservative financial planning both in and out of peacetime.

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Is FBI Setting Stage For Increased Surveillance Of Black Activists? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Thaddeus Talbot, Hugh Handeyside, and Malkia Cyril for ACLU and Center for Media Justice - A recently leaked FBI Intelligence Assessment contains troubling signs that the FBI is scrutinizing and possibly surveilling Black activists in its search for potential extremists. The report, which the FBIs Counterterrorism Division prepared, identifies what it calls Black Identity Extremists as security threats. Their perceptions of police brutality against African Americans will very likely serve as justification for violence against law enforcement officers, the report claims. Today, the ACLU filed a Freedom of Information Act requestwith the Center for Media Justice seeking other records regarding the FBIs surveillance of Black people on the basis of a supposed shared ideology, including records using the term Black Identity Extremists. The report is disturbing on several levels, starting with the label Black Identity Extremist. Its definition of the term is so confusing as to be unintelligible: The FBI defines black identity extremists as individuals who seek, wholly or in part, through unlawful acts of force or violence, in response to perceived racism and injustice in American society and some do so in furtherance of establishing a separate black homeland or autonomous black social institutions, communities, or governing organizations within the United States.


Prayer and Meditation for Friday, October 20, 2017 You are worth more than many sparrows Beware of the hypocrisy of the Pharisees "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Friday of the Twenty-eighth Week in Ordinary Time
Lectionary: 471

Image result for cast into Gehenna, photos

Reading 1 ROM 4:1-8

Brothers and sisters:
What can we say that Abraham found,
our ancestor according to the flesh?
Indeed, if Abraham was justified on the basis of his works,
he has reason to boast;
but this was not so in the sight of God.
For what does the Scripture say?
Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.
A workers wage is credited not as a gift, but as something due.
But when one does not work,
yet believes in the one who justifies the ungodly,
his faith is credited as righteousness.
So also David declares the blessedness of the person
to whom God credits righteousness apart from works:

Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven
and whose sins are covered.
Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord does not record.

Responsorial Psalm PS 32:1B-2, 5, 11

R. (see 7) I turn to you, Lord, in time of trouble, and you fill me with the joy of salvation.
Blessed is he whose fault is taken away,
whose sin is covered.
Blessed the man to whom the LORD imputes not guilt,
in whose spirit there is no guile.
R. I turn to you, Lord, in time of trouble, and you fill me with the joy of salvation.
Then I acknowledged my sin to you,
my guilt I covered not.
I said, I confess my faults to the LORD,
and you took away the guilt of my sin.
R. I turn to you, Lord, in time of trouble, and you fill me with the joy of salvation.
Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, you just;
exult, all you upright of heart.
R. I turn to you, Lord, in time of trouble, and you fill me with the joy....


Lebanese Flag History Video "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

I found this nice 4-minute video on the story of the Lebanese flag and how it came to be. While the historical facts are accurate, the flag they showed is not the official Lebanese flag (for design reasons apparently). In fact and as per Article 5 of the constitution of Lebanon The Lebanese flag shall be composed of three horizontal stripes, a white stripe between two red ones. The width of the white stripe shall be equal to that of both red stripes. In the center of and occupying one-third of the white stripe is a green cedar tree with its top touching the upper red strip and its base touching the lower red stripe.

The width of each red tripe is almost twice as big as the white stripe, which is inaccurate and makes the flag looks ugly.

Still its a nice story to watch if youre not familiar with it already.


The Power Players Behind Silencing Wall Street Reformers "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Power Players Behind Silencing Wall Street Reformers By Pam Martens and Russ Martens Wall Street on Parade America has now been through various iterations of its time to stop bashing Wall Street by writers who seem to easily...

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Human Anxiety in Late-Stage Capitalism "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A number of recent press articles, including an over 8,000-word feature piece in The New York Times have asked, to quote the Times headline, Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety?

Although the question was proffered,


Only Nonviolent Resistance Will Destroy Corporate State "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Chris Hedges for Truth Dig - The encampments by Native Americans at Standing Rock, N.D., from April 2016 to February 2017 to block construction of the Dakota Access pipeline provided the template for future resistance movements. The action was nonviolent. It was sustained. It was highly organized. It was grounded in spiritual, intellectual and communal traditions. And it lit the conscience of the nation. Native American communitiesmore than 200 were represented at the Standing Rock encampments, which at times contained up to 10,000 peoplecalled themselves water protectors. Day after day, week after week, month after month, the demonstrators endured assaults carried out with armored personnel carriers, rubber bullets, stun guns, tear gas, cannons that shot water laced with chemicals, and sound cannons that can cause permanent hearing loss. Drones hovered overhead. Attack dogs were unleashed on the crowds. Hundreds were arrested, roughed up and held in dank, overcrowded cells. Many were charged with felonies. The press, or at least the press that attempted to report honestly, was harassed and censored, and often reporters were detained or arrested. And mixed in with the water protectors was a small army of infiltrators, spies and agents provocateurs, who often initiated vandalism and rock throwing at law enforcement and singled out anti-pipeline leaders for arrest.


Fani-Kayode accuses SARS officials of alleged murder, sexual assault "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has called out Akin Fakorede, Head of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in Rivers state. In a series of tweets on micro-blogging social network, Twitter,  Fani-Kayode alleged that Fakoredes men have been responsible for violence, murder and sexual assault in the state. 1. One Akin Fakorede is the head of SARS in Rivers state.He was indicted for violence and intimidation against PDP supporters in Rivers state in 2016 by a Judicial Commision of Inquiry.His men have also been accused of the cold-blooded murder of Jibade...

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Donald Trump's Place on Forbes' List of the Wealthiest Americans Slides Bigly "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

AlterNet reports

Donald Trump has dropped 92 places in the Forbes list of wealthiest Americans, with the magazine putting his wealth at $3.1bn, down from $3.7bn last year.

[...] Forbes ranked the first billionaire president as the 248th wealthiest person in America. The year before, he was ranked 156th.

As a candidate, Trump said his net worth was more than $10bn, but Forbes pegged that figure at $4.5bn in September 2015. By Forbes' estimates, Trump's wealth has fallen 31% in two years.

According to Forbes' story:

It was another record year for the wealthiest people in America, as the price of admission to the country's most exclusive club jumped nearly 18% to $2 billion. Even at these new heights, entrepreneurs are breaking into the ranks for the first time as they mint fortunes in everything from telecom to booze to fishing. There were 22 newcomers, 14 of whom are self-made entrepreneurs. Among the most notable: Arizona iced tea cofounder Don Vultaggio; Netflix cofounder Reed Hastings; Tito Beveridge, the creator of Tito's Handmade Vodka; Chuck Bundrant, whose Trident Seafoods sells his fish to places like McDonald's and Burger King; and Rocco Commisso, founder of cable TV and broadband firm Mediacom and owner of the New York Cosmos, a soccer club based in Brooklyn.

The most notable loser was President Donald Trump, whose fortune fell $600 million to $3.1 billion. A tough New York real estate market, particularly for retail locations; a costly lawsuit and an expensive presidential campaign all contributed to the declining fortune of the 45th president.

If you prefer, you can just go straight to the list [Edit - that requires JS from and, JS-phobes can get just the raw numbers here -- FP].

In November, some thought that having a successful businessman at the helm would cure USA's ills. I wonder if this will increase the incidence of buyer's remorse among voters.

Original Submission

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Tomgram: Robert Lipsyte, Trump Tackles the NFL "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Millions of football fans must have felt grateful to President Trump for provoking the entire National Football League into a goal line stand last month...


Brexit: Whats the no deal fallout for the UK and EU? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Image may contain: one or more people

The UKs Prime Minister Theresa May has admitted that a no deal on Brexit would be better than a bad deal. Apart from being delusional, how damaging will it be for all concerned?

Deutsche Welle

If you thought the scenario of the UK leaving the EU with all that entails was bad enough, think again: If there is no deal at the end of negotiations to formally finalize the UKs exit in March 2019, many observers believe the apocalypse could be upon us.

So what exactly would a no deal mean in practice?

Steve Bullock, who worked at the UK Representation to the EU from 2010-2014 where he negotiated several EU regulations for the UK in EU Council working groups, describes it thus: People have made the analogy of buying a car, but not coming to an agreement. What Theresa May is about to do is drive a reliable, working car down to the car dealer, set fire to it right there, and then say to him You have to sell me a car, or else Im walking home.'


Kyrgyzstan and the Mummys Curse "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Cultural officials in Kyrgyzstan have caused a stink by allowing the mummified remains of a woman who may have died around the first century AD to be interred. The campaign to bury the mummy was headed up, among others, by a notoriously volatile psychic.

The Culture Ministry organized for the remains to be shrouded in a sheet and transported from Bishkek to the Batken region for burial on October 14 in the village of Kara-Bulak, where they were originally found. A small fragment of skin from the body was kept for further scientific research.

Culture Minister Tugolbai Kazakov said the decision to order the burial was based on concern that the body was in the process of disintegrating.

According to the customs of our people, leaving a body out in the open like this is not proper. What is the point of showing visitors [to the museum] a body that is fall apart? Why are they keeping Lenin [at the mausoleum in Moscow]? Because he was a leader, thats why. But what about this woman, who was she? Nobody knows, maybe she was just a regular woman. Who can prove she was a queen or some leader? Kazakov said.

Kazakov said the mummy had been kept at Bishkeks State History Museum for the best part of 60 years without anybody studying it, and so it made little sense to leave it where it is.

The scholarly community is up in arms and has called on President Almazbek Atambayev to order the mummy's exhumation. Eighteen have signed a petition to the president. Kadicha Tashbayeva, head of archeology at the Academy of Sciences, said the mummy was preserved in a vacuum and could safely have been kept for future scientific research. Tashbayeva was especially exasperated that the culture minister purportedly based his decision to have the mummy buried on the advice of clerics and psychics.

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Delta Airlines Prevented Woman From Singing National Anthem On Flight With Fallen Soldier "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A Georgia woman says she and her fellow Delta passengers were prevented from singing the national anthem as crews unloaded the casket of a fallen soldier at Atlantas airport last weekend. Pamela Dee Gaudry was on a flight toward Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport when she says she learned that the body of a fallen soldier []


A Whole Lot Of Women Just Found Out Theyre Wearing Bras Wrong "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Twitter user Brittany Packnett sent many people into panic mode Thursday when she shared a set of instructions for how to put on a bra from lingerie brand ThirdLove. MY WHOLE POST-PUBESCENT LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE, she tweeted into the hearts of the thousands who responded to her tweet, likely because they were experiencing the same shock she did upon seeing the []


Cop Who Killed Unarmed Dad Begging for His Life Claims Showing Jury Body Cam is Unfair "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Attorneys for the killer cop who gunned down an innocent unarmed father said, "that it is extremely unfair to the defense" to show the body cam during the opening statement.


LAPD Commission Approves Drone Pilot Program Amid Protest "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Wes Woods and Brenda Gazzar for Los Angeles Daily News - The civilian Los Angeles Police Commission on Tuesday approved a one-year pilot program for the use of drones by police in certain situations, despite significant concerns voiced by the public. The program was approved by a 3-1 vote after commissioners considered guidelines and took public comment. Steve Soboroff, president of the commission, said before his vote the issue wasnt about drones. The issue is a universal distrust and categorical distrust of the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department, said Soboroff, shouting above the crowd. And I have a general trust and respect for the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Department, and I will vote for this policy. Soboroffs words came after commissioner Cynthia McClain-Hill said she was opposed to the difficult issue. I am not satisfied that this department has done what it should do and needs to do in order to build the trust that is required to support the implementation of this technology, McClain-Hill said. Meanwhile, commissioner Shane Murphy Goldsmith did not attend the meeting for reasons unclear. Many in attendance voiced their opposition to the program, and loud chants of Shame on you! broke out following the decision while four people were detained and issued citations. Afterward, some people in the audience briefly blocked Main Street and 1st Street outside of the meeting to protest of the decision.


Miramax Insiders Scathing Facebook Post To Hollywood Elite Goes Viral "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Producer and screenwriter Scott Rosenberg, famous for penning the Nicolas Cage action hits Con Air and Gone In Sixty Seconds, as well as critical successes such as High Fidelity and Beautiful Girls, aired out his guilt and grievances with how Hollywoods elite are spewing sanctimonious denial and condemnation with regard to Harvey Wienstein and his criminally predatory ways. In his Facebook post, []


Sir Isaac Newton Predicted When The End Of The World Will Come And We Dont Have Long Left "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

SIR Isaac Newton predicted when the end of the world will occur, and has been revealed in notes he wrote at the time of explaining the laws of gravity. The godfather of physics wrote, in his findings from 1704, the world is set to end on 2060 exactly 1,260 years after the foundation of []


Superstitious Villagers Convinced Dragons Are Real Chinese Villagers Find Mysterious 60ft Dragon Skeleton "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A dead dragon has been discovered by residents of a Chinese village who claim that the bizarre skeleton is proof that the mythical creature actually exists. The peculiarly long skeleton measures at least 60ft, has two incongruous little arms jutting out in the centre and a head that looks suspiciously like a cow skull. It was []


Ugly And Unsuccessful Man Who Amazed Millions With His Gorgeous Ukrainian Wife Sets Up International Dating Club To Help Asian Bachelors Find Pretty European Girlfriends "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

An entrepreneur has set up a dating club to help exceptional bachelors from the Far East find Ukrainian girlfriends through monthly speed-dating events. China-born Kharkiv-based Mei Aisi, 35, became an internet sensation in his motherland after sharing pictures of his Ukrainian wife, Daria Mei, on social media platforms. Chinese people couldnt believe a guy as []


When You Die You Know Youre Dead Scientists Discover The Mind Still Works After The Body Shows No Sign of Life "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Some report having seen light at the end of a tunnel, while others claim to have floated above their body, watching as medics save their lives. But the reality of near-death experiences has always been debated. Now scientists have discovered that a persons consciousness continues to work after the body has stopped showing signs of []


American Woman Becomes A Princess After Marrying Ethiopian Prince She Met In A Nightclub "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Fairytales are not known for beginning in a Washington DC nightclub, but for one American woman it was where she met the Ethiopian prince who would go on to become her husband. Ariana Austin, now 33, was on a night out with a friend when they were approached by Joel Makonnen in the Pearl nightclub. I said: You guys []


Heroic Dog Wouldnt Leave Herd Of Goats In Santa Rosa Wildfire "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

They say that dogs are mans best friend, but it turns out canines actually pretty loyal to their fellow animals as well. One Great Pyrenees refused to leave the flock of goats he tends, even as the Tubbs Fire, which has ravaged much of northern California, threatened his life. In and around Santa Rosa, the []


Brexit(eer) Myths about Ireland "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Its instructive,  and amusing in a poke em with a stick manner to see the brexiteers view of Ireland. Below are some of the favourite myths they propagate, or perhaps even believe, about Ireland.. Lets explore, and explode 

The EU made Ireland vote again and again until we got it right

Hmm. No. Heres what happened on the Lisbon treaty. We didnt like the first version. That was in mid-2008. There was a complex stew of reasons, not least that people in Ireland are very used to referenda, and often use them as a way to give the government de jure a good kick. A major part of it was the poor campaign run by the yes side, run by the luckless Brian Cowan. As a mature, sane nation which wanted to keep on the good side of the EU we renegotiated. We got lots of concession which every other nation agreed to. And we then had a second look and agreed, in 2009. Ireland has loads of referenda. Sometimes we vote yes, then years later no, and nobody blinks an eye. Why? Well, polities evolve.

The UK bailed out Ireland

Err. No. Or, yes but only a tiny bit. A total of 68b was put in place from the EU, the IMF etc. Of that, 3.8b was from the UK. So 5%. Why would they do that? Well, a large and troubled RBS subsidiary, Ulster Bank, was operating in Ireland. Meanwhile, Ireland is the 5th largest destination of UK exports (more than China and India together) (Source: so it makes a tiny bit of sense to keep the economy on track. This is also why Denmark gave a bilateral Danske subsidiaries in Ireland. So, thanks, lads, appreciate it but look here

The UK is Irelands biggest trading partner

Thats not the case. In 2016 we exported twice as much to the USA as we did to the UK and as much to Belgium as to the UK. If we look at exports and imports of trade and services we see the below. So the UK is a large and important trading partner, but not the bee all and end all.

... ... ...
  Services Export (b) Services Import(b) Trade Exports(b) Trade Imports(b)
All 121,605


We need to address Britains Jekyll and Hyde labour market "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The latest chapter in the British labour markets Jekyll and Hyde story was published this week. New data on jobs, pay and inflation continued the plot of recent months: an impressively high employment rate twinned with woeful wage growth thats unable to keep up with prices.

But for one group at least, recent developments have been mostly positive. The National Living Wage (NLW) has meant the pay of the lowest earners has outpaced both typical wages and inflation. Whether this will be enough to deal with one of the ugliest sides of the UKs economy its reliance on low-paying, low-skilled work remains to be seen.

Whats clear is that, for the first time this century, the NLW has put the first structural dent in low pay. The number of employees in low pay fell from 5.4 million in 2015 to 5.1 million in 2016 the biggest fall in 40 years. After decades of inaction, this is real progress. And its all the more impressive given the complaints its drawn from both ends of the political spectrum. Some said it would be a jobs-killer and have called for it to be scrapped, while others have called it a con, thats not nearly high enough. The evidence to date suggests the NLW is striking the desired balance. If you ever want evidence that good policy making can make a massive difference to peoples lives, this is it.

That doesnt mean government or the Low Pay Commission the independent body tasked with monitoring the NLWs impact can be complacent. Their oversight role will be all the more important in coming years. The NLW is set to continue its rapid ascent up until 2020, by which time it will affect around one in seven employees. It goes without saying that at some point, ever higher minimum wages will do more harm than good. Identifying that crossover point is easier said than done however.

Adjusting to the National Living Wage neednt be reactive, after the evidence emerges. There is much that business and government could do now to make a higher minimum wage easier to implement.

The first step would be recognising that, for most people, low pay is not a stepping stone to higher pay but a dead end. Just one in six of those who were low paid in 2006 had escaped onto higher wages by 2016. Nor is the risk of getting stuck evenly distributed; fewer women make a sustained move out of low pay with the dearth of good quality, flexible, part-time work the likely main culprit.

The need for clearer pathways into higher-skilled roles is already pressing but one of the side effects of the NLW could be to make progression less attractive. Some firms have narrowed the pay gaps between entry level positions paid close to the NLW and higher-paid roles. A minor pay rise for what can often be a major increase in responsibility may not be so attractive to staff, and a lack of promotion opportunities isnt goo...


Screenwriter Scott Rosenberg says everybody knew about Weinstein "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

So many, many brave folks coming forward now to discuss Weinsteins sexual harassment. What a shame no one had the gall to stand up to him. Guess a soul-selling career is more important than Hollyweirds #waronwomen. From Daily Mail: Screenwriter Continue reading


This Calculator Tells You If Its Cheaper To Use Uber Than Own A Car "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Owning a car might be more expensive than you think.

Taking Uber or Lyft to and from work and to run errands might seem more expensive than driving yourselfbut in many cases, relying on a ride-hailing service is cheaper than buying and using a car of your own. A new calculator compares both scenarios, and might help you decide to ditch car ownership entirely.

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Cosmic Disclosure: Alchemy and The Law of One "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Cosmic Disclosure
Alchemy and the Law of One
Season 8, Episode 11

David Wilcock and Corey Goode examine alchemical concepts and correlate them to the science of the secret space programs and the Law of One. Over the past 50,000 years, as Earth has endured two cycles of the great year, this information has survived many cataclysms to make its way to us from the ancient lands of Atlantis and Lemuria. These secrets may have been left, in plain sight, for all to see, then retold through the Law of One. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast October 17, 2017.

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David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to Cosmic Disclosure. Im your host, David Wilcock. Im here with Corey Goode. And in this episode, were going to get into the mysteries of alchemy and The Law of One.

So, Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: The alchemical tradition is a very interesting thing. The word alchemy is apparently derived from Al Kemet, or the science of Egypt. And a lot of people have speculated that this idea of lead transmuting into gold, although there may be a practice that does that, that it is somehow analogous to the transformation of the soul, the idea of the Ascension, the lightbody, that the physical body is like the lead and that the lightbody is like the gold.

Did you encounter any info...


Inside #Fuel, Twitters Stealth Ad Agency That Builds Ad Campaigns In Days "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While Twitter tries to rebuild itself as an advertising leader, it has a small group of strategists teaching brands.

Earlier this year at Digital NewFronts, Twitter unveiled a series of content deals with some video heavy hitters, including the NBA, MLB, BuzzFeed, and others. It was all part of the social media platforms plan to reintroduce itself to the advertising community as a leader in video. Facebook and Google continue to control the majority of the digital ad revenue coming in, and video is now considered the current holy grail for advertisers to get in front of everyday people in more compelling ways than just boring old banner ads.

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Our military must be focused on how to win: Chinese leader outlines key goals for the country (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Our military must be focused on how to win: Chinese leader outlines key goals for the country Video RT Chinas president has been outlining his future plans for the country. During a three hour address to the National Congress...

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We will soon tell Nigerians names of all suspected lootersFG "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice Abukabar Malami SAN has disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari has directed all relevant agencies to compile documents on names of all looters with a view to promptly enforcing the judgment of a Federal High Court in Lagos ordering the government to release to Nigerians information about the names of high ranking public officials from whom public funds were recovered.   The court also ordered the government to tell Nigerians the circumstances under which funds were recovered, as well as the...

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UKs Channel 4 producers painted a white woman brown to experience life as a Muslim "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Channel 4 has come under fire for pandering to racial stereotypes after producers painted a white woman brown to experience life as a Muslim. This blacking up and exaggeration of facial features by Channel 4 is nothing more than the common attempt to racialize the religion of Islam, but it backfired on Channel 4, angering []


BREAKING: FG Arraigns Senator Misau Over Alleged Falsehood "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Federal Government this morning arraigned Senator Hamma Misau before an Abuja High Court on a five-count charge bothering on alleged injurious falsehood against the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, Police Service Commission and the Nigerian Police Force. The trial judge, Justice Ishaq Bello had however admitted the Senator to bail in the sum of N5 million with two sureties in like sum. Earlier when the charge was read to the defendant, he pleaded not guilty to the five count. Counsel to Misau, Godwin Obla SAN, however, made an...

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As We Close Rikers, Essential State-Level Reforms Needed "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Glenn E. Martin for Gotham Gazette - Anyone following New York City politics knows about JustLeadershipUSAs mission to close the jails at Rikers Island. In less than a year, the #CLOSErikers campaign successfully pressured Mayor Bill de Blasio to commit to shuttering the jail complex. It is no longer a question of if Rikers will close, but when. But the campaign has always known that closing Rikers would require reforms at the state level as well. An overhaul of our statewide bail, speedy trial, and discovery statutes is necessary to reduce the population at Rikers so that it can finally and expeditiously close its doors. Even if Rikers was closed tomorrow, these reforms would still be necessary. While New York City has successfully reduced its jail population over the past few years, county jail populations across the state are growing. Today, 63% of people held in jail in New York State are held in jails outside New York City. Of those 25,000 husbands, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, and loved ones who are sitting in jails across our state, 70% have not been convicted but remain unjustifiably caged while they await the outcome of their cases. This reality is a consequence of punitive and discriminatory criminal justice policies that have decimated communities, primarily poor communities and communities of color, for decades.


How big pharmas money and its politicians feed the US opioid crisis "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Tom Marino might have withdrawn from consideration as Trumps drug czar, but drug money is coursing through the veins of Congress contributing directly to an epidemic that kills thousands of Americans each year

The pharmaceutical industry attempted to place blame for the crisis on the millions who have became addicted instead of the mass prescribing of powerful opioids.
 The pharmaceutical industry attempted to place blame for the crisis on the millions who have became addicted instead of the mass prescribing of powerful opioids. Photograph: Dominick Reuter/AFP/Getty Images
 By   in Washington
The Guardian

Donald Trump was not wrong. Hours before his nominee for drug czar withdrew from consideration over his part in a law limiting the Drug Enforcement Administrations ability to crack down on pharmaceutical distributors feeding the USs opioid epidemic, the president took a shot at the influence of drug companies over Congress.

They contribute massive amounts of money to political peop...


We Live In The Dystopia Young Adult Fiction Warns Us About "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The past few decades have seen a profusion of young adult fictionbooks written for a teenage audiencewhich seem to have a peculiar obsession with future dystopias.

Theres the one where everything is controlled by the Capitol and teenagers are forced to fight to the death for a televised audience. Theres the one where teens are locked into a narrow career path for life based on their apparent aptitudes, which seems like a perfect way to capitalize on the anxieties of college-bound kids in the later stages of the higher education bubble. Theres the one where emotions have been outlawed, the one where teenagers are forced to run through a giant maze for some reason, and so on.

But heres the irony. If you want to look around for a real-life dystopia, an oppressive system in which capricious rules are enforced by faceless mobs, you need look no further than the world of young adult fiction itself. A recent Slate headline says it all: YA Novel About Mob Mentalities Punished After Online Backlash.

Heres the short version. An author in the young adult genre, Laura Moriarty, wrote a dystopian novelwhat an original idea!with an impeccably politically correct premise: a future America in which Muslims arecorralled into detention centers. She jumped through every hoop you could expect, passing the book by her Iranian immigrant friends while the publisher subjected it to sensitivity reads by a member of a minority group. So what could go wrong? If youve been paying attention, you have some idea what happens next.

None of this, as it turns out, was enough to protect American Heart from becoming the subject of the latest skirmish in the increasingly contentious battle over representation and diversity in the world of YA literature. American Heart wont be published until January, but it has already attracted the ire of the fierce group of online YA readers that journalist Kat Rosenfield has referred to as culture cops. To them, it was an irredeemable problem that Moriartys novel, which was inspired in part by Huckleberry Finn, centers on a white teenager who graduallytoo graduallycomes to terms with the racism around her. On Goodreads, the books top community review, posted in September, begins, f your white savior narratives; other early commenters on Goodreads accused Moriar...


Netanyahu: Apparently I have a higher opinion of the Iranian people than their leaders "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday called on Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to shut down his Twitter account for using the social media platform which the Islamic regime has banned for its own citizens to claim that all Iranians support the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Iran has long tried to push []


JUST IN: Lagos amends charge against Evans, others "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Lagos State Government has amended the charge it initially filed against the suspected billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike a.k.a. Evans and five other members of his gang. The six accused persons were on August 30 arraigned before Justice Hakeem Oshodi of an Ikeja High Court on a 2-count charge of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and kidnapping contrary to Sections 411 and 271(3) Criminal Law Cap C17 Laws of Lagos State 2015. However, in the amended charge, the suspects are now being charged under Section 2 (1) of Kidnapping Prohibition Law No 13,...

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The Iconoclasts Come For World War I Memorials "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

It seems the iconoclasts have graduated from tearing down the Civil War monuments to World War I memorials. A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that a 40-foot-tall monument erected nearly a century ago just outside the nations capital in Bladensburg, Md., known locally as the Peace Cross and dedicated to 49 residents of Prince Georges County who died on the battlefields of France during the First World War, is unconstitutional because its in the shape of a Latin cross.

The 2-1 ruling of the Fourth Circuit Court avers that because the memorial sits on public land maintained with public funds, it has the primary effect of endorsing religion and excessively entangles the government in religion. That of course is precisely the argument made by the American Humanist Association, a Washington-based lobby for atheists, who seem to think memorial crosses on public property constitute government establishment of religion (lets hope they dont wander into Arlington National Cemetery).

At first glance, this appears to be a slightly different argument than the one advanced by proponents of removing Confederate memorialsthat we must not honor, and should not even remember, those who fought to preserve slaverybut in fact it shares a common goal with the Civil War iconoclasts: undermine the idea of America by destroying our shared memory.

The Fourth Circuit inserted itself into this widening culture war by deciding that references to religion, even an indirect reference like a cross honoring fallen veterans, must be purged from the public square. This isnt a matter of state sponsorship of religion, or even public displays of religion. The cross in questionbuilt in 1925 with funding from local families and The American Legionserves the same purpose that memorial crosses across the country do: as symbols of sacrifice and mourning, and to honor the war dead.

The Supreme Court Already Weighed In on This Question

Dont take my word for it. Writing for a 5-4 majority in the 2010 Supreme Court case Salazar v. Buono, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote that the cross is not merely a reaffirmation of Christian beliefs but a symbol often used to honor and respect heroism. Here, one Latin cross in the desert evokes far more than religion. It evokes thousands of small crosses in foreign fields marking the graves of Americans who fell in battles, battles whose tragedies are compounded if the fallen are forgotten.

In the Salazar case, a m...


Its Time For GOP Leadership To Stop Letting Democrats Stall Judicial Nominations "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The judge story is an untold story, President Donald Trump said Monday, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell standing beside him. When you think about it, Mitch and I were saying, that has consequences 40 years out, depending on the age of the judge, but 40 years out.

Indeed, this untold story also got lost in a rambling White House press conference, and McConnells awkward presence underscored the tension between the two men although the majority leader is largely responsible both for Trumps election and the greatest achievement of his presidency.

Thats because a president has few constitutional powers more importantcertainly on the domestic frontthan making judicial appointments. Legislative victories are typically short-lived, budget reforms sunset, regulations can be rescinded, and policy guidance is often not worth the paper its written on. But federal judicial appointments are for life; those black-robed arbiters continue shaping our world long after the president who appointed them has left the White House.

The Consequences Will Astound You

Justice Antonin Scalia served nearly 30 years on the Supreme Court as President Reagans bridge to the twenty-first century. To take a lower-profile example, last year an important ruling on nonprofit-donor disclosures was made by a district judge in California who was appointed by Lyndon Johnson.

Every four years, legal pundits make the case that judicial nominations should be among voters primary considerations when choosing a president. In the 2016 election, they truly were, as the vacant Supreme Court seat crystallized the issue for a big chunk of Republican voters. These were not necessarily the working-class Reagan Democrats who were so important in the Rust Belt, but the traditional conservatives, legal elites, and evangelicals many thought would abandon the GOP when Trump secured the nomination.

These voters knew they were voting not just for a president whom they may have found distasteful, but also weighing the balance of the Supreme Court for a long, long time. McConnell made sure of that, announcing his controversial decision not to take up any pre-election nomination without consulting his caucus or allowing President Obama to nominate Merrick Garland or anyone else.

Besides the Scalia seatnow filled by Neil Gorsuch, who is already making a name for himselfthree other justices were older than 78 last November. Given that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is now 85, Anthony Kennedy is 81, and Stephen Breyer is 79, Trump wasnt crazy in predicting over the weekend that hed end up with four SCOTUS picks in his first term alone.

That goes just as much or more for the lower courts, which decide 35,000 cases annually even as the Supreme Court set a new low with only 62 rulings after ar...


No, Most U.S. Gun Owners Dont Stockpile 17 Or More Guns "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Newsweek recently published an article with a provocative title: Was Stephen Paddock Normal? Many Gun Owners Keep 17 Firearms on Average. This article was based on a survey Northeastern and Harvard universities performed in 2015.

As an economist, I swim in the sea of data every day. The words most and on average always make me suspicious. Another warning sign was that several authors of the study are housed in schools of public health, notorious for bad statistical methods. So I went looking for sources and methods. Here are my conclusions.

The survey itself is most likely flawed. There have been several interviews and press releases, but no full study results in an academic publication. When press releases come out before the peer-reviewed study is published, caution is in order.

The results of the survey are not consistent with data from other sources, and the Newsweek article states, The number of gun owners has declined since 1994, from around 25 percent to 22 percent of the population, according the Harvard/Northeastern survey. This is factually incorrect. The number of gun owners has increased because the U.S. population has increased.

The news outlets that received press releases from the researchers are The Trace and The Guardian. Both oppose gun ownership. Further, at least a few of the researchers have expressed strong anti-gun sentiments in public. Lets look at each of these factors in greater detail.

Is It Common for People to Stockpile Guns?

The most sensational piece of data is that 7.7 million people own a number of guns. How many? Heres what The Trace article says: That top 14 percent of gun owners a group of 7.7 million people, or 3 percent of American adults own between about eight and 140 guns each. The average is 17.

Im not sure who made this rookie mistake, but the mean of a skewed distribution is not the correct measure of central tendency. The average includes data from the far right end of the distributionpeople who own, say, 140 guns. But the left end of the distribution is truncated. In other words, the mean will be greater than the median. And the median is the correct measure to use: half the data points will be on each side of the median. Their most important claim uses the wrong figure.

But lets ignore that. 7.7 million Americans own eight or more guns. Thats 11 percent of all gun owners. The real question is: Why anyone would own eight, 17, or 140 guns? Its easy to get to four or five. One or two handguns for self-def...


The Most Important SCOTUS Order This Week Concerns A Case It Didnt Take "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

On Monday, the Supreme Court added four new cases to its docket, none of which captured the attention of political pundits or the populace at large. Even less noticedyet potentially more significantwas the order issued in a case the Court did not take: Scenic America v. Department of Transportation.

Many on the Left view the newest member of the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, as just another right-wing justice cast in the mold of the late Antonin Scalia. But in one significant respect, the two legal scholars parted company: their view on the deference owed to administrative agencies.

The Chevron Deference, And Why It Matters

Justice Scalia supported what the New York Times described as an arcane legal doctrine, Chevron deference. That doctrine, born from the Supreme Court decision in Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council, requires courts to defer to an agencys interpretation of an ambiguous statute. Justice Gorsuch holds a much different view, as best capsulized in this passage from Gutierrez-Brizuela v. Lyncha case he authored before his elevation to the Supreme Court:

For whatever the agency may be doing under Chevron, the problem remains that courts are not fulfilling their duty to interpret the law and declare invalid agency actions inconsistent with those interpretations in the cases and controversies that come before them. A duty expressly assigned to them by the [Administrative Procedures Act] and one often likely compelled by the Constitution itself. Thats a problem for the judiciary. And it is a problem for the people whose liberties may now be impaired not by an independent decisionmaker seeking to declare the laws meaning as fairly as possible the decisionmaker promised to them by law but by an avowedly politicized administrative agent seeking to pursue whatever policy whim may rule the day.

Gorsuchs dicta in Gutierrez-Brizuela fueled hopes that a fresh face on the bench, and a strong advocate of judicial review, might prompt the highest court to reconsider the propriety of Chevron deferencea doctrine that feeds the monstrous administrative state. Mondays order in Scenic America provides the first evidence that Gorsuch intends to challenge Chevron deference and that he possesses the gravitas necessary to sway his....


President Trump Is Right: Chuck Schumer Is A Hypocrite On Iran "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumers career has always illustrated the truth of the clich that all politics are local. Though his influence is now national, from his earliest days as a state assemblyman through his time in the House of Representatives and the last 19 years in the U.S. Senate, Schumer has always been a man who understands where he is from and what his constituents want from him.

One of those things the people of Brooklyn and then New York State wanted was someone who played the role of the Jewish states best friend in Washington. One of Schumers standard speech lines when addressing Jewish and pro-Israel audiences was to remind listeners that his name is a form of the Hebrew word shomer, which means guard or watcher. He then would go on to say that God gave him that name so that he could be the shomer Yisrael, or the guardian of Israel in the U.S. Senate.

The Democrats Evolution On Israel

Thats why Schumers stand on the Iran nuclear deal and his effort to distract New Yorkers from that position by grandstanding on other issues tells us everything we need to know about the Democratic Partys evolution on Israel. If even Israels self-proclaimed guardian is AWOL on a life and death issue like Iran because of other strictly partisan concerns, its clear that the partys drift to the left on the Jewish state has reached a tipping point.

Schumer has managed to fly under the radar on Iran recently. But last week, President Donald Trumps announced that he was de-certifying the nuclear deal concluded with Tehran by his predecessor, and that he wanted Congress to come up with a formula for triggering future sanctions.

Rather than indicating a willingness to join Republicans in hopefully correcting the Iran Deals flaws, Schumer is having none of it. He made it clear to Trump that he will be opposing any new Iran legislation prompting the president to unload on the senator on Twitter. During a public exchange with the Minority Leader on tax policy, Trump reminded Schumer that he was being a hypocrite on Iran:

Trump Is Right About Schumers Hypocrisy

Of course, opposition to the Iran Deal is as much a matter of defending U.S. security and other Arab states as it is about defending Israel. But Trump was correct about Schumers hypocrisy. Just as important, the senators position is an ominous development for those who have watched with concer...


Why Creating A National ID System Would Threaten Americans Privacy And Security "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Kyle Sammin cogently argues that the United States should implement a voluntary national identity system in the wake of the Equifax hacking. Debate about this issue has roiled for decades. Although numerous countries have a national identification system, Americans have long resisted the idea.

The Social Security number (SSN) has certainly expanded beyond its original purpose of serving as an account number for benefits, but policy-makers have repeatedly rejected calls to convert it into an identifier. The Clinton administrations 1993 proposal of a Health Security Card never got off the ground, and even after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Congress made clear in creating the Department of Homeland Security that DHS was not authorized to create a national ID system.

The reason for this attitude is clear: Americans traditionally treasure their privacy, and anything that smacks of government surveillance and tracking has always been considered fundamentally un-American.

But the siren song of wondrous modern technology calls some to revisit the issue. Although Sammin acknowledges Americans suspicion of federal identity-tracking, he argues that SSNs, passports, and federal mandates on state drivers licenses (through the Real ID Act of 2005) already create federal involvement. He decries the hodgepodge of barely functional documents issued by the federal government combined with federal coercion in how the states issue their own IDs. The feds are already there, he argues, so we may as well accept it and implement policies to protect identities better than credit-reporting agencies do.

Its Preposterous to Say the Feds Can Manage Data Better

At the outset, lets dispose of the contention that the federal government can keep personal data secure. The 2015 breach of the Office of Personnel Managements data system exposed sensitive data, including SSNs, of approximately 21.5 million people. Apparently the hackers successfully struck not once, but twice. OPM officials admitted that the data had not been encrypted or otherwise protected because the computers were too old.

That same year, hearings of the House Government Operations and Oversight Committee revealed the...


In Wake Of Equifax Hack, Its Time For The U.S. To Create A National ID Card "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Identity theft has been a growing problem for years, but the recent Equifax hack has raised the issue in peoples minds again. Equifax may be the biggest security breach of personal information, but it is not the first and will not be the last.

Americans continue to rely on antiquated methods of identification, the most prominent of which are Social Security numbers. Forcing the Social Security number to act as a secure means of identification asks more of the nine-digit combination than was ever intended.

Last week, reports emerged that the Trump administration was considering the problem of SSNs. They should be. The cobbled-together identification system has been failing for years and will continue to do so unless it is replaced by a secure method of documenting Americans identities. We need a better answer to the problem of identifying oneself and protecting that identity from fraud. We need a national identification card.

A Long Time Coming

This is not a new issue. That we do not have a national ID card yet should be chalked up as a victory for two groups: federalists and privacy advocates. For the former group, the idea of the federal government taking over one of the duties of the statesissuing primary identification documentswould continue the troubling trend of concentrating power toward Washington, away from the people. For the latter, giving the government access to and control over our personal information would necessarily degrade our personal autonomy and force people deeper into a system of which some of them want no part.

Neither is a bad position, but their proponents make the mistake of comparing a world with a national ID to one where perfect conditions of federalism and privacy prevail. Thats not a world that exists now, if it ever did.

Federalist opponents of the national ID should consider that we are presently living in a system where the federal government already is deeply involved in tracking everyones identity. We have SSNs, as well as passports, and the coordination of state IDs through the REAL ID Act of 2005, among other things. That makes for a hodgepodge of barely functional federal documents combined with federal coercion of the states regarding their own IDs. One federally issued, a secure identification system would simply improve the existing federal IDs while obviating the need to force the states into line on their own. National ID doesnt bring the feds into the equation: they are already there.

The way things stand now is also unacceptable from a privacy standpoint, as the Equifax hack shows. No matter how careful you are with your own documents, unless you live in an off-grid, cash-only ec...


Despite Lawsuits, New Investigative Videos Aimed At Planned Parenthood To Release Soon "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

After the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) released more than a dozen videos showing Planned Parenthood (PP) orchestrated the illegal sale of aborted baby parts, two congressional committees examined the federally funded organization and multiple states have defunded it. While this has certainly lodged a thorn in PPs side, even a GOP-controlled Congress and administration continue to fail to remove PPs $500,000 annual federal subsidy despite campaign promises to the contrary. Yet CMP project lead David Daleiden is about to push that thorn a little deeper into PPs greedy, murderous flesh.

At the Values Voters Summit in Washington DC last weekend, Daleiden spoke to an eager audience about the effects of his first string of investigative videos on PP and the countrys pro-choice views. From committee investigations to defunding efforts, the videos resulted in bad publicity, less funding, and even in some cases, shuttered facilities.

No Number of Lawyers Can Hide the Truth

But as much as Planned Parenthood would like to be done with Daleiden, hes not done with them. He previewed a new video series that will be released soon. It profiles Holly ODonnell, a brave whistleblower who worked as a procurement technician for StemExpress, harvesting aborted baby body parts inside Planned Parenthood facilities in California. Disgusted with their business model, she eventually quit and told her story to Daleiden and CMP.

Not only do the videos detail how the procurement and sale of aborted baby parts worked when ODonnell was employed at StemExpress, she describes how that company heavily coordinated with PP and its affiliates to make sure both could continue the profitable work of harvesting human parts through abortion, an illegal activity.

The video series, which sounds as explosive as it does nauseating, is sure to incur the wrath of pro-choice advocates everywhere, particularly in light of how powerful Daleidens first set of videos were, and despite the legal charges he incurred. Those investigative reports show conversations between top Planned Parenthood executives at the National Abortion Federations annual trade shows, which detailed their efforts harvesting baby parts.

The new StemExpress videos will be equally powerful because they will debunk the oft-cited myth that PP simply performed abortions and happened to donate baby...


Abolish The FDA. It Does Patients More Harm Than Good "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Lost in the countrys inevitable descent into single-payer health care is the role the federal government plays in the skyrocketing prices of both over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications. While the rising premiums, increasing out of pocket costs, and deteriorating quality of service resulting from Obamacare are the direct consequence of its economic incoherence, the rising costs of many, if not all, medications are largely the result of the lack of competition in the pharmaceutical industry.

Although some may argue that big pharma greedily increases prices to benefit from the suffering of chronically and terminally ill patients, there remains the question of why so few cheaper alternatives are offered on the market. After all, in the wake of Mylans Epi-pen fiasco, prescriptions for the generic and competitor brands increased by nearly 25 percent in the first two months of 2017. Big pharma can be as greedy as they want, but why is there not just a slightly smaller big pharma coming along to provide a slightly cheaper product and steal all of the slightly bigger big pharma profits?

The chief culprit in driving up prices is, as is typically the case, the federal governments well-intentioned attempt to regulate the OTC and prescription medicine market via the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Where We Got the FDA

Initially formed in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt, the FDA in 1938 was given authority by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) to oversee the safety of these types of products. In this role (Tenth Amendment be damned), the FDA is responsible for approving drugs to treat various diseases.

The FDCA was passed after an improperly prepared medicine caused the poisoning and deaths of more than 100 people. Since then, knowing that OTC and prescription drugs are FDA-approved has given millions of patients the confidence that the medications they use for treating their conditions have been 1) shown not to kill people and 2) proven to be...


You Will Never, Ever Guess Who Hollywoods Most Profitable Star Is "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Grab a hat and get ready to hold onto it as we explain who was deemed the movie bizs best ROIand how one of todays biggest stars was ranked the worst.

Harrison Ford has one space-boot in the Star Wars franchise and a sandy shoe planted in the Indiana Jones series. As of 2016, his massive catalog of movies has generated $4.71 billion, making him the indisputable box office king. However, Harrison Ford is not the most profitable star in the galaxy. No, if producers want true bang for their buck, they need to look elsewhere.

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Toxic Firefighting Chemicals Most Seminal Public Health Challenge "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Christopher Knaus for The Guardian - A top United States environmental official has described the contamination of drinking water by toxic firefighting chemicals as the most seminal public health challenge of coming decades. The US, like Australia, is still grappling with how to respond to widespread contamination caused by past use of per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (Pfas) in firefighting foam. The manmade chemicals share a probable link with cancer, do not break down in the environment and have contaminated groundwater, drinking water, soil and waterways. The Australian government has continued to maintain there is no concrete evidence of a link between the chemicals and adverse health impacts, but has been criticised for the inadequacy of its response. The governments stated position sits in stark contrast with a view expressed this week by a senior official in the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a government agency and the countrys leading public health institution. Patrick Breysse, director of the CDCs National Centre for Environmental Health, described the chemicals as one of the most seminal public health challenge for the next decades, according to the Bloomberg news agency.


Not a meet cute story "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In case you want to start your day with a nice story for a change, go read this one. Youll feel better afterwards.


New Apocalypse Warning: The Earth Will Crack On Halloween Day This Year "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Is Halloween Evil? Why Witches, Occultists And Satanists Celebrate Halloween And Why You Should Not

New Apocalypse Warning: The Earth Will Crack On Halloween Day This Year by Mac Slavo SHTFPlan The real apocalypse will begin on October 31 when the Earth will crack according to conspiracy theorists, says The Express UK.  This years...

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10 Thursday AM Reads "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

My 1987 Crash 30th anniversary morning train reads:  Bankrolling the Big Short (Institutional Investor)  Shiller: A Stock Market Panic Like 1987 Could Happen Again (New York Times) but see What Didnt Happen on Black Monday 1987 (Elm)  These Americans Were Tricked Into Working For Russia. They Say They Had No Idea. (Buzzfeed)  Its able to create knowledge itself: Google

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The Darker Past of the Next President of the EPO Part II: Antnio Campinos at Banco Caixa Geral de Depsitos "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Summary: A look at the largely-hidden banking career of the next President of the EPO and the career of the person who competed with him for this position

THE EPO will have a new President in just over 8 months from now. The 'Club Med' series was intended to help readers familiarise themselves with this man and today we continue the latest series, which is to some degree based on the official Campinos CV in Spanish. [PDF]

First Angola, now Brazil. Any other former Portuguese colonies left in the pipeline?In part 1 (published last night) we presented a very short introduction. Last night we also saw this new article about further rushed examination, as explained Andr Venturini from DANIEL Legal & IP Strategy, for a former Portuguese colony, this time Brazil. To quote: A Rule setting forth the acceptability requirements of this PPH program is yet to be published, but the BRPTO has already anticipated that this will be a pilot program with a limit of 300 applications per year. Moreover, only those patent applications related to medical devices and general chemistry would be allowed to participate.

First Angola, now Brazil. Any other former Portuguese colonies left in the pipeline? Either way, lets proceed with part 2.

The Banco Caixa Geral de Depsitos (CGD), which was established in Lisbon in 1876, is a Portuguese state-owned banking corporation, and the second largest bank in Portugal.

CGD is Portugals largest public sector banking corporation and the largest Portuguese financial group with presence in 23 countries spanning four continents through branches, representative offices or direct equity interests in local financial institutions. As might be expected it is heavily involved in former Portuguese colonies.

For some...


Australia Officially Ends Double Bitcoin Tax "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

From July 2018, Australians will no longer have to pay GST on their cryptocurrency purchases, following the passing of new legislation today.


World watch Friday "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Thursday GMT For posting on events, news, opinions and anything of interest from around the world.


Paul Keating: Voluntary euthanasia is a threshold moment for Australia, and one we should not cross "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

  • By Paul Keating

There is probably no more important issue in contemporary bioethics or a more serious ethical decision for our parliaments than that raised by the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 being debated this week in the Victorian Parliament.

Under this bill, conditions and safeguards are outlined that will allow physicians to terminate the life of patients and to assist patients to take their own life. This is a threshold moment for the country. No matter what justifications are offered for the bill, it constitutes an unacceptable departure in our approach to human existence and the irrevocable sanctity that should govern our understanding of what it means to be human.

The justifications offered by the bills advocates that the legal conditions are stringent or that the regime being authorised will be conservative miss the point entirely. What matters is the core intention of the law. What matters is the ethical threshold being crossed. What matters is that under Victorian law there will be people whose lives we honour and those we believe are better off dead.

In both practical and moral terms, it is misleading to think allowing people to terminate their life is without consequence for the entire society. Too much of the Victorian debate has been about the details and conditions under which people can be terminated and too little about the golden principles that would be abandoned by our legisl...


Limits on Surveying, Drilling & Fracking in Allegheny County, PA "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Proximity of drilling, fracking, seismic surveys of concern

Monroeville (Pennsylvania) puts limits on fracking

From an Article by Dillon Carr, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, October 13, 2017

Monroeville council has approved an ordinance that limits Marcellus shale drilling to heavy industrial zones.

The ordinance was spurred by residents concerns that seismic testing planned by a Monroeville oil and gas exploration company would lead to hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in the area.

Resident and founder of the anti-fracking Sustainable Monroeville advocacy group, Elisa Beck, called the vote a step in the right direction. Were all paying attention to make sure were protected to maintain fresh and clean water, she said.

Huntley and Huntley, the company having seismic testing done throughout the region, has said it has no plans for gas wells in Monroeville.

But resident David Mintz, who has expressed support for the zoning amendment, remains uneasy about the possibility of fracking in the municipality. Theres a lot of residents who live near the industrial area, he said during a recent council meeting.

Mintz also asked whether the municipality could ban fracking. We have to allow that activity take place somewhere, Solicitor Robert Wratcher said. The trick is in trying to minimize it we cant just have a blanket prohibition.


Fracking Surveyor Hauls Obstinate Town to Court

From an Article by Lana Morelli, Courthouse News, October 13, 2017

PITTSBURGH (CN) Saying the small city of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, is hurting its business with strict regulations, fracking surveyor Geokinetics asked a federal judge to intervene.

Just east of Pittsburgh, Monroeville became the areas third community to regulate seismic testing with a unanimous vote last month by the city council.

In its October 11th complaint filed in the Western District of Pennsylvania, Geokinetics scoffs at the notion that lawmakers had a valid reason for their interference.

Upon information and belief, Monroevilles intransigen...


The Man Who Called Donald Trump a Moron "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Rex Tillerson has reportedly called Donald Trump a moron. And, in the interest of accuracy and completeness, NBC amended that to a f*cking moron.

But what epithet might apply to Rex Tillerson?

For many years, Tillerson headed ExxonMobil, a company that he knew was contributing to global warming. And nothing changed under his leadership with devastating and possibly irreversible results.

Recently, the Los Angeles Times released a detailed report on the extent to which ExxonMobil misled the public, for decades, on what it knew about how it was affecting the climate:

Reviewing 187 ExxonMobil documents, we found that 83% of peer-reviewed papers authored by ExxonMobil scientists and 80% of the companys internal communications acknowledged that climate change was real and human-caused.

For a closer view of this phenomenal deception, and one of the people responsible for it, please see the following story, which we first posted earlier this year.

WhoWhatWhy Staff

Rex Tillerson likes his privacy. Career diplomats working in the same building with him were given special instructions: Do not try to make eye contact with him, and do not speak to him directly.

On his first three trips abroad, Tillerson did not even meet with State Department employees in their embassies. Nor did he allow the usual press corps to accompany him on those trips. He took along only one reporter, one who was from the conservative website, Independent Journal Review. He does not like to answer questions.

To many, appointing the former CEO of Exxon as Secretary of State was about as appropriate as putting Bernie Madoff in charge of the treasury....


October 20 in history "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

1548 The city of Nuestra Senora de La Paz (Our Lady of Peace) was founded by Captain Alonso de Mendoza by appointment of the king of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V.

1632 Sir Christopher Wren, English architect, was born (d. 1723).

1740 Maria Theresa takes the throne of Austria. France, Prussia, Bavaria and Saxony refused to honour the Pragmatic Sanction (allowing succession by a daughter) and the War of the Austrian Succession began.

1781 Patent of Toleration, providing limited freedom of worship, was approved in Habsburg Monarchy.

1803 The United States Senate ratified the Louisiana Purchase.

1818 The Convention of 1818 signed between the United States and the United Kingdom which, among other things, settled the Canada United States border on the 49th parallel for most of its length.

1827  Battle of Navarino  a combined Turkish and Egyptian armada was defeated by British, French, and Russian naval force in the port of Navarino in Pylos, Greece.

1859  John Dewey, American philosopher, was born (d. 1952).

1873  Nellie McClung, Canadian politician and activist, was born (d. 1951).

1883  Peru and Chile signed the Treaty of Ancn, by which the Tarapac province was ceded to the latter, bringing an end to Perus involvement in the War of the Pacific.

1891  James Chadwick, English physicist and academic, NobePrize laureate, was born (d. 1974).

1904  Anna Neagle, English actress, was born (d. 1986).

1910  The hull of the...


IoT Cybersecurity: What's Plan B? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In August, four US Senators introduced a bill designed to improve Internet of Things (IoT) security. The IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2017 is a modest piece of legislation. It doesn't regulate the IoT market. It doesn't single out any industries for particular attention, or force any companies to do anything. It doesn't even modify the liability laws for embedded software. Companies can continue to sell IoT devices with whatever lousy security they want.


Multidimensional Starseeds The REAL Ascended Masters "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Incarnated multidimensional Starseeds are here to spread the codes of DNA activation from 2-3 strands to 12 strands throughout the human grid. Beings from the fourth dimension are posing as ascended masters when in fact they are no more advanced than us and rely on technology and smoke and mirrors to gain an advantage. In this article we will identify the true ascended masters and what their role is at this time.

Multidimensional Starseeds are souls who exist here on the earth plane in a three dimensional physical human body, but they may have originated from another planet, star system, galaxy, dimension or parallel universe. A mulitdimensional Starseed incarnated upon planet earth who has already ascended has embodied all 12 dimensions within their DNA and carries the codes of this embodiment while re-inserting themselves through time travel into this 3d life.

This multidimensional Starseed can be termed the ascended master because they have mastered the matrix, exited the matrix, and returned to help humanity and Earth. Their job is to share codes and information  at a time when higher frequencies or waves of energy are showering the planet that will sustain higher consciousness and cause a major event or change in reality.

There are beings in the fourth dimensional astral plane and inside the Earth that pose as ascended masters in order to spread disinformation and sometimes fear. These beings have not completed the mastery of ascension by returning back to their higher selves and oversouls. They and are stuck in 4d and their main way of survival is siphoning energies from those who are veiled by illusion and have no memory of who they really are. They do not have the ability to connect to their own power or Source and cannot create matrices or templates of existence on their own. They can only copy or reflect or mirror information to humans in order to get them to make a free willed decision that is in their favor. Some of these beings were first time ascenders (beings who split a part of themselves off from the higher dimensions to experience lower frequency and physical incarnation and planned to eventually ascend back) who got lost and stuck in that frequency and became desperate to survive.

They are masters of technology and have the ability to see beings in 3d and 4d while beings in 3d mostly are only to see other 3d beings. Their technology consist of hologram inserts, low vibrational energy f...


DIY 9V Battery "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Voltas pile the first battery was little more than silver and zinc discs separated by paper soaked in salt water. A classic classroom experiment is to build a pile from copper pennies, tin foil, and vinegar or lemon juice. [Omars2] has a different take on this old experiment. He creates a 9V battery using some zinc screws, copper wire, and salt water. Theres a video of the battery, below.

A syringe piston serves as a substrate for the cells, and each cell is just a screw with paper wrapped around it and then 35 turns of copper wire on top of that. The battery is soaked in salt water, although we suspect vinegar or lemon juice would work even better. Heating the electrolyte is also a good idea.

The theory is pretty simple: The salt dissolves into positively charged sodium ions and negatively charged chlorine atoms to form the electrolyte. The cathode loses electrons into the solution, leaving it positive. The other electrode the anode collects electrons, so it has a net negative charge. The difference between the charge on the two electrodes creates a potential difference. When you close the circuit, electrons flow from the anode back to the cathode, causing an electrical current.

If you want something more impressive looking, try a cola can battery. If these arent exciting enough for you, consider a nuclear battery.

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The Eternal Struggle Between the Merchant and the Bureaucrat "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By: Guglielmo Piombini, Bernardo Ferrero

[This article has been translated from Piombini's Italian original by Bernardo Ferrero.

Before the State

For a very extended period of time primitive men lived in small groups of hunters and gatherers at a time in which there was no state. The modus vivendi of these clans was such that after having exhausted all nature-given resources in a particular area, they would move elsewhere in search of other available food supplies. This system of nomadic life could endure as long as the human race was limited and the vast majority of land remained uninhabited. Yet, this lifestyle was not sustainable, and within a short period of time the intensification of these hunting activities provoked an ecological crisis that spread across Europe, the Middle East and America, causing the extinction of 32 animal species [that had been an important food source].

The disappearance of the megafauna inaugurated, around the year 10,000 B.C. the transition to a mode of production based on agriculture. The Neolithic revolution could in fact be described as the pragmatic response to the exhaustion of resources that resulted from the intensified exploitation of the system based on hunting and gathering. Even though the lives of the farmers were admittedly harder than those of the hunters, requiring long and heavy hours of labor in the fields, the sedentary life of the village made it possible for a far greater number of mouths to be fed: thanks to appropriations and to the cultivation of land, the human population increased considerably, giving birth to the first civilizations.

The Violent Origins of the State

According to historian William Durant:

Agriculture teaches men pacific ways, inures them to a prosaic routine, and exhausts them with the long days toil; such men accumulate wealth, but they forget the arts and sentiments of war. The hunter and the herder, accustomed to danger and skilled in killing, look upon war as but another form of chase, and hardly more perilous, when the woods cease to give them abundant game, or flocks decrease through a thinning pasture, they look with envy upon the ripe fields of the village, they invent with modern ease some plausible reason for attack, they invade, conquer, enslave and rule.

The first states emerged when these nomadi...


Midnight Movie A Walk In The Sun "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

From 1945 a classic movie, although under rated by many


Monique Lhuillier becomes a fully fledged lifestyle brand with her home collection "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Monique Lhuillier is known for her dreamy, magical wedding dresses. But the designer is moving beyond gowns to create a full lifestyle brand. She just announced a partnership with Pottery Barn where she has created a range of bedding, bath, tabletop, and decor products that carry her same feminine and sparkly sensibility. Ive spent my career

Monique Lhuillier is known for her dreamy, magical wedding dresses. But the designer is moving beyond gowns to create a full lifestyle brand. She just announced a partnership with Pottery Barn where she has created a range of bedding, bath, tabletop, and decor products that carry her same feminine and sparkly sensibility. Ive spent my career designing products for important moments in lifeweddings and parties, Lhuillier tells Fast Company. So when I imagine expanding my brand, I want to craft products that bring a sense of specialness to the every day.

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FBI informant threatened after offering details linking Clinton Foundation to Russian bribery case "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

While the mainstream media has largely ignored it, the scandal surrounding Russian efforts to acquire 20% of Americas uranium reserves, a deal which was ultimately approved by the Obama administration, and more specifically the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) which included Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, is becoming more problematic for Democrats by the hour.

As The Hill pointed out earlier this morning, the latest development in this sordid tale revolves around a man that the FBI used as an informant back in 2009 and beyond to build a case against a Russian perpetrator who ultimately admitted to bribery, extortion and money laundering.  The informant, who is so far only known as Confidential Source 1, says that when he attempted to come forward last year with information that linked the Clinton Foundation directly to the scandal he was promptly silenced by the FBI and the Obama administration.

Working as a confidential witness, the businessman made kickback payments to the Russians with the approval of his FBI handlers and gathered other evidence, the records show.

Sources told The Hill the informants work was crucial to the governments ability to crack a multimillion dollar racketeering scheme by Russian nuclear officials on U.S. soil that involved bribery, kickbacks, money laundering and extortion. In the end, the main Russian executive sent to the U.S. to expand Russian President Vladimir Putins nuclear business, an executive of an American trucking firm and a Russian financier from New Jersey pled guilty to various crimes in a case that started in 2009 and ended in late 2015.

Toensing added her client has had contact from multiple congressional committees seeking information about what he witnessed inside the Russian nuclear industry and has been unable to provide that information because of the NDA.

He cant disclose anything that he came upon in the course of his work, she said.

The information the client possesses includes specific allegations that Russian executives made to him about how they facilitated the Obama administrations 2010 approval of the Uranium One deal and sent millions of dollars in Russian nuclear funds to the U.S. to an entity assisting Bill Clintons foundation. At the time, Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary of State on the government panel that approved the deal, the lawyer said.

It has been previously repo...


Religious fanatics protest Pessoas The Hour of the Devil in Thessaloniki "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A group of some fifty people gathered outside the Aristoteleion Theater in downtown Thessaloniki on Wednesday evening in an effort to hinder the performance of play The Hour of the Devil by Portuguese author Fernando Pessoa. The religious fanatics and nationalists claimed the play is a blasphemy against Orthodoxy. Holding Greek flags,  banners reading Orthodoxy

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Quebec passes bill banning the niqab and burqa "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Quebec has passed a law banning public service workers, and also those who receive services, from wearing face coverings. This means that everyone who uses public transit and government services must now unveil. Quebecs Justice Minister Stphanie Valle stated that having your face uncovered is a legitimate question of communication, identification and security; but the []


Arabic press review: Alas Hamas, Jordan must pass on new office "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


Fatah and Hamas may have reconciled, but that's no cause for an office in Amman, says Jordanian official

New Moon in Libra The Spirit of the Sacred Warrior "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

October 19th, 2017 By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone Contributing writers for Wake Up World The last lunar cycle has invited a necessary perspective shift in our journey toward living in total alignment with our truest expression. At an energetic level, we have been offered a clear invitation (often, through emotional triggers) not only to confront our []


US Withdrawal from UNESCO: Abandonment of Principles "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Human Wrongs Watch

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, Oct 18 2017 (IPS) A woman shopkeeper is standing on a plastic chair to avoid knee high swirling rainwater mixed with sewage.


UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France. Credit: UNESCO

I work with a womens cooperative selling products made by Palestinian women in my shop. The sewage water has gone into the electric wires, so I have no electricity. Everything in the shop is destroyed. The metal door [that was] installed to protect the settlers prevents the water from flowing out into the main drain. . . . This means we suffer every time it rains. They [the settlers] want us to move from here. This is why they make our life hard, she cries.
The silent rain accompanies wails of those impacted.

This is the Old City of He...


Barzilai Moment: Why Western Civilization is Surrendering to Sharia "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Roy Barzilai, author of The Testosterone Hypothesis. Roy focuses on Why Western Civilization is Surrendering to Sharia, reflecting on the current war between light and darkness. Dont miss it! Subscribe to the Glazov Gangs YouTube Channel. Please donate through our Generosity Campaign or Pay Pal account to []


Theresa Mays unequal Britain "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This video says about itself:

The scale of inequality in the UK is shocking

17 January 2017

Dr Wanda Wyporska, executive director of The Equality Trust, reacts to the findings of Oxfams inequality report and talks about inequality in the UK.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Top 10% of people 900 times richer than poorest 10%

Thursday 19th October 2017

THE top 10 per cent of households are nearly 900 times wealthier than the poorest and younger people will face even greater levels of inequality, according to a new report published today by the IPPR think tank.

Every generation since the post-war baby boomers has accumulated less wealth than the generation before had at the same age.

Equality Trust executive director Wanda Wyporska said it was incredible to see the chasm between rich and poor in Britain, which continues to widen while politicians bury their heads in the sand.

She pointed out that rising inequality is not a natural phenomenon, but the result of decades of political decisions that have benefited the rich first, and left the rest of us behind.

Based on current trends, the IPPR says fewer than half of those born between 1982 and 2002 are expected to own their own home by the age of 45.

The report, commissioned by Channel 5, says that home ownership is a key driver of cu...


GDP Is Bogus: Heres Why "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

GDP Is Bogus: Heres Why by Charles Hugh Smith Of Two Minds Heres a chart of our fabulous always-higher GDP, adjusted for another bogus metric, official inflation. The theme this week is The Rot Within. The rot eating away...

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U.S. Could Block-Buy Aircraft Carriers, Says Navy Secretary "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer said he asked companies to develop plans to reduce the cost of buying warships

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and water

Oct. 19, 2017 5:27 a.m. ET

The U.S. Navy may soon ask Congress to green light purchasing two new aircraft carriers at once to help cut construction costs for the capital ships after President Donald Trump vowed to pay less for the services fleet.

Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer said he asked companies to develop plans to reduce the cost of buying warships. The companies suggested that buying two aircraft carriers at the same time could yield savings, and the proposal is starting to look attractive enough for the Navy to back the plan, Mr. Spencer told the Wall Street Journal.

Congress typically allows the Pentagon to buy only one carrier at a time. Carriers can cost as much as $13 billion each.

The Navy is hoping that providing clearer requirements to industry and working with companies to improve efficiency will translate into cost savings.

Mr. Spencer would not say how much savings defense contractors are offering on the carrier deal, but said it could be significant. Getting Congress to commit in advance to an additional carrier could be difficult because it strips lawmaker of some control over funding.

They are right at the cusp of making it worth heavy, heavy lifting, Mr. Spencer said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

President Donald Trump has pledged to push for lower costs as he backs expansion of the Navy to a 350-ship fleet, more less than 300 vessels. The same boats for less money, the same ships for less money,....


Gnostic Duality "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Moe Bedard

One of the main Gnostic scientific teachings for the past 3,000 years is that we humans are dualistic beings. What the Gnostics had meant in simple modern terms is that there are two separate parts, elements, and or aspects to we humans. One element is immortal being made of light (spirit or soul) and the other mortal darkness (flesh or materiality).

The human spirit was of divine origin and good which came from the True God. It was made of an immortal light that descended from the heavens. The body was opposed to this light because it was inherently material, earthly and can be led to commit acts of evil. It was made of mortal flesh ruled by a False creator God who held sway over those materialistic souls who have not reached spiritual Gnosis.

Contrary to popular misbelief, the Gnostics were not hostile to the physical world or the flesh, they sought to master the darkness with special knowledge (Gnosis). Not to be ruled by the flesh and materiality of the world, but to rule over it with this self-acquired Gnosis.

These teachings of human duality were a special type of Gnosis (knowledge) that was propagated to initiates in the Secret Mysteries for thousands of years by various schools of philosophy that were found in Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece, and later in Rome where it was incorporated into the Scriptures of the Catholic Church. This Christian duality is depicted in the stories of Satan the deceiver who is known as the enemy and adversary to humans.

As a modern Gnostic living in a Secular world ruled by fundamental science, I have found that this ancient theology of human duality can actually be easily explained and proved. In a future media series, I will explain...


Winning in Africa "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The US military-industrial complex has overtaken and indeed supplanted State Department diplomacy in Africa, as elsewhere in the world, and is intent on escalating its military presence.


Man Convicted Of Murder In Case That Covers Police Shooting "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Baynard Woods for The Real News Network - A Baltimore jury convicted Keith Davis Jr. for the murder of Kevin Jones on Tuesday evening, after only a couple hours of deliberation in a case full of police irregularities. Davis, a focal point of the citys activist community, was the first person to be shot by Baltimore Police in June 2015, following the in-custody death of Freddie Gray that rocked the city with protests. Davis was initially acquitted of all but one of the charges against himbut that one charge, police said, tied him to Jones murder. Police claimed that Davis hijacked an unlicensed cab, driven by a man named Charles Holden, who then pulled up beside a police car, causing the gunman to flee. Two officers chased the man who fled the car on foot and eventually cornered Davis in a garage, where they, and other officers who had since arrived on the scene, fired more than 40 shots at him. At the time, they claimed that Davis fired at them, a claim later retracted. When Davis, who was on his cellphone with his fiance Kelly Holsey throughout the ordeal, was hit by three bullets he fell to the ground. Police later claimed that they found a gun and Davis wallet on top of a refrigerator inside the garage. The police story did not stand up. To my recollection that dont look like him to me, Holden, the primary witness, said in court. Another witness, Martina Washington, who was in the garage when Davis ran in, testified that police had influenced her description of the man who entered the garage.


FBI Informant Threatened After Offering Details Linking Clinton Foundation To Russian Bribery Case "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

FBI Informant Threatened After Offering Details Linking Clinton Foundation To Russian Bribery Case from ZeroHedge TDC Note Another single car accident, jumper or suicide by nail gun coming soon? #### While the mainstream media has largely ignored it, the...

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Blaming Russia for the Internet Sewer "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

With the U.S. government offering tens of millions of dollars to combat Russian propaganda and disinformation, its perhaps not surprising that we see researchers such as Jonathan Albright of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University making the


Federal Court Dismisses Resolute SLAPP Suit Against Greenpeace "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Staff of Greenpeace - SAN FRANCISCO, October 16, 2017 Today, the United States District Court for the Northern District of California dismissed all claims in the controversial case that major logging company Resolute Forest Products [2] filed against Greenpeace Inc., Greenpeace Fund, and Greenpeace International, and individual defendants, including claims under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) act. The courts decision sends a clear message to corporations that attacks on core democratic values like freedom of speech and legitimate advocacy on issues of public interest will not be tolerated. District Judge Jon S. Tigar wrote in his order dismissing the case that the defendants speech constituted the expression of opinion, or different viewpoints that [are] a vital part of our democracy. Noting that Greenpeaces publications at issue rely on scientific research or fact, the judge added that [t]he academy, and not the courthouse, is the appropriate place to resolve scientific disagreements of this kind. Resolute will be allowed to amend its filing as a formality, but Greenpeace is confident that any such attempt will meet a similar fate. Greenpeace USA General Counsel Tom Wetterer said in response to the decision:


The First Significant Storm of the Season "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Seattle Times called it the onset of the "Big Dark", but those who know Northwest weather call it the "Big Normal".   Right on time we are enjoying the stimulating strong winds and heavy rain of a potent Pacific front.  And quite honestly, it feels good.

Winds have gusted to 50-60 mph along the coast and over parts of Northwest Washington, and even here in Puget Sound we have had gusts above 40 mph at exposed locations (and 25-35 mph elsewhere).  The map of the max winds in the 24h ending 7 PM wed is shown below.

Strong winds, untested vegetation with summer growth, and trees with leaves have resulted in thousands of customers losing power around the area.   Here is the Seattle City Light outage map at 7 PM.  Puget Sound Energy has 36,000 customers in the dark.

As I write this blog, a very wet front is moving through the region, as shown by the 7 PM radar.

In fact, we are experiencing a modest atmospheric river that is bringing warm, moist subtropical air into the region (it was near 60F last time I looked).  A satellite image of the vertically integrated water vapor in the atmosphere shows the plume of moisture from the southwest, originating from north of Hawaii.  You can almost smell the pineapples.



[ANNOUNCE] [SECURITY] CVE-2017-12629: Several critical vulnerabilities discovered in Apache Solr (XXE & RCE) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Posted by Shalin Shekhar Mangar on Oct 19

CVE-2017-12629: Several critical vulnerabilities discovered in Apache
Solr (XXE & RCE)

Severity: Critical

The Apache Software Foundation

Versions Affected:
Solr 5.5.0 to 5.5.4
Solr 6.0.0 to 6.6.1
Solr 7.0.0 to 7.0.1

The details of this vulnerability were reported on public mailing
lists. See

The first vulnerability relates to XML external entity expansion in
the XML Query Parser which is...


Northern Irelands poor record on key health targets exposed in UK wide performance tracker "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

BBC News Online has launched a Health Tracker usefully covering the whole UK for a change to monitor targets in three key areas: accident and emergency departments, cancer care and planned operations and treatment. It will run for a year and you can keep checking on progress in your Trust area.

While  they say its difficult exactly to compare like with like in the  four nations because of policy differences on  choosing the  range of targets, Northern  Ireland does not come off  well.

Northern Ireland has been moving the goalposts

Targets started to be introduced across the NHS in the early years of the 21st Century. There has been an odd bit of tinkering since, for example both England and Scotland started off expecting 98% of patients to be seen in four hours but have subsequently reduced this target to 95%.

But nowhere has chopped and changed as much as Northern Ireland when it comes to planned operations and care.

It has a 13-week target from the point at which a decision is made to admit a patient to the start of treatment

It last hit this in 2013, when the threshold was that 60% of patients had to be seen within that time period. At the time performance was improving, and so the target soon moved up to 70% and then 80%.

Northern Ireland is failing to hit its targets despite making it easier to hit the goal for planned operations and care. Since March 2015 it has gradually reduced the target from 80% to 55% but has still not hit it.

Neither the A&E nor cancer targets have been met since they were set in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

The north-east is the top performing region in England. Services have hit their key hospital targets 71% of the time in the past year.

Twelve out of 135 English hospital trusts, four out of five Northern Irish health trusts and five out of seven Welsh trusts have failed to hit any target in the past 12 months.

Here is the target performance for the Belfast Health and Social  Care  Trust. You can easily check the four others. Only 35% meeting the target for planned operations and care, even though the target is waiting less than 13 weeks!

But the health service there could not get close to meeting the mark, and with performance dropping so did the target.

In March 2015 it stood at 80%, but since then it has been reduced to 55% and yet the target has still not been met.

It last hit this in 2013, when the threshold was that 60% of patients had...


Microsoft provides details of a code execution vulnerability in Chrome "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Microsofts Offensive Security Research (OSR) team disclosed a remote code execution vulnerability in the Chrome web browser.

Microsofts Offensive Security Research (OSR) team has disclosed a remote code execution vulnerability in the Chrome web browser that was discovered by its experts.

The flaw, tracked as CVE-2017-5121, was addressed by Google last month with the release of Chrome 61, but the company has yet disclosed the details of the flaw .

Microsoft researchers have used the ExprGen fuzzer developed by themselves for testing their own Chakra javascript engine.

The analysis of the Chrome V8 open-source JavaScript engine revealed initially an information leak, but further analysis confirmed it was arbitrary code execution in the Chrome renderer process.

As you know, Google Chrome browser use a sandbox to restrict the execution environment of the web applications, this means that in order to escape the sandbox and take over the machine it is necessary to chain the flaw with a second vulnerability.

Google Chrome

Microsoft operated without knowing the second vulnerability and discovered that executing arbitrary code within a renderer process can allow an attacker to bypass the Single Origin Policy (SOP), which is the mechanism in place to prevents a malicious script on one page from obtaining access to sensitive data on another web page.

Each renderer is meant to be the brains behind one or more tabsit takes care of parsing and interpreting HTML, JavaScript, and the like. The sandboxing model makes it so that these processes only have access to as little as they need to function. As such, a full persistent compromise of the victims system is not possible from the renderer without finding a secondary bug to escape that sandbox. Microsoft wrote in a blog post

With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to examine what might be possible for an attacker to achieve without a secondary bug.

Bypassing the SOP mechanism, an attac...


A 10 Step Survival Guide for The Dark Night of the Soul "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

In the dark night of the soul, bright flows the river of God.

St John of the Cross

By Caroline Diana


It is the foundation upon which every aspect of our world is built.

Family. Society. Education. Industry. Commerce. Judiciary. Government.

You get the idea.

And like cogs on a wheel, your outer public face is made up of grooves  the labels and approved personal characteristics, traits, and hats you wear that synchronize perfectly with these external wheels and keep you in good standing in the world.

But, heres the thing

On their own, these external structures hold you to a limited view of yourself and way of being, in exchange for the validation, approval, and longing most of us subliminally crave.

They overlook to a large extent the unique individual you are. And from personal experience and the past 15 years of working closely with clients, here is what I have come to know:

As self-aware human beings, we are connected to a higher intelligence. Some call it Source, Universe, or collective consciousness, and still others, God.

Your connection with higher intelligence is the means through which you are able to access your innate intuition, gifts, skills, and information the stamp that makes you, YOU.

Being able to express these fully and uncensored by lifes external structures is what ultimately enables you to feel truly happy, successful, and fulfilled.

And that is not to say that you should disregard familial, societal, or cultural modes and norms. Rather, I believe that it can only positively impact your happiness and wellbeing levels when you can identify and embrace your enormity and uniqueness, beneath the status quo.

So what does structure have to do with the dark night of the soul? The answer is absolutely everything.

There are two major contributing factors to a dark night of the soul:

When an individual a) is not cognizant of themselves as distinct individuals from the external labels and constructs that qualify and give meaning to their lives, and b) has not been getting their deep, soul-level needs met, life in collaboration with this higher intelligence will often orchestrate the perfect set of conditions to awaken them to a gre...


Michael Hudson: Socialism, Land and Banking: 2017 Compared to 1917 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Why did socialism lose out in the 20th century to rentiers promoting neoliberalism?


October 19th, 1987 Crash 30th Anniversary "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

  25th Anniversary Black Monday 1987 Crash       Source: FT   Source: Daily News           Source: NYT      

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You Live In A Bubble, Censor Dissenters, Learned Patriarchy & No NAFTA 2 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Eleanor Goldfield for Occupy - This week on Act Out!, can you see me from your digital filter bubble? The scary thing is you probably don't even realize that everything you see online is, in fact, filtered. We dive into the various kinds of online censorship that are shaping our ever-more-narrowed world view. Up next, what women learn from the patriarchy's ills. And finally, No NAFTA a ghost from trade deals past is back, and so is the fight for fair trade over free trade.


ISIS fanatics plotting new 9/11: Homeland Security chief says jihadists are working on a big explosion "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Related image

  • Elaine Duke, Donald Trumps Secretary of Homeland Security, issued a warning
  • She said recent attacks are keeping jihadis engaged ahead of big explosion
  • Terrorists plotting to take down planes to inflict mass civilian casualties, she says
  • Yesterday, MI5 boss Andrew Parker warned UK was facing biggest terror threat

A fiery blasts rocks the south tower of the World Trade Center as the hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston crashes into the building September 11, 2001 in New York

Islamic State fanatics and other terror groups are planning another massive attack on the scale of 9/11, a top US security chief warned today.

Elaine Duke, Donald Trumps acting Secretary of Homeland Security, said jihadists were using crude knife and van attacks to keep their members engaged and their finances flowing as they plot another big explosion similar to the September 2001 atrocities.

Speaking at the US embassy in London, she said intelligence is pointing to extremists plotting to take down planes to inflict mass civilian casualties.

Mrs Duke said ISIS is currently in an interim period focusing on a much bigger endgame.

The security chief...


The Psychology of Superstar Sex Predators "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Hollywood is in a tailspin over how Harvey Weinstein concealed sexually abusive behavior from friends, colleagues, and perhaps an entire industry for decades. But while the investigation into Weinstein continues, recent research offers clues into why so many stars are prone to exploiting others.


Thinking the Unthinkable: Was Margaret Hassan Sacrificed by the British Government? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

This article was first published by Global Research on June 10, 2006.

Thirteen years ago today, Margaret Hassan, Head of Care International in Iraq was kidnapped. A month later she was murdered, her body has never been found. Her


U.S. carrier patrols off Korean peninsula in warning to Pyongyang "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Tim Kelly


ABOARD USS RONALD REAGAN, Sea of Japan (Reuters) The USS Ronald Reagan, a 100,000-ton nuclear powered aircraft carrier, patrolled in waters east of the Korean peninsula on Thursday, in a show of sea and air power designed to warn off North Korea from any military action.

Reports in South Korea claim the US President is bolstering the deployment by sending the USS Ronald Reagan (pictured) and the USS Nimitz to the Sea of Japan next week

The Navys forward-deployed aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan in the waters east of the Korean Peninsula on October 18, 2017. Picture taken on October 18, 2017. U.S. Navy/Handout via REUTERS

The U.S. Navys biggest warship in Asia, with a crew of 5,000 sailors, sailed around 100 miles (160.93 km), launching almost 90 F-18 Super Hornet sorties from its deck, in sight of South Korean islands.

It is conducting drills with the South Korean navy involving 40 warships deployed in a line stretching from the Yellow Sea west of the peninsula into the Sea of Japan.

The dangerous and aggressive behavior by North Korea concerns everybody in the world, Rear Admiral Marc Dalton, commander of the Reagans strike group, said in the carriers hangar as war planes taxied on the flight deck above.

We have made it clear with this exercise, and many others, that we are ready to defend the Republic of Korea.

The Reagans presence in the region, coupled with recent military pressure by Washington on Pyongyang, including B1-B strategic bomber flights over the Korean peninsula, comes ahead of President Donald Trumps first official visit to Asia, set to start in Japan on Nov. 5, with South Korea to follow.

North Korea has slammed the warship gathering as a rehearsal for war. It comes as senior Japanese, South Korean and U.S. diplomats meet in Seoul to discuss a diplomatic way forward backed up by U.N. sanctions.

The U.N. Security Council has unanimously ratcheted up sanctions on North Korea over its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes since 2006. The most stringent include a ban on coal, iron ore and seafood exports that aim at halting a third of North Koreas $3 billion of annual exports.

On Monday, Ki...


Security Guard and Engineer Appear on Ellen (Video) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Security Guard and Engineer Appear on Ellen Video Bill Still Vegas security guard, Jesus Campos, and Mandalay Bay engineer, Stephen Schuck appeared on the Ellen show this afternoon. Since I was wrong about Campos being among the living, Im...

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Recreating Balance: Smaller Negative Plasma Entities "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Untwine

The subject of this post is quite gross, but unfortunately the truth that sooner or later we must come to terms with is that the state of this planet has been really gross, with few exceptions.

As Cobra has been writing about, recently yaldabaoth is getting weaker, and various other smaller negative plasma entities are getting exposed and cleared. He wrote about a couple of big worm-like entities, and stated that there are countless others.

We on this planet are all living inside yaldabaoth body, and the surface of the planet is incredibly infected. There are two main hosts to these smaller entities on the surface which Cobra has confirmed: our bodies, and the electronic devices network. Cobra also explained that in our bodies they use the following as physical anchor:

He also explained that in electronic appliances, they are in every computer and cell phones, using the fuzzy logic based softwares as anchor, and they are also in wifi boxes. They have been strengthened since 2013 by insertion of plasma chips that generate stronger negative plasma field, in all devices made from then on.

In our bodies, the implants generate negative plasma fields that feed the worm-like entities and help them anchor. So human society has been serving as a host for yaldabaoth and the smaller entities.

In human bodies, as far as I know they are mainly located in abdomen area and neck and head area, because these are the places from where they can affect human behavior the most. The reason for this is that the brain and solar plexus areas are anchors of our mental capacity which is the anchor of our will in the personality level.

This is reflected by the fact that on the physical level, from these two centers our nervous system is monitored, which can then control the rest of the body, and this is what they hijack. It has been well documented that the gut is like a second brain in some regards, for example about 90% of serotonin comes from there:



Blaming Russia for the Internet "Sewer" "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Exclusive: As the Russia-gate hysteria spirals down from the implausible to the absurd, almost every bad thing is blamed on the Russians, even how they turned the previously pristine Internet into a sewer, reports Robert Parry.


Intel OpenGL Shader Cache Revised Once More "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The long ongoing work to implement an OpenGL/GLSL shader cache for the Intel Mesa driver has been revised once more with 32 new patches hitting the mailing list today...


Misen aims to cut out the middleman to make chefs tools affordable to the home cook "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Trying to be Jamie Oliver or Mario Batali at home can get expensive. Walk into a Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma store and you might need to take out a second mortgage to pay for fancy knives and cookware. Misena startup founded by three former tech startup dudes and passionate home cooksis on a

Trying to be Jamie Oliver or Mario Batali at home can get expensive. Walk into a Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma store and you might need to take out a second mortgage to pay for fancy knives and cookware.

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Being a Vampire Can be Brutal. Here's How Bloodsuckers Get by. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

An article in Science News examines some of the challenges inherent in feeding on blood:

Jennifer Zaspel can't explain why she stuck her thumb in the vial with the moth. Just an after-dark, out-in-the-woods zing of curiosity.

She was catching moths on a July night in the Russian Far East and had just eased a Calyptra, with brownish forewings like a dried leaf, into a plastic collecting vial. Of the 17 or so largely tropical Calyptra species, eight were known vampires. Males will vary their fruit diet on occasion by driving their hardened, fruit-piercing mouthparts into mammals, such as cattle, tapirs and even elephants and humans, for a drink of fresh blood.

Zaspel, however, thought she was outside the territory where she might encounter a vampire species. She had caught C. thalictri, widely known from Switzerland and France eastward into Japan as a strict fruitarian.

Before capping the vial with the moth, "I just for no good reason stuck my thumb in there to see what it would do," Zaspel says. "It pierced my thumb and started feeding on me."

Make that eight-plus vampires. Zaspel, an entomologist now at the Milwaukee Public Museum, is still puzzling over the genetics of the moths at the two Russian field sites she visited in 2006. Males there will bite a researcher's thumb if offered, yet genetic testing so far shows the moths are part of a vast, otherwise mild-mannered species.

Not just moths, but mosquitoes, ticks, bed bugs, and bats, too.

Original Submission

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This skincare line is customized to your menstrual cycle "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Hormonal skin is real. The texture and oil content in womens skin changes over the course of their menstrual cycle. Many women experience breakouts during the luteal phase before their period, and then dryness when they menstruate. Then, for a brief weeklong window knowns as the follicular phase, womens skin tends to be problem-free. Amareta,

Hormonal skin is real. The texture and oil content in womens skin changes over the course of their menstrual cycle. Many women experience breakouts during the luteal phase before their period, and then dryness when they menstruate. Then, for a brief weeklong window knowns as the follicular phase, womens skin tends to be problem-free.

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The US Tried To Detonate A Nuclear Weapon On The Moon "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

A retired USAF Colonel, Colonel Ross Dedrickson claims that the US government tried to detonate a nuclear weapon on the moon, but extraterrestrials prevented them from doing so. In the 50s, part of Dedricksons responsibilities included [...]


SUEPO to the Media, Regarding Campinos: No Comment, Its Too Dangerous "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

UIMP event 2014

Summary: Antnio Campinos (right), who is Benot Battistellis (left) chosen successor at the EPO, as covered by German media earlier this month

LAST night we published SUEPO's internal message to staff regarding Campinos. It was fairly diplomatic and not too blunt.

Considering the many EPO scandals (we wrote nearly 2,000 articles about these), its hard to believe that Campinos can turn things around. Even if he ever drained the swamp so to speak (removing Battistellis cronies at top-level management), that would still leave largely complicit delegates in place. Battistelli basically destroyed the integrity of the entire system and even the media, which he threatened or passed bribes to. Battistelli is, in our view, one of the most dangerous people in Europe (but the media does not recognise this). His destruction will be mostly left in tact when he leaves. Businesses will be crushed (especially SMEs).

The other day the German media published this article from Thomas Magenheim-Hrmann, who had been covering EPO issues for a number of years. His article focused on Battistelli/Campinos and apparently sought comment from SUEPO (highlighted below in yellow towards the end). SUEPO has just published an English translation of this article and were highlighting important bits of it:

European Patent Office New Boss must be a Peacemaker

By Thomas Magenheim-Hrmann

11.10.17, 19:54

Following the controversial figure of Benot Battistelli, the European Patent Office in Munich has elected Portuguese Antnio Campinos as President.



As of 1 July 2018, the European Patent Office in Munich is getting a new President, the Portuguese Antnio Campinos. Nothing particularly surprising about that. The 47-year-old was already tipped as the hottest candidate. But it was unexpected that the 38 Member States of the international authority were able to agree so rapidly on a new supreme executive in the world of patent protection. Campinos was already enthroned in the first round of voting with the three-quarters majority needed, as an insider let slip. At the time when the de...


DRM Leasing Support To Land For Linux 4.15 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The kernel bits for Keith Packard's work around "DRM leasing" for improving virtual reality (VR) support on Linux will land for Linux 4.15...


Crimes Against Humanity: The British Empire "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

First published by Sydney Criminal Lawyers and Global Research in July 2017.

It was the largest empire ever to have existed. And as the saying used to go, the sun never sets on the British Empire. At its height in


The Psychedelic Renaissance is Here. Will it Last This Time? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

From Massive: Increasing evidence suggests that psychedelics may revolutionize mental health care. In order for this psychedelic renaissance to last, scientists and citizens will need to combat preconceived notions about psychedelic drugs formed as a result of the cultural war on drugs.

Although many of these studies are still in their early phases, the preliminary data overwhelmingly supports the use of psychedelics as targeted medicines, specifically in conjunction with psychotherapy. So why is there such intense skepticism about this group of drugs in particular? Why is it that cancer chemotherapies with significant mortality rates and harsh side-effects will readily move through the clinical trial phases and directly into use, but LSD, which has nearly zero recorded overdoses, rarely even achieves study approval?

The answer is likely buried under 50-plus years of drug prohibition and abstinence-only education in the United States and around the world, a culture that has shaped the negative stigma of all psychedelics. Instead of re-litigating this past, though, researchers in the field are posed at the precipice of progressing forward with revolutionary studies, and may conscientiously move our culture forward with them. But moving the culture will require awareness and action from scientists and citizens.



ACME Support in Apache HTTP Server Project "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Were excited that support for getting and managing TLS certificates via the ACME protocol is coming to the Apache HTTP Server Project (httpd). ACME is the protocol used by Lets Encrypt, and hopefully other Certificate Authorities in the future. We anticipate this feature will significantly aid the adoption of HTTPS for new and existing websites.


Why Would Tesla Lay Off Hundreds Of Workers When Its Ramping Up Production? "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Labor activists believe the layoffs may have something to do with wanting to exchange vocally pro-union workers with temps that are cheaper to employ and easier to control.

Capital & Main is an award-winning publication that reports from California on economic, political, and social issues.

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New Zealand: it would be unduly harsh to send British trans woman back "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Apparently the United Kingdom is so verifiably transphobic that a British trans woman successfully appealed to New Zealand immigration to grant her residency on humanitarian grounds. In essence, she made a refugee claim against the United Kingdom. 

Content notice: The Guardian, progressive-rag extraordinaire, using outdated and trans-antagonistic terms.

A transgender woman who suffered years of discrimination and abuse in the UK has been granted residency in New Zealand on exceptional humanitarian grounds.

The 57-year-old woman was granted New Zealand residency by the immigration and protection tribunal in Auckland, who decided the woman was safer to remain in her adopted country where she had experienced no abuse or discrimination since arriving in 2009.

The tribunal deemed it would be unduly harsh for the woman to be forced to return to the UK, where she suffered years of persecution due to her gender identity disorder.

The woman, who works as an IT specialist and has a degree in engineering, was described as a vulnerable but highly intelligent and skilled individual by a psychologist who assessed her. The woman declined to be interviewed by the Guardian.

In 2005, whilst living in the UK, the woman transitioned from a male to a female, after decades of escalating confusion and mental health problems arising from her undiagnosed gender identity disorder.

The rest of the article unnecessarily focuses on the trans womans confidential medical choices and is a splendid example of well-meaning coverage utterly butchering journalistic ethics. However, I thought Id share the surprising bit of news. Surprising not because I think the UK is overly tolerant to trans folk, but surprising because exploiter countries are seldom held to account for social failings the way exploited countries are.



CNN: Live Coverage of 1987 Stock Market Crash "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

30 years ago today: CNN coverage of the Stock Market crash of October 19,1987.

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Just Got Fired? Ask These Five Questions Before You Pack "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

You might never want to speak to your boss again, but not asking these questions will only hurt you.

As you are about to attend a team meeting at work, your manager asks you to walk with her into an empty room. You are puzzled because this is out of the ordinary. She places a pink slip on the table, and your heart starts to beat faster and faster. These six words come rolling out in what seems like slow motion: We have to let you go.

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10 Rules for Cities Thinking about Automated Vehicles "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Jeff Speck is a city planner, urban designer, and author who, through writing, lectures, and built work, advocates internationally for more walkable cities. This article is based on a talk the author gave to the US Conference of Mayors and CNU, and is republished with permission from CNU: Public Square.

Traditional urbanism evolved over millennia to meet human needs. The adoption of autonomous vehicles (AVs) should not be allowed to replace time-tested places with something that would probably make our lives worse. For cities considering the future of AVs, here are ten things to keep in mind:

1) Be afraid.

One of my favorite books of all times is Technopoly, The Surrender of Culture to Technologyby Neil Postman. In it Postman describes what he calls the technological imperative. What it means to me is this: New technologies that increase convenience are unstoppable, whatever their impact on our long-term quality of life.

It happened with carsenthusiastic adoption followed by some dubious outcomes. This includes: The doubling of the percentage of incomes spent on transportation; We travel no faster in cities than we used to with the horse and buggy; The impending drowning of our coastal cities, now occasional and eventually permanent; The transformation of so much of the American public realm into an unmitigated soul-sucking eyesore; The mortification of our bodies through inactivity brought on by the elimination of the useful walk; The loss at last count of 40,000 American lives each year.

None of this was planned, the technology won, and it will win again.

This last item represents the key argument for automated vehicles (AVs). If adopted en masse, they will save hundreds of thousands of livesso many that the organ transplant industry is worried. Additionally, we can expect that a lot of urban land will be available for other uses because we will not need so much parking. That seems to have no downside, but, as I will try to show, these two positives can be offset very quickly if we are not careful.

Promotional image from Ford


Kurds protest against Iraqi 'invaders' as thousands flee Kirkuk "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"


KRG officials claim 100,000 Kurds fled to Suleimaniya and Erbil after Monday's takeover by Iraqi forces


Palestinian Women Are Harassed, Beaten And Humiliated At Checkpoints. Here Are A Few Of Their Stories. "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Palestinian Women Are Harassed, Beaten And Humiliated At Checkpoints. Here Are A Few Of Their Stories. THE FORWARD  Since 1967, about 40% of the Palestinian male population has been detained by Israel. With their men in jail, Palestinian women are left to continue surviving and ensuring the well-being of their families. From confronting increased Israeli violations to earning []


Fossil Fuel Misinformation Helps Quash Community Effort to Ban Fracking in Youngstown, Ohio "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Fossil fuel industry promotes the idea that elections are not a good use of public funds.


Web Exclusive: Funds still needed for Defense against Carrier SLAPP Suit (Mixed) "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

By Jenna Olson
Publisher of the Bolingbrook Babbler

We want to remind our readers that Dr. Richard Carrier is suing Freethought Blogs, The Orbit, Skepticon, and several individuals for the reporting of allegations of inappropriate behavior. There is a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the defendants.

From the page:

Dr. Richard Carrier is suing us for reporting on his well-known allegations of misconduct. These allegations were widely reported on throughout the community, including by third-parties both critical and sympathetic to him who are not themselves defendants.

This lawsuit has all the hallmarks of a SLAPP suit  a lawsuit filed to stifle legitimate criticism and commentary. The named defendants are Skepticon, The Orbit, and Freethought Blogs as well as individuals Lauren Lane, the lead organizer of Skepticon; Stephanie Zvan, a blogger for The Orbit; PZ Myers, a blogger for Freethought Blogs; and Amy Frank-Skiba, who publicly posted her first-hand allegations against Carrier.

We need your help to keep our voices alive. All the defendants are represented by the same attorney, First Amendment lawyer Marc Randazza. Randazza is providing his services at a significant discount, but we are not asking him to work for free. Plus, there are thousands of dollars in costs for the case that dont include legal bills, and there is no way to discount those. In order to continue fighting this lawsuit, we, the defendants of this case, have put together this campaign to raise money to defray our costs, some of which is outstanding.

Donations will be used only for this case, withdrawn by Stephanie Zvan and disbursed to the lawyers and defendants to cover costs as theyre accrued. In the event that the funds raised exceed our legal bills, they will be donated to Planned Parenthood and a breakdown of what was spent where will be performed at the close of this campaign.

We are pooling our defense costs with Skepticon, however as a 501(c)3 non-profit, Skept...


Change "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

So, nearly four weeks after the election, and two weeks after the results, Winston has chosen Labour and the Greens. While I'm not overjoyed at the result, because Winston, its certainly the better outcome of the hand the voters dealt the parties. And while a government saddled with Winston won't be able to achieve everything we want it to, the involvement of the Greens should both push Labour to the left while being a check on Winston's more odious policies. Meanwhile, there's some solid policy the three parties agree on, like building state houses, raising the minimum wage, and even passing a Zero Carbon Act (where NZ First seems to get off is any actual policy to meet the targets such an Act will set). So, I'm hoping that it will turn out OK. I know the Greens at least will be working constructively to make that happen.

The part of Winston's speech that really stood out and signified his direction was this:

Far too many New Zealanders have come to view todays capitalism, not as their friend, but as their foe.

And they are not all wrong.

That is why we believe that capitalism must regain its responsible - its human face. That perception has influenced our negotiations.

And he's right. Capitalism is broken. Just look at housing, or poverty, or our shitty, low wage employment market - its just not providing for ordinary people (and that's not even getting into the ways it doesn't work around the environment). Whether it can be fixed or not is an open question, but I'm not going to fault people for trying. And if they manage to do something about the awful poverty (and associated cruelty) we tolerate, then maybe Metiria's martyrdom will have been worth it.


israel & ISIS best of buddies again after accidental attack "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Israeli Defense Minister: Israel Forgives ISIS For Attack Following Apology As we understand, it was done by mistake and it was only once. &lt;img class=size-full wp-image-227505 src= alt=Israels Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, speaks during a press conference at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv, Israel. (AP/Sebastian Scheiner) width=1600 height=781 srcset= 1600w, 300w, 768w, []


When The Lights Go Out: Something HUGE Is Up, EMP Commission DEFUNDED "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

The Department of Defense has decided now was the time to defund the Congressional committee that has been studying the threat since 2001.

If North Korea Can Kill 90% Of Americans In A Year, Why Did DoD Just Defund The Congressional EMP Commission?

The Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack has been around for nearly two decades, but their efforts have mostly been restricted to making sure that the U.S. national command authority and U.S. strategic forces could continue to function. Meanwhile no major efforts were then thought necessary to protect critical national infrastructures. Apparently, the plan was that our defense would be so effective, no further steps were needed.

This has all changed with recent strides in nuclear weaponry by North Korea. The results of an EMP strike could be apocalyptic.

With the development of small nuclear arsenals and long-range missiles by new, radical U.S. adversaries, beginning with North Korea, the threat of a nuclear EMP attack against the U.S. becomes one of the few ways that such a country could inflict devastating damage to the United States. It is critical, therefore, that the U.S. national leadership address the EMP threat as a critical and existential issue, and give a high priority to assuring the leadership is engaged and the necessary steps are taken to protect the country from EMP. (source)

What a lot of people didnt know was that just a couple of weeks ago, Sept. 30, 2017, the Department of Defense terminated the funding for the EMP Commission. At the same time, North Korea detonated an H-Bomb that it plausibly describes as capable of super-powerful EMP attack and released a technical report The EMP Might of Nuclear Weapons accurately describing what Russia and China call a Super-EMP weapon.

The EMP Commission has been urging EMP preparedness on a national level for 17 years, but no one has been listening, despite alarming strides toward that goal in just the past six months.



Dalai Lama: There are no Muslim or Christian terrorists "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

There are no Muslim or Christian terrorists because terrorists are no more religious once they embrace terror, Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama said. The Dalai Lama is assuming that Islam and Christianity teach peace, and that to do violence in the name of either is to depart from its teachings. He apparently cannot conceive []


A sigh of relief: Google advanced protection launched "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

It is so nerve wrecking nowadays with hacking entering into a level that was never seen before. So integrated and advanced has hacking been made that people often fear their survival. With a hack, your house power can be cut off or with a remotely accessed execution method, your private family pictures might be floating

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Mnuchin Deploys Stock Market Bubble as Political Weapon "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Mnuchin Deploys Stock Market Bubble as Political Weapon by Wolf Richter Wolf Street But the ballooning National Debt has disappeared from the agenda. The S&P 500 has soared 20% since the presidential election, the Dow Jones Industrial Average 26%,...

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Re: Stored XSS vulnerability in ILIAS <= 5.2.8 and <= 5.1.20 "IndyWatch Feed Allworld"

Posted by Dollar Strike on Oct 19

I just skimmed through the fix, I am trying to understand how does this
function if (is_int(strpos(strtolower($a_val), "javascript"))) sanitize the
input as below payloads

1. %22%7D%5D%7D%29%3Balert%280%29%3B --------> "}]});alert(0);
2. %27%27%3B%21--%22%3CXSS%3E%3D%26%7B%28%29%7D ---> '';!--"=&{()}